Griffiths Valuation: Loughgall Parish, County Armagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Loughgall Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Loughgall parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Loughgall Parish and throughout county Armagh in1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Loughgall Parish, Co. Armagh

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All Griffiths Valuation records in this page have been published in alphabetical order. Search tip for most web browsers: press Ctrl and F and enter surname or search term. If you are researching particular townlands or areas of this parish, then we suggest that you also use the Ctrl F option in your web browser.

You should also check the records of Loughgall parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Abraham, Thomas L: Annaghmore
Acheson, Edward L: Ballytyrone
Acheson, John L: Coragh
Adams, William L: Kinnegoe
Addey, Margaret L: Loughgall
Addey, Mary Jane L: Lisneany
Aiken, James L: Ballytyrone
Alderdice, David L: Borough of Charlemont
Alderdice, David L: Corr & Dunavally
Alderdice, David L: Keenaghan
Alderdice, David L: Charlemont
Alderice, David L: Charlemont
Alexander, Henry L: Kinnegoe
Alexander, Henry L: Mullaghmore
Alexander, Henry L: Tirmacrannon
Alexander, Jane L: Mullaghmore
Alexander, John L: Mullaghmore
Alexander, John L: Tirmacrannon
Alexander, Sarah Jane L: Kinnegoe
Allen, Abraham L: Drumharriff
Allen, Alexander L: Cloven Eden
Allen, Alexander D. L: Turcarra
Allen, Henry L: Derrycrew
Allen, Isaac L: Causanagh
Allen, Jacob L: Annasamry
Allen, James L: Drumilly
Allen, James L: Fernagreevagh
Allen, John L: Lissheffield
Allen, Robert L: Ballytyrone
Allen, Robert L: Derrycrew
Allen, William L: Ballymagerny
Allen, William L: Ballytyrone
Allen, William L: Fernagreevagh
Amberson, John L: Clonmain
Anderson, Elizabeth L: Annasamry
Anderson, Henry L: Annasamry
Anderson, Henry L: Kinnegoe
Anderson, Jonathan L: Causanagh
Anderson, Joseph L: Tirmacrannon
Anderson, Robert L: Kinnegoe
Anderson, Robert L: Mullaghmore
Anderson, Thomas L: Annasamry
Armstrong, Theodosia L: Annaghmore
Armstrong, William L: Aghinlig
Armstrong, William L: Kinnegoe
Arts, John, Jr. L: Kinnegoe
Arts, John, Sr. L: Kinnegoe
Atkinson, Alicia L: Clonmain
Austin, John L: Cloven Eden
Austin, Rebecca L: Coragh
Austin, Thomas L: Cloven Eden
Bailie, James L: Corr & Dunavally
Baird, Alexander L: Annaghmore
Balfour, Blayney T. L: Ardress, West.
Ball, Mark L: Aghinlig
Barr, Thomas L: Loughgall
Bartley, William L: Kishaboy
Bartly, James L: Keenaghan
Beatty, James L: Corr & Dunavally
Beggs, George L: Ballygasey
Beggs, George L: Drumilly
Bell, Ellen L: Derrycrew
Bell, Francis L: Corr & Dunavally
Bell, Francis L: Kishaboy
Bell, John L: Ardress, East
Bell, John L: Coragh
Bell, John L: Derrycrew
Bell, Joseph L: Ardress, East
Bell, Thomas L: Clonmain
Bennett, George, Jr. L: Lislasly
Bennett, George, Sr. L: Lislasly
Bennett, John L: Aghinlig
Bennett, Thomas L: Keenaghan
Bennett, William L: Corr & Dunavally
Benson, Samuel L: Fernagreevagh
Benson, Thomas L: Ardress, East
Bertram, William L: Ballygasey
Best, Edward L: Ballygasey
Best, George L: Eagralougher
Blair, Margaret L: Ballymagerny
Blevin, John L: Kishaboy
Blevins, David L: Charlemont
Blevins, John L: Annaghmore
Blevins, John L: Annasamry
Boden, James L: Annaghmore
Bothwell, Susan L: Charlemont
Bothwell, William L: Cloven Eden
Bowen, James L: Annaghmore
Bowen, William L: Clonmain
Boyd, Andrew L: Coragh
Boyle, John L: Charlemont
Brannigan, Patrick L: Aghinlig
Brannigan, Patrick L: Keenaghan
Brawly, Patrick L: Mullaghmore
Brennan, Charles L: Ballytyrone
Briggs, Joseph L: Derrycrew
Brothers, Anne L: Tirmacrannon
Brothers, Robert L: Cloven Eden
Brothers, Thomas L: Tirmacrannon
Brothers, William L: Tirmacrannon
Browne, John L: Annaghmore
Browne, John L: Derrycrew
Browne, Robert L: Derrycrew
Browne, Samuel L: Drumilly
Brownlee, John, Jr. L: Tirmacrannon
Brownlee, John, Sr. L: Tirmacrannon
Brownlee, William L: Kinnegoe
Brownlee, William L: Lislasly
Brownlee, William L: Mullaghmore
Brownlee, William L: Tirmacrannon
Brownley, John L: Annaghmore
Buckley, Rebecca L: Annaghmore
Burns, James L: Annaghmore
Burns, John L: Charlemont
Burns, Michael L: Annaghmore
Burrows, James L: Aghinlig
Burrows, James L: Kinnegoe
Burrows, James L: Lislasly
Burrows, John L: Kinnegoe
Burrows, John L: Mullaghmore
Burrows, Thomas L: Aghinlig
Burrows, Thomas L: Kinnegoe
Burrows, William L: Aghinlig
Burrows, William L: Lislasly
Byers, Jackson L: Borough of Charlemont
Byers, Jackson L: Corr & Dunavally
Byers, Jackson L: Charlemont
Callaghan, Denis L: Loughgall
Callaghan, Denis L: Turcarra
Callan, Matthew L: Eagralougher
Campbell, Arthur L: Charlemont
Campbell, Felix L: Derrycrew
Campbell, Graham L: Keenaghan
Campbell, James L: Keenaghan
Campbell, Margaret L: Clonmain
Campbell, Patrick L: Clonmain
Campbell, Thomas L: Aghinlig
Campbell, Thomas L: Ardress, East
Cappagh, Alexander L: Cloven Eden
Cappagh, Alexander L: Eagralougher
Carberry, Matthew L: Annaghmore
Carberry, Patrick L: Fernagreevagh
Cardwell, John L: Ballymagerny
Cardwell, John L: Cloven Eden
Cardwell, John L: Loughgall
Cardwell, John H. L: Loughgall
Carey, James L: Kishaboy
Carlisle, Mary Anne L: Cloven Eden
Carr, John L: Aghinlig
Carr, John L: Borough of Charlemont
Carr, Mary L: Annasamry
Carr, Sarah L: Corr & Dunavally
Carroll, Edward L: Causanagh
Carroll, James L: Annaghmore
Carroll, James L: Derrycrew
Carroll, William L: Derrycrew
Carron, John L: Aghinlig
Carrott, Samuel L: Mullaghmore
Carson, Arthur L: Charlemont
Carson, James L: Charlemont
Carson, John L: Charlemont
Cartan, Anne L: Drumnasoo
Carter, Rev. Henry L: Loughgall
Casey, Catherine L: Derrycrew
Casey, Henry L: Aghinlig
Casey, John L: Aghinlig
Casey, Mary L: Charlemont
Casey, Patrick L: Charlemont
Castles, Isaac L: Ardress, West.
