Griffith's Valuation: Drumballyroney Parish, County Down

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Griffith's Valuation in Drumballyroney Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Drumballyroney parish and every other parish in county Down and throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Down in 1863 and 1864.


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Griffiths Valuation: Drumballyroney Parish 1863 and 1864

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You should also check the records of Drumballyroney parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City

Adair, James L: Tirygory
Adams, Elizabeth T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Adams, James T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Adams, Jane L: Moneygore
Adams, John L: Ballybrick
Adams, John L: Tirygory
Adams, Margaret T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Allen, David L: Aughnavallog
Allen, David L: Imdel
Allen, David L: Lissize
Allen, David L: Rossconor
Allen, Edward L: Imdel
Allen, Eliza T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Allen, Isaac L: Imdel
Allen, James L: Aughnavallog
Allen, Malcom L: Aughnavallog
Allen, Simon T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Allen, William L: Edenagarry
Anderson, Alexander L: Moneygore
Anderson, David L: Moneygore
Anderson, David T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Anderson, Francis L: Moneygore
Anderson, William L: Aughnavallog
Andrew, John T: Rathfriland - Main Street
Andrew, Margaret T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Annesley, Earl L: Annahunshigo
Annesley, Earl L: Lisnisk
Annesley, Earl L: Tirygory
Atkins, James L: Drumdreenagh
Bailey, Lawrence L: Ballybrick
Baker, James L: Cavan
Barley, William L: Moneygore
Barr, Abraham L: Lisnisk
Batterley, Felix T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Battersley, John T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Beatty, Alexander L: Moneygore
Beatty, Anne L: Moneygore
Beatty, Charles L: Moneygore
Beatty, Eliza L: Moneygore
Beatty, Henry L: Moneygore
Beatty, Hugh L: Drumdreenagh
Beatty, James L: Moneygore
Beatty, John L: Drumdreenagh
Beatty, John L: Moneygore
Beatty, Mary L: Moneygore
Beatty, Robert L: Moneygore
Beatty, Robert T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Beatty, William L: Moneygore
Beck, Sarah L: Ballyroney
Beck, William L: Moneygore
Bell, Elizabeth L: Grallagh-Greenan
Bell, Henry L: Lisnavaghrog
Bell, Henry L: Seafin
Bell, James L: Ballynamagna
Bell, James L: Lisnisk
Bell, James T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Bell, John L: Lisnavaghrog
Bell, John L: Lisnisk
Bell, John T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Bell, John, Jr. L: Seafin
Bell, Robert L: Lisnisk
Bell, Robert L: Seafin
Bell, Robert T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Bell, Robert L: Tirygory
Bell, Samuel L: Aughnavallog
Bell, Sarah L: Moneygore
Bell, Sarah L: Seafin
Bell, William L: Drumdreenagh
Bell, William L: Lisnavaghrog
Bell, William L: Lisnisk
Bell, William L: Seafin
Bennett, Eliza T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Bigham, Alexander L: Ballyroney
Bigham, Alexander L: Seafin
Bigham, Andrew L: Drumarkin
Bigham, Edward L: Aughnavallog
Bigham, Ellen L: Ballyroney
Bigham, James L: Drumarkin
Bigham, James L: Tirkelly
Bigham, John L: Cavan
Bigham, John, Sr. L: Ballyroney
Bigham, Samuel L: Ballyroney
Bingham, James L: Lackan
Black, Hugh L: Drumdreenagh
Blair, James L: Aughnavallog
Blair, James L: Tirfergus
Blakely, James L: Ballybrick
Blakely, James L: Tirkelly
Blakely, John L: Ballybrick
Blakely, Joseph L: Tirkelly
Blakely, Joseph L: Tirygory
Blakely, Robert L: Ballybrick
Boe, John T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Bolton, William L: Seafin
Bonnan, Isabella L: Ballyroney
Boyd, James L: Aughnavallog
Boyd, Samuel L: Ballynamagna
Boyd, William L: Ballynamagna
Braddell, Michael T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Bradford, Eleanor L: Ballyroney
Bradford, William L: Imdel
Bradford, William T: Rathfriland - Hawthorn's Row
Bradley, Michael T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Brady, Jane T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Brady, William L: Tirkelly
Branagan, Margaret L: Lissize
Branagan, Thomas L: Ballyroney
Branagan, William L: Edenagarry
Brontie, John T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Brontie, John T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Brown, William T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Browne, Agnes L: Imdel
Browne, James L: Edenagarry
Browne, Thomas L: Moneygore
Browne, William L: Tirkelly
Bruce, John L: Seafin
Bruce, Thomas L: Imdel
Brunty, Murphy L: Lackan
Brunty, William L: Lackan
Burke, Alexander L: Lackan
Burns, Anne L: Ballybrick
Burns, Arthur L: Imdel
Burns, Bernard L: Ballybrick
Burns, Bridget L: Ballyroney
Burns, Catherine L: Ballyroney
Burns, Daniel L: Lackan
Burns, Hugh L: Lackan
Burns, Jane L: Annahunshigo
Burns, John L: Ballybrick
Burns, John L: Ballybrick N: Bailiff
Burns, John H. L: Lisnavaghrog
Burns, Patrick L: Ballybrick
Burns, Patrick, Jr. L: Ballyroney
Burns, Patrick, Sr. L: Ballyroney
Burns, Peter L: Ballybrick
Burns, William L: Grallagh-Greenan
Burrill, John L: Ballynamagna
Byrne, Rose L: Tirygory
Cahilly, Alexander L: Lissize
Caldwell, Alexander L: Drumarkin
Caldwell, Andrew L: Drumarkin
Caldwell, James L: Drumarkin N: Big
Caldwell, James L: Drumarkin N: Wee
Caldwell, Samuel T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Caldwell, Thomas L: Tirfergus
Camlin, Robert L: Drumdreenagh
Camlin, Robert L: Lackan
Camlin, Samuel L: Lisnavaghrog
Campbell, Alexander L: Lisnacreevy
Campbell, Anne L: Lackan
Campbell, Hannah L: Lackan
Campbell, James T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Campbell, John L: Lissize
Campbell, Mary T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Campbell, Robert L: Aughnavallog
Campbell, Robert L: Edenagarry
Campbell, Samuel L: Edenagarry
Campbell, Thomas L: Lackan
Campbell, William L: Grallagh-Greenan
Cantley, Anne L: Tirfergus
Cantley, George L: Drumarkin
Cantley, George L: Tirfergus
Cantley, James L: Tirfergus
Cantley, John L: Cavan
Cantley, John L: Tirfergus
Cantley, Robert L: Aughnavallog
Carlile, Mary L: Cavan
Carr, Daniel T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Carroll, Joseph T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Carron, Andrew L: Ballyroney
Carson, Andrew L: Edenagarry
Carson, Anne L: Grallagh-Greenan
Carson, Hester L: Tirkelly
Carson, James L: Ballyroney
Carson, John L: Ballyroney
Carson, John, Jr. L: Tirkelly
Carson, John, Sr. L: Tirkelly
Carson, Robert L: Aughnavallog
Carson, Thomas L: Ballyroney
Carson, William L: Ballyroney
Carson, Willliam L: Aughnavallog
Carter, Matthew L: Lisnacreevy
Cassidy, John L: Drumarkin
Cassidy, Susan L: Ballyroney
Cassidy, Thomas L: Drumdreenagh
Caughey, James L: Ballynamagna
Cavit, Patrick L: Lackan
Chain, Willliam L: Aughnavallog
Chambers, William T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Christian, Anne T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Clarke, John L: Aughnavallog
Clarke, Mary L: Ballybrick
Clarke, Matthew T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Clarke, Nicholas L: Ballybrick
Clegg, William L: Imdel
Clooney, James L: Ballynamagna
Clyde, John L: Aughnavallog
