Griffith's Valuation: Inishkeel Parish, County Donegal

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Griffith's Valuation in Inishkeel Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation was carried out in Inishkeel parish and every other parish in county Donegal as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in Inishkeel parish, county Donegal during 1857.


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Griffiths Valuation: Inishkeel Parish 1857, county Donegal

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KEY:   Loc: = Location     N: = Notes     Vl: = Village     Tn: = Town

Adair, George Loc: Kinnoghty
Adair, William Loc: Crumlin
Adair, William, Jr. Loc: Kinnoghty
Adair, William, Sr. Loc: Kinnoghty
Adair, Wm. Loc: Kinnoghty N: Orimlin
Adamson, Samuel Loc: Kilclooney More
Ahearne, Daniel Tn: Glenties - Main St N: Lodgers
Ahearne, Owen Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Ahearne, Owen Tn: Glenties - Main St
Ahearne, Owen Tn: Glenties - Main St N: Lodgers
Aril, James Loc: Meenagrillagh
Arnold, Charles Loc: Tully Beg
Barrett, James Loc: No. 15, Inishkeel
Barrett, John Loc: Maas
Barrett, Rep. Lindsay Loc: Drumboghill
Battle, John Loc: Mulmosog or Altnagapple
Beirne, Connell Loc: Sandfield
Beirne, Denis Loc: Maas
Beirne, Hugh Loc: Doobin
Beirne, Hugh Loc: Doorian
Beirne, John Loc: Ballyiriston
Beirne, John Loc: Naran
Beirne, Manus Loc: Doobin
Beirne, Manus Loc: Doorian
Beirne, Owen Loc: Loughfad
Beirne, Patrick Loc: Doorian
Beirne, Patrick Loc: Meenanale
Beirne, Sarah Loc: Doorian
Beirne, William Loc: Derryness
Bellinsley, John, Jr. Loc: Maas
Bellinsley, John, Sr. Loc: Maas
Billinsley, Samuel Loc: Maas
Blane, Hamilton Loc: Kilcashel
Boner, Denis Loc: Lughveen
Boner, Edward Loc: Bellanamore
Boner, Francis Loc: Meenmore, East
Boner, Francis Loc: Meenmore, West
Boner, Francis Tn: Glenties - Main St
Boner, James Loc: Bellanamore
Boner, Margaret Loc: Kincrum
Bonner, James Loc: Cloghercor
Bonner, Owen Loc: Cloghercor
Bonner, Patrick Loc: Cloghercor
Bonor, Francis Loc: Drumnasillagh
Bourke, Patrick Loc: Largybrack
Bourke, Patrick Loc: Meenacurrin
Boyce, Bridget Loc: Mulnamin More
Boyce, Jeremiah Loc: Mulnamin More
Boyce, John Loc: Meenagolan
Boyce, John Loc: Mulnamin More
Boyce, Thaddeus Loc: Eden
Boyde, Alexander Loc: Drumirrin
Boyde, Hugh Loc: Cloghboy
Boyde, Hugh Loc: Drumirrin
Boyde, James Loc: Crannogeboy
Boyde, James Loc: Drumirrin
Boyde, John Loc: Drumirrin
Boyde, Richard Loc: Drumirrin
Boyde, Robert Loc: Cloghboy
Boyde, Robert Loc: Drumirrin
Boyde, Thomas Loc: Drumirrin
Boyde, Thomas, Jr. Loc: Drumirrin
Boyle, Andrew Loc: Meenalargan
Boyle, Annabella Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Boyle, Anne Loc: Drumconcoose
Boyle, Anne Loc: Meenacurrin
Boyle, Anne Loc: Meenamalragh
Boyle, Anne Loc: Mullyvea
Boyle, Anne Loc: Straboy
Boyle, Brian, Sr. Loc: Ballymackilduff
Boyle, Bridget Loc: Mullyvea
Boyle, Brien, Jr. Loc: Ballymackilduff
Boyle, Brien, Sr. Loc: Ballymackilduff
Boyle, Bryan Loc: Lughveen
Boyle, Bryan Loc: Maas
Boyle, Bryan Loc: Meenanarwa
Boyle, Bryan Loc: Tullycleave More
Boyle, Bryen Loc: Letterilly
Boyle, Catherine Loc: Killasteever
Boyle, Catherine Loc: Meenmore, West
Boyle, Cecilia Loc: Letterilly
Boyle, Charles Loc: Banganboy
Boyle, Charles Loc: Dalraghan More
Boyle, Charles Loc: Graffy
Boyle, Charles Loc: Maghera
Boyle, Charles Loc: Mully
Boyle, Charles Loc: Newtownburke
Boyle, Charles Loc: Owenteskiny
Boyle, Charles Loc: Stracashel
Boyle, Connell Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Boyle, Connell Loc: Mully
Boyle, Connell Loc: Stracashel
Boyle, Cornelius Loc: Tullycleave More
Boyle, Daniel Loc: Rossbeg
Boyle, Denis Loc: Meenmore, East
Boyle, Denis Loc: Mullyvea
Boyle, Donald Loc: Shanaghan
Boyle, Dudley Loc: Rossbeg
Boyle, Edward Loc: Cloghboy
Boyle, Edward Loc: Illancreeve
Boyle, Edward Loc: Killasteever
Boyle, Edward Loc: Laconnell
Boyle, Edward Loc: Letterilly
Boyle, Edward Loc: Loughfad
Boyle, Edward Loc: Maghera
Boyle, Edward Loc: Meenalargan
Boyle, Elizabeth Loc: Lagnagillew
Boyle, Feregal Loc: Lackagh
Boyle, George Loc: Maas
Boyle, Hugh Loc: Dalraghan More
Boyle, Hugh Loc: Doobin
Boyle, Hugh Loc: Loughcrillan
Boyle, Hugh Loc: Middletown
Boyle, Hugh Loc: Owenteskiny
Boyle, James Loc: Banganboy
Boyle, James Loc: Drumboghill
Boyle, James Loc: Lagnagillew
Boyle, James Loc: Letterilly
Boyle, James Loc: Liskeeraghan
Boyle, James Loc: Loughfad
Boyle, James Loc: Maas
Boyle, James Loc: Maghera
Boyle, James Loc: Sandfield
Boyle, James Loc: Tullycleave More
Boyle, John Loc: Banganboy
Boyle, John Loc: Clogher, West
Boyle, John Loc: Clooney
Boyle, John Loc: Drumconcoose
Boyle, John Loc: Letterilly
Boyle, John Loc: Maas
Boyle, John Loc: Meenamalragh
Boyle, John Loc: Meenavally
Boyle, John Loc: Meenmore, West
Boyle, John Loc: Naran
Boyle, John Loc: Owenteskiny
Boyle, John Loc: Rossbeg
Boyle, Manus Loc: Letterilly
Boyle, Margaret Loc: Lackaghatermon
Boyle, Margaret Loc: Loughfad
Boyle, Margaret Loc: Lughveen
Boyle, Margaret Loc: Meenanarwa
Boyle, Margaret Loc: Naran
Boyle, Mary Loc: Banganboy
Boyle, Mary Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Boyle, Mary Loc: Letterilly
Boyle, Michael Loc: Ballymackilduff
Boyle, Michael Loc: Derryloaghan
Boyle, Michael Loc: Gortnasillagh
Boyle, Michael Loc: Loughcrillan
Boyle, Michael Loc: Meenmore, West
Boyle, Nano Loc: Mullyvea
Boyle, Neal Loc: Eden
Boyle, Neal Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Boyle, Neal Loc: Meenalargan
Boyle, Neal Loc: Middletown
Boyle, Neal Loc: Naran
Boyle, Neale Loc: Cashelgolan
Boyle, Neale Loc: Loughfad
Boyle, Neale Loc: Maas N: George
Boyle, Neale Loc: Maas N: Neale
Boyle, Owen Loc: Banganboy
Boyle, Owen Loc: Gortnasillagh
Boyle, Owen Loc: Islands/No. 35
Boyle, Owen Loc: Kilclooney More
Boyle, Owen Loc: Letterilly
Boyle, Owen Loc: Maas
Boyle, Owen Loc: Rossbeg
Boyle, Owen Loc: Sandfield
Boyle, Owen Loc: Stracashel
Boyle, Patk. Loc: Tullycleave More N: Cornelius
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Ballyiriston
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Ballymackilduff
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Cloghboy
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Drumirrin
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Glenmacannive
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Gortnasillagh N: Neal
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Gortnasillagh N: Owen
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Lagnagillew
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Loughcrillan
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Loughfad
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Maas
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Mulnamin Beg
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Newtownburke
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Owenteskiny
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Straboy
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Stravally
Boyle, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Tullycleave More
Boyle, Philip Loc: Doobin
Boyle, Philip Loc: Glenmacannive
Boyle, Philip Loc: Graffy
Boyle, Philip Loc: Loughcrillan
Boyle, Philip Loc: Stracashel N: James
Boyle, Philip Loc: Stracashel N: Michael
Boyle, Philip Tn: Glenties - Main St
Boyle, Pk. Loc: Tullycleave More N: Cornelius
Boyle, Sarah Loc: Drumalough
Boyle, Teague Loc: Drumnasillagh
Boyle, Thaddeus Loc: Cloghboy
Boyle, Thomas Loc: Lagnagillew
Boyle, Thomas Loc: Loughfad
Boyle, Thomas Loc: Mullyvea
Boyle, Thomas Loc: Rossbeg
Boyle, Timothy Loc: Meenalargan
Boyle, William Loc: Drumaneany
Boyle, William Loc: Mullanacarry
Boyle, William Loc: Mullyvea
Bradden, James Loc: Killasteever
Bradden, Neale Loc: Laconnell
Bradden, Patrick Loc: Bracky
Brennan, Catherine Loc: Stranaglogh
Brennan, Daniel Loc: Beaghmore
Brennan, Francis Loc: Shallogan More
Brennan, James Loc: Doobin
Brennan, James Loc: Stranaglogh
Brennan, John Loc: Banganboy
Brennan, John Loc: Graffy
Brennan, Lanty Loc: Buncroobog
Brennan, Patrick Loc: Graffy
Brennan, Patrick Loc: Shallogan More
Brennan, Susan Loc: Shallogan More
Brennan, Thomas Loc: Lackagh
Brennan, Thomas Loc: Stranaglogh
Bresland, Anne Loc: Cloghboy
Bresland, Charles Loc: Meengilcarry
Bresland, Charles Loc: Mulmosog or Altnagapple
Bresland, Daniel Loc: Meengilcarry
Bresland, James Loc: Mulmosog or Altnagapple
Bresland, Michael Loc: Mulmosog or Altnagapple
Bresland, Owen Loc: Cloghboy
