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Griffith's Valuation in Drumlane Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation was carried out in Drumlane parish and every other parish in county Cavan as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Cavan during 1856 and 1857.


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Griffiths Valuation: Drumlane Parish 1856 and 1857

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KEY:   Loc: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Abbott, Francis Loc: Droghill
Abbott, Francis Loc: Drumgart
Abbott, Francis Loc: Kilcorby
Annesley, Earl Loc: Derrygeeraghan
Annesley, Earl Loc: Kilnacranagh
Armstrong, Edward Loc: Quivvy
Armstrong, George Loc: Quivvy
Armstrong, Irwin Loc: Quivvy
Armstrong, James Loc: Drumasladdy
Armstrong, John Loc: Clontycoo
Armstrong, John Loc: Coragh
Armstrong, John Loc: Quivvy
Armstrong, John Loc: Raheelan
Armstrong, Simon Loc: Quivvy
Armstrong, William Loc: Clontycoo
Armstrong, William Loc: Quivvy
Atkinson, Eleanor Loc: Kilconny
Battersby, Richard Loc: Ashgrove
Battersby, Robert Loc: Ashgrove
Bell, Hugh Loc: Ballyhugh
Bell, Hugh Loc: Mullaghboy
Berry, Alexander Loc: Ballyhugh
Berry, James Loc: Ardue
Berry, James Loc: Killywilly
Berry, James Loc: Ture
Berry, John Loc: Carrigan
Berry, John Loc: Drumlane
Best, Adam Loc: Droghill
Best, Francis Loc: Drumbrughas
Best, George Loc: Portlawney
Bleeson, Hugh Loc: Gartbrattan
Blesson, Judith Loc: Money V: Milltown
Blesson, Michael Loc: Coragh
Blesson, Sarah Loc: Cornaleck
Blesson, Sarah Loc: Greathill
Bowes, Robert Loc: Drummany Glebe
Boyle, Hugh Loc: Gartbrattan
Boyle, Judith Loc: Coragh
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Gartbrattan
Boyle, Thomas Loc: Cornadarragh (Pleydell)
Brady, Bernard Loc: Derryvackny
Brady, Bernard Loc: Mullanaffrin
Brady, Catherine Loc: Drummany (Pleydell)
Brady, Charles Loc: Money
Brady, Edward Loc: Drumkeen
Brady, Hugh Loc: Greaghrahan
Brady, James Loc: Ardan
Brady, James Loc: Cornagrow
Brady, John Loc: Gartaquill
Brady, Margaret Loc: Keenaghan
Brady, Mary Loc: Drumkeen
Brady, Michael Loc: Ashgrove
Brady, Michael Loc: Droghill
Brady, Patrick Loc: Drumacon
Brady, Patrick Loc: Drummany (Pleydell)
Brady, Patrick Loc: Killywilly
Brady, Patrick Loc: Milltown
Brady, Patrick Loc: Milltown V: Milltown
Brady, Patrick Loc: Portlawney
Brady, Philip Loc: Derrygeeraghan
Brady, Philip Loc: Killyfern
Brady, Terence Loc: Cuillaghan
Brady, Thomas Loc: Drumkeen
Bredin, Henry Loc: Carrowfarnaghan
Bredin, John Loc: Carrowfarnaghan
Brooks, David Loc: Killywilly
Brown, James Loc: Creeny
Browne, John Loc: Derryvony
Browne, Nicholas Loc: Mullanaffrin
Browne, Robert Loc: Foalies
Browne, Thomas Loc: Derryvony
Burnes, Michael Loc: Feugh (Maxwell)
Burns, Elizabeth Loc: Money V: Milltown
Burns, Hugh Loc: Tirliffin
Burns, John Loc: Corglass
Burns, John Loc: Drummany Rahan
Burns, John Loc: Money V: Milltown
Burns, John Loc: Portacloghan
Burns, Luke Loc: Clowney
Burns, Murtagh Loc: Drummany Rahan
Burns, Patrick Loc: Corglass
Burns, Patrick Loc: Drumkerril
Burns, Thomas Loc: Corglass
Burns, Thos. Loc: Corglass
Campbell, James Loc: Ballyhugh
Campbell, Michael Loc: Ballyhugh
Carney, Owen Loc: Drumheel
Carney, Owen Loc: Drummany Beg
Carroll, John Loc: Noghan
Cartwright, Noble Loc: Creeny
Carty, Ellen Loc: Money V: Milltown
Cassidy, Bernard Loc: Ashgrove
Cassidy, Bryan Loc: Portacloghan
Cassidy, Patrick Loc: Portacloghan
Cassidy, Peter Loc: Drumacon
Cassidy, Philip Loc: Macknan
Cassidy, Terence Loc: Drumacon
Cassidy, Terence Loc: Rafian
Cassidy, Tobias Loc: Drumherriff
Cavanagh, John Loc: Quivvy
Cavanagh, Owen Loc: Money V: Milltown
Clarke, James Loc: Feugh (Maxwell)
Clarke, Thomas Loc: Cornagrow
Clarke, Thomas Loc: Gartbrattan
Clarke, Thomas Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Clarke, William Loc: Ballyhugh
Clemenger, Alex. Loc: Clowney
Clemenger, Alexander Loc: Ardue
Clemenger, Alexander Loc: Clowney
Clemenger, Alexander Loc: Keenaghan
Clemenger, James Loc: Drumcole
Colgan, Michael Loc: Derrintinny
Colligan, Daniel Loc: Money
Colligan, Michael Loc: Money
Collins, James Loc: Derryvackny
Collins, Rose Loc: Noghan
Conlan, Bernard Loc: Drummany Beg
Connell, John Loc: Ashgrove
Connell, Patrick Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Connell, Philip Loc: Drummany Montiaghs
Connell, Philip Loc: Rafian
Connell, Thomas Loc: Ashgrove
Connolly, Connor Loc: Money
Connolly, Connor Loc: Money V: Milltown
Connolly, John Loc: Quivvy
Corry, Anne Loc: Greaghrahan
Corry, Hugh Loc: Coragh
Corry, James Loc: Coragh
Corry, Mary Loc: Killywilly
Corry, Michael Loc: Derrintinny
Corry, Patrick Loc: Coragh
Corry, Philip Loc: Derrintinny
Corry, Thomas Loc: Coragh
Corry, William Loc: Cornagrow
Cox, Bernard Loc: Ballynamannan
Creegan, Francis Loc: Coragh
