Griffith's Valuation: Donaghcloney Parish, County Down

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Griffith's Valuation in Donaghcloney Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Donaghcloney parish and every other parish in county Down and throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Down in 1863 and 1864.


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Griffiths Valuation: Donaghcloney Parish 1863 and 1864

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You should also check the records of Donaghcloney parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City

Adamson, John L: Banoge
Adamson, John L: Moygannon
Adamson, John, Jr. L: Ballynabragget
Adamson, John, Sr. L: Ballynabragget
Adamson, Moses L: Ballynabragget
Aghey, Samuel L: Banoge
Allen, David L: Banoge
Allen, Joseph L: Tullyherron
Amerson, Elizabeth L: Banoge
Amerson, Robert L: Banoge
Amerson, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Anderson, Ellen L: Donaghcloney
Anderson, James L: Corcreeny
Anderson, James L: Magherana
Anderson, John L: Magherana
Anderson, Samuel L: Tullyherron
Andrews, Anne L: Annaghanoon
Andrews, Francis L: Moygannon (Lane View)
Archer, John L: Cornreany
Archer, John L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Arlow, Samuel L: Tullycarn
Armstrong, James L: Donaghcloney N: Lagan Cottage
Armstrong, James L: Monree
Atkinson, Esther L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Atkinson, Esther L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown N: Lodgers
Atkinson, George L: Corcreeny
Atkinson, George L: Magherana
Atkinson, George L: Tullyherron
Baird, Alice L: Tullyherron
Baird, Charles L: Tullyherron
Baird, James L: Corcreeny
Baird, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Baird, William L: Magherana
Barnes, John L: Tullyherron
Barnes, Joshua L: Annaghanoon
Barron, James L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Barrow, John L: Annaghanoon
Baxter, James L: Corcreeny
Beatty, James L: Moygannon
Beatty, Joseph L: Annaghma-Keonan
Beatty, Mary L: Banoge
Beatty, Robert L: Donaghcloney
Beatty, Robert L: Donaghcloney N: Donagh Cottage
Beatty, Robert L: Moygannon (Lane View)
Beck, Anne L: Ballynabragget
Beck, John H. L: Ballynabragget
Beers, Rev. James A. L: Annaghanoon
Beers, Orr L: Donaghcloney
Bell, James L: Ballygunaghan
Bell, John L: Annaghma-Keonan
Bell, Joshua L: Tullyherron
Bell, William L: Annaghma-Keonan
Bellew, George L: Tullyherron
Bellew, Samuel L: Annaghanoon
Bellew, Thomas L: Annaghanoon N: Annaghanoon Hse.
Bingham, John L: Donaghcloney
Bingham, Samuel L: Tullyherron
Binks, Jane L: Annaghanoon
Bird, Robert L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Black, John L: Corcreeny
Blackstock, John L: Magherana
Blackstock, Thomas L: Magherana
Blackstock, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Blackstock, Thomas L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Boland, Robert L: Magherana
Boyce, James L: Tullycarn
Boyes, Rose L: Lurgantamry
Boyle, James L: Ballygunaghan
Boyle, John L: Tullyherron
Boyle, Peter L: Annaghanoon
Bradshaw, William L: Ballygunaghan
Brennan, Hugh L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Brennan, Sarah L: Corcreeny
Bridgit, David L: Corcreeny
Bridgit, James L: Corcreeny
Bridgit, John L: Corcreeny
Bridgit, Mary L: Corcreeny
Bridgit, Robert L: Corcreeny
Bridgit, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Brown, Adam L: Corcreeny
Brown, Benjamin L: Annaghanoon
Brown, George L: Banoge
Brown, George L: Monree
Brown, James L: Corcreeny N: John
Brown, James L: Magherana
Brown, John L: Banoge
Brown, John L: Corcreeny
Brown, John L: Magherana
Brown, John L: Monree
Brown, John, Jr. L: Corcreeny
Brown, John, Sr. L: Corcreeny
Brown, Joseph L: Corcreeny
Brown, Joseph L: Magherana
Brown, Joshua L: Banoge
Brown, Ralph L: Corcreeny
Brown, Richard L: Ballygunaghan
Brown, Richard L: Corcreeny
Brown, Robert L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Brown, Samuel L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Brown, Thomas L: Banoge
Brown, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Brown, Thomas L: Magherana
Brown, Thomas L: Moygannon
Brown, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Brown, Thomas L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Brown, Thomas L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown N: Lodgers
Browne, John L: Banoge
Browne, Thomas L: Donaghcloney
Bunting, David L: Monree
Bunting, Henry L: Tullyherron
Bunting, James L: Banoge
Bunting, Joseph L: Monree
Burke, John L: Tullyherron
Burnett, Hugh L: Donaghcloney
Burns, John L: Magherana
Byrne, Hugh L: Ballygunaghan
Byrne, John L: Magherana
Byrne, Samuel L: Annaghma-Keonan
Byrne, Thomas L: Annaghanoon
Byrne, William L: Ballygunaghan
Cairn, Mary L: Donaghcloney
Callaghan, William L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Calvert, David L: Tullyherron
Calvert, John L: Magherana
Cammack, Anne L: Annaghma-Keonan
