Griffith's Valuation: Faughanvale Parish, County Derry

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Griffith's Valuation in Faughanvale Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Faughanvale parish and every other parish in county Derry / Londonderry as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Londonderry / Derry in 1858 and 1859.


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Griffiths Valuation: Faughanvale Parish 1858 and 1859

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You should also check the records of Faughanvale parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City

Adams, James L: Tully
Adams, Matthew L: Mobuoy
Aiken, John L: Bolie
Aiken, John L: Carnamuff
Anderson, James L: Carnamuff
Anderson, James L: Whitehill
Arbuckle, James L: Upper Gortagherty
Archbold, David L: Donneybrewer
Archbold, James L: Donneybrewer
Archbold, John L: Ardnaguniog
Archbold, John L: Lower Gortagherty
Archibald, James L: Ardnaguniog
Archibald, John L: Ardnaguniog
Armstrong, Hugh L: Carnamuff
Armstrong, John L: Carnamuff
Armstrong, Robert L: Killywool
Armstrong, Thomas L: Carnamuff
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Coolagh N: Sec. Railway Co.
Ash, John L: Faughanvale
Ash, William L: Bolie
Askin, Jacob L: Bolie
Barber, Robert L: Glebe
Barber, Robert L: Gortgare
Barber, Thomas L: Mobuoy
Barnett, Alexander L: Upper Campsey
Barr, Anne L: Ligg
Barr, James L: Bolie
Beatty, Robert L: Coolagh
Beaty, Robert L: Faughanvale
Begley, John L: Carnamuff
Begley, John L: Derryarkin Upper
Begley, John L: Lower Gortagherty
Begley, Samuel L: Ardnaguniog
Begley, William L: Ardnaguniog
Berkeley, Rev. Lowry E. L: Muff
Bigger, Adam L: Greysteel Beg
Bigger, Alexander L: Greysteel Beg
Bigger, Alexander L: Greysteel More
Bigger, Eliza L: Laraghaleas
Bigger, Hugh L: Carnamuff
Bigger, Hugh L: Gortgare
Bigger, James L: Gortgare
Bigger, Jas. L: Greysteel Beg
Bigger, Mary L: Greysteel Beg
Biggs, Thomas L: Lower Campsey
Biggs, William L: Lower Campsey
Blair, Margaret L: Carnamuff
Boggs, James L: Kilnappy
Boggs, Thomas L: Kilnappy
Boyce, William L: Mobuoy
Boyd, Eliza L: Carmoney
Boyd, William L: Carrickhugh
Boyle, Daniel L: Lower Campsey
Boyle, John L: Ardnaguniog
Boyle, William L: Killywool
Bradley, James L: Donneybrewer
Bradley, John L: Carmoney
Bradley, John, Jr. L: Tullanee
Bradley, John, Sr. L: Tullanee
Bradley, Rose L: Carmoney
Brawley, Owen L: Upper Campsey
Brawley, Peter L: Craigbrack
Breslan, John L: Upper Campsey
Brolly, William L: Glebe
Brown, David L: Donneybrewer
Brown, Robert L: Donneybrewer
Browne, Henry L: Tullyverry
Buchanan, Catherine L: Kilnappy
Burke, Robert L: Killywool
Burnett, Mary L: Tullanee
Burnett, Thomas L: Muff
Burns, Alexander L: Killylane
Burns, George L: Killylane
Burns, James L: Killylane
Burns, James L: Killywool
Burns, John L: Killylane
Burns, Michael L: Killylane
Burns, Robert L: Dungullion
Burns, Thomas L: Killylane
Burns, William L: Killylane
Burnside, James L: Drummaneny
Cain, Charles L: Muff
Cairnes, David L: Derryarkin Upper
Caldwell, David L: Donneybrewer
Caldwell, Ezekiel L: Greysteel Beg
Caldwell, James L: Killylane
Caldwell, James L: Magheramore
Caldwell, John L: Donneybrewer
Call, William L: Tully
Callan, John L: Tully
Campbell, James L: Tullyverry
Campbell, Thomas L: Greenan
Campbell, William L: Tullymain
Carolan, James L: Longfield More
Carolan, Patrick L: Glebe
Carrolin, Edward L: Upper Campsey
Carton, Bernard L: Dunglade (Glebe)
Cassidy, James L: Greysteel Beg
Cather, George L: Carrickhugh
Cather, George L: Tullymain
Cather, Thomas L: Glasakeeran
Cavanagh, Neal L: Carnakilly Upper
Chambers, Stephen L: Greysteel Beg
Clark, John L: Upper Gortagherty
Clarke, Charles L: Lower Gortagherty
Clarke, James L: Donneybrewer
Clarke, Thomas L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Cochrane, George L: Killylane
Cochrane, James L: Coolagh
Cochrane, John L: Carnakilly Lower
Cochrane, Matthew L: Coolagh
