Griffith's Valuation: ahoghill Parish, County Antrim

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Griffith's Valuation in Ahoghill Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce.

The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Antrim in 1861 and 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Ahoghill Parish 1861 and 1862

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You should also check the records of Ahoghill parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Abernethy, Samuel L: Brocklamont
Adair, Blaney L: Carniny
Adair, Charles L: Craignageeragh
Adair, Charles L: Limnaharry
Adair, Henderson L: Brocklamont
Adair, Moses L: Ballyminstra
Adair, Baronet Robert S. L: Ballyloughan
Adair, Baronet Robert S. L: Brocklamont
Adair, Baronet Robert S. L: Brocklamont T: Ballymena Cullybackey Rd.
Adams, Rev. David L: Killane
Adams, Rev. David L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Admiston, Jane L: Straid
Agar, Rev. James L: Ballylummin
Agnew, George L: Ballylummin
Agnew, George, Jr. L: Ballylummin
Agnew, James L: Ballybeg
Agnew, James L: Ballylummin
Agnew, Jane L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Agnew, John L: Ballybeg
Agnew, John, Jr. L: Ballylummin
Agnew, John, Jr. L: Limnaharry
Agnew, John, Sr. L: Ballylummin
Agnew, John, Sr. L: Limnaharry
Agnew, Margaret L: Galgorm
Agnew, Margaret L: Galgorm Parks
Agnew, Robert L: Limnaharry
Agnew, William L: Carmacmoin
Agnew, William L: Drumramer
Agullian, David L: Galgorm Parks
Aicken, George L: Ballylummin
Aicken, George, Sr. L: Ballylummin
Aicken, Martha L: Gloonan
Aikin, Sarah L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Comment : and Another
Allen, Andrew L: Straid
Allen, Robert L: Brocklamont
Allen, William L: Ballybeg
Allen, William L: Craignageeragh
Allison, Alexander L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Anderson, Adam L: Galgorm Parks
Anderson, James L: Limnaharry
Anderson, John L: Galgorm Parks
Anderson, John L: Limnaharry
Anderson, Joseph L: Ballybeg
Anderson, Joseph L: Limnaharry
Anderson, Robert L: Ballylummin
Anderson, Samuel L: Limnaharry
Anderson, Samuel L: Moneydollog
Anderson, William L: Ballyloughan
Anderson, William L: Ballylummin
Anderson, William L: Brocklamont
Andrew, Samuel L: Galgorm Parks
Angell, Elizabeth L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Archer, John L: Craignageeragh
Archibald, George L: Ballyloughan
Arnold, Samuel L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Aspel, David L: Ballyloughan
Atkinson, John L: Brocklamont T: Ballymena/Ballymoney Rd.
Austin, James L: Lismurnaghan
Austin, James L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Bace, Henry W. L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Bailey, James L: Ballybeg
Bailey, James L: Carnearney
Bailey, Jospeh L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Baily, Joseph L: Ballykennedy
Bain, George L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Bamber, Agnes L: Galgorm Parks
Bamber, John L: Galgorm Parks
Bamber, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
Bankhead, Alexander L: Lismurnaghan
Bankhead, Ann L: Galgorm Parks
Bankhead, James L: Killane
Bankhead, John L: Ballyminstra
Bankhead, John L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Bankhead, Joseph L: Glenhugh
Bankhead, Robert L: Ballyminstra
Bankhead, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Bankhead, Robert L: Lismurnaghan
Bankhead, William L: Lismurnaghan
Bannerman, Francis L: Killane
Barkley, Robert L: Tullaghgarley
Barnes, David L: Ballyloughan
Barnes, Robert L: Ballylummin
Barr, Adam L: Carniny
Barr, Duffin L: Ballymontenagh
Barr, Duffin L: Straid
Barr, James L: Galgorm Parks
Barr, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Barr, William L: Ballyloughan
Barr, William L: Carniny
Barr, William L: Galgorm Parks
Bartholomew, Andrew L: Tullaghgarley
Bartholomew, George L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Bartholomew, John L: Tullaghgarley
Bartholomew, William L: Tullaghgarley
Bartley, John L: Glenhugh
Bartley, William L: Galgorm Parks
Beatty, Hugh L: Galgorm
Beatty, Hugh L: Galgorm Parks
Beatty, James L: Ballyloughan
Beatty, John L: Ballyloughan
Beatty, Nathaniel L: Ballyminstra
Beatty, Robert L: Ballylummin
Beatty, Samuel L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Beaufort, Robert John L: Galgorm
Beggs, William L: Lisnafillon
Bell, David L: Ballyminstra
Bell, Francis L: Ballylummin
Bell, Hugh L: Limnaharry
Bell, James L: Lismurnaghan
Bell, John L: Limnaharry
Bell, Joseph L: Carniny
Bell, Richard L: Lismurnaghan
Bell, Robert L: Ballybeg
Bell, Robert L: Ballylummin
Bell, Robert L: Brocklamont
Bell, Samuel L: Ballylummin
Benderman, Elizabeth L: Ballyminstra
Berry, James L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Best, James L: Cardonaghy
Blackwood, Robert L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Blair, Andrew L: Aughterclooney
Blair, Andrew L: Ballyminstra
Blair, Andrew L: Glebe
Blair, Isabella L: Ballylummin
Blair, James L: Ballylummin
Blair, John L: Ballylummin
Blair, John L: Straid
Blair, Maryanne L: Ballymontenagh
Blair, Robert L: Carmacmoin
Blair, Robert L: Lismurnaghan
Blair, Synick L: Leymore
Blair, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
Blair, William L: Brocklamont
Blair, William L: Drumramer
Blakely, James L: Brocklamont
Blakely, James L: Galgorm
Blakely, James L: Galgorm Parks
Blakely, John L: Carniny
Blakely, Robert L: Brocklamont
Blakely, Robert L: Glenhugh
Blakeny, John L: Brocklamont
Blakeny, Robert L: Galgorm
Blaney, Henry L: Craignageeragh
Bleany, Peter L: Tullaghgarley
Boham, John L: Ballyloughan
Bones, William L: Glebe
Booth, James L: Tullaghgarley
Borell, Robert L: Gloonan
Boyd, Alexander L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Boyd, Esther L: Gloonan
Boyd, Francis L: Tullygowan
Boyd, John L: Ballyminstra
Boyd, John L: Galgorm
Boyd, John L: Galgorm Parks
Boyd, John L: Limnaharry
Boyd, Margaret L: Straid
Boyd, Patrick L: Gloonan
Boyd, Paul L: Ballyminstra
Boyd, Thomas L: Limnaharry
Boyd, Thomas L: Lisnafillon
Boyd, William L: Limnaharry
Boyd, William L: Lisnafillon
Boyle, Alexander L: Limnaharry
Boyle, Andrew L: Limnaharry
Boyle, Harriet L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Boyle, William L: Limnaharry
Boys, David L: Gloonan
Brackenridge, William L: Ballymontenagh
Brazil, Samuel L: Glenhugh
Browne, James L: Brocklamont
Browne, John L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Browne, Mary L: Galgorm Parks
Browne, Timothy L: Killane
Browne, William L: Galgorm Parks
Brownlees, David L: Ballyloughan
Bruce, James L: Ballyloughan
Bruce, Mary L: Carniny
Buchanan, John L: Ballyloughan
Buick, Rev. Frederick L: Glenhugh
Buick, Rev. Frederick L: Killane
Buick, Rev. Frederick L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Burke, Denis L: Brocklamont
Burke, Sarah L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Burnett, Alexander L: Ballylummin
Burnett, Francis L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Burnett, James L: Ballylummin
Burnett, William L: Ballylummin
Burns, Robert L: Tullaghgarley
Burnside, James L: Galgorm Parks
Bush, Margaret A. L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Bush, Thomas L: Ballykennedy
Bush, Thomas L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Cahy, George L: Leymore
Cairley, James L: Leymore
Cairns, Henry L: Galgorm Parks
Calderwood, Alexander L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Caldwell, Eliza L: Carniny
Callaghan, John L: Ballyloughan
Cameron, George L: Ballyminstra
Cameron, Malcolm L: Ballyminstra
Cameron, Samuel L: Ballyminstra
Cameron, Samuel L: Ballymontenagh
Cameron, William L: Ballyminstra
Camoran, David, Jr. L: Gloonan
Campbell, James L: Ballykennedy
Campbell, James L: Straid
Campbell, Jane L: Carmacmoin
Campbell, Jane L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Campbell, Jane L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Campbell, John L: Galgorm Parks
Campbell, John L: Glebe
Campbell, Robert L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Campbell, Thomas L: Ballylummin
Campbell, Rev. William L: Ballyloughan
Carey, William L: Ballykennedy
Carey, William L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Carn, Eliza L: Galgorm Parks
Carr, James L: Galgorm Parks
Carroll, John L: Galgorm Parks
Carroll, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
Carson, Andrew L: Aughterclooney
Carson, John L: Tullaghgarley
