Griffith's Valuation: Killinchy Parish, County Down

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Griffith's Valuation in Killinchy Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Killinchy parish and every other parish in county Down and throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Down in 1863 and 1864.


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Griffiths Valuation: Killinchy Parish 1863 and 1864

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You should also check the records of Killinchy parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City

Adair, James L: Carrickmannan
Adams, George L: Balloo
Adams, Samuel L: Ballygowan
Aitkin, George L: Raffrey
Aitkin, Michael L: Killinchy
Alexander, Edward L: Carrickmannan
Alexander, Rep. James L: Ballymacreelly
Alexander, Mary Anne L: Drumreagh
Allen, James L: Barnamaghery
Anderson, Rev. David L: Carrigullian
Anderson, Hugh L: Carrickmannan
Anderson, James L: Ballymacreelly
Anderson, James L: Carrigullian
Anderson, James, Jr. L: Ballymacreelly
Anderson, Nathaniel L: Drumreagh
Anderson, Patrick L: Ballymacreelly
Anderson, William L: Ravara
Anderson, William L: Tullycore
Andrews, Anne L: Ballymacashen
Andrews, John L: Ballymacreelly
Andrews, William L: Ballymacreelly
Auld, Andrew L: Ballymacreelly
Auld, James L: Ballymacreelly
Auld, Margaret L: Ballymacreelly
Auld, Robert L: Balloo
Auld, Robert L: Ballymacashen
Auld, Robert L: Ballymacreelly
Bailey, Robert L: Ballymacreelly
Barry, John L: Ballybredagh
Bartholomew, John L: Ballymacreelly
Bassett, James L: Ballymacreelly
Bassett, William L: Balloo
Batty, John L: Drumreagh
Bears, John L: Ballygeegan
Beatty, William L: Ballymacashen
Bell, William L: Killinchy
Bennett, Mary L: Carrigullian
Bennett, William L: Ballymorran
Berry, Robert L: Ballymacreelly
Birch, James L: Ballygowan
Bishop, David L: Conly Island
Bishop, David L: Rathgorman
Bishop, Mary L: Ballymorran
Bishop, Mary L: Bush Island
Bishop, Mary L: Conly Island
Bishop, Mary L: Marl Island
Bishop, Mary L: Shamrock Island
Bishop, Mary L: Tullycore
Blair, John L: Ravara
Bodel, William L: Ballygeegan
Bowman, Henry L: Carrickmannan
Boyd, James L: Craigarusky
Boyd, John L: Ravara
Boyd, William L: Ballygeegan
Boyd, William L: Ravara
Boyle, Bernard L: Barnamaghery
Boyle, Edward L: Barnamaghery
Breeze, Charles K. L: Ballycloghan
Breeze, John L: Ballygeegan
Brockfield, William L: Drumreagh
Brown, Catherine L: Ballymacreelly
Brown, Catherine L: Carrickmannan
Brown, Eliza L: Ballymacreelly
Brown, Elizabeth L: Ballymacreelly
Brown, James L: Ballydorn
Browne, George L: Drumreagh
Browne, James L: Killinchy
Browne, Samuel L: Killinakin
Browne, William L: Tullymore
Browne, William, Jr. L: Drumreagh
Browne, William, Sr. L: Drumreagh
Buckley, Michael L: Ravara N: Ravara House
Burgess, Robert L: Ballygowan
Burgess, Samuel L: Ravara
Burns, Daniel L: Ballybredagh
Calvert, John L: Ballymacreelly
Calvert, Robert L: Quarterland
Calvert, William L: Ballygeegan
Calvert, William L: Ballymacreelly
Calvert, William L: Carrigullian
Cammick, Catherine L: Ballycloghan
Campbell, Anne L: Ballymacreelly
Campbell, Jane L: Craigarusky
Campbell, John L: Ballymacreelly
Campbell, Michael L: Quarterland
Campbell, Michael L: Tullycore
Campbell, Robert L: Quarterland
Campbell, Robert L: Rathgorman
Campbell, William L: Drumreagh
Carlisle, Elizabeth L: Conly Island
Carlisle, Elizabeth L: Feehary Island
Carlisle, Elizabeth L: Killinakin
Carlisle, Rep. Henry L: Ballydorn
Carroll, John L: Ballymacreelly
Carroll, Samuel L: Ballygeegan
Carse, Andrew L: Ballymacashen
Carse, Henry L: Balloo
Carse, James L: Raffrey
Carse, Jane L: Ballymacreelly
Carse, John L: Carrigullian
Carse, Samuel L: Carrigullian
Carse, William L: Carrigullian
Carse, William L: Killinchy
Carse, Wm. L: Carrigullian
Carson, James L: Carrickmannan
Carson, John L: Carrickmannan
Carson, Mary L: Carrickmannan
Carson, Patrick L: Barnamaghery
Caughey, Hamilton L: Craigarusky
Caughey, John L: Ballydorn
Caughey, Margaret L: Craigarusky
Caughey, Martha L: Killinchy
Caughey, Mary L: Craigarusky
Chambers, William L: Killinchy
Christie, James L: Drumreagh
Claneboye, Lord L: Ballygeegan N: Lord Dufferin and Claneboye
Claneboye, Lord L: Carrickmannan
Claneboye, Lord L: Raffrey N: Lord Dufferin and Claneboye
Clarke, Robert L: Ballymacreelly
Clarke, Samuel L: Ballybredagh
Clavert, Robert L: Ballymacreelly
Cleland, David L: Aughnadarragh
Cleland, Thomas L: Aughnadarragh
Clelland, David L: Carrickmannan
Clelland, James L: Carrickmannan
Coates, Hamilton L: Raffrey
Coates, John L: Raffrey
Coates, William, Jr. L: Raffrey
Coates, William, Sr. L: Raffrey