Cremor, Owen Loc: Feedarragh
Cunningham, Mary Loc: Clonamullig
Curry, Rose Loc: Corglass
Curry, Terence Loc: Tully
Daly, Arthur Loc: Drumkerril
Devine, Judith Loc: Derrintinny
Dixon, Eliza Loc: Kilconny
Dixon, Eliza Loc: Noghan
Dixon, John, Jr. Loc: Drumnoose
Dixon, John, Sr. Loc: Drumnoose
Dolan, Bridget Loc: Feugh (Maxwell)
Dolan, Mary Loc: Drummany (Pleydell)
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Drumkerril
Donegan, Farrell Loc: Kilconny
Donegan, Terence Loc: Aghavilla
Donegan, Terence Loc: Coragh
Donnelly, Peter Loc: Kilconny
Donnelly, Peter Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Donnelly, Susan Loc: Money V: Milltown
Donohey, Catherine Loc: Money V: Milltown
Donohey, James Loc: Derryvackny
Donohey, John Loc: Drumacon
Donohey, Thomas Loc: Coragh
Donohoe, John Loc: Rafian
Donohoe, Laurence Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Donohoe, Michael Loc: Rafian
Donohoe, Owen Loc: Ashgrove
Donohoe, Patrick Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Donohoe, Philip Loc: Drumasladdy
Donohoe, Philip Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Donohoe, Philip Loc: Rafian
Donohoe, Thomas Loc: Drumcole
Donohoe, Thomas Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Doonan, Thomas Loc: Macknan
Drum, Francis Loc: Carrowfarnaghan
Duggan, James Loc: Kilconny
Dunnery, Catherine Loc: Feedarragh
Dunnery, William Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Edgar, John Loc: Gartaquill
Elliott, James Loc: Money V: Milltown
Elliott, James, Jr. Loc: Artidowney
Elliott, James, Sr. Loc: Artidowney
Elliott, John Loc: Derryhoo
Elliott, Robert Loc: Derryhoo
Elliott, Thomas Loc: Derryhoo
Elliott, Thomas Loc: Drummany (Pleydell)
Elliott, William Loc: Derryhoo
Ellis, Hercules Loc: Gartaquill
Enery, Rep. Wm. H. Loc: Killywilly
Erne, John Loc: Noghan
Fallis, James Loc: Kilconny
Farnham, Lord Loc: Drumacon
Farrelly, Andrew, Jr. Loc: Deralk
Farrelly, Andrew, Sr. Loc: Deralk
Farrelly, Eliza Loc: Clowney
Farrelly, Hugh Loc: Deralk
Farrelly, Hugh Loc: Lagan
Farrelly, James Loc: Derrintinny
Farrelly, Michael Loc: Corcanadas
Farrelly, Michael Loc: Garfiny
Farrelly, Owen Loc: Gartaquill
Farrelly, Patrick Loc: Drumcole
Farrelly, Patrick Loc: Garfiny
Farrelly, Peter Loc: Kilnaglare
Farrelly, Thomas Loc: Deralk
Fawcett, John Loc: Drumkerril
Fawcett, John Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Fay, Francis Loc: Coragh
Fennor, Mary Loc: Brankhill (Lanesborough)
Fennor, Theophilus Loc: Brankhill (Lanesborough)
Ferns, Morton Loc: Derryvony
Ferns, Richard Loc: Derryvony
Ferras, Martha Loc: Mullaghmeen
Finlay, Maria Loc: Kilnaglare
Fitzgerald, Anne Loc: Drummany Montiaghs
Fitzgerald, Edward Loc: Kilcorby
Fitzpatrick, Anne Loc: Foalies
Fitzpatrick, Archibald Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Fitzpatrick, Bernard Loc: Caldragh
Fitzpatrick, Bernard Loc: Cuillaghan
Fitzpatrick, Bernard Loc: Derryvony
Fitzpatrick, Bernard Loc: Noghan
Fitzpatrick, Bernard Loc: Portlawney
Fitzpatrick, Bridget Loc: Kilnaglare
Fitzpatrick, Catherine Loc: Creeny
Fitzpatrick, Catherine Loc: Quivvy
Fitzpatrick, Daniel Loc: Derryvony
Fitzpatrick, Daniel Loc: Feugh (Maxwell)
Fitzpatrick, Daniel, Jr. Loc: Derryvony
Fitzpatrick, Daniel, Sr. Loc: Derryvony
Fitzpatrick, Edward Loc: Creeny
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Loc: Derryvony
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Loc: Money V: Milltown
Fitzpatrick, Esther Loc: Foalies
Fitzpatrick, Francis Loc: Ardonan
Fitzpatrick, Francis Loc: Derryvony
Fitzpatrick, Francis Loc: Drumbrughas
Fitzpatrick, Francis Loc: Money V: Milltown
Fitzpatrick, Fras., Jr. Loc: Derryvony
Fitzpatrick, Hugh Loc: Bunanumery
Fitzpatrick, Hugh Loc: Corcanadas
Fitzpatrick, Hugh Loc: Drumbrughas
Fitzpatrick, Hugh Loc: Drummany Montiaghs
Fitzpatrick, Hugh Loc: Quivvy
Fitzpatrick, Humphry Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Fitzpatrick, James Loc: Ardan
Fitzpatrick, James Loc: Drummany Montiaghs
Fitzpatrick, James Loc: Drummullagh
Fitzpatrick, James Loc: Drumnoose
Fitzpatrick, James Loc: Quivvy
Fitzpatrick, James, Jr. Loc: Drumbrughas
Fitzpatrick, James, Sr. Loc: Drumbrughas
Fitzpatrick, Jas. Loc: Quivvy N: Big
Fitzpatrick, John Loc: Derryvehil
Fitzpatrick, John Loc: Drumgesh
Fitzpatrick, John Loc: Greaghrahan
Fitzpatrick, John Loc: Kilconny
Fitzpatrick, John Loc: Milltown
Fitzpatrick, John Loc: Milltown V: Milltown
Fitzpatrick, John Loc: Money
Fitzpatrick, John Loc: Money V: Milltown
Fitzpatrick, John Loc: Portlawney
Fitzpatrick, John Loc: Teemore
Fitzpatrick, Judith Loc: Drumquill
Fitzpatrick, Judith Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Fitzpatrick, Mary Loc: Derryvackny
Fitzpatrick, Mary Loc: Drummany (Pleydell)
Fitzpatrick, Michael Loc: Coragh
Fitzpatrick, Michael Loc: Tirliffin
Fitzpatrick, Patrick Loc: Ardonan