Cochrane, Robert L: Bolie
Cochrane, Robert L: Faughanvale
Coldwell, Matthew L: Falloward
Cole, William L: Clanterkee
Cole, William L: Donneybrewer
Cole, William L: Donneybrewer Level
Cole, William L: Upper Campsey
Coll, Edward L: Carmoney
Coll, Neal L: Cloghole
Collins, Arthur L: Lower Gortagherty
Collins, Donnelly L: Ardnaguniog
Collins, James L: Carnamuff
Collins, William L: Ardnaguniog
Collins, William L: Upper Campsey
Comer, Mary Anne L: Carnamuff
Connolly, John L: Killylane
Connor, James L: Faughanvale
Connor, James L: Tullyverry
Connor, John L: Coolagh
Connor, Patrick L: Coolagh
Connor, Patrick L: Faughanvale
Conroy, Rev. John L: Muff
Coran, James L: Donneybrewer
Corran, Elizabeth L: Lower Gortagherty
Corran, John L: Monnaboy
Cowan, Charles L: Tygore
Cowan, David L: Greenan
Cowan, David L: Upper Campsey
Cowan, Eliza L: Greenan
Cowan, Houston L: Tygore
Cowan, Mary L: Greenan
Cowan, Robert L: Ballygudden
Cowan, Samuel L: Derryarkin Upper
Cowan, William L: Derryarkin Upper
Coyle, Edward L: Killylane
Coyle, Sarah L: Donneybrewer
Coyle, William L: Ardnaguniog
Coyle, William L: Donneybrewer
Coyle, William L: Killylane
Craig, Hugh L: Gortgare
Craig, James L: Carnamuff
Craig, James L: Falloward
Craig, James L: Kilnappy
Craig, John L: Carrickhugh
Craig, John L: Kilnappy
Craig, Mark L: Tirmacoy
Craig, Mary L: Dunglade (Glebe)
Craig, Robert L: Carnamuff
Craig, Robert L: Derryarkin Upper
Craig, Sarah L: Minegallagher Glebe
Craig, William L: Kilnappy
Craig, William L: Tullyverry
Cranny, David L: Gortenny
Crawford, William L: Carrickhugh
Cruise, George L: Coolagh
Cughen, Thomas L: Killywool
Culbert, James L: Tully
Cunningham, Sarah L: Ardnaguniog
Cunningham, William L: Whitehill
Curran, John L: Donneybrewer
Curran, Richard L: Derryarkin Upper
Curry, Andrew L: Greenan
Curry, Thomas L: Tullyverry
Cuthbertson, John L: Ardnaguniog
Davies, James L: Donneybrewer
Davis, John L: Carmoney
Deaghen, Daniel L: Tully
Deans, Robert L: Donneybrewer
Denny, William L: Upper Campsey
Dermod, Elizabeth L: Carrickhugh
Devan, Edward L: Killywool
Devan, James L: Glebe
Devan, John L: Glebe
Devan, Manasses L: Glebe
Devany, Thomas L: Carrickhugh
Devany, William L: Carrickhugh
Devenny, Alexander L: Lower Gortagherty
Devenny, Henry L: Longfield More
Devenny, Thomas L: Upper Campsey
Devin, Lindsay L: Tullyverry
Dicken, James L: Upper Gortagherty
Dixon, Mary L: Muff
Dogherty, Constantine L: Upper Campsey
Dogherty, Denis L: Bolie
Dogherty, Dominick L: Bolie
Dogherty, Dominick L: Killywool
Dogherty, Elizabeth L: Glebe
Dogherty, George L: Bolie
Dogherty, George L: Killywool
Dogherty, George L: Upper Campsey
Dogherty, Henry L: Ardnaguniog
Dogherty, John L: Bolie
Dogherty, John L: Greenan
Dogherty, John L: Laraghaleas
Dogherty, Margaret L: Donneybrewer
Dogherty, Margaret L: Gortgare
Dogherty, Mary L: Carmoney
Dogherty, Neal L: Longfield More
Dogherty, Patrick L: Carmoney
Dogherty, Rose L: Muff
Dogherty, Thomas L: Ardnaguniog
Dogherty, Thomas L: Carmoney
Dogherty, Thomas L: Lower Campsey
Dogherty, Thomas L: Upper Campsey
Dogherty, Thomas L: Upper Campsey N: Schoolmaster
Dogherty, William L: Carmoney
Doherty, Margaret L: Mobuoy
Donaghy, Anne L: Derryarkin Upper
Donaghy, Daniel L: Killylane
Donaghy, David L: Coolagh
Donaghy, George L: Lower Gortagherty
Donaghy, Henry L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Donaghy, James L: Killywool
Donaghy, Joseph L: Templemoyle
Donaghy, Mary L: Bolie
Donaghy, Neal L: Ligg
Donaghy, Robert L: Templemoyle
Donaghy, Stephen L: Carnakilly Lower
Donaghy, Stephen L: Templemoyle N: and Sons
Donaghy, Stephen, Jr. L: Templemoyle
Donaghy, Thomas L: Tygore
Donaghy, William L: Carnakilly Lower
Donnell, Hugh L: Minegallagher Glebe
Donnelly, Daniel L: Upper Campsey
Donnelly, Patrick L: Upper Campsey
Dowey, Patrick L: Monnaboy
Duddy, Anne L: Monehaneghan
Duddy, Denis L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Duddy, Edward L: Carnakilly Upper
Duddy, Edward L: Tygore
Duddy, Eliza L: Monehaneghan
