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Irish Flax Growers Lists 1796 in County Derry

The Irish Linen Board published a list of nearly 60,000 individuals in 1796. Spinning wheels were awarded based on the number of acres planted. People who planted one acre were awarded 4 spinning wheels and those growing 5 acres were awarded a loom. Donegal and Tyrone had the highest number of awards. Dublin and Wicklow were not included in this list. These extracts contain the name, parish and county. The barony was listed instead of the parish in a few of the records. Also known as the Spinning Wheel list or the Flax Growers Bounty.

The list of county Derry Flax growers records the person's name and the civil parish where they resided.


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Irish Flax Growers List - County Derry

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Surname - First Name - Parish

Gage Marcus Tamlaghtard
Galagher James Clondermot
Galagher Thomas Cumber Upper
Galaugher John Faughanvale
Galaugher Joseph Templemore
Gallagher Andrew Clondermot
Gallagher Widow Artrea
Gallaugher Hugh Ballynascreen
Gallaway William Tamlaght Finlagan
Galt Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan
Gamble James Cumber Upper
Gamble John Desertoghill
Gamble Nathaniel Templemore
Gamble Roberet Drumachose
Gamble William Desertoghill
Garahon Jane Cumber Upper
Gardner Robert Clondermot
Gardner William Clondermot
Garner Charles Maghera
Garner John Desertmartin
Garven John Magherafelt
Garven Richard Magherafelt
Gault Robert Kilrea
Gay James Clondermot
Gay John Bovevagh
Gay John Clondermot
Gay Matthew Bovevagh
Gay Robert Clondermot
George Adam Faughanvale
George Archibald Aghanloo
George Gabriel Tamlaght
George James Artrea
George James Dungiven
George John Balteagh
George Matthew Tamlaght
George Robert Dungiven
George Samuel Balteagh
George Sarah Balteagh
George William Artrea
George William Dungiven
George William Tamlaght
George William Tamlaght Finlagan
Getty John Faughanvale
Getty Samuel Faughanvale
Gibbon Neal Aghanloo
Gibson George Arboe
Gibson James Cumber Upper
Gibson John Cumber Upper
Gibson John Dungiven
Gibson Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
Gibson Joseph Templemore
Gibson Mathew Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gibson Samuel Magherafelt
Gibson Samuel Templemore
Gibson Thomas Cumber Upper
Gibson William Cumber Upper
Giffin John Tamlaght Finlagan
Giffin Joseph Dunboe
Giffin Robert Dunboe
Gilespy Denis Templemore
Gilfeland Alexander Cumber Upper
Gilfilland James Tamlaght Finlagan
Gilfilland John Clondermot
Gilfilland John Faughanvale
Gilfilland Robert Cumber Upper
Gilfilland William Faughanvale
Gilfilliland John Faughanvale
Gilkey Andrew Clondermot
Gilkey Charles Clondermot
Gill John Desertmartin
Gillan Charles Faughanvale
Gillan Henry Dunboe
Gillan James Tamlaghtard
Gillart James Templemore
Gillespie Henry Faughanvale
Gillespie Peter Cumber Upper
Gillespie William Faughanvale
Gillespy John Desertmartin
Gillespy Neal Clondermot
Gillespy Paul Templemore
Gillespy Phillip Templemore
Gilliland David Faughanvale
Gilliland John Faughanvale
Gilliland Matthew Faughanvale
Gilliland Robert Faughanvale
Gilliland William Faughanvale
Gillon Edward Magherafelt
Gillon Hugh Desertmartin
Gilmere Robert Errigal