Fitzpatrick, Patrick Loc: Derryvony
Fitzpatrick, Patrick Loc: Drumbrughas
Fitzpatrick, Patrick Loc: Mullaghboy
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Derryvony
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Drumbrughas
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Drumbrughas
Fitzpatrick, Paul Loc: Quivvy
Fitzpatrick, Peter Loc: Bunanumery
Fitzpatrick, Peter Loc: Drummullagh
Fitzpatrick, Peter Loc: Quivvy
Fitzpatrick, Philip Loc: Ballynamannan
Fitzpatrick, Philip Loc: Drumacon
Fitzpatrick, Philip Loc: Drumbrughas
Fitzpatrick, Philip Loc: Drumbrughas N: Orchard
Fitzpatrick, Philip Loc: Drumbrughas N: Red
Fitzpatrick, Philip Loc: Drumbrughas N: The Road
Fitzpatrick, Philip Loc: Kilnacranagh
Fitzpatrick, Philip Loc: Milltown
Fitzpatrick, Philip Loc: Milltown V: Milltown
Fitzpatrick, Rep. Pr. Loc: Greathill
Fitzpatrick, Rep. Ptr. Loc: Coragh
Fitzpatrick, Terence Loc: Cuillaghan
Fitzpatrick, Terence Loc: Derryvehil
Fitzpatrick, Terence Loc: Drummullagh
Fitzpatrick, Terence Loc: Milltown
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Loc: Corraback
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Loc: Derryvony
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Loc: Drumquill
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Loc: Feugh (Maxwell)
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Loc: Money
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Loc: Money V: Milltown
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Loc: Mullaghboy
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Loc: Noghan
Fitzsimons, Hugh Loc: Kilnacranagh
Fitzsimons, James Loc: Kilnacranagh
Fitzsimons, Joseph Loc: Ballynamannan
Fitzsimons, Joseph Loc: Drumacon
Fitzsimons, Mary Loc: Portlawney
Flanagan, Andrew Loc: Coragh
Flanagan, Bernard Loc: Coragh
Flood, Edward Loc: Tomassan
Flood, Francis Loc: Milltown V: Milltown
Flood, Francis Loc: Tomassan
Flood, John Loc: Clowney
Flood, Patrick Loc: Derrybrick
Flood, Thomas Loc: Tonyarraher
Flynn, Charles Loc: Tirliffin
Flynn, Daniel Loc: Clowninny
Flynn, John Loc: Gartaquill
Flynn, John Loc: Greaghrahan
Flynn, Luke Loc: Clowney
Flynn, Luke Loc: Meeltoge
Foy, Margaret Loc: Carrowfarnaghan
Gaffney, Bernard Loc: Drummany Rahan
Gaffney, Patrick Loc: Drumacon
Gaffney, Patrick Loc: Rafian
Galeese, Owen Loc: Money V: Milltown
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Rogary
Gallagher, John Loc: Money V: Milltown
Gallagher, Margaret Loc: Gartaquill
Gallagher, Thomas Loc: Clowney
Galligan, Margaret Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Gannon, Anne Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Gannon, Thomas Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Germyn, John Loc: Artidowney
Germyns, John Loc: Drumacon
Germyns, Richard Loc: Derrygeeraghan
Gibson, James Loc: Tonyarraher
Gillen, Laurence Loc: Greaghrahan
Gilroy, Bernard Loc: Drumgesh
Glancy, Patrick Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Gloster, Rev. Thomas Loc: Quivvy
Goold, George Loc: Tirgormly
Gough, John Loc: Bulligs
Gough, John Loc: Killyfern
Green, Bernard Loc: Killywilly
Green, Margaret Loc: Killywilly
Gregg, Gerard Loc: Derryhoo
Gregg, Gerard Loc: Drumgesh
Gregg, James Loc: Gartaquill
Gregg, William Loc: Gartaquill
Griffith, Rep. David Loc: Clowney
Griffith, Rep. David Loc: Creeny
Griffith, Dorothea Loc: Artonagh
Griffith, Dorothea Loc: Tomkinroad
Griffith, Fanny Loc: Carrowfarnaghan
Griffith, John Loc: Rafian
Griffith, Simon Loc: Glen
Griffith, William Loc: Drumgesh
Grimes, John Loc: Ballyhugh
Grimes, William Loc: Coragh
Gumley, Catherine Loc: Kilconny
Gumley, John Loc: Kilconny
Gunn, Catherine Loc: Creeny
Gunn, Ellen Loc: Creeny
Hague, James Loc: Meeltoge
Hanlon, Alexander Loc: Cornaleck
Hanna, James Loc: Gartbrattan
Hanna, William Loc: Ardan
Harris, Richard Loc: Noghan
Harris, Samuel Loc: Noghan
Hawkeshaw, John Loc: Ballynamannan
Heavy, Denis Loc: Killywilly
Henderson, Andrew Loc: Clonamullig
Henderson, Edward Loc: Kilnaglare
Henderson, Robert Loc: Killyfern
Henderson, Thomas Loc: Clontycoo
Hewitt, James Loc: Derryhoo
Hewitt, James Loc: Kilnaglare
Hogan, John Loc: Money V: Milltown
Hogg, James Loc: Drumbrughas
Humphrys, Parker Loc: Deralk
Hynes, George Loc: Cornagrow
Hynes, Richard J. Loc: Deramfield
Hynes, Richard J. Loc: Rinn
Ingham, Hugh J. Loc: Drummany Montiaghs
Ingham, Hugh J. Loc: Rafian
Jackson, John Loc: Cornaleck
Jackson, John Loc: Cuillaghan
Jackson, John Loc: Greathill
Jackson, Richard Loc: Cuillaghan
Jackson, Widdess Loc: Raheelan
Jackson, William Loc: Cornaleck
Jacksons, Isaac Loc: Raheelan
Jerrett, Charles Loc: Lisnamaine or Sycamore Fi
Johnson, Thomas Loc: Derryvackny
Johnston, James Loc: Corglass
Johnston, John Loc: Tirgormly
Jones, Rep. John C. Loc: Drumlane
Jones, Rep. John C. Loc: Drummany Rahan