Duddy, Henry L: Monehaneghan
Duddy, Margaret L: Carnakilly Upper
Duddy, Mary L: Killywool
Duddy, Myles L: Monehaneghan
Duddy, Peter L: Tullanee
Duddy, Richard L: Monehaneghan
Duddy, Sarah L: Ballygudden
Duddy, William L: Bolie
Duddy, William L: Coolagh
Duffy, Arthur L: Loughermore
Duffy, Francis L: Killywool
Duffy, James, Jr. L: Killywool
Duffy, James, Sr. L: Killywool
Duffy, John L: Loughermore
Duffy, Owen L: Killywool
Duffy, Philip L: Killywool
Duffy, William L: Bolie
Duffy, William L: Upper Campsey
Duffy, William L: Upper Gortagherty
Dunlop, James L: Cregan
Dunlop, Joseph L: Whitehill
Dunlop, William L: Lower Campsey
Dunne, Elizabeth L: Faughanvale
Dunne, John L: Coolagh
Dunne, John L: Faughanvale
Elbell, Elizabeth L: Carmoney
Elder, David L: Tully
Elder, Robert L: Upper Gortagherty
Elder, Samuel L: Donneybrewer
Elder, Samuel L: Donneybrewer Level
Emberson, John L: Derryarkin Lower
Esbell, William L: Tully
Fairley, Robert L: Muff
Farran, William L: Barnakilly
Farren, Bernard L: Upper Campsey
Farren, Edward L: Upper Campsey
Farren, John L: Laraghaleas
Farris, James L: Tully
Farris, John L: Cloghole
Farris, Patrick L: Laraghaleas
Feeney, Daniel L: Bolie
Feeney, James L: Laraghaleas
Feeney, Robert L: Killywool
Ferguson, Matthew L: Carrickhugh
Ferguson, William L: Dungullion
Finn, Mary L: Killylane
Freel, James L: Tully
Freel, Nicholas L: Tully
Furey, Michael L: Donneybrewer
Fury, Charles L: Donneybrewer
Galbraith, James L: Donneybrewer
Galbraith, James L: Donneybrewer Level
Galbraith, James L: Drummaneny
Galbraith, Maria L: Mobuoy
Gallagher, Elizabeth L: Donneybrewer
Gallagher, Elizabeth L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Gallagher, James L: Muff
Gallagher, Jane L: Muff
Gallagher, John L: Tullanee
Gallagher, Martha L: Derryarkin Lower
Gallagher, Martha L: Derryarkin Upper
Gallagher, Martha L: Falloward
Gallagher, Martha L: Templemoyle
Gallagher, Michael L: Mobuoy
Gallagher, Sarah L: Muff
George, James A. L: Carnamuff
George, Marcus L: Tullybrisland
George, Mary A. L: Carnamuff
Getty, James L: Ardnaguniog
Gilfillan, Alexander L: Killylane
Gilfilland, Ewing L: Falloward
Gilfilland, James L: Falloward
Gilgore, George L: Ardnaguniog
Gillen, Elizabeth L: Lower Gortagherty
Gillen, James L: Lower Gortagherty
Gillespie, Henry L: Longfield Beg
Gillespie, Henry L: Longfield More
Gillespie, James L: Donneybrewer
Gillespie, Jane L: Carmoney
Gillespie, John L: Drummaneny
Gillespie, John L: Longfield More
Gilliland, Rebecca L: Tully
Gilliland, Robert L: Tully
Givenny, Robert L: Tully
Glendy, Eleanor L: Ardnaguniog
Goodferry, William L: Mobuoy
Goodwin, Matthew L: Ballygudden
Goold, John L: Barnakilly
Gordon, James L: Upper Campsey
Guthrie, Henry L: Greysteel Beg
Guthrie, Robert L: Greysteel More
Guthrie, William L: Greysteel Beg
Guthrie, William L: Greysteel More
Guy, Andrew L: Donneybrewer
Guy, Robert L: Lower Gortagherty
Hall, John L: Ligg
Hamilton, Robert L: Gortgare
Hamilton, William L: Gortgare
Hammell, Neal L: Carnakilly Lower
Hampson, Michael L: Bolie
Hampson, Michael L: Faughanvale
Hanna, Henry L: Donneybrewer
Hara, Catherine L: Bolie
Hara, Charles L: Killywool
Hara, Denis L: Killywool
Hara, James L: Killywool N: Red
Hara, James L: Tullanee
Hara, James, Jr. L: Killywool
Hara, James, Sr. L: Killywool
Hara, John L: Killywool
Hara, John, Jr. L: Bolie
Hara, Michael L: Craigbrack
Hara, Michael L: Killywool
Hara, Patrick L: Legavannon
Hare, Alexander L: Killylane
Harpur, William L: Coolagh
Harpur, William L: Greysteel More
Hartrick, William L: Mobuoy
Harvey, Daniel L: Coolafinny
Harvey, John L: Coolafinny
Harvey, John L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Hassan, Ellen L: Killywool
Hattrick, Mary L: Ballygudden
Heagerty, Henry L: Tully
Healy, Michael L: Tullybrisland
Hegarty, Andrew L: Killywool
Hegarty, James L: Dunglade (Glebe)
Hegarty, Michael L: Glebe
Hegarty, Thomas L: Coolagh
Hegarty, William L: Minegallagher Glebe
Heney, Daniel L: Lower Gortagherty