Cochran, Jane L: Ravara
Cochrane, Archibald L: Aughnadarragh
Cochrane, Charles L: Barnamaghery
Collins, John L: Ballycloghan
Conkey, Alexander L: Ballymacashen
Connolly, Alexander L: Ballymacashen
Connolly, David L: Ravara
Connolly, George L: Ballycloghan
Connolly, George L: Ravara
Connolly, Hamilton L: Ravara
Connolly, James L: Ballymacreelly
Connolly, Robert L: Ravara
Connolly, William J. L: Ravara
Cooper, John L: Balloo
Copeland, John L: Barnamaghery
Corrough, Jane L: Ravara
Corrough, Thomas L: Ballycloghan
Couch, Mary L: Raffrey
Coulter, John, Jr. L: Balloo
Coulter, John, Sr. L: Balloo
Craig, James L: Carrickmannan
Craig, John L: Ravara
Craig, William L: Ravara
Crawford, Anne L: Aughnadarragh
Crawford, Daniel L: Barnamaghery
Crawford, Daniel L: Carrickmannan
Crawford, John L: Aughnadarragh
Crawford, John L: Carrickmannan
Crawford, Patrick L: Aughnadarragh
Crockard, John L: Ravara
Crosby, Robert L: Aughnadarragh
Crossan, Thomas L: Barnamaghery
Crossan, William L: Aughnadarragh
Cubbert, Catherine L: Ballydorn
Cunningham, James L: Ballymacreelly
Cunningham, William L: Ballymacreelly
Cunningham, William L: Ballymorran
Darby, John L: Drumreagh
Davidson, Thomas L: Carrickmannan
Davison, James L: Aughnadarragh
Davison, John L: Aughnadarragh
Davison, Joseph L: Ballymorran
Davison, William L: Ballymorran
Davison, William L: Carrigullian
Dayermon, John L: Ballycloghan
Dewart, John L: Carrickmannan
Dick, John L: Carrickmannan
Dines, George L: Ballydorn
Dinsmore, William L: Ballymorran
Dixon, Robert L: Ballymacreelly
Doherty, Sarah L: Carrickmannan
Donegan, Charles L: Carrickmannan
Donnan, George L: Killinchy
Donnan, Robert L: Killinchy
Donnan, William L: Ravara
Doran, Hugh L: Carrickmannan
Doran, Patrick L: Carrickmannan
Douglas, John L: Ballydorn
Doyne, George L: Ballygeegan
Doyne, Hugh L: Balloo
Dufferin, Lord L: Ballygeegan N: Lord Dufferin and Claneboye
Dufferin, Lord L: Carrickmannan
Dufferin, Lord L: Raffrey N: Lord Dufferin and Claneboye
Dugan, William L: Carrickmannan
Dunlop, Thomas L: Balloo
Dunnan, James L: Ballydorn
Dunne, Thomas L: Ballymorran
Dunphy, Anne L: Ballymacreelly
Edmond, Robert L: Ballymacreelly
F, Henry L: Drumreagh
Fairfield, James L: Drumreagh
Farrell, Robert L: Carrigullian
Farrell, Thomas L: Ballygeegan
Fegan, Charles L: Carrickmannan
Ferguson, Daniel L: Aughnadarragh
Ferris, William J. L: Ballybredagh
Finlay, Adam L: Balloo
Finlay, Archibald L: Balloo
Finlay, Catherine L: Balloo
Finlay, Hans L: Balloo
Finlay, James L: Craigarusky
Finlay, Jane L: Balloo
Finlay, John L: Ballybredagh
Finlay, John L: Craigarusky
Finlay, John L: Killinchy
Finlay, Margaret L: Balloo
Finlay, Patrick L: Balloo
Finlay, William L: Carrigullian
Finn, Agnes L: Balloo
Fisher, Rev. Ringland L: Raffrey
Fitzsimon, Richard L: Raffrey
Flanagan, Hugh L: Barnamaghery
Fleming, William L: Carrickmannan
Flinn, Charles L: Barnamaghery
Flinn, Hugh L: Aughnadarragh
Flinn, Hugh L: Barnamaghery
Flinn, John L: Raffrey
Flinn, Patrick L: Barnamaghery
Flinn, Samuel L: Raffrey
Frame, Andrew L: Carrickmannan
Frew, Henry L: Ringhaddy
Frew, John L: Balloo
Frew, John L: Ballymacashen
Frew, John L: Ballymacreelly
Frew, John L: Carrigullian
Frew, John L: Craigarusky
Frew, Robert L: Craigarusky
Fulton, James L: Ballybredagh
Fulton, Joseph L: Barnamaghery
Gabby, Robert L: Carrickmannan
Galbraith, Alexander L: Ballycloghan
Galbraith, James L: Ballygeegan
Gallagher, James L: Ballymacreelly
Galloway, James L: Carrickmannan
Galway, James L: Ballymacreelly
Garrett, John L: Ballycloghan
Garrett, William L: Ballycloghan
Gaw, Edward L: Ballymacreelly
Gaw, Hamilton L: Ballymacreelly
Gebby, John L: Ballymacreelly
Gebby, William L: Ballymacreelly
Geddis, David L: Craigarusky
Geddis, David L: Killinakin
Geddis, Eliza L: Craigarusky
Geddis, Isabella L: Killinchy
Geddis, Mary L: Ballygeegan
Geddis, Mary L: Killinchy
Geddis, William L: Ballygeegan
George, Alexander L: Ballycloghan
George, Anne L: Carrickmannan
George, James L: Ravara
George, John L: Carrickmannan
George, Thomas L: Quarterland
George, William L: Ravara
Gibson, John L: Carrickmannan
Gibson, Joseph L: Drumreagh
Gibson, Mary L: Ballymorran
Gibson, Samuel L: Drumreagh
Gibson, Thomas L: Ballydorn
Gibson, William J. L: Drumreagh
Gill, Thomas L: Raffrey
Gilmore, David L: Tullycore
Gilmore, Edward L: Tullycore
Gilmore, Eliza L: Ballymorran
Gilmore, Sam L: Raffrey N: John
Gilmore, Sam L: Raffrey N: Sam
Gilmore, Samuel L: Raffrey N: Sam
Gilmour, David L: Quarterland
Gilmour, Mary L: Ballydorn
Gilmour, Samuel L: Barnamaghery
Gilmour, Samuel L: Raffrey
Gilmour, Thomas L: Ballydorn
Gilmour, Thomas L: Tullymore
Gilmour, William L: Ballydorn
