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Griffith's Valuation in Clonleigh Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation was carried out in Clonleigh parish and every other parish in county Donegal as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in Clonleigh parish, county Donegal during 1857.


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Griffiths Valuation: Clonleigh Parish 1857

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KEY:   Loc: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Alexander, James Loc: Mulnagung
Allen, Anderson Loc: Glenfad
Allen, Anderson Loc: Porthall
Allen, Andrew Loc: Legnabraid or Cunninghams Town
Allen, Rep. Anne Loc: T: Lifford
Allen, Archibald Loc: Lurganshannagh
Allen, Robert Loc: Tideway
Allison, William Loc: Ardnasool
Allison, William Loc: Toberoneill
Anderson, Adam Loc: Ardnaglass
Anderson, Alexander Loc: Ardnaglass
Anderson, Bernard Loc: Porthall
Anderson, Charles Loc: Porthall
Anderson, James Loc: Braade
Anderson, Richard Loc: Aghawee
Anderson, Richard Loc: Camus
Anderson, Robert Loc: Ardnaglass
Anderson, William Loc: Ardnaglass
Anderson, William Loc: Porthall
Armour, Joseph Loc: Gortin South
Bannigan, Bridget Loc: Letterkenny Road
Barclay, Charles Loc: Sheercloon
Barclay, George Loc: Gortinreagh
Barclay, George Loc: Massbeg
Barclay, Hugh Loc: Lurganshannagh
Barker, Alexander B. Loc: T: Lifford
Barronhill, Robert Loc: Drumleene
Barronhill, Robert Loc: Glencash
Beatty, John Loc: Aghawee
Bell, Elizabeth Loc: Rossgeir
Belle, Van Loc: Lifford Common
Blackburn, Robert Loc: Braade
Blackburne, Robert Loc: Mullaghanny
Blair, Alexander Loc: Ballynabreen
Blair, Alexander Loc: Murlough
Blair, Hamilton Loc: Ardnaglass
Blair, John Loc: Ardnaglass
Blair, John Loc: Calhame
Blair, John Loc: Keeloges
Blair, William Loc: Keeloges
Blair, William Loc: Liskey
Bogan, William Loc: Moneen
Bonar, John, Jr. Loc: Churchtown
Bonar, John, Sr. Loc: Churchtown
Bonar, Mary Loc: Ballybogan
Bonar, Mary Loc: Churchtown
Bonar, Rep. Patrick Loc: Shannon Lower
Boyle, Daniel Loc: Glenfad
Boyle, Daniel Loc: Gortinreagh
Boyle, Daniel Loc: Tieveboy
Boyle, Edward Loc: Letterkenny Road
Boyle, James Loc: Tieveboy
Boyle, Michael Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Boyle, William Loc: Mullaghanny
Bradley, Evans Loc: V: Ballindrait
Bradley, Hugh Loc: Mulnaveagh
Brady, Hugh Loc: Coneyburrow
Brady, Hugh Loc: Lifford
Brady, Hugh Loc: Lifford Bog
Brady, Hugh Loc: Town Parks
Brady, Hugh Loc: T: Lifford
Branigan, James Loc: Roughan
Brennan, Hugh Loc: Shannon Middle
Brennan, James Loc: Glenfad
Brennan, Michael Loc: Back Lane Lifford
Brennan, Michael Loc: Cavan
Brennan, Michael Loc: Letterkenny Road
Brennan, Robert Loc: Massbeg
Bresland, Andrew Loc: Mulnagung
Brogan, Edward Loc: V: Ballindrait
Brogan, James Loc: T: Lifford
Brogan, Mary Loc: Town Parks
Brogan, Michael Loc: Cloghfin
Brown, Charles Loc: Mulnagung
Brown, Patrick Loc: Porthall
Browne, Rev. William Loc: Lifford Common
Bryan, Charles Loc: Gortnagole
Bryson, Oliver Loc: Haw
Buchanan, George Loc: Lurganshannagh
Buchanan, Matthew Loc: Cloghfin
Buchanan, Samuel Loc: Ardnasool
Buchanan, William Loc: Ballymonaster
Buchanan, William Loc: Gortinreagh
Buchanan, William Loc: Lurganshannagh
Byrne, Charles Loc: Shannon Lower
Byrne, Patrick Loc: Gortin South