Henry, Aaron L: Muff
Henry, Alex L: Bolie
Henry, Rep. James L: Longfield Beg
Henry, Samuel L: Upper Campsey
Henry, Sarah L: Upper Campsey
Hindman, David L: Falloward
Hood, Andrew L: Killywool
Hood, Joseph L: Killywool
Huey, Samuel L: Donneybrewer
Hughes, John L: Lower Campsey
Hughes, Rev. Michael L: Muff
Hughey, James L: Donneybrewer
Hughey, Joseph L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Hunter, Robert L: Ardnaguniog
Hunter, William L: Carnamuff
Hutchinson, Marcus L: Barnakilly
Hyndman, Henry L: Carnamuff
Hyndman, James L: Carnamuff
Inch, Charity L: Tullanee
Inch, John L: Templemoyle
Inch, John L: Whitehill
Inch, John, Jr. L: Tygore
Inch, John, Sr. L: Tygore
Inch, Samuel L: Ballygudden
Inch, Samuel L: Tygore
Jackson, James L: Greenan
James, Nathan L: Glebe
Jameson, Joseph L: Coolagh
Jameson, Matilda L: Ballygudden
Jameson, Matilda L: Muff
Jameson, Thomas L: Killylane
Jameson, William L: Ballygudden
Jameson, William L: Muff
Jones, John L: Carmoney
Jones, John, Sr. L: Upper Campsey
Jones, William, Jr. L: Upper Campsey
Kane, George L: Loughermore
Kane, Henry L: Ballygudden
Kane, James L: Killywool
Kane, John L: Ballygudden
Kane, John L: Glebe
Kane, John L: Killywool
Kane, John L: Longfield More
Kane, John L: Lower Campsey
Kane, Patrick L: Loughermore
Kane, Paul L: Killywool
Kane, Quintin L: Killywool
Kearns, Thomas L: Tullyverry
Keenan, Denis L: Tully
Keevnaghan, John L: Tullyverry
Keevnaghan, William L: Tullyverry
Kelly, Andrew L: Dungullion
Kelly, Andrew L: Muff
Kelly, Bryan L: Bolie
Kelly, Francis L: Killywool
Kelly, George L: Gortenny
Kelly, James L: Tullyverry
Kelly, John L: Bolie
Kelly, John L: Dungullion
Kelly, John L: Lower Campsey
Kelly, Mary L: Coolafinny
Kelly, Owen L: Bolie
Kelly, Owen L: Coolagh
Kelly, Patrick L: Minegallagher Glebe
Kelly, Robert L: Bolie
Kelly, Robert L: Carrickhugh
Kelly, Thomas L: Cregan
Kelly, William L: Coolagh
Kelly, William L: Lower Campsey
Kilpatrick, David L: Tully
King, Alexander L: Minegallagher Glebe
King, James L: Glebe
King, John L: Glebe
King, Samuel L: Dunglade (Glebe)
Kirkpatrick, David L: Donneybrewer
Kirkpatrick, David L: Donneybrewer Level
Kirkpatrick, Sarah L: Donneybrewer
Kirkpatrick, Sarah L: Donneybrewer Level
Kirkpatrick, William L: Cloghole
Kitchen, Ellen L: Derryarkin Upper
Kitchen, James L: Carnakilly Lower
Kitchen, Robert L: Ligg
Kitchen, William L: Carnakilly Lower
Knox, Thomas L: Upper Campsey
Kyle, John L: Muff
Lafferty, Edward L: Tullyverry
Lafferty, James L: Tullyverry
Lafferty, John L: Tullyverry
Lanigan, Denis L: Derryarkin Upper
Lanigan, James L: Derryarkin Upper
Laverty, John L: Tullanee
Leckey, Thomas L: Longfield More
Leech, Joseph L: Carnamuff
Leslie, Sarah L: Donneybrewer
Leslie, Thomas L: Ballygudden
Linn, Joseph L: Greenan
Logan, John L: Ardnaguniog
Logan, John L: Craigbrack
Logan, John L: Upper Gortagherty
Logan, Margaret L: Ardnaguniog
Logan, Matthew L: Ardnaguniog
Logue, Charles L: Monehaneghan
Logue, Hugh L: Carnamuff
Logue, James L: Carnakilly Lower
Logue, James L: Carnakilly Lower N: Bog
Logue, John L: Carnakilly Lower
Logue, John L: Tygore
Logue, Mary L: Ballygudden
Logue, Philip L: Carmoney
Logue, Robert L: Monehaneghan
Logue, Thomas L: Carnakilly Lower
Logue, Thomas L: Minegallagher Glebe
Logue, Thomas L: Muff
Logue, William L: Bolie
Longweil, John L: Kilnappy
Longwell, David L: Ardnaguniog
Loughery, Matthew L: Coolkeenaght
Love, Joseph L: Laraghaleas
Lynch, Henry L: Lower Campsey
Lyons, William L: Loughermore
Mackey, Alexander L: Carrickhugh
Mackey, Alexander L: Greysteel Beg
Mackey, James L: Glebe
Mackey, Martha L: Coolagh
Maginnes, Robert L: Craigbrack
Maginness, William L: Dungullion
Maguinness, John L: Killylane
Maguinness, Robert L: Killylane
Maguinness, William L: Killylane
Major, Alexander L: Lower Campsey
Major, Henry L: Gortenny
Major, James L: Donneybrewer Level
Major, James L: Gortenny
Major, James L: Salt Works
Major, Mary L: Muff
Major, Thomas L: Cregan
Major, Thomas L: Tullybrisland