Clyde, Willliam L: Aughnavallog
Clydsdale, Allan L: Edenagarry
Clydsdale, George L: Tirkelly
Clydsdale, James L: Ballynamagna
Clydsdale, John L: Lackan
Clysdale, Alexander L: Ballybrick
Clysdale, Alexander L: Lisnacreevy
Clysdale, Alexander L: Seafin
Clysdale, John L: Lisnacreevy
Cochrane, James, Jr. L: Ballyroney
Cochrane, James, Sr. L: Ballyroney
Cochrane, John T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Cochrane, Joseph L: Lackan
Cochrane, Joseph T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Cochrane, Martha L: Ballyroney
Cochrane, Robert T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Cochrane, Thomas L: Ballyroney
Cochrane, William T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Coey, John L: Ballynamagna
Colgan, William L: Imdel
Collins, Eliza L: Tirkelly
Collins, Henry L: Tirkelly
Comelin, Anne L: Ballyroney
Conn, Alexander L: Tirkelly
Connor, Elizabeth T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Connor, James T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Cope, John L: Ballyroney
Cope, Thomas L: Ballyroney
Cope, William L: Ballyroney
Copeland, Jane L: Grallagh-Greenan
Copeland, Robert L: Moneygore
Corbett, James L: Ballyroney
Corbett, James L: Lissize
Corbett, James T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Corbett, Matthew T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Corbett, Robert S. L: Lisnacreevy
Corbett, Thomas L: Lisnacreevy
Cotter, William L: Imdel
Couples, George L: Aughnavallog
Cowan, Charles L: Lisnacroppan
Cowan, Elizabeth L: Lackan
Cowan, John L: Edenagarry
Cowan, John L: Lisnacroppan
Cowan, Samuel L: Aughnavallog
Crangle, Andrew L: Drumarkin
Crangle, Andrew T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Crangle, Edward T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Crangle, James T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Crangle, John T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Crangle, Mary Anne T: Rathfriland - Hawthorn's Row
Crawford, John S. L: Lackan
Creen, John L: Lisnacreevy
Cromie, Alex L: Seafin N: William
Cromie, Alexander L: Ballybrick
Cromie, Alexander L: Ballynamagna
Cromie, Alexander L: Grallagh-Greenan
Cromie, Alexander L: Lisnavaghrog
Cromie, Alexander L: Seafin N: Jas.
Cromie, Alexander, Jr. L: Lisnacroppan
Cromie, Alexander, Sr. L: Lisnacroppan
Cromie, Andrew L: Seafin
Cromie, Anne L: Grallagh-Greenan
Cromie, David L: Drumarkin
Cromie, Gilbert L: Ballynamagna
Cromie, James L: Drumdreenagh
Cromie, James L: Lackan
Cromie, Jane L: Lisnavaghrog
Cromie, John L: Aughnavallog
Cromie, John L: Seafin
Cromie, Mary Anne L: Ballynamagna
Cromie, Nargaret L: Lisnacroppan
Cromie, Robert L: Drumarkin
Cromie, Robert T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Cromie, Thomas L: Ballybrick
Cromie, William L: Edenagarry
Crothers, Anne T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Crothers, Robert L: Lackan
Cry, John L: Cavan
Cummins, Thomas L: Ballybrick
Curran, Joseph L: Drumdreenagh
Dale, William L: Grallagh-Greenan
Dalzell, John L: Ballybrick
Dalzell, Robert L: Grallagh-Greenan
Dalzell, Sarah L: Aughnavallog
Dalzelle, Robert L: Ballyroney
Dalzelle, Sarah L: Drumarkin
Davidson, Andrew L: Moneygore
Davidson, Arthur T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Davidson, Elizabeth L: Moneygore
Davidson, Francis L: Moneygore
Davidson, James L: Grallagh-Greenan
Davidson, James L: Lisnisk
Davidson, John L: Grallagh-Greenan
Davidson, John L: Lisnisk
Davidson, John L: Moneygore
Davidson, Joseph L: Lisnisk
Davidson, Joseph L: Moneygore
Davidson, Margaret L: Moneygore
Davidson, Mary L: Grallagh-Greenan
Davidson, Mary L: Moneygore
Davidson, Mary Jane L: Moneygore
Davidson, Samuel L: Lissize
Davidson, Samuel, Sr. L: Moneygore
Davidson, Thomas L: Aughnavallog
Davidson, William L: Lissize
Davidson, William L: Lissize N: Publican
Davidson, William L: Rossconor
Davidson, William T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Davidson, William T: Rathfriland - Main Street
Davis, Alexander L: Tirfergus
Davis, Alexander L: Tirkelly
Davis, James L: Ballyroney
Davis, James L: Lackan
Davis, Joseph L: Tirkelly
Davis, Robert L: Tirkelly
Davis, Thomas L: Tirfergus
Davis, William L: Ballyroney
Davis, William L: Tirkelly
Davy, James L: Lissize
Dawson, Jane L: Lackan
Dempster, Robert L: Lisnavaghrog
Denham, Sarah L: Lackan
Devlin, Bernard L: Ballybrick
Devlin, Isabella L: Ballybrick
Devonport, James L: Aughnavallog
Devonport, John L: Grallagh-Greenan
Devonport, William L: Lissize
Dickson, Hugh L: Lackan
Dickson, Hugh L: Lisnacreevy
Dickson, Isaac T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Dixon, David L: Ballyroney
Dixon, Jane L: Lissize
Dixon, Jane T: Rathfriland - Main Street
Dodd, John L: Ballybrick
Dodd, William L: Ballynamagna
Donaldson, John L: Ballynamagna
Donaldson, John L: Grallagh-Greenan
Donaldson, Thomas L: Imdel
Donnell, John L: Lisnacreevy
Donnell, William L: Lisnacreevy
Donnelly, Eliza L: Lisnacroppan
Donnelly, John L: Moneygore
Donnelly, Joseph L: Lissize
Donnelly, Joseph T: Rathfriland - Main Street
Dooey, Peter L: Ballybrick
Doogan, John, Jr. L: Moneygore
Doogan, John, Sr. L: Moneygore
Doogan, Sarah L: Moneygore
Doogan, Thomas L: Moneygore
Doran, Daniel T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Doran, Patrick L: Lisnisk
Doran, Susan T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Dornan, John L: Ballyroney N: and Another
Douglas, George T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Douglass, David T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Douglass, James T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Downey, Bridget L: Lissize
Downey, Hugh T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Downey, James L: Lissize
Downey, Matthew, Jr. L: Lissize
Downey, Matthew, Sr. L: Lissize
Downey, Owen L: Lissize
Downey, Patrick L: Lissize
Downey, Patrick T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Downey, Patrick, Jr. L: Lissize
Downey, Robert L: Tirkelly
Downey, Thomas L: Lissize
Downey, Thomas L: Tirygory
Downey, Thomas, Sr. L: Lissize
Downey, William T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Downey, William T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Doyle, James L: Lisnacroppan
Doyle, John L: Lisnacroppan
Doyle, Michael L: Lisnacroppan
Doyle, Rose L: Ballyroney
Doyle, William L: Lissize
Draper, Hannah L: Tirygory
Duffy, Peter L: Lisnavaghrog
Duggan, George L: Tirkelly
Duggan, James T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Duggan, John L: Tirygory
Duggan, Joseph L: Aughnavallog
Duggan, William L: Lackan
Dunn, William T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Dunne, Robert L: Imdel
Edgar, Alexander, Jr. L: Aughnavallog
Edgar, Alexander, Sr. L: Aughnavallog
Edgar, Andrew L: Aughnavallog
Edgar, Hugh L: Lisnisk
Edgar, James L: Aughnavallog
Edgar, John L: Ballyroney
Edgar, John L: Moneygore
Edgar, Margaret L: Drumdreenagh
Edgar, Samuel L: Aughnavallog
Edgar, Rev. Samuel L: Rossconor
Edgar, Rev. Samuel T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Ewart, James L: Annahunshigo
Fagan, Denis L: Ballybrick
Fagan, Denis L: Lisnavaghrog
Fagan, Hugh L: Lisnacroppan
Fagan, John L: Ballybrick
Faris, James L: Ballynamagna
Faris, Samuel L: Grallagh-Greenan
Farnan, Owen L: Ballybrick
Farrell, Mary L: Moneygore
Feeny, Robert L: Tirygory
Fegan, Bernard L: Ballybrick
Fegan, Hugh, Jr. L: Lisnavaghrog
Fegan, Hugh, Sr. L: Lisnavaghrog