Bresland, Patrick Loc: Aighe
Breslin, Bryan Loc: Clooney
Breslin, Edward Loc: Lagnagillew
Breslin, Edward Loc: Meenagolan
Breslin, James Loc: Lacklea
Breslin, James Loc: Strasallagh
Breslin, John, Jr. Loc: Mullanmore
Breslin, John, Sr. Loc: Mullanmore
Breslin, Owen Loc: Lacklea
Breslin, Patrick Loc: Lagnagillew
Breslin, Patrick Tn: Glenties - Main St
Brice, Arthur Loc: Edergole
Brice, Arthur, Jr. Loc: Edergole
Brickley, William Loc: Crannogeboy
Brislain, Bryan Loc: Owenteskiny
Brisland, Anthony Loc: Bracky
Brisland, Bridget Loc: Killasteever
Brisland, Bridget Loc: Shanaghan
Brisland, Catherine Loc: Killasteever
Brisland, Charles Loc: Bellaganny
Brisland, Charles Loc: Cashel
Brisland, Daniel Loc: Newtownburke
Brisland, Hugh Loc: Killasteever
Brisland, Hugh Loc: Shanaghan
Brisland, James Loc: Killasteever
Brisland, James Loc: Mullanacarry
Brisland, John Loc: Killasteever
Brisland, John Loc: Liskeeraghan
Brisland, John Loc: Newtownburke N: Shane
Brisland, Mary Loc: Mullanacarry
Brisland, Mary, Jr. Loc: Mullanacarry
Brisland, Neal Loc: Scaddaman
Brisland, Patrick Loc: Cashel
Brisland, Patrick Loc: Killasteever
Brisland, William Loc: Scaddaman
Brislian, Cormack Loc: Barkillew
Brogan, John Tn: Glenties - Main St
Brogan, Patrick Loc: Clogher, West
Brogan, Patrick Loc: Naran
Browne, Charles Loc: Clogher, East
Browne, Charles Loc: Meenanarwa
Browne, John Loc: Ballyiriston
Browne, John Loc: Letterilly
Browne, John Loc: Loughcrillan
Browne, Neal Loc: Meenanarwa
Browne, Patrick Loc: Clogher, East
Browne, Patrick Loc: Drumnaha
Browne, Patrick Loc: Meenanarwa
Browne, Samuel Loc: Ballyiriston
Bruce, James Loc: Eden
Bryce, Thomas Loc: Cashel
Bryne, Francis Loc: Illancreeve
Burns, Alexander Loc: Tully More
Burns, Robert Loc: Tully More
Byrne, Francis Loc: Laconnell
Byrne, Hannah Loc: Meenakillew
Byrne, Loughlin Loc: Meenakillew
Byrne, Mary Loc: Common
Byrne, Mary Loc: Common Mountain
Byrne, Michael Loc: Meenavally
Callaghan, Ellen Loc: Beagh
Campbell, Brigid Loc: Mullanmore
Campbell, Catheirne Loc: Stranaglogh
Campbell, Charles Loc: Clooney
Campbell, Charles Loc: Clougherachullion
Campbell, Charles Loc: Derryloaghan
Campbell, Charles Loc: Stranaglogh
Campbell, Charles Tn: Glenties - Main St
Campbell, Connell Loc: Lackagh
Campbell, Connell Loc: Stranagoppoge
Campbell, Connell Loc: Strasallagh
Campbell, Daniel Loc: Cleengort
Campbell, Daniel Loc: Drumalough
Campbell, Hugh Loc: Lackagh
Campbell, John Loc: Kingarrow
Campbell, John Loc: Tievedeevan
Campbell, Patrick Loc: Clougherachullion
Campbell, Patrick Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Campbell, Patrick Loc: Kingarrow
Campbell, Patrick Loc: Lughveen
Campbell, Sophia Loc: Drumalough
Campbell, Tully Loc: Gortnasillagh
Campbell, William Loc: Tievedeevan
Cannon, Cornelius Loc: Lackagh
Cannon, Dominick Loc: Drumnasillagh
Cannon, Edward Loc: Owenteskiny
Cannon, Hugh Loc: Owenteskiny
Cannon, John Loc: Drumaghy
Cannon, John Loc: Lergynasearhagh
Cannon, John Loc: Middletown
Cannon, Owen Loc: Lackagh
Cannon, Patrick Loc: Lergynasearhagh
Carbery, James Loc: Meenadoan
Carbery, Mary Loc: Meenadoan
Carbery, Michael Loc: Meenmore, East
Carlon, Francis Loc: Newtownburke
Carolan, Maurice Tn: Glenties - The Rock
Carolan, Patrick Tn: Glenties - Main St
Carr, James Loc: Greenans
Carr, Neal Loc: Owenteskiny
Carr, Patrick Loc: Greenans
Carr, Thomas Loc: Laconnell
Carrabin, Thomas Loc: Drumirrin
Carrabine, Edward Loc: Meenakillew
Carribine, Anne Loc: Cloghboy
Carribine, Edward Loc: Cloghboy
Carrolan, John Loc: Crannogeboy
Colter, Charles Loc: Tully More
Conaghan, Condy Loc: Aighe
Conahan, Condy Loc: Tullycleave Beg
Conahan, John Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Conihan, Andrew Loc: Drumboghill
Conihan, Charles Loc: Gortnasillagh
Conihan, James Loc: Drumnalough
Conihan, John Loc: Straboy
Conihan, John, Jr. Loc: Ballymackilduff
Conihan, John, Sr. Loc: Ballymackilduff
Conihan, Owen Loc: Gortnasillagh
Conihan, Patrick Loc: Straboy
Conihan, Teague Loc: Gortnasillagh
Connor, Daniel Loc: Drumaneany
Connor, James Loc: Derryloaghan
Conoughan, Francis Loc: Crumlin
Conoughan, Mary Loc: Crumlin
Conoughan, Owen Loc: Crannogeboy
Conyagham, Marquis Loc: Gortnamucklagh N: Marquis of Conyagham
Conyngham, Marquis Loc: Drumnasillagh N: Marquis of Conyngham
Conyngham, Marquis Loc: Gortnamucklagh N: Marquis of Conyngham
Conyngham, Marquis Loc: Kilclooney Beg N: Marquis of Conyngham
Conyngham, Marquis Loc: Summy N: Marquis of Conyngham
Conyngham, Marquis Tn: Glenties - Main St N: Marquis of Conyngham
Conynghan, Marquis Loc: No. 36 Roancarrick Island N: Marquis of Conynghan
Craig, Cecilla Loc: Meenachullion
Craig, Daniel Loc: Drumboghill
Craig, Daniel Loc: Kiltooris
Craig, Daniel Loc: Meenmore, East
Craig, Denis Loc: Drumnasillagh
Craig, Denis Loc: Meenanale
Craig, John Loc: Drumnasillagh
Craig, John Loc: Drumnasillagh N: Shane
Craig, Neal Loc: Meenachullion
Craig, Owen Loc: Meenanale
Craig, Patrick Loc: Meenachullion
Craig, Thomas Loc: Kilclooney More
Crawford, Francis Loc: Summy
Criag, Denis Loc: Meenanale
Criag, Owen Loc: Meenanale
Crummer, Francis Loc: Mullyvea
Crummer, Francis Loc: Summy
Crummer, Samuel Loc: Mullyvea
Crummer, Samuel Loc: Summy
Cull, Patrick Loc: Meenadoan
Cunney, John Loc: Owenteskiny
Cunney, Peter Loc: Owenteskiny
Cunnigham, Bridget Loc: Largybrack
Cunnihan, Anne Loc: Laconnell
Cunnihan, Patrick Loc: Laconnell
Cunningham, Anne Loc: Illancreeve
Cunningham, Daniel Loc: Edergole
Cunningham, George Loc: Edergole
Cunningham, James Loc: Drumboghill
Cunningham, Patrick Loc: Meentashesk
Dair, Archibald Loc: Tullyard
Daniel, Issac Loc: Coolvoy
Dare, James Loc: Tully More
Davis, Andrew Loc: Maas
Davis, George Loc: Tully More
Davis, John Loc: Loughfad
Davis, Richard Loc: Crannogeboy
Davis, William Loc: Tully Beg
Devany, Cornelius Loc: Cloghercor
Devany, Daniel Loc: Clougherachullion
Devany, John Loc: Clougherachullion
Devany, Neal Loc: Clougherachullion
Devany, Owen Loc: Loughcrillan
Dever, Connor Tn: Glenties - Main St
Devir, Denis Loc: Letterilly
Devir, Edward Loc: Mullanmore
Devir, Margaret Loc: Ardun
De Ward, John Loc: Kingarrow
De Ward, Patrick Loc: Meenanarwa
De Ward, William Loc: Meenanarwa
Dinneen, Bridget Loc: Strasallagh
Dinneen, John Loc: Meenasrone, South
Dinneen, Patrick Loc: Meenasrone, South
Dobbit, Jane Loc: Cashel
Doherty, Anthony Loc: Currynanerriagh
Doherty, Bridget Loc: Fintown
Doherty, Brien Loc: Clogher, East
Doherty, Charles Loc: Fintown
Doherty, Grace Loc: Meenasrone, North
Doherty, James Loc: Greenans
Doherty, John Loc: Adderwal
Doherty, John Loc: Beaghmore
Doherty, John Loc: Bellanamore
Doherty, John Loc: Currynanerriagh
Doherty, John Loc: Fintown
Doherty, John Loc: Loughnambraddan
Doherty, John Loc: Montymeane
Doherty, Michael Loc: Beaghmore
Doherty, Michael Loc: Currynanerriagh
Doherty, Michael Loc: Fintown
Doherty, Michael Loc: Meenanarwa
Doherty, Neal Loc: Beaghmore N: Jas
Doherty, Neal Loc: Beaghmore N: Pat
Doherty, Neal Loc: Coolvoy
Doherty, Neal Loc: Currynanerriagh N: James
Doherty, Neal Loc: Currynanerriagh N: Pat
Doherty, Neal Loc: Meenagolan
Doherty, Patrick Loc: Adderwal
Doherty, Thomas Loc: Doobin
Donnell, Connell Loc: Cloghercor
Donnell, Connell Loc: Tully Beg
Donnell, John Loc: Mully
Doran, James Loc: Kingarrow
Dorian, Charles Loc: Crumlin
Dorian, Condy Loc: Bellaganny
Dorian, James Loc: Drumaghy
Dorian, Mary Loc: Shanaghan
Dudgeon, Andrew Loc: Drumnasillagh
Duffy, Denis Loc: Meenagolan
Duffy, Edward Loc: Glenaboghil
Duffy, Edward Loc: Meenagolan
Duffy, Hugh Loc: Kingarrow
Duffy, John Loc: Drumaneany
Duffy, John Loc: Meenachullion
Duffy, Neal Loc: Meenagolan
Duffy, Patrick Loc: Kingarrow
Duggan, Bryan Loc: Largybrack
Duggan, Condy Loc: Largybrack
Duncan, Charles Loc: Tullyard
Duncan, Elizabeth Loc: Tullyard
Dunleary, Daniel Loc: Kinnoghty
Dunleary, John Loc: Kinnoghty
Dunlevy, Ambrose Loc: Ardun
Dunlevy, Daniel Loc: Gortnasillagh
Dunlevy, James Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Dunlevy, James Tn: Glenties - The Rock
Dunlevy, Mortimer Loc: Gortnasillagh
Dwyer, Patrick Loc: Straboy
Early, Daniel Tn: Glenties - Main St
Early, Edward Loc: Drumnasillagh
Early, John Loc: Drumnasillagh
Early, Maurice Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Elliott, Alexander Loc: Gortnasillagh
Elliott, Anne Loc: Tully Beg
Elliott, Charles Loc: Cashel
Elliott, Charles Loc: Gortnasillagh
Elliott, Charles Loc: Kilkenny
Elliott, Charles Loc: No. 5
Elliott, Charles Loc: No. 6, Illanfad