Carson, Margaret L: Ballylummin
Carson, Samuel L: Glenhugh
Carson, William L: Ballylummin
Carson, William L: Carnearney
Casement, Francis L: Brocklamont
Casement, Julius L: Aughterclooney
Casement, Thos. L: Ballyloughan
Comment : Lodgs.
Cassidy, Henry L: Ballylummin
Cassidy, Jane L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Comment : and Another
Cassin, James L: Ballybeg
Cassin, John L: Ballylummin
Cassin, Samuel L: Lisnafillon
Cathcart, Andrew L: Tullaghgarley
Cathcart, Elizabeth L: Tullaghgarley
Cathcart, Henry L: Tullaghgarley
Cathcart, James L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Cathcart, James L: Gloonan
Cathcart, Mary L: Tullaghgarley
Cathcart, Robert L: Brocklamont
Cathcart, William L: Gloonan
Cathcart, Wm. L: Tullaghgarley
Comment : David
Cathcart, Wm. L: Tullaghgarley
Comment : Jack
Chesney, George L: Ballylummin
Christie, John L: Carniny
Christy, James L: Gloonan
Clarke, David L: Carnearney
Clarke, David L: Gloonan
Clarke, Henry J. L: Carnearney
Clarke, James L: Ballylummin
Clarke, John L: Lisnafillon
Clarke, Joseph L: Ballylummin
Clarke, William L: Ballymontenagh
Cleve, Andrew L: Cardonaghy
Cleve, James L: Cardonaghy
Clooney, William L: Galgorm Parks
Close, Daniel L: Galgorm Parks
Close, James L: Carnearney
Close, John L: Galgorm Parks
Clyde, John L: Ballyloughan
Colgan, William L: Craignageeragh
Collins, Richard L: Galgorm Parks
Colter, Alexander L: Corbally
Colter, Hugh L: Galgorm
Colter, Hugh L: Galgorm Parks
Colter, William L: Lisnafillon
Colville, Hugh L: Ballyloughan
Colville, Jane L: Galgorm Parks
Colville, John L: Galgorm Parks
Colville, Robert L: Carniny
Colville, William L: Galgorm Parks
Colvin, Hugh L: Carniny
Colvin, Joy L: Carniny
Colwell, Thomas L: Moyasset
Commins, Robert L: Glebe
Compstin, James L: Ballyloughan
Compstin, Thomas L: Carniny
Compston, Abraham L: Brocklamont
Compston, Anne L: Galgorm
Compston, James L: Brocklamont
Compston, Joseph L: Brocklamont
Compston, Thomas L: Galgorm
Conaghty, John L: Limnaharry
Conarty, Robert L: Tullygowan
Connarty, James L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Connell, Samuel L: Galgorm
Connolly, David L: Galgorm Parks
Connor, Bridget L: Limnaharry
Connor, James L: Lisnafillon
Connor, Patrick L: Tullygowan
Connor, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
Connuighty, Anne L: Gloonan
Conwell, Mary L: Lismurnaghan
Conwell, Thomas L: Lismurnaghan
Coskey, James L: Ballybeg
Coskey, Margaret L: Ballybeg
Coskey, William L: Ballybeg
Cossart, Alexander L: Ballykennedy
Cossart, Alexander L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Cossart, Joseph L: Gloonan
Courtney, John L: Ballyminstra
Courtney, Mary L: Brocklamont
Comment : Brocklamont Hse
Courtney, Sampson L: Ballylummin
Courtney, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
Cowan, Alexander L: Galgorm Parks
Craig, Adam L: Straid
Craig, David L: Straid
Craig, James L: Drumramer
Craig, James L: Limnaharry
Craig, James L: Straid
Comment : Haliday
Craig, James L: Straid
Comment : Red
Craig, James L: Straid
Comment : Soldier
Craig, John L: Carniny
Craig, John L: Straid
Craig, John L: Straid
Comment : Fifer
Craig, Joseph L: Galgorm Parks
Craig, Jospeh L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Craig, Mary L: Gloonan
Craig, Robert L: Aughterclooney
Craig, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Craig, Robert L: Limnaharry
Craig, Robert L: Straid
Comment : Slave
Craig, Robert L: Straid
Comment : Widow
Craig, Robt. L: Straid
Comment : Widow
Craig, William John L: Aughterclooney
Crawford, George L: Galgorm Parks
Crawford, John L: Ballykennedy
Creehnan, William L: Killane
Creith, James L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Croker, Rose L: Ballyminstra
Cunningham, Anne L: Galgorm Parks
Cunningham, John L: Ballylummin
Curry, James L: Brocklamont
Curry, James L: Drumramer
Curry, Samuel L: Tullaghgarley
Dallas, James L: Ballylummin
Dallas, John L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Darragh, Bernard L: Gloonan
Darragh, Edmiston L: Leymore
Darragh, Ellen L: Galgorm Parks
Darragh, Felix L: Ballybeg
Darragh, Jane L: Leymore
Darragh, John L: Galgorm Parks
Darragh, Patrick L: Ballybollen
Davidson, James L: Drumramer
Davis, Robert L: Killane
Davison, George L: Ballyminstra
Davison, James L: Glebe
Demond, Murty L: Aughterclooney
Derragh, Patrick L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Derrigg, William L: Galgorm Parks
Devany, Hugh L: Ballyloughan
Devlin, John L: Aughterclooney
Dickey, Andrew Todd L: Brocklamont
Dickey, Rep. John L: Brocklamont
Dickey, John L: Carniny
Dickey, John L: Tullaghgarley
Dickey, Nathaniel L: Glebe
Dickey, Samuel L: Ballybeg
Dickey, Samuel L: Carnearney
Dickey, William L: Ballyminstra
Dickey, William L: Ballymontenagh
Dickey, William L: Drumramer
Dicky, James L: Leymore
Dillon, Thomas L: Brocklamont
Dimond, Michael L: Ballylummin
Dimond, Neal L: Glenhugh
Dobbyn, Robert L: Galgorm
Doherty, Hugh L: Craignageeragh
Doherty, Thomas L: Leymore
Donnelly, James L: Craignageeragh
Donnelly, James L: Glenhugh
Donnelly, John L: Craignageeragh
Donnelly, William L: Glenhugh
Comment : Rose Cottage.
Doohy, James L: Ballyminstra
Doohy, John L: Straid
Doohy, William L: Ballyminstra
Dork, John L: Leymore
Dowdell, Andrew L: Galgorm Parks
Dowlis, John L: Ballyloughan
Drennan, Robert L: Carniny
Duff, John L: Straid
Duff, Sarah L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Duff, Thomas L: Ballylummin
Duffen, Susan L: Ballyloughan
Duffin, Patrick L: Ballyminstra
Duffin, Patrick L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Duffin, William L: Galgorm
Duffy, James L: Ballyminstra
Duggan, John L: Carmacmoin
Duggan, Mark L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Dunbar, James, Jr. L: Galgorm Parks
Dunbar, James, Sr. L: Galgorm Parks
Dunce, Mary L: Brocklamont
Dunlap, Robert L: Tullaghgarley
Dunlop, David L: Carmacmoin
Dunlop, James L: Ballybeg
Dunlop, Joseph L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Comment : and Another
Dunlop, William L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Dunlop, William L: Craignageeragh
Dunne, Anne L: Ballylummin
Dunseath, James L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Dunseath, William L: Brocklamont
Comment : Hill Head
Duohy, John L: Gloonan
Duohy, William J. L: Ballybeg
Dyott, Richard L: Ballylummin
Eagleson, Alexander L: Ballykennedy
Eagleson, Alexander L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Eagleson, James L: Cardonaghy
Edmondson, Alex. L: Tullaghgarley
Edmondson, Alexander L: Tullaghgarley
Elliott, L: Ballyloughan
Elliott, Thomas L: Gloonan
English, James L: Carniny
Enright, Elizabeth L: Carniny
Erins, Samuel L: Tullaghgarley
Erwin, Daniel L: Carniny
Erwin, James L: Galgorm Parks
Esler, Eliza L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Esler, James, Jr. L: Ballybeg
Esler, James, Sr. L: Ballybeg
Esler, John L: Ballybeg
Esler, William L: Ballylummin
Ewart, John L: Ballylummin
Ewirt, James L: Ballyminstra
Ewirt, Thomas L: Ballybollen
Eyre, George L: Moyasset
Fairy, James L: Moneydollog
Falls, Thomas L: Tullaghgarley
Fenley, James L: Corbally
Ferguson, Robert L: Leymore
Ferrier, Eliza L: Ballyminstra
Fisher, John L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Forsythe, James L: Galgorm
Forsythe, Jane L: Galgorm Parks
Francy, Alexander L: Tullaghgarley
Francy, James L: Tullaghgarley
Francy, William L: Tullaghgarley
Franey, Robert L: Glenhugh
Fullerton, John L: Ballylummin
Fullerton, John L: Drumramer
Fullerton, William L: Ballylummin
Fullerton, William L: Craignageeragh
Fulton, James L: Moneydollog
Gaily, Archibald L: Corbally
Gaily, Rose L: Corbally
Galloway, James L: Drumramer
Galloway, James L: Galgorm Parks
Galloway, Mary L: Drumramer
Gallowy, William L: Killane
Gardiner, Thomas L: Carniny
Garrett, Jane L: Ballyminstra
Gastin, Jane L: Galgorm Parks
Gault, Matthew L: Lismurnaghan
Gault, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Gealy, Archibald L: Leymore
Gettie, Eliza L: Galgorm Parks
Getty, James L: Carniny
Gibbon, Michael L: Ballyminstra
Gibson, James L: Carniny
Gibson, James L: Glenhugh
Gihon, Andrew L: Brocklamont
Gihon, William L: Ballyloughan
Gihon, William L: Brocklamont
Gihon, William L: Corbally
Gihon, William, Jr. L: Lisnafillon
Gilky, James L: Moyasset
Gillespie, Charles L: Ballybeg
Gillespie, Hugh L: Carnearney
Gillespie, James L: Ballylummin
Gillespie, James L: Corbally
Gillespie, John L: Ballylummin
Gillespie, Robert L: Ballybeg
Gillespie, Robert L: Ballylummin
