Griffith's Valuation: Magheragall Parish, County Antrim

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Griffith's Valuation in Magheragall Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation that took place in Magheragall parish and every other parish in county Antrim and throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Antrim in 1861 and 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Magheragall Parish 1861 and 1862

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You should also check the records of Magheragall parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Abbott, Francis L: Ballynadolly
Abbott, James L: Moneybroom
Abbott, John L: Ballynadolly
Abbott, John L: Knocknadona
Abbott, Thomas L: Knocknadona
Abbott, Thomas L: Moneybroom
Abbott, William L: Ballynadolly
Abbott, William L: Knocknadona
Abernethy, Isaac L: Ballyclough
Abernethy, Isaac L: Ballynadolly
Adams, Robert L: Aghacarnan
Adams, Thomas L: Aghacarnan
Allen, George L: Moneybroom
Anderson, David L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Anderson, John L: Ballyclough
Anderson, John L: Drumsill
Anderson, John L: Moyrusk
Anderson, Joseph L: Drumsill
Anderson, Maryanne L: Drumsill
Armstrong, Robert L: Moneybroom
Armstrong, William L: Mullaghcarton
Balmer, Thomas L: Kilcorig
Balmer, Thomas L: Knocknadona
Balmer, Thomas L: Moneybroom
Beckett, Thomas L: Magheraliskmisk
Begley, Thomas L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Bell, Andrew L: Magheragall
Bell, Anne Jane L: Magheragall
Bell, Edward L: Mullaghcarton
Bell, Henry L: Moyrusk
Bell, Isaac L: Magheragall
Bell, James L: Knocknarea
Bell, James L: Magheragall
Bell, James L: Mullaghcarton
Bell, John L: Ballynadolly
Bell, Joseph L: Magheragall
Bell, Richard L: Mullaghcarton
Bell, Robert L: Knocknarea
Bell, Valentine L: Ballyellough
Bell, William L: Mullaghcarton
Belshaw, David L: Kilcorig
Belshaw, James L: Knocknadona
Belshaw, John L: Knocknadona
Belshaw, John, Jr. L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Belshaw, John, Sr. L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Belshaw, Joseph L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Belshaw, Maria L: Knocknadona
Belshaw, Richard L: Knocknadona
Belshaw, Thomas L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Belshaw, Thomas L: Kilcorig
Belshaw, William L: Ballyclough
Bennett, Robert L: Mullaghcarton
Benson, David L: Kilcorig
Blythe, Robert L: Magheraliskmisk
Bohannan, Isaac L: Ballyellough
Bournes, James L: Kilcorig
Bowers, John L: Knocknarea
Boyd, John L: Ballynadolly
Boyes, Robert L: Magheraliskmisk
Bradbury, John L: Drumsill
Bradbury, John L: Knocknarea
Bradley, William J. L: Mullaghcarton
Bradshaw, Richard L: Ballyclough
Bradshaw, William L: Ballynadolly
Braithwaite, Thomas L: Knocknadona
Brannagh, Thomas L: Mullaghcarton
Brien, Johanna L: Ballyellough
Briggs, James L: Magheragall
Briggs, James L: Moneybroom
Briggs, Johanna L: Magheragall
Briggs, John L: Knocknadona
Briggs, John L: Magheragall
Briggs, Thomas L: Kilcorig
Briggs, William L: Moyrusk
Broughton, Fred. L: Drumsill N: Sec
Broughton, Frederick L: Moyrusk N: Secretary
Browne, James L: Mullaghcarton
Browne, John L: Knocknarea
Browne, John L: Magheragall
Browne, Rev. John S. L: Ballyellough
Browne, Olivia L: Drumsill
Buchanan, John L: Knocknarea
Buchanan, John L: Moneybroom
Buchannon, Joseph L: Ballymave
Bunting, John L: Magheragall
Bunting, Thomas L: Magheragall
Bunting, Turtle L: Moneybroom
Bunton, John L: Mullaghcarton
Burns, George L: Kilcorig
Burns, Robert L: Knocknadona
Bushe, James L: Ballyellough
Cabry, Thomas L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Campbell, Anselm L: Kilcorig
Campbell, Archibald L: Ballynadolly
Campbell, Isaac L: Kilcorig
Campbell, James L: Ballyclough
Campbell, James L: Moyrusk
Candy, Henry L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Carlisle, Francis L: Knocknadona
Carlisle, James L: Knocknarea
Carlysle, Thomas L: Mullaghcarton
Carlysle, William L: Moyrusk