Gilmour, William L: Tullymore
Girven, John L: Barnamaghery
Glenihan, William L: Carrickmannan
Glover, Hamilton L: Ravara
Glover, James L: Ballycloghan
Glover, James L: Ballymorran
Glover, John L: Ballycloghan
Gordon, Robert L: Balloo
Gordon, Robert L: Drumreagh
Gough, James L: Raffrey
Gourley, James L: Ballymacreelly
Gourley, Samuel L: Ballymacreelly
Gourley, Thomas L: Ballygowan
Gourley, William L: Ballymacreelly
Gourley, William M. L: Ballymacreelly
Gourly, John L: Drumreagh
Gourly, Thomas L: Aughnadarragh
Gracey, Susan L: Balloo
Gracey, Thomas L: Ballygowan
Gracey, Thomas L: Ravara
Graham, James L: Ravara
Hagan, James L: Barnamaghery
Haire, John L: Ballycloghan
Hall, Matthew L: Ballymacreelly
Hall, Thomas L: Raffrey
Halloran, Anne Jane L: Drumreagh
Hamilton, Agnes L: Carrigullian
Hamilton, Alexander L: Ballydorn
Hamilton, Alice L: Killinchy
Hamilton, Gawn L: Barnamaghery
Hamilton, Jane L: Ballydorn
Hamilton, John L: Barnamaghery
Hamilton, William L: Killinakin
Hamitlon, David L: Ballygeegan
Hanna, Hugh L: Drumreagh
Hanna, Isabella L: Killinchy
Hanna, John L: Drumreagh
Hanna, Mary L: Drumreagh
Hanna, Robert L: Drumreagh
Hanna, William L: Drumreagh
Harper, Hugh L: Ballygeegan
Harper, John L: Ballygeegan
Harper, John L: Ballymacreelly
Harris, Anne L: Ravara
Harrison, Susan L: Ballymacreelly
Hastings, Agnes L: Ravara
Hay, Hugh L: Ballymacreelly
Hay, Hugh L: Carrigullian
Hay, Sophia L: Killinchy
Hay, Thomas L: Balloo
Hay, Thomas L: Ballymacreelly
Hays, Robert L. L: Ballymacreelly
Hazlett, Samuel L: Drumreagh
Hazlett, Thomas L: Ballymacashen
Henderson, John L: Ballydorn
Henderson, Martha L: Ballymacreelly
Henderson, Thomas L: Island More
Henderson, Thomas L: Ringhaddy
Henry, David L: Balloo
Heron, David L: Aughnadarragh
Heron, Jas. L: Aughnadarragh
Heron, John L: Raffrey
Heron, Nathaniel L: Raffrey
Heron, Robert L: Raffrey
Heron, Thomas L: Raffrey
Heron, Thomas, Jr. L: Raffrey
Hewitt, L: Raffrey N: Widow
Hewitt, Agnes L: Carrigullian
Hewitt, Hans L: Ballymacreelly
Hewitt, Hans L: Carrigullian
Hewitt, James L: Carrigullian
Hewitt, John L: Carrickmannan
Hewitt, Mary Anne L: Balloo
Hewitt, Samuel L: Killinchy
Hewitt, Samuel W. L: Balloo
Hewitt, Thomas L: Killinchy
Hoey, Catherine L: Aughnadarragh
Hogg, William L: Raffrey
Houston, Jane L: Ballybredagh
Hughan, John L: Raffrey
Hunter, Mary L: Ravara
Hunter, Nicholas L: Ballycloghan
Hunter, Samuel L: Ravara
Irvine, David L: Ballymacashen
Irvine, George L: Killinchy
Irvine, James L: Ballymacreelly
Irvine, John L: Balloo
Irvine, Robert L: Ballymacashen
Irvine, William L: Ballymorran
Irwin, William L: Ballycloghan
Jackson, Agnes L: Raffrey
Jackson, James L: Creevybeg
Jackson, James L: Raffrey
Jackson, John L: Creevybeg
Jackson, John, Jr. L: Raffrey
Jackson, John, Sr. L: Raffrey
Jackson, Robert L: Carrickmannan
Jackson, Robert L: Creevybeg
Jackson, Samuel L: Ballycloghan
Jackson, Samuel L: Raffrey
Jackson, William L: Ballymacashen
Jackson, William L: Raffrey
Jameison, Joseph L: Raffrey
Jamieson, Samuel L: Raffrey
Johnston, Hamilton T. L: Ballymacreelly
Johnston, Jane L: Carrickmannan
Johnston, John L: Drumreagh
Johnston, John L: Raffrey
Kane, James L: Ballymacashen
Kane, Margaret L: Ballygeegan
Kane, Samuel L: Ballygeegan
Keane, Matthew L: Raffrey
Keenan, James L: Barnamaghery
Keenan, Robert L: Ballymacreelly
Keenan, Sarah J. L: Ballymacreelly
Keilty, Patrick L: Raffrey
Kelly, George L: Carrickmannan
Kelly, Hannah L: Balloo
Kelly, John L: Ballydorn
Kelly, Neal L: Ballymacashen
Kelly, Olivia L: Carrickmannan
Kelly, Robert L: Ravara
Kennedy, Arthur L: Barnamaghery
Kennedy, James L: Drumreagh
Kennedy, Richard L: Ballymacreelly
Kerr, William L: Ballycloghan
Kilchrist, John L: Barnamaghery
Kirk, David L: Raffrey
Kirk, Isabella L: Creevybeg
Kirk, James L: Killinchy
Kirk, Mary L: Ballymorran
Kirk, William L: Killinakin
Kirk, William L: Raffrey
Kyle, Jane L: Balloo
Lamont, Hugh L: Killinchy
Lamont, James L: Ballymorran
Lamont, John L: Tullycore
Lang, Robert L: Ballymorran
Lavery, James L: Barnamaghery
Lavery, Joseph L: Ravara
Lavery, Mary L: Barnamaghery
Lawder, William L: Drumreagh
Lee, William L: Drumreagh
Leggett, Robert L: Ravara
Leighbody, James L: Killinchy
Lemon, Alexander L: Craigarusky
Lemon, Hugh L: Raffrey
Lemon, John L: Carrickmannan
Lemon, William L: Ballymacashen
Lewis, James L: Carrickmannan
Lightbody, James L: Killinakin
Logan, George L: Balloo
Logan, George L: Ballymacreelly
Londonderry, Marquis L: Barnamaghery N: Marquis of Londonderry
Londonderry, Marquis L: Creevybeg N: Marquis of Londonderry
Long, David L: Ballydorn
Long, David L: Ravara
Long, James L: Ballymacreelly
Long, John L: Craigarusky
