Griffith's Valuation: Loughan Castlekeeran Parish, County Cavan

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Griffith's Valuation in Loughan Castlekeeran Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation was carried out in Loughan Castlekeeran parish and every other parish in county Cavan as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in Loughan Castlekeeran parish, county Cavan during 1856 and 1857.


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Griffiths Valuation: Loughan Castlekeeran Parish 1856 and 1857

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KEY:   Loc: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Bennett, William Loc: Fartagh
Beresford, Lord John G. Loc: Killyconny N: Most Rev.
Bradley, Patrick Loc: Carrigasimon
Bradley, William Loc: Leitrim (Detached)
Brady, Bridget Loc: Fartagh
Brady, Bryan Loc: Leitrim (Detached)
Brady, Daniel Loc: Leitrim (Detached)
Brady, James Loc: Leitrim (Detached)
Brady, John Loc: Leitrim (Detached)
Brady, Patrick Loc: Leitrim (Detached)
Brien, Honor Loc: Carrigabruse
Brien, Terence Loc: Bruse
Byrne, Patrick Loc: Edenburt
Cahill, James Loc: Edenburt
Cahill, James, Jr. Loc: Edenburt
Cahill, John Loc: Bruse
Cahill, Matthew Loc: Bruse
Cahill, Matthew Loc: Carrigabruse
Cahill, Patrick Loc: Edenburt
Cahill, Peter Loc: Edenburt
Cahill, Philip Loc: Edenburt
Cahill, Stephen Loc: Bruse
Cahill, Thomas Loc: Edenburt
Carroll, Cornelius Loc: Edenburt
Carroll, James Loc: Edenburt
Carroll, Matthew Loc: Edenburt
Carroll, Michael Loc: Edenburt
Carroll, Michael Loc: Leitrim (Detached)
Carroll, Owen Loc: Edenburt
Carroll, Peter Loc: Edenburt
Carroll, Richard Loc: Edenburt
Carroll, Thomas Loc: Edenburt
Clarke, Charles Loc: Edenburt
Clarke, Charles, Jr. Loc: Edenburt
Clarke, John Loc: Edenburt
Clarke, Michael Loc: Edenburt
Clarke, Owen Loc: Edenburt
Clarke, Patrick Loc: Edenburt
Connell, James Loc: Fartagh
Connell, Patrick Loc: Edenburt
Connell, Philip Loc: Fartagh
Connell, Thomas Loc: Edenburt
Conway, James Loc: Leitrim (Detached)
Conway, Peter Loc: Leitrim (Detached)
Costello, Peter Loc: Carrigabruse
Cox, John Loc: Edenburt
Cumisky, James Loc: Edenburt
Cumisky, James Loc: Edenburt N: Fort
Cumisky, Michael Loc: Edenburt
Cumisky, Patrick Loc: Bruse
Daly, James Loc: Killyconny
Daly, John Loc: Killyconny
Daly, Michael Loc: Bruse
Daly, Michael Loc: Carrigabruse
Daly, William Loc: Bruse
Daly, William Loc: Carrigabruse
Denehy, Patrick Loc: Carrigasimon
Donohoe, James Loc: Enagh
Donohoe, Patarick Loc: Edenburt
Donohoe, Patrick Loc: Fartagh
Duffy, Bridget Loc: Edenburt
Duffy, Charles Loc: Edenburt
Duffy, James Loc: Edenburt
Duffy, Mary Loc: Edenburt
Duffy, Patrick Loc: Edenburt
Duffy, Patrick Loc: Killyconny
Dunn, Matthew Loc: Carrigabruse
Dunne, Matthew Loc: Bruse
Dunne, Philip Loc: Bruse
Dunne, Terence Loc: Fartagh
Farrelly, Anne Loc: Fartagh
Farrelly, Bridget Loc: Fartagh
Farrelly, George Loc: Bruse
Farrelly, John Loc: Enagh
Farrelly, Mathew Loc: Bruse
Farrelly, Nicholas Loc: Bruse
Farrelly, Patrick Loc: Edenburt
Farrelly, Simon Loc: Carrigasimon
Fisher, Robert Loc: Killyconny
Fitzsimon, Bridget Loc: Carrigabruse
Fitzsimon, Bryan Loc: Fartagh
Fitzsimon, John Loc: Carrigabruse