Gilmon Charles Artrea
Gilmor John Artrea
Gilmor Widow Artrea
Gilmore David Desart
Gilmore James Aghadowey
Gilmore James Errigal
Gilmore James Faughanvale
Gilmore James Magherafelt
Gilmore John Tamlaght Finlagan
Gilmore John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gilmore Robert Aghadowey
Gilmore Samuel Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gilmore Thomas Magherafelt
Gilmore Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gilmore Widow Faughanvale
Gilmore William Errigal
Gilmore William Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gitty Andrew Clondermot
Gitty John Clondermot
Glasgow John Desertoghill
Glen Elizabeth Templemore
Glen Jane Aghanloo
Glen William Ballywillin
Glen William Drumachose
Glendenning William Lissan
Glenhome Hugh Magherafelt
Glindee John Faughanvale
Glindee Samuel Faughanvale
Glindee William Faughanvale
Glinn James Faughanvale
Glinn Samuel Cumber Upper
Glinn William Tamlaght Finlagan
Glynn Alexander Cumber Upper
Godfrey James Ballyscullion
Godfrey Thomas Ballyscullion
Godfrey Thomas Clondermot
Gold John Errigal
Gordon James Bovevagh
Gordon John Bovevagh
Gordon John Desertlyn
Gordon Thomas Bovevagh
Gordon Thomas Desertlyn
Gorman Denis Templemore
Gormley Manus Cumber Upper
Gormley Michael Cumber Upper
Gormley Owen Banagher
Gormly James Clondermot
Gormly Michael Cumber Upper
Gormly Patrick Cumber Upper
Gormly Philip Cumber Upper
Gortree John Ballyscullion
Gowley William Derryloran
Graham Archibald Maghera
Graham Archibald Tamlaght Ocrilly
Graham George Desertlyn
Graham James Desertlyn
Graham James Maghera
Graham John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Graham Walter Maghera
Graham Widow Jane Desart
Grant Daniel Ballynascreen
Graves Samuel Magherafelt
Graves William Artrea
Gray David Clondermot
Gray James Aghadowey
Gray John Dungiven
Gray John Maghera
Gray John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gray Rev. Francis Bovevagh
Gray Robert Maghera
Gray Thomas Errigal
Gray William Maghera
Greave James Cumber Upper
Greave Robert Cumber Upper
Green Ralph Clondermot
Greer Andrew Artrea
Greer James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gregg Paul Aghanloo
Gregory John Macosquin
Greive Hugh Banagher
Gribbon Henry Artrea
Gribbon Patrick Desertlyn
Grier Andrew Aghadowey
Grier Thomas Aghadowey
Grier William Aghadowey
Grieve Patrick Cumber Upper
Grimbly Robert Aghanloo
Grimes David Clondermot
Grimes John Templemore
Grimes William Clondermot
Grogan John Artrea
Gromley Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan
Groves Hugh Magherafelt
Gruve Walter Clondermot
Guckian Hugh Ballinderry
Guren James Clondermot
Gurn James Dungiven
Guthrie James, Sr. Faughanvale
Guthrie Robert Faughanvale
Guthrie Robert, Jr. Faughanvale
Guthrie William Faughanvale
Guy John Cumber Upper
Guy John, Jr. Faughanvale
Guy John, Sr. Faughanvale
Guy Robert Faughanvale
Guy William Cumber Upper
Gwin Thomas Bovevagh
Gwyn Andrew Clondermot
Gylar James Banagher
Hagan Arthur Banagher
Hagan Arthur Desertmartin
Hagan Bridget Tamlaght Ocrilly
Hagan Charles Magherafelt
Hagan John Magherafelt
Hagan Patrick Desertmartin
Hagan Patrick Desertoghill
Haggan George Arboe
Haggan Henry Desertmartin
Haggan John Arboe
Haggan John Desertmartin
Haggan Patrick Arboe
Haggan Patrick Artrea