Finn, Patrick Loc: Tullycleave More
Fisher, Catherine Loc: Derryness
Fisher, Charles Loc: Mulmosog or Altnagapple
Fisher, Charles Loc: Rossbeg
Fisher, Patrick Loc: Mullyvea
Frehill, Patrick Loc: Tullycleave More
Friel, Michael Loc: Cloghboy
Furey, Daniel Loc: Drumnasillagh
Furry, Daniel Loc: Common
Fury, Bridget Loc: Loughcrillan
Fury, Daniel Loc: Common Mountain
Gairgan, John Loc: Meenapeaky
Gairgan, Owen Loc: Meenapeaky
Gallagher, Anne Loc: Common
Gallagher, Anne Loc: Common Mountain
Gallagher, Bella Loc: Crumlin
Gallagher, Bridget Loc: Dalraghan More
Gallagher, Brien Loc: Ballymackilduff
Gallagher, Bryan Loc: Mulnamin Beg
Gallagher, Bryan Loc: Mulnamin More
Gallagher, Bryan Loc: No. 2/Island
Gallagher, Byran Loc: Mulnamin More
Gallagher, C. Loc: Bracky N: Bridget
Gallagher, Catherine Loc: Adderwal
Gallagher, Catherine Loc: Cloghboy
Gallagher, Charles Loc: Bracky
Gallagher, Charles Loc: Crannogeboy
Gallagher, Charles Loc: Crocam
Gallagher, Charles Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Gallagher, Charles Loc: Illancreeve
Gallagher, Charles Loc: Laconnell
Gallagher, Charles Loc: Meenakillew
Gallagher, Charles Loc: Shallogan Beg
Gallagher, Charles Loc: Summy
Gallagher, Condy Loc: Meengilcarry
Gallagher, Connell Loc: Beagh
Gallagher, Connell Tn: Glenties - The Rock
Gallagher, Cornelius Loc: Cleengort
Gallagher, Cornelius Loc: Cornagrillagh
Gallagher, Cornelius Loc: Kincrum
Gallagher, Daniel Loc: Crannogeboy
Gallagher, Daniel Loc: Doobin
Gallagher, Daniel Loc: Gortnasillagh
Gallagher, Daniel Loc: Mulmosog or Altnagapple
Gallagher, Daniel Loc: Mulnamin More
Gallagher, Daniel Tn: Glenties - Main St
Gallagher, Edward Loc: Aighe
Gallagher, Edward Loc: Gortnasillagh
Gallagher, Edward Loc: Mulnamin More
Gallagher, Edward Loc: Stranaglogh
Gallagher, Ellen Loc: Buncroobog
Gallagher, Ellen Loc: Stravally
Gallagher, Fergal Loc: Gortnasillagh
Gallagher, Fergal Loc: Meenagolan
Gallagher, Fergal Loc: Mulnamin More
Gallagher, Francis Loc: Crumlin
Gallagher, Francis Loc: Doorian
Gallagher, Francis Loc: Garrowchuill
Gallagher, Francis Loc: Roechrow
Gallagher, Francis Loc: Straboy
Gallagher, Grace Loc: Aighe
Gallagher, Hannah Loc: Lughveen
Gallagher, Honoria Loc: Strasallagh
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Cloghboy
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Currynanerriagh
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Meenamanragh
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Meenamanragh N: and Partners
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Meenmore, East
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Shanaghan
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Tullynaglaggan
Gallagher, James Loc: Ardun
Gallagher, James Loc: Ballymackilduff
Gallagher, James Loc: Beagh
Gallagher, James Loc: Fintown
Gallagher, James Loc: Letterilly
Gallagher, James Loc: Loughnambraddan
Gallagher, James Loc: Meenagrubby
Gallagher, James Loc: Meenakillew
Gallagher, James Loc: Meenasrone, North
Gallagher, James Loc: Meengilcarry
Gallagher, James Loc: Meenmore, West
Gallagher, James Loc: Naran
Gallagher, James Loc: Roechrow
Gallagher, James Loc: Stracashel
Gallagher, James Tn: Glenties - Main St
Gallagher, James Loc: Tullycleave More
Gallagher, John Loc: Adderwal
Gallagher, John Loc: Bellaganny
Gallagher, John Loc: Derryness
Gallagher, John Loc: Doobin
Gallagher, John Loc: Lackagh
Gallagher, John Loc: Lerginacarha
Gallagher, John Loc: Meenagolan
Gallagher, John Loc: Meenmore, East
Gallagher, John Loc: Montymeane
Gallagher, John Loc: Mullanmore
Gallagher, John Loc: Mulnamin More N: Esther
Gallagher, John Loc: Rossbeg
Gallagher, John Loc: Tullynaglaggan
Gallagher, John, Jr. Loc: Mulnamin More
Gallagher, John, Sr. Loc: Mulnamin More
Gallagher, Lawrence Loc: Bracky
Gallagher, Lawrence Loc: Meenaboll
Gallagher, Lawrence Loc: Owenteskiny
Gallagher, Margaret Loc: Mulnamin More
Gallagher, Mary Tn: Glenties - Main St
Gallagher, Michael Loc: Gortnasillagh
Gallagher, Neal Loc: Aighe
Gallagher, Neal Loc: Cloghboy
Gallagher, Neal Loc: Clooney
Gallagher, Neal Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Gallagher, Neal Loc: Kilclooney More
Gallagher, Neale Loc: Cashelgolan
Gallagher, Neale Loc: Drumnasillagh
Gallagher, Neale Tn: Glenties - Main St
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Aighe
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Cashel
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Cloghboy
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Dalraghan Beg
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Dalraghan More
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Illancreeve
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Laconnell
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Lerginacarha
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Meenacurrin
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Meenakillew
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Meenateia
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Rossbeg
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Shanaghan
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Straboy
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Strasallagh
Gallagher, Rev. Patk. Loc: Drumnasillagh
Gallagher, Patk. Loc: Meenateia
Gallagher, Patk., Jr. Loc: Tullynaglaggan
Gallagher, Patk., Sr. Loc: Tullynaglaggan
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Buncroobog
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Cashelgolan
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Clooney
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Crannogeboy
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Doorian
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Kinnoghty
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Meenakillew
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Meenateia
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Meenavally
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Mulnamin Beg
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Mulnamin More
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Shallogan More
Gallagher, Rev. Patrick Loc: Stranaglogh
Gallagher, Patrick Tn: Glenties - Main St
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Tullynaglaggan
Gallagher, Peter Loc: Lackagh
Gallagher, Phelim Loc: Common
Gallagher, Phelim Loc: Common Mountain
Gallagher, Rose Loc: Meenateia
Gallagher, Sarah Loc: Mulnamin More
Gallagher, Teague Loc: Common
Gallagher, Teague Loc: Common Mountain
Gallagher, Thaddeus Loc: Cleengort
Gallagher, Thade Loc: Mulnamin More
Gallagher, Thomas Loc: Buncroobog
Gallagher, Timothy Loc: Bracky
Gallagher, Timothy Loc: Buncroobog
Gallagher, Timothy Loc: Kincrum
Gallagher, Unity Loc: Crumlin
Gallagher, Unity Loc: Meenakillew
Gallagher, William Loc: Cashelgolan
Gallagher, William Loc: Clooney
Gallagher, William Loc: Common
Gallagher, William Loc: Common Mountain
Gallagher, William Loc: Greenans
Gallagher, William Loc: Kilclooney More
Gallagher, William Loc: Mullanmore
Gallagher, William Loc: Mulnamin More
Gallagher, William Loc: Naran
Gallagher, William Loc: Strasallagh
Gallagher, William Loc: Tullynaglaggan
Garigan, John Loc: Liskeeraghan
Garigan, Mary Loc: Meenakillew
Garigan, Thomas Loc: Meenakillew
Gavagan, Edward Loc: Mulmosog or Altnagapple
Gavahan, Daniel Loc: Loughnalughraman
Gavigan, Daniel Loc: Common
Gavigan, Daniel Loc: Common Mountain
Gavigan, Forigle Loc: Scaddaman
Gavigan, James Loc: Common
Gavigan, James Loc: Common Mountain
Gavigan, John Loc: Scaddaman
Gavigan, Neal Loc: Common
Gavigan, Owen Loc: Newtownburke
Gavigan, Patrick Loc: Aighe
Gavigan, Patrick Loc: Scaddaman
Gavigan, Susan Loc: Aighe
Geran, Connell Loc: Straboy
Geran, George Loc: Cleengort
Geran, Hugh Loc: Straboy
Geran, Owen Loc: Straboy
Geran, Patrick Loc: Maas
Gettigan, David Loc: Clogher, West
Gibbins, Michael Loc: Crannogeboy
Gildea, Charles Loc: Ftraboy
Gildea, Connell Loc: Crumlin
Gildea, Connell Loc: Straboy
Gildea, Connell Loc: Stranaglogh
Gildea, Edw. Loc: Glenmacannive N: Charles
Gildea, Edward Loc: Cleengort
Gildea, Edward Loc: Glenmacannive
Gildea, Edward Loc: Stranaglogh
Gildea, Hugh Loc: Stranaglogh
Gildea, James Loc: Lackagh
Gildea, James Loc: Straboy
Gildea, James, Jr. Loc: Straboy
Gildea, James, Sr. Loc: Straboy
Gildea, John Loc: Liskeeraghan
Gildea, John Loc: Lughveen
Gildea, Patrick Loc: Clogher, West
Gildea, Patrick Loc: Clooney
Gildea, Patrick Loc: Derryloaghan
