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Irish Flax Growers Lists 1796 in Fermanagh

The Irish Linen Board published a list of nearly 60,000 individuals in 1796. Spinning wheels were awarded based on the number of acres planted. People who planted one acre were awarded 4 spinning wheels and those growing 5 acres were awarded a loom. Donegal and Tyrone had the highest number of awards. Dublin and Wicklow were not included in this list. These extracts contain the name, parish and county. The barony was listed instead of the parish in a few of the records. Also known as the Spinning Wheel list or the Flax Growers Bounty.

The list of county Fermanagh Flax growers records the person's name and the civil parish where they resided.


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Irish Flax Growers List - County Fermanagh

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Surname - First Name - Parish

Acheson James Aghalurcher
Acheson John Derrybrusk
Acheson John Killesher
Acheson Robert Killesher
Acheson Thomas Drumkeeran
Acheson William Aghalurcher
Acheson William Magheraculmoney
Adams James Aghavea
Adams John Magheracross
Adams Thomas Aghavea
Adams Thomas Drumkeeran
Adams Thomas Drummully
Adams Thomas Killesher
Adams William Clones
Aiken John Derryvullan
Aiken John Drumkeeran
Alexander John Aghalurcher
Aligan George Drummully
Alingam William Drumkeeran
Alingham George Drumkeeran
Allen Anne Derryvullan
Allen George Derryvullan
Allen Thomas Derryvullan
Allen Thomas, Sr. Derryvullan
Alwell John Aghavea
Amerson Isaac Derryvullan
Amerson John Magheracross
Anderson David Clones
Anderson George Aghalurcher
Anderson George Clones
Anderson James Derryvullan
Anderson James Enniskillen
Anderson James Magheracross
Anderson John Clones
Anderson John Magheracross
Anderson Joseph Magheracross
Anderson Robert Derryvullan
Anderson William Aghalurcher
Anderson William Enniskillen
Annon George Aghavea
Aoyens Patrick Cleenish
Argue Francis St. Marys
Armostrong Andrew Clones
Armstrong Andrew Magheraculmoney
Armstrong Anne Enniskillen
Armstrong Archibald Drummully
Armstrong Charles Drummully
Armstrong Christopher Aghavea
Armstrong Christopher Magheracross
Armstrong Edward Aghalurcher
Armstrong Francis Aghalurcher
Armstrong Francis Aghavea
Armstrong Francis Magheracross
Armstrong George Aghavea
Armstrong George Devenish
Armstrong George Drumkeeran
Armstrong George Drummully
Armstrong George Enniskillen
Armstrong Henry Aghalurcher
Armstrong Hugh Aghalurcher
Armstrong Hugh Drummully
Armstrong Irwin Derryvullan
Armstrong James Aghavea
Armstrong James Drummully
Armstrong James Inishmacsaint
Armstrong James Kinawley
Armstrong Jane Cleenish
Armstrong John Aghalurcher
Armstrong John Aghavea
Armstrong John Cleenish
Armstrong John Derryvullan
Armstrong John Drumkeeran
Armstrong John Drummully
Armstrong John Magheracross
Armstrong John Magheraculmoney
Armstrong John St. Marys
Armstrong John Trory
Armstrong Joseph Enniskillen
Armstrong Margaret Aghavea
Armstrong Maxwell Clones
Armstrong Robert Derryvullan
Armstrong Robert Enniskillen
Armstrong Robert Rossorry
Armstrong Simon Cleenish
Armstrong Stuart Devenish
Armstrong Thomas Aghalurcher
Armstrong Thomas Derryvullan
Armstrong Thomas Drummully
Armstrong Thomas Magheraculmoney
Armstrong William Aghavea
Armstrong William Cleenish
Armstrong William Derryvullan
Armstrong William Drummully
Armstrong William Magheracross
Arnold George Aghalurcher
Arthur Edward Cleenish
Arthur Thomas Cleenish
Arthurs Francis Aghavea
Arthurs John Killesher
Askin James Aghalurcher
Athneleck Elizabeth Derrybrusk
Atwell Margaret Enniskillen
Aughanleck William Derryvullan
Aughenleck James Derryvullan
Bacon Henry Cleenish
Baker John Aghavea
Baker Thomas Aghavea
Balfour Elizabeth Cleenish
Balfour John Aghalurcher
Ball Eleanor Trory
Ball Francis Enniskillen
Ball Francis Magheracross
Ball James Enniskillen
Ball William Magheracross
Bamford George Enniskillen
Bamford James Enniskillen
Bamford Samuel Aghavea
Banan John Clones
Bannen James Drumkeeran
Barber John Enniskillen
Barber Thomas Enniskillen
Barnett Robert Aghavea
Barnhill William Clones
Barry Christopher Killesher
Barton Alexander Drumkeeran
Barton Anthony Drumkeeran
Barton Edward Drumkeeran
Barton George Magheraculmoney
Barton James Drumkeeran
Barton Oliver Magheraculmoney
Barton William Drumkeeran
Baxter John Aghalurcher
Baxter William Aghalurcher
Beacum Andrew Magheraculmoney
Beggan Felix Clones
Beggan Thomas Drummully
Belfore Gabriel Rossorry
Belfore George Rossorry
Belfore James Rossorry
Bell Francis Aghavea
Bell John Aghavea
Bell John Derryvullan
Bell Rev. Lucas Enniskillen
Bell Robert Derryvullan
Bell Walter Rossorry
Bell William Aghalurcher
Bell William Derryvullan
Berney Thomas Derryvullan
Berny Anne Aghavea
Berny William Aghavea
Betty Adam Derrybrusk
Betty Adam Magheraculmoney
Betty Anne Clones
Betty Archibald Cleenish
Betty Charles Aghalurcher
Betty Charles Cleenish
Betty Christopher Enniskillen
Betty Christopher Magheraculmoney
Betty Guy Derryvullan
Betty James Derrybrusk
Betty James Derryvullan
Betty James Enniskillen
Betty John Cleenish
Betty John Enniskillen
Betty John Magheracross
Betty Joseph Enniskillen
Betty Mary Aghalurcher
Betty Richard Aghavea
Betty Robert Aghalurcher
Betty Robert Magheraculmoney
Betty Rowland Aghalurcher
Betty Rowland Trory
Betty Thomas Aghavea
Betty Thomas Enniskillen
Betty William Magheracross
Bevish Francis St. Marys
Bevish Francis, Sr. St. Marys
Bevish William Aghavea
Bevish William St. Marys
Bill Zachariah Aghavea
Bird Patrick Drummully
Black David Aghalurcher
Black James Derryvullan
Black John Derryvullan
Black Thomas, Jr. Derryvullan
Blair Edward Killesher
Blair John Killesher
Blakely Christopher Derryvullan
Blakely John Derryvullan
Blakely Robert Aghavea
Blakely Robert Derryvullan
Blakely William Devenish
Blakenly Francis Derryvullan
Bleakly Anne Cleenish
Bleakly Charles Magheracross
Bleakly Henry Magheracross
Bleakly Mathew Magheracross
Bleakly Robert Clones
Boage Felix Aghalurcher
Bodle James Rossorry
Bohannon John Enniskillen
Boosby Henry Enniskillen
Boosby John Enniskillen
Bowles Thomas Derryvullan
Bowles Thomas Killesher
Bows Robert Clones
Boyd Edward Drumkeeran
Boyd Edward, Jr. Drumkeeran
Boyd John Drumkeeran
Boyle Andrew Cleenish
Boyle Terence Magheraculmoney
Bracken Cornelius Killesher
Bracken Farrel Killesher
Bradshaw Daniel Killesher
Brady Charles Cleenish
Brady Daniel Rossorry
Brady James Drumkeeran
Brady John Aghalurcher
Brandan William Magheraculmoney
Brandon Christopher Drumkeeran
Brandon Gerard Magheraculmoney
Brandon Matthew Templecarn
Brandun Francis Magheraculmoney
Bratan James Drumkeeran
Braton Wallace Magheraculmoney
Bredin Edward Aghavea
Bredin Francis Derryvullan
Bredin James Derryvullan
Bredin Robert Aghavea
Bredin William Aghavea
Bredon James Magheracross
Bredon John Aghalurcher
Bredon Samuel Aghavea
Bredon William Aghalurcher
Bredon William Derrybrusk
Breen Barnaby Cleenish
Breen Edward Kinawley
Breen Edward Magheraculmoney
Breen Henry Kinawley