Haggan Patrick Ballinderry
Hair Alexander Faughanvale
Hair George Faughanvale
Hairland Thomas Banagher
Halfpenny John Desertlyn
Hall James Clondermot
Hall Joseph Clondermot
Hall Robert Clondermot
Hall Thomas Clondermot
Hamill William Artrea
Hamilton Adam Ballywillin
Hamilton Andrew Clondermot
Hamilton Andrew Templemore
Hamilton Eccles Arboe
Hamilton Henry Ballynascreen
Hamilton Henry Clondermot
Hamilton James Bovevagh
Hamilton James Tamlaght
Hamilton James Templemore
Hamilton John Ballynascreen
Hamilton John Banagher
Hamilton John Cumber Upper
Hamilton Joseph Balteagh
Hamilton Joseph Cumber Upper
Hamilton Rev. William Tamlaght Finlagan
Hamilton Robert Cumber Upper
Hamilton Robert Faughanvale
Hamilton Stephen Clondermot
Hamilton William Bovevagh
Hamilton William Tamlaght Ocrilly
Hamilton Wrath Cumber Upper
Hammerslay James Magherafelt
Hammond William Magherafelt
Hamphill Joseph Aghanloo
Hampsay Richard Dunboe
Hampson Bryan Banagher
Hampson Darby Banagher
Hampson Denis Banagher
Hampson Henry Banagher
Hampson John Banagher
Hampson Manus Banagher
Hancock John Cumber Upper
Hancock Thomas Cumber Upper
Handcock Henry Clondermot
Hanna Robert Clondermot
Hanna Samuel Clondermot
Happer James Kilcronaghan
Happer John Desertlyn
Harbison Matthew Magherafelt
Hare Daniel Clondermot
Hare James Clondermot
Hare William Clondermot
Hargan Denis Clondermot
Harkin Patrick Errigal
Harkness Robert Derryloran
Harkness Thomas Lissan
Harkness Widow Derryloran
Harkness William Lissan
Harper John Clondermot
Harper Rev. James Termoneeny
Harpur Thomas Faughanvale
Harret Eleanor Clondermot
Harrett Edward Clondermot
Harris James Cumber Upper
Hartley Thomas Desertlyn
Harvey Daniel Drumachose
Harvey James Macosquin
Haslatt James Cumber Upper
Haslet George Kilcronaghan
Haslet John Bovevagh
Haslet John Cumber Upper
Haslet Robert Bovevagh
Haslet Samuel Bovevagh
Haslet Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Haslet William Bovevagh
Haslet William Kilcronaghan
Haslett George Bovevagh
Haslett Robert, Jr. Cumber Upper
Haslett Robert, Sr. Cumber Upper
Haslett William Aghanloo
Hassan George Cumber Upper
Hasson Barny Cumber Upper
Hasson John Cumber Upper
Hasson Michael Cumber Upper
Hasty James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Hatrick James Clondermot
Hatrick James Templemore
Hatrick Joshua Templemore
Hatrick William Templemore
Haveland Bryan Banagher
Haveland James Banagher
Haveland James, Sr. Banagher
Haveland Patrick Banagher
Haveland Thomas Banagher
Havlin Patrick Brigadier Banagher
Haw Archibald Termoneeny
Haw Samuel Termoneeny
Hawthorn Richard Magherafelt
Hayes James Artrea
Haze Andrew Magherafelt
Healy Barny Bovevagh
Healy Patrick Bovevagh
Heany Daniel Tamlaght Ocrilly
Heany James Bovevagh
Heany John Bovevagh
Heany John Dungiven
Heany Michael Templemore
Heany Patrick Banagher
Heany Patrick Bovevagh
Heery William Cumber Upper
Heevry Widow Faughanvale
Helferty Bernard Desertmartin
Hemphil James Tamlaghtard
Hemphill James Tamlaght Finlagan
Henderson George Ballynascreen
Henderson James Clondermot
Henderson John Ballyscullion
Henderson John Derryloran
Henderson Mathew Clondermot
Henderson Ralph Artrea
Henderson Thomas Arboe
Henderson Thomas Kilrea
Henderson William Ballynascreen
Henderson William Kilcronaghan
Heney Murtagh Lissan
Henry Andrew Derryloran
Henry Charles Artrea