Caldwell, Barbara Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Caldwell, Isaac Loc: Curraghalane
Caldwell, Isaac Loc: Leggandorragh
Caldwell, Isaac Loc: T: Lifford
Caldwell, John Loc: Churchtown
Caldwell, Robert Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Caldwell, William Loc: Birdstown
Caldwell, William Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Callan, Mary Loc: Letterkenny Road
Callan, Samuel Loc: Letterkenny Road
Cannon, Margaret Loc: Lurganshannagh
Carland, John Loc: Druminaw
Carland, John Loc: Glenfad
Carland, John Loc: Gortgranagh
Carolan, Patrick Loc: Tironeill
Carolan, Richard Loc: Cloghfin
Carolan, Thomas Loc: Porthall
Carolan, William Loc: Mulnagung
Carr, James Loc: Legnabraid or Cunninghams Town
Carrigan, William Loc: Lifford Common
Cather, William Loc: Carricknaslate
Cather, William Loc: Coneyburrow
Cather, William Loc: Town Parks
Cavanagh, James Loc: Calhame
Chambers, Elizabeth Loc: Letterkenny Road
Chambers, Elizabeth Loc: T: Lifford
Clarke, Andrew Loc: Haw
Clarke, Andrew Loc: Unshinagh Lower
Clarke, Rev. Edw M. Loc: T: Lifford
Clarke, James Loc: Letterkenny Road
Clarke, James Loc: Lifford
Clarke, James Loc: Lifford Bog
Clarke, James Loc: Lifford Common
Clarke, James Loc: Porthall
Clarke, James Loc: T: Lifford
Clarke, John Loc: Porthall
Clarke, William Loc: Lifford
Cochran, James Loc: Coneyburrow
Cochrane, James Loc: Carricknaslate
Colhoun, Anne Loc: Tironeill
Colhoun, Robert Loc: Braade
Colhoun, Samuel Loc: Gortgranagh
Conaghan, Charles Loc: Springhill
Conboy, John Loc: T: Lifford
Connaghan, Hugh Loc: Gortinreagh
Connaghan, William Loc: Cloghfin
Connolly, James Loc: Rossgeir
Connor, William Loc: Newrow
Cooke, Michael Loc: Letterkenny Road
Corden, Michael Loc: Lifford Common
Corrin, Denis Loc: Ballybogan
Corrin, Denis Loc: Ballylast
Coyle, James Loc: Letterkenny Road
Coyle, Patrick Loc: Letterkenny Road
Coyle, William Loc: Boyagh
Craig, Robert Loc: Letterkenny Road
Creamer, Bernard Loc: Glenfad
Creamer, Bernard Loc: Porthall
Creamer, Charles Loc: Glenfad
Creamer, Patrick Loc: Glenfad
Cross, Simon Loc: Letterkenny Road
Crossan, Catherine Loc: Roughan
Crossan, Denis Loc: Letterkenny Road
Crossan, John Loc: Porthall
Crossan, Neal Loc: Boyagh
Crossan, Philip Loc: Roughan
Crossan, Robert Loc: Boyagh
Crossan, Robert Loc: Drumleene
Crotchett, Andrew Loc: Edenmore
Cummims, William Loc: Letterkenny Road
Cummins, John Loc: Lifford Common
Cummins, John Loc: Tironeill
Cummins, William Loc: Letterkenny Road
Cummins, William Loc: Lifford Common
Cummins, William Loc: Town Parks
Cummins, William Loc: T: Lifford
Cunningham, James Loc: Churchtown
Cunny, John Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Daniel, Michael Loc: Newrow
Davis, Elanor Loc: Letterkenny Road
Davis, James Loc: Letterkenny Road
Denny, James Loc: Gortin North
Denny, James Loc: Sheercloon
Dermott, Edward Loc: Mulnagung
Dermott, John Loc: Drumleene
Dermott, Thomas Loc: V: Ballindrait
Devanny, Brian Loc: Letterkenny Road
Devanny, Samuel Loc: Boyagh
Devanny, Samuel Loc: Glenfad
Deverell, Jane Loc: Boyagh
Devine, Hugh Loc: Aghawee
Devine, James Loc: Drumnaha
Devine, Margaret Loc: Cloghfin
Dogherty, Loc: Boyagh N: Widow
Dogherty, Loc: Porthall N: Widow
Dogherty, Charles Loc: Glenfad
Dogherty, Daniel Loc: Newrow
Dogherty, Daniel Loc: Porthall