Gildea, William Loc: Glenmacannive
Gillespie, Daniel Loc: Meentashesk
Gillespie, James Loc: Doobin
Gillespie, John Loc: Cloghboy
Gillespie, Michael Loc: Aighe
Gillespie, Owen Loc: Doobin
Gillespie, Patk., Jr. Loc: Doobin
Gillespie, Patk., Sr. Loc: Doobin
Gillespie, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Doobin
Gillespie, Peter Loc: Cloghboy
Gillespie, Sarah Loc: Cloghboy
Gilliard, Robert Loc: Crannogeboy
Giran, Anne Loc: Cloghboy
Giran, Bryan Loc: Cloghboy
Giveen, Owen Loc: Mulnamin Beg
Giveen, William Loc: Dalraghan More
Giveen, William Loc: Meenaleenaghan
Givin, William Loc: Drumirrin
Greene, Cornelius Loc: Cleengort
Greene, Daniel Loc: Cleengort
Greene, John Loc: Cleengort
Griffin, George Loc: Derryloaghan
Griffin, Thomas Loc: Derryloaghan
Griffith, Oliver Loc: Glenmacannive
Haghey, Patrick Loc: Maghera
Hamilton, Andrew Loc: Drumboghill
Hamilton, Andrew Loc: Mullyvea
Hamilton, Galbraith Loc: Dawros
Hamilton, Galbraith Loc: Derk Beg
Hamilton, Galbraith Loc: Derk More
Hamilton, Galbraith Loc: Drumboghill
Hamilton, Galbraith Loc: Eden
Hamilton, Galbraith Loc: Lackagh
Hamilton, Galbraith Loc: Letterilly
Hamilton, Galbraith Loc: Magheramore
Hamilton, Galbraith Loc: Mullyvea
Hamilton, Galbraith Loc: No. 19 Inishowen
Hamilton, Galbraith Loc: No. 37 Inishbarnog Island
Hamilton, James Loc: Fintown
Hamilton, James Loc: Longfield
Hamilton, John Loc: Dawros
Hamilton, John Loc: Drumboghill
Hamilton, John Loc: Longfield
Hamilton, John Loc: Middletown
Hamilton, John Loc: No. 27 Dawros Island
Hamilton, John Loc: No. 29 Meashy More
Hamilton, Robert Loc: Drumnasillagh
Hamilton, William Loc: Shanaghan
Hanlon, Alexander Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Hanlon, Alexander Loc: Tullyard
Hanlon, Charles Loc: Letterilly
Hanlon, Fanny Loc: Clooney
Hanlon, George Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Hanlon, Honoria Loc: Cloghercor
Hanlon, Hugh Loc: Tullyard
Hanlon, James Loc: Drumboghill
Hanlon, James Loc: Letterilly
Hanlon, James Loc: Maas
Hanlon, James Loc: Meenalargan
Hanlon, James Loc: Tullyard
Hanlon, John Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Hanlon, John Loc: Meenagolan
Hanlon, John Loc: Tullyard
Hanlon, John Loc: Tullyard N: Bella
Hanlon, John Loc: Tullyard N: Mary
Hanlon, Nancy Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Hanlon, Patrick Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Hanlon, Thomas Loc: Meenagolan
Hanlon, Walsh Loc: Tullyard
Harken, James Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Harken, John Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Harkin, Denis Loc: Kiltooris
Harkin, Denis Loc: Rossbeg
Harkin, Denis Loc: Summy
Harkin, Edward Loc: Sandfield
Harkin, Edward Loc: Summy
Harkin, Edward Loc: Tullycleave More
Harkin, Hugh Loc: Rossbeg
Harkin, John Loc: Eden
Harkin, John Loc: Meenagrillagh
Harkin, John Loc: Rossbeg
Harkin, Manus Loc: Drumalough
Harkin, Mary Loc: Gortnasillagh
Harkin, Neal Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Harkin, Owen Loc: Rossbeg
Harkin, Patrick Loc: Rossbeg
Harkin, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Kiltooris
Harkin, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Kiltooris
Harkin, William Loc: Summy
Harley, James Loc: Loughnambraddan
Harley, Sarah Loc: Montymeane
Haslein, Alexander Loc: Kinnoghty
Haslein, John Loc: Kinnoghty
Haughe, Patrick Loc: Scaddaman
Haughy, Patrick Loc: Cloghboy
Hawkins, Daniel Loc: Crannogeboy
Heany, Bryan Loc: Cleengort
Heany, Cormick Loc: Drumirrin
Heany, John Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Hearne, Anthony Loc: Lacklea
Hearne, Connel, Sr. Loc: Glenaboghil
Hearne, Connell Loc: Coolvoy
Hearne, Connell, Jr. Loc: Glenaboghil
Hearne, Francis Loc: Glenaboghil
Hearne, James Loc: Glenaboghil
Hearne, James Loc: Lacklea
Hearne, John Loc: Glenaboghil
Hearne, John Loc: Meenmore, East
Hearne, Neal Loc: Meentymorgal
Hearne, Teague Loc: Glenaboghil
Hearne, Teague Loc: Meenmore, East
Heekin, Maurice Loc: Crannogeboy
Heekin, Maurice Loc: Newtownburke
Heekin, Patrick Loc: Meenacurrin
Heenan, Cormack Loc: Crumlin
Heeney, Anne Loc: Stravally
Heeney, Francis, Jr. Loc: Stravally
Heeney, Francis, Sr. Loc: Stravally
Heeney, James Loc: Lagunna
Heeney, James Loc: Stravally
Heeney, John Loc: Lagunna
Heeney, John Loc: Stravally
Heeney, Patrick Loc: Stravally
Heeney, Peter Loc: Lagunna
Heeney, Peter Loc: Stravally
Hegarty, Francis Loc: Straboy
Hegarty, Frans. Loc: Straboy
Hegarty, Owen Loc: Straboy
Helferty, Bridget Loc: Meenaleenaghan
Helferty, Charles Loc: Lacroagh
Helferty, Edward Loc: Lacroagh
Helferty, James Loc: Clogher, East
Helferty, Johanna Loc: Meenaleenaghan
Helferty, John Loc: Lacroagh
Helferty, John Loc: Meenaleenaghan
Helferty, Michael Loc: Clogher, East
Helferty, Timothy Loc: Ardun
Henderson, Andrew Loc: Longfield
Henderson, Catherine Loc: Longfield
Henderson, John Loc: Longfield
Hereran, Bridget Loc: Meengilcarry
Hereran, Daniel Loc: Meengilcarry
Hereran, Daniel Loc: Mulmosog or Altnagapple
Hereran, James Loc: Meengilcarry
Higgins, John Loc: Tully More
Hill, Margaret Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Hill, Margaret Loc: Maas
Hill, William Loc: Common
Hill, William Loc: Common Mountain
Horan, Bridget Loc: Maas
Horisky, John Loc: Crannogeboy
Hughes, Hugh Loc: Meenanale
Keeny, Charles Loc: Shanaghan
Keeny, Patrick Loc: Aighe
Kelly, Connell Loc: Drumaneany
Kelly, Cormack Loc: Drumaneany
Kelly, James Loc: Bellanamore
Kelly, John Loc: Meenasrone, North
Kelly, Owen Loc: Doorian
Kelly, Owen Loc: Mully
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Bellanamore
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Drumaneany
Kennedy, Bridget Loc: Tully Beg
Kennedy, Catherine Loc: Rossbeg
Kennedy, Connell Loc: Maas
Kennedy, Cormack Loc: Tully More
Kennedy, Cormack Loc: Urbaldeevan
Kennedy, Cornelius Loc: Drumnasillagh
Kennedy, Cornelius Loc: Rossbeg
Kennedy, Daniel Loc: Maas
Kennedy, Daniel, Jr. Loc: Maas
Kennedy, Denis Loc: Meenateia
Kennedy, Edward Loc: Crannogeboy
Kennedy, Francis Tn: Glenties - Main St
Kennedy, Hugh Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Kennedy, James Loc: Ardun
Kennedy, James Loc: Beagh
Kennedy, James Loc: Beagh N: Pat
Kennedy, James Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Kennedy, James Loc: Kincrum
Kennedy, James Loc: Lacklea
Kennedy, James Loc: Meenanale
Kennedy, James Tn: Glenties - Main St
Kennedy, John Loc: Buncroobog
Kennedy, John Loc: Common
Kennedy, John Loc: Common Mountain
Kennedy, John Loc: Drumnasillagh
Kennedy, John Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Kennedy, John Loc: Letterilly
Kennedy, John Loc: Meenakillew
Kennedy, John Loc: Urbaldeevan
Kennedy, John, Jr. Loc: Letterilly
Kennedy, Manus Loc: Letterilly
Kennedy, Margaret Loc: Roechrow
Kennedy, Mary Loc: Kincrum
Kennedy, Mary Loc: Mullanmore
Kennedy, Michael Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Kennedy, Neal Loc: Gortnasillagh
Kennedy, Patk., Sr. Loc: Drumnasillagh
Kennedy, Patrick Loc: Beagh
Kennedy, Patrick Loc: Drumnasillagh
Kennedy, Patrick Loc: Eden
Kennedy, Patrick Loc: Tullycleave Beg
Kennedy, Thomas Loc: Beagh
Kennedy, Thomas Loc: Kilkenny
Kennedy, Thomas Loc: Maas
Kennedy, Timothy Loc: Ballymackilduff
Kennedy, William Loc: Drumnasillagh
Kennedy, William Tn: Glenties - Main St
Kenny, James Loc: Meenateia
Kenny, Jas. Loc: Meenateia
Kenny, Michael Loc: Tullynaglaggan
Kenny, Neal Loc: Letterilly
Kenny, Neale Loc: Mulmosog or Altnagapple
Kenny, Susan Loc: Meenateia
Lammond, Eliza Loc: Shanaghan
Lammond, Margaret Loc: Shanaghan
Lamond, Ellen Loc: Edergole
Lamond, John Loc: Edergole
Langan, Bernard Loc: Meenagolan
Leslie, Bryan Loc: Largybrack
Leslie, Susan Loc: Largybrack
Lockart, Alexander Loc: Cloghboy
Lockart, Alexander Loc: Drumirrin
Lockart, William Loc: Drumirrin
Lockhart, William Loc: Drumaghy
Long, Charles Loc: Cloghboy
Long, James Loc: Naran
Long, Mary Loc: Longfield
Long, Matthew Tn: Glenties - The Rock
Long, Patrick Loc: Clooney
Long, Patrick Loc: Drumboghill
Long, Patrick Loc: Naran
Lough, Bridget Loc: Laconnell
Lough, James Loc: Crumlin
Lough, John Loc: Bracky
Love, Andrew Loc: Shanaghan
Love, Patrick Loc: Cloghboy
Lyons, Bridget Loc: Kilkenny
Lyons, James Loc: Letterilly
Maganly, Mary Loc: Liskeeraghan
Magill, Anthony Loc: Common
Magill, Anthony Loc: Common Mountain
Magill, Anthony Loc: Scaddaman
Magill, Bryan Loc: Aighe
Magill, Charles Loc: Aighe
Magill, Charles Loc: Scaddaman
Magill, Condy Loc: Aighe
Magill, Donald Loc: Aighe