Henry Daniel Desertmartin
Henry Edward Desertmartin
Henry Francis Maghera
Henry Henry Maghera
Henry Hugh Magherafelt
Henry James Aghadowey
Henry James Clondermot
Henry James Cumber Upper
Henry James Desertmartin
Henry James Killelagh
Henry John Aghadowey
Henry John Aghanloo
Henry John Balteagh
Henry John Clondermot
Henry John Cumber Upper
Henry John Dungiven
Henry John Kilcronaghan
Henry John Lissan
Henry Joseph Banagher
Henry Joseph Desertmartin
Henry Marvin Faughanvale
Henry Matthew Aghanloo
Henry Michael Lissan
Henry Owen Ballinderry
Henry Patrick Derryloran
Henry Patrick Kilcronaghan
Henry Patrick Magherafelt
Henry Philip Maghera
Henry Robert Clondermot
Henry Robert Desertmartin
Henry Thomas Clondermot
Henry Thomas Desertlyn
Henry Thomas Desertmartin
Henry Thomas Kilcronaghan
Henry Widow Artrea
Henry Widow Lissan
Henry William Clondermot
Henry William Desertmartin
Henry William Faughanvale
Henry William Macosquin
Herriss George Tamlaght
Herriss Robert Desertlyn
Herriss William Tamlaght
Hertiss Samuel Desertlyn
Heruss James Derryloran
Hervy William Templemore
Hesey William Faughanvale
Hessan Alexander Clondermot
Hessan Bryan Banagher
Hessan Cormick Banagher
Hessan Daniel Banagher
Hessan Denis Banagher
Hessan Francis Banagher
Hessan George Clondermot
Hessan Hugh Banagher
Hessan Hugh, Jr. Banagher
Hessan Hugh, Sr. Banagher
Hessan John Banagher
Hessan Michael Banagher
Hessan Patrick Banagher
Hessan Teague Banagher
Hessan Thomas Banagher
Hesson Alexander Desertmartin
Hesson Hugh Desertmartin
Hesson James Desertmartin
Hesson Samuel Desertmartin
Hesson William Desertmartin
Heylands John Tamlaght Finlagan
Hicks William Dunboe
Higarty John Drumachose
Higgans John Errigal
Higgans Owen Errigal
Higgarty Patrick Cumber Upper
Higgerty Francis Kilrea
Higgins John Desertmartin
Higgins Myles Desertmartin
Hill Hugh Tamlaght Ocrilly
Hill Samuel Tamlaght Ocrilly
Hill William Arboe
Hillas William Maghera
Hindman David Clondermot
Hindman George Dunboe
Hindman James Artrea
Hindman James Faughanvale
Hindman John Balteagh
Hindman John Clondermot
Hindman Samuel Maghera
Hindman William Clondermot
Hinds James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Hodge Anne Drumachose
Hodge Jane Balteagh
Hogetin John Drumachose
Hogg Alexander Artrea
Hogg James Artrea
Hogg John Arboe
Hogg John Derryloran
Hogg Robert Tamlaght
Hogstin James Balteagh
Hogstin Thomas Balteagh
Hogstin William Balteagh
Holland John Artrea
Holland Stephen Faughanvale
Holmes Daniel Tamlaght Finlagan
Holmes David Bovevagh
Holmes Eliza Bovevagh
Holmes George Desertoghill
Holmes James Desertoghill
Holmes James Tamlaght Finlagan
Hone Alexander Cumber Upper
Hopkins Alexander Aghanloo
Hopkins David Drumachose
Hopkins James Aghanloo
Hopkins James Cumber Upper
Hopkins James Drumachose
Hopkins James, Sr. Cumber Upper
Hopkins John Bovevagh
Hopkins John Desertoghill
Hopkins William Ballywillin
Hopkins William Balteagh
Hopkins William Cumber Upper
Horner Templemore
Horner Anne Balteagh
Horner James Bovevagh
Horner John Balteagh
Horner Thomas Bovevagh
Huey James Faughanvale
Hughes Henry Artrea
Hughes James Desertmartin
Hughes John Aghadowey
Hughes Thomas Kilcronaghan
Hughes William Desertmartin
Hughston John Kilcronaghan
Hughston Thomas Termoneeny
Hull Cornelia Ballinderry
Hull Thomas Maghera