Dogherty, Francis Loc: Glenfad
Dogherty, Hugh, Jr. Loc: Boyagh
Dogherty, Hugh, Sr. Loc: Porthall
Dogherty, James Loc: Mulnaveagh
Dogherty, James S. Loc: Porthall
Dogherty, John Loc: Glenfad
Dogherty, Michael Loc: Braade
Dogherty, Neal Loc: Mulnagung
Dogherty, Neal Loc: Mulnaveagh
Dogherty, Neal Loc: Rossgeir
Dogherty, William Loc: Porthall
Dogherty, William, Jr. Loc: Newrow
Dogherty, William, Sr. Loc: Newrow
Doherty, Andrew Loc: Cloghfin
Doherty, Charles Loc: Lifford Common
Doherty, Denis Loc: Ardnasool
Doherty, Denis Loc: Kilmonaster Lower
Doherty, Edward Loc: Lifford Common
Doherty, James Loc: Cloghfin
Doherty, James Loc: Lifford Common
Doherty, James Loc: Lurganshannagh
Doherty, James Loc: Newrow
Doherty, John Loc: Letterkenny Road
Doherty, John Loc: Unshinagh Upper
Doherty, Neill Loc: Gortin North
Doherty, Patrick Loc: Lurganshannagh
Doherty, William Loc: Gortin North
Donnell, Andrew Loc: Legnabraid or Cunninghams Town
Donnell, Andrew Loc: V: Ballindrait
Donnell, Andrew Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Donnell, John Loc: Boyagh
Donnell, John Loc: Letterkenny Road
Donnell, John Loc: Porthall
Doran, John Loc: Gortnagole
Duffy, Patrick Loc: Porthall
Dunleavy, John Loc: Mulnagung
Elliott, John Loc: Ballynabreen
Elliott, John Loc: Birdstown
Elliott, John Loc: Millsessiagh
Ewing, James Loc: Mullaghanny
Eyre, Margaret Loc: Mulnagung
Farrell, Michael Loc: Back Lane Lifford
Ferra, James Loc: Glebe
Fletcher, Ellen Loc: Mulnagung
Fletcher, James Loc: V: Ballindrait
Floyd, Patrick Loc: Gortnagole
Frill, James Loc: Gortinreagh
Furney, Henry Loc: Porthall
Galbraith, Andrew Loc: Porthall
Galbraith, Andrew Loc: Shannon Lower
Galbraith, James Loc: Cloghfin
Galbraith, John Loc: Drumleene
Galbraith, Robert, Jr. Loc: Glencash
Galbraith, Robert, Sr. Loc: Glencash
Gallagher, Catherine Loc: Rossgeir
Gallagher, Daniel Loc: Gortinreagh
Gallagher, Daniel Loc: Letterkenny Road
Gallagher, Denis Loc: Cloghfin
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Lifford Common
Gallagher, James Loc: Letterkenny Road
Gallagher, James Loc: Rossgeir
Gallagher, John Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Mulnagung
Gallagher, Toal Loc: V: Ballindrait
Gallagher, William Loc: Boyagh
Gallaher, Bridget Loc: Letterkenny Road
Gallen, Owen Loc: Letterkenny Road
Gamble, Henry Loc: Curraghalane
Gamble, Henry Loc: Haw
Gamble, William Loc: Porthall
Gannon, John Loc: Glencash
Gardiner, John Loc: Gortnagole
Gardiner, John Loc: Springhill
Gardiner, Joseph Loc: Dooros
Gardiner, Joseph Loc: Gortnagole
Gardiner, Joseph Loc: Keeloges
Gardiner, Matthew Loc: Gortnavilly
Gardiner, Samuel Loc: Gortnagole
Gardiner, Samuel Loc: Gortnavilly
Gardiner, Samuel Loc: Shannon Middle
Garland, Mary Loc: Rossgeir
Gibson, Mary Loc: Gortnavilly
Gillaway, Grace Loc: Mulnaveagh
Gillespie, Barbara Loc: Gortin North
Gillespie, Catherine Loc: Letterkenny Road
Gillespie, John Loc: Mulnagung
Gordon, George Loc: Island More
Gordon, James Loc: Sixty Acres
Gordon, Letitia Loc: Braade
Gormley, John Loc: Mulnagung
Goural, Bernard Loc: Murlough
Gourley, Gerrard Loc: Gortin South
Gourley, Leonard Loc: Legnabraid or Cunninghams Town
Gourley, Martha Loc: Toberoneill
Gourley, Samuel Loc: Backland
Gourley, Samuel Loc: Shannon Lower
Graham, James Loc: Ballybogan
Graham, James, Jr. Loc: Coneyburrow