Magill, Francis Loc: Meenmore, West
Magill, James Loc: Aighe
Magill, John Loc: Cloghboy
Magill, Mary Loc: Scaddaman
Magill, Patrick Loc: Aighe
Magill, Patrick Loc: Meenakillew
Maguire, Mary Loc: Tangaveane
Malley, Charles Loc: Derryness
Malley, Charles Loc: No. 55 Derryness Island
Malley, Edward Loc: Tullycleave More
Malley, Hugh Loc: Derryness
Malley, James Loc: Derryness
Malley, James Loc: No. 55 Derryness Island
Malley, John Loc: Derryness
Malley, Mary Loc: Glenmacannive
Malloney, Teague Loc: Garrowchuill
Maloney, Rose Loc: Aighe
Manelis, Anthony Loc: Cashel
Manelis, Catherine Loc: Bracky
Manelis, John Loc: Bracky
Manelis, Owen Loc: Newtownburke
Manelis, Patrick Loc: Bracky
Manelis, Patrick Loc: Cashel
Manelis, Patrick Loc: Common
Manelis, Patrick Loc: Common Mountain
Manelis, William Loc: Edergole
Martin, Francis Loc: Sandfield
Martin, James Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Martin, John Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Maxwell, Arthur Loc: Edergole
Maxwell, Jane Loc: Tullycleave More
Maxwell, John Loc: Drumaghy
Maxwell, John Loc: Lackagh
Maxwell, John Loc: Tullycleave More
Maxwell, Patrick Loc: Lackagh
Maxwell, Thomas Loc: Lackagh
McAuley, Bridget Loc: Clogher, East
McAuley, Bridget Loc: Meenavale
McAuley, Connell Loc: Clogher, East
McAuley, Daniel Loc: Dalraghan Beg
McAuley, Daniel Loc: Meenadoan
McAuley, Denis Loc: Kingarrow
McAuley, Edward Loc: Letterilly
McAuley, Edward Loc: Meenaleenaghan
McAuley, James Loc: Dalraghan Beg
McAuley, John Loc: Meenadoan
McAuley, William Loc: Kingarrow
McBrearty, Ellen Loc: Mulnamin Beg
McBrearty, James Loc: Mulnamin Beg
McBrearty, John Loc: Drumalough
McBrearty, Mary Loc: Gortnasillagh
McBrerty, Michael Loc: Stracashel
McBride, Patrick Loc: Illancreeve
McBride, Patrick Loc: Laconnell
McCabe, Edward Loc: Tangaveane
McCabe, James Loc: Clogher, West
McCabe, Owen Loc: Cornagrillagh
McCabe, Owen Loc: Lagnagillew
McCabe, Patrick Loc: Cornagrillagh
McCafferty, James Loc: Stranaglogh
McCafferty, Patrick Loc: Stranaglogh
McCahill, Charles Tn: Glenties - The Rock
McCallog, James Loc: Edenfinfreagh
McCalvy, Patrick Loc: Drumnalough
McCawley, Hugh Loc: Tievelough
McCloone, James Loc: Bellanamore
McCloone, James Loc: Fintown
McCole, Bryan Loc: Cloghboy
McCole, Bryan Loc: Rossbeg
McCole, Connor Loc: Newtownburke
McCole, Cornelius Loc: Naran
McCole, Edward Loc: Loughfad
McCole, Hugh Loc: Rossbeg
McCole, John Loc: Loughfad
McCole, Neal Loc: Mulnamin More
McCole, Neale Loc: Loughfad
McCole, Owen, Jr. Loc: Loughfad
McCole, Owen, Sr. Loc: Loughfad
McCole, Patrick Loc: Rossbeg
McCole, Susan Loc: Rossbeg
McCole, William Loc: Ballymackilduff
McConnell, Alick Loc: Tullycleave More
McConnell, Ruth Loc: Tullycleave More
McConnell, William Loc: Drumirrin
McCoy, Hugh Loc: Meenalargan
McCoy, Patrick Loc: Edenfinfreagh
McCoy, William Loc: Edenfinfreagh
McCrehan, Edward Loc: Mullyvea
McCrehan, Patrick Loc: Drumboghill
McCrehan, Patrick Loc: Mullyvea
McCue, Andrew Loc: Barkillew
McCue, William Loc: Barkillew
McCullagh, Albert Loc: Tully More
McCullagh, Elizabeth Loc: Naran
McCullagh, Elizabeth Loc: No. 15, Inishkeel
McCullagh, John Loc: Tully More
McCunnigan, James Loc: Mulmosog or Altnagapple
McCunnigan, John Loc: Cloghboy
McDermott, Andrew Loc: Tievelough
McDermott, Bridget Loc: Banganboy
McDermott, Connell Loc: Dalraghan More
McDermott, Connell Loc: Meenamanragh
McDermott, Connell Loc: Meenavale
McDermott, Denis Loc: Cornagrillagh
McDermott, Edward Loc: Ardun
McDermott, Edward Loc: Graffy
McDermott, Edward Loc: Meenavale
McDermott, Edward Loc: Meentymorgal
McDermott, James Loc: Cornagrillagh
McDermott, James Loc: Dalraghan More
McDermott, James Loc: Lougherrig
McDermott, James Loc: Meenagrubby
McDermott, James Loc: Stralinchy
McDermott, John Loc: Graffy
McDermott, Neal Loc: Banganboy
McDermott, Neal Loc: Graffy
McDermott, Neal Loc: Meenamanragh
McDermott, Neal Loc: Stracashel
McDermott, Neal Loc: Stralinchy
McDermott, Owen Loc: Stralinchy
McDermott, Patrick Loc: Croaghubbrid
McDermott, Patrick Loc: Lacklea
McDermott, Patrick Loc: Meenavale
McDermott, Patrick Loc: Tangaveane
McDermott, Philip Loc: Edenfinfreagh
McDernott, Neal Loc: Mully
McDevitt, Andrew Loc: Drumconcoose
McDevitt, Andrew Loc: Stracashel
McDevitt, Bridget Loc: Loughnambraddan
McDevitt, Bridget Tn: Glenties - Main St
McDevitt, Catherine Loc: Largnalarkan
McDevitt, Charles Loc: Drumconcoose
McDevitt, Charles Loc: Drumnasillagh
McDevitt, Charles Loc: Greenans
McDevitt, Charles Loc: Letterilly
McDevitt, Charles Tn: Glenties - Main St
McDevitt, Connell Loc: Meenmore, East
McDevitt, Cormack Loc: Loughderryduff
McDevitt, Daniel Loc: Ardun
McDevitt, Daniel Loc: Drumnasillagh
McDevitt, Daniel Loc: Gortnamucklagh
McDevitt, Daniel Loc: Letterilly
McDevitt, Daniel Loc: Meenamalragh
McDevitt, Daniel Loc: Meenmore, East
McDevitt, Daniel Loc: Mullanmore
McDevitt, Daniel Loc: Stranaglogh
McDevitt, Daniel Tn: Glenties - Main St
McDevitt, Denis Loc: Meenavale
McDevitt, Edward Loc: Bellanamore
McDevitt, Ellen Loc: Graffy
McDevitt, Ferdinand Tn: Glenties - Main St
McDevitt, Francis Loc: Greenans
McDevitt, Francis Loc: Mully
McDevitt, Hugh Loc: Straboy
McDevitt, James Loc: Edenfinfreagh
McDevitt, James Loc: Largnalarkan
McDevitt, James Loc: Meenmore, East
McDevitt, John Tn: Glenties - Main St
McDevitt, Margaret Loc: Gortnamucklagh
McDevitt, Margaret Tn: Glenties - Main St
McDevitt, Mary Loc: Largnalarkan
McDevitt, Michael Loc: Cloghernagore
McDevitt, Michael Loc: Largnalarkan
McDevitt, Patrick Loc: Meenmore, East
McDevitt, William Loc: Stralinchy
McDonnell, Connell Loc: Meenagrubby
McDonnell, Phelim Loc: Tullycleave Beg
McDyer, James Loc: Doobin
McGargle, Anne Loc: Clogher, East
McGargle, Denis Loc: Meenanarwa
McGargle, John Loc: Clogher, East
McGarvey, Rev. John Loc: Lough-Hill
McGarvey, Rev. John Loc: Meenagolan
McGee, Connell Loc: Loughnambraddan
McGee, James Loc: Meenmore, West
McGeehan, Charles Loc: Meenmore, West
McGeehan, Connel Loc: Meenagolan
McGeehan, Connell Loc: Currynanerriagh
McGeehan, Connell Loc: Drumaneany
McGeehan, Connell Loc: Drumnaha
McGeehan, Connell Loc: Meenmore, West
McGeehan, Cornelius Loc: Drumaneany
McGeehan, Cornelius Loc: Meenmore, East
McGeehan, Daniel Loc: Bellanamore
McGeehan, Ellen Loc: Drumnaha
McGeehan, Hugh Loc: Bellanamore
McGeehan, Hugh Loc: Drumnaha
McGeehan, Hugh Loc: Meenagolan
McGeehan, James, Jr. Loc: Meenmore, East
McGeehan, James, Sr. Loc: Meenmore, East
McGeehan, John Loc: Bellanamore
McGeehan, John Loc: Meenadoan
McGeehan, John Loc: Meenmore, East
McGeehan, Margaret Loc: Kingarrow
McGeehan, Neal Loc: Bellanamore
McGeehan, Neal Loc: Fintown
McGeehan, Neal Loc: Meenmore, East
McGeehan, Owen Loc: Meenmore, East
McGeehan, Patrick Loc: Bellanamore
McGeehan, Patrick Loc: Drumaneany
McGeehan, Patrick Loc: Drumnaha
McGeehan, Patrick Loc: Meenmore, East
McGeehan, Peter Loc: Beaghmore
McGeehan, Peter Loc: Meenadoan
McGeehan, Peter Loc: Meenagolan
McGeehan, Peter Loc: Meenmore, West
McGenly, Patrick Loc: Croveenananta
McGenty, Patrick Loc: Clogher, East
McGill, Bryan Loc: Laconnell
McGill, Bryan Loc: Meentashesk
McGill, Bryan Loc: Sand Island N: and Others
McGill, Bryan, Jr. Loc: Meentashesk
McGill, Charles Loc: Meentashesk
McGill, Charles, Jr. Loc: Lergynasearhagh
McGill, Charles, Sr. Loc: Lergynasearhagh
McGill, Edward Loc: Illancreeve
McGill, Edward Loc: Laconnell
McGill, Edward Loc: Meenmore, West
McGill, Francis Loc: Meenmore, West
McGill, Honoria Loc: Meenmore, West
McGill, Hugh Loc: Glenmacannive
McGill, John Loc: Mulmosog or Altnagapple
McGill, John, Jr. Loc: Maghera
McGill, John, Sr. Loc: Maghera
McGill, Mary Loc: Lergynasearhagh
McGill, Neal Loc: Lergynasearhagh
McGill, Neal Loc: Meenmore, West
McGill, Owen Loc: Laconnell
McGill, Patrick Loc: Maghera
McGill, Patrick Loc: Meenmore, West
McGill, Patrick Loc: Mullanmore
McGill, Unity Loc: Lergynasearhagh
McGinley, Charles Loc: Rossbeg
McGinly, Charles Loc: Rossbeg
McGinty, Patrick Loc: Stranaglogh
McGlinchy, James Loc: Doobin
McGlinchy, Owen Loc: Doobin
McGlincy, Daniel Loc: Sandfield
McGlincy, Patrick Loc: Sandfield
McGlynn, Arthur Loc: Stranagoppoge
McGlynn, Daniel Loc: Bellanamore
McGlynn, Daniel Loc: Kingarrow
McGlynn, Daniel, Jr. Loc: Kingarrow
McGlynn, Daniel, Sr. Loc: Kingarrow
McGlynn, Danl., Jr. Loc: Kingarrow
McGlynn, Danl., Sr. Loc: Kingarrow
McGlynn, Denis Loc: Tievedeevan
McGlynn, Hugh Loc: Clogher, East
McGlynn, Jeremiah Loc: Meenaleenaghan
McGlynn, Jeremiah Loc: Stranagoppoge
McGlynn, Jeremiah Loc: Tievedeevan