Breen Henry Magheracross
Breen Hugh Magheraculmoney
Breen James Cleenish
Breen James Drumkeeran
Breen Martin Cleenish
Breen Patrick Aghalurcher
Breen Thomas Aghalurcher
Breen Thomas Cleenish
Breen William Drumkeeran
Breen William Kinawley
Breen Willim Aghavea
Brennan James Enniskillen
Breslin Anne Aghalurcher
Breslin Bernard Aghalurcher
Breslin Cornelius Aghalurcher
Breslin James Aghalurcher
Breslin James Cleenish
Breslin John Aghalurcher
Breslin Patrick Aghalurcher
Breslin Sarah Aghalurcher
Breslin Terence Aghalurcher
Breslin Thomas Aghalurcher
Brien Edward Aghalurcher
Brimstone John Derryvullan
Britain Thomas Drumkeeran
Brooks Richard Enniskillen
Brouster William Cleenish
Brown Anne Devenish
Brown Audley Aghalurcher
Brown James Killesher
Brown Jane Aghalurcher
Brown John Cleenish
Brown John Killesher
Brown John Magheraculmoney
Brown John Mullaghgarrow
Brown John Rossorry
Brown Robert Magheraculmoney
Brown William Magheraculmoney
Browster Thomas Aghalurcher
Bruce Jane Inishmacsaint
Bruen William Drummully
Brun William Inishmacsaint
Brunt Thomas Enniskillen
Bryan Edward Drummully
Bryan James Drummully
Bryan Robert Drummully
Bryans George Aghavea
Bryans William Aghalurcher
Bryans William Derryvullan
Burges William Cleenish
Burghes Francis Derryvullan
Burghes John Derryvullan
Burghes Robert Derryvullan
Burns John Derryvullan
Burnside Alexander Aghavea
Burnside Claudius Aghalurcher
Burnside James Aghalurcher
Burnside John Aghavea
Burnside Margaret Aghalurcher
Busby Alexander Aghavea
Bushel Henry Aghavea
Bushell Elizabeth Drummully
Bushell Francis Aghavea
Bushell John Aghavea
Bustard John Devenish
Byng James Rossorry
Byng John Rossorry
Byng William Rossorry
Cadden John Enniskillen
Caden John Clones
Caden Terence Clones
Calaghan Anthony Aghalurcher
Calaghan James Aghalurcher
Calaghan Patrick Aghalurcher
Caldwell James Aghalurcher
Caldwell James Derryvullan
Caldwell John Aghavea
Caldwell Matthew Aghavea
Caldwell Phebe Cleenish
Caldwell Sir John Belleek
Callaghan Patrick Aghavea
Callaghan Thomas Enniskillen
Callan James Aghavea
Callon Edward Aghavea
Campbel Robert Drumkeeran
Campbel William Drumkeeran
Campbell James Drumkeeran
Campbell John Magheracross
Campbell Thomas Derryvullan
Campbell William Enniskillen
Canavan Patrick Rossorry
Caran Terence Magheracross
Carlin Friday Derrybrusk
Carlin Patrick Derrybrusk
Carmichael John Cleenish
Carmichael Robert Cleenish
Carney Arthur Rossorry
Carothers Christopher Enniskillen
Carothers Gor. Aghavea
Carothers Henry Aghavea
Carothers Hugh Aghavea
Carothers James Aghalurcher
Carothers James Aghavea
Carothers John Aghavea
Carren Margaret Enniskillen
Carren Michael Derryvullan
Carren Owen Kinawley
Carren Philip Kinawley
Carren Thomas Magheracross
Carrol William Clones
Carson James Cleenish
Carson James Killesher
Carson William Cleenish
Cashel James Enniskillen
Cashel Mary Enniskillen
Cassidy Andrew Devenish
Cassidy Cormick Kinawley
Cassidy Felix Kinawley
Cassidy Hugh Aghalurcher
Cassidy James Killesher
Cassidy John Aghalurcher
Cassidy John Aghavea
Cassidy John Enniskillen
Cassidy Michael Clones
Cassidy Owen Aghavea
Cassidy Owen Clones
Cassidy Patrick Devenish
Cassidy Peter Enniskillen
Cassidy Peter Kinawley
Cassidy Philip Aghavea
Cassidy William Enniskillen
Chambers Andrew Killesher
Chambers Thomas Kinawley
Chambers William Kinawley
Chapman George Magheracross
Chapman John Aghalurcher
Chapman Thomas Enniskillen
Charls John Kinawley
Charlton John Derryvullan
Charlton Joseph Derryvullan
Chittick John Magheraculmoney
Clark David Clones
Clark Michael Cleenish
Clark Samuel Clones
Clark William Cleenish
Clark William Clones
Clarke George Magheracross
Clarke James Aghalurcher
Clarke John Derryvullan
Cleary Daniel Derryvullan
Clements David Aghalurcher
Clendinneg John Clones
Clendinnen Andrew Drumkeeran
Clendinnen Arthur Drumkeeran
Clendinnen Charles Drumkeeran
Clendinnen William Clones
Clingan Arthur Aghalurcher
Clingan Robert Drummully
Cluff John Derryvullan
Cluff John Enniskillen
Cluff Noble Derrybrusk
Cluff Richard Derryvullan
Cluff Robert Derryvullan
Cluft Edward Cleenish
Coan Patrick Magheracross
Cohen James Derryvullan
Cohen Nicholas Derryvullan
Cohen Patrick Aghalurcher
Collins George Derryvullan
Collom William Cleenish
Collum Robert Rossorry
Colson Mary Drummully
Connelan Anne Clones
Connolly Patrick Enniskillen
Connor John Drumkeeran
Connor Myles Magheraculmoney
Conolly Cornelius Clones
Conolly James Derryvullan
Conolly Thomas Aghalurcher
Cook Edward Enniskillen
Cooke Edward Aghalurcher
Cooke John Aghavea
Cooke Joseph Aghalurcher
Cooke Robert Aghalurcher
Cooper Robert Aghavea
Copland James Derryvullan
Coragan Patrick Enniskillen
Coragan Terence Magheraculmoney
Corigan Anthony Derryvullan
Corigan Bryan Derryvullan
Corigan Charles Derryvullan
Corigan Terence Derryvullan
Corigan Thomas Enniskillen
Corr Christopher Derryvullan
Corr John St. Marys
Corr Sophia Derryvullan
Corragan Thomas Magheracross
Corragan William Magheracross
Corran Henry Aghavea
Corran John Derryvullan
Corran Owen Trory
Corran Philip Trory
Corricane James Derrybrusk
Corricane Owen Derrybrusk
Corrigan Arthur Drummully
Corrigan Nathaniel Cleenish
Corrigan Owen Derryvullan
Corry Patrick Kinawley
Corry Terence Kinawley
Corson John Killesher
Cosgrave Francis Aghalurcher
Cosgrave James Aghavea
Cosgrave Patrick Aghalurcher
Coulter George Enniskillen
Coulter James Magheracross
Coulter John Aghalurcher
Coulter John Enniskillen
Coulter Joseph Enniskillen
Coulter Joseph Magheracross
Coulter Oliver Aghavea
Coulter Thomas Enniskillen
Cowan Christopher Derryvullan
Cowan Edward Derryvullan
Cowan James Derryvullan
Cowan John Aghalurcher
Cowan John Aghavea
Cowan Robert Aghalurcher
Cowan Thomas Aghalurcher
Cox John Derrybrusk
Cox Patrick Derryvullan
Cox Thomas Derrybrusk
Coyle John Aghalurcher
Coyle Thomas Aghalurcher
Coyn William Clones
Craford James Enniskillen
Craford Jane Drumkeeran
Craig Patrick Drumkeeran
Craige William Cleenish
Crawford James Aghalurcher
Crawford James Kinawley
Crawford Jane Derrybrusk
Creighton Laurence Enniskillen
Criggan John Enniskillen
Crooks J. Inishmacsaint
Crooks Richard Inishmacsaint
Crooks William Inishmacsaint
Crowe Thomas Killesher
Crozier Charles Magheraculmoney
Crozier Christopher Derryvullan
Crozier Richard Derryvullan
Crozier Robert Aghalurcher
Crozier Robert Trory
Crozier Rowland Derryvullan
Crummer Mary Killesher
Crummer Samuel Killesher
Cullom Thomas Rossorry
Cullum Hugh Derryvullan
Cunningham Andrew Enniskillen
Cunningham James Derryvullan
Cunningham John Killesher
Curley Patrick St. Marys
Curran Patrick Drumkeeran
Curry Edward Magheracross
Curry James Magheracross
Curry Laurence Enniskillen
Curry Nathaniel Magheracross
Curry William Derrybrusk
Dalton Andrew Derryvullan
Dalton Richard Derryvullan
Daly Bryan Enniskillen
Davis James Enniskillen
Davis John Cleenish
Dazely Charles Magheraculmoney
Dealy Adam Aghalurcher
Dean James Derryvullan
Dean James Inishmacsaint
Dean Mathew Drumkeeran
Dean Thomas Devenish
Dean Thomas Enniskillen
Dean William Inishmacsaint