Carr, David L: Kilcorig
Carson, James L: Magheraliskmisk
Chapman, Thomas L: Ballyclough
Chapman, Thomas L: Kilcorig
Cinnamond, Thomas L: Magheraliskmisk
Clarke, George L: Knocknadona
Clarke, James L: Magheraliskmisk
Clarke, James L: Mullaghcarton
Clarke, Mary L: Ballymave
Clarke, William L: Magheraliskmisk
Clelland, Hans L: Kilcorig
Cloakey, Thomas L: Ballynalargy
Close, John L: Ballyellough
Close, William L: Knocknadona
Cockburn, John L: Knocknadona
Colhoun, Anne L: Magheraliskmisk
Connor, George L: Ballyclough
Connor, George L: Ballynadolly
Connor, John L: Kilcorig
Connor, John, Jr. L: Magheraliskmisk
Connor, John, Sr. L: Magheraliskmisk
Connor, Joseph L: Kilcorig
Connor, Joseph L: Knocknadona
Connor, Patrick L: Knocknadona
Conway, William L: Aghacarnan
Cooper, John L: Kilcorig
Cormican, John L: Ballynadolly
Crangell, William L: Moneybroom
Crawford, Alexander L: Ballynalargy
Crawford, Alexander L: Moyrusk
Creany, Daniel L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Creany, James L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Crossan, James L: Ballyellough
Crossan, James L: Mullaghcarton
Crossin, James L: Magheragall
Crouch, Hugh L: Drumsill
Culbert, Abraham L: Ballynadolly
Culbert, George L: Kilcorig
Cuthbert, John L: Mullaghcarton
Dalton, William L: Mullaghcarton
Davis, Eliza L: Ballyclough
Davis, Eliza L: Knocknadona
Davis, George L: Ballyellough
Dawson, George L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Dawson, Margaret L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Dawson, Mary L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Dawson, Richard L: Ballyellough
Dawson, William L: Ballymave
Dickey, John L: Moyrusk
Dickson, Isaac L: Ballymave
Dickson, Robert L: Aghacarnan
Dillon, Bridget L: Ballymave
Dillon, Garrett L: Knocknarea
Dillon, James L: Knocknarea
Dogherty, William L: Mullaghcarton
Doogan, Richard L: Moyrusk
Dornan, Edward L: Moyrusk
Dornan, George L: Knocknarea
Dornan, William L: Moyrusk
Downey, Jane L: Drumsill
Downey, Leonard L: Drumsill
Dubourdien, Wm. John L: Knocknadona
Dubourdieu, Jane L: Knocknadona
Duffin, William L: Moneybroom
Dunlavy, Neilson L: Ballyellough
Elliott, Robert L: Ballynadolly
Elliott, Thomas L: Knocknadona
Ewart, John L: Ballyellough
Ewart, John L: Ballymave
Fisher, James L: Ballymave
Fisher, James L: Ballynalargy
Flanagan, John L: Ballymave
Fleming, Patrick L: Mullaghcarton
Fletcher, Abraham L: Moyrusk
Fletcher, Thomas L: Drumsill
Fletcher, Thomas L: Magheragall
Flynn, William L: Kilcorig
Frazer, Robert L: Ballymave
Gamble, James L: Ballyellough
Garrett, James L: Moneybroom
Garrett, Mary L: Magheragall
Garrett, William L: Magheragall
Geraghty, John L: Ballynadolly
Gill, Alfred L: Magheragall
Gill, George L: Drumsill
Gill, Rep. George L: Magheragall
Gill, Joseph L: Magheragall
Gill, Sarah J. L: Magheragall
Gill, Thomas L: Drumsill
Gill, Thomas L: Magheragall
Gill, William J. L: Drumsill
Gordon, Robert L: Knocknadona
Gordon, William L: Ballyellough
Gordon, William L: Ballynalargy
Graham, Henry L: Kilcorig
Graham, John L: Kilcorig
Gray, Thomas L: Ballymave
Greenaway, Sarah L: Mullaghcarton
Greene, James L: Aghacarnan
Greene, John L: Aghacarnan
Greene, Richard L: Mullaghcarton
Greene, Robert L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Greene, William L: Drumsill
Greer, Arthur L: Moneybroom
Greer, George L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Greer, George L: Ballymave
Greer, Isaac L: Moneybroom
Greer, James L: Magheragall
Greer, James, Jr. L: Drumsill
Greer, James, Sr. L: Drumsill
Greer, John L: Kilcorig
Greer, John L: Moneybroom
Greer, Richard L: Moneybroom
Greer, Thomas L: Kilcorig
Gregory, Robert L: Magheraliskmisk
Griffin, Edward L: Magheragall
Griffin, James L: Ballyellough
Guinness, William L: Moneybroom
Hail, William L: Knocknadona
Hall, Harriet L: Magheraliskmisk
Hall, James L: Ballynalargy
Hall, James L: Mullaghcarton
Hall, Jane L: Magheraliskmisk
Hall, Jane L: Mullaghcarton
Hall, John L: Ballynalargy
Hall, John L: Mullaghcarton