Gillespie, Samuel L: Ballyminstra
Gillespie, William L: Ballybeg
Gillespie, William L: Ballylummin
Gillion, George L: Carniny
Gillion, George L: Galgorm Parks
Gillion, Matthew L: Carniny
Gilmore, William L: Carniny
Glasgow, James L: Ballyminstra
Glass, John L: Lisnafillon
Godfrey, Andrew L: Corbally
Gooly, Thomas L: Lisnafillon
Goorley, Samuel L: Aughterclooney
Gordon, James L: Ballyloughan
Gordon, James L: Killane
Gordon, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Gourly, Allen L: Straid
Graffin, Alexander L: Corbally
Graffin, James L: Corbally
Graffin, Robert L: Cardonaghy
Graffin, Thomas L: Corbally
Graham, Allen L: Ballyminstra
Graham, David L: Craignageeragh
Graham, James L: Ballyminstra
Graham, Rose L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Graham, William L: Ballyminstra
Grant, James L: Galgorm Parks
Grant, John L: Galgorm Parks
Grant, Joseph L: Galgorm Parks
Gray, George L: Brocklamont
Gray, Hugh L: Gloonan
Gray, John L: Drumramer
Green, John L: Limnaharry
Green, Robert L: Limnaharry
Greene, James L: Ballyminstra
Greene, Thomas L: Ballykennedy
Greene, Thomas L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Greer, Andrew L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Greer, James L: Tullygowan
Greer, John L: Ballylummin
Greer, Robert L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Greer, Samuel L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Gregg, William L: Leymore
Grey, Robert Thomas L: Glebe
Gribbins, Patrick L: Ballyloughan
Griffin, John L: Brocklamont
Griffin, John L: Galgorm Parks
Griffin, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Griffin, William L: Leymore
Grimes, John L: Carniny
Grimes, Mathew L: Ballylummin
Hagan, Henry L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Haggin, Hugh L: Ballyminstra
Hamill, John L: Gloonan
Hamill, John L: Killane
Hamill, John L: Lismurnaghan
Hamill, John L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Hamill, John L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Comment : Lodgers
Hamill, Murtagh L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Hamill, Murty L: Ballyminstra
Hamilton, James L: Ballylummin
Hamilton, John L: Ballymontenagh
Hamilton, Robert L: Carniny
Hamilton, Robert L: Drumramer
Hamilton, Wm., Jr. L: Ballyminstra
Hamilton, Wm., Sr. L: Ballyminstra
Hanna, James L: Moneydollog
Hanna, William L: Carniny
Hanna, William L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Comment : and Another
Hanna, William L: Killane
Hardy, Alexander L: Ballylummin
Hardy, Ambrose L: Aughterclooney
Hardy, Ambrose L: Ballylummin
Hardy, Catherine L: Ballylummin
Hardy, Hugh L: Aughterclooney
Hardy, James L: Aughterclooney
Hardy, James N. L: Brocklamont
Hardy, John L: Ballylummin
Hardy, John L: Brocklamont
Hardy, John L: Carniny
Hardy, John, Jr. L: Aughterclooney
Hardy, John, Sr. L: Aughterclooney
Hardy, Joseph L: Ballybeg
Hardy, Joseph L: Carnearney
Hare, James L: Ballymontenagh
Hare, James L: Galgorm Parks
Hare, John L: Ballymontenagh
Hare, William L: Ballybeg
Hare, William L: Carnearney
Harper, Robert L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Harper, Robert L: Tullaghgarley
Hatten, Hugh L: Gloonan
Hatten, John L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Hatten, Patrick L: Brocklamont
Hatton, Alexander L: Tullaghgarley
Hatton, Allen L: Galgorm Parks
Hatton, James L: Corbally
Haughan, Charles L: Gloonan
Haughan, Charles, Sr. L: Gloonan
Haughan, John L: Aughterclooney
Haughan, William L: Ballyminstra
Haughan, William L: Gloonan
Hazley, William L: Ballykennedy
Hazley, William L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Heany, Henry L: Lismurnaghan
Hearne, James L: Galgorm Parks
Hegan, Henry L: Killane
Hemp, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Henry, Charles L: Ballyminstra
Henry, James L: Ballybollen
Henry, James L: Ballylummin
Henry, John L: Ballyloughan
Henry, John L: Ballyminstra
Henry, John L: Brocklamont
Henry, John L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Henry, Robert L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Herdman, Robert L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Hewett, Joseph L: Killane
Higgins, Hugh L: Ballyminstra
Higgins, Hugh L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Higgins, Mitchel L: Ballyminstra
Higgins, Sarah L: Ballyminstra
Higgins, Thomas L: Lismurnaghan
Higgins, William L: Galgorm Parks
Hill, Richard L: Gloonan
Hill, Thomas L: Gloonan
Hilton, James L: Galgorm Parks
Hilton, Matthew L: Galgorm Parks
Hirbison, Eliza L: Leymore
Hirbison, Mary L: Leymore
Comment : Jem.
Hirbison, Mary L: Leymore
Comment : Will.
Hirbison, Matthew L: Leymore
Hirbison, William L: Ballyloughan
Hirbison, William L: Leymore
Hogg, James, Jr. L: Glebe
Hogg, James, Sr. L: Glebe
Hogg, John L: Glebe
Hogg, Samuel L: Glebe
Holden, Elizabeth L: Gloonan
Holmes, David L: Lismurnaghan
Hood, Samuel L: Gloonan
Houston, Anthony L: Glebe
Hugan, Sarah L: Galgorm Parks
Hughes, George L: Carniny
Hughes, James L: Galgorm Parks
Hume, David L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Hunter, John L: Ballyloughan
Hurl, Owen L: Glenhugh
Huston, Joseph L: Carmacmoin
Huston, Joseph L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Huston, Mary L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Huston, Patrick L: Glebe
Hutcheson, Samuel L: Galgorm Parks
Hutchinson, James L: Carnearney
Irvine, John L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Irvine, John L: Galgorm Parks
Irwin, Charles L: Ballyminstra
Irwin, Francis L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Irwin, John L: Ballylummin
Irwin, Mary L: Ballyloughan
Irwin, Robert L: Straid
Irwin, Thomas L: Tullaghgarley
Jack, Spears L: Ballyloughan
Jackson, Thomas L: Ballykennedy
Jackson, Thomas L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Jameson, John L: Carniny
Jellett, John L: Brocklamont
Jellett, John L: Brocklamont T: Ballymena/Cullybackey Rd.
Jellett, John L: Carniny
Jenkins, Thomas L: Ballylummin
Johnson, Andrew L: Killane
Johnson, Andrew L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Johnson, James L: Corbally
Johnson, John L: Craignageeragh
Johnson, Margaret L: Lisnafillon
Johnson, Robert L: Glenhugh
Johnson, Thomas L: Craignageeragh
Johnson, Thomas L: Killane
Johnson, William L: Ballykennedy
Johnson, William L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Johnson, William L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Johnson, William L: Galgorm
Johnston, James L: Straid
Johnston, John L: Straid
Johnston, Robert L: Glenhugh
Joy, Rep. George L: Tullaghgarley
Kane, David L: Killane
Kane, John L: Carnearney
Kane, John L: Killane
Kane, William L: Brocklamont
Keenan, Henry L: Ballybeg
Kelly, Anne L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Kelly, John L: Glenhugh
Kelly, John L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Kelly, William L: Killane
Kennedy, Alexander L: Drumramer
Kennedy, David L: Ballymontenagh
Kennedy, Dominick L: Aughterclooney
Kennedy, Dominick L: Ballylummin
Kennedy, Feny L: Cardonaghy
Kennedy, Francis L: Ballybollen
Kennedy, Francis L: Ballylummin
Kennedy, Francis L: Moneydollog
Kennedy, Henry L: Aughterclooney
Kennedy, Hugh L: Carnearney
Kennedy, John L: Ballyloughan
Kennedy, John L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Kennedy, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Kennedy, Robert L: Ballylummin
Kennedy, Sarah L: Lismurnaghan
Kennedy, William L: Ballylummin
Kennedy, William L: Corbally
Kennedy, William L: Killane
Kenny, Connolly L: Ballylummin
Kenny, James L: Ballylummin
Kenny, John L: Ballylummin
Comment : Joe
Kenny, John L: Ballylummin
Comment : John
Kenny, John, Jr. L: Leymore
Kenny, John, Sr. L: Leymore
Kenny, Joseph L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Kenny, Jospeh L: Limnaharry
Kenny, Matthew L: Ballylummin
Kenny, Matthew L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Kenny, Robert L: Ballylummin
Kenny, William L: Ballylummin
Kenny, William L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Kernaghan, Elizabeth L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Kernaghan, John L: Glebe
Kernohan, Alexander L: Moyasset
Kernohan, Andrew L: Moneydollog
Kernohan, Andrew L: Moyasset
Kernohan, David L: Glenhugh
Kernohan, David L: Killane
Kernohan, Henry L: Glenhugh
Kernohan, Hugh L: Ballybeg
Kernohan, Hugh L: Gloonan
Kernohan, Hugh L: Moyasset
Kernohan, Jno. L: Killane
Comment : Weaver
Kernohan, John L: Killane
Comment : Bog