Jones, Rep. John C. Loc: Garfiny
Jones, Rep. John C. Loc: Tully
Jones, Robert Loc: Drummany Glebe
Jones, Robert Loc: Moher
Kean, William Loc: Aghavilla
Kearn, Philip Loc: Camalier
Keating, Maurice Loc: Kilnaglare
Keelaher, John Loc: Noghan
Keirnaghan, James Loc: Drumbrughas
Keirnan, Terence Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Kells, Daniel Loc: Drummany Glebe
Kells, Edward Loc: Cuillaghan
Kells, Jacob Loc: Cuillaghan
Kells, James Loc: Cuillaghan
Kells, James Loc: Deralk
Kells, Thomas Loc: Cuillaghan
Kelly, Hugh Loc: Kilconny
Kelly, James Loc: Drumcole
Kelly, John Loc: Milltown
Kelly, John Loc: Milltown V: Milltown
Kelly, John Loc: Money V: Milltown
Kelly, Owen Loc: Lisnamaine or Sycamore Fi
Kelly, Philip Loc: Drumnoose
Kelly, Thomas Loc: Drumnoose
Kennedy, Alexander Loc: Drumbrughas
Kennedy, Bridget Loc: Derrintinny
Kennedy, Francis Loc: Derrintinny
Kennedy, James Loc: Clowninny
Kennedy, John Loc: Clowninny
Kennedy, John Loc: Kilnacranagh
Kennedy, John Loc: Milltown
Kennedy, Margaret Loc: Drummany (Pleydell)
Kennedy, Mary Loc: Drumbarlom
Kennedy, Michael Loc: Clowninny
Kennedy, Patrick Loc: Drumacon
Kennedy, Patrick Loc: Drumbrughas
Kernahan, William Loc: Mullanaffrin
Kevan, Matthew Loc: Drumnoose
Kidd, Osborne Loc: Greaghrahan
Kiernan, Francis Loc: Ardan
Kiernan, Francis, Sr. Loc: Ardan
Kiernan, Michael Loc: Ardan
Kilcher, Daniel Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
King, James Loc: Kilcorby
King, John Loc: Kilconny
Kingsley, Garrett Loc: Kilconny
Knight, Thomas Loc: Corraquill
Knipe, Thomas F. Loc: Loughdooly
Lamb, John Loc: Milltown
Lamb, Patrick Loc: Camalier
Lamb, Rachael Loc: Keenaghan
Lamb, William Loc: Drumcole
Lamb, William Loc: Keenaghan
Lanesborough, Loc: Cornadarragh N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, Loc: Cornaleck N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, Loc: Derryvony N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, Loc: Quivvy N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lang, Alexander Loc: Derrybrick
Lang, John Loc: Corgreagh
Lang, Thomas Loc: Tirgormly
Lawrence, George Loc: Cuillaghan
Leddy, Andrew Loc: Tawlaght
Leddy, Anne Loc: Tawlaght
Leddy, Anne Loc: Tullyanog
Leddy, James Loc: Tullyanog
Leddy, John Loc: Ashgrove
Leddy, John Loc: Portacloghan
Leddy, John Loc: Tawlaght
Leddy, John Loc: Tullyanog
Leddy, Mark Loc: Tawlaght
Leddy, Mark Loc: Tullyanog
Leddy, Michael Loc: Ardan
Leddy, Patrick Loc: Tullyanog
Leddy, Terence Loc: Tullyanog
Leddy, Thomas Loc: Corcanadas
Leddy, Thomas Loc: Drumheel
Leddy, Thomas Loc: Rafian
Leddy, Thomas Loc: Tullyanog
Lee, John Loc: Greaghrahan
Lee, Luke Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Lee, Peter Loc: Ardue
Lee, Thomas Loc: Drumacon
Levingston, Joseph Loc: Glen
Leviston, John Loc: Drumacon
Leviston, Margaret Loc: Drumacon
Leviston, Richard Loc: Cornagrow
Leviston, Robert Loc: Drumacon
Leviston, Robert Loc: Rafian
Lovett, James Loc: Drumherriff
Lovett, James Loc: Milltown
Lovett, James Loc: Milltown V: Milltown
Lovett, John Loc: Drumherriff
Lowry, R. W. Loc: Gartbrattan
Lucas, Margaret Loc: Drumcole
Lucas, Thomas Loc: Drumcole
Lynch, Andrew Loc: Ardonan
Lynch, Anne Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Lynch, Bernard Loc: Ardonan
Lynch, Bernard Loc: Drummullagh
Lynch, Patrick Loc: Ardonan
Lynch, Patrick Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Maginness, Mary Loc: Kilconny
Magolrick, John Loc: Noghan
Makins, James Loc: Deralk
Martin, John Loc: Ashgrove
Masterson, Anne Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Masterson, Hugh Loc: Corcanadas
Masterson, Hugh Loc: Drumheel
Masterson, John Loc: Drummany (Pleydell)
Masterson, Thomas Loc: Drumheel
McAdam, Mrs. Loc: Rafian
McAdam, Andrew Loc: Quivvy
McAdam, Bridget Loc: Corraquill
McAdam, Francis Loc: Mullanwary
McAdam, Henry Loc: Lagan
McAdam, Margaret Loc: Mullanwary
McAdam, Michael Loc: Greaghrahan
McAdam, Owen Loc: Quivvy
McAdam, Patrick Loc: Lagan
McAdam, Terence Loc: Greaghrahan
McAllester, Charles Loc: Greaghrahan
McAloon, Patrick Loc: Corraback
McAnulty, John Loc: Aghavilla
McAvenue, Michael Loc: Derryvony
McAvey, Catherine Loc: Drummany Glebe
McAvey, Thomas Loc: Drummany Glebe
McCabe, Anne Loc: Clowninny
McCabe, Bernard Loc: Drumacon
McCabe, Bridget Loc: Kilcorby
McCabe, John Loc: Drumalee
McCabe, John Loc: Money V: Milltown
McCabe, John Loc: Mullaghmeen
McCabe, Michael Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
McCabe, Rose Loc: Portacloghan
McCaffrey, Catherine Loc: Greaghrahan
McCaffrey, Connor Loc: Greaghrahan
McCaffrey, Cormack Loc: Aghavilla
McCaffrey, James Loc: Corcanadas
McCaffrey, James Loc: Derryvackny
McCaffrey, James Loc: Naheelis
McCaffrey, James Loc: Tirliffin
McCann, John Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
McCaul, Patrick Loc: Drummany Glebe