Hall, Richard L: Magheraliskmisk
Hall, Samuel L: Mullaghcarton
Hall, Thomas L: Moyrusk
Hamill, Mary L: Moneybroom
Hamill, Thomas L: Ballynadolly
Hamilton, Richard L: Ballyellough
Hamilton, Richard L: Ballymave
Hanna, Robert L: Magheragall
Hanna, Samuel L: Magheraliskmisk
Hare, John L: Drumsill
Harrison, Jacob L: Ballynadolly
Harrison, William L: Ballyellough
Harrison, William L: Mullaghcarton
Harvey, William L: Knocknadona
Hatton, James L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Haveron, Mary L: Ballynadolly
Hawthorn, William L: Magheragall
Heany, John L: Ballyellough
Heany, John L: Mullaghcarton
Heeney, Patrick L: Ballynalargy
Henderson, John L: Magheraliskmisk
Hertford, Marquis L: Aghacarnan N: Marquis of Hertford
Hertford, Marquis L: Ballynadolly N: Marquis of Hertford
Hertford, Marquis L: Kilcorig N: Marquis of Hertford
Higginson, George L: Magheraliskmisk
Higginson, Hugh L: Ballynalargy
Higginson, Sir Jas. M. L: Ballyellough
Higginson, Patrick L: Ballymave
Higginson, Thomas L: Ballynalargy
Higginson, Thomas L: Mullaghcarton
Hill, Anne L: Drumsill
Hill, Robert L: Ballymave
Hill, Robert L: Drumsill
Hill, Samuel L: Ballyellough
Hill, Samuel L: Mullaghcarton
Hillan, William L: Mullaghcarton
Hillen, Thomas L: Drumsill
Hillis, George L: Magheraliskmisk
Hind, William L: Mullaghcarton
Hodgen, John L: Moneybroom
Hodgins, William L: Knocknadona
Holmes, John L: Ballyellough
Holmes, John L: Mullaghcarton
Hoole, Hannah L: Moyrusk
Horner, Joseph L: Ballynadolly
Hughes, Edward L: Kilcorig
Hull, Henry L: Moyrusk
Hull, Thomas L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Hynes, James L: Moyrusk
Irwin, John L: Ballynadolly
Irwin, William L: Ballynadolly
Jackson, James L: Ballyellough
Jefferson, Ralph L: Knocknadona
Jefferson, Robert L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Jefferson, Robert L: Kilcorig
Johnston, Eliza L: Moneybroom
Johnston, George L: Ballyclough
Johnston, James L: Ballyclough
Johnston, Jane L: Aghacarnan
Johnston, Rebecca L: Drumsill
Johnston, William L: Aghacarnan
Johnston, William J. L: Drumsill
Jones, John L: Moyrusk
Jones, Maryanne L: Ballynalargy
Kelly, James L: Ballyellough
Kelly, James L: Ballymave
Kelly, Thomas L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Kelso, Joseph L: Kilcorig
Kidd, William L: Magheraliskmisk
Kidd, William L: Mullaghcarton
Lackey, William L: Ballyclough
Laird, Henry L: Magheragall
Larmour, Edward L: Magheragall
Larmour, Hugh L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Larmour, James L: Ballyellough
Larmour, John L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Larmour, Robert L: Knocknadona
Larmour, William L: Ballyclough
Lavery, David L: Ballynalargy
Lavery, Edward L: Ballynalargy
Lavery, Edward L: Magheraliskmisk
Lavery, James L: Ballynalargy
Lavery, Jane L: Ballyclough N: Hugh
Lavery, Jane L: Ballyclough N: Richard
Lavery, John L: Magheraliskmisk
Lavery, Stewart L: Moneybroom
Lavery, William L: Ballyclough
Law, James L: Moyrusk
Law, Pierce L: Kilcorig
Law, Robert L: Drumsill
Law, Thomas L: Ballynalargy
Law, William L: Kilcorig
Law, William L: Mullaghcarton
Lawe, John L: Ballymave
Leggett, Thomas L: Ballynalargy
Lewis, Hugh L: Ballynadolly
Lewis, John L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Lewis, Samuel L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Lilly, Robert L: Magheragall
Loane, William J. L: Kilcorig
Logan, Thomas L: Knocknarea
Lorimer, William L: Mullaghcarton
Lynn, Robert L: Aghacarnan
Lynn, Sarah L: Aghacarnan N: Robert
Lynn, Sarah L: Aghacarnan N: William
Mackey, Alexander L: Mullaghcarton
Mackil, Edward L: Magheragall
Magee, Daniel L: Ballynalargy
Magrath, Joseph L: Kilcorig
Mairs, John L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Mairs, John L: Ballyellough
Mairs, John L: Ballymave
Mairs, Robert L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Mairs, Robert L: Ballymave
Mairs, Thomas L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Mairs, Thomas L: Ballymave
Mairs, William L: Ballymave