Hull Thomas, Jr. Aghanloo
Hull Thomas, Sr. Aghanloo
Hull William Artrea
Humphrey Joseph Cumber Upper
Humphreys Thomas Bovevagh
Hunter Andrew Agivey
Hunter Andrew Clondermot
Hunter Andrew Tamlaght Finlagan
Hunter Eliza Tamlaght Finlagan
Hunter George Clondermot
Hunter James Clondermot
Hunter James Tamlaght Finlagan
Hunter Jane Bovevagh
Hunter John Desertlyn
Hunter John Faughanvale
Hunter John Kilcronaghan
Hunter Joseph Desertmartin
Hunter Matthew Tamlaght Finlagan
Hunter Robert Agivey
Hunter Robert Desertlyn
Hunter Samuel Errigal
Hunter Widow Clondermot
Hunter William Bovevagh
Hunter William Desertlyn
Hunter William Desertoghill
Hunter William Dunboe
Hunter William Lissan
Hunter William Magherafelt
Hunter William Templemore
Hunter William, Jr. Bovevagh
Hustin John Kilowen
Huston Hugh Dunboe
Huston James Faughanvale
Huston James Maghera
Huston Joseph Clondermot
Huston Joseph Maghera
Huston Moses Artrea
Huston Patrick Kilcronaghan
Huston Peter Cumber Upper
Huston Robert Balteagh
Huston Samuel Maghera
Huston Widow Maghera
Hutcheson Robert Ballynascreen
Hutcheson Thomas Lissan
Hutcheson William Lissan
Hutchinson Esther Dunboe
Hutchinson James Aghanloo
Hutchinson John Dunboe
Hutchinson John, Jr. Desertmartin
Hutchinson Jonathon Artrea
Hutchinson Robert Balteagh
Hutchinson Robert Dunboe
Hutchinson Roger Artrea
Hutchinson Widow Jane Desertmartin
Hutchinson William Desertmartin
Hutchinson William Dunboe
Hutchison Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Huthinson John, Sr. Desertmartin
Hutton Alexander Dungiven
Hutton James Banagher
Hutton Samuel Dungiven
Hyland Hugh Balteagh
Inch Henry Faughanvale
Irons James Bovevagh
Irons James Cumber Upper
Irons John Bovevagh
Irwin John Bovevagh
Irwin John Clondermot
Irwin John Dungiven
Irwin Joseph Bovevagh
Irwin Mathew Clondermot
Irwin Robert Bovevagh
Irwin Samuel Tamlaght Ocrilly
Irwin Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan
Irwine Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
Jack Henry Tamlaghtard
Jack John Dunboe
Jackson Archibald Bovevagh
Jackson Hugh Lissan
Jackson James Aghanloo
Jackson James Clondermot
Jackson Luke Lissan
Jackson Nathaniel Tamlaght Finlagan
Jackson Samuel Aghanloo
Jackson Samuel Bovevagh
Jackson Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
James Anne Templemore
Jameson Alexander Cumber Upper
Jameson Anne Dungiven
Jameson Beef William Dungiven
Jameson George Faughanvale
Jameson John Faughanvale
Jameson Matthew Banagher
Jameson Robert Faughanvale
Jameson Robert, Jr. Cumber Upper
Jameson Robert, Sr. Cumber Upper
Jameson Thomas Cumber Upper
Jameson Thomas Faughanvale
Jameson William Ballyaghran
Jameson William Dungiven
Jameson William Faughanvale
Jeffery Alexander Clondermot
Jeffry Thomas Clondermot
Jemison Robert Cumber Upper
Jemmison John Clondermot
Jemmison William Clondermot
Jennings David Magherafelt
Johnson James Kilowen
Johnson William Kilowen
Johnston Andrew Desertmartin
Johnston Anne Tamlaght
Johnston Benjamin Lissan
Johnston Francis Termoneeny
Johnston George Tamlaght
Johnston Hugh Arboe
Johnston Jacob Maghera
Johnston James Aghanloo
Johnston James Arboe
Johnston James Desertmartin
Johnston James Lissan
Johnston James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Johnston Jane Kilcronaghan
Johnston John Aghanloo
Johnston John Ballinderry