Fegan, Patrick L: Lisnavaghrog
Ferguson, David L: Tirygory
Ferguson, Elizabeth L: Tirygory
Ferguson, Hugh L: Lisnisk
Ferguson, James L: Lisnisk
Ferguson, Jane L: Lisnisk
Ferguson, John L: Tirygory
Ferguson, Joseph L: Drumdreenagh
Ferguson, Joseph L: Lackan
Ferguson, Rep. Joseph L: Lisnisk
Ferguson, Robert L: Tirygory
Ferguson, William L: Ballyroney
Ferguson, William L: Lackan
Ferguson, William L: Tirygory
Ferguson, William N. L: Moneygore
Ferguson, Wm. Nixon L: Tirygory
Finney, Alexander L: Annahunshigo
Finney, John L: Lackan
Finney, Robert L: Tirfergus
Fisher, Joseph T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Fitzpatrick, Henry L: Ballyroney
Fitzpatrick, John T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Fitzpatrick, Mary L: Ballybrick
Fitzpatrick, Mary L: Grallagh-Greenan
Fitzpatrick, Patrick L: Lisnacroppan
Fitzpatrick, Patrick L: Lisnavaghrog
Fitzsimon, Andrew L: Tirkelly
Fitzsimons, Andrew L: Tirkelly
Fitzsimons, John L: Tirygory
Fivey, Elizabeth L: Tirygory
Foster, Charlotte L: Ballyroney
Foster, David L: Grallagh-Greenan
Foster, James L: Ballyroney
Fox, Jane L: Imdel
Frazer, Hugh L: Edenagarry
Frazer, Robert L: Lisnacreevy
Fryer, Joseph L: Tirkelly
Fulton, James L: Drumdreenagh
Fulton, Thomas L: Ballynamagna
Gaddes, James L: Ballybrick
Gaddis, James L: Drumarkin
Gaddis, Robert L: Moneygore
Gaddis, Sarah L: Moneygore
Galway, Robert L: Tirygory
Gamble, Robert L: Aughnavallog
Garston, Rev. Christr. L: Aughnavallog
Gealy, James L: Drumdreenagh
Geddis, Alexander L: Annahunshigo
Geddis, David L: Annahunshigo
Geddis, Henry L: Lackan
Geddis, John L: Annahunshigo
Geddis, Joseph L: Annahunshigo
Gibson, Elizabeth L: Seafin
Gibson, Joseph L: Ballyroney
Gilmore, Joseph L: Lissize
Gilmore, Patrick L: Lissize
Gilmore, Thomas L: Ballyroney
Gilmore, Thomas L: Drumdreenagh
Gilmore, Thomas L: Lackan
Gilmore, William L: Lisnavaghrog
Glasseen, James L: Lisnacreevy
Glenny, Isaac L: Aughnavallog
Goldstrapp, Michael L: Lisnacreevy
Gouldtrap, Thomas L: Cavan
Graham, John L: Annahunshigo
Grant, Hugh L: Edenagarry
Grant, Laurence L: Ballyroney
Grant, Mary L: Lisnavaghrog
Grant, Patrick L: Drumdreenagh
Greene, Hugh T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Greene, James L: Ballyroney
Greene, Robert L: Ballyroney
Greene, William L: Ballyroney
Grenan, Thomas L: Lackan
Grennan, Matthew L: Lackan
Gribbin, Mary T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Griffin, Anne L: Ballybrick
Grimes, Margaret L: Moneygore
Grimes, Robert L: Moneygore
Groves, Arthur L: Edenagarry
Groves, Isabella L: Edenagarry
Groves, Robert L: Edenagarry
Groves, Sarah L: Ballynamagna
Groves, William L: Grallagh-Greenan
Haddock, Rev. Edwin L: Ballyroney
Hagan, Felix T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Hagan, James T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Hall, John T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Hall, Margaret L: Lackan
Hamill, Robert L: Ballynamagna
Hamilton, Andrew L: Moneygore
Hamilton, George L: Cavan
Hamilton, George L: Drumarkin
Hamilton, Hugh L: Aughnavallog
Hamilton, John L: Cavan
Hamilton, John L: Lisnavaghrog
Hamilton, Robert L: Lackan
Hamilton, Thomas L: Cavan
Hamilton, William L: Cavan
Hamilton, William L: Tirfergus
Hamitlon, Joseph L: Lisnavaghrog
Hampkin, James L: Cavan
Hampkin, John L: Moneygore
Hampton, Edward L: Cavan
Hampton, James L: Moneygore
Hanlon, John L: Ballyroney
Hanna, Adam L: Ballynamagna
Hanna, David L: Ballynamagna
Hanna, David L: Grallagh-Greenan
Hanna, Hugh L: Drumdreenagh
Hanna, Hugh W. L: Drumdreenagh
Hanna, John L: Drumdreenagh
Hanna, John L: Moneygore
Hanna, John L: Tirygory
Hanna, Joseph L: Drumdreenagh
Hanna, Mary L: Drumdreenagh
Hanna, Robert L: Drumdreenagh
Hanna, William L: Drumdreenagh
Hannaghty, Bridget L: Lissize
Harbison, Alexander L: Grallagh-Greenan
Harbison, James L: Ballynamagna
Harbison, James L: Grallagh-Greenan
Harbison, Rep. John L: Grallagh-Greenan
Harbison, Robert L: Ballynamagna
Harbison, William L: Ballynamagna
Harbison, William L: Grallagh-Greenan
Hare, Hugh L: Cavan
Hare, Mary L: Cavan
Harris, Reid L: Ballyroney
Hart, George L: Tirkelly
Hart, James L: Rossconor
Hart, Joseph L: Tirfergus
Hart, Rev. Thomas L: Tirfergus
Harte, James T: Rathfriland - Main Street
Harvey, Rep. William L: Aughnavallog
Haslett, Joseph T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Haslett, Robert L: Moneygore
Haslip, Elizabeth L: Ballyroney
Haslip, George L: Ballyroney
Haslip, Joseph L: Ballyroney
Hawthorn, Edward L: Lissize
Hawthorn, Fras. T: Rathfriland - Hawthorn's Row N: Lodgers
Hawthorn, James L: Lisnacreevy
Hawthorn, John L: Lissize
Hawthorne, Alexander L: Tirkelly
Hawthorne, Edward L: Aughnavallog
Hawthorne, Edward L: Ballynamagna
Hawthorne, Edward L: Tirygory
Hawthorne, James L: Edenagarry
Hawthorne, Samuel L: Ballynamagna
Hawthorne, William L: Lackan
Hazlet, Joseph L: Aughnavallog
Hazlett, Alexander L: Drumdreenagh
Hazlett, Anne L: Ballyroney
Hazlett, John L: Ballyroney
Hazlett, William L: Ballyroney
Hedges, Henry L: Aughnavallog
Heenan, David L: Ballyroney
Heenan, James L: Aughnavallog N: and Another
Heenan, James L: Moneygore
Heenan, James H. L: Cavan
Heenan, Margaret L: Ballybrick
Heenan, Margaret L: Lisnacroppan
Heenan, Mary L: Lisnacroppan
Henderson, Stewart T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Hennan, Charles L: Moneygore
Hennan, James L: Lissize
Hennan, John, Jr. L: Moneygore
Hennan, Samuel L: Moneygore
Henry, David L: Ballybrick
Henry, David L: Lisnacreevy
Henry, Hugh L: Ballynamagna
Henry, Thomas T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Heron, Rev. Alexander L: Ballybrick
Heron, John L: Lisnavaghrog
Heron, Mary L: Tirfergus
Heslip, John L: Imdel
Hewitt, Agnes L: Tirkelly
Higgins, Cecilia L: Grallagh-Greenan
Higgins, John L: Grallagh-Greenan
Hill, Alexander L: Moneygore
Hill, Arthur L: Edenagarry
Hillan, Mary L: Aughnavallog
Hillan, Michael T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Hilles, John L: Tirfergus
Hillis, Joseph L: Lissize
Hillis, Margaret L: Tirygory
Hogan, Patrick T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Hollingsworth, Elizabeth L: Moneygore
Hood, Agnes L: Drumdreenagh
Hood, Anne L: Drumdreenagh
Hood, James L: Drumdreenagh
Hood, Jane L: Drumdreenagh
Hood, Joseph L: Drumdreenagh
Hood, Samuel L: Drumdreenagh
Hood, William L: Drumdreenagh
Hudson, James L: Rossconor
Hudson, James T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Hughes, John T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Hull, John L: Ballyroney
Humphreys, Robert L: Lackan
Hutchins, James L: Ballyroney
Hutchinson, David L: Annahunshigo
Hutchinson, John L: Seafin
Hutchinson, William L: Ballyroney
Hutton, Alexander L: Drumdreenagh
Ingram, Jane L: Imdel
Ingram, John L: Ballybrick
Ingram, John L: Imdel
Ingram, Samuel L: Aughnavallog
Ingram, Rep. Samuel L: Tirfergus
Ingram, Samuel L: Tirkelly
Ingram, Thomas L: Lackan
Ingram, William L: Ballyroney
Ingram, William L: Seafin
Ingram, Willilam L: Lackan
Irvine, David L: Imdel
Irvine, Hugh L: Imdel
Irvine, James L: Ballynamagna
Irvine, James L: Tirkelly
Irvine, John L: Aughnavallog
Irvine, Robert L: Imdel
Irvine, William L: Drumdreenagh
Irvine, William L: Imdel
Irwin, James L: Lackan
Irwin, Margaret L: Moneygore
Irwin, Nancy L: Moneygore
Irwin, Thomas L: Drumdreenagh
Irwin, William L: Ballybrick
Irwin, William L: Tirfergus
Jackson, Hugh L: Imdel
Jackson, James L: Imdel