Marsden, John L: Ballyellough
Marston, John L: Mullaghcarton
Martin, John L: Moneybroom
Martin, Patrick L: Ballyellough
Martin, Robert L: Knocknadona
Martin, Robert, Jr. L: Mullaghcarton
Martin, Robert, Sr. L: Mullaghcarton
Maxwell, James L: Ballynalargy
Maxwell, John L: Kilcorig
Maze, George L: Ballyellough
Maze, Moses L: Ballynadolly
McAllister, Alexander L: Ballyclough
McAllister, George L: Knocknadona
McBride, Thomas L: Knocknadona
McCann, Charlotte L: Aghacarnan
McCartney, John L: Ballymave
McCaul, Edward L: Ballyellough
McCaul, James L: Ballynadolly
McCaul, John L: Ballycarrickmaddy
McCauley, John L: Knocknadona
McClaverty, James L: Drumsill
McCleary, Robert L: Ballycarrickmaddy
McClery, Hugh L: Mullaghcarton
McClure, Robert L: Knocknarea
McCluskey, Ellen L: Knocknadona
McCluskey, James L: Kilcorig
McCluskey, James L: Moneybroom
McCluskey, Margaret L: Ballyellough
McCluskey, Richard L: Ballyclough
McCluskey, Richard L: Ballynadolly
McCluskey, William L: Moneybroom
McClutchey, Samuel L: Mullaghcarton
McComb, Joseph L: Knocknarea
McCon, William L: Knocknarea
McConnell, Hugh L: Ballyclough
McCormack, Wm. John L: Ballymave
McCormick, Thomas L: Kilcorig
McCorry, Sarah L: Aghacarnan
McCourt, Charlotte L: Ballymave
McCourt, James L: Knocknadona
McCracken, James L: Knocknadona
McCracken, John L: Knocknarea
McCracken, Thomas L: Ballyellough
McCracken, William L: Moneybroom
McCullagh, Humphrey L: Mullaghcarton
McCullagh, Michael L: Knocknadona
McCurry, Henry L: Drumsill
McCurry, William L: Drumsill
McDonnell, James L: Moyrusk
McDowell, Robert L: Ballycarrickmaddy
McEvoy, Richard L: Moneybroom
McEvoy, William L: Ballymave
McGhee, John L: Ballyclough
McGhee, William, Jr. L: Aghacarnan
McGhee, William, Sr. L: Aghacarnan
McGrane, James L: Ballyellough
McGrath, Hugh L: Ballymave
McGrath, Robert L: Kilcorig
McGreenaway, Michael L: Mullaghcarton
McHaig, William L: Moneybroom
McHenry, James L: Magheraliskmisk
McKay, Rev. Maurice L: Moneybroom
McKearn, Henry L: Ballyellough
McKendry, Thomas L: Kilcorig
McKenna, James L: Ballyellough
McKenna, John L: Magheragall
McKeon, Henry L: Ballynadolly
McKeon, Hugh L: Ballynadolly
McKeon, John L: Kilcorig
McKeon, Robert L: Aghacarnan
McKeon, Robert L: Ballynadolly
McKeon, William L: Ballycarrickmaddy
McKersie, James L: Magheraliskmisk
McKinstry, James L: Ballyclough
McKinstry, James L: Knocknadona
McKinstry, John L: Ballyellough
McKinstry, William L: Ballyellough
McKnight, David L: Ballycarrickmaddy
McKnight, David L: Ballynadolly
McKnight, Edward L: Ballynadolly
McKnight, Eliza L: Ballyellough
McKnight, James L: Ballycarrickmaddy
McKnight, James L: Kilcorig
McKnight, John L: Ballynadolly
McKnight, William L: Ballynadolly
McLoughlin, John L: Ballycarrickmaddy
McLoughlin, John L: Ballynadolly
McQuade, John L: Ballymave
McQuillan, James L: Moyrusk
McQuillan, Sarah L: Magheraliskmisk
McQuillan, William H. L: Mullaghcarton
McWilliam, Henry L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Meares, John L: Magheraliskmisk
Meares, Letitia L: Ballynadolly
Meares, Robert L: Mullaghcarton
Mears, George L: Moyrusk
Megarry, Bennett L: Kilcorig
Megarry, Bennett L: Knocknadona
Megarry, Bennett L: Moneybroom
Minnett, Robert L: Knocknadona
Mooney, Anne Jane L: Ballymave
Mooney, James L: Drumsill
Mooney, James L: Magheragall
Mooney, James L: Moyrusk
Mooney, John L: Drumsill
Mooney, William L: Moyrusk
Moore, Samuel L: Moneybroom
Morgan, John L: Drumsill
Mulholland, John L: Ballynadolly
Mulholland, Thomas L: Magheragall
Mulhollom, John L: Ballynalargy
Murphy, Adam L: Magheraliskmisk
Murphy, James L: Kilcorig
Murphy, John L: Kilcorig
Murray, James L: Moyrusk
Neill, James L: Knocknadona
Neill, James L: Moneybroom
Nelson, Andrew L: Mullaghcarton
Nelson, Arthur L: Mullaghcarton
Nicholl, Thomas L: Moneybroom
Orr, William L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Orr, William L: Ballymave
O'Toole, Patrick L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Palmer, James L: Knocknadona
Patten, James L: Moneybroom