Graham, John Loc: Letterkenny Road
Graham, John Loc: Lifford Common
Graves, George H. Loc: Lifford
Greer, William John Loc: T: Lifford
Grier, William J. Loc: Town Parks
Hagarty, Patrick Loc: Rossgeir
Hall, Samuel Loc: Drumboy
Halpin, Thomas Loc: Letterkenny Road
Hamilton, James Loc: Glenfad
Hamilton, Michael Loc: Massmore
Hamilton, Thomas Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Hannigan, Edward Loc: Cloghfin
Hannigan, Jane Loc: Glenfad
Harkins, James Loc: Ballynabreen
Harrigan, Edward Loc: Kilmonaster Middle
Harrigan, John Loc: Kilmonaster Lower
Hart, William Loc: Letterkenny Road
Hector, James Loc: Glenfad
Hegarty, William Loc: Ardnasool
Hegarty, William Loc: Cloghfin
Henderson, Alexander Loc: Drumnaha
Henderson, James Loc: Shannon Middle
Henderson, John Loc: Hollands
Henderson, John Loc: Mulnagung
Henderson, Joseph Loc: Toberoneill
Henderson, Susan Loc: Letterkenny Road
Henry, John Loc: Mulnagung
Hodkeys, Thomas Loc: Lifford Common
Holmes, Charles Loc: Rossgeir
Hood, William Loc: Edenmore
Houston, James Loc: Murlough
Houston, James Loc: Tamnawood
Houston, John Loc: Glensmoil
Houston, John Loc: Haw
Houston, John Loc: Tamnawood
Humfrey, Benjamin G. Loc: Cavanacor
Humfrey, Benjamin G. Loc: Guystown
Humfrey, Benjamin G. Loc: Tyleford
Humfrey, John Loc: Mulnagung
Hurden, Bernard Loc: Boyagh
Irwin, William Loc: Boyagh
Jones, John Loc: Letterkenny Road
Karly, Charles Loc: Hollands
Kearney, Catherine Loc: Town Parks
Kearney, James Loc: Camus
Keatly, John Loc: Letterkenny Road
Kelly, Charles Loc: Letterkenny Road
Kelly, Daniel Loc: Letterkenny Road
Kelly, James Loc: Lifford Bog
Kelly, John, Jr. Loc: Newrow
Kelly, John, Sr. Loc: Newrow
Kelly, Mary Loc: Newrow
Kelly, Samuel Loc: Porthall
Kelly, William Loc: Newrow
Kennedy, Hugh Loc: V: Ballindrait
Kennedy, James Loc: V: Ballindrait
Kennedy, John Loc: Rossgeir
Keys, John Loc: Cavan
Keys, Letitia Loc: Glenfad
Keys, Robert Loc: Mulnagung
Keys, Tasker Loc: Mulnagung
Kildea, James Loc: Rossgeir
Killeen, William Loc: Drumnaha
King, James Loc: Glensmoil
King, Moses Loc: Glensmoil
Knox, Wiiliam Mccrea Loc: T: Lifford
Knox, Rev. William Loc: Druminaw
Knox, Rev. William Loc: Gortgranagh
Knox, Rev. William Loc: Kilnpark
Knox, William Loc: Lifford Bog
Knox, William Loc: Lifford Common
Knox, Rev. William Loc: Porthall
Knox, Rev. William Loc: Sixty Acres
Knox, William Mccrea Loc: Coneyburrow
Knox, William Mccrea Loc: Lifford
Knox, William Mccrea Loc: Town Parks
Knox, William Mccrea Loc: T: Lifford
Knox, Wm. Mccrea Loc: T: Lifford
Lecky, William Loc: Glenfad
Leech, John Loc: Porthall
Leonard, Neal Loc: Glebe
Lever, William Loc: V: Ballindrait
Linchean, Jane Loc: Porthall
Little, John Loc: Ardnaglass
Little, Robert Loc: Coneyburrow
Little, Robert Loc: Town Parks
Logan, Robert Loc: Portinure
Logue, James Loc: Letterkenny Road
Logue, John Loc: Gortgranagh
Logue, Sarah Loc: Letterkenny Road
Long, Charles Loc: Newrow
Longing, Rose Loc: Porthall
Loughran, John Loc: Mulnaveagh
Loughrey, James Loc: Glencash
Loughrey, Robert Loc: Newrow
Loughrey, William Loc: Lifford Common
Loughrey, William Loc: Town Parks
Lowry, Andrew Loc: Mullaghanny
Lowry, George Loc: Cavan
Lowry, James Loc: Mullaghanny
Lowry, Marshall Loc: Blackrock
Lowry, Marshall Loc: Braade
Lowry, Marshall Loc: Gort
Lowry, Marshall Loc: Island More
Lowry, Robert Loc: Curraghalane