Long, Robert L: Ballydorn
Long, Robert L: Craigarusky
Longridge, Thomas L: Ravara
Loughlin, John L: Barnamaghery
Lowrey, John L: Ballymacreelly
Lowry, Anne L: Ballymacashen
Lowry, James L: Drumreagh
Lowry, Jane L: Raffrey
Lowry, John L: Ballymacashen
Lowry, John L: Raffrey
Lowry, John, Jr. L: Raffrey
Lowry, Margaret L: Drumreagh
Lowry, Matthew William L: Drumreagh
Lowry, Matthew Wm. L: Ballymacashen
Lowry, Ms. L: Ballymorran
Lowry, Robert L: Raffrey
Lowry, Samuel L: Ballygowan N: Ballygowan House
Lowry, Samuel L: Ballymacashen
Lowry, Sarah L: Ballygeegan
Lowry, William L: Balloo
Lowther, Ellen L: Ballygeegan
Lowther, Francis L: Ballygeegan
Lundy, Daniel L: Carrigullian
Lundy, Patrick L: Ballymacreelly
Lynch, Daniel L: Ravara
Lynn, Mary L: Ballymacreelly
Magee, John L: Ballycloghan
Magee, Mary L: Carrickmannan
Mageehan, Anne L: Barnamaghery
Maguiness, John L: Ballymacreelly
Maguire, Thomas L: Barnamaghery
Maltman, Henry L: Ballymorran
Maltman, Robert L: Ballydorn
Maneely, James L: Raffrey
Maneely, William L: Raffrey
Manus, Hugh L: Ravara
Marsh, Anne L: Ballymorran
Marshall, Anne L: Drumreagh
Marshall, Hugh L: Ballymacreelly
Marshall, James L: Carrigullian
Marshall, James L: Tullymore
Marshall, John L: Ballymacashen
Marshall, John L: Ballymacreelly
Marshall, John L: Carrigullian
Marshall, John L: Craigarusky
Marshall, John L: Tullycore
Marshall, Mary L: Tullymore
Marshall, Matthew L: Carrigullian
Marshall, Michael L: Ballymorran
Marshall, Robert L: Ballymorran
Marshall, Thomas L: Ballymorran
Marshall, William L: Ballycloghan
Martin, Jane L: Ballymacreelly
Martin, John L: Aughnadarragh
Martin, John L: Barnamaghery
Martin, Mary Anne L: Ballymacreelly
Martin, Robert L: Ballymacashen
Martin, Robert L: Ballymacreelly
Martin, Robert L: Drumreagh
Mason, Anne L: Ravara
Mason, William L: Ravara
Maxwell, James L: Ballydorn
McBirney, William L: Carrigullian
McBratney, L: Ballymacreelly N: Widow
McBratney, John L: Raffrey
McBrattney, Robert L: Aughnadarragh
McBriar, Alexander L: Ballybredagh
McBriar, James L: Ballybredagh
McBriar, Robert L: Tullymore
McBriar, William L: Ballymacashen
McBride, Andrew L: Quarterland
McBride, Andrew L: Tullymore
McBride, Henry L: Carrickmannan
McBride, James L: Carrickmannan
McBride, John L: Ballymacashen
McBride, John L: Ballymorran
McBride, John L: Carrickmannan
McBride, John L: Raffrey
McBride, Richard L: Aughnadarragh
McBride, Robert L: Carrickmannan
McBride, Samuel L: Aughnadarragh
McBride, Thomas L: Barnamaghery
McBride, Thomas L: Craigarusky
McBride, William L: Ravara
McBrier, William L: Drumreagh
McCann, Hamilton L: Killinchy
McCann, James L: Carrigullian
McCann, Jane L: Craigarusky
McCann, John L: Bradock Island
McCann, John L: Killinakin
McCann, John L: Killinakin N: Robert
McCann, John L: Killinchy
McCann, Robert L: Killinakin
McCann, Sarah L: Craigarusky
McCartney, Robert L: Carrickmannan
McCartney, Robert L: Ravara
McCartney, William L: Drumreagh
McCarvey, Joseph L: Ballygeegan
McCauley, John L: Ravara
McCauley, Rosanna L: Ravara
McCaw, Henry L: Carrickmannan
McCleery, James L: Carrickmannan
McCleery, James L: Ravara
McClelland, Andrew L: Aughnadarragh
McClelland, Andrew L: Ballycloghan
McClelland, James L: Barnamaghery
McClenihan, Robert L: Carrickmannan
McClure, David L: Ballymacreelly
McCluskey, Elizabeth L: Carrickmannan
McCormick, Eliza L: Ballymorran
McCormick, Gawn L: Ballydorn
McCormick, James L: Ballymacreelly
McCormick, James L: Craigarusky
McCormick, James L: Ravara
McCormick, Jane L: Ravara
McCormick, Samuelw L: Ravara
McCormick, William L: Ballydorn
McCormick, William L: Carrickmannan
McCoubray, John L: Ravara
McCreery, Catherine L: Craigarusky
McCreery, Mary L: Craigarusky
McCreevy, Armour L: Raffrey
McCreevy, Rep. Hugh L: Raffrey
McCreevy, James L: Raffrey
McCreevy, Margaret L: Carrickmannan
McCreevy, Samuel L: Raffrey
McCreevy, William L: Raffrey
McCrory, Anne L: Carrickmannan
McCroskery, James L: Ballymacashen
McCue, James L: Ballygowan
McCullagh, Gawn L: Ravara
McCullagh, William L: Ballygowan
McCune, James L: Ravara
McCune, John L: Ravara
McCune, Robert L: Ravara
McDonnell, John L: Aughnadarragh
McDowell, Ellen L: Ballymacashen
McDowell, James L: Ballymacreelly
McDowell, James L: Raffrey
McElnane, Robert L: Ballymacashen
McElrath, James L: Drumreagh
McFarland, Hugh L: Raffrey
McFarren, Anne L: Ballymacreelly
McFarren, Dorothea L: Quarterland
McFarren, James L: Ballymorran
McGauran, Joseph L: Ravara
McGee, George L: Carrickmannan
McGee, James L: Ravara
McGee, William L: Carrickmannan
McGill, Patrick L: Ravara
McGilton, Hugh L: Killinchy
McGilton, Samuel L: Balloo
McGinnity, Bridget L: Ravara
McGouran, George L: Carrickmannan