Kernohan, John L: Killane
Comment : Twin
Kernohan, John L: Moneydollog
Comment : Bill
Kernohan, John L: Moneydollog
Comment : Bob
Kernohan, John L: Moyasset
Kernohan, Joseph L: Lisnafillon
Kernohan, Martha L: Lisnafillon
Kernohan, Mary Ann L: Ballylummin
Kernohan, Robert L: Moneydollog
Kernohan, Saml. L: Moyasset
Comment : Hugh
Kernohan, Samuel L: Corbally
Kernohan, Samuel L: Moyasset
Kernohan, William L: Ballybeg
Kernohan, William L: Killane
Kernohan, William L: Moneydollog
Kernohan, Wm. L: Moyasset
Comment : Bob
Kernohan, Wm. L: Moyasset
Comment : Twin
Kerr, John L: Craignageeragh
Kerr, Mary L: Craignageeragh
Kilcreest, Hugh L: Tullaghgarley
Kilpatrick, Eliza L: Lismurnaghan
Kilpatrick, Hugh L: Glenhugh
Kilpatrick, Patrick L: Brocklamont
Kilpatrick, Robert L: Aughterclooney
Kilpatrick, William J. L: Ballylummin
King, William L: Gloonan
Kinnear, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Comment : Billy
Kinnear, Robt. L: Galgorm Parks
Comment : Leymour
Knowles, Joseph L: Tullaghgarley
Knox, Samuel L: Limnaharry
Kyle, James L: Ballyminstra
Kyle, John L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Kyle, Matthew L: Galgorm Parks
Lafferty, Denis L: Galgorm Parks
Lafferty, John L: Galgorm
Lambo, John L: Glenhugh
Lamont, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Larmon, Daniel L: Galgorm Parks
Larmor, Anthony L: Galgorm
Comment : Galgorm Castle
Larmor, James L: Galgorm Parks
Larmour, James L: Galgorm Parks
Larmour, John L: Galgorm Parks
Latham, John L: Ballyloughan
Lavelle, Thomas L: Killane
Lavender, William L: Ballyloughan
Lavery, Patrick L: Ballyloughan
Law, Hannah L: Ballybollen
Lawders, Charles L: Carniny
Leck, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
Lee, Rev. Alfred T. L: Glebe
Lee, Samuel L: Ballylummin
Leech, Ellen L: Tullaghgarley
Leech, George L: Galgorm Parks
Leech, Goodlet L: Tullaghgarley
Leech, Thomas L: Galgorm
Leer, William L: Brocklamont
Leman, Samuel L: Gloonan
Leman, Samuel L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Leman, Samuel L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Lennox, Joseph L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Lennox, Margaret L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Letter, Henry L: Galgorm Parks
Letter, Hugh L: Carniny
Letter, James L: Craignageeragh
Letter, John L: Carniny
Letter, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
Letters, John L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Levison, John L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Lewitt, James L: Ballylummin
Logan, Andrew L: Brocklamont
Logan, David L: Drumramer
Logan, David L: Galgorm Parks
Logan, David L: Lismurnaghan
Logan, David, Jr. L: Lismurnaghan
Logan, David, Sr. L: Lismurnaghan
Logan, Elizabeth L: Lismurnaghan
Logan, George L: Galgorm Parks
Logan, Gilbert L: Killane
Logan, Gilbert L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Logan, Hugh L: Craignageeragh
Logan, James L: Lismurnaghan
Logan, John L: Ballyloughan
Logan, John L: Gloonan
Logan, John L: Killane
Logan, Martha L: Craignageeragh
Logan, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Logan, Samuel L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Logan, Thomas L: Lismurnaghan
Logan, William L: Ballybeg
Logan, William L: Galgorm Parks
Logan, William L: Limnaharry
Loughridge, Jno. L: Leymore
Loughridge, Patrick L: Ballybollen
Loughridge, Wm. L: Leymore
Love, James L: Ballyloughan
Love, James L: Leymore
Lowry, Henry L: Cardonaghy
Luke, Alexander L: Ballylummin
Comment : Robert
Luke, Alexander, Sr. L: Ballylummin
Luke, Archibald L: Carnearney
Luke, Archibald, Jr. L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Luke, Archibald, Sr. L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Luke, David L: Ballylummin
Comment : Robert
Luke, David L: Ballylummin
Comment : Weaver
Luke, David, Sr. L: Ballylummin
Luke, James L: Ballylummin
Luke, John L: Ballylummin
Luke, Joseph L: Ballylummin
Luke, Joseph L: Carnearney
Luke, Robert L: Ballylummin
Lute, Samuel L: Ballyminstra
Lute, William L: Ballymontenagh
Lute, William L: Drumramer
Lynch, John L: Galgorm Parks
Lynn, Edward L: Ballybollen
Lynn, Patrick L: Ballybollen
Lyons, William L: Drumramer
Mackrel, James L: Ballylummin
Madden, James L: Carniny
Maguire, James L: Limnaharry
Maharry, James L: Ballybollen
Mallikan, Samuel L: Galgorm Parks
Malliken, Samuel L: Galgorm
Mann, Mary L: Ballyminstra
Mark, John L: Ballylummin
Mark, Robert L: Aughterclooney
Mark, Thomas L: Lismurnaghan
Mark, William L: Ballylummin
Marks, John L: Craignageeragh
Marr, Elizabeth L: Carmacmoin
Marr, Elizabeth L: Lismurnaghan
Marr, William L: Carmacmoin
Marr, William L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Marren, Henry L: Aughterclooney
Marren, John L: Aughterclooney
Marren, Patrick L: Aughterclooney
Marren, Sarah L: Aughterclooney
Marren, William L: Aughterclooney
Marshall, Eliza L: Ballyminstra
Marshall, John L: Galgorm Parks
Marshall, Samuel L: Ballyminstra
Marshall, William L: Ballyminstra
Martin, Francis L: Galgorm Parks
Martin, John L: Aughterclooney
Martin, Patrick L: Limnaharry
Martin, Robert L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Martin, Simon L: Ballykennedy
Martin, William L: Ballylummin
Mateer, Archibald L: Ballyloughan
Mateer, John L: Ballyloughan
Maxwell, Esther L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Maxwell, Grace L: Ballylummin
Maxwell, John L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Maxwell, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Maxwell, Thomas L: Ballylummin
Maxwell, William L: Ballylummin
May, William L: Lisnafillon
Mayne, Sarah L: Brocklamont T: Ballymena Ballymoney Rd.
McAdams, Thomas L: Leymore
McAdony, David L: Galgorm
McAfee, Robert L: Ballyloughan
McAllister, David L: Galgorm Parks
McAnally, Bernard L: Glenhugh
McAnally, Henry L: Gloonan
McAnally, Mary L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
McAnally, Sarah L: Carmacmoin
McAndrew, William L: Lisnafillon
McAteer, Anne L: Ballybeg
McAteer, Henry L: Cardonaghy
McAteer, William L: Ballylummin
McAteer, William L: Moneydollog
McAuley, Daniel L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
McAuley, Denis L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
McAuley, James L: Brocklamont
McAuley, William L: Lisnafillon
McCaghey, John L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
McCahern, Charles L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
McCahy, Alexander L: Limnaharry
McCahy, George L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
McCahy, Hugh L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
McCahy, John L: Corbally
McCallion, Charles L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
McCams, William L: Galgorm Parks
McCandless, John L: Glenhugh
McCandless, William L: Glenhugh
McCann, Eliza L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
McCann, John L: Ballymontenagh
McCann, William L: Tullygowan
McCanny, David L: Galgorm Parks
McCarl, Richard L: Carniny
McCarl, William J. L: Leymore
McCart, John L: Galgorm Parks
McCartney, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
McCarty, Francis L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
McCaugherin, William L: Tullygowan
McCawley, Allen L: Carniny
McCawley, Patrick L: Carniny
McClane, James L: Lisnafillon
McClane, Kyle L: Ballyloughan
McClane, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
McClane, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
McClean, James L: Ballymontenagh
McClean, Nathaniel L: Galgorm Parks
McClear, William L: Brocklamont
McCleevy, Henry L: Galgorm Parks
McClellan, John L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
McClelland, Alexander L: Gloonan
McClelland, Charles L: Straid
McClernan, James L: Killane
McCling, Rachel L: Killane
McClintock, Hugh L: Lisnafillon
McClintock, John L: Lisnafillon
McClintock, Moses L: Leymore
McClintock, William L: Craignageeragh
McClister, Mary L: Drumramer
McClorinan, Daniel L: Aughterclooney
McClune, James L: Galgorm Parks
McClung, John L: Galgorm Parks
McClure, Edward L: Ballykennedy
McClure, Edward L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
McClure, James L: Moyasset
McClure, William L: Galgorm Parks
McColshenden, William L: Leymore
McConky, John L: Lisnafillon
McConnell, William L: Brocklamont
McCord, William L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
McCord, William L: Gloonan
McCord, William L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
McCorley, Thomas L: Brocklamont