Deeryn Mrs. Rossorry
Dennis Thomas Enniskillen
Devenny Thomas Rossorry
Dickinson Richard Devenish
Dignan James Drummully
Dixon Andrew Derryvullan
Dixon Henry Aghalurcher
Dixon Robert Aghavea
Dixon Robert, Jr. Aghavea
Dogherty Daniel Rossorry
Dogherty Edward Aghalurcher
Dogherty Hugh Magheracross
Doherty Hugh Kinawley
Donaldson John Aghalurcher
Donaldson Robert Aghalurcher
Donaldson Robert Enniskillen
Donelly Luke Derryvullan
Donnelly Henry Magheraculmoney
Donnelly James Aghalurcher
Donnelly Owen Magheraculmoney
Doonan John Drumkeeran
Doonan Owen Drumkeeran
Doorish James Enniskillen
Doorish Michael Enniskillen
Doorish Patrick Enniskillen
Doran Edward Aghalurcher
Dorety James Clones
Dorish Bryan Aghavea
Dorish James Derryvullan
Douglas James Aghalurcher
Douglas John Aghalurcher
Douglas William Aghalurcher
Dowd Terence Drumkeeran
Downes Andrew Drummully
Downey John Drummully
Drennan David Enniskillen
Drennan Hugh Rossorry
Drogan Luke Enniskillen
Dromon Thomas Aghalurcher
Drugan Luke Kinawley
Drum Bartholomew Kinawley
Drum Thomas Killesher
Duffy Patrick Devenish
Duffy Terence Kinawley
Dunbar John Aghalurcher
Dundas Hugh Drumkeeran
Dundas John Magheracross
Dundas Philip Aghavea
Dundas Thomas Magheraculmoney
Dunlap James Aghalurcher
Dunlap John Drummully
Dunlap Joseph Aghalurcher
Dunlap Robert Aghavea
Dunlap Samuel Aghalurcher
Dunn James Aghalurcher
Dunn Patrick Aghalurcher
Dunn Patrick Enniskillen
Dunn Richard Aghavea
Durish Patrick Derryvullan
Durisk Peter Derryvullan
Durnen Philip Enniskillen
Durnin James Enniskillen
Durnin Patrick Aghavea
Durnin Patrick Enniskillen
Durnin Patrick Killesher
Durnin Redmond Enniskillen
Durning Catherine Derryvullan
Durning Charles Derryvullan
Durning Patrick Derryvullan
Durning William Derryvullan
Earls John Enniskillen
Early James Aghalurcher
Eaton John Enniskillen
Edgerston James Clones
Edgerston Ralph Clones
Edwards Edward Magheracross
Edwards George Cleenish
Edwards Robert Magheracross
Edwards Widow Derryvullan
Elgun Patrick Cleenish
Elliot Francis Enniskillen
Elliot George Devenish
Elliot James Aghavea
Elliot James Enniskillen
Elliot James Magheraculmoney
Elliot John Clones
Elliot John Drummully
Elliot John Enniskillen
Elliot John Kinawley
Elliot John Magheracross
Elliot John St. Marys
Elliot John, Jr. Aghavea
Elliot Robert Aghalurcher
Elliot Robert Enniskillen
Elliot Robert Magheracross
Elliot Thomas Derryvullan
Elliot Thomas Devenish
Elliot Thomas Magheracross
Elliot William Drummully
Elliott Andrew Derryvullan
Elliott John Devenish
Elliott John, Sr. Aghavea
Elliott Margaret Derryvullan
Elliott William Magheracross
Ellis James Killesher
Emerson Charles Aghavea
Emmerson Edmond Devenish
Evatt John Aghalurcher
Evatt Thomas Aghavea
Ewart Jane Cleenish
Fadaghan Patrick Enniskillen
Fallen Patrick Cleenish
Fallows Edward Devenish
Fallows James Cleenish
Fallows John Devenish
Falls Andrew Enniskillen
Falls John Enniskillen
Faris Mathew Enniskillen
Faris Mathew Inishmacsaint
Farley William Killesher
Farly Catherine Magheracross
Farmer Hugh Cleenish
Farrell Joseph Aghavea
Farry Andrew Magheracross
Farry Matthew Derryvullan
Farry Owen Derryvullan
Farry Patrick Magheracross
Farry Terence Killesher
Faucet Henry Cleenish
Faucet James Cleenish
Faucet John Magheracross
Faucet Robert Cleenish
Faucet Thomas Cleenish
Faughan Nicholas Magheraculmoney
Faulkner Barnaby Aghavea
Faulkner James Aghalurcher
Faulkner John Aghalurcher
Faulkner William Aghavea
Fawcen William Drummully
Fawcet William Kinawley
Fear James Aghalurcher
Fear James Devenish
Fear James Killesher
Fear John Derryvullan
Fear Robert Aghalurcher
Fear William Aghalurcher
Fear William Derrybrusk
Feel William Killesher
Fegan James Derrybrusk
Fegan Jane Derryvullan
Ferguson Alexander Devenish
Ferguson James Clones
Ferguson Mary Derrybrusk
Fife James Magheracross
Fife John Enniskillen
Finlay Jane Aghalurcher
Finlay Robert Rossorry
Finly Robert Cleenish
Fisher William Aghalurcher
Fitzsimmons James Killesher
Flaherty Hugh Drumkeeran
Flaherty Terence Drumkeeran
Flanagan John Killesher
Flanagan Mary Enniskillen
Flanagan Patrick Devenish
Flanagan Roger Devenish
Flanagan Terence Aghalurcher
Fleming Christopher Aghalurcher
Fletcher Edward Derryvullan
Fletcher William Derryvullan
Fodaghan Barnaby Clones
Fodaghan Philip Drummully
Fodahan Owen Clones
Folles Christian Devenish
Ford James Derryvullan
Forster Arthur Aghalurcher
Forster James Aghalurcher
Forsyth John Aghalurcher
Forsyth Maurice Aghalurcher
Forsyth William Aghalurcher
Foster Adam Aghavea
Foster Alexander Derryvullan
Foster Arthur Aghalurcher
Foster Arthur Clones
Foster Christopher Templecarn
Foster Francis Aghavea
Foster James Aghavea
Foster John Clones
Foster John Derryvullan
Foster John Drummully
Foster John Kinawley
Foster Margaret Aghavea
Foster Patrick Drummully
Foster Rev. Arthur Magheraculmoney
Foster Samuel Aghavea
Foster Thomas Aghavea
Foster Thomas Clones
Foster Thomas Drummully
Foster Thomas Kinawley
Foster William Aghavea
Frazier Anne Aghavea
Frazier James Aghalurcher
Frazier James Trory
Frazier John Derryvullan
Frazier Joseph Derryvullan
Free Manun Derryvullan
Free Terence Derryvullan
Frith Alexander Trory
Frith James Trory
Frith Thomas Enniskillen
From James Aghalurcher
From John Aghalurcher
Gadis John Killesher
Gadis Stephen Derryvullan
Gadis William Killesher
Gaffney Maurice Drummully
Galagher James Drumkeeran
Galagher Margaret Devenish
Galbraith James Aghavea
Galbraith John Aghavea
Gallagher Bernard Drumkeeran
Gallagher Denis Enniskillen
Gallagher Farrel Drumkeeran
Gallagher Francis Magheraculmoney
Gallagher Hugh Magheraculmoney
Gallagher James Drumkeeran
Gallagher John Drumkeeran
Gallagher John, Jr. Magheraculmoney
Gallagher Michael Magheraculmoney
Gallagher Owen Kinawley
Gallagher Patrick Drumkeeran
Gamble David Derryvullan
Gamble Maurice Rossorry
Gamble William Derryvullan
Gardner John Aghalurcher
Gardner Peter Magheracross
Gardner Thomas Aghalurcher
Garham Christopher Drummully
Garhan Henry Enniskillen
Garner Jane Drummully
Garner Margaret Derrybrusk
Garner Robert Derrybrusk
Garner William Aghalurcher
Gavan Thomas Aghalurcher
Geats Thomas Enniskillen
Geehan Anne Cleenish
Gibson Alexander Kinawley
Gibson John Drumkeeran
Gibson Thomas Magheracross
Gibson Widow Kinawley
Gibson William Enniskillen
Gibson William Magheraculmoney
Gillespie John Aghalurcher
Gilrise John Cleenish
Gin James Magheraculmoney
Gin John Drumkeeran
Gin John Magheraculmoney
Glass Alexander Enniskillen
Glass John Enniskillen
Glen Samuel Aghalurcher
Glendinnon James Templecarn
Gley Bernard Clones
Glinn John Aghalurcher
Glinn Samuel Aghalurcher
Goan Hugh Aghavea
Goan Michael Rossorry
Goddin James Derryvullan
Goen Owen Enniskillen
Goold Richard St. Marys
Gordon Robert Clones
Gordon William Clones
Gould John Derryvullan
Gourley John Inishmacsaint
Graham Andrew Aghalurcher
Graham Andrew Magheracross
Graham Andrew Magheraculmoney
Graham Arthur Kinawley
Graham Christopher Devenish
Graham Crozier Magheracross
Graham Francis Drummully
Graham George Cleenish
Graham James Aghalurcher