Cammack, John L: Annaghma-Keonan
Campbell, Allan L: Corcreeny
Campbell, James L: Corcreeny
Campbell, John L: Annaghanoon
Campbell, John L: Banoge
Campbell, John L: Corcreeny
Campbell, Joseph L: Corcreeny
Campbell, Mary L: Corcreeny
Campbell, Ross L: Banoge
Campbell, Rep. William L: Annaghanoon
Campbell, William L: Banoge
Campbell, William L: Corcreeny
Campbell, William L: Cornreany
Campbell, William L: Magherana
Candel, Sarah L: Magherana
Carlisle, William L: Annaghma-Keonan N: Laurel Lodge
Carr, Moses L: Annaghma-Keonan
Carroll, John L: Annaghanoon
Carroll, Sarah L: Magherana
Carson, Adam L: Corcreeny
Carson, David L: Annaghanoon
Carson, David L: Corcreeny
Carson, David L: Corcreeny N: David
Carson, Francis L: Tullyherron
Carson, George L: Corcreeny N: David
Carson, Jacob L: Tullyherron
Carson, James L: Ballynabragget
Carson, John L: Corcreeny
Carson, John L: Corcreeny N: Samuel
Carson, Mary L: Corcreeny
Carson, Mary L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Carson, Samuel L: Corcreeny
Carson, Samuel L: Corcreeny N: William
Carson, Thomas L: Cornreany
Carson, William L: Tullyherron
Carson, William L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Carson, William John L: Banoge
Casey, Richard L: Tullyherron
Cassin, John L: Banoge
Cassin, John L: Lurgantamry
Cassin, Margaret L: Tullyherron
Cassin, Richard L: Monree
Castles, Westley L: Banoge
Castles, William J. L: Banoge
Caughrin, Alexanader L: Magherana
Chamber, George L: Corcreeny
Chambers, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Chaney, Thomas L: Magherana
Cheney, Mary L: Corcreeny
Cheney, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Clarke, Anthony L: Lurgantamry
Clarke, Edward L: Lurgantamry
Clarke, James L: Annaghanoon
Clarke, James L: Ballygunaghan
Clarke, John L: Moygannon (Lane View)
Clifford, Thomas L: Banoge
Collins, James L: Annaghanoon N: Betty
Collins, James L: Annaghanoon N: Willy
Collins, James L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Connell, John L: Corcreeny
Connolly, James L: Tullyherron
Connolly, Robert L: Tullyherron
Connolly, William L: Tullyherron
Connor, Bernard L: Tullyherron
Connor, Joseph L: Tullyherron
Cooper, Edward L: Tullyherron
Cooper, Thomas L: Magherana
Cooper, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Corner, William L: Corcreeny
Cosby, Henry L: Banoge
Costley, John L: Annaghanoon
Coulter, Hugh L: Corcreeny
Courtney, James L: Banoge
Craig, Edward L: Donaghcloney
Craig, Ellen L: Magherana
Craig, James L: Annaghanoon
Craig, James L: Banoge
Craig, Samuel L: Banoge
Crothers, Margaret L: Ballygunaghan
Crozier, Bell L: Moygannon
Crozier, George L: Cornreany
Crozier, James L: Cornreany
Crozier, James L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Crozier, Robert L: Annaghanoon
Crozier, Thomas L: Moygannon (Lane View)
Crozier, William L: Magherana
Crozier, Rep. William L: Moygannon
Cull, George L: Corcreeny
Cull, Samuel L: Corcreeny
Cuming, Robert L: Banoge
Cummins, Anne L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Curry, Allan L: Donaghcloney
Curry, Henry L: Moygannon N: and Others
Curry, John L: Donaghcloney
Dale, John L: Ballygunaghan
Dale, Mary L: Magherana
Daly, John L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Davison, Thomas L: Donaghcloney
Davisson, Joseph L: Ballynabragget
Dawson, George L: Tullyherron
Dennison, Henry L: Annaghanoon
Dennison, William L: Banoge
Dennisson, Samuel, Jr. L: Ballynabragget
Dennisson, Samuel, Sr. L: Ballynabragget
Devlin, James L: Tullyherron
Devlin, Mary L: Corcreeny
Devlin, Robert L: Tullyherron
Deward, Edward L: Tullyherron
Deward, James L: Tullyherron
Deward, John L: Tullyherron
Deward, William L: Tullyherron
Diamond, Henry L: Ballygunaghan
Dickson, Matilda L: Tullycarn N: Yns. Bh. Fm. L
Dickson Woods, Alex. L: Magherana
Dogherty, James L: Magherana
Dogherty, James L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Donaldson, David L: Corcreeny
Donnelly, Henry L: Moygannon
Donnelly, Michael L: Tullyherron
Donnelly, Thomas L: Banoge
Doogan, Anne L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Doran, Owen L: Corcreeny
Doran, Redmond L: Corcreeny
Douglas, John L: Moygannon
Douglas, Matthew L: Moygannon
Douglass, Charles L: Tullyherron
Douglass, James L: Magherana
Douie, John L: Tullyherron
Dowd, John L: Moygannon
Dowd, Joseph L: Moygannon
Downey, Patrick L: Banoge
Downshire, Marquis L: Annaghma-Keonan N: Marquis of Downshire
Downshire, Marquis L: Ballygunaghan N: Marquis of Downshire
Duck, Maria L: Corcreeny
Duck, Robert L: Corcreeny
Duck, William L: Corcreeny
Duff, William L: Corcreeny
Duffin, Patrick L: Magherana
Duggan, Robert L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Duke, George L: Magherana
Dummigan, Sally L: Moygannon
Dunbar, David L: Moygannon (Lane View)
Dunseith, James L: Corcreeny
Dunsheath, Alexander L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Eatty, Ellen L: Annaghma-Keonan
Elliott, Alexander L: Ballygunaghan
Elliott, Edward L: Tullyherron