McGouran, Patrick L: Ravara
McGouran, Richard L: Carrickmannan
McGowran, Patrick L: Ravara
McGowran, Sarah L: Carrickmannan
McGraddy, Hugh L: Raffrey
McGrady, Athur L: Carrickmannan
McGrady, Edward L: Carrickmannan
McGrady, Patrick L: Carrickmannan
McGrady, Rose L: Balloo
McGrath, James L: Drumreagh
McGrath, Rose L: Barnamaghery
McGratton, Edward L: Barnamaghery
McGreevy, Cornelius L: Raffrey
McGreevy, Daniel L: Barnamaghery
McGreevy, Hugh L: Barnamaghery
McGreevy, James L: Aughnadarragh
McGreevy, James L: Barnamaghery
McGreevy, John L: Barnamaghery
McGreevy, Mary L: Barnamaghery
McGreevy, Neal L: Barnamaghery
McGreevy, Peter L: Ballygowan
McGurk, John L: Ballycloghan
McIlrath, James L: Balloo
McIlrath, John L: Balloo
McIlveen, Archibald L: Ballymacashen
McIlveen, George L: Carrickmannan
McIlveen, Henry L: Aughnadarragh
McIlveen, James L: Aughnadarragh
McIlveen, John L: Aughnadarragh
McIlveen, Joseph L: Aughnadarragh
McIlveen, Joseph L: Carrickmannan
McIlveen, Robert L: Carrickmannan
McIlveen, William L: Carrickmannan
McJury, Andrew L: Carrickmannan
McKay, Patrick L: Aughnadarragh
McKeag, Samuel L: Ballybredagh
McKee, David L: Ballymacashen
McKee, John L: Ballymacreelly
McKee, Robert L: Killinchy
McKenna, John L: Aughnadarragh
McKeown, Jane L: Ballymacreelly
McKeown, Samuel L: Ballydorn
McKeown, William L: Ballydorn
McKeown, William L: Rock Island
McLeod, James L: Killinchy
McLindsay, George L: Ballymacashen
McMaster, Andrew L: Killinchy
McMaster, Catherine L: Ballydorn
McMaster, Gawn L: Killinchy
McMaster, Hans L: Killinchy
McMaster, Hugh L: Ballymacreelly
McMaster, Hugh L: Carrigullian
McMaster, James L: Carrigullian
McMaster, William L: Ballydorn
McMaster, William L: Killinchy
McMechan, Anne L: Ballygowan
McMillan, Maxwell L: Killinakin
McMillan, Thomas L: Balloo
McMillan, William L: Craigarusky
McMullan, James L: Ballymacreelly
McMullen, Thomas L: Ravara
McMunn, Margaret L: Ballygowan
McNally, James L: Ballymacreelly
McNeely, John L: Ballymacreelly
McQuade, Robert L: Ravara
McRoberts, Alexander L: Carrickmannan
McSkelly, John L: Barnamaghery
McSkelly, Owen L: Barnamaghery
McVeagh, Elizabeth L: Ballymacashen
McVeagh, Isabella L: Ballymacashen
McVeagh, Robert L: Ballymacreelly
McVeagh, Samuel L: Ballymacashen
McVeigh, Francis L: Ballymacreelly
McVeigh, James L: Ravara
McVey, Anne L: Carrickmannan
McVey, David L: Carrickmannan
McWhinny, John L: Ravara
Meharg, Sarah L: Craigarusky
Meharry, Hamilton L: Ballymacreelly
Meharry, Isaac L: Ballymacreelly
Meharry, Jane L: Ballymacreelly
Meharry, Mary L: Ballymacreelly
Meharry, Sarah L: Ballymacreelly
Millar, Thomas L: Ballymorran
Millar, Thomas L: Killinakin
Miller, L: Barnamaghery N: and Another, Widow
Miller, Eliza L: Carrickmannan
Miller, James L: Ravara
Miller, Robert L: Carrickmannan
Miller, Shaw L: Barnamaghery
Milligan, James L: Ballycloghan
Milligan, James L: Ravara
Mills, William L: Ballygowan
Minnis, Alexander L: Ballymacashen
Minnis, Joseph L: Ballymacashen
Minnis, Joseph L: Craigarusky
Miskelly, Henry L: Ravara
Miskimin, John L: Raffrey
Miskimson, David L: Ballymacreelly
Mitchell, George L: Balloo
Mitchell, James L: Carrickmannan
Moffitt, John L: Barnamaghery
Moffitt, Robert L: Barnamaghery
Monaghan, Michael L: Ballygeegan
Montgomery, Hamilton L: Craigarusky
Montgomery, Hugh L: Conly Island
Montgomery, John L: Balloo
Montgomery, John L: Ballydorn
Montgomery, John L: Ballymacreelly
Montgomery, John L: Ballymorran
Montgomery, Mary L: Ballydorn
Montgomery, Robert L: Ballymorran
Montgomery, Thomas L: Ballydorn
Moody, James L: Barnamaghery
Moore, Anne H. L: Ballymorran
Moore, Hugh L: Aughnadarragh
Moore, James L: Ballycloghan
Moore, James L: Ballygeegan
Moore, John L: Islandbane
Moore, John L: Rathgorman
Moore, John L: Tullycore
Moore, John L: Tullymore
Moore, William L: Ballymacreelly
Moore, Wilson L: Ballycloghan
Moorhead, Anne L: Drumreagh
Moorhead, David L: Ballymacashen
Moorhead, James L: Carrickmannan
Moorhead, John L: Drumreagh
Morrison, Benjamin L: Ballymacashen
Morrison, John L: Killinchy
Morrison, Mary L: Ballygeegan
Morrisy, John L: Balloo
Morrow, Andrew L: Ballymorran
Morrow, Andrew L: Killinchy
Morrow, Jane L: Ballymacreelly
Morrow, John L: Raffrey
Morrow, Robert L: Ballymorran
Morrow, Rep. Rosanna L: Ballymorran
Morrow, Samuel L: Ballybredagh
Morrow, Samuel L: Ballygeegan
Morrow, William L: Balloo
Morrow, William L: Ballybredagh
Morrow, William L: Ballygeegan
Morrow, William L: Drumreagh
Mulholland, Bernard L: Ravara
Mullan, Benjamin L: Aughnadarragh
Mullen, Bernard L: Drumreagh
Mullen, Daniel L: Aughnadarragh
Mullen, Henry L: Drumreagh
Mullen, Margaret L: Drumreagh