Patterson, Joseph L: Knocknarea
Patterson, Thomas L: Ballyellough
Phillips, John L: Ballyclough
Phillips, Robert L: Ballyclough
Phillips, Thomas L: Ballyclough
Potts, John L: Ballymave
Price, John L: Magheragall
Proctor, Eliza L: Ballynadolly
Proctor, Frederick L: Aghacarnan
Quigley, Mary L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Quinn, John L: Ballyclough
Quinn, William John L: Ballymave
Reid, Mary L: Knocknadona
Reid, Patrick L: Ballyellough
Renfrew, James L: Mullaghcarton
Richardson, James L: Knocknarea
Richardson, Joseph L: Kilcorig
Richardson, Joseph L: Magheragall
Ritchie, Robert L: Drumsill
Ritchie, Robert L: Moyrusk
Robinson, Samuel L: Moyrusk
Rogers, Samuel L: Drumsill
Rogers, William L: Knocknarea
Rollins, Henry L: Kilcorig
Rollins, John L: Magheraliskmisk
Rollins, William L: Kilcorig
Scandrett, James L: Moyrusk
Scott, Agnes L: Ballymave
Scott, Richard L: Knocknarea
Scott, Richard L: Magheragall
Scott, William L: Moneybroom
Sedgewick, Alice L: Ballymave
Sedgwick, Joseph L: Ballyellough
Shaw, John L: Kilcorig
Shaw, John L: Magheragall
Shaw, William L: Ballyclough
Sheils, William L: Moyrusk
Singleton, William L: Magheragall
Smith, John L: Moyrusk
Smyley, John L: Ballymave
Smyth, Hugh L: Ballynadolly
Spence, Thomas L: Ballyellough
Spence, Thomas L: Ballymave
Spence, Thomas L: Mullaghcarton
Stannus, Jas. L: Ballyellough N: Very Rev.
Stannus, Jas. L: Moneybroom N: Very Rev.
Steed, Joseph L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Stephenson, John L: Aghacarnan
Stevenson, James L: Ballynadolly
Stewart, Alice L: Magheraliskmisk
Stewart, James L: Drumsill
Stewart, John L: Kilcorig
Stewart, Joseph L: Ballyellough
Sunderland, Robert L: Knocknarea
Swan, Thomas L: Mullaghcarton
Taylor, Mary L: Magheragall
Thompson, Arthur L: Kilcorig
Thompson, George L: Kilcorig
Thompson, George L: Moneybroom
Thompson, James L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Thompson, James L: Magheragall
Thompson, James L: Moneybroom
Thompson, Joseph L: Ballyellough
Thompson, Joseph L: Kilcorig
Thompson, Joseph L: Knocknadona
Thompson, Robert L: Ballynadolly
Thompson, William L: Kilcorig
Toberton, John L: Ballynalargy
Toberton, Mary L: Ballynalargy
Tolerton, Richard L: Mullaghcarton
Totten, Alexander L: Moyrusk
Totten, Ellen L: Drumsill
Totten, Francis L: Ballynadolly
Totten, George L: Drumsill
Totten, George L: Moyrusk
Totten, George L: Mullaghcarton
Totten, Martha L: Moyrusk
Totten, Robert L: Drumsill
Towe, Matthew L: Kilcorig
Usher, George L: Ballynadolly
Usher, James L: Moneybroom
Usher, John L: Moneybroom
Usher, Joseph L: Moneybroom
Usher, Richard L: Moneybroom
Usher, William L: Knocknarea
Verner, Joseph L: Ballyellough
Wardell, George L: Ballynalargy
Wardell, George L: Moyrusk
Wardell, John L: Mullaghcarton
Wardlow, John L: Ballyclough
Wardlow, William L: Ballyellough
Wardlow, William L: Ballynadolly
Watson, Charles L: Mullaghcarton
Watson, Edward L: Drumsill
Watson, Eliza L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Watson, George L: Knocknarea
Watson, George L: Moneybroom
Watson, Hugh L: Ballynadolly
Watson, James L: Kilcorig
Watson, John L: Moneybroom
Watson, Mary L: Knocknarea
Watson, Moses L: Mullaghcarton
Watson, Robert L: Ballynadolly
Watson, Samuel L: Knocknarea
Watson, Sarah L: Mullaghcarton
Watson, William L: Ballynadolly
Watson, William L: Knocknarea
Watson, William L: Magheragall
Watt, William John L: Ballynadolly
Webb, James L: Ballyclough
Webb, Thomas L: Ballynadolly
Weir, Elizabeth L: Magheraliskmisk
Weir, Margaret L: Mullaghcarton
Weir, Richard L: Ballyellough
Weir, Richard L: Knocknadona
Whaley, Henry L: Kilcorig
White, George L: Ballynadolly
Williamson, Joseph L: Moyrusk
Williamson, Robert L: Ballynadolly
Willis, Mary L: Ballymave
Willis, Robert L: Moyrusk
Wright, Anne L: Knocknarea
Wright, George L: Ballynadolly
Wright, Joseph L: Ballynadolly
Wright, William L: Aghacarnan
Wright, William L: Ballycarrickmaddy
Wright, William L: Ballynadolly
Wright, William John L: Ballynadolly