Malarkey, Daniel L: Upper Gortagherty
Malarkey, Peter L: Upper Gortagherty
Malarkey, William L: Ardnaguniog
Marshall, Elizabeth L: Carrickhugh
Maxwell, Rev. Peter B. L: Bolie
Maxwell, Rev. Peter B. L: Killywool
Mc Afarchin, James L: Upper Gortagherty
Mc Annurin, Alexander L: Coolagh
Mc Auley, James L: Whitehill
Mc Beagh, John L: Derryarkin Upper
Mc Beah, John L: Lower Gortagherty
Mc Callian, Alexander L: Donneybrewer
Mc Callion, Andrew L: Muff
Mc Callion, Mary L: Muff
Mc Callion, Rosinna L: Donneybrewer
Mc Cann, John L: Tullymain
Mc Carfer, James L: Ardnaguniog
Mc Carron, James L: Glasakeeran
Mc Carron, Michael L: Glasakeeran
Mc Carter, Sophia L: Muff
Mc Clammon, Robert L: Coolagh
Mc Clean, Mary L: Coolagh
Mc Clelland, Margaret L: Greysteel More
Mc Clelland, Thomas L: Coolagh
Mc Closkey, Thomas L: Whitehill
Mc Closky, Ellen L: Tullanee
Mc Closky, John L: Upper Campsey
Mc Cluskey, James L: Coolagh
Mc Cluskey, Manus L: Derryarkin Lower
Mc Cluskey, Manus L: Derryarkin Upper
Mc Cluskey, Manus L: Upper Gortagherty
Mc Cluskey, William L: Whitehill
Mc Clusky, John L: Whitehill
Mc Clusky, Moses L: Whitehill
Mc Collum, James L: Coolafinny
Mc Collum, James L: Upper Gortagherty
Mc Collum, Nathaniel L: Donneybrewer
Mc Cormack, William L: Lower Campsey
Mc Cormack, William L: Walworth
Mc Corry, David L: Greysteel Beg
Mc Crea, Henry L: Carnamuff
Mc Crea, William L: Tullymain
Mc Cullough, William L: Donneybrewer
Mc Cullum, John L: Donneybrewer
Mc Daid, Alexander L: Greysteel Beg
Mc Daid, John L: Donneybrewer
Mc Devitt, Alexander L: Whitehill
Mc Devitt, Anne L: Ligg
Mc Devitt, William L: Drummaneny
Mc Devitt, William L: Muff
Mc Donnell, Adam L: Derryarkin Upper
Mc Donough, William L: Greysteel Beg
Mc Dow, Hugh L: Upper Gortagherty
Mc Egan, William L: Ballygudden
Mc Elroy, Andrew L: Carnakilly Lower
Mc Elvenny, Alexander L: Carmoney
Mc Elwee, James L: Drummaneny
Mc Enallin, James L: Greysteel Beg
Mc Enarl, John L: Upper Campsey
Mc Enerlan, Ellen L: Carmoney
Mc Entaggart, John L: Dungullion
Mc Ever, Patrick L: Monehaneghan
Mc Ever, Rose L: Whitehill
Mc Everlin, Henry L: Lower Gortagherty
Mc Farland, George L: Bolie
Mc Farland, James L: Tullanee
Mc Farland, Robert L: Tullanee
Mc Farlin, Abbey L: Whitehill
Mc Filly, Mary L: Cloghole
Mc Garty, Robert L: Falloward
Mc Gee, John L: Killylane
Mc Gill, James L: Craigbrack
Mc Girrell, Johns L: Tully
Mc Glinchey, Anne L: Upper Campsey
Mc Glinchey, Thomas L: Upper Gortagherty
Mc Glinchy, Edmond L: Bolie
Mc Gonigle, James L: Longfield Level
Mc Gonigle, Mary L: Craigbrack
Mc Gonnigle, Hugh L: Tully
Mc Gonnigle, James L: Donneybrewer
Mc Gonnigle, James L: Donneybrewer N: Campbellstown
Mc Gonnigle, James L: Donneybrewer N: Coolafinny
Mc Gonnigle, James, Jr. L: Coolafinny
Mc Gonnigle, James, Sr. L: Coolafinny
Mc Gonnigle, Jas. L: Donneybrewer Level N: Jockey
Mc Gonnigle, John L: Donneybrewer
Mc Gonnigle, Margaret L: Donneybrewer
Mc Gonnigle, Owen L: Coolafinny
Mc Gonnigle, Owen L: Donneybrewer
Mc Gowan, Edward L: Drummaneny
Mc Gowan, John L: Upper Campsey
Mc Grath, Hugh L: Cregan
Mc Guiness, James L: Lower Gortagherty
Mc Guiness, James L: Upper Campsey
Mc Guinness, Alexander L: Ardnaguniog
Mc Guinness, Anne L: Longfield More
Mc Guinness, Edward L: Bolie
Mc Guinness, James L: Carnakilly Lower
Mc Guinness, James L: Carnamuff
Mc Guinness, Mary L: Bolie
Mc Guinness, Patrick L: Carnamuff
Mc Guinness, Patrick L: Killywool
Mc Guinness, Rose L: Carnakilly Upper
Mc Guinness, William L: Killywool
Mc Guire, Hugh L: Monnaboy
Mc Guirk, Patrick L: Derryarkin Upper
Mc Henry, John L: Upper Campsey
Mc Ilhatton, Eliza L: Bolie
Mc Ilhatton, Robert L: Bolie
Mc Ilhatton, Samuel L: Bolie
Mc Ilhatton, William L: Coolagh
Mc Ilhenny, James L: Minegallagher Glebe
Mc Ilhenny, Michael L: Minegallagher Glebe
Mc Intyre, Alexander L: Donneybrewer
Mc Intyre, Alexander L: Laraghaleas
Mc Kay, Stephen L: Tully
Mc Keeran, Thomas L: Greenan
Mc Keever, Daniel L: Upper Campsey
Mc Keever, James L: Bolie