Lucas, Adam Loc: Gortinreagh
Lynch, John Loc: Glenfad
Lynch, John Loc: Rossgeir
Lynch, William Loc: Mulnagung
Mackey, Robert Loc: Coolatee
Mackey, William Loc: Braade
Mackey, William Loc: Coolatee
Mackey, William Loc: Wood Island
Magill, Charles Loc: Gortnavilly
Magowan, Hugh Loc: Newrow
Magowan, James Loc: Newrow
Magrath, John Loc: Newrow
Magrath, John Loc: Porthall
Mahaffy, Andrew Loc: Tironeill
Mahaffy, Edward Loc: Braade
Mahaffy, Edward Loc: Masshill
Mahaffy, Ninian Loc: Dromore
Marshall, William Loc: Ballynabreen
Marshall, William Loc: Birdstown
Martin, James Loc: Rossgeir
Martin, Rainey Loc: T: Lifford
Mcaleer, James Loc: T: Lifford
Mcalwee, Charles Loc: Kilmonaster Lower
Mcalwee, Cornelius Loc: Gortin South
Mcalwee, John Loc: Kilmonaster Lower
Mcalwee, John Loc: Kilmonaster Middle
Mcatee, Thomas Loc: Newrow
Mcaulain, John Loc: Tironeill
Mcauley, John Loc: Boyagh
Mcauley, Patrick Loc: Shannon Lower
Mcaulian, John Loc: Mulnaveagh
Mcbeth, Alexander Loc: Drumboy
Mcbeth, Andrew Loc: Drumnaha
Mcbeth, Andrew Loc: Millsessiagh
Mcbeth, James Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Mcbeth, John Loc: Ballindrait
Mcbeth, John Loc: Ballynabreen
Mcbeth, John Loc: Birdstown
Mcbeth, John Loc: Drumboy
Mcbeth, John Loc: Moneen
Mcbeth, Robert Loc: Drumboy
Mcbeth, Robert Loc: Lifford Common
Mcbeth, Robert Loc: Murlough
Mcbeth, William Loc: Drumboy
Mcbride, Susan Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mcbrierty, Francis Loc: Glenfad
Mccafferty, Cornelius Loc: V: Ballindrait
Mccafferty, John Loc: V: Ballindrait
Mccafferty, Joseph Loc: V: Ballindrait
Mccain, William Loc: Porthall
Mccann, John Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mccasker, Nicholas Loc: Carricknaslate
Mcclay, Thomas Loc: Curraghalane
Mccleary, Thomas Loc: Millsessiagh
Mcclintock, David Loc: Toberoneill
Mccluskey, Michael Loc: Rossgeir
Mccolgan, John Loc: Braade
Mccolgan, John Loc: Coolatee
Mccolgan, John Loc: Kilnpark
Mccooke, Mary Loc: Roughan
Mccool, William Loc: Cloghfin
Mccorkell, Augustus Loc: Carricknaslate
Mccorkell, Robert Loc: Coneyburrow
Mccorkell, Robert Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mccorkell, Robert Loc: Town Parks
Mccorkrell, Robert Loc: Lifford Common
Mccosker, Patrick Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mccosker, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mccosker, Sarah Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mccrea, Eliza Loc: Liskey
Mccrea, Eliza Anne Loc: Liskey
Mccrea, Matt Loc: Ballymonaster
Mccrea, William Loc: Backhill
Mccrea, Rev. William Loc: Ballindrait
Mccrea, William Loc: Mullaghanny
Mccrea, Rev. William Loc: Tamnawood
Mccrea, Rev. William Loc: V: Ballindrait
Mccrea, Wm. Loc: Ballymonaster
Mccrossan, Edward Loc: Cloghfin
Mccrudden, Robert Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mcdaid, Andrew Loc: V: Ballindrait
Mcdaid, Cormick Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mcdaid, Daniel Loc: Cavanacor
Mcdaid, James Loc: Mulnaveagh
Mcdermott, Catherine Loc: Rossgeir
Mcdermott, Francis Loc: Ballynabreen
Mcdermott, John Loc: Glebe
Mcdermott, John Loc: Kilmonaster Middle
Mcdermott, John Loc: Rossgeir
Mcdermott, John Loc: Shannon Middle
Mcdermott, William Loc: Drumleene
Mcdonnell, John Loc: Mulnaveagh
Mcdougal, William Loc: Ballynabreen
Mcdougall, William Loc: Murlough