McClean, Alexander Loc: Kilconny
McClean, Alexander Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
McConnell, James Loc: Creeny
McConnell, John Loc: Portacloghan
McConnell, Peter Loc: Portacloghan
McCormick, Bernard Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
McCormick, James Loc: Tirliffin
McCorry, Francis Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
McCorry, Mary Loc: Drumbarlom
McCorry, Patrick Loc: Kilcorby
McCusker, Hugh Loc: Derryvackny
McCusker, James Loc: Drumkerril
McDermott, Adam Loc: Kilconny
McDermott, Patrick Loc: Drumkerril
McDonnell, Alexr. Loc: Brankhill (Flood)
McDonnell, Bridget Loc: Tawlaght
McDonnell, Edward Loc: Corraback
McDonnell, Edward Loc: Creeny
McDonnell, Edward Loc: Feedarragh
McDonnell, Edward Loc: Gartaquill
McDonnell, Francis Loc: Gartaquill
McDonnell, Hugh Loc: Gartaquill
McDonnell, John Loc: Feedarragh
McDonnell, Mary Loc: Brankhill (Flood)
McDonnell, Michael Loc: Drumgesh
McDonnell, Patrick Loc: Drummany (Pleydell)
McDonnell, Rose Loc: Drumlougher
McDonnell, Terence Loc: Derryvony
McDonnell, William Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
McElgum, Hugh Loc: Kilnacranagh
McElgum, Philip Loc: Teemore
McElroy, James Loc: Kilconny
McEntyre, Patrick Loc: Kilcorby
McGaghan, Tobias Loc: Corcanadas
McGaghran, Andrew Loc: Tirliffin
McGaghran, Bridget Loc: Rogary
McGaghran, Edward Loc: Creeny
McGaghran, Eliza Loc: Creeny
McGaghran, John Loc: Feedarragh
McGaghran, John Loc: Tirliffin
McGaghran, John Loc: Tonyarraher
McGaghran, Patrick Loc: Derryvehil
McGaghran, Patrick Loc: Tonyarraher
McGaghran, Peter Loc: Brankhill (Lanesborough)
McGaghran, Philip Loc: Creeny
McGearty, Hugh Loc: Killynaher
McGearty, John Loc: Killynaher
McGearty, Michael Loc: Drumasladdy
McGearty, Michael Loc: Killynaher
McGeerty, Bernard Loc: Cornadarragh (Pleydell)
McGeerty, Charles Loc: Aghavilla
McGeerty, Hugh Loc: Gartaquill
McGeerty, James Loc: Ballynamannan
McGeerty, Michael Loc: Gartaquill
McGeerty, Patrick Loc: Cornagrow
McGervy, Patrick Loc: Clontycoo
McGinty, Patrick Loc: Lisnamaine or Sycamore Fi
McGlinn, John Loc: Drumrush
McGoohan, Peter Loc: Quivvy
McGovern, Francis Loc: Drumgart
McGovern, James Loc: Drumrush
McGovern, James Loc: Gartaquill
McGovern, John Loc: Noghan
McGovern, Owen Loc: Clowney
McGovern, Owen Loc: Tomkinroad
McGrath, Catherine Loc: Brankhill (Lanesborough)
McGrath, James Loc: Creeny
McGrath, James Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
McGrath, James Loc: Kilcorby
McGrath, Philip Loc: Macknan
McGuire, David Loc: Kilnaglare
McGuire, Edward Loc: Clowney
McGuire, Francis Loc: Tullyanog
McGuire, Frank Loc: Tullyanog
McGuire, Hugh Loc: Coragh
McGuire, James Loc: Kilnaglare
McGuire, John Loc: Creeny
McGuire, John Loc: Drumbarlom
McGuire, John Loc: Killywilly
McGuire, John Loc: Money V: Milltown
McGuire, John Loc: Naheelis
McGuire, Michael Loc: Gartaquill
McGuire, Patrick Loc: Brankhill (Flood)
McGuire, Patrick Loc: Teemore
McGuire, Thomas Loc: Drumgart
McHugh, Thomas Loc: Kilcorby
McIntee, John Loc: Derrygeeraghan
McIntyre, James Loc: Lagan
McKearnan, John Loc: Money V: Milltown
McKeirnan, Edward Loc: Derrygeeraghan
McKeirnan, Hugh Loc: Deralk
McKeirnan, John Loc: Bulligs
McKeirnan, Mary Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
McKeirnan, Michael Loc: Uragh
McKeirnan, Thomas Loc: Bulligs
McKenna, Bernard Loc: Drumnoose
McKenna, Daniel Loc: Cornadarragh (Pleydell)
McKeon, James Loc: Money
McKeon, James Loc: Money V: Milltown
McKiernan, Eliza Loc: Money V: Milltown
McKiernan, Francis Loc: Gartbrattan
McKiernan, Hugh Loc: Ardonan
McKiernan, James Loc: Ardonan
McKiernan, Michael Loc: Gartbrattan
McKiernan, Owen Loc: Ashgrove
McKiernan, Patrick Loc: Money V: Milltown
McMahon, Bridget Loc: Kilconny
McManus, Catherine Loc: Kilconny
McManus, Catherine Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
McManus, Charles Loc: Drumacon
McManus, Charles Loc: Kilconny
McManus, Charles Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
McManus, Mary Loc: Drumbarlom
McManus, Patrick Loc: Kilnaglare
McManus, Thomas Loc: Kilnaglare
McPartland, Michael Loc: Kilnaglare
McTague, Patrick Loc: Drumasladdy
Meanes, Henry Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Mee, Jones Loc: Corcanadas
Mee, Robert Loc: Carrowfarnaghan
Moan, Hugh Loc: Drumrush
Moffat, Elizabeth Loc: Gartaquill
Moffat, Rev. George B. Loc: Deralk
Moffat, Rev. George B. Loc: Moher
Monaghan, Patrick Loc: Corglass
Monaghan, Patrick Loc: Drummany (Pleydell)
Monaghan, Philip Loc: Drumheel
Moore, James Loc: Drumacon
Moore, Mary Loc: Cornadarragh (Pleydell)
Moore, Mary Loc: Feugh (Maxwell)
Moore, Mary Loc: Tawlaght
Morrison, John Loc: Tirgormly
Morron, Luke Loc: Greaghrahan
Morton, David Loc: Mullanaffrin
Morton, Edward Loc: Derryvony
Morton, Geoffrey Loc: Raheelan
Morton, Geoffry Loc: Derryvony