Caul, Patrick L: Corr & Dunavally
Caulfield, Mrs. E. W. L: Drumnasoo N: Hon. Mrs.
Chambers, Bridget L: Fernagreevagh
Chambers, John L: Coragh
Charlemont, L: Borough of Charlemont N: Earl of Charlemont
Charlemont, L: Corr & Dunavally N: Earl of Charlemont
Charlemont, L: Charlemont N: Earl of Charlemont
Cherry, Richard L: Eagralougher
Cherry, Richard L: Levalleglish
Cherry, Richard L: Loughgall
Cherry, Sarah L: Loughgall
Chomley, Rev. J. R. L: Levalleglish
Clancy, George L: Aghinlig
Clancy, Patrick L: Aghinlig
Clancy, Robert L: Aghinlig
Clarke, Alexander L: Borough of Charlemont
Clarke, Alexander L: Charlemont
Clarke, Edward L: Corr & Dunavally
Clarke, George L: Levalleglish
Clarke, James L: Ardress, East
Clarke, John L: Loughgall
Clarke, Joseph L: Corr & Dunavally
Clarke, Mary L: Corr & Dunavally
Clarke, Robert L: Borough of Charlemont
Clarke, Robert L: Corr & Dunavally
Clarke, Robert L: Charlemont
Clarke, Sarah L: Ardress, East
Clarke, Thomas L: Ardress, East
Clarke, William L: Corr & Dunavally
Clarke, William James L: Corr & Dunavally
Clements, Anne L: Charlemont
Colgan, Henry L: Clonmain
Colhoun, Patrick L: Clonmain
Colter, Robert L: Annaghmore
Conlan, David L: Corr & Dunavally
Conlan, George L: Ballymagerny
Conlan, Henry L: Ardress, West.
Conlan, John L: Ballymagerny
Conlan, Mary Anne L: Lisneany
Conlan, Patrick L: Eagralougher
Conlan, Robert L: Annasamry
Conlan, William L: Drumnasoo
Connor, Charles L: Lissheffield
Connor, Eliza L: Ardress, East
Connor, James L: Aghinlig
Connor, James L: Keenaghan
Connor, James L: Lissheffield
Connor, John L: Ardress, East
Connor, Peter L: Ardress, East
Connor, Thomas L: Ardress, East
Conway, Elizabeth L: Aghinlig
Conway, Henry L: Clonmain
Conway, James L: Cloven Eden
Conway, Michael L: Clonmain
Conway, Peter L: Drumart
Cooey, Matthew L: Levalleglish
Cooke, Alexander L: Drumnasoo
Cooke, Eliza L: Lisneany
Cooke, George L: Drumnasoo
Cooke, George L: Loughgall
Cooke, James L: Lisneany
Cooke, John L: Lisneany
Cooke, Robert L: Turcarra
Cooligan, William L: Ardress, West.
Cooper, John L: Loughgall
Cope, Anna L: Ballygasey
Cope, Anna L: Ballytyrone
Cope, Anna L: Drumilly
Cope, Anna G. L: Annaghmore
Cope, Cecilia L: Loughgall
Cope, Rep. Francis L: Ballytyrone
Cope, Rep. Francis L: Levalleglish
Cope, Rep. Francis L: Lisneany
Cope, Rep. Francis L: Loughgall
Cope, Rep. Francis L: Loughgall
Copeland, Thomas L: Derrycrew
Copeland, William L: Derrycrew
Copleton, Mary L: Ballymagerny N: Laurel Hill
Corr, James L: Mullaghmore
Corr, Rep. Michael L: Mullaghmore
Corrigan, Richard L: Lislasly
Corrigan, Robert L: Annasamry
Corrigan, Robert L: Lislasly
Corrigan, Samuel L: Annasamry
Corrigan, William L: Lislasly
Cottier, Martha L: Corr & Dunavally
Coulter, Richard L: Annaghmore
Courtney, Alice L: Lissheffield
Cowdy, Anthony L: Clonmain
Craig, Ellen L: Charlemont
Cranston, Charles L: Ballymagerny
Cranston, James L: Lissheffield
Cranston, Margaret L: Lissheffield
Cregan, James L: Ardress, West.
Cregan, James L: Coragh
Cronstan, Charles L: Ballygasey
Culbert, Jonathan L: Annaghmore
Cullen, Bernard L: Clonmain
Cullen, Christopher L: Ardress, West.
Cullen, John L: Annaghmore
Cullen, John L: Ardress, West.
Cullen, John L: Keenaghan
Cullen, Laurence L: Ardress, West.
Cullen, Maria L: Ballytyrone
Cullen, Peter L: Mullaghmore
Cullen, William L: Drumart
Cunningham, James L: Annaghmore
Cunningham, John L: Annaghmore
Cunningham, Mary L: Annaghmore
Cunningham, Michael L: Mullaghmore
Cunningham, Thomas L: Annaghmore
Curran, Hugh L: Coragh
Curran, John L: Ballygasey
Curren, George L: Fernagreevagh
Curry, Ellen L: Coragh
Curry, Henry L: Annaghmore
Dale, Robert L: Ardress, West.
Dalton, Anne L: Lissheffield
Daly, Anne L: Charlemont
Daly, Cormac L: Lislasly
Daly, Francis L: Charlemont
Daly, James L: Aghinlig
Daly, John L: Aghinlig
Daly, John L: Lislasly
Daly, Luke L: Cloven Eden
Daly, Michael L: Aghinlig
Daly, Peter L: Aghinlig
Daly, Thomas L: Charlemont
Davidson, James L: Ardress, West.
Davidson, James L: Clonmain
Davidson, Jane L: Ardress, West.
Davidson, John L: Ardress, West
Davidson, John L: Ardress, West.
Davidson, Joshua L: Annasamry
Davidson, Joshua L: Clonmain
Davidson, Thomas L: Ardress, West.
Davidson, Walter L: Annasamry
Davison, Abraham L: Annaghmore
Davison, Thomas L: Annaghmore
Davison, Thomas L: Coragh
Davison, William L: Ballymagerny
Davison, William L: Eagralougher
Deale, Robert L: Annaghmore
Dehan, James L: Eagralougher
Dermott, Valentine L: Kinnegoe
Dermott, Valentine L: Mullaghmore
Devin, James L: Annaghmore
Devine, Thomas L: Charlemont
Devlin, Anne L: Mullaghmore
Devlin, Bernard L: Annaghmore
Devlin, Daniel L: Annaghmore
Devlin, Henry L: Corr & Dunavally
Devlin, Isaac L: Mullaghmore
Devlin, James L: Aghinlig
Devlin, James L: Annaghmore
Devlin, James L: Corr & Dunavally
Devlin, John L: Aghinlig
Devlin, John L: Corr & Dunavally
Devlin, John L: Keenaghan
Devlin, John L: Mullaghmore
Devlin, Michael L: Annaghmore
Devlin, Neal L: Corr & Dunavally
Devlin, Owen L: Annaghmore
Devlin, Patrick, Jr. L: Mullaghmore
Devlin, Patrick, Sr. L: Mullaghmore
Devlin, Robert L: Ardress, West.