McGlynn, John Loc: Lougherrig
McGlynn, John Loc: Meentymorgal
McGlynn, John Loc: Tievedeevan
McGlynn, John, Jr. Loc: Meenagolan
McGlynn, John, Sr. Loc: Meenagolan
McGlynn, Patk., Jr. Loc: Tievedeevan
McGlynn, Patk., Sr. Loc: Tievedeevan
McGlynn, Patrick Loc: Meenachuit
McGlynn, Patrick Loc: Meenanarwa
McGlynn, Patrick Loc: Montymeane
McGonigle, Neal Loc: Bellanamore
McGoogan, Arabella Loc: Gortnasillagh
McGowan, James Loc: Glenaboghil
McGowan, James Loc: Meenmore, East
McGrath, Edward Tn: Glenties - Main St
McGrath, James Loc: Ballyiriston
McGrath, John Loc: Tully Beg
McGrath, Marcus Loc: Lughveen
McGrath, Patrick Loc: Ballyiriston
McGrath, Patrick Loc: Letterilly
McGrath, Patrick Loc: Maas
McGuire, John Loc: Largybrack
McGuire, Mary Loc: Tangaveane
McGuire, Patrick Loc: Cloghboy
McGuire, Patrick Tn: Glenties - Main St
McGuire, Rose Loc: Tangaveane
McHugh, Andrew Loc: Illancreeve
McHugh, Andrew Loc: Laconnell
McHugh, Andrew Tn: Glenties - Main St
McHugh, Bridget Loc: Cloghercor
McHugh, Bryan Loc: Illancreeve
McHugh, Bryan Loc: Laconnell
McHugh, Charles Loc: Croaghubbrid
McHugh, Charles Loc: Strasallagh
McHugh, Charles Loc: Tullycleave More
McHugh, Condy Loc: Beagh
McHugh, Cornelius Loc: Beagh
McHugh, Cornelius Loc: Drumboghill
McHugh, Cornelius Loc: Strasallagh
McHugh, Cornelius Loc: Summy
McHugh, Daniel Loc: Kilclooney Beg
McHugh, Daniel Loc: Meenanarwa
McHugh, Daniel Loc: Meenasrone, North
McHugh, Elizabeth Loc: Drumboghill
McHugh, Francis Loc: Letterilly
McHugh, Giles Loc: Garrowchuill
McHugh, Hannah Loc: Clogher, West
McHugh, James Loc: Croaghubbrid
McHugh, James Loc: Drumalough
McHugh, James Loc: Drumaneany
McHugh, James Loc: Largybrack
McHugh, James Loc: Maghera
McHugh, James Loc: Stranaglogh
McHugh, James, Jr. Loc: Illancreeve
McHugh, James, Jr. Loc: Laconnell
McHugh, James, Sr. Loc: Illancreeve
McHugh, James, Sr. Loc: Laconnell
McHugh, Jas. Loc: Illancreeve N: Andrew
McHugh, Jas. Loc: Laconnell N: Andrew
McHugh, Jas. Loc: Laconnell N: Andw.
McHugh, John Loc: Beagh
McHugh, John Loc: Buncroobog
McHugh, John Loc: Clogher, West
McHugh, John Loc: Clooney
McHugh, John Loc: Meenadoan
McHugh, John Loc: Strasallagh
McHugh, John Tn: Glenties - Main St
McHugh, Manus Loc: Maas
McHugh, Margaret Loc: Drumboghill
McHugh, Margaret Loc: Illancreeve
McHugh, Margaret Loc: Laconnell
McHugh, Margaret Loc: Stranaglogh
McHugh, Margt. Tn: Glenties - Main St N: Lodgers
McHugh, Mary Loc: Derryness
McHugh, Mary Loc: No. 55 Derryness Island
McHugh, Michael Loc: Glenaboghil
McHugh, Owen Loc: Drumboghill
McHugh, Owen Loc: Summy
McHugh, Owen, Jr. Loc: Laconnell
McHugh, Owen, Sr. Loc: Laconnell
McHugh, Patrick Loc: Clooney
McHugh, Patrick Loc: Naran
McHugh, Patrick Loc: Stranaglogh
McHugh, Philip Loc: Clooney
McHugh, Philip Loc: Naran
McHugh, Rose Loc: Laconnell
McHugh, Terence Loc: Drumnasillagh
McHugh, Terence Tn: Glenties - The Rock
McHugh, Thaddeus Loc: Loughfad
McIihenny, Daniel Loc: Drumnasillagh
McIihenny, John Loc: Glenmacannive
McIihenny, Patrick Loc: Doorian
McIiwee, Dominick Loc: Meenagolan
McIiwee, George Loc: Cloghboy
McIiwee, George Loc: Meenagolan
McIiwee, Jane Loc: Gortnamucklagh
McIiwee, John Loc: Meenagolan
McIiwee, John Loc: Tullyard
McIiwee, Patrick Loc: Derryloaghan
McIiwee, Patrick Loc: Straboy
McIiwee, Robert Loc: Tullyard
McIiwee, Sarah Tn: Glenties - Main St
McIiwee, William Loc: Tullyard
McIllhenny, John Loc: Glenmacannive
McIlwee, Elizabeth Loc: Tullycleave Beg
McIlwee, Ellen Loc: Meenanarwa
McIlwee, George Loc: Naran
McKee, Alexander Loc: Crannogeboy
McKelvy, Anne Loc: Drumnaha
McKelvy, Edward Loc: Kingarrow
McKelvy, James Loc: Meenmore, West
McKelvy, John Loc: Beaghmore
McKelvy, John Loc: Currynanerriagh
McKelvy, John Loc: Meenmore, West
McKelvy, Michael Loc: Drumnaha
McKelvy, Patk. Tn: Glenties - Main St N: Lodgers
McKelvy, Patrick Loc: Beaghmore
McKelvy, Patrick Loc: Currynanerriagh
McKelvy, Sarah Loc: Meenmore, West
McKeon, Bridget Loc: Buncroobog
McKeon, Elizabeth Loc: Buncroobog
McKeon, Peter Loc: Buncroobog
McKeon, Peter Loc: Mullanmore
McKnight, Edward Loc: Maas
McKnight, Hugh Loc: Kilclooney Beg
McKnight, Thomas Loc: Maas
McLoone, Andrew Loc: Gortnamucklagh
McLoone, Andrew Loc: Mully
McLoone, Andrew Tn: Glenties - Main St
McLoone, Anne Tn: Glenties - Main St
McLoone, Bridget Loc: Naran
McLoone, Charles Loc: Letterilly
McLoone, Connell Loc: Letterilly
McLoone, Connell Loc: Maas
McLoone, Connell Tn: Glenties - Main St
McLoone, Daniel Loc: Cleengort
McLoone, Daniel Loc: Letterilly
McLoone, Daniel Loc: Meenanale
McLoone, Daniel Loc: Meenavale
McLoone, Denis Loc: Lacroagh
McLoone, Fergal Loc: Letterilly
McLoone, Hugh Loc: Croaghubbrid
McLoone, Hugh Loc: Naran
McLoone, Hugh, Jr. Loc: Naran
McLoone, James Loc: Buncroobog
McLoone, James Loc: Cleengort
McLoone, James Loc: Cornagrillagh
McLoone, James Loc: Derk Beg
McLoone, James Loc: Maas
McLoone, James Loc: Mully
McLoone, James Loc: Rossbeg
McLoone, Jas. Loc: Letterilly N: Daniel
McLoone, John Loc: Croaghubbrid
McLoone, John Loc: Gortnamucklagh
McLoone, John Loc: Rossbeg
McLoone, John Tn: Glenties - Main St
McLoone, Mary Loc: Meenadoan
McLoone, Mary Tn: Glenties - Main St
McLoone, Michael Loc: Clogher, West
McLoone, Michael Loc: Clooney
McLoone, Michael Loc: Croveenananta
McLoone, Michael Loc: Loughfad
McLoone, Neal Loc: Letterilly
McLoone, Owen Loc: Lacroagh
McLoone, Patk., Jr. Loc: Maas
McLoone, Patk., Sr. Loc: Maas
McLoone, Patrick Loc: Cleengort
McLoone, Patrick Loc: Croveenananta
McLoone, Patrick Loc: Derk Beg
McLoone, Patrick Loc: Meenadoan
McLoone, Patrick Loc: Meenmore, East
McLoone, Patrick Tn: Glenties - Main St
McLoone, Patrick Loc: Tangaveane
McLoone, Peter Loc: Lackagh
McLoone, Peter Loc: Letterilly
McLoone, Peter Loc: Meenmore, East
McLoone, Thomas Loc: Derryloaghan
McLoughlin, Connell Loc: Montymeane
McLoughlin, Rose Loc: Kilclooney Beg
McLoughlin, Rose Loc: Montymeane
McManamin, Bridget Loc: Meenadoan
McManamin, Dominick Loc: Kingarrow
McManamin, Edward Loc: Meenagolan
McManamin, Hugh Loc: Kingarrow
McManamin, John Loc: Meenagolan
McManamin, Michael Loc: Meenagolan
McManamin, Michl. Loc: Meenagolan
McManamin, Peter Loc: Meenagolan
McManiman, Anthony Loc: Kingarrow
McMonigle, Catherine Loc: Meenachuit
McMonigle, Charles Loc: Lughveen
McMonigle, Cornelius Loc: Bellanamore
McMonigle, Edward Loc: Kingarrow
McMonigle, Edward Loc: Meenasrone, North
McMonigle, Hugh Loc: Meenasrone, North
McMonigle, John Loc: Lacklea
McMonigle, John Loc: Meenasrone, North
McMonigle, Manus Loc: Bellanamore
McMonigle, Manus Loc: Glenaboghil
McMonigle, Manus Loc: Kingarrow
McMonigle, Manus Loc: Lougherrig
McMonigle, Margaret Loc: Lacklea
McMonigle, Michael Loc: Derryloaghan
McMonigle, Michael Loc: Kingarrow
McMonigle, Neal Loc: Glenaboghil
McMonigle, Neal Loc: Meenmore, West
McMonigle, Patrick Loc: Cornagrillagh
McMonigle, Patrick Loc: Doorian
McMonigle, Patrick Loc: Meenasrone, North
McMonigle, Peter Loc: Lacklea
McMonigle, Shane Loc: Kingarrow
McMonigle, Timothy Loc: Tievelough
McMonigle, William Loc: Drumaneany
McNalis, Francis Loc: Maghera
McNalis, John Loc: Illancreeve
McNalis, John Loc: Laconnell
McNalis, John Loc: Meentashesk
McNalis, Peter Loc: Lerginacarha
McNalis, Peter Loc: Meentashesk
McNeill, Daniel Tn: Glenties - Main St
McSweeny, Edward Loc: Summy
McSwine, Henry Loc: Crumlin
McSwine, Myles Loc: Bellaganny
McSwiney, Bridget Loc: Drumboghill
McSwiney, Edward Loc: Rossbeg
McSwiney, Ellen Loc: Rossbeg
McSwiney, Hugh Loc: Drumboghill
McTeague, Loughlin Loc: Garrowchuill
Meeghan, James Loc: Crannogeboy
Meeghan, John Loc: Crannogeboy
Meeghan, Thomas Loc: Crannogeboy
Meighan, Bryan Loc: Bellaganny
Menalis, Michael Loc: Shallogan More
Menelis, Bernard Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Menelis, Bryan Loc: Drumboghill
Menelis, Bryan Loc: Summy
Menelis, Cecilia Loc: Tullycleave Beg
Menelis, Daniel Loc: Kilclooney More
Menelis, Francis Loc: Kilclooney More
Menelis, Hannah Loc: Sandfield
Menelis, Henry Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Menelis, James Loc: Drumconcoose
Menelis, James Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Menelis, James Loc: Loughfad
Menelis, James Loc: Magheramore
Menelis, James Loc: Meenamalragh
Menelis, John Loc: Gortnasillagh
Menelis, Margaret Loc: Sandfield
Menelis, Mary Loc: Sandfield
Menelis, Michael Loc: Loughfad
Menelis, Neal Loc: Magheramore
Menelis, Neale Loc: Loughfad
Menelis, Owen Loc: Tully More
Menelis, Patrick Loc: Clogher, West
Menelis, Patrick Loc: Clooney