Mullins, Henry L: Carrickmannan
Munn, Robert J. L: Carrigullian
Murdoch, Francis L: Barnamaghery
Murdoch, James L: Barnamaghery
Murdoch, John L: Barnamaghery
Murdoch, Samuel L: Barnamaghery
Murdoch, William L: Ballycloghan
Murdock, Jane L: Ballymacashen
Murdock, Sarah L: Carrigullian
Murland, Hugh L: Ballymacashen
Murland, Patrick L: Raffrey
Murphy, Isaac L: Raffrey
Murphy, Patrick L: Drumreagh
Murray, Alexander L: Ravara
Murray, Anne L: Carrickmannan
Murray, Anne L: Ravara
Murray, Catherine L: Ballygowan
Murray, Catherine L: Carrickmannan
Murray, Charles L: Drumreagh
Murray, Charles L: Ravara
Murray, Daniel L: Carrickmannan
Murray, Daniel L: Ravara
Murray, Denis L: Ravara
Murray, Edward L: Ballygowan
Murray, Edward L: Barnamaghery
Murray, Edward L: Ravara
Murray, Esther L: Ballygowan
Murray, Hugh L: Ballygowan
Murray, Hugh L: Barnamaghery
Murray, Hugh L: Drumreagh
Murray, Hugh L: Ravara
Murray, James L: Carrickmannan
Murray, James L: Carrickmannan N: McGowran
Murray, James L: Ravara
Murray, John L: Aughnadarragh
Murray, John L: Barnamaghery
Murray, John L: Carrickmannan
Murray, John L: Raffrey
Murray, Margaret L: Barnamaghery
Murray, Margaret L: Carrickmannan
Murray, Margaret L: Raffrey
Murray, Michael L: Ballygowan
Murray, Michael L: Barnamaghery
Murray, Michael L: Carrickmannan
Murray, Michael L: Ravara
Murray, Neal L: Raffrey
Murray, Owen L: Ballymacashen
Murray, Pat L: Barnamaghery
Murray, Patrick L: Carrickmannan
Murray, Patrick L: Ravara
Murray, Patrick, Sr. L: Carrickmannan
Murray, Richard L: Ravara
Murray, Robert L: Carrickmannan
Murray, Robert L: Drumreagh
Murray, Sarah L: Ravara
Murray, Teresa L: Carrickmannan
Mussenden, William L: Ballygowan
Neill, James L: Killinchy
Neill, Samuel L: Ballymorran
Nelson, Sarah L: Ballymacreelly
Newell, Mary L: Ballygeegan
Nicholson, William L: Ballymacreelly
Nmoorhead, Anne L: Carrickmannan
Oliver, Mary L: Ballymorran
O'Neill, James L: Ballymorran
O'Neill, John L: Aughnadarragh
Oprey, James L: Balloo
Oprey, Mary L: Ballymacreelly
Oram, Robert L: Craigarusky
Orr, L: Ballymacashen N: Widow
Orr, Andrew L: Carrickmannan
Orr, James L: Ballydorn
Orr, Mary L: Ballycloghan
Orr, Mary L: Ballymacreelly
Orr, Rose L: Ravara
Orr, Samuel L: Ballygowan
Orr, Samuel L: Ballygowan N: Railway View
Orr, William L: Ballymacashen
Orr, William L: Raffrey N: Sam
Orr, William, Jr. L: Raffrey
Orr, William, Sr. L: Raffrey
Orr Lowry, Eliza L: Ballymacashen
Orr Lowry, Matthew L: Ballymacashen
Orr Lowry, Matthew L: Drumreagh
Osborne, James L: Ballymacreelly
Osborne, Jane L: Raffrey
Osborne, Samuel L: Ballymacreelly
Osborne, Samuel L: Raffrey
Osborne, Savage L. L: Ballymacreelly
Osborne, Savage L. L: Killinchy
Paden, John L: Raffrey
Patterson, Aaron L: Ballymacreelly
Patterson, Alexander L: Aughnadarragh
Patterson, Fanny L: Raffrey
Patterson, Hugh L: Ballycloghan
Patterson, James L: Ballymacreelly
Patterson, Jane L: Raffrey
Patterson, John L: Ballymacreelly
Patterson, Robert L: Ballymacashen
Patterson, William L: Barnamaghery
Patterson, William L: Craigarusky
Patton, David L: Drumreagh
Patton, Hamilton L: Ballydorn
Patton, James L: Ballymacreelly
Patton, Jane L: Ballydorn
Patton, John L: Carrickmannan
Patty, Robert L: Drumreagh
Peaden, James L: Ballymacreelly
Pettigrew, Sarah L: Ballycloghan
Plunkett, William L: Carrickmannan
Porter, Mary L: Drumreagh
Porter, Robert L: Ballycloghan
Potter, Andrew L: Ballygeegan
Potter, Patrick L: Carrickmannan
Potter, Robert L: Ballygeegan
Potter, Robert L: Killinchy
Potter, Rose L: Killinchy
Price, James C. L: Aughnadarragh
Priestly, James L: Ballycloghan
Priestly, William L: Ballycloghan
Pyper, Samuel L: Ballycloghan
Quinn, John L: Ballymacreelly
Quinn, William L: Raffrey
Rainey, James L: Carrickmannan
Rainey, Joseph L: Carrickmannan
Rankin, William L: Carrickmannan
Ranson, Eliza L: Ballymacreelly
Reany, Robert L: Ballygeegan
Reid, Alexander L: Ballymacashen
Reid, Alexander L: Ballymacreelly
Reid, James L: Ballycloghan
Reid, James L: Ballymorran
Reid, James L: Ravara
Reid, John L: Ballymacreelly
Rice, Catherine L: Ravara
Rice, Patrick L: Ravara
Ritchie, Francis L: Ballymacreelly
Ritchie, Hugh L: Ballymacashen
Ritchie, Jane L: Ballybredagh
Ritchie, Jane L: Ballymacreelly
Ritchie, John L: Ballymacashen
Ritchie, Mahan L: Raffrey
Robinson, Henry L: Ballycloghan
Robinson, John L: Raffrey
Robinson, Samuel L: Ballymacashen
Robinson, Samuel L: Drumreagh
Robinson, Thomas L: Ballycloghan
Robinson, Thomas L: Carrickmannan
Robinson, Thomas L: Ravara
Rogers, Michael L: Ravara
Russell, L: Balloo N: Widow
Russell, Alexander L: Craigarusky
Russell, Andrew L: Ballydorn
Russell, Anna L: Killinchy
Russell, Hamilton L: Craigarusky