Devlin, William L: Annaghmore
Dickson, George L: Borough of Charlemont
Dickson, George L: Charlemont
Dickson, James L: Charlemont
Dickson, John L: Borough of Charlemont
Dixon, Elizabeth L: Corr & Dunavally
Dixon, Geo. L: Corr & Dunavally
Dixon, George L: Corr & Dunavally
Dixon, Thomas L: Corr & Dunavally
Dobson, John L: Charlemont
Dodd, Rep. John L: Ardress, West.
Doherty, Catherine L: Loughgall
Doherty, Rose L: Charlemont
Donaghy, Patrick L: Derrycrew
Donaldson, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Donnelly, Anne L: Cloven Eden
Donnelly, Anne L: Kinnegoe
Donnelly, Brigdet L: Keenaghan
Donnelly, Catherine L: Keenaghan
Donnelly, Ellen L: Cloven Eden
Donnelly, James L: Ballygasey
Donnelly, James L: Loughgall
Donnelly, Peter L: Annaghmore
Donnelly, Philip L: Cloven Eden
Donnelly, Thomas L: Causanagh
Donoughy, Charles L: Lislasly
Dooly, Anne L: Charlemont
Doon, John L: Corr & Dunavally
Doon, Terence L: Charlemont
Dowd, Matthew L: Annaghmore
Downart, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Downey, Henry L: Keenaghan
Downey, John L: Drumnasoo
Downey, Margaret L: Charlemont
Drainey, Henry L: Ballytyrone
Drainey, Henry L: Drumilly
Dreelan, John L: Eagralougher
Drewgan, Henry L: Aghinlig
Duff, Patrick L: Aghinlig
Duffy, Bernard L: Annaghmore
Duffy, Henry L: Annaghmore
Duffy, James L: Annaghmore
Duffy, Patrick L: Aghinlig
Duffy, Patrick L: Keenaghan
Dugan, John L: Clonmain
Duggan, Jane L: Charlemont
Duke, James L: Derrycoose
Dunlop, John L: Derrycrew
Dunne, Daniel L: Annaghmore
Eccles, Thomas L: Cloven Eden
Edmondson, Robin L: Charlemont
Edwards, Thomas L: Tirmacrannon
Elliott, Eliza L: Ardress, West.
Elliott, Eliza, Sr. L: Ardress, West.
Elliott, Elizabeth, Jr. L: Ardress, West.
Elliott, James L: Ardress, West.
Elliott, James L: Keenaghan
Elliott, John L: Annasamry
Elliott, John L: Ardress, West.
Elliott, John L: Eagralougher
Elliott, Joseph L: Annasamry
Elliott, Robert L: Clonmain
Emmerson, Eliza L: Annasamry
Emmerson, John L: Annasamry
Emmerson, Wm., Jr. L: Annasamry
English, Elizabeth L: Kinnegoe
English, Elizabeth L: Mullaghmore
English, James L: Coragh
English, Margaret L: Kinnegoe
English, Thomas L: Derrycrew
Ensor, George L: Ardress, East
Evans, Eliza L: Charlemont
Ewart, John L: Ballymagerny
Falls, John L: Corr & Dunavally
Farley, John L: Aghinlig
Farley, John L: Causanagh
Farnam, Michael L: Lislasly
Farrell, Elizabeth L: Lislasly
Fay, Felix L: Coragh
Fay, James L: Causanagh
Fay, John L: Causanagh
Ferguson, Margaret L: Ardress, West.
Ferguson, Mary-Anne L: Charlemont
Ferguson, Sarah L: Charlemont
Ferin, Bernard L: Annaghmore
Ferin, Owen L: Annaghmore
Ferin, Patrick L: Annaghmore
Ferin, Sarah L: Annaghmore
Ferin, Thomas L: Annaghmore
Ferry, James L: Levalleglish
Finnegan, John L: Clonmain
Finnigan, James L: Lislasly
Flanagan, Robert L: Drumilly
Fleming, John L: Loughgall
Fletcher, Jacob L: Ardress, East
Fletcher, Robert L: Ardress, East
Forbes, John L: Ardress, West
Foster, Joseph L: Drumharriff
Fox, Patrick L: Annaghmore
Fox, Rose L: Annaghmore
Fox, Terence L: Annaghmore
Fox, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Francis, Rebecca L: Charlemont N: and Others
Frazer, Ruth L: Loughgall
Freebarn, John, Jr. L: Annaghmore
Freebarn, John, Sr. L: Annaghmore
Frizell, Hugh L: Annaghmore N: Littel
Frizell, Hugh, Jr. L: Annaghmore
Frizell, Hugh, Sr. L: Annaghmore
Frizell, James L: Annaghmore
Frizell, William L: Annaghmore
Frizelle, James L: Ardress, West
Fullerton, Robert L: Keenaghan
Fullerton, William L: Eagralougher
Gaddis, Thomas L: Clonmain
Galbraith, John L: Charlemont
Gallagher, James L: Annaghmore
Galloway, George L: Ballygasey
Garland, Robert L: Charlemont
Garland, Thomas L: Loughgall
Gartland, Anne L: Aghinlig
Gartland, Denis L: Aghinlig
Garvey, Letitia L: Aghinlig
Gates, Jane L: Derrycrew
Geddis, James L: Cloven Eden
Geddis, Robert L: Cloven Eden
Gillespie, Thomas L: Ardress, West.
Gilpin, Jane L: Annaghmore
Gilpin, John L: Annaghmore
Gilpin, Johnston L: Ardress, East
Girvan, William L: Drumnasoo
Glass, Samuel L: Ballytyrone
Glass, Samuel L: Lissheffield
Glass, Thomas L: Borough of Charlemont
Gordon, James L: Mullaghmore
Gordon, James L: Tirmacrannon
Graham, Thomas L: Drumharriff
Gray, James L: Clonmain
Greenaway, Francis L: Annaghmore
Greenaway, Robert L: Coragh
Greenwood, Elizabeth L: Lislasly
Greenwood, John L: Ballymagerny
Greenwood, John L: Lislasly
Gregg, Martha L: Drumart
Grew, Felix L: Keenaghan
Grimason, Thomas L: Charlemont
Grimley, Anne L: Derrycoose
Grimly, Catherine L: Aghinlig
Grimly, John L: Aghinlig
Hadden, Susannah L: Annaghmore
Haddon, Robert L: Drumharriff
Hagan, Henry L: Annaghmore
Hagan, James L: Aghinlig
Hagan, James L: Lislasly
Hagan, John L: Aghinlig
Hagan, Patrick L: Ardress, West.