Jackson, Joseph L: Imdel
Johnston, Alexander L: Seafin
Johnston, Elizabeth L: Lackan
Johnston, Hugh L: Ballybrick
Johnston, Hugh L: Lisnavaghrog
Johnston, James L: Ballybrick
Johnston, James L: Lackan
Johnston, James L: Seafin
Johnston, James L: Tirygory
Johnston, Joseph L: Ballybrick
Johnston, Joseph L: Seafin
Johnston, Robert L: Lackan
Johnston, Rep. Robert L: Tirfergus
Johnston, Robert L: Tirygory
Johnston, William L: Edenagarry
Johnston, William L: Lisnisk
Johnstone, James T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Johnstone, Robert T: Rathfriland - Hawthorn's Row
Jones, James L: Lissize
Jordan, David L: Tirkelly
Jordan, James L: Tirkelly
Jordan, John T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Jordan, Mary L: Lackan
Kane, Margaret L: Lackan
Kean, William L: Aughnavallog
Kearney, Hugh L: Drumarkin
Kearney, Margaret L: Drumarkin
Kelly, John T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Kelly, William T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Kelsey, Alexander L: Ballyroney
Kenealy, John L: Ballyroney
Kennedy, James L: Lackan
Kennedy, James L: Tirfergus
Kennedy, James L: Tirkelly
Kennedy, John L: Ballynamagna
Kennedy, John L: Lackan
Kennedy, Mary L: Tirkelly
Kennedy, Thomas L: Tirfergus
Kennedy, Thomas L: Tirkelly
Kennedy, William L: Lackan
Kernaghan, Alex. L: Ballybrick
Kernaghan, Alexander L: Aughnavallog
Kerns, Henry L: Lisnacreevy
Kerr, Henry L: Tirfergus
Kerr, John L: Annahunshigo
Kerr, Margaret L: Ballyroney
Kerr, Mary L: Lisnacroppan
Kerr, Michael L: Ballyroney
Kerr, Robert L: Annahunshigo
Kerr, William L: Annahunshigo
Kiltnan, Robert L: Aughnavallog
Kilwell, John L: Moneygore
Kinarty, John L: Ballyroney
Kinly, Robert L: Imdel
Kirk, David L: Aughnavallog
Kirk, Francis L: Aughnavallog
Kirk, Marmaduke L: Aughnavallog
Kirkpatrick, Archibald L: Lisnisk
Kirkpatrick, Archibald, Jr. L: Lisnisk
Kirkpatrick, John L: Lisnisk
Knox, Rev. Charles B. L: Rossconor
Knox, Rev. Charles B. T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Knox, John L: Tirkelly
Lawson, Alexander L: Imdel
Lawson, Elizabeth L: Imdel
Lawson, Jacob L: Ballynamagna
Lawson, John L: Imdel N: Big
Lawson, John L: Imdel N: Little
Lawson, Joseph L: Grallagh-Greenan
Lawson, William L: Imdel
Lawson, William, Jr. L: Imdel
Ledlie, James L: Ballyroney
Ledlie, James L: Drumdreenagh
Lennon, James L: Rossconor
Lennon, John L: Rossconor
Lennon, Stephen L: Drumarkin
Lester, George L: Imdel
Lester, William L: Lisnisk
Lindon, Arthur L: Ballynamagna
Linton, David L: Tirygory
Linton, George L: Rossconor
Linton, Jane T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Linton, Jane L: Tirygory
Linton, John L: Tirygory
Linton, Rep. Robert L: Tirygory
Linton, Samuel L: Ballyroney
Linton, Samuel T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Little, Jacob L: Imdel
Little, James L: Imdel
Little, Jane L: Imdel
Little, Jane T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Little, John L: Drumdreenagh
Little, John T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Little, William L: Seafin
Logan, John L: Ballyroney
Loughlin, Peter L: Ballyroney
Lynas, Richard T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Lynch, Charles L: Ballybrick
Lynch, Matthew L: Lissize
Lynch, Matthew L: Rossconor
Lynch, Matthew T: Rathfriland - Main Street
Lynch, Thomas T: Rathfriland - Main Street
Lyons, James L: Lackan
Lyons, John L: Lackan
Lyster, Jane L: Imdel
Lyster, William L: Imdel
Macauley, Henry T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Macken, Mary L: Ballyroney
Macken, Peter, Jr. L: Ballybrick
Macken, Peter, Sr. L: Ballybrick
Macready, Rev. Henry L: Cavan
Macready, Mary L: Moneygore
Magee, Henry L: Edenagarry
Magee, Patrick T: Rathfriland - Main Street
Magee, Robert L: Ballyroney
Magee, Thomas L: Ballyroney
Magenis, Henry T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Magill, Mary Jane T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Magill, Robert T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Magin, James T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Magin, Mary T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Magrath, Mary L: Grallagh-Greenan
Maguinness, James L: Ballybrick
Maguinness, Joseph L: Ballybrick
Maguinness, Richard L: Ballybrick
Maguire, Michael L: Annahunshigo
Malcolmson, Robert L: Ballyroney
Maneely, John L: Drumdreenagh
Mark, David L: Tirygory
Mark, James L: Ballyroney
Mark, James L: Lackan
Mark, James L: Tirygory
Mark, James L: Tirygory N: Tirkelly
Mark, James, Jr. L: Lisnisk
Mark, James, Sr. L: Lisnisk
Mark, Joseph L: Lisnisk
Markey, Patrick L: Aughnavallog
Marks, David L: Tirygory
Marks, George L: Grallagh-Greenan
Marks, James L: Tirkelly
Martin, Anne L: Moneygore
Martin, Christiana L: Ballybrick
Martin, David L: Annahunshigo
Martin, David L: Ballybrick
Martin, David L: Drumdreenagh
Martin, David L: Lackan
Martin, David L: Lisnavaghrog
Martin, David L: Lisnisk
Martin, David T: Rathfriland - Main Street
Martin, David L: Tirygory
Martin, Eliza L: Ballybrick
Martin, James L: Aughnavallog
Martin, James L: Ballybrick
Martin, Rep. James L: Ballyroney
Martin, James L: Grallagh-Greenan
Martin, Jane L: Moneygore
Martin, John L: Ballybrick
Martin, John L: Lackan
Martin, John L: Moneygore N: Big
Martin, John L: Moneygore N: Bonny
Martin, John, Jr. L: Annahunshigo
Martin, John, Sr. L: Annahunshigo
Martin, Joseph L: Ballybrick
Martin, Joseph L: Seafin
Martin, Margaret L: Ballybrick
Martin, Mary Anne T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Martin, Robert L: Ballybrick
Martin, Robert L: Lissize
Martin, Samuel L: Edenagarry
Martin, Thomas L: Tirygory
Martin, William L: Annahunshigo
Martin, William L: Lisnavaghrog
Martin, William L: Moneygore
Martin, William L: Tirkelly
Martin, William L: Tirygory
Mason, Eliza T: Rathfriland - Hawthorn's Row
Mathews, David L: Annahunshigo
Mathews, Jane L: Tirygory
Mathews, Wills L: Annahunshigo
Matthews, Joseph L: Ballybrick
May, Joseph L: Drumarkin
May, Joseph L: Rossconor
May, Joseph T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
May, Samuel L: Ballybrick
McAleary, Hugh L: Lissize
McAleary, Hugh L: Rossconor
McAleary, Samuel L: Rossconor
McAlenan, Patrick L: Lisnacroppan
McAlenan, Richard L: Lisnacroppan
McAlendon, John L: Lackan
McAlendon, Mary L: Grallagh-Greenan
McAlendon, Sarah L: Edenagarry
McAlendon, Thomas L: Lackan
McAlery, Hugh T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McAlery, John T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McAlery, Samuel T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McAlinden, Arthur L: Ballybrick
McAllister, David L: Grallagh-Greenan
McAllister, Patrick L: Ballynamagna
McAneally, David L: Drumarkin
McArdle, Alexander L: Ballyroney
McArdle, Anne L: Ballyroney
McArdle, Arthur L: Ballyroney
McArdle, Denis L: Lisnacreevy
McArdle, Henry L: Ballyroney
McArdle, John L: Ballyroney
McArdle, Margaret T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McArdle, Mary L: Ballyroney
McArdle, Mary T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
McArdle, Michael L: Ballyroney
McArdle, Sarah L: Ballyroney
McArdle, Thomas L: Ballyroney
McAuley, Charles L: Tirkelly
McAuley, George L: Ballyroney
McAuley, James L: Lackan
McAuley, James, Jr. L: Tirkelly
McAuley, James, Sr. L: Tirkelly
McAuley, John L: Ballybrick
McAuley, John L: Edenagarry
McAuley, John L: Tirkelly
McAuley, Margaret L: Tirygory
McAuley, Samuel L: Tirkelly