Elliott, William L: Annaghanoon
Elliott, William L: Ballygunaghan
Elliott, William L: Ballynabragget
English, Hugh L: Tullyherron
Farrell, William L: Tullyherron
Fell, Eliza L: Ballynabragget
Ferguson, Adam L: Magherana
Ferguson, George L: Corcreeny
Ferguson, George L: Magherana
Ferguson, Henry L: Corcreeny
Ferguson, Isabella L: Tullyherron
Ferguson, Samuel L: Corcreeny
Ferguson, William L: Magherana
Fergusson, John L: Cornreany
Ferrin, Joseph L: Tullyherron
Ferris, Andrew L: Annaghma-Keonan
Ferris, Bernard L: Tullyherron
Ferris, Christina L: Tullyherron
Ferris, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Ferron, George L: Tullyherron
Ferron, Henry L: Tullyherron
Ferron, John L: Annaghanoon
Finlay, Copeland L: Annaghma-Keonan
Finlay, Henry L: Annaghma-Keonan
Finlay, Isaac L: Ballynabragget
Finlay, Sally L: Annaghanoon
Finlay, Thomas L: Ballygunaghan
Finny, Alexander L: Donaghcloney
Finny, James L: Donaghcloney
Fisher, Sarah L: Monree
Flanagan, Patrick L: Tullycarn
Follas, Joshua L: Tullyherron
Ford, James L: Banoge
Ford, Robert L: Banoge
Forris, Elizabeth L: Magherana
Fox, William L: Annaghanoon
Foy, Ellen L: Tullyherron
Foy, James L: Annaghanoon
Foy, James L: Magherana
Foy, Thomas L: Magherana
Fugard, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Fulton, James L: Corcreeny
Gallway, John L: Donaghcloney
Gamble, Jane L: Ballynabragget
Gamble, John L: Ballynabragget
Gammell, Henry L: Tullyherron
Gardiner, James L: Banoge
Gardner, Elizabeth L: Tullyherron
Garrett, James L: Annaghanoon
Geary, Robert L: Ballynabragget
Gibson, Elizabeth L: Ballygunaghan
Gibson, James L: Moygannon
Gibson, Robert L: Corcreeny
Gibson, Thomas L: Ballynabragget
Gibson, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Gibson, Thomas L: Magherana
Gibson, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Gibson, William L: Corcreeny
Gillespie, Alice L: Annaghanoon
Gillespie, James L: Annaghanoon
Gilmor, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Glass, Alexander L: Magherana
Goold, Robert L: Moygannon
Goold, William L: Moygannon
Gordon, James L: Tullyherron
Gormon, Anthony L: Moygannon
Gould, Alexander L: Annaghanoon
Gould, Margaret L: Annaghanoon
Gould, Richard L: Ballynabragget
Gould, Robert L: Annaghanoon
Gracey, John L: Ballygunaghan
Gracey, Robert L: Lurgantamry
Graham, George L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Graham, John L: Magherana
Graham, Moses L: Ballynabragget
Grant, Patrick L: Donaghcloney
Grattan, Robert L: Cornreany
Gray, Anne L: Tullyherron
Greene, George L: Corcreeny
Greene, James, Jr. L: Magherana
Greene, James, Sr. L: Magherana
Greene, John L: Corcreany
Greene, Patrick L: Corcreeny
Greene, William, Jr. L: Corcreeny
Greene, William, Jr. L: Magherana
Greene, William, Sr. L: Corcreeny
Greene, William, Sr. L: Magherana
Greer, John L: Ballygunaghan
Greer, William L: Banoge
Gregg, James L: Moygannon
Gregg, Robert L: Moygannon
Gregg, William L: Moygannon
Gregson, Alexander L: Magherana
Grimes, David L: Moygannon
Grimes, George L: Cornreany
Grimes, William John L: Banoge
Haddan, James L: Tullyherron
Hadden, James L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Hadden, John L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Haddick, George L: Corcreeny
Haddick, Sinton L: Corcreeny
Haddock, Anne L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Hagan, William L: Annaghanoon
Hale, Francis L: Annaghma-Keonan
Hamilton, David L: Corcreeny
Hamilton, Henry L: Donaghcloney
Hamilton, James L: Corcreeny
Hamilton, John L: Ballynabragget
Hamilton, Joseph L: Ballynabragget
Hamilton, Mary L: Annaghanoon
Hamilton, Nicholas L: Corcreeny
Hamilton, Robert L: Annaghanoon
Hamilton, William L: Ballynabragget
Hamilton, William L: Moygannon
Hampton, Henry L: Corcreeny
Hampton, Henry L: Magherana
Hampton, William L: Corcreeny
Hann, Patrick L: Magherana
Hanna, Anne L: Magherana
Hanna, John L: Donaghcloney
Hanna, John L: Tullyherron
Hanna, Michael L: Corcreeny
Hanna, Michael L: Tullyherron
Hanna, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Hannay, Robert L: Tullycarn
Hanning, John L: Moygannon
Harbinson, John L: Magherana
Harbinson, John L: Tullyherron
Hare, Joseph L: Corcreeny N: Teacher
Harlan, John L: Cornreany
Harland, James L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Harlen, John L: Tullyherron
Harlin, James L: Corcreeny
Harper, William L: Tullyherron
Harrison, James L: Corcreeny
Harrison, John L: Corcreeny
Harrison, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Harrisson, Valentine L: Cornreany
Harvey, Edward L: Annaghanoon
Harvey, Robert L: Ballynabragget
Harwood, John L: Magherana
Harwood, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Haskas, Samuel L: Tullyherron
Hastings, James L: Magherana N: Diaper House
Haughey, Thomas L: Cornreany
Hawthorn, John L: Annaghma-Keonan
Hawthorn, William L: Annaghma-Keonan
Hayes, Charles L: Tullyherron
Henning, John L: Donaghcloney
Henning, John L: Magherana
Henning, John L: Tullyherron