Hagan, Thomas L: Kishaboy
Hagerty, Edward L: Lislasly
Hagerty, James L: Lislasly
Halferty, Joseph L: Drumnasoo
Hall, Henry L: Drumharriff
Hall, Joseph L: Fernagreevagh
Hall, Mary L: Fernagreevagh
Hall, Ruth L: Ballymagerny
Hall, Thomas L: Annaghmore
Hall, Thomas L: Cloven Eden
Hall, William L: Loughgall
Halligan, Christopher L: Cloven Eden
Halligan, Hugh L: Coragh
Halligan, James L: Coragh
Halligan, Nicholas L: Derrycrew
Halligan, Thomas L: Causanagh
Halligan, Thomas L: Coragh
Halligan, William L: Causanagh
Halligan, William L: Cloven Eden
Halligan, William L: Coragh
Hamill, Charles L: Lislasly
Hamill, James L: Corr & Dunavally
Hamill, James, Jr. L: Corr & Dunavally
Hamill, John L: Borough of Charlemont
Hamill, John L: Clonmain
Hamill, John L: Kishaboy
Hamill, Mary L: Annaghmacmanus
Hamill, Thomas L: Aghinlig
Hamilton, George L: Fernagreevagh
Hamilton, James L: Ardress, West.
Hamilton, James L: Keenaghan
Hamilton, William L: Kishaboy
Hampton, Mararet L: Charlemont
Hanlon, John L: Eagralougher
Hanlon, Mary L: Ardress, West.
Hanlon, Thomas L: Eagralougher
Hanlon, William L: Ballymagerny
Hannon, James L: Annaghmore
Hanvey, Richard L: Annaghmore
Hardy, Rev. Edward L: Cloven Eden
Hardy, John L: Derrycoose
Hardy, William L: Ballygasey
Hardy, William L: Levalleglish
Hardy, William L: Loughgall
Hare, John, Sr. L: Keenaghan
Harvey, John L: Drumnasoo
Hayes, George L: Clonmain
Hayes, John L: Ballytyrone
Hayes, John L: Loughgall
Hearne, Samuel L: Ballymagerny
Heather, John L: Borough of Charlemont
Heatherman, John L: Charlemont
Heathers, John L: Corr & Dunavally
Heathers, Richard L: Kishaboy
Hegarty, Daniel L: Aghinlig
Hegarty, Edward L: Aghinlig
Henderson, John L: Annaghmore
Hendry, John L: Cloven Eden
Hendry, John L: Eagralougher
Hendry, Mary L: Ardress, West.
Henry, Bernard L: Causanagh
Henry, James L: Borough of Charlemont
Henry, James L: Charlemont
Henry, Rev. William L: Annasamry
Henry, Rev. William L: Clonmain
Heron, George L: Charlemont
Higgins, George L: Eagralougher
Hillan, John L: Clonmain
Hobbs, William L: Ballytyrone
Hobbs, William L: Kishaboy
Hobbs, William L: Charlemont
Hobson, Joshua L: Ballytyrone
Hobson, Joshua L: Drumilly
Hogg, Thomas L: Eagralougher
Holland, James L: Turcarra
Holland, Thomas L: Turcarra
Hooley, James L: Eagralougher
Hughes, L: Aghinlig
Hughes, Cecilia L: Charlemont
Hughes, Daniel L: Eagralougher
Hughes, Edward L: Ardress, West.
Hughes, Edward L: Tirmacrannon
Hughes, Henry L: Corr & Dunavally
Hughes, James L: Borough of Charlemont
Hughes, James L: Corr & Dunavally
Hughes, John L: Tirmacrannon
Hughes, Mary L: Tirmacrannon
Hughes, Mary L: Charlemont
Hughes, Michael L: Corr & Dunavally
Hughes, Peter L: Borough of Charlemont
Hughes, Peter L: Corr & Dunavally
Hughes, Peter L: Keenaghan
Hughes, Peter L: Charlemont
Hughes, Rose L: Corr & Dunavally
Hughes, Sarah L: Borough of Charlemont
Hughes, Sarah L: Charlemont
Hughes, William L: Borough of Charlemont
Hughes, William L: Charlemont
Humphreys, Robert L: Derrycoose
Hutchinson, Alexander L: Turcarra
Hutchinson, George L: Annaghmore
Hutchinson, George L: Keenaghan
Hutchison, John L: Drumnasoo
Hutchison, Joseph L: Ballytyrone
Hyde, William L: Loughgall
Hynes, Samuel L: Annaghmore
Hynes, William L: Fernagreevagh
Irwin, Archibald L: Kinnegoe
Irwin, Archibald L: Lislasly
Irwin, Archibald L: Mullaghmore
Irwin, Archibald L: Tirmacrannon
Irwin, Christopher L: Kinnegoe
Irwin, Christopher L: Mullaghmore
Irwin, Christopher L: Tirmacrannon
Irwin, James L: Cloven Eden
Irwin, James L: Kinnegoe
Irwin, James L: Mullaghmore
Irwin, John L: Cloven Eden
Irwin, Margaret L: Aghinlig
Irwin, Patrick L: Causanagh
Irwin, Richard L: Coragh
Irwin, Richard L: Derrycrew
Irwin, Sarah L: Clonmain
Irwin, Sarah L: Cloven Eden
Irwin, Thomas L: Cloven Eden
Jackson, Benjamin L: Coragh
Jackson, Joseph L: Coragh
Jackson, Joseph L: Fernagreevagh
Jackson, Joseph L: Loughgall
Jackson, Margaret L: Ballymagerny
Jackson, Mary L: Ballymagerny
Jackson, Thomas L: Clonmain
Jackson, Walter L: Coragh
Jackson, Walter L: Derrycrew
Jackson, William L: Coragh
Jameson, Anne L: Kinnegoe
Jameson, Francis L: Corr & Dunavally
Jameson, Mary Anne L: Keenaghan
Jameson, William L: Corr & Dunavally
Johnson, Ellen L: Ballytyrone
Johnson, Mary L: Annasamry
Johnson, Robert L: Lisneany
Johnson, Wilson L: Clonmain
Johnston, John L: Keenaghan
Jones, Mary L: Ballymagerny
Jones, William L: Turcarra
Keane, John L: Ardress, East
Keane, Rev. John B. L: Ardress, East
Kearns, Amelia L: Loughgall
Kearns, George L: Annaghmore
Keegan, Thomas L: Lissheffield
Keenan, Edward L: Drumnasoo
Keenan, James L: Aghinlig
Keenan, Mary L: Aghinlig
Keenan, William L: Annaghmore
Kelly, Catherine L: Charlemont
Kelly, Edward L: Aghinlig
Kelly, Eliza L: Charlemont
Kelly, James L: Ballytyrone
Kelly, James L: Drumart
Kelly, James L: Turcarra
Kelly, John L: Mullaghmore
Kelly, Patrick L: Loughgall
Kelly, Thomas L: Turcarra
Kelso, Francis L: Fernagreevagh
Kenny, Jane L: Ardress, West.
Kerr, John L: Keenaghan
Kerr, John L: Keenaghan N: Neill
Kerr, John L: Charlemont
Kerr, Patrick L: Keenaghan
Kerr, Peter L: Keenaghan
Kerr, Terence L: Keenaghan
Kerr, Thomas L: Keenaghan
Keys, Isabella L: Derrycrew
Killeen, Susan L: Annaghmore
Killings, Joseph L: Loughgall
Kilpatrick, James L: Annasamry
Kilpatrick, James L: Borough of Charlemont
Kilpatrick, James L: Charlemont
Kilpatrick, John L: Turcarra
Kimlin, George L: Drumharriff
Kimlin, James L: Ballymagerny
Kimmins, Thomas L: Derrycoose
Kimmins, William L: Derrycoose
Kimmitt, Rev. Edward L: Ballygasey
Kincaid, John L: Ballytyrone
Kineaid, John L: Loughgall
King, John L: Loughgall
King, William L: Ballygasey
Kingsbury, Henry L: Ballygasey
Kirbrey, Matilda L: Ballytyrone
Kittrick, Samuel L: Charlemont
Lang, James L: Aghinlig
Lang, James L: Keenaghan
Lappin, Anne L: Ballymagerny
Lappin, James L: Cloven Eden
Lappin, William L: Drumharriff
Latton, John L: Annaghmore
Lavelle, Bridget L: Loughgall
Lavelle, Catherine L: Ardress, West.