McCormack, David L: Ballymontenagh
McCormack, James L: Glebe
McCormick, John L: Carniny
McCort, Robert L: Galgorm
McCosh, John L: Leymore
McCourt, Rev. John L: Lismurnaghan
McCourt, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
McCoy, Hugh L: Ballybeg
McCoy, Hugh L: Craignageeragh
McCoy, James L: Glenhugh
McCoy, John L: Ballybeg
McCoy, John L: Craignageeragh
McCoy, Samuel L: Lisnafillon
McCullagh, David L: Carmacmoin
McCullagh, Thomas L: Moneydollog
McCullion, John L: Galgorm
McCullion, Robert L: Corbally
McCullum, Robert L: Corbally
McCune, Samuel L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
McCurdy, Patrick L: Galgorm Parks
McCurry, Henry L: Gloonan
McDill, Hugh L: Aughterclooney
McDonnell, Alexander L: Limnaharry
McDonnell, Dinah L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
McDonnell, Eneas L: Craignageeragh
McDonnell, Isabella L: Tullaghgarley
McDonnell, James L: Ballyminstra
McDonnell, James L: Lisnafillon
McDonnell, William L: Tullaghgarley
McDowell, Alex., Jr. L: Straid
McDowell, Alex., Sr. L: Straid
McDowell, Alexander L: Ballybollen
McDowell, Alexander L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
McDowell, Alexander L: Straid
McDowell, Anne L: Carniny
McDowell, Henry L: Killane
McDowell, John L: Carmacmoin
McDowell, John L: Carniny
McDowell, John L: Galgorm Parks
McDowell, John L: Straid
McDowell, Matthew L: Carniny
McDowell, Robert L: Ballybollen
McDowell, Robert L: Ballyloughan
McDowell, Robert L: Carniny
McDowell, Samuel L: Carniny
McDowell, Samuel L: Galgorm Parks
McDowell, Samuel L: Straid
McDowell, William L: Straid
McElroy, Archibald L: Carniny
McElroy, Charles L: Moyasset
McElroy, Hugh L: Galgorm
McElroy, John L: Moyasset
McErlean, Daniel L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
McFadden, James L: Drumramer
McFall, James L: Craignageeragh
McFall, John L: Galgorm Parks
McFall, John L: Leymore
McFall, Patrick L: Ballylummin
McFall, William L: Gloonan
McFall, William L: Lisnafillon
McFarlane, Samuel L: Galgorm Parks
McFetridge, James L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
McGarry, John L: Ballylummin
McGee, Charles L: Lisnafillon
McGee, William L: Leymore
Comment : Leymore Cottage
McGill, Andrew L: Galgorm
McGill, Hugh L: Galgorm Parks
McGill, John L: Galgorm Parks
McGill, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Comment : John
McGill, Thade L: Carniny
Comment : Nailor
McGill, William L: Ballyloughan
McGill, William L: Galgorm
McGill, William L: Galgorm Parks
McGlade, William L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
McGrady, David L: Galgorm Parks
McGrath, Arthur L: Ballylummin
McGrath, Catherine L: Ballylummin
McGuigan, James L: Galgorm Parks
McGuigan, John L: Cardonaghy
McGuigan, John L: Galgorm Parks
McGuigan, Patrick L: Moneydollog
McHarg, William L: Gloonan
McHarg, William L: Lisnafillon
McHirter, Patrick L: Brocklamont
McIlhagel, William L: Tullaghgarley
McIlhoney, James L: Ballyloughan
McIlhony, Oliver L: Leymore
McIlroy, James L: Tullygowan
McIlwain, Bridget L: Ballybeg
McIlwaine, Margaret L: Moneydollog
McIrlane, Ambrose L: Aughterclooney
McKay, James L: Ballyminstra
McKay, John L: Ballyminstra
McKay, Margaret L: Ballyminstra
McKay, Samuel L: Ballyminstra
McKean, John L: Tullaghgarley
McKee, Andrew L: Galgorm Parks
McKee, David L: Glebe
McKee, David, Sr. L: Glebe
McKee, James L: Ballyminstra
McKee, John L: Aughterclooney
McKee, John L: Glebe
McKee, Joseph L: Ballylummin
McKee, Thomas L: Ballybeg
McKee, William L: Ballybollen
McKeever, Daniel L: Ballylummin
McKeever, John L: Ballyminstra
McKeever, John L: Leymore
McKeon, Clara L: Carniny
McKeon, Daniel L: Gloonan
McKeon, John L: Brocklamont
McKeon, Robert L: Ballybeg
McKeon, Samuel L: Galgorm
McKeown, Adam L: Galgorm Parks
McKey, Robert L: Ballykennedy
McKey, Robert L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
McKibben, John L: Straid
McKillop, John L: Carniny
McLaller, David L: Galgorm Parks
McLarnan, David L: Corbally
McLarnen, James L: Galgorm
McLarnen, Margaret L: Brocklamont
McLong, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
McLoughlin, James L: Galgorm Parks
McLoughlin, William L: Ballylummin
McLynch, James L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
McMaster, Arthur L: Ballymontenagh
McMaster, James L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
McMaster, John L: Ballykennedy
McMaster, John L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
McMaster, John L: Killane
McMaster, John L: Killane
Comment : Lodgs.
McMaster, Margaret L: Ballymontenagh
McMickan, James L: Lismurnaghan
McMickan, Sarah L: Lismurnaghan
McMicken, Anne L: Ballyminstra
McMicken, David L: Tullaghgarley
McMonn, Creaton L: Galgorm
McMonn, Creaton L: Galgorm Parks
McMullen, Alexander L: Straid
McMullen, Andrew L: Ballybeg
McMullen, Andrew L: Brocklamont
McMullen, Henry L: Ballyminstra
McMullen, James L: Galgorm Parks
McMullen, James L: Straid
McMullen, John L: Ballylummin
McMullen, John L: Galgorm Parks
McMullen, Mary L: Galgorm Parks
McMullen, Mary Anne L: Straid
McMullen, William L: Ballylummin
McNally, Hugh L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
McNeally, Samuel L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
McNeile, Hugh L: Galgorm Parks
McNeill, James L: Ballyloughan
McNeill, William L: Ballyloughan
McNeille, Daniel L: Carniny
McNiece, Adam L: Galgorm
McQuillan, Charles L: Galgorm Parks
McQuillan, Henry L: Carnearney
McQuillion, Richard L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
McReavy, Robert L: Craignageeragh
McVeigh, James L: Ballyloughan
McVickar, Alexander L: Galgorm Parks
McVicker, James L: Leymore
McVicker, William L: Galgorm
McWhinny, Denis L: Glenhugh
McWhirter, Robert L: Craignageeragh
McWhirter, William L: Gloonan
Meally, Hugh L: Ballyloughan
Mealy, Edward L: Galgorm
Mealy, Eliza L: Lisnafillon
Mealy, Hugh L: Carniny
Mealy, Stafford L: Carniny
Medell, Jane L: Galgorm Parks
Meek, James L: Gloonan
Meek, Jane L: Moneydollog
Meek, Jane L: Moyasset
Meek, John L: Killane
Meek, Mary L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Mellen, Arthur L: Leymore
Mettlin, Andrew L: Galgorm Parks
Michaelman, Hally L: Galgorm Parks
Millar, Abraham L: Ballybeg
Millar, George L: Limnaharry
Millar, Henry L: Ballykennedy
Millar, Hugh, Jr. L: Ballybeg
Millar, Hugh, Sr. L: Ballybeg
Millar, John L: Brocklamont
Comment : Mount Pleasant
Millar, John L: Limnaharry
Millar, John L: Moneydollog
Millar, Patrick L: Ballybeg
Millar, Robert L: Ballybeg
Millar, Samuel L: Lismurnaghan
Millar, Samuel, Jr. L: Limnaharry
Millar, Samuel, Sr. L: Limnaharry
Millar, Sarah L: Limnaharry
Millar, Thomas L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Millar, William L: Ballybeg
Millar, William L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Millar, William L: Killane
Miller, Rev. Henry L: Ballykennedy
Miller, Rev. Henry L: Ballykennedy
Comment : Agent
Miller, Henry L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Miller, Rev. Henry L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Miller, Rev. Henry L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Comment : Agent
Miller, James L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Miller, James L: Tullaghgarley
Miller, William L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Miller, William L: Ballymontenagh
Miller, William L: Tullaghgarley
Milligan, James L: Galgorm Parks
Milliken, James L: Ballymontenagh
Milliken, Joseph L: Ballyminstra
Milliken, Mary L: Drumramer
Milliken, William L: Tullaghgarley
Miniss, George L: Killane
Minnett, James L: Corbally
Mitchell, George L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Mitchell, James L: Ballykennedy
Mitchell, James L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Mitchell, John L: Ballyloughan
Mitchell, Thomas L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Montgomery, Allen L: Leymore
Montgomery, Eliza L: Glenhugh
Montgomery, James L: Galgorm Parks
Montgomery, James L: Glenhugh
Montgomery, John L: Lisnafillon
Montgomery, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Montgomery, Samuel L: Galgorm Parks
Montgomery, William L: Lisnafillon
Mooney, Andrew L: Ballyminstra
Moony, Edward L: Ballybeg
Moore, Ann L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Moore, Archibald L: Gloonan
Moore, David L: Lisnafillon
Moore, Eliza L: Gloonan
Moore, James L: Lisnafillon
Moore, Jane L: Galgorm Parks
Comment : Robin
Moore, John L: Straid
Moore, Robert L: Galgorm
Moore, Samuel L: Corbally