Menelis, Patrick Loc: Kilclooney More
Menelis, Patrick Loc: Kincrum
Menelis, Patrick Loc: Sandfield
Menelis, Susan Loc: Maas
Menelis, Thomas Loc: Gortnasillagh
Menelis, Thomas, Jr. Loc: Summy
Menelis, Thos., Jr. Loc: Summy
Menelis, Thos., Sr. Loc: Summy
Menelis, Timothy Loc: Clooney
Menelis, William Loc: Drumconcoose
Menelis, William Loc: Maas
Menelis, William Loc: Meenamalragh
Menelis, William Loc: Naran
Mineelis, Edward Loc: Cloghboy
Mineelis, Patrick Loc: Cloghboy
Minelis, Phelim Loc: Drumirrin
Molloy, Anthony Tn: Glenties - Main St
Molloy, Charles Loc: Drumnasillagh
Molloy, Charles Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Molloy, Charles Loc: Stranaglogh
Molloy, Charles Tn: Glenties - Main St
Molloy, Charles Tn: Glenties - Main St N: Lodgers
Molloy, Condy Loc: Leamagowra
Molloy, Daniel Loc: Strasallagh
Molloy, Edward Loc: Laconnell
Molloy, Ellen Loc: Currynanerriagh
Molloy, Francis Loc: Cornagrillagh
Molloy, Francis Loc: Currynanerriagh
Molloy, Francis Loc: Mully
Molloy, Isabella Loc: Meenagolan
Molloy, James Loc: Leamagowra
Molloy, James Loc: Mully
Molloy, James Tn: Glenties - Main St
Molloy, James Tn: Glenties - Main St N: Lodgers
Molloy, John Loc: Drumnasillagh
Molloy, John Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Molloy, John Loc: Mullanmore
Molloy, John Loc: Strasallagh
Molloy, John Tn: Glenties - Main St
Molloy, John Loc: Tangaveane
Molloy, Manus Loc: Beaghmore
Molloy, Manus Loc: Currynanerriagh
Molloy, Mary Loc: Cleengort
Molloy, Mary Loc: Currynanerriagh
Molloy, Maurice Loc: Meenagolan
Molloy, Patrick Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Molloy, Patrick Loc: Meenalargan
Molloy, Patrick Loc: Meenavally
Molloy, Patrick Loc: Mullanmore
Molloy, Patrick Loc: Straboy
Molloy, Patrick Tn: Glenties - Main St
Molloy, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Leamagowra
Molloy, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Leamagowra
Molloy, Philip Loc: Mully
Molloy, Roger Loc: Currynanerriagh
Molloy, Susan Loc: Straboy
Monigle, Michael Loc: Stranaglogh
Monigle, Peter Loc: Meenasrone, North
Mooney, Bridget Loc: Bracky
Mooney, Catherine Loc: Bracky
Mooney, Hugh Loc: Middletown
Mooney, Neal Loc: Meenaboll
Mooney, Patrick Loc: Bracky
Mooney, Patrick Loc: Meenaboll
Moore, Edward Loc: Loughfad
Moore, James Loc: Buncroobog
Moore, James Loc: Loughfad
Moore, John Loc: Loughfad
Moore, John Loc: Naran
Moore, Mary Loc: Loughfad
Moore, Thomas Loc: Loughfad
Moore, Thomas Loc: Naran
Morough, Alexander Loc: Kilcashel
Morough, Charles Loc: Liskeeraghan
Morough, John Loc: Liskeeraghan
Morrow, John Loc: Crannogeboy
Morrow, John Loc: Gortnasillagh
Morrow, John Loc: Maas
Morrow, Thomas Loc: Gortnasillagh
Moy, Edward Loc: Bellanamore
Moy, Edward Loc: Meenagolan
Moy, Francis Loc: Meenagolan
Moy, Owen Loc: Meenachuit
Moy, Patrick Loc: Meenagolan
Mulderris, John Loc: Letterilly
Mulherin, Anne Loc: Lagnagillew
Mulherin, James Loc: Cleengort
Mulherin, John Loc: Cleengort
Mulhern, Bridget Loc: Cashel
Mulhern, James, Jr. Loc: Crannogeboy
Mulhern, James, Sr. Loc: Crannogeboy
Mulhern, John Loc: Cashel
Mulhern, John Loc: Shanaghan
Mulhern, Thomas Loc: Cashel
Mulhern, Thomas Loc: Crannogeboy
Mulkerin, Thomas Loc: Roechrow
Mullderris, Charles Loc: Letterilly
Mulligan, Andrew Loc: Leamagowra
Mullins, John Loc: Loughcrillan
Mullowney, Charles Loc: Cloghboy
Mulloy, John Loc: Drumnasillagh
Mulloy, John, Jr. Loc: Mully
Mulloy, John, Sr. Loc: Mully
Mulroony, Neal Loc: Meenakillew
Murphy, John Loc: Lackagh
Murray, Joseph Tn: Glenties - Main St
Murray, William Loc: Drumnasillagh
Murray, William Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Murray, William Tn: Glenties - Main St
Murray Stewart, H. G. Loc: Leamagowra
Nicholson, Bridget Loc: Naran
Nicholson, John Loc: Derryness
Nicholson, Michael Loc: Rossbeg
O'Donnell, Arthur Loc: Tullycleave More
O'Donnell, Bridget Loc: Derryloaghan
O'Donnell, Bridget Loc: Drumnalough
O'Donnell, Bridget Loc: Straboy
O'Donnell, Catherine Loc: Bellanamore
O'Donnell, Catherine Loc: Cloghercor
O'Donnell, Charles Loc: Coolvoy
O'Donnell, Charles Loc: Derryness
O'Donnell, Charles Loc: Lughveen
O'Donnell, Charles Loc: Tullycleave More
O'Donnell, Connel Loc: Stracashel
O'Donnell, Connell Loc: Drumconcoose
O'Donnell, Connell Loc: Meenamalragh
O'Donnell, Connell Loc: Mully
O'Donnell, Connell Loc: Straboy
O'Donnell, Connell Loc: Tully More
O'Donnell, Cornelius Loc: Bracky
O'Donnell, Daniel Loc: Montymeane
O'Donnell, Daniel Loc: Summy
O'Donnell, Denis Loc: Meenmore, East
O'Donnell, Dominick Loc: Largnalarkan
O'Donnell, Edward Loc: Ardun
O'Donnell, Edward Loc: Shallogan More
O'Donnell, Ellen Loc: Mulnamin Beg
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Bracky
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Derryness
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Drumboghill
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Edenfinfreagh
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Fintown
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Loughnambraddan
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Lughveen
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Meenmore, East
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Mulnamin Beg
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Tullycleave More
O'Donnell, Ignatius Loc: Drumnasillagh
O'Donnell, Ignatius Tn: Glenties - The Rock
O'Donnell, James Loc: Coolvoy
O'Donnell, James Loc: Currynanerriagh
O'Donnell, James Loc: Lerginacarha
O'Donnell, James Loc: Mulnamin Beg
O'Donnell, James Loc: Shallogan More
O'Donnell, James, Jr. Loc: Drumnalough
O'Donnell, James, Sr. Loc: Drumnalough
O'Donnell, Jeremiah Loc: Bellanamore
O'Donnell, Jeremiah Loc: Fintown
O'Donnell, Jeremiah Loc: Meenmore, East
O'Donnell, Jeremiah Loc: Montymeane
O'Donnell, John Loc: Adderwal
O'Donnell, John Loc: Cleengort
O'Donnell, John Loc: Cloghercor
O'Donnell, John Loc: Cloghercor N: Shaun
O'Donnell, John Loc: Drumboghill
O'Donnell, John Loc: Drumnalough
O'Donnell, John Loc: Kincrum
O'Donnell, John Loc: Letterilly
O'Donnell, John Loc: Lughveen
O'Donnell, John Loc: Straboy
O'Donnell, John Loc: Summy
O'Donnell, John Tn: Glenties - Main St
O'Donnell, Manus Loc: Drumnaha
O'Donnell, Marcus Loc: Mulnamin Beg
O'Donnell, Michael Loc: Mulnamin Beg
O'Donnell, Nanno Loc: Cleengort
O'Donnell, Neal Loc: Coolvoy
O'Donnell, Neal Loc: Loughnambraddan
O'Donnell, Neal, Jr. Loc: Shallogan More
O'Donnell, Neal, Sr. Loc: Shallogan More
O'Donnell, Neale Tn: Glenties - Main St
O'Donnell, Owen Loc: Drumboghill
O'Donnell, Patrick Loc: Cleengort
O'Donnell, Patrick Loc: Currynanerriagh
O'Donnell, Patrick Loc: Derryloaghan
O'Donnell, Patrick Loc: Gortnamucklagh
O'Donnell, Patrick Loc: Mulmosog or Altnagapple
O'Donnell, Patrick Loc: Straboy
O'Donnell, Patrick Tn: Glenties - Main St
O'Donnell, Patrick Loc: Tully More
O'Donnell, Peter Loc: Meenavally
O'Donnell, Robert Loc: Clogher, West
O'Donnell, Robert Loc: Clooney
O'Donnell, Robert Loc: Lackaghatermon
O'Donnell, Robert Loc: Loughfad
O'Donnell, Roger Loc: Loughnambraddan
O'Donnell, Roger Loc: Shallogan More
O'Donnell, Shane Loc: Straboy
Owens, Rev. James Loc: Glebe
Owens, Rev. James Loc: Loughfad
Patten, Maurice Loc: Tullycleave Beg
Phillips, James Loc: Kilclooney More
Phillips, John Loc: Tully Beg
Porter, Alexander Loc: Clooney
Porter, Alexander Loc: Islands/No. 30
Porter, Alexander Loc: Islands/No. 31
Porter, Alexander Loc: Islands/No. 33
Porter, Alexander Loc: Islands/No. 34/Nee Beg
Porter, Alexander Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Porter, Alexander Loc: Lackagh
Porter, Alexander Loc: Naran
Porter, Alexander Loc: No. 15, Inishkeel
Porter, Alexander Loc: No. 32 Roaninish Island
Porter, Alexander Loc: Sandfield
Porter, Mrs. Catherine Loc: Ballyiriston
Porter, Hamilton Loc: Lackagh
Porter, Hamilton Loc: Meenagrillagh
Porter, John Loc: Ballyiriston
Porter, John Loc: Drumshantony
Porter, John Loc: No. 15, Inishkeel
Quigley, David Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Quigley, David Tn: Glenties - Main St
Quigley, David Tn: Glenties - The Rock
Quigley, James Loc: Stranaglogh
Quigley, Margaret Loc: Cornagrillagh
Quinn, Andrew Loc: Kingarrow
Quinn, Andrew Loc: Meenadoan
Quinn, Bridget Loc: Meentymorgal
Quinn, Bryan Loc: Meenadoan
Quinn, Charles Loc: Kingarrow
Quinn, Charles Loc: Meenmore, East
Quinn, Connell Loc: Loughmuck
Quinn, Cormack Loc: Croaghubbrid
Quinn, Cormack Loc: Tangaveane
Quinn, Cormack Loc: Tully More
Quinn, Cornelius Loc: Bellanamore