Mcentyre, James Loc: Calhame
Mcfadden, Elizabeth Loc: Cloghfin
Mcfalls, Patrick Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mcfarland, Andrew Loc: V: Ballindrait
Mcfarland, William Loc: V: Ballindrait
Mcfarlane, John Loc: Porthall
Mcgeraghty, Charles Loc: Calhame
Mcgettigan, Hannah Loc: Ardnaglass
Mcgettigan, Hugh Loc: Tironeill
Mcgettigan, James Loc: Calhame
Mcgettigan, John Loc: Mulnaveagh
Mcgettigan, Kate Loc: Unshinagh Lower
Mcgettigan, Mary Loc: Ardnaglass
Mcgettigan, William Loc: Newrow
Mcginley, John Loc: Boyagh
Mcginley, John Loc: Millsessiagh
Mcgladery, Francis Loc: Rossgeir
Mcgourley, Charles Loc: Drumnaha
Mcgowan, James Loc: Gortnagole
Mcgowan, John Loc: Gortinreagh
Mcgrenahan, Anthony Loc: Glenfad
Mcgrenahan, John Loc: Ballynabreen
Mcgrenahan, William Loc: V: Ballindrait
Mchugh, James Loc: Gortgranagh
Mchugh, John Loc: Rossgeir
Mchugh, William Loc: Rossgeir
Mckane, John Loc: Gortgranagh
Mckearny, Stewart Loc: Massbeg
Mckenna, Eleanor Loc: Rossgeir
Mckeon, Joseph Loc: Lifford Common
Mckernan, Patrick Loc: Gortin North
Mckey, Bridget Loc: Glenfad
Mckey, William Loc: Rossgeir
Mckinley, Alexander Loc: Dromore
Mckinley, George Loc: Mulnaveagh
Mckinney, Maria Loc: T: Lifford
Mcloughlin, Bernard Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Mcloughlin, Charles Loc: Portinure
Mcloughlin, James Loc: Glenfad
Mcloughlin, John Loc: Glenfad
Mcloughlin, Peter Loc: Boyagh
Mcloughlin, Sarah Loc: Rossgeir
Mcloughlin, William Loc: Gortinreagh
Mcloughlin, William Loc: Murlough
Mcloughlin, William Loc: Sheercloon
Mcmenamin, Daniel Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mcmenamin, Daniel Loc: Lifford
Mcmenamin, Daniel Loc: Roughan
Mcmenamin, Daniel Loc: Tideway
Mcmenamin, David Loc: Curraghalane
Mcmenamin, Hugh Loc: Lifford Common
Mcmenamin, Isabella Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mcmenamin, John Loc: Ballybogan
Mcmenamin, Mary Loc: Mulnagung
Mcmenamin, Michael Loc: Lifford Common
Mcmenamin, Patrick Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mcmonigan, John Loc: Mulnagung
Mcmullen, Edward Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mcmullen, Ellen Loc: Town Parks
Mcmullen, John Loc: Newrow
Mcmulligan, Denis Loc: Newrow
Mcmulligan, James Loc: Boyagh
Mcnamee, James Loc: Boyagh
Mcnamee, John Loc: Tironeill
Mcnamee, Michael Loc: Tironeill
Mcnamie, Michael Loc: Drumleene
Mcneilage, Edward Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mcpherson, William Loc: Braade
Mcpherson, William Loc: Druminaw
Mcpherson, William Loc: Island Beg
Mcpherson, William Loc: Kilnpark
Mcpherson, William Loc: Sixty Acres
Mcshane, John Loc: Lifford Common
Mcshane, John Loc: Rossgeir
Mcshane, Rep. Michl Loc: Coneyburrow
Means, Robert Loc: Letterkenny Road
Melin, Bridget Loc: Back Lane Lifford
Miller, William Loc: Porthall
Montgomery, Jane Loc: Letterkenny Road
Moore, Andrew Loc: Drumleene
Moore, James Loc: Glencash
Moore, Michael Loc: Cloghfin
Moore, Patrick Loc: Gortin South
Morrison, John Loc: Kilmonaster Middle
Morrow, John Loc: Drumleene
Motherwell, Mary Loc: V: Ballindrait
Moyne, Edward Loc: Ballynabreen
Mulkeeran, Denis Loc: Kilmonaster Lower
Mullen, Francis Loc: Back Lane Lifford
Mulligan, James Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mulligan, John Loc: Letterkenny Road
Mulrine, Anne Loc: Birdstown