Mc Keever, John L: Lower Campsey
Mc Keever, Mary L: Killywool
Mc Keever, Patrick L: Laraghaleas
Mc Keever, William L: Bolie
Mc Keevy, Thomas L: Lower Campsey
Mc Kenna, George L: Glebe
Mc Kenny, Geo. L: Killywool N: Carpenter
Mc Kenny, George L: Killywool
Mc Kenny, James L: Bolie
Mc Kenny, John L: Killywool
Mc Kenny, John L: Minegallagher Glebe
Mc Kenny, Patrick L: Glebe
Mc Kenny, Patrick L: Killywool
Mc Kenny, Thomas L: Glebe
Mc Kenny, Thomas L: Killywool
Mc Kenny, Thomas L: Minegallagher Glebe
Mc Kenny, Thomas L: Tullyverry
Mc Kenny, William L: Killywool
Mc Keon, Christopher L: Glebe
Mc Keon, James L: Glebe
Mc Keon, John L: Minegallagher Glebe
Mc Keon, John, Jr. L: Glebe
Mc Keon, John, Sr. L: Glebe
Mc Keon, Samuel L: Glebe
Mc Keon, William L: Tullyverry
Mc Lean, John L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Mc Loughlin, L: Donneybrewer N: Widow
Mc Loughlin, Bernard L: Bolie
Mc Loughlin, Denis L: Lower Gortagherty
Mc Loughlin, Hannah L: Muff
Mc Loughlin, James L: Carmoney
Mc Loughlin, James L: Donneybrewer
Mc Loughlin, James L: Donneybrewer Level
Mc Loughlin, James L: Muff
Mc Loughlin, Jane L: Killylane
Mc Loughlin, John L: Carmoney
Mc Loughlin, John L: Derryarkin Upper
Mc Loughlin, John L: Donneybrewer
Mc Loughlin, John L: Killylane
Mc Loughlin, John L: Tully
Mc Loughlin, Joseph L: Derryarkin Upper
Mc Loughlin, Mary L: Killylane
Mc Loughlin, Michael, Jr. L: Craigbrack
Mc Loughlin, Michael, Sr. L: Craigbrack
Mc Loughlin, Patrick L: Donneybrewer
Mc Loughlin, Peter L: Coolafinny
Mc Loughlin, Philip L: Laraghaleas
Mc Loughlin, Thomas L: Upper Campsey
Mc Loughlin, William L: Bolie
Mc Loughlin, William L: Longfield More
Mc Loughlin, William L: Tullymain
Mc Manus, Samuel L: Kilnappy
Mc Menamin, David L: Dunglade (Glebe)
Mc Menamin, David L: Minegallagher Glebe
Mc Menamin, Sarah L: Glebe
Mc Menamy, Robert L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Mc Micken, James L: Donneybrewer
Mc Neill, Alexander L: Mobuoy
Mc Neill, Hugh L: Whitehill
Mc Neill, Mary L: Tygore
Mc Neill, Matthew L: Tygore
Mc Neill, Simson L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Mc Nutt, William L: Tullanee
Mc Pherson, Margaret L: Tullanee
Mc Rory, Charles L: Fallowlea
Mc Taggart, Edward L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Mc Taggart, James L: Lower Gortagherty
Mc Taggart, John L: Lower Gortagherty
Mc Taggart, Sarah L: Carnakilly Upper
Mc Veagh, William L: Tullanee
Michaels, John L: Dunglade (Glebe)
Michaels, John L: Monnaboy
Michaels, William L: Killylane
Miller, Jane L: Tully
Miller, John L: Cloghole
Miller, John L: Tully
Miller, Matthew L: Carmoney
Miller, Matthew L: Tully
Miller, Robert L: Coolagh
Miller, Thomas L: Carmoney
Miller, William L: Tullyverry
Mills, John L: Tully
Mills, Margaret L: Ardnaguniog
Monaghan, Catherine L: Greenan
Monaghan, Denis L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Money, Linsey L: Ardnaguniog
Money, Thomas L: Ardnaguniog
Montgomery, William L: Glebe
Moore, Andrew L: Coolagh
Moore, Andrew L: Killywool
Moore, Eleanor L: Ardnaguniog
Moore, James L: Bolie
Moore, James L: Faughanvale
Moore, James L: Killywool
Moore, John L: Donneybrewer
Morrison, Jacob L: Greysteel More
Morrison, James L: Donneybrewer
Morrison, William L: Carnamuff
Morrow, James L: Greysteel Beg
Morrow, John L: Carnamuff
Morrow, John L: Killylane
Morrow, Willliam L: Laraghaleas
Mulheerin, Arthur L: Killywool
Mulheerin, Mary L: Killywool
Mulherin, John L: Upper Campsey
Mullan, Neal L: Laraghaleas
Mullen, Anne L: Minegallagher Glebe
Mullen, Henry L: Glebe
Mullen, Patrick L: Derryarkin Upper
Mullen, Patrick L: Killywool
Mullin, Edward L: Ballygudden
Mullin, George L: Whitehill
Mullin, Joseph L: Muff
Mullin, Thomas L: Mobuoy
Mullins, Anne L: Bolie
Mullins, Francis L: Killywool
Mullins, Henry L: Tullyverry
Mullins, James L: Bolie
Mullins, James L: Kilnappy
Mullins, John L: Killywool
Mullins, John L: Minegallagher Glebe
Murphy, Agnes L: Cregan
Murphy, Joseph L: Lower Campsey