McAuley, Thomas L: Tirkelly
McAuley, William L: Lackan
McAvoy, Daniel T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
McAvoy, Hugh L: Drumarkin
McAvoy, Hugh T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
McAvoy, James L: Drumarkin
McAvoy, James T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
McBride, Rep. James L: Ballybrick
McBride, James L: Ballynamagna
McBride, James L: Ballyroney
McBride, Jane L: Ballynamagna
McBride, Joseph L: Ballynamagna
McBride, Robert L: Ballynamagna
McBride, Robert L: Imdel
McCaig, John L: Moneygore
McCanley, Samuel L: Rossconor
McCauley, James L: Lissize
McCay, Alice L: Lisnavaghrog
McCay, Rose L: Ballyroney
McChain, Anne L: Ballybrick
McChain, Jane L: Aughnavallog
McChain, Robert L: Aughnavallog
McChaine, Robert L: Annahunshigo
McClelland, James L: Edenagarry
McClelland, James L: Lisnacreevy
McClement, William T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
McClements, David L: Ballynamagna
McClements, James L: Tirkelly
McClements, William L: Ballyroney
McClements, William L: Lisnavaghrog
McClenaghan, William L: Cavan
McClenehan, Catherine T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McClenehan, James L: Rossconor
McClinchy, Alexander L: Ballybrick
McClooney, Edward L: Aughnavallog
McClory, Daniel L: Ballybrick
McClory, Edward L: Ballybrick
McClory, James L: Lisnavaghrog
McClory, John L: Ballybrick
McClory, John L: Lackan
McClory, John, Jr. L: Ballybrick
McClory, John, Sr. L: Ballybrick
McClory, Joseph L: Edenagarry
McClory, Michael L: Edenagarry
McClory, Patrick L: Ballyroney
McClory, Thomas L: Edenagarry
McClory, Thomas L: Lisnavaghrog
McClure, Matthew L: Ballybrick
McCollum, Archibald L: Ballybrick
McCollum, W. Dankan L: Ballybrick
McColly, David T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McComas, Daniel T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
McComas, John T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
McComas, John T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
McComb, James T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
McComb, John L: Lisnisk
McComb, John T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McComb, Sarah L: Grallagh-Greenan
McComb, William L: Edenagarry
McComiskey, Patrick L: Lackan
McConville, Arthur L: Lissize
McConville, Denis L: Ballyroney
McConville, Dominick L: Ballyroney
McConville, John L: Ballyroney N: Mary
McConville, John L: Ballyroney N: Peter
McConville, John L: Lisnacroppan
McConville, John L: Lissize
McConville, Margaret L: Ballyroney
McConville, Mary L: Ballyroney
McConville, Patrick L: Ballyroney
McCoolan, Bridget L: Ballybrick
McCoomb, James L: Lackan
McCosker, Anthony L: Lisnacroppan
McCracken, Andrew L: Drumdreenagh
McCracken, Elizabeth L: Cavan
McCracken, Elizabeth L: Moneygore
McCracken, Francis L: Lissize
McCracken, John L: Edenagarry
McCracken, John L: Rossconor
McCracken, Samuel T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McCracken, William L: Cavan
McCracken, William, Jr. L: Edenagarry
McCracken, William, Sr. L: Edenagarry
McCready, John L: Aughnavallog
McCreedy, Alexander L: Ballyroney
McCreedy, John L: Ballyroney
McCreedy, William L: Ballyroney
McCreedy, William L: Tirkelly
McCrom, Elizabeth L: Imdel
McCrom, James L: Imdel
McCrom, John L: Imdel
McCrom, John L: Lisnacreevy
McCrom, Joseph L: Ballybrick
McCrom, Margaret L: Imdel
McCrom, Mary T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McCrom, Moses L: Tirkelly
McCrom, Samuel L: Grallagh-Greenan
McCrom, William L: Edenagarry
McCromb, James L: Lissize
McCromb, John L: Lissize
McCromb, Robert L: Rossconor
McCullagh, David L: Tirkelly
McCullagh, George L: Moneygore
McCullagh, Henry L: Drumdreenagh
McCullagh, Henry L: Moneygore
McCullagh, James L: Lisnisk
McCullagh, John, Jr. L: Tirkelly
McCullagh, John, Sr. L: Tirkelly
McCullagh, Sarah L: Moneygore
McCullagh, William L: Drumdreenagh
McCullagh, William L: Edenagarry
McCullagh, William L: Moneygore
McCullagh, William L: Tirkelly
McCullough, Thomas L: Ballyroney
McCutcheon, James T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
McDonnell, James L: Ballybrick
McDonnell, James L: Lackan
McDowell, Agnes L: Edenagarry
McDowell, Joseph L: Edenagarry
McDowell, Robert L: Edenagarry
McDowell, Thomas L: Edenagarry
McEbony, Robert L: Tirygory
McEvoy, Alexander L: Ballyroney
McEvoy, Elizabeth L: Ballyroney
McEvoy, Hugh L: Ballyroney
McFadden, Robert T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McGarry, James L: Moneygore
McGaw, John L: Drumarkin
McGee, Anne L: Moneygore
McGee, David L: Moneygore
McGee, John L: Moneygore
McGill, John L: Ballynamagna
McGill, Robert L: Lissize
McGill, Samuel L: Moneygore
McGill, Sarah L: Grallagh-Greenan
McGivern, Andrew L: Ballybrick
McGivern, Hugh L: Ballybrick
McGivern, James L: Lisnavaghrog
McGivern, John L: Ballybrick
McGivern, Michael L: Lisnavaghrog
McGowan, James L: Cavan
McGowan, John L: Lisnisk
McGowan, John L: Moneygore
McGowan, Margaret L: Edenagarry
McGowan, Martha L: Moneygore
McGowan, Robert L: Drumdreenagh
McGowan, Samuel L: Moneygore
McGowan, William L: Cavan
McGrane, Joseph L: Ballynamagna
McGrorey, Anne L: Lisnavaghrog
McGrorey, John L: Lisnavaghrog
McGrorey, Patrick L: Lisnavaghrog
McGuigan, John L: Ballynamagna
McGuiggan, Mary L: Lackan
McGuinness, Edward L: Ballynamagna
McIllboy, Alexander L: Seafin
McIlroy, Edward L: Drumarkin
McIlroy, Edward L: Rossconor
McIlroy, Patrick L: Rossconor
McKay, Alexander L: Ballybrick
McKay, David L: Ballybrick
McKay, Hugh L: Lisnacroppan
McKay, John, Jr. L: Lisnacroppan
McKay, John, Sr. L: Lisnacroppan
McKay, Neil Joseph L: Lisnacroppan
McKay, William L: Lisnacroppan
McKee, Ebenezer T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McKee, John L: Imdel
McKee, Michael L: Aughnavallog
McKee, Robert L: Ballynamagna
McKee, Thomas L: Imdel
McKeown, Hugh L: Seafin
McKeown, Patrick L: Lisnacroppan
McKey, Alice T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McKey, Andrew L: Ballybrick
McKey, James L: Aughnavallog
McKinstrey, William L: Imdel
McKinstry, John L: Imdel
McKnight, George L: Aughnavallog
McKnight, George L: Ballynamagna
McKnight, James L: Grallagh-Greenan
McKnight, Jane L: Tirkelly
McKnight, John L: Aughnavallog
McKnight, John L: Ballynamagna
McKnight, John L: Moneygore
McKnight, Robert L: Ballynamagna
McKnight, Samuel L: Ballynamagna
McKnight, William L: Ballynamagna
McLoughlin, Hugh L: Lisnacroppan
McMahon, David L: Aughnavallog
McMahon, Hamilton L: Moneygore
McMahon, James L: Aughnavallog
McMahon, James T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McMahon, Jane L: Lisnacreevy
McMahon, John L: Moneygore
McMahon, Thomas L: Ballynamagna
McMullen, Andrew L: Imdel
McMullen, John L: Drumdreenagh
McMullen, William L: Imdel
McMullen, William L: Lisnisk
McMurray, William L: Ballynamagna
McNaught, George T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
McNavney, Eliza L: Drumarkin
McNeill, Bridget L: Seafin
McNeill, Daniel L: Ballybrick
McNeill, Daniel L: Imdel
McNeill, John, Jr. L: Imdel
McNeill, John, Sr. L: Imdel
McNeill, Patrick L: Ballybrick
McNeill, Robert L: Imdel
McNeill, Samuel L: Tirygory
McNeill, Thomas L: Imdel
McNeilly, Bartholomew L: Annahunshigo
McNeilly, David L: Cavan
McNeilly, David L: Rossconor
McNeilly, James L: Tirygory
McNeilly, James, Jr. L: Lisnisk
McNeilly, James, Sr. L: Lisnisk
McNeilly, John L: Lisnisk
McNeilly, Joseph L: Lisnisk
McNeilly, Mary L: Lisnisk