Graham James Aghavea
Graham James Cleenish
Graham James Magheraculmoney
Graham John Cleenish
Graham John Derryvullan
Graham John, Jr. Magheracross
Graham John, Sr. Magheracross
Graham Matthew Magheracross
Graham Noble Derrybrusk
Graham Richard Clones
Graham Robert Trory
Graham Samuel Kinawley
Graham Simon Magheracross
Graham Thomas Derryvullan
Graham Thomas Devenish
Graham Walter Cleenish
Graham William Aghalurcher
Graham William Derrybrusk
Graham William Derryvullan
Graham William Drumkeeran
Graham William Magheracross
Graham William Trory
Graham William, Sr. Magheracross
Grahan John Magheracross
Graydon Jason Derryvullan
Gredon Alexander Aghavea
Greedon William Drummully
Greeg Robert Trory
Green Owen Cleenish
Greenlee William Aghalurcher
Greenly Thomas Aghalurcher
Gregg Robert Killesher
Grenlee Thomas Aghavea
Grey Thomas Derryvullan
Greydon Susannah Aghavea
Greydon William Trory
Gun Laurence Clones
Guthry John Derryvullan
Gutridge John Rossorry
Hall Charles Aghalurcher
Hall John Aghavea
Hall John Derryvullan
Hall Rev. Alexander Drummully
Hall Thomas Aghavea
Hall William Aghalurcher
Hamilton Archibald Derryvullan
Hamilton James Enniskillen
Hamilton John Enniskillen
Hamilton Patrick Enniskillen
Hamilton Thomas Aghalurcher
Haron Peter Derrybrusk
Haron Philip Derrybrusk
Harper Edward Aghavea
Harper Robert Aghavea
Harpur John Aghalurcher
Harren Phelim Derryvullan
Hassard John Inishmacsaint
Hassard Thomas Cleenish
Haughey Patrick Aghalurcher
Havey Mary Killesher
Heafty John Derryvullan
Heavey James Killesher
Hemphill Andrew Cleenish
Henderson Andrew Aghalurcher
Henderson Andrew Aghavea
Henderson Anne Aghavea
Henderson Anthony Magheracross
Henderson Christopher Derryvullan
Henderson George Enniskillen
Henderson James Aghalurcher
Henderson John Aghavea
Henderson John Cleenish
Henderson John Rossorry
Henderson Robert Drummully
Henderson Robert Magheracross
Henderson Robert Rossorry
Henderson Samuel Aghavea
Henderson Thomas Inishmacsaint
Henderson William Derryvullan
Henderson William Inishmacsaint
Hereran Patrick Drumkeeran
Hergedon Cornelius Enniskillen
Hergedon Hugh Enniskillen
Hergedon Thomas Enniskillen
Herreran John Drumkeeran
Hetherington Christopher Derryvullan
Hetherington John Derryvullan
Hevy Peter Kinawley
Hicks James Trory
Hicks John Trory
Hicks Robert Trory
Hicks William Drummully
Higgins Alexander Aghalurcher
Hillard Guy Trory
Hillard John Enniskillen
Hillard Richard Trory
Hillard Thomas Drumkeeran
Hillard Thomas Trory
Hillock Edward Aghalurcher
Hillock Edward Aghavea
Hillock Thomas Aghalurcher
Hoey Joseph Aghalurcher
Hoey Patrick Aghalurcher
Hoey Patrick Devenish
Hoey William Derryvullan
Hogg James Aghalurcher
Hogins Thomas Killesher
Hoins Bryan Kinawley
Holand James Enniskillen
Holmes John Kinawley
Hoog Richard Aghalurcher
How Walter Cleenish
Howard John Killesher
Howden William Derryvullan
Howe John Aghalurcher
Howe Robert Aghavea
Hughes Barny Aghalurcher
Hughes George Aghalurcher
Hughes James Aghavea
Hughes Thomas Magheracross
Hultaghan Patrick Aghalurcher
Hultaghan Peter Cleenish
Humphrey Christopher Magheraculmoney
Humphreys Bernard Magheraculmoney
Humphreys Catherine Drumkeeran
Humphreys Charles Magheraculmoney
Humphreys William Derryvullan
Humphreys William Drumkeeran
Humphrys Aaron Derryvullan
Humphrys William Derryvullan
Hunt James Drummully
Hunter Andrew Enniskillen
Hunter James Devenish
Hunter John Enniskillen
Hunter Thomas Devenish
Hunter Widow Magheracross
Hurst Curry Magheracross
Hurst Michael Killesher
Hurst Michael Magheracross
Hurst Ralph Magheracross
Hurst Thomas Magheracross
Huston John Devenish
Huston John Rossorry
Hutchinson William Derryvullan
Hutlaghan John Aghalurcher
Huttaghan Francis Aghalurcher
Huttaghan Hugh Killesher
Ingham William Kinawley
Ingram John Derryvullan
Irvine Gerard Trory
Irwin Acheson Aghalurcher
Irwin Acheson Trory
Irwin Alexander Trory
Irwin Black Gerard Magheracross
Irwin Christopher Derryvullan
Irwin Francis Drummully
Irwin George Derryvullan
Irwin Gerard Derryvullan
Irwin Gerrard Magheraculmoney
Irwin James Derrybrusk
Irwin James Derryvullan
Irwin James Magheracross
Irwin John Drumkeeran
Irwin John Magheracross
Irwin John, Jr. Aghavea
Irwin John, Sr. Aghavea
Irwin Launcelot Drumkeeran
Irwin Nathaniel Derrybrusk
Irwin Robert Enniskillen
Irwin White Gerard Magheracross
Irwin Widow Drumkeeran
Irwin William Aghavea
Irwin William Clones
Irwin William Derrybrusk
Irwin William Derryvullan
Irwin William Drumkeeran
Irwin William Magheracross
Irwin William Trory
Isaac John Cleenish
Islis Francis Devenish
Jackson Alexander Aghavea
Jackson Hugh Aghavea
Jackson Hugh Clones
Jackson James Aghavea
Jackson John Clones
Jameson Alexander Templecarn
Jameson John Derryvullan
Jameson William Aghalurcher
Johnston Adam Fatigare
Johnston Adam Rossorry
Johnston Alexander Cleenish
Johnston Andrew Cleenish
Johnston Andrew Drumkeeran
Johnston Charles Derryvullan
Johnston Charles Magheraculmoney
Johnston Christopher Drumkeeran
Johnston Christopher Magheraculmoney
Johnston David Derryvullan
Johnston Francis Derrybrusk
Johnston Francis Derryvullan
Johnston Francis Magheracross
Johnston Francis Rossorry
Johnston George Aghalurcher
Johnston George Enniskillen
Johnston George Magheraculmoney
Johnston George Trory
Johnston Hugh Enniskillen
Johnston Hugh Rossorry
Johnston James Aghalurcher
Johnston James Bodora
Johnston James Cleenish
Johnston James Clones
Johnston James Derryvullan
Johnston James Inishmacsaint
Johnston James Rossorry
Johnston Jason Derryvullan
Johnston John Aghavea
Johnston John Cleenish
Johnston John Derryvullan
Johnston John Drumkeeran
Johnston John Inishmacsaint
Johnston John Kinawley
Johnston John Magheraculmoney
Johnston John Rossorry
Johnston Joseph Enniskillen
Johnston Joseph Magheraculmoney
Johnston Launcelot Aghavea
Johnston Mary Derryvullan
Johnston Michael Aghalurcher
Johnston Patrick Aghalurcher
Johnston Robert Aghalurcher
Johnston Robert Clones
Johnston Robert Derryvullan
Johnston Robert Enniskillen
Johnston Robert Inishmacsaint
Johnston Robert, Jr. Derryvullan
Johnston Robert, Sr. Derryvullan
Johnston Simon Drumkeeran
Johnston Simon Inishmacsaint
Johnston Stephen Derryvullan
Johnston Thomas Aghalurcher
Johnston Thomas Aghavea
Johnston Thomas Derryvullan
Johnston William Aghalurcher
Johnston William Cleenish
Johnston William Clones
Johnston William Drumkeeran
Johnston William Killesher
Johnston William Trory
Jolly Paterson Derryvullan
Jones James Aghavea
Jones Robert, Jr. Drumkeeran
Jones Robert, Sr. Drumkeeran
Jordan Archibald Aghalurcher
Junken William Magheraculmoney
Junkin Thomas Magheraculmoney
Kane Patrick Aghalurcher
Kane Patrick Trory
Keenan Bryan Kinawley
Keenan Bryan Magheraculmoney
Keenan Cornelius Cleenish
Keenan Hugh Aghalurcher
Keenan James Aghavea
Keenan John Cleenish
Keenan Michael Derryvullan
Keenan Patrick Aghalurcher
Keenan Roger Derryvullan
Keenan William Enniskillen
Keeragan Terence Rossorry
Kelly Edward Drummully
Kelly James Devenish
Kelly James Enniskillen
Kelly Luke Enniskillen
Kelly Michael Trory