Murray, Bernard L: Derryarkin Lower
Murray, Edward L: Bolie
Murray, John L: Greysteel Beg
Murray, Robert L: Tirmacoy
Murray, William L: Bolie
Nealis, William L: Carnamuff
Nelson, Alexander L: Tullanee
Nelson, Anne L: Tullanee
Nelson, Elizabeth L: Tullanee
Nelson, James L: Tullanee
Nelson, Robert L: Tullymain
Nicholson, Thomas L: Tullyverry
Nott, James L: Walworth
Nott, John L: Tullymain
Nott, Matthew L: Carnamuff
O'Brien, James L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
O'Brien, John L: Laraghaleas
O'Brien, John L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Ogilby, Robert L: Dungullion
Ogilby, Robert L: Greysteel Beg
Ogilby, Robert L: Tullyverry
O'Neill, Ellen L: Donneybrewer
O'Neill, Hannah L: Killylane
Orr, John L: Monehaneghan
Orr, Joseph L: Ligg
Orr, William L: Dungullion
Orr, William L: Monehaneghan
Orr, William L: Tullybrisland
Osborne, Daniel L: Lower Campsey
Owens, Robert L: Killywool
Parkhill, Alexander L: Dungullion
Parkhill, James L: Greysteel Beg
Parkhill, John L: Coolagh
Parkhill, John L: Coolkeenaght
Parkhill, John L: Dungullion
Parkhill, Robert, Jr. L: Gortgare
Parkhill, Robert, Sr. L: Gortgare
Parkhill, Samuel L: Gortgare
Parkhill, Samuel L: Greysteel Beg
Patchell, James L: Carnamuff
Patchell, John L: Tirmacoy
Patterson, Robert L: Carnakilly Upper
Patterson, William L: Carnamuff
Patton, Hugh L: Killywool
Patton, James L: Killylane
Patton, James L: Killywool
Patton, Margaret L: Tully
Peoples, William L: Carrickhugh
Perry, John L: Kilnappy
Phillips, James L: Killywool
Platt, John L: Lower Campsey
Platt, Robert L: Donneybrewer
Platt, Thomas L: Upper Campsey
Platt, William L: Muff
Pollock, Samuel L: Bolie
Pollock, Samuel L: Killywool
Pollock, William L: Glebe
Porter, William L: Greysteel More
Proctor, George L: Coolkeenaght
Proctor, James L: Coolkeenaght
Proctor, Robert L: Tullybrisland
Purcelly, James L: Carmoney
Quigg, Bell L: Killywool
Quigg, John L: Tullyverry
Quigley, John L: Carnamuff
Quinn, Andrew L: Cregan
Quinn, John L: Lower Campsey
Quinn, Sarah L: Greenan
Ray, David L: Tullyverry
Redgate, William L: Glebe
Reid, John L: Whitehill
Reid, William, Jr. L: Tirmacoy
Reid, William, Sr. L: Barnakilly
Reilly, Robert L: Whitehill
Riddell, Elizabeth L: Muff
Riddell, Robert L: Donneybrewer
Robinson, Andrew L: Carnamuff
Robinson, James L: Mobuoy
Robinson, John L: Tullymain
Robinson, Robert L: Tullymain
Roden, John L: Muff
Roden, Thomas L: Templemoyle
Roden, William L: Muff
Rogers, Michael L: Dungullion
Rollestone, David L: Muff
Rollestone, David L: Upper Gortagherty
Rollestone, James L: Tygore
Roper, John L: Upper Gortagherty
Roper, Joseph L: Upper Campsey
Ross, Elijah L: Dungullion
Ross, George L: Fallowlea
Ross, George L: Gortenny
Ross, George L: Muff
Ross, George L: Templemoyle
Ross, John L: Ballygudden
Ross, John L: Greysteel Beg
Ross, John L: Muff
Ross, John L: Tullanee
Ross, Joseph L: Tullanee
Ross, Joseph L: Tygore
Ross, Samuel L: Greysteel Beg
Ross, Sarah L: Tullanee
Ross, Thomas L: Tullanee
Ross, William L: Carnakilly Upper
Rowan, John L: Coolkeenaght
Ruth, Hamilton L: Longfield Beg
Sampson, Arthur L: Dungullion N: Agent W. C. O. F.
Sampson, Arthur L: Gortgare N: Agent W. C. O. F.
Sampson, Arthur L: Greysteel Beg N: Agent W. C. O. F.
Sampson, Arthur L: Greysteel More N: Agent W. C. O. F.
Sampson, Arthur L: Loughermore N: Agent Wcof.
Sampson, Arthur L: Magheramore N: Agent W. C. O. F.
Sampson, Arthur L: Walworth
Sampson, Arthur L: Walworth N: Agent W. C. O. F.
Schobey, John L: Whitehill
Schobey, Mary L: Whitehill
Scott, Margaret L: Derryarkin Upper
Scott, Robert L: Muff
Scott, Thomas L: Clanterkee
Scott, Thomas L: Donneybrewer
Scott, Thomas L: Donneybrewer Level
Scott, Thomas L: Laraghaleas
Scott, Thomas L: Upper Campsey
Scott, William L: Glebe
Scott, William L: Walworth
Selfrake, Samuel L: Carnamuff
Shear, Mary L: Tygore
Shields, Joseph L: Tullanee
Sloan, Matthew L: Killylane
Smalls, Bernard L: Monehaneghan
Smalls, John L: Monnaboy