Henning, John L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Hermon, James L: Donaghcloney
Herron, William L: Moygannon
Herwood, Matthew L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Hill, Francis L: Tullycarn N: Tullycarn House
Hill, George L: Moygannon
Hill, John L: Annaghanoon
Hill, Samuel L: Annaghanoon
Hillan, Patrick L: Monree
Hillary, James L: Ballygunaghan
Hillary, John L: Annaghanoon
Hobbs, Mary L: Tullyherron
Hodgens, John L: Donaghcloney
Houston, Elizabeth L: Annaghanoon
Houston, Isabella L: Annaghanoon
Houston, James L: Annaghanoon
Houston, Samuel L: Annaghanoon
Houston, William L: Annaghanoon
Hull, Hector L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Hull, John L: Tullyherron
Hull, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Hull, Thomas L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Humphries, Alexander L: Corcreeny
Humphries, Jno. L: Corcreeny N: Alex
Humphries, John L: Ballynabragget
Humphries, John L: Corcreeny
Humphries, Samuel L: Corcreeny
Hunter, William L: Tullyherron
Hutchinson, Andrew L: Ballynabragget
Hyland, Arthur L: Banoge
Hyland, Gervase L: Banoge
Hyland, John L: Banoge
Hyland, Robert L: Moygannon
Hynes, Anne L: Moygannon
Hynes, Prudence L: Tullyherron
Irwin, Elizabeth L: Magherana
Irwin, Elizabeth L: Tullyherron
Irwin, George L: Corcreeny
Irwin, George, Sr. L: Corcreeny
Irwin, James L: Corcreeny
Irwin, John L: Corcreeny N: George
Irwin, John L: Corcreeny N: Price
Irwin, John L: Magherana
Irwin, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Isdel, Samuel L: Annaghma-Keonan
Jackson, Thomas L: Donaghcloney
Johnston, Cornelius L: Magherana
Johnston, Hugh L: Magherana
Johnston, John L: Annaghanoon
Johnston, Samuel L: Ballygunaghan
Johnstone, George L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Jordan, Alexander L: Annaghanoon
Jordan, Alexander L: Ballynabragget
Jordan, David L: Ballynabragget
Jordan, John L: Ballygunaghan
Kanavan, Grace L: Corcreeny
Kearns, Benjamin L: Corcreeny
Kearns, George L: Corcreeny
Kearns, Joseph L: Corcreeny
Kearns, Joseph L: Magherana
Kearns, Oliver L: Ballynabragget
Kearns, Patrick L: Corcreeny
Kearns, Richard L: Corcreeny
Kearns, Richard L: Magherana
Kearns, Robert L: Banoge
Kearns, Sarah L: Magherana
Kearns, Susan L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Kearns, William L: Annaghanoon
Keating, Richard L: Magherana
Kelly, Jane L: Tullyherron
Kelly, Mary L: Ballygunaghan
Kennedy, Hugh L: Corcreeny
Kennedy, James L: Annaghanoon
Kennedy, James L: Magherana
Kennedy, Jane L: Corcreeny
Kennedy, John L: Corcreeny
Kennedy, Robert L: Annaghanoon
Kennedy, Robert L: Ballygunaghan
Kennedy, Robert L: Magherana
Kenny, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Kernaghan, John L: Banoge
Kernaghan, William L: Banoge
Keyes, James L: Donaghcloney
Kilpatrick, James L: Annaghanoon
King, John L: Annaghanoon
Lackey, William L: Magherana
Lahy, Samuel L: Annaghanoon
Laughlin, Robert L: Cornreany
Lavery, Hugh L: Lurgantamry
Lavery, James L: Cornreany
Lavery, Robert L: Magherana
Lavery, Thomas L: Magherana
Leatham, John L: Magherana
Leatham, Joseph L: Annaghanoon
Leatham, Joseph L: Corcreeny
Leatham, Joseph L: Magherana
Leathem, Anne L: Ballygunaghan
Leckey, Mary L: Banoge
Leggit, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Lennan, Arthur L: Corcreeny
Lennan, William L: Corcreeny
Levingston, Jno. L: Magherana N: Hugh
Levingston, John L: Magherana N: Jas.
Liddal, William L: Donaghcloney
Liddall, Adam L: Moygannon
Liggitt, Thomas L: Tullycarn
Lindsay, John L: Annaghma-Keonan
Lindsay, John L: Magherana
Lindsay, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Little, Mary Jane L: Monree
Little, Matthew L: Ballynabragget
Lock, Richard L: Cornreany
Logan, Thomas L: Banoge
Lowther, Jane L: Banoge
Lusk, Robert L: Ballynabragget
Lyons, Joseph L: Moygannon
Macrory, Arthur L: Donaghcloney
Macrory, Patrick L: Donaghcloney
Magennis, Anne L: Tullyherron
Magennis, Arthur L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Magennis, John L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Magill, Anne L: Corcreeny
Magin, Margaret L: Tullyherron
Maginn, Patrick L: Donaghcloney
Maguire, Alexander L: Ballygunaghan
Maguire, Constantine L: Tullyherron
Maguire, Daniel L: Magherana
Maguire, John L: Tullyherron
Maguire, Kate L: Annaghanoon
Maguire, William L: Magherana
Mahon, Henry L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Major, Archibald L: Ballynabragget
Mallin, Eliza L: Annaghma-Keonan
Marshall, David L: Tullyherron
Mateer, Joseph L: Moygannon
Mathews, George L: Cornreany
Mathews, John L: Magherana
Mathews, Robert L: Corcreeny
Mathews, William L: Cornreany
Matteer, Allan L: Banoge
Matteer, Samuel L: Banoge
Matthews, Sarah L: Corcreeny
Maxwell, Matthew L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Maxwell, Richard L: Tullyherron
Maxwell, William L: Annaghanoon
McAlerny, Anne L: Tullyherron
McAlevy, Samuel L: Moygannon
McAlister, John L: Magherana
McAllister, Andrew L: Banoge
McAllister, Daniel L: Magherana