Kelso Anthony Aghalurcher
Kelso William Aghalurcher
Kennedy Christopher Derryvullan
Kennedy David Aghalurcher
Kennedy Elizabeth Derryvullan
Kennedy John Aghalurcher
Kennedy John Clones
Kennedy Thomas Aghalurcher
Kennedy Thomas Derryvullan
Kernahan James Trory
Kernan Thomas Drumkeeran
Kernon John Kinawley
Kerr Charles Derryvullan
Kerr Cormick Derryvullan
Kerr Cormick Devenish
Kerr James Enniskillen
Kerr John Enniskillen
Kerr John Killesher
Kerr Patrick Derryvullan
Kerr Robert Kinawley
Kerr Thomas Derryvullan
Kerr William Derrybrusk
Kerr William Killesher
Kery Andrew Clones
Kery Dominick Clones
Kettle Alan Drummully
Kettle Francis Drummully
Kettle George Aghalurcher
Kettle James Drummully
Kettle Robert Aghalurcher
Kettle Thomas Drummully
Kettle William Drummully
Keys George Derryvullan
Keys George Drumkeeran
Keys Henry Magheraculmoney
Keys Hugh Derryvullan
Keys Hugh Magheraculmoney
Keys John Derryvullan
Keys John Enniskillen
Keys Margaret Magheraculmoney
Keys Thomas Derryvullan
Keys Thomas Magheraculmoney
Keys Thomas, Jr. Derryvullan
Keys William Derryvullan
Keys William, Jr. Derryvullan
Keys William, Sr. Derryvullan
Kidney Robert Aghavea
Kidney Thomas Aghavea
Kidney William Magheracross
Kilfillen James Aghalurcher
Killen James Clones
Killen Thomas Clones
Kilpatrick Alexander Derryvullan
Kilpatrick Edward Enniskillen
Kilpatrick James Enniskillen
King William Drummully
Kirk Andrew Magheracross
Kirk Joseph Magheracross
Kirk Robert Derryvullan
Kithcart Hugh Rossorry
Kittle Francis Drummully
Klarkin Patrick Kinawley
Knox Andrew Magheraculmoney
Knox Thomas Magheraculmoney
Knox William Derryvullan
Knox William Drumkeeran
Kohen Michael Clones
Kohen Patrick Trory
Lacey George Aghalurcher
Lacey Thomas Aghalurcher
Lane Christopher Magheraculmoney
Latimer Andrew Enniskillen
Latimer Daniel Aghalurcher
Latimer James Kinawley
Latimer Joseph Aghalurcher
Laturnel John Drumkeeran
Law John, Jr. Aghalurcher
Law John, Sr. Aghalurcher
Lawell John Enniskillen
Lean James Devenish
Leard George Aghavea
Leard Henry Aghavea
Leech Mary Clones
Leech William Clones
Leinster George Clones
Leonard Arthur Killesher
Levingston Charles Aghalurcher
Levingston John Aghalurcher
Levingston John Clones
Levingston William Aghavea
Liddy Samuel Magheracross
Lighton Samuel Clones
Lighton William Clones
Lindsay John Derryvullan
Lindsay Robert Derryvullan
Lindsay Samuel Derryvullan
Lindsay William Aghalurcher
Lindsey Hugh Aghavea
Lindsey John Aghavea
Lindsey Robert Cleenish
Linn Hugh Aghalurcher
Linn John Aghalurcher
Lipper Johnston Magheracross
Lipsey John Drumkeeran
Little Adam Aghalurcher
Little Andrew Enniskillen
Little Catherine Killesher
Little George Enniskillen
Little Gilbert Magheraculmoney
Little James Drumderg
Little Thomas Rossorry
Little William Aghalurcher
Little William Clones
Little William Rossorry
Logan Charles Magheracross
Logan Hugh Enniskillen
Logan James Enniskillen
Logan Michael Derryvullan
Logan Patrick Magheracross
Logan Thomas Aghalurcher
Logan Thomas Drummully
Logan William Magheracross
Long John Magheracross
Longan John Aghalurcher
Looby Owen Devenish
Loughlin James Magheracross
Love Thomas Derryvullan
Lowrey Thomas Aghavea
Lowry John Aghavea
Loyd William Aghalurcher
Lunnin Philip Cleenish
Lunnon William Cleenish
Lunny Edward Cleenish
Lunny Hugh Cleenish
Lunny Patrick Rossorry
Lunny Philip Kinawley
Lunny Robert Killesher
Lunny Terence Kinawley
Lunny Thomas Killesher
Lydde Thomas Drummully
Lyddle William Drummully
Lynch Francis Clones
Lynch Peter Clones
Lyttle Alexander Enniskillen
Lyttle Andrew Kinawley
Lyttle Archibald Enniskillen
Lyttle Christopher Aghavea
Lyttle George Aghavea
Lyttle Gilbert Enniskillen
Lyttle Gor. Drummully
Lyttle Grace Aghavea
Lyttle James Aghalurcher
Lyttle James Enniskillen
Lyttle James Magheraculmoney
Lyttle John Aghavea
Lyttle John Enniskillen
Lyttle John Magheraculmoney
Lyttle Thomas Drummully
Lyttle Thomas Trory
Lyttle William Aghalurcher
Lyttle William Aghavea
McAdeash William Drumkeeran
McAdoo James Clones
McAlees Anthony Aghalurcher
McAleese James Aghalurcher
McAlinan Bernard Drumkeeran
McAlloon Michael Trory
McAloon Andrew Enniskillen
McAloon Arthur Aghavea
McAloon Charles Aghalurcher
McAloon Felix Aghalurcher
McAloon Michael Aghalurcher
McAloon Peter Killesher
McAniff Barnaby Aghavea
McAnulty Bernard Drumkeeran
McAnulty Hugh Aghalurcher
McAnulty James Aghalurcher
McAnulty John Aghalurcher
McAran Hugh Magheracross
McArevy Patrick Enniskillen
McAroe Hugh Enniskillen
McAroe Patrick Enniskillen
McAroe Philip Aghalurcher
McAroe William Enniskillen
McAuley Francis Killesher
McAuly Bryan Devenish
McAuly Bryan Kinawley
McAvenew Philip Aghalurcher
McAvey John Aghalurcher
McAvey Terence Devenish
McAviney Owen Aghavea
McBaron John Cleenish
McBryan Francis Cleenish
McBryan Henry Aghalurcher
McBryan Henry Cleenish
McBryan Henry Enniskillen
McBryan James Cleenish
McBryan Matthew Aghavea
McBryan Michael Kinawley
McBryan Murphy Aghavea
McBryan Owen Drummully
McBryan Patrick Aghalurcher
McBryan Patrick Drummully
McBryan Patrick Kinawley
McBryan Thomas Enniskillen
McCabe Hugh Drumkeeran
McCabe James Derryvullan
McCabe Patrick Drumkeeran
McCabe Roger Enniskillen
McCabe Terence Drumkeeran
McCaffrey Bryan Drummully
McCaffrey Denis Derryvullan
McCaffrey Edward Drummully
McCaffrey John Aghalurcher
McCaffrey Patrick Derryvullan
McCaffrey Patrick Killesher
McCaffrey Terence Killesher
McCaffry Bryan Derryvullan
McCaffry Cormick Killesher
McCaffry Edward Derryvullan
McCaffry James Derryvullan
McCafrey Bernard Magheraculmoney
McCafrey Bryan Enniskillen
McCafrey Edward Cleenish
McCafrey Hugh Drumkeeran
McCafrey James Enniskillen
McCafrey James Magheraculmoney
McCafrey John Drumkeeran
McCafrey Loughlin Drumkeeran
McCafrey Owen Enniskillen
McCafrey Patrick Cleenish
McCafrey Patrick Clones
McCafrey Patrick Drumkeeran
McCafrey Patrick Enniskillen
McCafrey Terence Drumkeeran
McCafrey Thomas Enniskillen
McCahey Richard Enniskillen
McCallan Philip Kinawley
McCallen Owen Kinawley
McCallen Teague Enniskillen
McCallon Patrick Derryvullan
McCann Francis Templecarn
McCann Hugh Drummully
McCanna Hugh Enniskillen
McCanna James Enniskillen
McCanna Philip Enniskillen
McCardney Thomas Derryvullan
McCarney Bryan Derryvullan
McCarny Patrick Derryvullan
McCarrn Owen Magheraculmoney
McCartney Francis Aghalurcher
McCartney James Derryvullan
McCartney James Drumkeeran
McCartney Launcelot Drumkeeran
McCaughey Nicholas Aghalurcher
McCaughey Patrick Aghavea
McCaughey Terence Aghavea
McCauhill Francis Aghalurcher
McCauley Thomas Drumkeeran
McCauley William Drumkeeran
McClean Alexander Magheracross
McClean Christopher Rossorry
McClean Patrick Enniskillen
McClelland William Magheracross
McClenand Samuel Drummully
McClintock Alexander Enniskillen
McClintock James Aghalurcher
McClusker Hugh Clones
McCormick William Enniskillen
McCort James Aghalurcher
McCort Patrick Cleenish
McCort Robert Derryvullan
McCort Widow Derryvullan
McCosker Thomas Derryvullan
McCoy Andrew Aghalurcher
McCoy James Aghalurcher
McCoy Thomas Aghalurcher