Lavelle, John L: Cloven Eden
Lavery, Denis L: Annasamry
Lavery, Edward L: Aghinlig
Lavery, George L: Kinnegoe
Lavery, George L: Mullaghmore
Lavery, Hugh L: Keenaghan
Lavery, James L: Annaghmore
Lavery, John L: Tirmacrannon
Lavery, Margaret L: Kinnegoe
Lavery, Margaret L: Mullaghmore
Lavery, Michael L: Aghinlig
Lavery, Robert L: Annasamry
Lavery, Thomas L: Keenaghan
Lawson, Hardwick L: Keenaghan
Lawson, William L: Annaghmore
Lawson, William John L: Clonmain
Laycock, Hugh L: Keenaghan
Leamy, Patrick L: Fernagreevagh
Lee, Henry L: Derrycrew
Lee, Robert L: Annasamry
Lee, Sarah L: Charlemont
Leeper, William L: Loughgall
Leeper, William W. L: Loughgall
Lennon, Anne L: Ardress, West.
Lennon, John L: Ardress, West.
Lennox, Anderew L: Ballygasey N: and Others
Lewis, Frances L: Corr & Dunavally
Lind, Jenny L: Mullaghmore
Lindsay, Samuel L: Charlemont
Little, John L: Loughgall
Lock, George L: Ballymagerny
Loney, Francis L: Ballymagerny
Loney, John, Jr. L: Annaghmore
Loney, John, Sr. L: Annaghmore
Loney, Thomas L: Loughgall
Long, James L: Derrycrew
Long, John L: Ballytyrone
Long, Mary L: Cloven Eden
Long, Moses L: Drumnasoo
Long, Robert L: Loughgall
Lonsdale, James L: Causanagh
Lonsdale, James L: Coragh
Lonsdale, James L: Eagralougher
Lonsdale, John L: Coragh
Lougheran, John L: Ardress, West.
Ludden, Thomas L: Ballymagerny
Luddon, James L: Fernagreevagh
Ludlow, William L: Ballytyrone
Lynch, Henry L: Charlemont
Lynn, William L: Clonmain
Mackall, Peter L: Aghinlig
Mackall, Peter L: Keenaghan
Mackall, Terence L: Aghinlig
Mackall, Terence L: Kinnegoe
Mackall, Terence L: Lislasly
Mackay, James L: Charlemont
Macklin, Patrick L: Ardress, East
Macles, James L: Ardress, West.
Madden, John L: Corr & Dunavally
Madigan, James, Jr. L: Annaghmore
Madigan, James, Sr. L: Annaghmore
Magare, John L: Derrycrew
Magee, Anne L: Lissheffield
Magee, Mary L: Charlemont
Magee, Patrick L: Levalleglish
Magill, James L: Coragh
Magill, Patrick L: Derrycrew
Magrath, Michael L: Causanagh
Maguire, Bernard L: Mullaghmore
Maguire, Bridget L: Aghinlig
Maguire, Bridget L: Mullaghmore
Maguire, Edward L: Drumnasoo
Maguire, John L: Keenaghan
Maguire, Mave L: Drumnasoo
Maguire, Peter L: Drumnasoo
Magurk, John L: Derrycrew
Major, Robert L: Fernagreevagh
Mallen, Patrick L: Charlemont
Mallen, Rose L: Charlemont
Mallon, Bernard L: Aghinlig
Mallon, John L: Keenaghan
Mallon, Michael L: Aghinlig
Mallon, Michael L: Keenaghan
Mallon, Patrick L: Aghinlig
Mallon, Patrick L: Annaghmacmanus
Malone, Isaiah, Jr. L: Annaghmacmanus
Malone, Isaiah, Sr. L: Annaghmacmanus
Marks, Jacob L: Cloven Eden
Marshall, George L: Keenaghan
Marshall, Jacob L: Fernagreevagh
Marshall, James L: Derrycrew
Marshall, James L: Fernagreevagh
Marshall, James, Jr. L: Fernagreevagh
Marshall, John L: Derrycrew
Marshall, John L: Fernagreevagh
Marshall, Thomas L: Annasamry
Marshall, William L: Derrycrew
Marshall, William L: Fernagreevagh
Martin, George L: Tirmacrannon
Martin, James L: Cloven Eden
Martin, John L: Keenaghan
Martin, Robert L: Annasamry
McAdam, John L: Derrycoose
McAlindon, Francis L: Lislasly
McAnally, Hugh L: Clonmain
McAnally, John L: Aghinlig
McAnally, Patrick L: Annaghmore
McAnaspy, Cornelius L: Lislasly
McAnaspy, James L: Lislasly
McAnaspy, Patrick L: Lislasly
McAnespy, Owen L: Borough of Charlemont
McAnespy, Owen L: Charlemont
McAnespy, Sarah L: Aghinlig
McAtamney, Patrick L: Keenaghan
McAtarney, Arthur L: Annaghmore
McAtarsney, Francis L: Annaghmore
McAtee, Peter L: Coragh
McCabe, Henry L: Clonmain
McCabe, Henry L: Cloven Eden
McCabe, Samuel L: Eagralougher
McCabe, William L: Eagralougher
McCall, James L: Charlemont
McCall, Robert L: Charlemont
McCann, Cecilia L: Mullaghmore
McCann, Isabella L: Ballytyrone
McCann, John L: Aghinlig
McCann, Peter L: Ardress, West.
McCartney, George L: Keenaghan
McCartney, James L: Causanagh
McCartney, John L: Clonmain
McClatchey, William L: Levalleglish
McClatchey, William L: Loughgall
McClelland, David L: Causanagh
McCluskey, Bernard L: Aghinlig
McCluskey, Bernard L: Keenaghan
McCluskey, Elizabeth L: Loughgall
McCluskey, James L: Aghinlig
McCluskey, James L: Annaghmore
McCluskey, James L: Ardress, East
McCluskey, Thomas L: Annaghmore
McClusky, Bernard L: Keenaghan
McClutchen, James L: Kinnegoe
McConnell, Robert L: Ballytyrone
McCormack, Arthur L: Keenaghan
McCormack, Francis L: Causanagh
McCormick, Felix L: Coragh
McCormick, Margaret L: Ballymagerny
McCracken, James L: Cloven Eden
McCracken, John L: Cloven Eden
McCracken, Robert L: Charlemont
McCrea, James L: Levalleglish
McCrea, William L: Loughgall
McCrealy, Charles L: Corr & Dunavally
McCree, Ellen L: Keenaghan
McCullagh, Sarah L: Eagralougher
McCusker, Henry L: Keenaghan
McCusker, Joseph L: Loughgall
McDonald, Mary L: Coragh
McDonald, William L: Coragh
McDonnell, Henry L: Drumharriff
McDonnell, James L: Clonmain
McDonnell, James L: Lissheffield
McDowell, Sarah L: Ballygasey
McDowell, Thomas L: Ballygasey
McDowell, William L: Loughgall
McEwen, William L: Corr & Dunavally
McFadden, William L: Charlemont
McFarland, William L: Coragh
McGeary, Felix L: Aghinlig
McGeary, John L: Aghinlig
McGee, John L: Drumnasoo
McGerr, Arthur L: Aghinlig
McGerr, Arthur L: Keenaghan
McGerr, John L: Aghinlig
McGilly, Bryan L: Annaghmore
McGilly, Patrick L: Annaghmore
McGlennan, Thomas L: Eagralougher
McGrane, James L: Aghinlig
McGrath, Bernard L: Annaghmore
McGrath, Thomas L: Corr & Dunavally
McGuigan, Loughlin L: Drumart
McGuiggan, Francis L: Corr & Dunavally
McGuirk, Ellen L: Keenaghan
McIllgaun, Patrick L: Ardress, West.