Fitzsimon, Margaret Loc: Edenburt
Fitzsimon, Mathew Loc: Bruse
Fitzsimon, Matthew Loc: Carrigasimon
Fitzsimon, Michael Loc: Enagh
Fitzsimon, Patk, Sr. Loc: Carrigabruse
Fitzsimon, Patrick Loc: Carrigabruse N: Bog
Fitzsimon, Patrick Loc: Carrigasimon
Fitzsimon, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Carrigabruse
Fitzsimon, Peter Loc: Carrigabruse
Fitzsimon, Ptk. Loc: Bruse N: Maghera
Fitzsimon, Thomas Loc: Carrigabruse
Fitzsimon, Thos., Sr. Loc: Carrigabruse
Fitzsimon, William Loc: Carrigabruse
Fleming, Rose Loc: Edenburt
Gargan, Edward Loc: Killyconny
Gargan, Philip Loc: Edenburt
Gibney, Cornelius Loc: Bruse
Gibney, James Loc: Carrigasimon
Gibney, John Loc: Edenburt
Gibney, Thomas Loc: Bruse
Gilshenan, Catherine Loc: Fartagh
Gilshennan, Philip Loc: Fartagh
Gray, William Loc: Edenburt
Headfort, Marquis Loc: Carrigasimon N: Trustees, Marquis of Headfort
Headfort, Marquis Loc: Enagh N: Trustees, Marquis of Headfort
Headfort, Marquis Loc: Fartagh N: Trustees, Marquis of Headfort
Healy, Rose Loc: Edenburt
Hunt, Rev. Henry Loc: Carrigabruse
Kean, John Loc: Carrigabruse
Kean, Rose Loc: Carrigabruse
Lynch, Catherine Loc: Carrigabruse
Lynch, James Loc: Carrigabruse
Lynch, Mary Loc: Edenburt
Lynch, Michael Loc: Carrigabruse
Lynch, Michael Loc: Edenburt
Lynch, Owen Loc: Edenburt
Lynch, Terence Loc: Bruse
Madden, Bryan Loc: Edenburt
Markey, Thomas Loc: Edenburt
McCabe, Peter Loc: Edenburt
McCormick, Michael Loc: Fartagh
McDermott, Edward Loc: Enagh
McDermott, John Loc: Enagh
McDermott, Mary Loc: Bruse
McDermott, Mary Loc: Fartagh
McDermott, Peter Loc: Edenburt N: Gamekeeper
McDermott, Thomas Loc: Enagh
McGawley, Catherine Loc: Bruse
McGivney, Peter Loc: Bruse
McQuaid, John Loc: Edenburt
Molloy, Andrew Loc: Fartagh
Morrow, Judith Loc: Enagh
Muldoon, Hugh Loc: Fartagh
Muldoon, Hugh Loc: Killyconny
Muldoon, Matthew Loc: Killyconny
Mulvany, James Loc: Edenburt
Mulvany, Luke Loc: Edenburt
Nulty, Patrick Loc: Edenburt
O'Reilly, Patrick Loc: Bruse
Pigott, Anne Loc: Enagh
Plunkett, Christopher Loc: Enagh
Plunkett, James Loc: Bruse
Plunkett, James Loc: Enagh
Plunkett, Mary Loc: Enagh
Porter, John Loc: Carrigasimon
Porter, Matilda Loc: Carrigasimon
Porter, Matthew Loc: Carrigasimon
Reilly, Andrew Loc: Enagh
Reilly, Daniel Loc: Edenburt
Reilly, Francis Loc: Bruse
Reilly, James Loc: Carrigasimon
Reilly, John Loc: Killyconny
Reilly, Judith Loc: Bruse
Reilly, Matthew Loc: Fartagh
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Bruse
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Carrigasimon
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Edenburt
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Enagh
Reilly, Stephen Loc: Bruse
Reilly, Terence Loc: Fartagh
Rock, Mary Loc: Edenburt
Rothwell, William Loc: Leitrim (Detached)
Smith, Samuel Loc: Leitrim (Detached)
Smyth, Francis Loc: Carrigasimon
Smyth, John Loc: Bruse
Smyth, Luke Loc: Carrigabruse
Stapleton, Catherine Loc: Edenburt
Stapleton, Thomas Loc: Edenburt
Tobin, Michael Loc: Edenburt
Tully, Mary Loc: Enagh
Tully, Nicholas Loc: Killyconny
Tully, Thomas Loc: Enagh
Tully, Walter Loc: Enagh
White, Anthony Loc: Edenburt

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