Johnston John Ballyscullion
Johnston John Derryloran
Johnston John Desertmartin
Johnston John Magherafelt
Johnston John Tamlaght
Johnston John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Johnston Matthew Magherafelt
Johnston Matthew Tamlaght
Johnston Michael Tamlaght
Johnston Robert Maghera
Johnston Samuel Aghanloo
Johnston Thomas Magherafelt
Johnston Widow Arboe
Johnston William Maghera
Jones Francis Tamlaght Finlagan
Jones James Faughanvale
Jones Michael Bovevagh
Jones Patrick Bovevagh
Jones Patrick Cumber Upper
Jones Roger Dungiven
Jones Samuel Faughanvale
Jordon John Tamlaght
Junk Daniel Lissan
Junk John Artrea
Junk Zacharias Lissan
Kane Andrew Clondermot
Kane Anne Tamlaghtard
Kane Archibald Maghera
Kane Bryan Cumber Upper
Kane Bryan Dunboe
Kane Bryan Errigal
Kane Charles Banagher
Kane Cooey Banagher
Kane Daniel Banagher
Kane Daniel Dungiven
Kane Daniel, Jr. Drumachose
Kane Daniel, Sr. Drumachose
Kane Darby Bovevagh
Kane Darby Drumachose
Kane Denis Dungiven
Kane Edward Desart
Kane Edward Faughanvale
Kane Francis Cumber Upper
Kane Francis Dunboe
Kane Frederick Drumachose
Kane Henry Banagher
Kane Henry Bovevagh
Kane Henry Faughanvale
Kane Hugh Banagher
Kane Hugh Clondermot
Kane James Banagher
Kane James Desart
Kane James Dungiven
Kane James Faughanvale
Kane John Banagher
Kane John Bovevagh
Kane John Cumber Upper
Kane John Dungiven
Kane John Errigal
Kane John Faughanvale
Kane John Tamlaghtard
Kane Michael Banagher
Kane Michael Cumber Upper
Kane Nicholas Banagher
Kane Owen Banagher
Kane Patrick Drumachose
Kane Richard Banagher
Kane Richard Cumber Upper
Kane Thomas Banagher
Kane Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Kane William Dungiven
Karten James Clondermot
Kealy Neal Banagher
Kearney John Artrea
Kearney John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Kearns James Drumachose
Keasy Martha Tamlaght Finlagan
Kee Mathew Clondermot
Keekly Widow Ballinderry
Keelt Henry Maghera
Keelty Michael Cumber Upper
Keenan David Kilcronaghan
Keenan George Tamlaght Ocrilly
Keenan Thomas Artrea
Keenan William Artrea
Keers John Dunboe
Keeth Charles Lissan
Keeth John Lissan
Keevin George Artrea
Kekly Abraham Magherafelt
Kekly John Magherafelt
Kekly Widow Ballinderry
Kekly Williamn Magherafelt
Kelly Bryan Clondermot
Kelly Bryan Faughanvale
Kelly Edward Clondermot
Kelly George Faughanvale
Kelly Henry Balteagh
Kelly James Clondermot
Kelly James Cumber Upper
Kelly James Derryloran
Kelly James Templemore
Kelly James, Sr. Cumber Upper
Kelly John Clondermot
Kelly John Faughanvale
Kelly Joseph Tamlaghtard
Kelly Katherine Faughanvale
Kelly Manus Ballinderry
Kelly Michael Cumber Upper
Kelly Michael Desertmartin
Kelly Owen Faughanvale
Kelly Patrick Cumber Upper
Kelly Robert Clondermot
Kelly Thomas Aghadowey
Kelly Thomas Clondermot
Kelly Thomas Desertmartin
Kelly William Dungiven
Kelly William Faughanvale
Kelly William Tamlaght Finlagan
Kelso Hugh Tamlaght Ocrilly
Kelso James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Kenders John Desart
Kennedy Alexander Tamlaght
Kennedy Andrew Aghanloo
Kennedy David Clondermot
Kennedy David Dunboe
Kennedy Elizabeth Clondermot
Kennedy George Kilcronaghan
Kennedy James Drumachose
Kennedy James Dunboe
Kennedy Samuel Ballywillin
Kennedy Samuel Clondermot
Kennedy Samuel Kilcronaghan
Kennedy Thomas Ballyscullion