Mulrine, Anne Loc: V: Ballindrait
Mulrine, Denis Loc: Lifford Common
Mulrine, James Loc: Ballindrait
Mulrine, James Loc: Millsessiagh
Mulrine, James Loc: V: Ballindrait
Mulrine, James Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Mulrine, Patrick Loc: Drumnaha
Mulrine, Patrick Loc: Springhill
Mustard, Jane Loc: Boyagh
Nelis, James Loc: Roughan
Nelis, John Loc: Lifford
Odonnell, Francis Loc: T: Lifford
Orr, Elizabeth Loc: Letterkenny Road
Parker, William Loc: V: Ballindrait
Patten, Charles Loc: Drumnaha
Patten, John Loc: Tieveboy
Patterson, James Loc: Churchtown
Patterson, John Loc: Ballybogan
Patterson, John Loc: Legnaneale
Patterson, Kieran Loc: Cloghfin
Patterson, Samuel Loc: Churchtown
Patterson, Samuel Loc: Town Parks
Patton, Unity Loc: Letterkenny Road
Paul, Edward Loc: Mulnaveagh
Pilkington, William Loc: Curraghalane
Porter, John Loc: Lifford Common
Prior, Elizabeth Loc: V: Ballindrait
Quinn, Alexander Loc: Porthall
Quinn, Denis Loc: Drumleene
Quinn, James Loc: Cloghfin
Quinn, John Loc: Drumleene
Quinn, Owen Loc: Porthall
Quinton, Henry Loc: V: Ballindrait
Quinton, James Loc: Murlough
Quinton, William Loc: Lifford Common
Ray, George Loc: Ardnaglass
Reade, James Loc: V: Ballindrait
Reilly, John Loc: Town Parks
Robinson, Charles Loc: Lifford Common
Robinson, Charles Loc: Murlough
Robinson, Thomas Loc: Murlough
Rodgers, Andrew Loc: Unshinagh Lower
Rogers, Andrew Loc: Tirkeeran
Ross, William Loc: Gortin North
Roulston, James Loc: Ardnaglass
Roulston, John Loc: Ardnaglass
Roulston, Joseph Loc: V: Ballindrait
Rowan, William Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Ryan, Patrick Loc: Birdstown
Scanlan, Catherine Loc: Letterkenny Road
Scanlan, Patrick Loc: Lifford Common
Scanlan, Robert Loc: Coneyburrow
Scott, James Loc: Massmore
Scott, James Loc: Mulnaveagh
Scott, John Loc: Letterkenny Road
Searle, Samuel Loc: Lifford
Searle, Samuel Loc: T: Lifford
Semple, William Loc: Boyagh
Sharkey, Edward Loc: Letterkenny Road
Sharkey, Edward Loc: Lifford
Sharkey, John Loc: Dromore
Sharkey, Joseph Loc: Letterkenny Road
Sharkey, Joseph Loc: Lifford
Sharkey, Joseph Loc: Lifford Common
Sharkey, William Loc: Hollands
Sharkey, William Loc: Letterkenny Road
Shearon, James Loc: Gortin North
Sheerin, Edward Loc: Letterkenny Road
Sherked, Samuel Loc: Dromore
Shiels, Patrick Loc: Rossgeir
Shirkey, Edward Loc: Lifford Bog
Simpson, Samuel Loc: Legnabraid or Cunninghams Town
Sinclair, James Loc: Cloghfin
Sinclair, James Loc: Massbeg
Sinclair, James Loc: Massmore
Slevin, Charles Loc: Letterkenny Road
Smith, Samuel Loc: Mulnagung
Smyly, Rev. Andrew F. Loc: T: Lifford
Smyth, Alexander Loc: Kilmonaster Middle
Smyth, Andrew Loc: Mulnagung
Smyth, Catherine Loc: Newrow
Smyth, Francis Loc: Corkan Isle
Smyth, Hugh Loc: Porthall
Smyth, James Loc: Lifford Common
Smyth, John Loc: Letterkenny Road
Smyth, John Loc: Sixty Acres
Smyth, Joseph Loc: Springhill
Smyth, Oliver Loc: Croaghan
Smyth, Robert Loc: Boyagh
Smyth, Robert Loc: Glenfad
Smyth, Robert Loc: Masshill
Smyth, Robert Loc: Porthall
Smyth, Samuel Loc: Mullaghanny
Smyth, Sarah Loc: Letterkenny Road
Smyth, Thomas Loc: Haw
Smyth, William Loc: Mulnagung
Spence, John Loc: Coneyburrow
Spence, John Loc: Town Parks
Spratt, Sarah Loc: Letterkenny Road
Stephenson, Miss Loc: Mulnagung
Stephenson, Andrew Loc: Ballindrait