McCrea Andrew Drumkeeran
McCrea William Drumkeeran
McCreery Samuel Cleenish
McCue Bryan Derryvullan
McCue Francis Derryvullan
McCue Francis Enniskillen
McCue Mathew Drumkeeran
McCue Owen Drumkeeran
McCue Patrick Derryvullan
McCullen Owen Enniskillen
McCullen Patrick Drummully
McCullen Thomas Magheracross
McCusker Charles Kinawley
McCusker Charles Magheracross
McCusker Dominick Magheracross
McCusker Francis Magheracross
McCusker James Magheracross
McCusker James Rossorry
McCusker John Magheracross
McCusker John, Jr. Magheracross
McCusker Michael Derryvullan
McCusker Murtagh Derryvullan
McCusker Redmond Magheracross
McCusker Teague Enniskillen
McCusker Terence Magheraculmoney
McDaniel Patrick Kinawley
McDermot Christopher Enniskillen
McDermot Edward Drummully
McDermot Francis Enniskillen
McDermot James Enniskillen
McDermot Thomas Clones
McDonagh Edmund Drumkeeran
McDonagh Edward Drumkeeran
McDonagh Patrick Aghalurcher
McDonaghey James Magheracross
McDonaghey Thomas Magheracross
McDonald James Rossorry
McDonnel James Aghalurcher
McDonnell Barnaby Drummully
McDonnell John Drummully
McDonnell Patrick Drummully
McDonnell Roger Drumkeeran
McDool Catherine Derryvullan
McElbreed Charles Derryvullan
McElgun Edward Aghalurcher
McElgun Patrick Drummully
McElgun Patrick Killesher
McElgun Thomas Drummully
McElroy Denis Aghavea
McElroy Michael Aghavea
McElroy Owen Clones
McElroy Patrick Magheraculmoney
McElwain Andrew Clones
McFaden John Cleenish
McFarland Francis Derryvullan
McFarland William Derryvullan
McGaghran Laurence Trory
McGarahan Simon Magheraculmoney
McGaveran Owen Kinawley
McGavran Anne Killesher
McGolrick John Derryvullan
McGouarty Patrick Killesher
McGrade Cormick Aghalurcher
McGregor Patrick Derryvullan
McGrory Anthony Aghalurcher
McGrory Arthur Templecarn
McGrory John Aghalurcher
McGrory Patrick Kinawley
McGrory Terence Aghalurcher
McGrory Thomas Magheraculmoney
McGugh James Kinawley
McGuire Catherine Derryvullan
McGuire Charles Magheraculmoney
McGuire Connor Aghalurcher
McGuire Francis Derryvullan
McGuire Hugh Enniskillen
McGuire James Rossorry
McGuire John Kinawley
McGuire John Rossorry
McGuire Patrick Kinawley
McGuire Patrick Magheraculmoney
McGuire Philip Cleenish
McGuire Roger Kinawley
McGuire Terence Rossorry
McGurren Patrick Enniskillen
McGurren Simon Killesher
McHugh Cornelius Devenish
McHugh Michael Rossorry
McHugh Patrick Aghalurcher
McIlroy John Aghalurcher
McIlroy Thomas Aghalurcher
McKeggin Farrel Rossorry
McKenna William Clones
McKenny Francis Aghalurcher
McKenny Henry Devenish
McKenny Philip Aghalurcher
McKenny William Devenish
McKervey Patrick Derryvullan
McKnight John Enniskillen
McLanisie Flehorta Killesher
McLean Gilbert Devenish
McLenen John Cleenish
McLoon Neil Aghalurcher
McLoughlin Henry Derryvullan
McMahon Edward Aghalurcher
McMahon James Aghalurcher
McMahon John Aghalurcher
McMahon John Clones
McMahon John Trory
McMahon Patrick Aghalurcher
McMahon Patrick Drummully
McMahon Philip Aghalurcher
McMahon William Aghalurcher
McManus Bartholomew Aghalurcher
McManus Bernard Cleenish
McManus Charles Aghalurcher
McManus Charles Killesher
McManus Charles Kinawley
McManus Constantine Drummully
McManus Cormick Derryvullan
McManus David Magheracross
McManus Denis Aghalurcher
McManus Edward Aghalurcher
McManus Edward Kinawley
McManus Felix Trory
McManus Hugh Aghalurcher
McManus James Aghalurcher
McManus James Cleenish
McManus James Clones
McManus James Killesher
McManus John Cleenish
McManus John Derryvullan
McManus John Kinawley
McManus Michael Aghalurcher
McManus Owen Cleenish
McManus Owen Drumkeeran
McManus Owen Enniskillen
McManus Owen Kinawley
McManus Patrick Aghalurcher
McManus Patrick Cleenish
McManus Patrick Enniskillen
McManus Patrick Killesher
McManus Patrick Magheracross
McManus Philip Aghalurcher
McManus Philip Cleenish
McManus Sarah Derryvullan
McManus Terence Derryvullan
McManus Terence Kinawley
McManus Thomas Kinawley
McManus William Cleenish
McMinn John Aghalurcher
McMulehan Edward Derryvullan
McMulehan Prudance Derryvullan
McMulehan Thomas Drumkeeran
McMullan Hugh Aghalurcher
McMullan Matthew Aghalurcher
McMullen John Enniskillen
McMullen William Aghavea
McNaught Thomas Derryvullan
McNeal Charles Derryvullan
McNency James Clones
McPhillips Charles Enniskillen
McPhillips Hugh Enniskillen
McPhillips Owen Enniskillen
McQuade George Derryvullan
McQuade William Derryvullan
McShane Hugh Enniskillen
McSorley Patrick Magheracross
McSorley Roger Aghavea
McTeag Andrew Drumkeeran
McTeague Hugh Clones
Macabe John Clones
Macafferty John Drumkeeran
Macaffrey Dermody Clones
Macafrey Hugh Clones
Macafry Owen Clones
Macanna Felix Clones
Macartney James Aghavea
Macen James Drumkeeran
Macin James Drumkeeran
Mackey William Aghalurcher
Macklin John Drumkeeran
Maclean John Clones
Macoy John Drummully
Macoy Joseph Drummully
Macrea James Drumkeeran
Macrea John Drumkeeran
Macrea William Drumkeeran
Magan Henry Aghavea
Magauveran Patrick Kinawley
Magaveran James Drummully
Magaveran Owen Drummully
Magee Francis Enniskillen
Magee John Kinawley
Magee Nehemiah Aghavea
Magee William Derrybrusk
Magennis Luke Rossorry
Magernan Owen Clones
Magernon John Clones
Magilligan Neal Drumkeeran
Magilligan Patrick Drumkeeran
Magilly Mathew Derrybrusk
Magilly Owen Derrybrusk
Magin James Enniskillen
Maginnis Denis Aghavea
Maginty John Drumkeeran
Magrath Francis Cleenish
Magrath John Drumkeeran
Magrath Patrick Cleenish
Magrath Patrick Derryvullan
Magrath William Cleenish
Maguin Hugh Drumkeeran
Maguin James Drumkeeran
Maguin John Drumkeeran
Maguire Anne Aghavea
Maguire Barnaby Drumkeeran
Maguire Bryan Aghalurcher
Maguire Bryan Devenish
Maguire Bryan Drummully
Maguire Bryan Killesher
Maguire Bryan Kinawley
Maguire Bryan Trory
Maguire Charles Aghavea
Maguire Christopher Aghalurcher
Maguire Connor Kinawley
Maguire Constantine Magheraculmoney
Maguire Daniel Magheraculmoney
Maguire Dominick Magheraculmoney
Maguire Felix Kinawley
Maguire Fernan Clones
Maguire Francis Devenish
Maguire Hugh Aghavea
Maguire Hugh Drumkeeran
Maguire James Aghalurcher
Maguire James Aghavea
Maguire James Cleenish
Maguire James Clones
Maguire James Drumkeeran
Maguire James Kinawley
Maguire John Aghalurcher
Maguire John Clones
Maguire John Drumkeeran
Maguire John Trory
Maguire Mary Kinawley
Maguire Michael Aghalurcher
Maguire Owen Enniskillen
Maguire Owen Killesher
Maguire Owen Magheraculmoney
Maguire P. Magheracross
Maguire Patrick Aghalurcher
Maguire Patrick Drummully
Maguire Patrick Enniskillen
Maguire Patrick Killesher
Maguire Patrick Kinawley
Maguire Patrick Rossorry
Maguire Peter Drumkeeran
Maguire Peter Kinawley
Maguire Philip Aghalurcher
Maguire Philip Aghavea
Maguire Philip Killesher
Maguire Roger Kinawley
Maguire T. Magheracross
Maguire Terence Aghavea
Maguire Terence Killesher
Maguire Thomas Cleenish
Maguire Thomas Enniskillen
Maguire Thomas Rossorry
Maguire William Rossorry
Magurren John Cleenish
Magwood William Clones
Mahan Felix Cleenish
Makan Felix Rossorry
Makea William Magheraculmoney
Makenna James Clones