Kennedy Thomas Maghera
Kent John Lissan
Kent Thomas Lissan
Ker John Clondermot
Kerr Alexander Clondermot
Kerr Daniel Kilowen
Kerr James Ballywillin
Kerr James Faughanvale
Kerr Randle Ballyaghran
Kerr William Clondermot
Kerrgate John Desertoghill
Kessick William Desertmartin
Kessick William, Jr. Desertmartin
Keys George Templemore
Keys Joseph Clondermot
Kidd James Desertmartin
Kidd John Macosquin
Kidd Robert Desertmartin
Kidd William Aghadowey
Kilpatrick David Templemore
Kilpatrick George Templemore
Kilpatrick John Magherafelt
Kilpatrick Mrs. Templemore
Kilpatrick Robert Templemore
Kilpatrick Thomas Magherafelt
Kilpatrick Widow Maghera
Kiltor John Cumber Upper
King Bether Tamlaghtard
King James Desart
King James Drumachose
King John Aghadowey
King John Drumachose
King Samuel Faughanvale
King Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
King Samuel Templemore
King Thomas Drumachose
King William, Jr. Tamlaght Finlagan
King William, Sr. Tamlaght Finlagan
Kirk James Templemore
Kirk Joseph Clondermot
Kirlan Bryan Cumber Upper
Kirlan James Cumber Upper
Kirlan Michael Cumber Upper
Kirlan Patrick Cumber Upper
Kirlan William Clondermot
Kitchen Gain Faughanvale
Kitchen Isaac Faughanvale
Kitchen Samuel Faughanvale
Kithcart William Macosquin
Knealy Samuel Maghera
Knox Andrew Clondermot
Knox James Dungiven
Knox James Templemore
Knox John Clondermot
Kyle David, Sr. Bovevagh
Kyle John Bane Bovevagh
Kyle John, Jr. Bovevagh
Kyle Mary Balteagh
Kyle Oliver Balteagh
Kyle William Clondermot
Kyle William, Jr. Bovevagh
Kyle William, Sr. Bovevagh
Ladder Francis Magherafelt
Laird Richard Templemore
Lambrick John, Jr. Cumber Upper
Lambrick Robert, Jr. Cumber Upper
Lammon Archibald Desertmartin
Lammon James Tamlaght
Lammy John Desertmartin
Lamon George Termoneeny
Lamon Margaret Desertlyn
Lamond Alexander Macosquin
Lamrick James Cumber Upper
Lamrick John Cumber Upper
Lamrick Robert Cumber Upper
Lane Sarah Dungiven
Lapsley George Maghera
Larcon Daniel Desertmartin
Larkan Patrick Artrea
Larkin Daniel Tamlaght Ocrilly
Lather John Templemore
Lattaw William Templemore
Lattemer Stephen Clondermot
Laughan Samuel Clondermot
Laughlin George Dungiven
Laughlin Henry Bovevagh
Laughlin John Dungiven
Laughlin Joseph Dungiven
Laughlin Thomas Dungiven
Laurence Joseph Desertlyn
Laverty Denis Banagher
Laverty Hugh Clondermot
Laverty Roddy Banagher
Law Rev. John Banagher
Lawson Andrew Templemore
Lawson George Artrea
Lawson Robert Dunboe
Lawson Samuel Dunboe
Leadin Bernard Lissan
Leaserty Daniel Drumachose
Leavens James Templemore
Lee Andrew Clondermot
Lee John Desertmartin
Lee Joseph Faughanvale
Lee Robert Magherafelt
Lee Thomas Clondermot
Lee Thomas Magherafelt
Leech Robert Banagher
Lees John Derryloran
Lees John Maghera
Lees Robert Maghera
Lees Thomas Maghera
Lefferty Edward Faughanvale
Lefferty James Faughanvale
Leighton James Dunboe
Lennon Patrick Tamlaght Ocrilly
Lennon Roger Tamlaght Ocrilly
Lennox Andrew Desertmartin
Lennox Edward Artrea
Lenox Gervas Magherafelt
Lenox Henry Artrea
Lenox Henry Magherafelt
Lenox James Artrea
Lenox John Artrea
Lenox John Dungiven
Lenox John Magherafelt
Lenox Laurence Artrea
Lenox William Artrea
Leslie George Dunboe
Leslie John Cumber Upper
Leslie John Dunboe
Lettimor Robert Desertmartin
Lettimor Samuel Desertmartin
Levi Thomas Faughanvale