McAllister, Daniel L: Tullyherron
McAnally, Bernard L: Corcreeny
McAnally, John L: Corcreeny
McAnally, William L: Corcreeny
McAnulty, Deborah L: Corcreeny
McArdle, James L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McAvoy, Henry L: Banoge
McAvoy, John L: Tullyherron
McAvoy, Thomas L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McBride, James L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McCabe, John L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McCabe, Michael L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McCallum, William L: Banoge
McCalvy, Thomas L: Ballygunaghan
McCammon, James L: Moygannon
McCammon, James L: Moygannon (Lane View)
McCartan, James L: Lurgantamry
McCartan, John L: Magherana
McCartan, John L: Tullyherron
McCartan, Joseph L: Lurgantamry
McCartan, Thomas L: Corcreeny
McCartan, Thomas L: Tullyherron
McCartney, James L: Donaghcloney
McCaw, Edward L: Magherana
McCaw, Rep. Joseph L: Magherana
McClatchy, Thomas L: Tullyherron
McClean, John L: Annaghanoon
McCleary, Warren L: Corcreeny
McCleery, Andrew L: Corcreeny
McCleery, James L: Corcreeny
McCleery, Mary L: Corcreeny
McCleery, Thomas L: Corcreeny
McCleery, William, Jr. L: Corcreeny
McCleery, William, Sr. L: Corcreeny
McClelland, James L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McClimond, Deborah L: Banoge
McClimond, John L: Banoge
McCollum, Henry L: Annaghanoon
McComas, Robert L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McComas, William L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McComb, James L: Annaghanoon
McComb, William L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McConnell, Alick L: Tullyherron
McConnell, Bell L: Monree
McConnell, Charles L: Annaghanoon
McConnell, Elizabeth L: Cornreany
McConnell, John L: Ballynabragget
McConnell, John L: Tullycarn
McConnnell, James L: Ballynabragget
McConvill, Hugh L: Corcreeny
McConville, John L: Corcreeny
McCormick, Bernard L: Donaghcloney
McCormick, Edward L: Donaghcloney
McCormick, Sarah L: Donaghcloney
McCosker, Patrick L: Tullyherron
McCourt, George L: Corcreeny
McCourt, William L: Tullyherron
McCoy, Alexander L: Annaghma-Keonan
McCoy, Francis L: Ballynabragget
McCoy, George L: Annaghma-Keonan
McCoy, James L: Annaghanoon
McCoy, James L: Magherana
McCoy, Jeremiah L: Annaghma-Keonan
McCoy, John L: Moygannon
McCoy, Joseph L: Annaghanoon
McCoy, William L: Annaghanoon
McCracken, George L: Annaghma-Keonan
McCracken, James L: Ballygunaghan
McCracken, John, Jr. L: Banoge
McCracken, John, Sr. L: Banoge
McCracken, Robert L: Tullycarn
McCreedy, John L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McCrenor, Samuel L: Ballynabragget
McCrory, Edward L: Corcreeny
McCrory, George L: Annaghanoon
McCrory, Samuel L: Corcreeny
McCrory, Thomas L: Corcreeny
McCullagh, James L: Moygannon
McCullagh, Joseph L: Ballygunaghan
McCullagh, Richard L: Annaghma-Keonan
McCullagh, William L: Donaghcloney
McDonnell, William L: Magherana
McDowell, Alexander L: Annaghanoon
McDowell, Hugh L: Donaghcloney
McDowell, John L: Annaghanoon
McDowell, John L: Banoge
McElvy, Henry L: Annaghma-Keonan
McFall, John L: Corcreeny
McGinn, Patrick L: Donaghcloney
McGivern, John L: Banoge
McGivern, Joseph L: Magherana
McGough, Robert L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McIlroy, Anne L: Corcreeny
McIlwain, David L: Corcreeny
McIlwain, Elizabeth L: Corcreeny
McIlwain, John L: Corcreeny N: James
McIlwain, John L: Corcreeny N: Matt
McIlwain, Robert L: Corcreeny
McIlwain, Thomas L: Corcreeny
McIlwain, Thomas L: Corcreeny N: James
McIlwain, Thomas L: Corcreeny N: Matt
McIlwain, William L: Corcreeny
McIlwaine, Thomas L: Corcreeny
McKenna, James L: Corcreeny
McKenna, Sarah L: Corcreeny
McKenzie, Alexander L: Magherana
McKenzie, Holt L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McKeon, Patrick L: Corcreeny
McKeown, John L: Magherana
McKeown, John L: Tullyherron
McKinsey, Andrew L: Magherana
McKittrick, Alexander L: Lurgantamry
McLoughlin, James L: Corcreeny
McLoughlin, James L: Magherana
McLoughlin, John L: Corcreeny
McMinn, Mary L: Magherana
McMullan, Edward L: Moygannon
McMullen, Adam L: Ballygunaghan
McMullen, Mary L: Corcreeny
McMullen, Thomas L: Ballynabragget
McMullen, William L: Ballygunaghan
McMullen, William L: Ballynabragget
McMurray, Arthur L: Corcreeny
McMurray, George L: Corcreeny
McMurray, Henry L: Corcreeny
McMurray, John L: Annaghanoon
McMurray, John L: Magherana
McMurray, Rev. Michael L: Tullyherron
McMurray, Robert L: Corcreeny
McMurray, Samuel L: Tullyherron
McMurray, Thomas L: Annaghanoon
McMurray, Thomas L: Magherana
McMurray, Thomas L: Tullyherron
McMurray, Thomas L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
McSherry, Hugh L: Tullyherron
McStaye, Elizabeth L: Banoge
McStaye, Francis L: Monree
McWhinny, George L: Corcreeny
McWhinny, Joseph L: Tullyherron
McWhinny, Thomas L: Tullyherron
McWhort, Bernard L: Banoge
McWhort, William L: Banoge
Meek, Moses L: Donaghcloney
Menary, James L: Corcreeny