Morton, George Loc: Corraquill
Morton, Henry Loc: Clowney
Morton, John E. Loc: Kilconny
Morton, Richard Loc: Derryvony
Morton, William Loc: Clonamullig
Mulligan, James Loc: Portlawney
Mulligan, Patrick Loc: Killyfern
Mulligan, William Loc: Ashgrove
Munday, Bernard Loc: Tirliffin
Murphy, Edward Loc: Milltown
Murphy, John Loc: Killywilly
Murphy, Patrick Loc: Killywilly
Murphy, Thomas Loc: Killywilly
Murray, Charles Loc: Kilcorby
Murray, Charles Loc: Mullanwary
Murray, J. Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Murray, James Loc: Kilcorby
Murray, James Loc: Mullanwary
Murray, John Loc: Kilcorby
Murrin, John Loc: Drumcole
Murtagh, Patrick Loc: Ashgrove
Neill, Denis Loc: Drumbarlom
Neill, James Loc: Killywilly
Neill, Thomas Loc: Ballyhugh
Neill, William Loc: Cuillaghan
Nesbitt, John A. Loc: Drumasladdy
Nesbitt, John A. Loc: Gartaquill
Nesbitt, John A. Loc: Killicar
Nesbitt, John Albert Loc: Drumgesh
Newcombe, Harriet Loc: Cornadarragh (Pleydell)
Nixon, Maria Loc: Noghan
Nolan, Peter Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
O'Brien, Jeremiah Loc: Drumgart
O'Brien, John, Jr. Loc: Drumnoose
O'Brien, John, Sr. Loc: Drumnoose
O'Brien, Mary Loc: Cuillaghan
O'Brien, Patrick Loc: Kilconny
O'Brien, Patrick Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
O'Brien, Philip Loc: Creeny
O'Reilly, Rev. Patrick Loc: Kilconny
O'Roarke, Hugh Loc: Drummany (Pleydell)
Paget, Elizabeth Loc: Drumasladdy
Paget, Robert Loc: Clowney
Paget, Robert Loc: Drumasladdy
Palliser, Edward Loc: Corraquill
Parker, Harriet Loc: Cornadarragh (Pleydell)
Parker, M. E. N. Loc: Cornadarragh (Pleydell)
Parson, George Loc: Meeltoge
Pattison, Hugh Loc: Drumherriff
Pearson, Andrew Loc: Tirgormly
Pearson, John Loc: Droghill
Phair, Andrew Loc: Killyfern
Phair, Sarah Loc: Drummany Glebe
Philips, Capt. Michael Loc: Droghill
Phillips, Charles Loc: Clowney
Phillips, Charles Loc: Tomkinroad
Phillips, John Loc: Glen
Phillips, Capt. Michael Loc: Carrowfarnaghan
Phillips, Capt. Michael Loc: Glen
Phillips, Capt. Michael Loc: Mullanaffrin
Phillips, Capt. Michael Loc: Tirgormly
Phillips, Thomas Loc: Kilconny
Plunket, Michael Loc: Macknan
Pringle, Robert Loc: Greaghrahan
Prunty, Patrick Loc: Clowninny
Prunty, Patrick Loc: Greathill
Quinn, James Loc: Ashgrove
Quinn, John Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Rahill, John Loc: Coragh
Ratican, Michael Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Reamy, Catherine Loc: Kilconny
Reid, Alexander Loc: Clontycoo
Reid, John Loc: Moher
Reilly, Alice Loc: Uragh
Reilly, Anne Loc: Killywilly
Reilly, Bernard Loc: Derrygeeraghan
Reilly, Bernard Loc: Greaghrahan
Reilly, Bernard Loc: Lagan
Reilly, Bridget Loc: Drumbarlom
Reilly, Bridget Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Reilly, Rep. Cath. Loc: Corraback
Reilly, Rep. Catherine Loc: Corraback
Reilly, Charles Loc: Cuillaghan
Reilly, Edward Loc: Derrintinny
Reilly, Edward Loc: Derrygeeraghan
Reilly, Edward Loc: Derryvony
Reilly, Edward Loc: Foalies
Reilly, Edward Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Reilly, Fanny Loc: Cuillaghan
Reilly, Farrell Loc: Derryvackny
Reilly, Farrell Loc: Feugh (Maxwell)
Reilly, Farrell Loc: Mullaghboy
Reilly, Farrell Loc: Tawlaght
Reilly, Francis Loc: Killywilly
Reilly, Garret Loc: Drumbarlom
Reilly, Garrett Loc: Kilconny
Reilly, Garrett Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Reilly, George Loc: Drumgart
Reilly, George Loc: Noghan
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Aghavilla
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Ballyhugh
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Creeny
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Derrygeeraghan
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Derryvony
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Drumasladdy
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Drumrush
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Gartbrattan
Reilly, Rep. Hugh Loc: Kilconny
Reilly, Rep. Hugh Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Killyfern
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Milltown
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Milltown V: Milltown
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Mullaghboy
Reilly, James Loc: Aghavilla
Reilly, James Loc: Coragh
Reilly, James Loc: Creeny
Reilly, James Loc: Drumbarlom
Reilly, James Loc: Drumrush
Reilly, James Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Reilly, James Loc: Keenaghan
Reilly, James Loc: Kilconny
Reilly, James Loc: Milltown
Reilly, James Loc: Portacloghan
Reilly, John Loc: Ballyhugh
Reilly, John Loc: Clowney
Reilly, John Loc: Derrintinny
Reilly, John Loc: Drumgesh
Reilly, John Loc: Drumrush
Reilly, John Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Reilly, John Loc: Killywilly