Makieve Catherine Drummully
Makigney Arthur Enniskillen
Makigney James Enniskillen
Maldoon Christopher Magheraculmoney
Manypenny Thomas Aghalurcher
Marshal Alexander Devenish
Marshal Robert Magheraculmoney
Martin Bryan Aghalurcher
Martin Bryan Derryvullan
Martin Christopher Magheraculmoney
Martin Cornelius Aghalurcher
Martin Edward Aghalurcher
Martin Hugh Enniskillen
Martin James Clones
Martin James Drummully
Martin John Drummully
Martin Matthew Derryvullan
Martin Owen Clones
Martin Patrick Clones
Martin Patrick Drummully
Martin Terence Enniskillen
Martin Thomas Derryvullan
Masterson Robert Clones
Masterson Thomas Enniskillen
Maveety James Rossorry
Maveety John Rossorry
Maxwell William Devenish
Mayn James Clones
Mayn Samuel Clones
Mayne William Drummully
Means James Derryvullan
Mears Alice Magheracross
Mears Joseph Kinawley
Meehan Daniel Aghavea
Meehan James Devenish
Meehan Terence Devenish
Meehon Owen Aghalurcher
Melarkey Peter Clones
Melchill Robert Enniskillen
Meldrum Robert Drumkeeran
Meldrum William Drumkeeran
Meley Edward Cleenish
Miles John Killesher
Millen Patrick Magheraculmoney
Miller Andrew Enniskillen
Miller Launcelet Drumkeeran
Miller William Enniskillen
Miller William Rossorry
Mills Robert Templecarn
Mitchel John Enniskillen
Mitchell William Aghavea
Mithael Andrew Magheracross
Moan Michael Drummully
Moffit Andrew Kinawley
Moffit Eleanor Aghavea
Moffit James Enniskillen
Moffit James Killesher
Moffit John Drumkeeran
Moffit Rev. William Derrybrusk
Moffit William Enniskillen
Moffit William Kinawley
Moffit William Magheracross
Mohan Philip Drummully
Mohen Hugh Clones
Monaghan Archibald Derryvullan
Monaghan Bernard Drummully
Monaghan Bryan Drumkeeran
Monaghan Hugh Kinawley
Monaghan James Magheraculmoney
Monaghan Patrick Enniskillen
Monaghan Philip Cleenish
Monaghan Redmond Drumkeeran
Monaghan William Derrybrusk
Montgomery Alexander Aghalurcher
Montgomery Alexander Cleenish
Montgomery George Derryvullan
Montgomery Henry Magheraculmoney
Montgomery Hugh Aghalurcher
Montgomery Hugh Cleenish
Montgomery Hugh Devenish
Montgomery James Derryvullan
Montgomery Jane Cleenish
Montgomery Mary Cleenish
Montgomery Robert Cleenish
Montgomery Thomas Aghalurcher
Montgomery Thomas Cleenish
Montgomery Thomas Drumkeeran
Montgomery William Aghalurcher
Montgomery William Derrybrusk
Montgomry Andrew Cleenish
Moor Hugh Clones
Moor John Killesher
Moore George Aghalurcher
Moore James Templecarn
Moore John St. Marys
Moore Robert Drummully
Moore Robert Kinawley
Moore William Inishmacsaint
Moorland George Derryvullan
Moran Edward Derryvullan
Moran John Drumkeeran
Morewornagh Denis Devenish
Morris Owen Magheraculmoney
Morris Patrick Derryvullan
Morris Patrick Drummully
Morrison Alexander Aghalurcher
Morrison James Aghavea
Morrison James Magheracross
Morrison William Derryvullan
Morron Edward Kinawley
Morton Richard Killesher
Muldoon Bryan Enniskillen
Muldoon Daniel Drummully
Muldoon James Drumkeeran
Muldoon James Magheraculmoney
Muldoon Peter Drummully
Muldoon Philip Enniskillen
Mullala John Cleenish
Mullavel Michael Drumkeeran
Mulligan Andrew Drummully
Mulligan Edward Clones
Mulligan George Clones
Mulligan James Aghalurcher
Mulligan James Clones
Mulligan John Clones
Mulligan John Drummully
Mulligan Joseph St. Marys
Mulligan Patrick Clones
Mulligan Patrick Drummully
Mulligan Philip Clones
Mulligan Philip Drummully
Mulligan Sarah Clones
Mullin Michael Enniskillen
Mulroon Darby Kinawley
Murphey John Cleenish
Murphy Bryan Kinawley
Murphy Condey Aghavea
Murphy Henry Derrybrusk
Murphy James Aghalurcher
Murphy James Aghavea
Murphy James Clones
Murphy James Enniskillen
Murphy John Aghalurcher
Murphy John Enniskillen
Murphy Michael Aghalurcher
Murphy Michael Enniskillen
Murphy Owen Aghavea
Murphy Owen Enniskillen
Murphy Patrick Aghalurcher
Murphy Patrick Drummully
Murphy Peter Devenish
Murphy Terence St. Marys
Murphy Thomas Magheracross
Murphy William Rossorry
Murray Bryan Clones
Murray Charles Drumkeeran
Murray Henry Magheraculmoney
Murray John Magheraculmoney
Murray Roger Drummully
Murray William Enniskillen
Murtagh Edward Enniskillen
Murtagh James Enniskillen
Myles James Drumkeeran
Naan Hugh Aghalurcher
Neelson James Enniskillen
Neely William Aghalurcher
Neeson Patrick Clones
Nelson Florence Aghalurcher
Nelson Florence Trory
Nelson Simon Aghavea
Nelson Thomas Enniskillen
Nelson William Aghalurcher
Nelson William Aghavea
Nethercot John Derrybrusk
Nickle John Aghalurcher
Nixon Andrew Aghalurcher
Nixon Andrew Cleenish
Nixon Hugh Cleenish
Nixon James Drummully
Nixon John Derryvullan
Nixon John Enniskillen
Nixon Rebecca Enniskillen
Nixon Robert Clones
Nixon Robert Drummully
Nixon Roger Enniskillen
Nixon Thomas Kinawley
Nixon William Aghalurcher
Nixon William Cleenish
Noble Christopher Enniskillen
Noble Daniel Aghavea
Noble Edward Aghavea
Noble Edward Drumkeeran
Noble Elizabeth Aghalurcher
Noble Jane Derrybrusk
Noble John Aghavea
Noble John Derrybrusk
Noble John Derryvullan
Noble John Magheracross
Noble Joseph Derrybrusk
Noble Thomas Derryvullan
Noble William Derryvullan
Nowlan John Aghavea
Nowling William Trory
O'Brien Arthur Drummully
O'Dair John Derryvullan
O'Donnel Daniel Magheraculmoney
O'Donnel Manus Drumkeeran
O'Donnell Hugh Kinawley
O'Donnell Martin Magheraculmoney
O'Neil Constantine Clones
Ogle Henry Drumkeeran
Ogle James Drumkeeran
Ogle William Drumkeeran
Oliver John Drumkeeran
Ormston William Drummully
Orr John Aghalurcher
Ovene Thomas Inishmacsaint
Owens Bryan Enniskillen
Owens Catherine Enniskillen
Owens Eleanor Clones
Owens James Drumkeeran
Owens Maurice Rossorry
Owens Terence Magheraculmoney
Owens Thomas Enniskillen
Paisly John Aghalurcher
Palmer James Aghalurcher
Palmer William Derryvullan
Palmer William, Jr. Aghalurcher
Pannel Thomas Kinawley
Paris Robert Enniskillen
Parker Robert Devenish
Parkinson Edward Aghalurcher
Parsley Robert Aghalurcher
Paterson George Kinawley
Patten William Drumkeeran
Patterson Alexander Devenish
Patterson John Aghalurcher
Patterson Leslie Aghalurcher
Perce George Rossorry
Perce John Rossorry
Perry Isaac Aghalurcher
Perry James Magheracross
Perry John Aghavea
Pettigrew James Cleenish
Petty Hugh Aghalurcher
Peturew Jane Cleenish
Philipen William Magheraculmoney
Phillips James Magheraculmoney
Phillips William Cleenish
Plunket John Devenish
Plunket Thomas Killesher
Poots John Derrybrusk
Portues James Devenish
Portues John Devenish
Portues William Cleenish
Potter Robert Enniskillen
Potter William Magheracross
Potters Thomas Derryvullan
Potts John Aghavea
Prentice John Cleenish
Prentice William Cleenish
Price Robert Killesher
Price Thomas Cleenish
Price William Derryvullan
Primrose David Enniskillen
Primrose William Enniskillen
Prusia Daniel Clones
Pursley John Magheracross
Quigly Martin Rossorry
Quin Darby Drumkeeran
Quin Patrick Aghalurcher
Quin Peter Aghalurcher
Raferty Owen Enniskillen
Rafferty Patrick Aghavea
Ramsey Francis Derryvullan
Ramsey John Derryvullan
Ranken James Enniskillen
Rankin John Devenish
Rankin Widow Magheraculmoney
Ray George Aghalurcher