Moore, Thomas L: Glenhugh
Moore, Thomas L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Moore, William L: Lisnafillon
Moran, Robert L: Ballyminstra
Morrell, Hamilton L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Morrell, Hamilton L: Lismurnaghan
Morrell, Robert L: Lismurnaghan
Morrell, Robert L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Morrison, John L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Morrow, David L: Carniny
Morrow, Samuel L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Morton, Edward L: Brocklamont
Morton, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Morton, Robert L: Brocklamont
Mulholland, Charles L: Aughterclooney
Mulholland, Charles L: Ballybollen
Mulholland, James L: Ballybollen
Mulholland, James L: Ballylummin
Mulholland, John L: Aughterclooney
Mulholland, Patrick L: Aughterclooney
Mulholland, Sarah L: Tullygowan
Mullan, William L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Comment : and Another
Munce, John L: Galgorm Parks
Muntz, William L: Galgorm Parks
Murdock, James L: Ballylummin
Murdock, Patrick L: Cardonaghy
Murphy, John L: Ballylummin
Murphy, Thomas L: Lismurnaghan
Murray, Charles L: Tullygowan
Murray, George L: Ballyminstra
Murray, John L: Ballyminstra
Murray, Matthew L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Murray, William L: Ballyminstra
Murrow, George L: Tullaghgarley
Murrow, Samuel L: Killane
Nason, Horace L: Ballymontenagh
Neal, George L: Galgorm Parks
Nealy, Aram L: Leymore
Nealy, Thomas L: Carnearney
Neason, Charles L: Drumramer
Neeson, Anne L: Aughterclooney
Neeson, Charles L: Aughterclooney
Neeson, Christopher L: Aughterclooney
Neeson, Daniel L: Aughterclooney
Neeson, James L: Aughterclooney
Neeson, John L: Aughterclooney
Neeson, John L: Ballybollen
Neeson, Margaret L: Aughterclooney
Neeson, Patrick L: Aughterclooney
Neeson, Titus L: Aughterclooney
Comment : Bog
Neeson, Titus, Jr. L: Aughterclooney
Neeson, Titus, Sr. L: Aughterclooney
Nelson, James L: Ballylummin
Nelson, Robert L: Ballylummin
Newell, David L: Craignageeragh
Newell, James L: Craignageeragh
Newell, John L: Craignageeragh
Nicholl, Alexander L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Nicholl, Anne L: Craignageeragh
Nicholl, Ellen L: Lisnafillon
Nicholl, George L: Cardonaghy
Nicholl, Hugh L: Ballyminstra
Nicholl, Hugh L: Craignageeragh
Nicholl, James L: Galgorm Parks
Nicholl, James L: Lisnafillon
Nicholl, Jane L: Craignageeragh
Nicholl, John L: Craignageeragh
Nicholl, Joseph L: Cardonaghy
Nicholl, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Nicholl, Thomas L: Ballyminstra
Nicholl, Thomas L: Cardonaghy
Nicholl, Thomas L: Craignageeragh
Nicholl, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
Nicholl, William J. L: Gloonan
Nixon, Joseph L: Galgorm Parks
Noone, Thomas L: Brocklamont
O'Brien, Samuel L: Ballyloughan
Ogilby, John L: Glenhugh
O'Hara, Arthur L: Ballybollen
O'Hara, Hugh L: Ballyloughan
O'Hara, John L: Ballylummin
O'Hara, William L: Ballybollen
O'Kane, Patrick L: Ballyloughan
O'Neill, Charles L: Ballyminstra
O'Neill, Charles L: Straid
O'Neill, Daniel L: Ballyminstra
O'Neill, Felix L: Gloonan
O'Neill, James L: Tullygowan
O'Neill, John L: Ballyloughan
O'Neill, John L: Drumramer
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Ballyminstra
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Straid
O'Rorke, Ambrose L: Aughterclooney
O'Rorke, Ambrose L: Ballybollen
O'Rourke, John L: Aughterclooney
Orr, James L: Tullaghgarley
Patten, George L: Leymore
Patterson, Alexander L: Brocklamont
Peerie, Robert L: Ballylummin
Peery, James L: Lisnafillon
Peery, John L: Lisnafillon
Peikan, John L: Gloonan
Peikan, Thomas L: Gloonan
Penny, Alexander L: Ballyloughan
Pepper, Samuel L: Straid
Phillips, Walter L: Carnearney
Phillis, Eliza L: Tullaghgarley
Picken, Samuel L: Ballymontenagh
Picken, Thomas L: Glebe
Piery, James L: Lismurnaghan
Piery, Samuel L: Lismurnaghan
Piery, William L: Lismurnaghan
Porter, Abraham L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Porter, Andrew L: Cardonaghy
Porter, Andrew L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Porter, James L: Straid
Porter, Robert L: Craignageeragh
Porter, William L: Ballyminstra
Porter, William L: Brocklamont
Power, John L: Killane
Power, John L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Comment : and Another
Quig, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
Raike, John L: Brocklamont
Ralson, James L: Ballyminstra
Ramsay, George L: Ballykennedy
Ramsay, Robert L: Craignageeragh
Ramsay, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
Ramsey, Robert L: Ballybeg
Ramsey, William L: Carniny
Raphael, Ann L: Galgorm Parks
Raphael, Ellen L: Galgorm Parks
Raphael, Ellen L: Galgorm Parks
Comment : Davy
Raphael, John L: Galgorm
Raphael, John L: Galgorm Parks
Raphael, John L: Galgorm Parks
Comment : Director
Raphael, Mary L: Galgorm
Comment : Andrew
Raphael, Mary L: Galgorm Parks
Comment : Andrew
Raphael, William L: Galgorm Parks
Raphel, Mary L: Tullaghgarley
Ray, James L: Tullaghgarley
Ray, John L: Ballybollen
Rea, James L: Galgorm Parks
Rea, John L: Brocklamont
Rea, Robert L: Carniny
Reany, David L: Carmacmoin
Reany, Ellen L: Lisnafillon
Reany, James L: Carmacmoin
Reany, James L: Glenhugh
Reany, John L: Carmacmoin
Reany, John L: Tullygowan
Reany, Robert L: Ballylummin
Reany, Robert L: Killane
Reany, Robert L: Lisnafillon
Reany, Samuel L: Lisnafillon
Reany, Samuel L: Straid
Reany, William L: Straid
Reid, Adam L: Ballyloughan
Reid, David L: Ballybeg
Reid, George L: Brocklamont
Reid, James L: Ballyloughan
Reid, James L: Ballylummin
Reid, James L: Carniny
Reid, James L: Gloonan
Reid, John L: Ballylummin
Reid, John L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Reid, Margaret L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Reid, Sarah L: Ballylummin
Reid, Thomas L: Tullygowan
Reid, William L: Galgorm Parks
Reid, William L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Comment : and Another
Richie, Charles L: Galgorm Parks
Robinson, James L: Lisnafillon
Robinson, John L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Robinson, Robert L: Ballyminstra
Robinson, Samuel L: Lisnafillon
Robinson, William L: Galgorm Parks
Rock, James L: Galgorm Parks
Rock, William L: Galgorm Parks
Rody, Bernard L: Galgorm
Rogers, James L: Ballyminstra
Roleson, John L: Galgorm Parks
Rolston, John L: Carniny
Rosborough, Alexander L: Lisnafillon
Rosborough, James L: Corbally
Rosborough, Patrick L: Ballyloughan
Ross, Arthur L: Ballyloughan
Ross, Francis L: Tullaghgarley
Ross, James L: Tullaghgarley
Ross, John L: Galgorm
Ross, William L: Craignageeragh
Ross, William L: Galgorm Parks
Rowan, Rev. Robert W. L: Cardonaghy
Rowan, Rev. Robert W. L: Carmacmoin
Rowan, Rev. Robert W. L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Rowan, Rev. Robert W. L: Lismurnaghan
Rowan, Samuel L: Moneydollog
Rowan, Thomas L: Carnearney
Russell, Alexander L: Galgorm Parks
Russell, Anne L: Ballyloughan
Russell, Jane L: GloonanVillage:Ahoghill
Comment : and Another
Russell, John L: Moneydollog
Russell, Margaret L: Carniny
Russell, William L: Ballyloughan
Russell, William L: Brocklamont
Russell, William L: Lisnafillon
Sanderson, William C. L: Tullaghgarley
Saunders, William L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Savage, Joseph L: Limnaharry
Scallian, John L: Gloonan
Scholfield, Rev. Francis L: Ballykennedy
Scholfield, Rev. Francis L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Scullion, James L: Moyasset
Scullion, John L: Ballybollen
Scullion, John L: Glenhugh
Scullion, Thaddeus L: Aughterclooney
Scullion, Thomas L: Ballyminstra
Scullion, William L: Aughterclooney
Seymour, Andrew L: Ballykennedy
Seymour, John L: Ballybeg
Seymour, John L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Seymour, John L: Craignageeragh
Seymour, Samuel L: Ballybeg
Seymour, Thomas L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Shaw, John, Jr. L: Drumramer
Shaw, John, Sr. L: Drumramer
Shaw, Thomas L: Drumramer
Shaw, William L: Leymore
Sheil, William L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Sheils, Jane L: Lismurnaghan
Sheils, Robert L: Ballylummin
Shiels, Daniel L: Killane
Simpson, David L: Drumramer
Simpson, George L: Moyasset
Simpson, James L: Ballyloughan
Simpson, James L: Limnaharry
Simpson, Robert L: Limnaharry
Simpson, William L: Brocklamont
Simpson, William L: Carniny
Simpson, William L: Galgorm
Sloan, Edward L: Cardonaghy
Sloan, Robert L: Glenhugh
Sloan, Robert L: Leymore