Stephenson, David Loc: Shannon Lower
Stephenson, James Loc: Mulnaveagh
Stephenson, Jane Loc: Cavan
Stephenson, Jane Loc: Dromore
Stephenson, John Loc: Letterkenny Road
Stephenson, Mary Loc: Kilmonaster Lower
Stephenson, Mary Loc: Kilmonaster Middle
Stewart, Mrs. Angel I. Loc: Haw
Stewart, Mrs. Angel I. Loc: Portinure
Stewart, Mrs. Angel I. Loc: Wood
Stewart, John Loc: Kilmonaster Middle
Stilly, Anne Loc: Gortin North
Stilly, Anne Loc: Tamnawood
Sullivan, Denis Loc: Letterkenny Road
Sullivan, John Loc: Letterkenny Road
Taylor, John Loc: Kilmonaster Lower
Tenny, Patrick Loc: Rossgeir
Thompson, William Loc: Unshinagh Upper
Throne, Edward Loc: Ballindrait
Throne, Eliza Loc: V: Ballindrait
Throne, Robert Loc: Portinure
Tinny, Cornelius Loc: Kilmonaster Middle
Tinny, Hugh Loc: V: Ballindrait
Tinny, William Loc: V: Ballindrait
Toner, Bridget Loc: V: Ballindrait
Toner, Jane Loc: V: Ballindrait
Toorish, James Loc: Mulnagung
Toorish, John Loc: V: Ballindrait
Tracey, John Loc: Letterkenny Road
Van Belle, Andreas B. Loc: Back Lane
Van Belle, Andreas B. Loc: Town Parks
Van Belle, Andreas B. Loc: T: Lifford
Vance, John Loc: Lifford Common
Vehilid, George Loc: Lifford Common
Walker, Anne Loc: Coneyburrow
Walker, George Loc: T: Lifford
Walker, Samuel Loc: Mulnaveagh
Walsh, Daniel Loc: Letterkenny Road
Walsh, Henry Loc: Rossgeir
Walsh, James Loc: V: Ballindrait
Walsh, Margaret Loc: V: Ballindrait
Ward, Sarah Loc: Letterkenny Road
Watson, Rebecca Loc: Gortin North
Weir, Alexander Loc: Ballindrait
Weir, Alexander Loc: Millsessiagh
Weir, Alexander Loc: V: Ballindrait
Weir, James Loc: Ballindrait
Weir, James Loc: Mulnaveagh
Weir, James Loc: Mulnaveagh N: Cottier
Weir, James Loc: Rossgeir
Weir, James Loc: Tamnawood
Weir, John Loc: Hollands
Weir, John Loc: Mulnaveagh
Weir, Robert Loc: Lifford
Weir, Robert Loc: Moneen
Weir, Robert Loc: Mulnaveagh
Weir, Robt Loc: Hollands
Weir, William Loc: Gortin North
Weir, William Loc: Lifford Common
Wilkie, David Loc: Tirkeeran
Wilkie, James Loc: Aghawee
Wilkie, James Loc: Croaghan
Wilkie, Robert Loc: Aghawee
Wilkie, William Loc: Gortnagole
Wilkie, William Loc: Kilmonaster Lower
Wilkie, William Loc: Legnabraid or Cunninghams Town
Wilson, Alexander Loc: Churchtown
Wilson, Bernard Loc: V: Ballindrait
Wilson, James Loc: Lifford Common
Wilson, John Loc: Kilmonaster Lower
Wilson, Mary Loc: V: Millsessiagh
Wilson, Rebecca Loc: Lifford Common
Woodland, Mary Loc: Letterkenny Road
Wray, Thomas Loc: Porthall

Map of Civil Parishes in county Donegal

Civil Parish Records of County Donegal

Other county Donegal Parish Records

1 Aghanunshin

2 All Saints

3 Aughnish

4 Barr of Inch

5 Burt

6 Clonca

7 Clondahorky

8 Clondavaddog

9 Clonleigh

10 Clonmany

11 Convoy

12 Conwal

13 Culdaff

14 Desertegny

15 Donagh

16 Donaghmore

17 Donegal

18 Drumhome

19 Fahan Lower

20 Fahan Upper

21 Gartan

22 Glencolumbkille

23 Kilbarron

24 Kilcar

25 Killaghtee

26 Killea

27 Killybegs Upper

28 Killybegs Lower

29 Killygarvan

30 Killymard

31 Kilmacrenan

32 Kilteevoge

33 Inch

34 Inishkeel

35 Inishmacsaint

36 Inver

37 Leck

38 Lettermacaward

39 Mevagh

40 Moville Lower

41 Moville Upper

42 Muff

43 Raphoe

44 Raymoghy

45 Raymunterdoney

46 Stranorlar

47 Taughboyne

48 Templecarn

49 Templecrone

50 Tullaghobegley

51 Tullyfern

52 Urney