McNeilly, Rep. Matthew L: Lisnisk
McNeilly, Matthew L: Tirygory
McNeilly, Robert L: Lisnisk
McNeilly, Robert L: Moneygore
McNeilly, Thomas L: Lisnisk
McNeilly, William L: Lisnisk
McNett, Sarah L: Moneygore
McParland, James L: Rossconor
McParland, James T: Rathfriland - Main Street
McPoland, James T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
McPolin, Margaret L: Ballybrick
McPollen, Bernard L: Edenagarry
McQuiggan, John L: Lackan
McRoberts, Rep. Alex. L: Ballyroney
McRoberts, Alexander L: Aughnavallog
McRoberts, Alexander L: Ballynamagna
McSpadden, Alexander L: Lisnacreevy
McSpadden, George L: Seafin
McWhinney, Andrew L: Aughnavallog
McWhinney, James L: Aughnavallog
McWhinney, John L: Ballyroney
McWhinney, Kennedy L: Lackan
McWhinney, Margaret L: Lackan
McWhinney, Mary L: Aughnavallog
McWhinney, Robert L: Lackan
McWhinney, Samuel L: Ballybrick
McWhinney, William L: Aughnavallog
McWhinney, William L: Lackan
McWhinny, Andrew T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Meade, Hon. Robert L: Aughnavallog N: Trus.
Meade, Hon. Robt. L: Cavan N: Trus.
Meade, Hon. Robt. L: Drumarkin N: Trus.
Meade, Hon. Robt. L: Rossconor N: Trus.
Meade, Hon. Robt. L: Tirfergus N: Trus.
Meade, Hon. Robt. L: Tirygory N: Trus.
Meaney, John L: Tirfergus
Meany, Thomas L: Tirygory
Medlin, Andrew L: Imdel
Meehan, John T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Meek, Benjamin L: Lissize
Megaw, Sarah L: Aughnavallog
Mehan, John, Jr. T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Meharg, Catherine L: Aughnavallog
Meharg, Eliza L: Annahunshigo
Melikan, Thomas L: Imdel
Milligan, Joseph L: Tirfergus
Milliken, Hans L: Tirfergus
Milliken, William L: Tirkelly
Mitchell, Andrew L: Imdel
Mitchell, James L: Ballybrick
Mitchell, John L: Grallagh-Greenan
Mitchell, John L: Tirygory
Moffatt, George L: Annahunshigo
Moffatt, James L: Drumdreenagh
Moffatt, John L: Drumdreenagh
Monaghan, Charles L: Grallagh-Greenan
Monaghan, Edward L: Ballybrick
Monaghan, Felix L: Ballybrick
Monaghan, James L: Ballybrick
Monaghan, John L: Ballybrick
Monaghan, Thomas L: Grallagh-Greenan
Montgomery, Martha L: Drumdreenagh
Mooney, Anne L: Lisnacroppan
Mooney, Bernard L: Lisnavaghrog
Mooney, Hugh L: Ballybrick
Mooney, Hugh L: Lisnavaghrog
Mooney, Peter L: Lisnavaghrog
Moore, Jane L: Lissize
Moore, Thomas T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Moorhead, Margaret L: Lisnisk
Morgan, Anne T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Morgan, Arthur L: Tirygory
Morgan, Daniel L: Ballybrick
Morgan, Edward L: Drumarkin
Morgan, Edward L: Tirygory
Morgan, James L: Drumarkin
Morgan, John L: Ballybrick
Morgan, Luke L: Ballybrick
Morgan, Mary T: Rathfriland - Castle Street N: and Another
Morgan, Mortimer L: Tirygory
Morgan, Samuel T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Morrison, Alexander L: Ballyroney
Morrison, John L: Lisnavaghrog N: and Another
Morrison, John T: Rathfriland - Main Street
Morrison, Mary T: Rathfriland - Main Street
Morrison, Quinn L: Annahunshigo
Morrissey, Anne T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Morrow, John L: Ballyroney
Morrow, Joseph L: Moneygore
Morrow, Margaret L: Drumdreenagh
Morrow, William L: Ballyroney
Morrow, William L: Seafin
Mossy, Anne L: Lissize
Mulholland, Arthur L: Lackan
Mulholland, Edward T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Mulholland, Esther L: Ballybrick
Mulholland, Francis L: Annahunshigo
Mulholland, Hugh L: Drumarkin
Mulholland, James L: Lackan
Mulholland, Matthew T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Mulholland, Patrick L: Lackan
Mulholland, Patrick L: Tirygory
Mulholland, Ptk. L: Tirygory N: Hardy
Mulholland, Thomas L: Lackan
Mullen, Samuel T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Mullholland, William L: Cavan
Mulligan, George L: Ballybrick
Mulligan, James L: Ballybrick
Mulligan, James L: Imdel
Mulligan, William L: Imdel
Munroe, Mary L: Ballyroney
Munroe, Robert L: Ballyroney
Murdock, Archibald L: Imdel
Murdock, Margaret L: Seafin
Murphy, Alice L: Lissize
Murphy, Alice L: Rossconor
Murphy, Alice T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Murphy, Anne L: Ballybrick
Murphy, Ellen L: Lackan
Murphy, John L: Aughnavallog
Murphy, John L: Ballybrick
Murphy, John L: Lackan
Murphy, John T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Murphy, John T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Murphy, Joseph L: Lissize
Murphy, Joseph L: Rossconor
Murphy, Michael L: Lisnavaghrog
Murphy, Patrick L: Lisnavaghrog
Murphy, Samuel L: Rossconor
Murphy, Thomas L: Tirygory
Murray, Alexander L: Ballybrick
Murray, Holden L: Ballybrick
Murray, James L: Ballybrick
Murray, James L: Grallagh-Greenan
Murray, John L: Ballybrick
Murray, Patrick L: Moneygore
Murray, Thomas L: Tirygory
Neill, James L: Ballybrick
Neill, Samuel, Jr. L: Ballybrick
Neill, Samuel, Sr. L: Ballybrick
Nelson, Alexander L: Drumdreenagh
Nesbitt, James L: Imdel
Nesbitt, John L: Imdel
Nesbitt, Joseph L: Lissize
Nesbitt, Robert L: Imdel
Nesbitt, Robert, Sr. L: Imdel
Nixon, William L: Lackan
Nixon, William L: Lisnacreevy
Noble, Moses L: Imdel
Noble, Thomas L: Imdel
Norton, Mary L: Ballybrick
O'Hagan, Catherine T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
O'Hagan, Patrick L: Ballybrick
O'Hare, Catherine L: Ballyroney
O'Hare, Daniel L: Ballybrick
O'Hare, James L: Ballyroney
O'Hare, John L: Ballybrick
O'Hare, John L: Edenagarry
O'Hare, Mary L: Ballybrick
O'Hare, Mary L: Ballybrick N: Athy
O'Hare, Patrick L: Ballybrick
O'Hare, Rose L: Ballybrick
O'Neill, Rosanna T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Othaltree, Hugh L: Ballyroney
Park, John L: Annahunshigo
Parker, James L: Ballynamagna
Parker, James L: Imdel
Parker, John L: Ballynamagna
Parkes, John L: Cavan
Parkes, Joseph L: Cavan
Parks, Andrew L: Edenagarry
Parks, Thomas L: Drumarkin
Parks, Thomas L: Edenagarry
Parsley, Samuel L: Ballyroney
Patterson, Margaret L: Edenagarry
Patterson, Samuel L: Moneygore
Patts, Andrew L: Lisnacreevy
Peters, David L: Drumdreenagh
Peters, James L: Cavan
Peters, Jane L: Drumarkin
Peters, John L: Tirfergus
Peters, Samuel L: Tirygory
Peters, Thomas L: Moneygore
Peters, William, Jr. L: Cavan
Peters, William, Sr. L: Cavan
Phillips, Edward T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Piper, Alexander L: Lissize
Piper, Alexander L: Rossconor
Piper, John L: Ballynamagna
Piper, John L: Lissize
Piper, Robert L: Lissize
Piper, Robert, Jr. L: Lissize
Potts, Esther L: Ballyroney
Potts, Robert L: Ballyroney
Price, Anne T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Price, John T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Priestly, John L: Ballyroney
Purcley, Anne T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Quail, John T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Quinn, Hill L: Seafin
Quinn, Owen T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Radcliffe, Christr., Jr. L: Lisnacreevy
Radcliffe, Christr., Sr. L: Lisnacreevy
Radcliffe, John L: Lisnacreevy
Rafferty, John L: Ballybrick
Ratcliff, William T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Ratcliffe, Alexander L: Ballybrick
Ratcliffe, William L: Rossconor
Rea, Henry L: Edenagarry
Read, William L: Grallagh-Greenan
Reader, Thomas L: Lissize
Reavy, Patrick T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Reid, John L: Grallagh-Greenan
Reid, Rev. Thomas M. L: Ballyroney