Sloane, Crawford L: Lisnafillon
Sloane, Robert L: Ballyminstra
Small, Carson L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Small, David L: Ballyminstra
Small, Francis L: Galgorm Parks
Small, Hugh L: Aughterclooney
Small, James L: Carnearney
Small, John L: Drumramer
Small, Robert L: Ballyminstra
Small, Robert L: Drumramer
Small, Thomas L: Ballyminstra
Smith, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
Smith, William L: Tullaghgarley
Smyth, Archibald L: Ballyloughan
Smyth, Ellen L: Galgorm
Smyth, Ellen L: Galgorm Parks
Smyth, Frances L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Smyth, Hugh L: Brocklamont
Smyth, James L: Ballykennedy
Smyth, James L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Smyth, James L: Galgorm
Smyth, James L: Leymore
Smyth, James L: Moyasset
Smyth, Jane L: Ballylummin
Smyth, Jane L: Galgorm Parks
Smyth, John L: Brocklamont
Smyth, Mary L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Smyth, Thomas L: Ballyloughan
Smyth, William L: Ballylummin
Spence, Frederick L: Ballykennedy
Spence, James L: Galgorm
Spence, James L: Tullaghgarley
Spence, John L: Ballykennedy
Spence, John L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Spence, John L: Carnearney
Spence, John L: Galgorm
Spence, John L: Tullaghgarley
Spence, Patrick L: Carmacmoin
Spence, Robert L: Carmacmoin
Spence, Thomas L: Brocklamont
Spence, William L: Carmacmoin
Spence, William L: Gloonan
Stavely, George L: Galgorm Parks
Steed, Gregg L: Glenhugh
Steed, James L: Glenhugh
Steed, John L: Glenhugh
Steed, William L: Glenhugh
Steel, Adam L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Steel, Edward L: Craignageeragh
Steenson, Mary L: Brocklamont T: Ballymena Ballymoney Rd.
Steid, Robert L: CarmacmoinVillage:Ahoghill
Stenson, Elizabeth L: Galgorm
Stenson, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Stenton, James L: Gloonan
Sterlin, Bridget L: Galgorm Parks
Stewart, Charles L: Galgorm Parks
Comment : Secretary
Stewart, Chas. L: Brocklamont
Comment : Secretary
Stewart, Joseph L: Ballymontenagh
Stewart, Robert L: Ballymontenagh
Stewart, William L: Ballyminstra
Stinson, Margaret L: Galgorm Parks
Stone, Matthew L: Ballyminstra
Stones, George L: Gloonan
Story, Eliza L: Gloonan
Story, Robert L: Ballybollen
Strahan, George L: Ballyloughan
Strain, David L: Tullaghgarley
Strain, Mary L: Tullaghgarley
Strain, Patrick L: Tullaghgarley
Stuart, David L: Corbally
Stuart, James L: Ballyloughan
Stuart, John L: Cardonaghy
Stuart, John L: Killane
Stuart, John L: Moneydollog
Stuart, Joseph L: Brocklamont
Stuart, William L: Cardonaghy
Surgenor, David L: Galgorm Parks
Surgenor, George L: Brocklamont
Surgenor, Hugh L: Brocklamont
Surgenor, James L: Galgorm Parks
Surgenor, Simon L: Brocklamont
Surgenor, William L: Brocklamont
Surginer, James L: Gloonan
Surginer, James L: Gloonan Village:Ahoghill
Comment : and Another
Swan, James L: Galgorm Parks
Swan, William L: Glenhugh
Tarbert, James L: Ballylummin
Taylor, Archibald L: Brocklamont
Taylor, George L: Ballylummin
Taylor, James L: Lisnafillon
Taylor, John L: Ballyminstra
Taylor, John L: Galgorm Parks
Taylor, Richard L: Straid
Telford, Alexander L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Telford, Anne L: Ballymontenagh
Telford, David, Jr. L: Ballykennedy
Telford, David, Sr. L: Ballykennedy
Telford, James L: Brocklamont
Telford, James L: Craignageeragh
Telford, James L: Galgorm Parks
Telford, Letitia L: Straid
Telford, William L: Ballykennedy
Telford, William L: Ballylummin
Telford, William L: Craignageeragh
Temple, Richard L: Ballyloughan
Temple, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Templeton, Anne L: Galgorm Parks
Templeton, George L: Galgorm Parks
Templeton, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Templeton, William J. L: Galgorm Parks
Tennant, Thomas L: Ballylummin
Thompson, Anne L: Tullaghgarley
Thompson, David L: Craignageeragh
Thompson, David L: Leymore
Thompson, David L: Limnaharry
Thompson, Elizabeth L: Tullygowan
Thompson, Hugh L: Glenhugh
Thompson, James L: Galgorm Parks
Thompson, John L: Cardonaghy
Thompson, John L: Craignageeragh
Thompson, John L: Limnaharry
Thompson, John L: Lisnafillon
Thompson, Joseph L: Brocklamont
Thompson, Joseph L: Galgorm Parks
Thompson, Margaret L: Killane
Thompson, Samuel L: Ballylummin
Thompson, Samuel L: Lismurnaghan
Thompson, Samuel, Jr. L: Ballylummin
Thompson, Samuel, Sr. L: Ballylummin
Thompson, Thomas L: Ballylummin
Thompson, Thomas L: Brocklamont
Thompson, Thomas L: Lismurnaghan
Thompson Hon, Wm. L: Ballylummin
Tole, Catherine L: Cardonaghy
Comment : Mount Davys.
Tomlinson, Robert L: Gloonan Village:Ahoghill
Townsley, Andrew L: Ballybeg
Turbett, Francis L: Limnaharry
Turbett, John L: Limnaharry
Turbett, William L: Ballybeg
Underwood, John L: Galgorm Parks
Vance, George L: Carmacmoin
Vance, William L: Glenhugh
Vieth, Agnes L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Walker, James L: Craignageeragh
Walker, James L: Lismurnaghan Village:Ahoghill
Walker, John L: Craignageeragh
Walker, Margaret L: Limnaharry
Walker, Michael L: Craignageeragh
Walker, William L: Killane
Walkingshaw, James L: Galgorm Parks
Walkingshaw, Thomas L: Galgorm Parks
Wallace, Hugh L: Ballylummin
Wallace, James L: Galgorm
Wallace, James L: Galgorm Parks
Wallace, James L: Limnaharry
Wallace, John L: Ballylummin
Wallace, John L: Drumramer
Wallace, John L: Galgorm Parks
Wallace, Mary L: Ballykennedy
Wallace, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Wallace, Samuel L: Corbally
Wallace, Samuel L: Galgorm Parks
Wallace, Thomas L: Drumramer
Wallace, William L: Ballymontenagh
Wallace, William L: Drumramer
Wasson, George L: Galgorm Parks
Watson, George L: Glenhugh
Watson, John L: Ballyloughan
Watson, Margaret L: Glenhugh
Watson, Thomas L: Glenhugh
Watson, Thomas, Jr. L: Glenhugh
Watt, James L: Galgorm Parks
Weir, Alexander L: Ballyminstra
Weir, Alexander L: Straid
Weir, Alexander, Jr. L: Killane
Weir, Alexander, Sr. L: Killane
Weir, David L: Ballyminstra
Weir, David L: Straid
Weir, Hugh L: Ballyminstra
Weir, James L: Ballyminstra
Weir, James L: Carnearney
Weir, James L: Drumramer
Weir, James L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Weir, James L: Tullygowan
Weir, John L: Gloonan
Weir, John L: Killane
Weir, Martha L: Cardonaghy
Weir, Martha L: Straid
Weir, Matthew L: Craignageeragh
Weir, Samuel L: Tullygowan
Weir, William L: Ballyminstra
Weir, William L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Weir, William L: Lismurnaghan
Wiley, James L: Glenhugh
Wiley, Robert L: Moneydollog
Wiley, Thomas L: Aughterclooney
Wiley, William L: Glenhugh
Wilkinson, Adam L: LismurnaghanVillage:Ahoghill
Wilkinson, James L: Carniny
Williamson, Bernard L: Aughterclooney
Williamson, John L: Brocklamont
Williamson, Samuel L: Limnaharry
Wilson, Alexander L: Galgorm Parks
Wilson, Elizabeth L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Comment : and Others
Wilson, Hugh L: Straid
Wilson, James L: Ballyloughan
Wilson, James L: Ballyminstra
Wilson, James L: Galgorm Parks
Wilson, Jane L: Ballymontenagh
Wilson, John L: Ballykennedy
Wilson, John L: Ballykennedy Village: Grace Hill
Wilson, John L: Ballymontenagh
Wilson, John L: Tullaghgarley
Wilson, Margaret L: Ballyloughan
Wilson, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Wilson, Robert L: Galgorm
Wilson, Robert L: Galgorm Parks
Wilson, Robert L: Tullaghgarley
Wilson, Rose L: Ballyminstra
Wilson, Samuel L: Ballyminstra
Wilson, Samuel L: Ballymontenagh
Wilson, Thomas L: Ballyminstra
Wilson, William L: Galgorm Parks
Wilson, William L: Leymore
Wilson, William L: Straid
Wilson, William J. L: Galgorm Parks
Winning, John L: Carmacmoin Village:Ahoghill
Comment : and Another
Winning, John L: Lismurnaghan Village:Ahoghill
Winning, William L: Drumramer
Wright, Archibald L: Galgorm Parks
Wright, Henry L: Galgorm Parks
Wright, James L: Carniny
Wright, John L: Galgorm Parks
Wright, Martha L: Galgorm Parks
Young, Ellen L: Galgorm Parks
Young, George L: Galgorm Parks
Young, James L: Straid
Young, John L: Ballymontenagh
Young, John L: Brocklamont
Young, John L: Corbally
Young, John L: Galgorm
Young, John L: Galgorm Parks
Young, John L: Gloonan
Young, Joseph L: Ballyloughan
Young, Margaret L: Lismurnaghan Village:Ahoghill
Young, Robert L: Ballyminstra
Young, Sarah L: Ballyminstra
Young, Sarah L: Craignageeragh
Young, Sarah L: Killane Village: Ahoghill
Young, William L: Ballymontenagh
Young, William L: Galgorm Parks
Young, William L: Leymore
Young, William L: Straid