Russell, James L: Killinchy
Russell, John L: Ballydorn
Russell, Margaret L: Ballymorran
Russell, Mary Anne L: Ballymorran
Russell, Thomas L: Craigarusky
Russell, William L: Balloo
Russell, William L: Ballygeegan
Russell, William L: Craigarusky
Savage, Henry L: Ballymorran
Savage, Henry L: Tullymore
Savage, Mary Anne L: Carrickmannan
Scott, Henry L: Carrickmannan
Scott, Hugh L: Carrickmannan
Scott, James L: Ballymacreelly
Scott, Robert L: Ballymacashen
Scott, Sarah L: Ravara
Scott, Thomas L: Balloo
Scott, Thomas L: Ravara
Scott, William L: Ballygowan
Shanks, William L: Ravara
Shaw, L: Ballymacreelly N: Widow
Shaw, Frew L: Ballymacashen
Shaw, John L: Raffrey
Shaw, Magill L: Raffrey
Shaw, Robert L: Raffrey
Shaw, William L: Ballycloghan
Shaw, William L: Raffrey
Shaw Woods, Rev. Thomas L: Ravara
Sheils, Andrew L: Carrickmannan
Shepherd, George L: Ballygeegan
Sheppard, Henry L: Ballycloghan
Shiels, John L: Quarterland
Simpson, John L: Ballygowan
Simpson, John L: Drumreagh
Simpson, William L: Ballycloghan
Sinclair, George L: Ravara
Sinclair, Robert L: Ravara
Skilling, Thomas L: Craigarusky
Skilling, William L: Carrigullian
Sloan, Jane L: Ballydorn
Sloane, Robert L: Ballymacashen
Smeaton, Robert L: Ballymacreelly
Smith, Daniel L: Aughnadarragh
Smith, Hugh L: Ballymacreelly
Smith, James L: Ballymorran
Smith, John L: Ballymacreelly
Smith, Samuel L: Ballymacreelly
Smith, Samuel L: Carrickmannan
Smith, Sarah L: Carrickmannan
Smith, William L: Barnamaghery
Snodden, Alexander L: Ballymacashen
Snodden, Jane L: Ballymacashen
Snodden, John L: Aughnadarragh
Spence, Joseph L: Raffrey
Spence, Robert L: Aughnadarragh
Spratt, Eliza L: Raffrey
Spratt, James L: Balloo
Spratt, John L: Killinchy
Steel, Alexander L: Ballygowan
Steele, Thomas L: Ballygowan
Steevenson, Hugh L: Drumreagh
Stevenson, John L: Craigarusky
Stevenson, Michael L: Drumreagh
Stevenson, Robert L: Aughnadarragh
Stewart, Archibald L: Ravara
Stewart, Archibald L: Ringhaddy
Stewart, David L: Ballymorran
Stewart, Eliza L: Raffrey
Stewart, Francis L: Darragh Island
Stewart, Francis L: Island More
Stewart, Francis L: Ringhaddy
Stewart, James L: Ballymacashen
Stewart, John L: Ballymorran
Stewart, John L: Dunsy Island
Stewart, John L: Dunsy Rock
Stewart, John L: Green Island
Stewart, Robert L: Ballygeegan
Stewart, Robert L: Killinchy
Stewart, Samuel L: Ballymacashen
Stewart, Samuel L: Raffrey
Stewart, Thomas L: Killinchy
Stewart, William L: Ballymacreelly
Stewart, Wm. L: Ballymacashen
Stitt, Ellen L: Drumreagh
Stitt, John L: Drumreagh
Stuart, Archibald L: Ballygowan
Stuart, Wiliam, Sr. L: Ballydorn
Stuart, William L: Craigarusky
Stuart, William, Jr. L: Ballydorn
Stuart, William, Jr. L: Islands/Hen Island
Sturgeon, John L: Quarterland
Tait, Joseph L: Ballymorran
Taylor, James L: Ballymacreelly
Taylor, Thomas L: Ballygeegan
Thompson, Alexander L: Drumreagh
Thompson, Archibald L: Drumreagh
Thompson, David L: Ballymacashen
Thompson, Hamilton L: Drumreagh
Thompson, Hugh L: Barnamaghery
Thompson, James L: Drumreagh
Thompson, Jane L: Drumreagh
Thompson, John L: Barnamaghery
Thompson, John L: Raffrey
Thompson, John L: Ravara
Thompson, Robert L: Killinchy
Thompson, Samuel L: Barnamaghery
Thompson, William L: Ballycloghan
Thornton, John L: Raffrey
Todd, Matthew L: Ravara
Tweedle, Henry L: Ballymacreelly
Valler, John L: Barnamaghery
Vance, Anne L: Ballymacreelly
Vincent, William L: Ballydorn
Wallace, James L: Ballycloghan
Wallace, Robert L: Ballygowan
Wallace, William N. L: Ravara
Walsh, Mary L: Drumreagh
Walsh, Patrick L: Drumreagh
Ward, Francis L: Ravara
Ward, Rev. Henry L: Killinchy
Ward, Thomas L: Craigarusky
Ward, William L: Killinakin N: and Another
Watson, L: Ravara N: Widow
Watson, Anne L: Balloo
Watson, Anne L: Ballymacreelly
Watson, Anne L: Carrigullian
Watson, Hamilton L: Ballymacreelly
Watson, James L: Balloo
Watson, Robert L: Raffrey
Waugh, Joseph L: Ravara
White, David L: Ravara
White, Mary L: Drumreagh
White, Thomas L: Ravara
White, William L: Ravara
Whiteman, James L: Quarterland
Wightman, David L: Carrickmannan
Wightman, David L: Ravara
Wightman, James L: Carrickmannan
Wightman, John L: Drumreagh
Wightman, Michael L: Drumreagh
Wightman, Robert L: Ballymacashen
Wightman, Robert L: Drumreagh
Wightman, William L: Drumreagh
Wilson, James L: Ballydorn
Wilson, John L: Ballycloghan
Wilson, Joseph L: Ballymacashen
Wilson, Matthew L: Ballydorn
Wilson, Matthew L: Ballymorran
Wilson, Matthew L: Killinakin
Woods, Edward L: Carrickmannan
Woods, John L: Ravara
Woods, Thomas L: Ballygeegan
Wright, Elizabeth L: Ballymacreelly
Wright, William L: Barnamaghery
Wylie, Hannah L: Drumreagh
Young, James L: Ravara