Reilly, Andrew L: Moneygore
Reilly, Richard L: Moneygore
Ringland, James L: Edenagarry
Ringland, John L: Drumdreenagh
Rispin, Margaret L: Edenagarry
Roan, Esther L: Lackan
Roan, John L: Ballynamagna
Robertson, Samuel T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Robinson, Henry L: Lissize
Ross, George L: Rossconor
Ross, George L: Tirfergus
Ross, William L: Tirkelly
Rowan, Andrew L: Aughnavallog
Rowan, Ann L: Drumdreenagh
Rowan, James L: Tirygory
Rowan, John L: Lackan
Rowan, Margaret L: Lackan
Rowan, Robert L: Annahunshigo
Rowan, Thomas L: Aughnavallog
Rowan, William L: Tirfergus
Rowney, William L: Ballybrick
Roy, Alexander L: Ballyroney
Roy, James L: Ballyroney
Roy, James L: Tirfergus
Roy, James L: Tirygory
Russell, Margaret L: Tirfergus
Russell, William L: Tirfergus
Salts, William L: Ballynamagna
Sandes, Matthew L: Ballynamagna
Savage, William L: Ballynamagna
Sawe, Edward L: Ballybrick
Sawe, Mary L: Ballybrick
Sawe, Patrick L: Ballybrick
Sawe, Thomas L: Ballybrick
Sawe, Thomas, Jr. L: Ballybrick
Sawe, William L: Ballybrick
Scott, David L: Lisnavaghrog
Scott, John L: Cavan
Shaw, James L: Imdel
Shaw, James L: Lisnacreevy
Shaw, James Egar L: Lisnacreevy
Shaw, John L: Tirkelly
Shaw, Mary L: Lisnavaghrog
Shelliday, James L: Lisnacreevy
Shelliday, James L: Tirfergus
Shelliday, Samuel L: Tirfergus
Sheppard, Arthur L: Ballybrick
Sheppard, James L: Ballybrick
Shilliday, James L: Cavan
Shilliday, James L: Drumarkin
Shilliday, John L: Moneygore
Shilliday, Robert L: Moneygore
Short, James T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Simms, John L: Ballybrick
Simms, John L: Ballyroney N: Secretary
Simms, John L: Seafin N: Secretary
Simpson, George L: Drumdreenagh
Simpson, Richard L: Rossconor
Sinclair, Margaret L: Moneygore
Sloan, James L: Lackan
Sloane, Jane L: Imdel
Sloane, Robert L: Tirkelly
Small, William L: Seafin
Smith, Charles L: Ballybrick
Smith, Dobbin L: Ballyroney
Smith, James L: Lisnacreevy
Smith, John L: Lackan
Smith, Mary L: Lisnavaghrog
Smith, Samuel L: Moneygore
Spears, Alexander L: Lackan
Spears, Andrew L: Edenagarry
Spears, David L: Annahunshigo
Spears, James L: Annahunshigo
Spears, James L: Tirygory
Spears, Jane L: Annahunshigo
Spears, Robert L: Tirygory
Spears, William L: Annahunshigo
Spears, William L: Tirfergus
Spiers, Thomas L: Rossconor
Spiers, William L: Drumarkin
Spiers, William T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Spires, Andrew L: Moneygore
Spires, Elizabeth L: Tirygory
Stevenson, John L: Grallagh-Greenan
Stewart, Alexander L: Annahunshigo
Stewart, Alexander L: Drumdreenagh
Stewart, Alexander, Jr. L: Tirygory
Stewart, Alexander, Sr. L: Tirygory
Stewart, Anne L: Ballyroney
Stewart, Hans T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Stewart, John L: Annahunshigo
Stewart, Martin L: Tirygory
Stewart, Robert L: Annahunshigo
Stitt, James L: Tirygory
Stitt, John L: Ballybrick
Stitt, William L: Drumdreenagh
Strain, Alexander L: Tirygory
Strain, James L: Tirygory
Strain, Joseph L: Grallagh-Greenan
Strain, Martin L: Ballyroney
Strain, William L: Tirygory
Stranaghan, Andrew L: Drumarkin
Stranaghan, Andrew L: Tirfergus
Stranaghan, Hugh L: Drumarkin
Stranaghan, Joseph L: Drumdreenagh
Stranaghan, Salisbury L: Drumdreenagh
Swan, Martha L: Lisnacreevy
Swan, Robert L: Grallagh-Greenan
Swan, Samuel L: Edenagarry
Swan, Samuel L: Grallagh-Greenan
Swan, Samuel L: Lisnacreevy
Swan, Samuel L: Rossconor
Swan, Willilam L: Lisnacreevy
Taggart, John T: Rathfriland - Hawthorn's Row
Taggart, Thomas T: Rathfriland - Hawthorn's Row
Thom, David T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Thom, George T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Thompson, Andrew L: Moneygore
Thompson, George L: Drumdreenagh
Thompson, Henry L: Moneygore
Thompson, Isaac L: Tirfergus
Thompson, James L: Ballynamagna
Thompson, James, Jr. L: Imdel
Thompson, James, Sr. L: Imdel
Thompson, John L: Drumdreenagh
Thompson, John L: Imdel
Thompson, Margaret L: Tirfergus
Thompson, Mary L: Drumdreenagh
Toal, James L: Imdel
Toale, Patrick T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Todd, Elizabeth L: Edenagarry
Todd, Jane L: Edenagarry
Todd, John L: Edenagarry
Todd, John L: Edenagarry N: Grocer
Toman, John T: Rathfriland - Hawthorn's Row
Toman, Stephen L: Rossconor
Torley, John L: Ballynamagna
Travers, John T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Trimble, Hugh L: Lisnacreevy
Trimble, John L: Ballynamagna
Trimble, Joseph L: Ballynamagna
Trimble, Joseph L: Lisnacreevy
Trimble, William L: Lisnacreevy
Trousdale, Eliza L: Tirfergus
Trousdale, Robert L: Seafin
Trousdale, William L: Aughnavallog N: and Another
Trousdall, Edward L: Lackan
Trousdall, James L: Annahunshigo
Trousdall, John L: Annahunshigo
Trousdall, Joseph L: Annahunshigo
Trousdall, Samuel L: Annahunshigo
Trousdall, William L: Annahunshigo
Trousdell, Samuel L: Tirkelly
Tufts, Henry L: Tirkelly
Tufts, Jane L: Cavan
Tumilty, Patk. L: Ballybrick N: Chas.
Tumilty, Patk., Sr. L: Ballybrick
Tumilty, Patrick, Jr. L: Ballybrick
Turley, Felix T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Turner, Mary L: Lissize
Tweedy, Andrew L: Edenagarry
Tweedy, Andrew T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Vent, William L: Cavan
Vent, William L: Drumarkin
Vent, William L: Rossconor
Vint, John L: Tirkelly
Vint, Robert T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Vint, Thomas T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Waddell McNeilly, David T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Wallace, Thomas, Jr. L: Cavan
Wallace, Thomas, Sr. L: Cavan
Wallace, William Legge L: Lackan
Ward, Mary T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Ward, Peter L: Ballyroney
Ward, Stephen L: Ballyroney
Watson, Moses L: Aughnavallog
Watson, Thomas L: Ballynamagna
Watt, John L: Imdel
Watt, Robert L: Imdel
Watts, George L: Ballybrick
Waugh, Jane L: Tirfergus
Waugh, Margaret L: Ballyroney
Weir, Andrew L: Tirkelly
Weir, Elizabeth T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Weir, James L: Lisnacreevy
Weir, Samuel T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Weir, William L: Tirkelly
White, Hugh L: Moneygore
White, John L: Tirygory
White, Letitia L: Lisnavaghrog
Whiteside, John L: Ballyroney
Whitton, George L: Imdel
Williamson, John, Jr. L: Lackan
Williamson, John, Sr. L: Lackan
Williamson, William L: Tirfergus
Wilson, David L: Lisnavaghrog
Wilson, James L: Edenagarry
Wilson, Rev. James T: Rathfriland - Dromore Street
Wilson, John L: Lackan
Wilson, Robert L: Lisnavaghrog
Wilson, William L: Ballynamagna
Wilson, William L: Lisnavaghrog
Woods, Eliza L: Ballyroney
Woods, Mary L: Ballyroney
Woods, William L: Lissize
Woods, William T: Rathfriland - Main Street
Wright, Anne L: Drumdreenagh
Wright, Charles L: Drumdreenagh
Wright, James L: Tirkelly
Wright, John L: Ballyroney
Wright, John L: Drumdreenagh
Wright, Robert L: Drumdreenagh
Wright, William L: Aughnavallog
Wright, William L: Drumarkin
Wright, William T: Rathfriland - Castle Street
Wright, William, Jr. L: Cavan
Wright, William, Jr. T: Rathfriland - Downpatrick Street
Wright, William, Sr. L: Cavan
Young, James L: Ballyroney
Young, John L: Annahunshigo
Young, John L: Ballyroney
Young, John L: Cavan
Young, John L: Moneygore
Young, Joseph L: Edenagarry
Young, Joseph, Jr. L: Annahunshigo
Young, Joseph, Sr. L: Annahunshigo
Young, Robert L: Annahunshigo
Young, Robert L: Ballyroney
Young, Thomas L: Ballyroney