McKaig, Anne L: Charlemont
McKay, William L: Keenaghan
McKeever, John L: Tirmacrannon
McKenna, Bernard L: Ardress, West.
McKenna, Bernard L: Corr & Dunavally
McKenna, Catherine L: Corr & Dunavally
McKenna, James L: Charlemont
McKenna, Jane L: Annaghmore
McKenna, John L: Ardress, West.
McKenna, Mary L: Ardress, West.
McKenna, Patrick L: Annaghmore
McKenna, Patrick L: Ballytyrone
McKenna, Thomas L: Keenaghan
McKenna, William L: Ardress, West.
McKeon, James L: Causanagh
McKeone, James L: Fernagreevagh
McKeown, Ellen L: Annaghmore
McKeown, James L: Derrycrew
McKeown, John L: Annaghmore
McKeown, Peter L: Annaghmore
McKeown, Robert L: Ardress, West.
McKey, James L: Lislasly
McKinsay, William L: Clonmain
McKittrick, Alexander L: Coragh
McKittrick, Alexander L: Derrycrew
McKittrick, James L: Derrycrew
McKittrick, John L: Annaghmore
McKittrick, John L: Loughgall
McKittrick, Tobias L: Annaghmacmanus
McKittrick, William L: Annaghmore
McKittrick, William L: Charlemont
McLoughlin, Joseph L: Ballygasey N: and Another
McManaman, William L: Ardress, East
McMullen, Mary Anne L: Loughgall
McMurdy, Joseph L: Levalleglish
McNally, James L: Ardress, West.
McNally, Rep. John L: Ardress, West.
McNaughton, William L: Annaghmore
McNeece, Bernard L: Annaghmore
McNeece, Ellen L: Annaghmore
McNeece, Francis L: Annaghmore
McNeece, Henry L: Clonmain
McNeece, Mary L: Annaghmore N: Bernard
McNeece, Mary L: Annaghmore N: John
McNeece, Matthew L: Annaghmore
McNeece, Patrick L: Annaghmore
McNeece, Thomas L: Annaghmore
McNeill, George L: Annaghmore
McNeill, James L: Fernagreevagh
McNeill, John L: Annaghmore
McNeill, William L: Annaghmore
McNicholl, John L: Ardress, East
McNiece, Michael L: Ardress, East
McParland, Daniel L: Keenaghan
McParland, Henry L: Drumnasoo
McQuade, John L: Fernagreevagh
McQuaid, Catherine L: Ardress, West.
McQuaid, Hugh L: Ballymagerny
McQuaid, Hugh L: Derrycrew
McQuaid, Hugh L: Drumharriff
McQuaid, James L: Derrycoose
McQuaid, John L: Fernagreevagh
McShane, James L: Annaghmore
McSherry, Mary L: Aghinlig
McSorley, Hugh L: Keenaghan
Meek, Patrick L: Charlemont
Millar, Anne L: Corr & Dunavally
Millar, James L: Corr & Dunavally
Millar, Martha L: Corr & Dunavally
Millar, Samuel L: Corr & Dunavally
Millar, William L: Corr & Dunavally
Millar, William L: Loughgall
Mills, James L: Charlemont
Mole, L: Kishaboy
Molloy, Richard L: Aghinlig
Molyneux, Baronet Capel L: Turcarra
Montgomery, John L: Aghinlig
Montgomery, John L: Drumart
Mooney, Bernard L: Mullaghmore
Mooney, Catherine L: Mullaghmore
Mooney, Thomas L: Charlemont
Moore, John L: Borough of Charlemont
Moore, Mary L: Kinnegoe
Moore, Robert L: Eagralougher
Moore, Thomas L: Annaghmacmanus
Moore, William L: Annaghmacmanus
Mooreland, James L: Borough of Charlemont
Moreland, James L: Corr & Dunavally
Moreland, James L: Charlemont
Morgan, James L: Corr & Dunavally
Morgan, James L: Charlemont
Morgan, Mary L: Corr & Dunavally
Morgan, Thomas L: Turcarra
Morris, Thomas L: Keenaghan
Morrison, Thomas L: Aghinlig
Morrow, Mary L: Loughgall
Morton, Terence L: Ardress, West.
Mountgomery, Samuel L: Aghinlig
Muldoon, William L: Annaghmore
Mulholland, William L: Ardress, West.
Mullan, Edward L: Annaghmore
Mullen, John L: Aghinlig
Mullen, John L: Annaghmore
Mullen, John P. L: Annaghmore
Mullen, Rose L: Annaghmore
Mullen, Samuel L: Ardress, East
Mullen, Thomas L: Derrycrew
Mullen, William L: Annaghmore
Mulligan, Elizabeth L: Annaghmore
Mulligan, John L: Aghinlig
Mulligan, Warnock L: Aghinlig
Mullins, James L: Tirmacrannon
Murdock, George L: Fernagreevagh
Murdock, John, Jr. L: Derrycoose
Murdock, John, Sr. L: Derrycoose
Murdock, Robert L: Derrycoose
Murdock, Robert, Jr. L: Derrycoose
Murphy, Daniel L: Annaghmore
Murphy, John L: Corr & Dunavally
Murphy, Sarah L: Annaghmore
Murray, Edward L: Ardress, West.
Murray, James L: Eagralougher
Murray, Jane L: Turcarra
Murray, John L: Eagralougher
Murray, John L: Kinnegoe
Murray, Michael L: Drumnasoo
Murray, Owen L: Eagralougher
Murray, Patrick L: Eagralougher
Murtagh, Charles L: Keenaghan
Myles, George L: Corr & Dunavally
Neal, Charles L: Fernagreevagh
Neal, John L: Eagralougher
Neal, Patrick L: Coragh
Neill, Anne L: Coragh
Neill, Arthur L: Corr & Dunavally
Neill, Charles L: Annaghmacmanus
Neill, Felix L: Coragh
Neill, Henry L: Derrycrew
Neill, John L: Annaghmore
Neill, Mary L: Kinnegoe
Neill, Mary L: Charlemont
Neill, Rose L: Aghinlig
Neill, Sarah L: Corr & Dunavally
Nelson, Jane L: Charlemont
Nelson, Mary L: Borough of Charlemont
Nelson, Mary L: Kishaboy
Neville, Ellen L: Kinnegoe
Neville, Henry L: Annaghmore
Neville, Margaret L: Mullaghmore
Newell, Sarah L: Ardress, West.