Smith, James L: Mc Lean & Partners Division
Smith, James L: Minegallagher Glebe
Smith, John L: Longfield Beg
Smith, Mary L: Carnakilly Upper
Smyth, Thomas L: Gortgare
Stacome, Matthew L: Muff
Steele, John L: Coolafinny
Sterling, James L: Magheramore
Stewart, Andrew L: Tygore
Stewart, George L: Tullybrisland
Stewart, James L: Barnakilly
Stewart, James L: Killylane
Stewart, James L: Tirmacoy
Stewart, Margaret L: Falloward
Stewart, Samuel L: Coolagh
Stewart, Samuel L: Faughanvale
Stirling, Adam L: Falloward
Stirling, Matilda L: Cloghole
Strain, Ellen L: Lower Gortagherty
Strong, Joseph L: Upper Campsey
Stuart, Jane L: Carnamuff
Swan, William L: Loughermore
Sweeney, George L: Mobuoy
Thompson, Andrew L: Kilnappy
Thompson, David L: Mobuoy
Thompson, Joseph L: Carnamuff
Thompson, Joseph L: Mobuoy
Thompson, Robert L: Donneybrewer
Thompson, Samuel L: Ardnaguniog
Thompson, William L: Donneybrewer
Thompson, William L: Donneybrewer N: Smith
Thompson, William L: Tullyverry
Thompson, Wm. L: Coolafinny N: Smith
Tolan, Denis L: Longfield More
Tone, George L: Tullybrisland
Toner, John L: Tullyverry
Toner, Mary L: Glebe
Torrens, Joseph L: Ardnaguniog
Torrens, Samuel L: Ardnaguniog
Tosh, John L: Lower Campsey
Townley, John L: Tirmacoy
Townley, John, Jr. L: Carnamuff
Townley, Joseph L: Tirmacoy
Townley, Thomas L: Barnakilly
Townley, Thomas L: Tirmacoy
Tyrrell, Timothy L: Donneybrewer Level
Tyrrell, Timothy L: Longfield Level
Walker, John L: Gortgare
Walker, William L: Carnamuff
Walker, William L: Upper Campsey
Ward, John L: Craigbrack
Warden, Robert L: Carnakilly Lower
Wark, James L: Donneybrewer
Wcof, L: Loughermore
West, James L: Coolafinny
West, Joseph L: Gortenny
White, Thomas L: Mobuoy
Wiggins, Henry L: Ballygudden N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Carnakilly Lower N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Carnakilly Upper N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Coolafinny
Wiggins, Henry L: Cregan N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Derryarkin Lower N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Derryarkin Upper N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Donneybrewer Level
Wiggins, Henry L: Falloward N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Fallowlea N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Gortenny N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Longfield More N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Monehaneghan N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Monnaboy N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Muff
Wiggins, Henry L: Muff N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Templemoyle N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Tullanee N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Tygore
Wiggins, Henry L: Tygore N: Agent Wcog.
Wiggins, Henry L: Whitehill N: Agent Wcog.
Williams, William L: Upper Campsey
Wilson, Hugh L: Killywool
Wilson, Jane L: Donneybrewer
Wilson, John L: Ardnaguniog
Wilson, John L: Cregan
Wilson, Samuel L: Donneybrewer
Wilson, William L: Carrickhugh
Wright, William L: Donneybrewer
Young, James L: Bolie
Young, Martha L: Faughanvale

Map of Civil Parishes in county Derry

Civil Parishes of County Derry

Griffiths Valuation - Other Derry Parishes

1 Aghadowey

2 Aghanloo

3 Agivey

4 Arboe

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyaghran

8 Ballymoney

9 Ballynascreen

10 Ballyrashane

11 Ballyscullion

12 Ballywillin

13 Balteagh

14 Banagher

15 Bovevagh

16 Carrick

17 Clondermot

18 Coleraine

19 Cumber Lower

20 Cumber Upper

21 Derryloran

22 Desertlyn

23 Desertmartin

24 Desertoghill

25 Drumachose

26 Dunboe

27 Dungiven

28 Errigal

29 Faughanvale

30 Kilcronaghan

31 Kildollagh

32 Killelagh

33 Killowen

34 Kilrea

35 Learmount

36 Lissan

37 Macosquin

38 Maghera

39 Magherafelt

40 Magilligan

41 Tamlaght

42 Tamlaght Finlagan

43 Tamlaght O Crilly

44 Templemore

45 Termoneeny