County Down Civil Parishes Map

Civil Parishes of County Down

Griffiths Valuation Records county Down

1 Aghaderg

2 Annaclone

3 Annahilt

4 Ardglass

5 Ardkeen

6 Ardquin

7 Ballee

8 Ballyculter

9 Ballyhalbert

10 Ballykinler

11 Ballyphilip

12 Ballytrustan

13 Ballywalter

14 Bangor

15 Blaris

16 Bright

17 Castleboy

18 Clonallan

19 Clonduff

20 Comber

21 Donaghadee

22 Donaghcloney

23 Donaghmore

24 Down

25 Dromara

26 Dromore

27 Drumballyroney

28 Drumbeg

29 Drumbo

30 Drumgath

31 Drumgooland

32 Dundonald

33 Dunsfort

34 Garvaghy

35 Greyabbey

36 Hillsborough

37 Holywood

38 Inch

39 Inishargy

40 Kilbroney

41 Kilclief

42 Kilcoo

43 Kilkeel

44 Killaney

45 Killinchy

46 Killyleagh

47 Kilmegan

48 Kilmood

49 Kilmore

50 Lambeg

51 Loughinisland

52 Maghera

53 Magheradrool

54 Magherahamlet

55 Magheralin

56 Magherally

57 Moira

58 Newry

59 Newtownards

60 Rathmullan

61 Saintfield

62 Saul

63 Seapatrick

64 Shankill

65 Slanes

66 Tullylish

67 Tullynakill

68 Tyrella

69 Warrenpoint

70 Witter