Mercer, Alexander L: Ballygunaghan
Mercer, Samuel L: Ballygunaghan
Mercer, Thomas L: Ballynabragget
Metcalf, John L: Annaghanoon
Milligan, Sally L: Ballygunaghan
Mitchell, James L: Cornreany
Mohan, John L: Tullyherron
Mohan, Susanna L: Tullyherron
Moles, John L: Moygannon
Molloy, Isabella L: Moygannon
Monaghan, John L: Annaghma-Keonan
Monaghan, John L: Lurgantamry
Mooney, Thomas L: Magherana
Mooney, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Moore, James L: Banoge
Moore, John L: Banoge
Moore, Joseph L: Banoge
Moore, Robert L: Tullyherron
Moore, William L: Corcreeny
Moorehead, John L: Tullyherron
Moorehead, John L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Moorhead, Rev. James L: Annaghanoon N: Lamb's Island
Morgan, Robert L: Monree
Morris, Thomas L: Banoge
Morris, Thomas L: Donaghcloney
Morrow, Andrew L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Mount, Robert L: Annaghma-Keonan
Mount, Robert L: Ballygunaghan
Mulcahy, John L: Banoge
Mulholland, John L: Corcreeny
Mullan, Daniel L: Magherana
Mullan, Mary L: Tullyherron
Mullen, Daniel L: Magherana N: Dispensary and Yard
Mulloy, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Murphy, Daniel L: Annaghma-Keonan
Murphy, James L: Moygannon
Murphy, James L: Tullycarn
Murphy, James L: Tullyherron
Murphy, John L: Ballygunaghan
Murphy, John L: Magherana
Murphy, Margaret L: Tullycarn
Murphy, Patrick L: Moygannon
Murphy, Patrick L: Tullyherron
Murphy, Sarah L: Annaghanoon
Murphy, William L: Banoge
Murray, James L: Donaghcloney
Nc Corry, Richard L: Ballynabragget
Nc Vey, John L: Donaghcloney
Neal, James L: Corcreeny
Neill, Anne L: Tullyherron
Neill, Edward L: Banoge
Neill, Henry L: Annaghanoon
Neill, Henry L: Magherana
Neill, John L: Banoge
Neill, William L: Tullyherron
Nesbitt, Mary L: Corcreeny
New, John L: Magherana
Newell, John L: Corcreeny
Newell, John L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Newell, Thomas L: Moygannon
Nicholson, Robert L: Magherana
Nicholson, Rep. Robert G. L: Donaghcloney
Nicholson, Thomas L: Donaghcloney
Nicholson, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Nicholson, William L: Banoge
Nicholson, William L: Donaghcloney
O'Hare, Susan L: Banoge
O'Hare, William L: Banoge
Oliver, David L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Orr, Joseph L: Annaghanoon
Orr, William L: Ballynabragget
Page, Catherine L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Page, Joseph L: Magherana
Patience, James L: Tullycarn
Patience, John L: Tullycarn
Pauley, Anne L: Corcreeny
Pauley, Anne L: Tullyherron
Pauley, William L: Tullyherron
Peaden, Joseph L: Ballygunaghan
Peadon, John L: Tullycarn
Pearson, James L: Tullyherron
Pearson, Robert L: Tullyherron
Peedy, Thomas L: Donaghcloney
Pegg, Ellen L: Tullyherron
Pegg, Jane L: Tullyherron
Pegg, William L: Corcreeny
Pennington, Robert L: Ballynabragget
Pennington, Thomas L: Annaghanoon N: Thornhill
Pennington, William L: Ballynabragget
Peppard, Andrew L: Ballynabragget
Peppard, Andrew L: Cornreany
Peppard, Jacob L: Tullyherron
Peppard, James L: Magherana
Percy, James L: Tullyherron
Perry, Catherine L: Monree
Phillips, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Pinkleton, James L: Corcreeny
Poots, James L: Tullycarn
Power, Robert L: Magherana
Printer, Edward L: Magherana
Pry, Rebecca L: Corcreeny
Pry, Samuel L: Corcreeny
Pry, William L: Corcreeny
Quinn, John L: Magherana
Quinn, William L: Tullyherron
Rainey, Samuel L: Magherana
Rea, Laurence L: Tullycarn
Reid, John L: Tullyherron
Reid, Joseph L: Annaghma-Keonan
Reilly, Elizabeth L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Reilly, George L: Annaghanoon
Renfrew, Alexander L: Corcreeny
Rennick, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Rice, Catherine L: Ballynabragget
Richardson, Rep. Thomas L: Corcreeny
Richardson, Rep. Thomas L: Magherana
Richardson, Rep. Thomas L: Tullyherron
Robinson, John L: Annaghanoon
Robinson, John L: Moygannon
Robinson, William L: Donaghcloney
Rogan, William L: Moygannon
Rogers, John L: Corcreeny
Rogers, John L: Tullyherron
Rogers, Richard L: Corcreeny
Rogers, Robert L: Corcreeny
Rogers, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Rooney, Hugh L: Magherana
Rooney, Samuel L: Magherana
Rorke, Bernard L: Ballygunaghan
Ross, Bernard L: Annaghanoon
Ross, John L: Moygannon (Lane View)
Rowan, Jane L: Monree
Rowan, William L: Corcreeny
Ruddick, Abraham L: Annaghanoon
Ruddick, Abraham L: Banoge
Ruddick, Abraham L: Magherana
Ruddick, Abraham L: Tullyherron
Ruddick, Eliza L: Annaghanoon
Ruddock, Robert L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Rush, Patrick L: Annaghanoon
Rush, Patrick L: Tullyherron
Russell, William L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Sandes, John L: Ballygunaghan
Sandes, John L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Sandes, Joseph L: Annaghanoon
Saunders, Alice L: Tullyherron
Scarr, William L: Tullycarn
Scott, Grace L: Tullyherron
Scott, James L: Magherana