County Down Civil Parishes Map

Civil Parishes of County Down

Griffiths Valuation Records county Down

1 Aghaderg

2 Annaclone

3 Annahilt

4 Ardglass

5 Ardkeen

6 Ardquin

7 Ballee

8 Ballyculter

9 Ballyhalbert

10 Ballykinler

11 Ballyphilip

12 Ballytrustan

13 Ballywalter

14 Bangor

15 Blaris

16 Bright

17 Castleboy

18 Clonallan

19 Clonduff

20 Comber

21 Donaghadee

22 Donaghcloney

23 Donaghmore

24 Down

25 Dromara

26 Dromore

27 Drumballyroney

28 Drumbeg

29 Drumbo

30 Drumgath

31 Drumgooland

32 Dundonald

33 Dunsfort

34 Garvaghy

35 Greyabbey

36 Hillsborough

37 Holywood

38 Inch

39 Inishargy

40 Kilbroney

41 Kilclief

42 Kilcoo

43 Kilkeel

44 Killaney

45 Killinchy

46 Killyleagh

47 Kilmegan

48 Kilmood

49 Kilmore

50 Lambeg

51 Loughinisland

52 Maghera

53 Magheradrool

54 Magherahamlet

55 Magheralin

56 Magherally

57 Moira

58 Newry

59 Newtownards

60 Rathmullan

61 Saintfield

62 Saul

63 Seapatrick

64 Shankill

65 Slanes

66 Tullylish

67 Tullynakill

68 Tyrella

69 Warrenpoint

70 Witter