Nicholson, Charles L: Clonmain
Nicholson, Charles Jas. L: Cloven Eden
Nicholson, Harriett L: Ardress, East
Nicholson, Joseph L: Drumnasoo
Nicholson, Joshua L: Drumnasoo
Noble, Robert L: Loughgall
Oakes, Walter L: Annaghmore
Oaks, Eliza L: Ardress, East
Oaks, William L: Ardress, East
Ogilby, James L: Tirmacrannon
O'Neill, Daniel L: Eagralougher
O'Neill, John L: Eagralougher
O'Neill, Mary L: Charlemont
Orr, Jacob L: Clonmain
Orr, Jacob L: Cloven Eden
Orr, Jacob L: Drumharriff
Orr, Jacob, Jr. L: Ballymagerny
Orr, Jacob, Sr. L: Ballymagerny
Orr, Jacob, Sr. L: Fernagreevagh
Orr, James L: Charlemont
Orr, James L: Loughgall
Orr, John L: Ballymagerny
Orr, Joseph L: Loughgall
Orr, Joseph L: Loughgall
Orr, Nathaniel L: Clonmain
Orr, Robert L: Ballymagerny
Orr, Robert L: Coragh N: Ballymagerny
Orr, Robert L: Coragh N: Coragh
Orr, Sinclair L: Ballymagerny
Orr, Sinclair L: Loughgall
Orr, Sinclair L: Loughgall
Orr, Thomas L: Annaghmore
Orr, William L: Ardress, East
Orr, William L: Ballymagerny
Orr, William L: Coragh
Orr, William L: Drumharriff
Orr, William L: Lisneany
Orr, William L: Loughgall
Paisley, Alexander L: Ballymagerny
Paisley, Henry L: Loughgall
Palmer, Eliza L: Annaghmore
Palmer, William, Jr. L: Annaghmore
Palmer, William, Sr. L: Annaghmore
Parker, Matthew L: Levalleglish
Parnell, Rep. John L: Aghinlig
Parnell, Rep. John L: Keenaghan
Parnell, Rep. John L: Kinnegoe
Parnell, Rep. John L: Lislasly
Patterson, Richard L: Clonmain
Pearson, Joseph L: Annaghmore
Peden, John L: Drumart
Peel, Christopher L: Turcarra
Peel, Ruth L: Turcarra
Phillips, William L: Corr & Dunavally
Pignell, Sarah L: Ballytyrone
Plunkett, Martha L: Charlemont
Powell, William L: Borough of Charlemont
Powell, William L: Corr & Dunavally
Powell, William L: Charlemont
Prentis, John L: Cloven Eden
Preston, Alexander L: Ballymagerny
Preston, Alexander L: Derrycrew
Preston, Margaret L: Coragh
Printy, John L: Cloven Eden
Proctor, Ellen L: Ballytyrone
Proctor, Isabella L: Eagralougher
Proctor, John L: Drumilly
Proctor, Thomas L: Ballytyrone
Proctor, Thomas L: Coragh
Proctor, Thomas L: Eagralougher
Proctor, William L: Ballytyrone
Prunty, Daniel L: Annaghmore
Prunty, Owen L: Mullaghmore
Prunty, Owen L: Tirmacrannon
Quigley, Robert L: Ballymagerny
Quinn, Anne L: Charlemont
Quinn, Bernard L: Cloven Eden
Quinn, Bernard L: Derrycrew
Quinn, Felix L: Corr & Dunavally
Quinn, James L: Corr & Dunavally
Quinn, Jas. L: Derrycrew
Quinn, John L: Charlemont
Quinn, Sarah L: Ballymagerny
Rafferty, Bernard L: Aghinlig
Rafferty, Bernard L: Ardress, East
Rafferty, Felix L: Ardress, East
Rafferty, John L: Ardress, West.
Rafferty, John L: Derrycrew
Rafferty, John L: Keenaghan
Rafferty, Patrick L: Kishaboy
Rafferty, William L: Drumnasoo
Rainey, William L: Charlemont
Raverty, Margaret L: Annaghmore
Raverty, Peter L: Loughgall
Raw, John L: Derrycrew
Raw, Sarah L: Derrycrew
Ray, James L: Drumart
Read, Jane L: Ballygasey
Read, Robert L: Causanagh
Read, Robert L: Clonmain
Read, William L: Derrycrew
Redmond, James L: Kishaboy
Redmond, Philip L: Causanagh
Redmond, Philip L: Coragh
Redmond, Robert L: Derrycrew
Regan, Michael L: Drumnasoo
Reid, William L: Charlemont
Reilly, Anne L: Keenaghan
Reilly, John L: Lisneany
Reilly, John L: Lissheffield
Reilly, Joseph L: Keenaghan
Reilly, Patrick L: Charlemont
Reilly, Richard L: Annaghmore
Reilly, Samuel L: Lissheffield
Reilly, William L: Fernagreevagh
Richardson, Isaac L: Coragh
Richardson, Issac L: Derrycrew
Richardson, Jane L: Derrycrew
Richardson, Jane L: Eagralougher
Richardson, Jn. L: Derrycrew N: Thos
Richardson, John L: Derrycrew
Richardson, John L: Derrycrew N: Jas
Richardson, John L: Tirmacrannon
Richardson, John L: Turcarra
Richardson, William L: Coragh
Richardson, William L: Derrycrew
Riches, Edward L: Lisneany
Riches, Edward L: Loughgall
Ritchie, James L: Clonmain
Roberts, Mary L: Turcarra
Robinson, Edward L: Ballygasey
Robinson, Edward L: Levalleglish
Robinson, Henry L: Charlemont
Robinson, James L: Aghinlig
Robinson, James L: Ballymagerny
Robinson, Jno. L: Derrycrew N: Draper
Robinson, John L: Coragh
Robinson, John L: Corr & Dunavally
Robinson, John L: Derrycrew
Robinson, Rebecca L: Derrycrew
Robinson, Rebecca L: Charlemont
Robinson, Robert L: Aghinlig
Robinson, Robert L: Coragh
Robinson, Robert L: Corr & Dunavally
Robinson, Robert L: Derrycrew
Robinson, Rep. Samuel L: Borough of Charlemont
Robinson, Thomas L: Coragh
Robinson, Thomas L: Derrycrew
Robinson, William L: Ardress, East
Robinson, William L: Coragh
Robinson, William L: Corr & Dunavally
Rodgers, James L: Cloven Eden
Roleston, Brown L: Lislasly
Rolestone, Brown L: Aghinlig
Rolestone, Brown L: Aghinlig N: Lodgs
Rolestone, Sarah L: Aghinlig
Ronadtra, John L: Ballymagerny
Ross, George L: Ballytyrone
Ross, James L: Lissheffield
Ross, Thomas L: Lisneany
Ross, Thomas L: Lissheffield
Roundtree, Johnson L: Causanagh
Ruddy, Edward L: Mullaghmore
Ryan, James L: Ballytyrone
Ryan, Patrick L: Corr & Dunavally
Ryan, Simon L: Corr & Dunavally
Sandford, Jacob L: Annaghmore
Scott, Robert L: Annaghmore
Scott, William L: Annaghmore
Scott, William L: Corr & Dunavally
Scuise, James L: Aghinlig
Seals, Susan L: Derrycrew
Shegog, Robert L: Coragh