Quinn, Edward Loc: Croveenananta
Quinn, Edward Loc: Meenaleenaghan
Quinn, Edward Loc: Meenmore, East
Quinn, Hugh Loc: Croveenananta
Quinn, James Loc: Dalraghan Beg
Quinn, James Loc: Meenabrock
Quinn, James Loc: Meenaleenaghan
Quinn, James Loc: Meenmore, East
Quinn, John Loc: Adderwal
Quinn, John Loc: Tievereagh
Quinn, John, Jr. Loc: Fintown
Quinn, John, Sr. Loc: Fintown
Quinn, Mary Loc: Fintown
Quinn, Nathaniel Loc: Croveenananta
Quinn, Owen Loc: Dalraghan Beg
Quinn, Owen Loc: Loughmuck
Quinn, Owen Loc: Tievereagh
Quinn, Patrick Loc: Fintown
Quinn, Patrick Loc: Meenmore, East
Quinn, Patrick Loc: Mully
Rea, James Loc: Tullycleave Beg
Richardson, Archld. Loc: Tullycleave Beg
Richardson, George Loc: Tullycleave More
Richey, George Loc: Crannogeboy
Rogers, Margaret Loc: Drumnasillagh
Rogers, Margaret Tn: Glenties - Main St
Rogers, Peter Loc: Straboy
Roherty, Charles Loc: Drumnalough
Roherty, Daniel Loc: Drumnalough
Roherty, Michael Loc: Drumnalough
Rutledge, John Tn: Glenties - The Rock
Ryder, John Loc: Fintown
Scanlan, Daniel Loc: Largnalarkan
Scott, Alexander Loc: Lackagh
Scott, Honoria Loc: Kilclooney More
Scott, Hugh Loc: Drumboghill
Scott, Hugh Loc: Lackaweer
Scott, William Loc: Mullyvea
Scott, William, Jr. Loc: Kilkenny
Scott, William, Jr. Loc: No. 4, Illankenny
Scott, William, Sr. Loc: Kilkenny
Shale, Charles Loc: Rossbeg
Sharp, Patrick Loc: Crannogeboy
Sharpe, Connell Loc: Loughfad
Sharpe, Daniel Loc: Lackagh
Sharpe, Francis Loc: Loughfad
Sharpe, Hannah Loc: Ballymackilduff
Sharpe, James Loc: Ballymackilduff
Sharpe, James Loc: Glenmacannive
Sheldon, Francis Loc: Lackagh
Shevlin, Anthony Loc: Liskeeraghan
Shevlin, Bryan Loc: Aighe
Shevlin, Charles Loc: Lagunna
Shevlin, Daniel, Jr. Loc: Maghera
Shevlin, Daniel, Sr. Loc: Maghera
Shevlin, Denis Loc: Clogher, West
Shevlin, Denis Loc: Clooney
Shevlin, Denis Loc: Meenapeaky
Shevlin, Denis Loc: Naran
Shevlin, Donald Loc: Meenapeaky
Shevlin, Francis Loc: Ballymackilduff
Shevlin, Francis Loc: Maghera
Shevlin, Francis Loc: Sandfield
Shevlin, Francis, Jr. Loc: Ballymackilduff
Shevlin, Hugh Loc: Garrowchuill
Shevlin, Hugh Loc: Newtownburke
Shevlin, James Loc: Ballymackilduff
Shevlin, Jeremiah Loc: Meenapeaky
Shevlin, John Loc: Clogher, West
Shevlin, John Loc: Crumlin
Shevlin, Manus Loc: Drumalough
Shevlin, Mary Loc: Aighe
Shevlin, Mary Loc: Drumaghy
Shevlin, Michael Loc: Naran
Shevlin, Patrick Loc: Barkillew
Shevlin, Patrick Loc: Liskeeraghan
Shevlin, Peter Loc: Lagunna
Shevlin, Teague Loc: Drumalough
Shields, Catherine Tn: Glenties - Main St
Skinner, John Loc: Naran
Smith, Robert Loc: Lackagh
Sproule, James Loc: Drumboghill
Sproule, Jane Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Sproule, John Loc: Drumboghill
Sproule, John Loc: Mullyvea
Sproule, William Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Stewart, Hamilton Loc: Drumnasillagh
Strong, Henry Loc: Shanaghan
Strong, James Loc: Shanaghan
Sweeney, Daniel Loc: Meentymorgal
Sweeney, Michael Loc: Meenasrone, North
Sweeney, Owen Loc: Meentymorgal
Sweeney, Patrick Loc: Meenasrone, North
Sweeney, Patrick Loc: Meentymorgal
Sweeney, Patrick Loc: Stranagoppoge
Sweeny, Charles Loc: Loughmuck
Sweeny, Connel Loc: Loughmuck
Sweeny, Daniel Loc: Gortnasillagh
Sweeny, Dominick Loc: Meenaleenaghan
Sweeny, Edward Loc: Tully More
Sweeny, Francis Loc: Gortnasillagh
Sweeny, Hugh Loc: Gortnasillagh
Sweeny, Jn. Loc: Tully More N: Edward
Sweeny, John Loc: Bellanamore
Sweeny, John Loc: Doobin
Sweeny, John Loc: Strasallagh
Sweeny, John Loc: Tully More N: Edward
Sweeny, John Loc: Tully More N: John
Sweeny, Margaret Loc: Largybrack
Sweeny, Michael Loc: Gortnasillagh
Sweeny, Michael Loc: Kingarrow
Sweeny, Michael Loc: Meenmore, East
Sweeny, Myles Loc: Beagh
Sweeny, Owen Loc: Beagh
Sweeny, Patrick Loc: Beagh
Sweeny, Patrick Loc: Kingarrow
Sweeny, Patrick Loc: Loughmuck
Sweeny, Unity Loc: Gortnasillagh
Swiney, John Loc: Meenagrubby
Swiney, John Loc: Rossbeg
Swiney, Susanna Loc: Rossbeg
Tannis, Ellen Loc: Lackagh
Tarleton, James Loc: Kilclooney Beg
Tighe, Edward Tn: Glenties - Main St
Tighe, John Tn: Glenties - Main St
Timony, Bryan Loc: Stranagoppoge
Timony, Edward Loc: Dalraghan Beg
Timony, James Loc: Croaghubbrid
Timony, James Loc: Stranagoppoge
Timony, James, Jr. Loc: Lughveen
Timony, James, Jr. Loc: Meenanarwa
Timony, James, Sr. Loc: Lughveen
Timony, James, Sr. Loc: Meenanarwa
Timony, John Loc: Meenatawy
Timony, Margaret Loc: Meenagolan
Timony, Michael Loc: Lughveen
Timony, Michael Loc: Meenasrone, North
Timony, Michael Loc: Meenatawy
Timony, Michael Loc: Montymeane
Timony, Michael Loc: Stranagoppoge
Timony, Myles Loc: Meenanarwa
Timony, Owen Loc: Meenasrone, North
Timony, Patrick Loc: Meenatawy
Timony, Patrick Loc: Stranagoppoge
Timony, Peter Loc: Clogher, East
Timony, Peter Loc: Meenatawy
Tobin, Cecilia Loc: Mullanmore
Tobin, Peter Loc: Meenamanragh
Tolin, Rep. Charles Loc: Tullynaglaggan N: Reps of Charles Tolin
Tolin, Hugh Loc: Banganboy
Tolin, Hugh Loc: Strasallagh
Tolin, James Loc: Banganboy
Tolin, Peter Loc: Graffy
Tredenick, William Loc: Tullycleave More
Wagh, Joseph Loc: Kilkenny
Walker, Alexander Loc: Drumirrin
Walker, James Loc: Drumirrin
Walker, James Loc: Shanaghan
Walker, William Loc: Crannogeboy
Walker, William Loc: Owenteskiny
Walsh, James Loc: Meenagolan
Walsh, John Loc: Meenagolan
Walsh, Matthew Loc: Maas
Walsh, Peter Loc: Meenagolan
Walsh, Rebecca Loc: Gortnamucklagh
Walsh, Robert Loc: Maas
Walsh, Samuel Loc: Kilkenny
Ward, Anne Loc: Derryloaghan
Ward, Bridget Loc: Bracky
Ward, Bridget Loc: Meenanale
Ward, Bryan Loc: Cloghercor
Ward, Bryan Loc: Mully
Ward, Charles Loc: Croaghubbrid
Ward, Charles Loc: Tangaveane
Ward, Connell Loc: Adderwal
Ward, Connell Loc: Drumnaha
Ward, Connell Loc: Meenaleenaghan
Ward, Connell Loc: Meenamanragh
Ward, Connell, Jr. Loc: Meenavale
Ward, Connell, Sr. Loc: Meenavale
Ward, Daniel Loc: Cloghercor
Ward, Daniel Loc: Lagunna
Ward, Edward Loc: Naran
Ward, Fergal Loc: Meenaleenaghan
Ward, Hugh Loc: Adderwal
Ward, Hugh Loc: Ardun
Ward, Hugh Loc: Buncroobog
Ward, Hugh Loc: Graffy
Ward, Hugh Loc: Meenabrock
Ward, James Loc: Coolvoy
Ward, Jeremiah Loc: Tangaveane
Ward, John Loc: Adderwal
Ward, John Loc: Derryloaghan
Ward, John Loc: Graffy
Ward, John Loc: Laconnell
Ward, John Loc: Meenabrock N: Hugh
Ward, John Loc: Meenabrock N: John
Ward, John Loc: Meenaleenaghan
Ward, John Loc: Meenamanragh
Ward, John, Jr. Loc: Greenans
Ward, John, Sr. Loc: Greenans
Ward, Margaret Loc: Lagnagillew
Ward, Mary Loc: Edenfinfreagh
Ward, Owen Loc: Bracky
Ward, Owen Loc: Mully
Ward, Patrick Loc: Croaghubbrid
Ward, Patrick Loc: Edenfinfreagh
Ward, Patrick Loc: Meenabrock
Ward, Patrick Loc: Meenagrubby
Ward, Patrick Loc: Tullynaglaggan
Ward, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Tangaveane
Ward, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Tangaveane
Ward, William Loc: Croveenananta
Ward, William Loc: Drumnasillagh
Ward, William Loc: Meenabrock
Ward, William Loc: Meenachuit
Ward, William Loc: Meenagrubby
Ward, William Loc: Meenaleenaghan
Ward, William Loc: Mullanacarry
Ward, William Tn: Glenties - Main St
Ward, William Loc: Tangaveane
Ward, William Loc: Tievelough
Warson, Ellen Loc: Buncroobog
Waters, James Loc: Kinnoghty
Waters, Mary Loc: Kinnoghty
Wherry, George Loc: Crannogeboy
White, James Loc: Illancreeve
White, James Loc: Laconnell
White, John Loc: Cloghboy
White, Patrick Loc: Drumirrin
Williamson, Richard Loc: Drumaghy
Williamson, Thomas Loc: Crannogeboy
Wilson, George V. Loc: Meenavally
Wilson, George V. Loc: Roechrow
Wilson, Thomas Loc: Drumnasillagh
Woresky, Patrick Loc: Meenaleenaghan
Young, William Loc: Naran

Map of Civil Parishes in county Donegal

Civil Parish Records of County Donegal

Other county Donegal Parish Records

1 Aghanunshin

2 All Saints

3 Aughnish

4 Barr of Inch

5 Burt

6 Clonca

7 Clondahorky

8 Clondavaddog

9 Clonleigh

10 Clonmany

11 Convoy

12 Conwal

13 Culdaff

14 Desertegny

15 Donagh

16 Donaghmore

17 Donegal

18 Drumhome

19 Fahan Lower

20 Fahan Upper

21 Gartan

22 Glencolumbkille

23 Kilbarron

24 Kilcar

25 Killaghtee

26 Killea

27 Killybegs Upper

28 Killybegs Lower

29 Killygarvan

30 Killymard

31 Kilmacrenan

32 Kilteevoge

33 Inch

34 Inishkeel

35 Inishmacsaint

36 Inver

37 Leck

38 Lettermacaward

39 Mevagh

40 Moville Lower

41 Moville Upper

42 Muff

43 Raphoe

44 Raymoghy

45 Raymunterdoney

46 Stranorlar

47 Taughboyne

48 Templecarn

49 Templecrone

50 Tullaghobegley

51 Tullyfern

52 Urney