Scott, Joseph, Jr. L: Tullyherron
Scott, Joseph, Sr. L: Tullyherron
Scott, Richard L: Magherana
Scott, William L: Moygannon
Searight, Alexander L: Tullyherron
Searight, Newton L: Ballynabragget
Searight, Samuel L: Moygannon (Lane View)
Sevenson, Richard L: Corcreeny
Sewell, Alexander L: Donaghcloney
Shanks, James L: Ballygunaghan
Shanks, James L: Banoge
Shanks, James L: Moygannon
Shanks, John L: Donaghcloney
Shanks, Michael L: Ballygunaghan
Shanks, Michael L: Donaghcloney
Shanks, Michael L: Moygannon
Shanks, William L: Tullycarn
Sharp, George L: Tullyherron
Shaw, James L: Corcreeny
Shaw, Robert L: Magherana
Sheals, Thomas L: Banoge
Shilcock, Alexander L: Tullyherron
Shilcock, John L: Tullyherron
Shilcock, William L: Donaghcloney
Skelton, William L: Ballygunaghan
Smith, Bernard L: Moygannon
Smith, John L: Moygannon (Lane View)
Smith, Robert L: Monree
Smith, Robert L: Tullycarn
Smyth, William L: Banoge
Somerville, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Sparks, Hugh L: Corcreeny
Sparks, Rebecca L: Corcreeny
Sparks, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Spence, William J. L: Tullyherron
Spence, William John L: Corcreeny
Stenson, James L: Donaghcloney
Stenson, James L: Moygannon
Stewart, John L: Ballynabragget
Stewart, John L: Corcreeny
Stewart, Robert L: Corcreeny
Stewart, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Stewart, William L: Magherana
Straine, Arthur L: Tullycarn
Studdert, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Sturgeon, Daniel L: Banoge
Sutton, Arthur L: Cornreany
Sweeny, James L: Annaghma-Keonan
Taggart, John L: Annaghanoon
Taggart, William L: Annaghma-Keonan
Tairson, James L: Magherana
Taylor, Elizabeth L: Cornreany
Taylor, Henry L: Cornreany
Taylor, James L: Cornreany
Taylor, John L: Cornreany
Taylor, William L: Cornreany
Thompson, Henry L: Tullyherron
Thompson, John L: Moygannon
Thompson, John L: Moygannon (Lane View)
Thompson, William L: Ballynabragget
Thompson, William L: Magherana
Thornberry, Jane L: Banoge
Thornberry, William John L: Banoge
Tipping, James L: Corcreeny
Tipping, John L: Annaghanoon
Toal, John L: Corcreeny
Topping, Robert L: Banoge
Topping, Seely L: Ballygunaghan
Topping, William L: Banoge
Tow, Edward L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Towel, John L: Moygannon
Townley, John L: Donaghcloney
Turkington, Edward L: Tullyherron
Turkington, Ezekiel L: Corcreeny
Turkington, John L: Cornreany
Turkington, William L: Magherana
Turtle, William L: Corcreeny
Tweedy, Jane L: Donaghcloney
Tweedy, John L: Moygannon
Tweedy, Robert L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Upritchard, Robert L: Corcreeny
Upritchard, Thomas L: Corcreeny
Upritchard, William L: Corcreeny
Waddell, James L: Tullyherron
Waddell, Samuel L: Tullyherron
Waddell, William L: Tullyherron
Waite, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Walker, Henry L: Banoge
Walker, John L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Walker, Richard L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Walker, Robert L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Walsh, Christopher L: Tullycarn
Walsh, Henry L: Tullyherron
Ward, George L: Corcreeny
Ward, Joshua L: Corcreeny
Ward, Samuel L: Corcreeny
Ward, William L: Corcreeny
Waring, Henry L: Annaghanoon
Waring, Henry L: Corcreeny
Waring, Henry L: Magherana
Waring, Henry L: Magherana N: Lodgers
Waring, Henry L: Magherana N: Waringstown House
Waring, Henry L: Magherana N: Wood View
Waring, Henry L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown N: Petty Sessions H
Waring, Kate L: Corcreeny
Waring, Mary L: Corcreeny
Warnick, James L: Donaghcloney
Warren, William L: Tullyherron
Waters, William L: Cornreany
Watson, Francis L: Corcreeny
Watson, Francis L: Cornreany N: Lake View
Watson, George L: Corcreeny
Watson, James L: Corcreeny
Watson, Jane L: Corcreeny
Watson, Robert L: Monree
Watson, Samuel L: Corcreeny
Webb, Jacob L: Tullyherron
Weir, Charles L: Tullyherron
Weir, Elizabeth L: Magherana
Weir, James L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Weir, William J. L: Tullyherron
Wells, James L: Corcreeny
Wells, John L: Corcreeny
Wells, Rachel L: Corcreeny
Wells, Sampson L: Tullyherron
Wells, William L: Corcreeny
Wetherell, James L: Corcreeny
Whaley, James L: Magherana
Whaley, Thomas L: Annaghanoon N: Knockboy House
White, George L: Ballynabragget
Williams, George L: Tullyherron
Williamson, James L: Lurgantamry
Williamson, John L: Tullycarn
Williamson, John L: Tullyherron V: Waringstown
Williamson, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Wilson, Benjamin L: Ballynabragget
Wilson, Edward L: Banoge
Wilson, George L: Ballygunaghan
Wilson, James L: Banoge
Wilson, John L: Donaghcloney
Wilson, Matthew L: Banoge
Wilson, Reid L: Ballygunaghan
Wilson, Reid L: Moygannon
Wilson, Samuel L: Ballynabragget
Woods, James L: Tullyherron
Woods, John L: Moygannon
Wright, Alick L: Annaghanoon
Wright, Henry L: Cornreany
Wright, John L: Ballynabragget
Young, John L: Corcreeny