Reilly, John Loc: Lagan
Reilly, John Loc: Mullaghboy
Reilly, John Loc: Tomassan
Reilly, John Loc: Uragh
Reilly, Laurence Loc: Drummullagh
Reilly, Margaret Loc: Camalier
Reilly, Margaret Loc: Cuillaghan
Reilly, Margaret Loc: Drumrush
Reilly, Margaret Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Reilly, Margaret Loc: Kilnaglare
Reilly, Mary Loc: Foalies
Reilly, Mary Loc: Killywilly
Reilly, Michael Loc: Coragh
Reilly, Michael Loc: Creeny
Reilly, Michael Loc: Killywilly
Reilly, Michael Loc: Uragh
Reilly, Myles Loc: Cuillaghan
Reilly, Myles Loc: Derryvony
Reilly, Myles Loc: Drumrush
Reilly, Myles Loc: Feedarragh
Reilly, Myles Loc: Killywilly
Reilly, Myles Loc: Teemore
Reilly, Myles Loc: Ture
Reilly, Owen Loc: Aghavilla
Reilly, Owen Loc: Drumrush
Reilly, Owen Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Reilly, Owen Loc: Keenaghan
Reilly, Owen Loc: Killywilly
Reilly, Owen Loc: Portlawney
Reilly, Owen Loc: Rogary
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Aghavilla
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Camalier
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Cornadarragh (Pleydell)
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Cuillaghan
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Derrintinny
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Derryvony
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Drumacon
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Drumgesh
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Drumherriff
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Drumnoose
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Drumquill
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Kilconny
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Money
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Money V: Milltown
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Money V: Milltown N: Nailor
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Rafian
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Teemore
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Uragh
Reilly, Peter Loc: Killynaher
Reilly, Philip Loc: Cuillaghan
Reilly, Philip Loc: Drumacon
Reilly, Philip Loc: Drumgesh
Reilly, Philip Loc: Drummullagh
Reilly, Philip Loc: Gartaquill
Reilly, Philip, Sr. Loc: Gartaquill
Reilly, Rose Loc: Killyfern
Reilly, Terence Loc: Derrygeeraghan
Reilly, Terence Loc: Derryvony
Reilly, Terence Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Reilly, Terence Loc: Killywilly
Reilly, Terence Loc: Kilnacranagh
Reilly, Terence Loc: Macknan
Reilly, Terence Loc: Milltown
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Camalier
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Derrintinny
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Derrygeeraghan
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Drumrush N: Mill
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Feugh (Maxwell)
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Loughdooly
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Tomassan
Reilly, Thomas, Jr. Loc: Drumrush
Reilly, Thos. Loc: Drumrush N: Bawn
Reily, Philip Loc: Drummullagh
Reynolds, George Loc: Noghan
Reynolds, James Loc: Drumcole
Reynolds, Joseph Loc: Raheelan
Reynolds, Patrick Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Reynolds, Rose Loc: Brankhill (Lanesborough)
Reynolds, Thomas Loc: Drumcole
Richmond, Francis Loc: Clowninny
Richmond, Francis Loc: Cornaleck
Richmond, Francis Loc: Greathill
Richmond, Geoffery Loc: Cornadarragh
Richmond, Geoffrey Loc: Brankhill (Lanesborough)
Richmond, John Loc: Cornadarragh
Richmond, Robert Loc: Cornadarragh
Richmond, Sarah Loc: Cornadarragh
Richmond, William Loc: Cornadarragh
Richmond, William Loc: Cornaleck
Ridley, John Loc: Derryvony
Roarke, Peter Loc: Greaghrahan
Roarke, Thomas Loc: Naheelis
Robinson, John Loc: Drumalee
Roden, Patrick Loc: Drumkerril
Roden, Philip Loc: Drumkerril
Rogers, Andrew Loc: Kilnaglare
Rogers, John Loc: Derryhoo
Rogers, John Loc: Drumrush
Rogers, Patrick Loc: Mullaghboy
Rogers, William Loc: Ballynamannan
Rogers, William Loc: Clowney
Rogers, William Loc: Gartacara
Rogers, William Loc: Rahaghan
Ross, John Loc: Quivvy
Ruddan, John Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Rudden, Bernard Loc: Kilnaglare
Rudden, Connor Loc: Clowninny
Rudden, Michael Loc: Clowninny
Saunderson, Rev. Fras. Loc: Corraback
Saunderson, Rev. Fras. Loc: Drumalee
Saunderson, Rev. Fras. Loc: Drumcole
Saunderson, Mary Loc: Feugh (Bishops) or Drumal
Scollan, John Loc: Drumbrughas
Seery, Nathaniel Loc: Corraback
Shannon, Anne Loc: Drumherriff
Shannon, Thomas Loc: Drumherriff
Shannon, Thos., Sr. Loc: Drumherriff
Shenan, Margaret Loc: Drummany Rahan
Sheppard, John Loc: Carrowfarnaghan
Sheppard, Thomas Loc: Clowney