Lewis John Dunboe
Ligget James Tamlaght Finlagan
Lighton Alexander Cumber Upper
Lighton John Cumber Upper
Lighton Nathaniel Dunboe
Lighton Thomas Cumber Upper
Lighton William Dunboe
Ligthgow James Clondermot
Ligthgow Robert Clondermot
Ligthgow William Clondermot
Lillie Michael Termoneeny
Lillie William Termoneeny
Lilly John Kilcronaghan
Limerick Alexander Macosquin
Limrick George Dungiven
Lind James Balteagh
Lindsay Andrew Cumber Upper
Lindsay Andrew Drumachose
Lindsay David Clondermot
Lindsay George Magherafelt
Lindsay Jacob Drumachose
Lindsay James Balteagh
Lindsay James Cumber Upper
Lindsay James Drumachose
Lindsay James Templemore
Lindsay John Clondermot
Lindsay Matthew Magherafelt
Lindsay Michael Clondermot
Lindsay Richard Clondermot
Lindsay William Cumber Upper
Linn John Derryloran
Lion John Tamlaght Finlagan
Lithgow George Faughanvale
Lithgow James Clondermot
Lithgow Martha Clondermot
Lithgow William Clondermot
Little Andrew Artrea
Little Margaret Artrea
Little Thomas Templemore
Liviston Samuel Faughanvale
Loag James Faughanvale
Loag John Tamlaght Finlagan
Loag Michael Cumber Upper
Loag Owen Cumber Upper
Loan James Aghanloo
Locket David Banagher
Logan Alexander Clondermot
Logan Alexander Cumber Upper
Logan Daniel Errigal
Logan Duncan Desertlyn
Logan Hugh Errigal
Logan James Clondermot
Logan John Clondermot
Logan John Errigal
Logan Patrick Balteagh
Logan William Errigal
Loghry Robert Dungiven
Logue James Bovevagh
Logue John Clondermot
Logue Major Clondermot
Logue Widow Clondermot
Logwey John Bovevagh
Lollor John Maghera
Lone Daniel Kilcronaghan
Lone Laurence Desertlyn
Long Alexander Clondermot
Long Andrew Cumber Upper
Long Archibald Clondermot
Long Henry Desertlyn
Long Henry Templemore
Long James Ballywillin
Long James Cumber Upper
Long John Bovevagh
Long Joseph Tamlaghtard
Long Matthew Dunboe
Long Neil Drumachose
Long Oliver Balteagh
Long Rachel Templemore
Long Robert Dungiven
Long Thomas Balteagh
Long William Balteagh
Long William Cumber Upper
Lorkin Daniel Magherafelt
Lorrence Widow Ballynascreen
Loudan Anne Artrea
Loudon John Artrea
Lougheey Robert Balteagh
Loughlin Allan Cumber Upper
Loughlin Arthur Cumber Upper
Loughrey Hugh Cumber Upper
Loughrey John Drumachose
Loughrey Joseph Artrea
Loughridge William Lissan
Lourimer David Clondermot
Lourimer James Clondermot
Lourimer Thomas Clondermot
Louther Edward Clondermot
Love Andrew Dunboe
Love James Cumber Upper
Love John Magherafelt
Love Robert Magherafelt
Love William Drumachose
Low Daniel Drumachose
Lowdon John Tamlaght Finlagan
Lowrey James Tamlaght Finlagan
Lowry Isaac Clondermot
Lowry Jhon Cumber Upper
Lowry John Bovevagh
Lowry John Cumber Upper
Lowry John Desertmartin
Lowry Joseph Bovevagh
Lowry Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
Lowry Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Lowry William Bovevagh
Luky Alexander Templemore
Lurting William Aghanloo
Lyle Samuel Cumber Upper
Lynch Daniel Banagher
Lynch Hamilton Clondermot
Lynch Hugh Clondermot
Lynch James Clondermot
Lynch James Magherafelt
Lynch John Clondermot
Lynch John Cumber Upper
Lynch Randle Faughanvale
Lynch Thomas Clondermot
Lynch Widow Dungiven
Lynch William Cumber Upper
Lynd John Drumachose
Lynton Frederick Tamlaght Finlagan
Lynton James Drumachose
Lynton John Tamlaghtard
Lyon Alexander Banagher