County Down Civil Parishes Map

Civil Parishes of County Down

Griffiths Valuation Records county Down

1 Aghaderg

2 Annaclone

3 Annahilt

4 Ardglass

5 Ardkeen

6 Ardquin

7 Ballee

8 Ballyculter

9 Ballyhalbert

10 Ballykinler

11 Ballyphilip

12 Ballytrustan

13 Ballywalter

14 Bangor

15 Blaris

16 Bright

17 Castleboy

18 Clonallan

19 Clonduff

20 Comber

21 Donaghadee

22 Donaghcloney

23 Donaghmore

24 Down

25 Dromara

26 Dromore

27 Drumballyroney

28 Drumbeg

29 Drumbo

30 Drumgath

31 Drumgooland

32 Dundonald

33 Dunsfort

34 Garvaghy

35 Greyabbey

36 Hillsborough

37 Holywood

38 Inch

39 Inishargy

40 Kilbroney

41 Kilclief

42 Kilcoo

43 Kilkeel

44 Killaney

45 Killinchy

46 Killyleagh

47 Kilmegan

48 Kilmood

49 Kilmore

50 Lambeg

51 Loughinisland

52 Maghera

53 Magheradrool

54 Magherahamlet

55 Magheralin

56 Magherally

57 Moira

58 Newry

59 Newtownards

60 Rathmullan

61 Saintfield

62 Saul

63 Seapatrick

64 Shankill

65 Slanes

66 Tullylish

67 Tullynakill

68 Tyrella

69 Warrenpoint

70 Witter