Reed David Drumkeeran
Reed James Rossorry
Reed William Aghalurcher
Reilly Dorothy Aghalurcher
Reilly James Drummully
Reilly Luke St. Marys
Reilly Myles Derryvullan
Renesh Francis Aghalurcher
Renick Henry Aghalurcher
Renick James Aghalurcher
Renick William Aghalurcher
Renisk James Cleenish
Renisk Robert Aghalurcher
Rennick George Drummully
Rennick Thomas Aghavea
Reynolds James Enniskillen
Reynolds William Kinawley
Richardson James Drumkeeran
Richey Adam Enniskillen
Roberts William Killesher
Robinson Alexander Magheracross
Robinson Andrew Aghalurcher
Robinson Archibald Cleenish
Robinson Arthur Aghavea
Robinson Christopher Aghalurcher
Robinson Christopher Magheracross
Robinson Christopher Trory
Robinson Hugh Derrybrusk
Robinson James Magheracross
Robinson James Rossorry
Robinson John Aghalurcher
Robinson John Magheracross
Robinson John Trory
Robinson Joseph Devenish
Robinson Margaret Derryvullan
Robinson Thomas Aghalurcher
Robinson Thomas Clones
Robinson Thomas Magheracross
Robinson Thomas Magheraculmoney
Robinson William Cleenish
Robinson William Magheracross
Roe Thomas Kinawley
Rogers Michael Magheracross
Rosborow John Enniskillen
Rosborow Thomas Enniskillen
Ross Alexander Clones
Ross Robert Aghalurcher
Ross William Aghalurcher
Roulston Joseph Drumkeeran
Rush Edward Clones
Rutledge Alexander Kinawley
Rutledge Edward Aghavea
Rutledge Edward Enniskillen
Rutledge Edward Kinawley
Rutledge Edward, Jr. Kinawley
Rutledge George Enniskillen
Rutledge James Enniskillen
Rutledge James Magora
Rutledge John Enniskillen
Rutledge John Kinawley
Rutledge Johnston Enniskillen
Rutledge William Derryvullan
Ryens Mary Drumkeeran
Sands Leonard Rossorry
Savage John Enniskillen
Savage Richard Enniskillen
Scallon Edward Magheraculmoney
Scallon James Rossorry
Scallon Thomas Magheracross
Scallon Widow Derryvullan
Scarlet John Aghavea
Scarlot Thomas Aghalurcher
Scoles Henry Magheracross
Scott Andrew Enniskillen
Scott Archibald Enniskillen
Scott Archibald Inishmacsaint
Scott Jane Derryvullan
Scott John Enniskillen
Scott William Clones
Scott William Enniskillen
Seery James Trory
Seery Laurence Aghalurcher
Seery Patrick Derryvullan
Sergant James Aghalurcher
Sharp Robert Derryvullan
Shaw James Enniskillen
Shaw John Enniskillen
Shaw Robert Aghavea
Shaw Robert Drumkeeran
Sheerman James Aghavea
Shenan Edward Cleenish
Shenan Patrick Enniskillen
Shenan Robert Derryvullan
Shenan Thomas Aghalurcher
Shenon Edward Killesher
Shenon Philip Derrybrusk
Smith Anne Derryvullan
Smith Cornelius Killesher
Smith Felix Drummully
Smith George Derryvullan
Smith Hugh St. Marys
Smith John Aghalurcher
Smith John Derryvullan
Smith John Devenish
Smith Richard Drummully
Smyth Hugh Magheracross
Smyth John Enniskillen
Smyth Richard Derrybrusk
Smyth Richard Drumkeeran
Smyth Robert Magheracross
Smyth William Aghavea
Snead Rev. Mr. Belleek
Somers Henry Aghalurcher
Somerville Gerard Magheracross
Somerville James Aghalurcher
Somerville John Derryvullan
Somerville Robert Magheracross
Somerville Robert Rossorry
Spence George Devenish
Spence James Devenish
Spence Lody Rossorry
Sprat Thomas Magheracross
Sprowl George Magheraculmoney
Sprowl Robert Drumkeeran
Stars Rose Derryvullan
Steel James Aghalurcher
Steel James Trory
Steen Andrew Aghalurcher
Stevenson Robert Kinawley
Story John Aghavea
Story Robert Aghavea
Strong John Drumkeeran
Stuart Hamilton Enniskillen
Stuart James Drumkeeran
Summers John Aghalurcher
Summers William Aghavea
Summervill William Cleenish
Surplus Richard Cleenish
Swanston Simon Drumkeeran
Swanston William Drumkeeran
Sweeny Daniel Trory
Sweeny Miles Clones
Taylor Francis Kinawley
Taylor John Kinawley
Taylor Sarah Aghalurcher
Taylor Thomas Kinawley
Terney Hugh Aghavea
Ternon Bartholomew Trory
Terny Patrick Drummully
Terny Thomas Drummully
Thompson Allen Aghalurcher
Thompson Archibald Aghavea
Thompson Edward Aghalurcher
Thompson Edward Killesher
Thompson Eleanor Inishmacsaint
Thompson Henry Enniskillen
Thompson Hugh Aghalurcher
Thompson Hugh Killesher
Thompson Humphry Aghavea
Thompson James Cleenish
Thompson James Drummully
Thompson James Enniskillen
Thompson John Aghavea
Thompson John Drumderg
Thompson John Enniskillen
Thompson John Shaniv
Thompson John St. Marys
Thompson Richard Enniskillen
Thompson Robert Aghalurcher
Thompson Robert Derryvullan
Thompson Samuel Aghavea
Thompson Thomas Aghavea
Thompson Thomas Derryvullan
Thompson Thomas Drumkeeran
Thompson Thomas Enniskillen
Thompson William Bygh
Thompson William Enniskillen
Thomson Christopher Aghavea
Toomuth Edward Derryvullan
Tridnor Patrick Aghalurcher
Trimble Andrew Derryvullan
Trimble Eleanor Aghalurcher
Trimble Henry Killesher
Trimble Robert Killesher
Trotters John Drumkeeran
Trower Owen Enniskillen
Tuchburn James Enniskillen
Tuchburn Robert Cleenish
Tumblety Felix Killesher
Tummon Edward Enniskillen
Tummon James Enniskillen
Tummon Owen Aghavea
Turnney Terence Aghavea
Tuttle Rev. Hugh Trory
Vance John Aghavea
Vance John Derryvullan
Vance William Drumkeeran
Vance William Killesher
Vaughan Thomas Kinawley
Veitch Alexander Kinawley
Viech Charles Magheracross
Vitch Joseph Aghavea
Wadsworth George Clones
Walker James Cleenish
Walker John Aghavea
Wallace Henry Kinawley
Wallece Robert Derrybrusk
Wallis Mark Killesher
Wallis Matthew Kinawley
Walsh Elizabeth Clones
Walsh Hugh Enniskillen
Walsh John Enniskillen
Walsh Joseph Drummully
Walsh Robert Clones
Walsh Susanah Clones
Walsh Thomas Derryvullan
Wamsley George Killesher
Wamsley Thomas Killesher
Ward John Derryvullan
Warington Henry Aghavea
Warnock William Enniskillen
Waters Mary Drummully
Waterson Patrick Kinawley
Watkins Thomas Derryvullan
Watson Elizabeth Devenish
Watson Joseph Derrybrusk
Weldon John Magheracross
Wharry Archibald Derryvullan
Wharry John Enniskillen
Whitaker Mary Inishmacsaint
White Thomas Killesher
Whitegar James Derryvullan
Whitely Elizabeth Derryvullan
Wiggans Thomas Cleenish
Wiggens James Clones
Wiggens Simon Clones
Wiggins Simon Clones
Wiley John Aghalurcher
Wiley John Clones
Willey Moses Enniskillen
Willis Edward Killesher
Willougby Nicholas St. Marys
Willoughby Nicholas Aghalurcher
Willsey Robert Inishmacsaint
Wilson Alexander Derryvullan
Wilson Alexander Magheracross
Wilson Catherine Drumkeeran
Wilson Christopher Derryvullan
Wilson Christopher Enniskillen
Wilson Christopher Kinawley
Wilson George Enniskillen
Wilson Henry Cleenish
Wilson James Cleenish
Wilson James Enniskillen
Wilson John Cleenish
Wilson John Derryvullan
Wilson John Drumkeeran
Wilson Newburgh Derryvullan
Wilson Richard Derryvullan
Wilson Robert Enniskillen
Wilson Robert Kinawley
Wilson Thomas Cleenish
Wilson Thomas Derrybrusk
Wilson Thomas Enniskillen
Wilson Thomas, Sr. Rossorry
Wilson William Enniskillen
Wilson William Kinawley
Wilson William, Jr. Derryvullan
Wilson William, Sr. Derryvullan
Wood Isaac Cleenish
Wood Robert Cleenish
Woods Anthony Drumkeeran
Woods Charles Derryvullan
Woods English Aghalurcher
Woods John Aghalurcher
Woods John Enniskillen
Woods Leslie Aghalurcher
Woods William Aghalurcher
Wray James Kinawley
Young Robert Trory