Sheppard, William Loc: Clowney
Sheppard, William Loc: Drumbrughas
Sheppard, William Loc: Drumcole
Sheridan, Bernard Loc: Bulligs
Sheridan, Bernard Loc: Creeny
Sheridan, Denis Loc: Drummany Rahan
Sheridan, Edward Loc: Drummany Montiaghs
Sheridan, Edward Loc: Garfiny
Sheridan, Francis Loc: Camalier
Sheridan, Henry Loc: Droghill
Sheridan, Hugh Loc: Drumlougher
Sheridan, James Loc: Bulligs
Sheridan, James Loc: Creeny
Sheridan, James Loc: Garfiny
Sheridan, John Loc: Ardan
Sheridan, John Loc: Creeny
Sheridan, John Loc: Droghill
Sheridan, John Loc: Gartaquill
Sheridan, John Loc: Lagan
Sheridan, Judith Loc: Drumherriff
Sheridan, Owen Loc: Ardan
Sheridan, Philip Loc: Drumnoose
Sheridan, Thomas Loc: Ardan
Sheridan, Thomas Loc: Gartbrattan
Sheridan, William Loc: Cuillaghan
Sheridan, William Loc: Drumlougher
Sheridan, William Loc: Drummany Rahan
Sheridan, William Loc: Gartaquill
Sheridan, William Loc: Tirgormly
Sherry, James Loc: Drumquill
Small, Catherine Loc: Drumacon
Small, John Loc: Cornadarragh (Pleydell)
Smith, Anne Loc: Cuillaghan
Smith, George Loc: Cuillaghan
Smith, James Loc: Camalier
Smith, James Loc: Cuillaghan
Smith, James Loc: Quivvy
Smith, James, Jr. Loc: Cuillaghan
Smith, James, Sr. Loc: Cuillaghan
Smith, John Loc: Drummany Rahan
Smith, Mary Loc: Deralk
Smith, Michael Loc: Quivvy
Smith, Robert B. Loc: Gartaquill
Smith, Thomas Loc: Drumgesh
Smith, Thomas Loc: Drumlane
Smyth, John Loc: Derrygeeraghan
Spotten, John Loc: Cuillaghan
Stafford, William Loc: Clowney
Stevenson, John Newcombe Loc: Cornadarragh (Pleydell)
Stewart, George Loc: Drummany Glebe
Stewart, William Loc: Macknan
St. George Gore, Sir Loc: Feugh (Maxwell) N: Sir St. George Gore
Story, George Loc: Kilconny
Story, George Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Story, James H. Loc: Drumherriff
Story, James H. Loc: Killywilly
Story, James H. Loc: Ture
Story, James H. Loc: Uragh
Story, James Hamilton Loc: Clonamullig
Story, Thomas Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Swift, Philip Loc: Brankhill (Flood)
Tallon, Daniel Loc: Clowney
Tallon, Owen Loc: Tonyarraher
Taylor, James Loc: Clonamullig
Taylor, Robert Loc: Derryvony
Teevan, John Loc: Corglass
Teevan, Patrick Loc: Corglass
Tewan, Thomas Loc: Mullaghmeen
Thornton, Edward Loc: Tirliffin
Tipping, Capt. Geo. L. Loc: Corraback
Tronson, Richard Loc: Kilconny
Tully, Ellen Loc: Kilconny
Tully, James Loc: Ardan
Tully, James Loc: Brankhill (Lanesborough)
Tully, James Loc: Drumasladdy
Tully, James Loc: Drumbarlom
Tully, Maurice Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Tully, Patrick Loc: Ardan
Vernon, John E. Loc: Ballyhugh
Vernon, John E. Loc: Camalier
Vernon, John E. Loc: Corraquill
Vernon, John E. Loc: Cuillaghan
Vernon, John E. Loc: Mullaghboy
Vernon, John E. Loc: Mullanwary
Vernon, John E. Loc: Tomassan
Vesey, Anthony Loc: Corraback
Vesey, Francis Loc: Drumbarlom
Vesey, John Loc: Feedarragh
Vesey, Patrick Loc: Drumcole
Vesey, Philip Loc: Drumbarlom
Vesey, Philip Loc: Drumcole
Wade, Wm. M., M.D. Loc: Kilconny
Wade, Wm. M., M.D. Loc: Kilconny N: Lodgers
Walsh, Edward Loc: Clowney
Walsh, John Loc: Killywilly
Walsh, Peter Loc: Ardue
Walsh, William Loc: Ballynamannan
Walsh, William Loc: Tomkinroad
Ward, John Loc: Aghavilla
Widdess, George Loc: Brankhill (Lanesborough)
Widdess, Maria Loc: Clonamullig
Widdess, William Loc: Drumcole
Wiggins, Mary Loc: Ardoohy
Wiggins, Mary Loc: Derryvony
Wilkins, Robert Loc: Noghan
Williams, John Loc: Brankhill (Lanesborough)
Williams, John Loc: Drumbarlom
Williams, John Loc: Feedarragh
Williams, Thomas Loc: Brankhill (Lanesborough)
Wilson, Claudius Loc: Mullaghmeen
Wilson, George Loc: Corraquill
Wilson, George Loc: Kilcorby
Wilson, James Loc: Gartaquill
Wilson, John Loc: Mullaghmeen
Wilson, John Loc: Noghan
Wilson, John Loc: Raheelan
Winslow, Daniel Loc: Greaghrahan
Winslow, Edmond S. Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Woods, Arthur Loc: Drumherriff
Woods, William Loc: Meeltoge
Wynn, Owen Loc: Drumbarlom
Wynne, Mary Anne Loc: Feedarragh
Wynne, Owen Loc: Kilconny
Yaw, John Loc: Drumbarlom
Yaw, John Loc: Kilconny
Yaw, John Loc: Kilconny T: Belturbet
Yaw, John Loc: Noghan
Young, John Loc: Drumnoose
Young, Richard Loc: Drumbrughas

Map of Civil Parishes in county Cavan

Civil Parish Records of County Cavan

Other county Cavan Parish Records

1 Annagelliff

2 Annagh

3 Ballintemple

4 Bailieborough

5 Ballymachugh

6 Castlerahan

7 Castleterra

8 Crosserlough

9 Denn

10 Drumgoon

11 Drumlane

12 Drumlumman

13 Drumreilly

14 Drung

15 Enniskeen

16 Kilbride

17 Kildallan

18 Kildrumsherdan

19 Killashandra

20 Killinagh

21 Killinkere

22 Kilmore

23 Kinawley

24 Knockbride

25 Larah

26 Lavey

27 Loughran Castlekeeran

28 Lurgan

29 Moybolgue

30 Mullagh

31 Munterconnaught

32 Scrabby

33 Shercock

34 Templeport

35 Tomregan

36 Urney