Click for map of civil parishes in county Antrim

Civil Parishes of County Antrim

Griffiths Valuation Records county Antrim

1 Aghagallon

2 Aghalee

3 Ahoghill

4 Antrim

5 Ardclinis

6 Armoy

7 Ballinderry

8 Ballintoy

9 Ballyclug

10 Ballycor

11 Ballylinny

12 Ballymartin

13 Ballymoney

14 Ballynure

15 Ballyrashane

16 Ballyscullion

17 Ballyscullion Grange

18 Ballywillin

19 Billy

20 Blaris

21 Camlin

22 Carncastle

23 Carnmoney

24 Carrickfergus

25 Connor

26 Cranfield

27 Culfeightrin

28 Derryaghy

29 Derrykeighan

30 Doagh Grange

31 Donegore

32 Drumbeg

33 Drummaul

34 Drumtullagh Grange

35 Dunaghy

36 Dundermot Grange

37 Duneane

38 Dunluce

39 Finvoy

40 Glenavy

41 Glenwhirry

42 Glynn

43 Inver

44 Island Magee

45 Kilbride

46 Kildollagh

47 Killagan

48 Killead

49 Killyglen Grange

50 Kilraghts

51 Kilroot

52 Kilwaughter

53 Kirkinriola

54 Lambeg

55 Larne

56 Layd

57 Inispollan Grange

58 Layd Grange

59 Loughguile

60 Magheragall

61 Magheramesk

62 Muckamore Grange

63 Newton Crommelin

64 Nilteen Grange

65 Racavan

66 Raloo

67 Ramoan

68 Rasharkin

69 Rashee

70 Rathlin

71 Shilvodan Grange

72 Skerry

73 Templecorran

74 Templepatrick

75 Tickmacrevan

76 Tullaghgore

77 Tullyrusk