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Civil Parishes of County Antrim

Griffiths Valuation Records county Antrim

1 Aghagallon

2 Aghalee

3 Ahoghill

4 Antrim

5 Ardclinis

6 Armoy

7 Ballinderry

8 Ballintoy

9 Ballyclug

10 Ballycor

11 Ballylinny

12 Ballymartin

13 Ballymoney

14 Ballynure

15 Ballyrashane

16 Ballyscullion

17 Ballyscullion Grange

18 Ballywillin

19 Billy

20 Blaris

21 Camlin

22 Carncastle

23 Carnmoney

24 Carrickfergus

25 Connor

26 Cranfield

27 Culfeightrin

28 Derryaghy

29 Derrykeighan

30 Doagh Grange

31 Donegore

32 Drumbeg

33 Drummaul

34 Drumtullagh Grange

35 Dunaghy

36 Dundermot Grange

37 Duneane

38 Dunluce

39 Finvoy

40 Glenavy

41 Glenwhirry

42 Glynn

43 Inver

44 Island Magee

45 Kilbride

46 Kildollagh

47 Killagan

48 Killead

49 Killyglen Grange

50 Kilraghts

51 Kilroot

52 Kilwaughter

53 Kirkinriola

54 Lambeg

55 Larne

56 Layd

57 Inispollan Grange

58 Layd Grange

59 Loughguile

60 Magheragall

61 Magheramesk

62 Muckamore Grange

63 Newton Crommelin

64 Nilteen Grange

65 Racavan

66 Raloo

67 Ramoan

68 Rasharkin

69 Rashee

70 Rathlin

71 Shilvodan Grange

72 Skerry

73 Templecorran

74 Templepatrick

75 Tickmacrevan

76 Tullaghgore

77 Tullyrusk