Sheppard, Joseph L: Levalleglish
Sheppard, Joseph L: Loughgall
Shillington, Thomas L: Ardress, East
Short, James L: Ballymagerny
Short, James L: Loughgall
Simpson, William L: Annaghmore
Sinclair, William L: Clonmain
Skimmington, Michael L: Drumart
Slane, Sarah L: Charlemont
Slator, Robert L: Fernagreevagh
Sloan, George L: Drumharriff
Sloane, George L: Ballygasey
Smart, Maria L: Annaghmacmanus
Smart, Maria L: Borough of Charlemont
Smart, Maria L: Corr & Dunavally
Smart, Maria L: Charlemont
Smith, James L: Corr & Dunavally
Smith, Samuel L: Aghinlig
Smith, Samuel L: Keenaghan
Smith, William L: Derrycoose
Smith, William G. L: Lisneany N: and Others
Smyth, Matilda L: Ballymagerny
Smyth, William L: Eagralougher
Spence, George L: Lissheffield
Spence, Margaret L: Annaghmore
Spence, Robert L: Ballytyrone
Spence, Thomas L: Causanagh
Spencer, Thomas L: Drumart
Stanton, Jane L: Keenaghan
Stapleton, George L: Coragh
Steen, Solomon L: Drumart
Stephenson, Ruth L: Ballytyrone
Stewart, Michael L: Charlemont
Stewart, Thos. L: Ballygasey N: and Others
Stothers, James L: Fernagreevagh
Stothers, John L: Fernagreevagh
Stothers, Moses L: Causanagh
Stothers, Moses L: Coragh
Stothers, William L: Fernagreevagh
Stothers, William. J. L: Loughgall
Stratten, John L: Derrycrew
Stratton, John L: Annaghmore
Stringer, Arthur L: Kinnegoe
Stringer, Jane L: Drumart
Symmington, Robert L: Fernagreevagh
Tague, Henry L: Keenaghan
Taylor, Robert L: Drumnasoo
Taylor, Robert L: Turcarra
Teague, Alice L: Ardress, West.
Teague, Patrick L: Ardress, West
Teague, Patrick L: Eagralougher
Teige, Charles L: Causanagh
Teige, James L: Ballymagerny
Telford, James L: Mullaghmore
Templar, Robert B. L: Cloven Eden
Thompson, George L: Annaghmore
Thompson, John L: Derrycrew
Thompson, Mary L: Ardress, East
Thompson, Mary L: Derrycrew
Thompson, William L: Ballygasey
Thompson, William L: Clonmain
Thompson, William L: Derrycrew
Thompson, William L: Lisneany
Thompson, William L: Loughgall
Thompson, William L: Loughgall
Todd, Jane L: Turcarra
Tole, Edward L: Tirmacrannon
Tole, Mary L: Keenaghan
Toner, James L: Drumharriff
Toner, Patrick L: Coragh
Traynor, Christopher L: Cloven Eden
Treanor, Anne L: Lislasly
Treanor, George L: Lislasly
Treanor, James L: Lislasly
Trelford, Robert L: Annasamry
Trelford, William L: Annaghmore
Trotter, John L: Charlemont
Valelly, Mary L: Mullaghmore
Vallely, Edward L: Charlemont
Vallely, James L: Ardress, West.
Vallely, Patrick L: Keenaghan
Venard, James L: Lisneany
Verner, William L: Annasamry
Verner, Baronet William L: Annasamry
Walker, John L: Ballytyrone
Walker, William L: Annaghmore
Walker, William H. L: Loughgall
Wallace, Andrew L: Ballytyrone
Wallace, Anne L: Aghinlig
Walsh, Robert L: Annaghmore
Walsh, Thomas L: Annaghmore
Warberton, Peter L: Borough of Charlemont
Warburton, Peter L: Corr & Dunavally
Warburton, Peter L: Charlemont
Ward, Bridget L: Clonmain
Ward, John L: Ardress, West.
Ward, William L: Clonmain
Watson, William L: Charlemont
Watt, Ellen L: Corr & Dunavally
Webb, Henry L: Causanagh
Weir, Anne L: Keenaghan
Weir, Anne L: Kinnegoe
Weir, Anne L: Mullaghmore
Weir, Anne L: Tirmacrannon
Weir, Edward L: Charlemont
Weir, John L: Kinnegoe
Weir, John L: Mullaghmore
Weir, Thomas L: Kinnegoe
West, James L: Fernagreevagh
West, Mary Anne L: Ballymagerny
West, Mary Anne L: Coragh
West, Robert L: Ballymagerny
West, Thomas L: Coragh
West, William L: Ballymagerny
West, William L: Derrycoose
White, James L: Kinnegoe
White, James L: Mullaghmore
White, John L: Mullaghmore
White, John L: Charlemont
White, Robert L: Annaghmore
White, Thomas L: Clonmain
White, William L: Clonmain
Wiley, James L: Drumharriff
Wiley, John L: Drumharriff
Wiley, Matthew L: Mullaghmore
Wiley, Thomas L: Coragh
Wilkin, William L: Ballymagerny
Wilkin, William L: Drumharriff
Williamson, John L: Annaghmore
Williamson, Pheobe L: Annaghmore
Williamson, Richard L: Annaghmore
Williamson, William L: Aghinlig
Willis, John L: Annaghmore
Willis, Joshua L: Annaghmore
Willis, William L: Loughgall
Wilson, Eliza L: Charlemont
Wilson, Elizabeth L: Eagralougher
Wilson, James L: Charlemont
Wilson, John L: Ardress, West.
Wilson, John L: Coragh
Wilson, Joseph L: Lisneany
Wilson, Mary L: Charlemont
Wilson, Thomas L: Causanagh
Winchester, John L: Fernagreevagh
Winter, Daniel L: Ardress, West.
Winter, John L: Annaghmore
Winterbotham, John L: Ballygasey
Winterbottom, Samuel L: Corr & Dunavally
Winterbottom, Samuel L: Charlemont
Winterbottom, William L: Keenaghan
Woods, David L: Clonmain
Woods, Patrick L: Aghinlig
Woods, Samuel L: Loughgall
Woolsey, Samuel L: Fernagreevagh
Wright, Capt. L: Borough of Charlemont
Wright, Abraham L: Fernagreevagh
Wright, James L: Annaghmore
Wright, James L: Derrycrew
Wright, John L: Drumilly
Wright, Joseph S. L: Charlemont
Wright, Thomas L: Derrycrew
Wright, Thomas L: Lisneany
Wright, Thomas L: Loughgall
Wright, Thomas L: Loughgall
Wright, William L: Ballymagerny
Wright, William L: Derrycrew
Wright, William L: Drumnasoo
Wynne, Thomas L: Clonmain
Yewards, John L: Aghinlig
Young, Francis L: Charlemont

Click for map of civil parishes in county Armagh

Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan