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Griffith's Valuation in Aghavea Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Aghavea parish and every other parish in county Fermanagh as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Fermanagh in 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Aghavea Parish 1862

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You should also check the records of Aghavea parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Abraham, Robert L: Cavans
Adams, William L: Killykeeran
Allen, James L: Boyhill
Allen, James L: Drumgowna
Allen, John L: Littlemount
Allen, William L: Boyhill
Armstrong, Andrew L: Ballyhill
Armstrong, Andrew L: Tattinfree
Armstrong, Andrew L: Tattykeeran
Armstrong, Andrew L: Tullynagowan
Armstrong, Christopher L: Derryvree
Armstrong, Christopher L: Drumadagarve
Armstrong, Edward L: Aghalun
Armstrong, Edward L: Drumarraght
Armstrong, Edward L: Lurgan
Armstrong, Edward T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Armstrong, Francis L: Aghavea Glebe
Armstrong, George L: Aghnacloy North
Armstrong, George L: Lisolvan
Armstrong, George L: Monmurry
Armstrong, George T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Armstrong, George L: Tattendillur
Armstrong, George L: Tattykeeran
Armstrong, James L: Aghalun
Armstrong, James L: Aghnacloy North
Armstrong, James L: Cavanagarvan
Armstrong, James L: Cleffany
Armstrong, James L: Ervey
Armstrong, James L: Lismalore
Armstrong, James L: Littlemount
Armstrong, James T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Armstrong, James T: Brookeborough - Main St. N: Lodgs.
Armstrong, Jane T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Armstrong, John L: Aghnacloy North
Armstrong, John L: Ardmore
Armstrong, John L: Ballyreagh
Armstrong, John L: Coolnagrane
Armstrong, John L: Cornamucklagh
Armstrong, John L: Lismalore
Armstrong, John T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Armstrong, John L: Tattykeeran
Armstrong, John L: Tullyreagh
Armstrong, Johnston L: Foydragh
Armstrong, Johnston L: Trasna
Armstrong, Robert L: Cavans
Armstrong, Robert L: Cornamucklagh
Armstrong, Robert L: Foydragh
Armstrong, Robert L: Rathkeelan
Armstrong, Rose L: Drumadagarve
Armstrong, Susan T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Armstrong, Thomas L: Cornafannoge
Armstrong, Thomas T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Armstrong, William L: Aghnacloy North
Armstrong, William L: Ballyreagh
Armstrong, William L: Cornamucklagh
Armstrong, William L: Derryvree
Armstrong, William L: Drumee
Armstrong, William L: Edenagilhorn
Armstrong, William L: Littlemount
Armstrong, William L: Tattendillur
Armstrong, Wm. L: Gorteen N: Wood
Armstrong, Wm. L: Tattykeeran N: Wood
Armstrong, Wm., Jr. L: Gorteen
Arthur, John T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Arthurs, Thomas L: Lismalore
Atwill, John L: Boyhill
Atwill, Richard L: Lisdrum
Auchinleck, Alexander L: Drumlone
Bakem, George L: Cleffany
Baker, Catherine L: Lismalore
Baker, Catherine T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Baker, John L: Lisnabane
Baker, Thomas L: Lismalore
Bamford, William L: Coolrakelly
Bamford, William L: Tattykeeran
Baxter, Charles L: Tullynagowan
Baxter, Robert L: Lismalore
Baxter, Robert T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Baxter, Thomas L: Tullynagowan
Baxton, Anne L: Ardmoney
Beatty, Alexander L: Killykeeran
Beatty, Archibald L: Aghnacloy North
Beatty, Ellen L: Currin
Beatty, George L: Gola
Beatty, George L: Killartry
Beatty, George L: Killykeeran
Beatty, George L: Monmurry
Beatty, James L: Aghnacloy North
Beatty, James L: Tattendillur
Beatty, John L: Knockmacmanus
Beatty, John L: Trasna
Beatty, Martha T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Beatty, Robert L: Drumgorran
Beatty, Robert L: Stranafeley
Beatty, Robert, Sr. L: Ervey
Beatty, Thomas L: Tullynagowan
Beatty, William L: Boyhill
Beatty, William L: Carntrone
Beatty, William T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Beatty, William L: Tattendillur
Bell, George L: Killartry
Bell, James L: Cleffany
Bell, William L: Tattinfree
Best, John L: Tattinfree
Blackley, William L: Foydragh
Blakely, John L: Currin
Blakely, William, Jr. L: Foydragh
Blakley, William L: Coolcoghill
Bleakley, Rebecca L: Littlemount
Bleakley, Rebecca L: Rathkeelan
Bogue, James L: Lismalore
Bogues, James L: Boyhill
Bogues, James T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Bold, William L: Trasna
Bolds, Hen. L: Skeagh N: Workman
Bolds, Henry L: Skeagh
Bolds, James L: Skeagh
Bolds, Patrick L: Skeagh
Bolds, William L: Ardunshin
Boles, John L: Aghalun
Boosby, Thomas L: Dungoghy
Bower, Rep. Christr. L: Littlemount
Bower, Rep. Christr. L: Rathkeelan
Boyd, Alexander L: Edenagilhorn
Boyd, Edward L: Aghnagrane
Boyle, Robert T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Breadin, James L: Cavans
Breadon, Andrew L: Lisolvan
Breadon, James L: Carntrone
Breadon, James L: Drumadagarve
Breadon, James L: Skeagh
Breadon, Samuel, Jr. L: Skeagh
Breadon, Samuel, Sr. L: Skeagh
Bredin, Andrew T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Bredin, James L: Cavanagarvan
Bredin, Robert L: Arlish
Bredin, Robert L: Drumoris
Bredin, Robert L: Stranafeley
Breen, James L: Killykeeran
Breen, Mary Anne L: Bunnisnagapple
Breen, Patrick L: Knockmacmanus
Brennan, James L: Rathkeelan
Bresland, James L: Breandrum
Brien, William L: Bunlougher
Brooke, George F. L: Tattinfree
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Aghalun
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Aghnacloy North
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Ardunshin
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Broughderg
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Cavanagarvan
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Cavans
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Cleffany
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Cornamucklagh
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Deer Park
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Derryheely
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Drumbrughas
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Killartry
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Killycramph
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Lismalore
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Lisolvan
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Skeoge
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Tattendillur
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Tattinfree
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Tattykeeran
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Tullynagowan
Brown, John L: Ardmoney
Brown, Margaret L: Tattykeeran
Browne, John L: Ardunshin
Browne, John L: Drumlone
Browne, Rebecca L: Drumlone
Browne, William L: Lisdrum
Bruce, John L: Drumadagarve
Bryans, James L: Eshacorran
Bryans, Margaret L: Lisdrum
Burley, William, Jr. L: Bunlougher
Burley, William, Sr. L: Bunlougher
Burns, James L: Rathkeelan
Burnside, Thomas L: Skeoge
Bushell, Rep. Edward L: Eshnadarragh
Bushell, Rep. Edward L: Trustan
Bushell, Francis L: Drumbad
Bushell, Henry L: Toolinn
Bushell, John L: Aghnacloy North
Bushell, John L: Aghnagrane
Bushell, John L: Drumbad
Bushell, Thomas L: Toolinn
Cadden, Patrick L: Carrickyheenan
Caldwell, Rev. Joseph L: Aghavea Glebe
Caldwell, Rev. Joseph L: Killykeeran
Callaghan, John L: Aghalun
Campbell, James L: Tattinfree
Campbell, John T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Canavan, James L: Gorteen
Carisle, Edward L: Rathkeelan
Carlisle, James L: Stranafeley
Carlisle, John L: Aghnagrane
Carrothers, George L: Foydragh
Carrothers, Henry L: Ardmore
Carrothers, Henry L: Ardunshin
Carrothers, James L: Giltagh
Carrothers, James L: Rathkeelan
Carrothers, James L: Trasna
Carrothers, Robert L: Cornafannoge
Carrothers, Robert L: Giltagh
Carrothers, William L: Ardunshin
Carrothers, William L: Giltagh
Carrothers, William L: Trasna
Carter, Robert S. L: Curraghanall
Carter, William J. L: Drumgowna
Cassidy, Catherine L: Gorteen
Cassidy, James L: Tattykeeran
Cassidy, Patrick L: Edenagilhorn
Cassidy, Paul L: Tattykeeran
Cassidy, Peter T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Cassidy, Thomas L: Drumlone
Charles, John L: Rathkeelan
Clarke, Rep. Alex. L: Aghnacloy North
Clarke, James L: Cornafannoge
Clarke, James L: Stranafeley
Clarke, James L: Tattenamona
Clarke, Margaret L: Aghalun
Clarke, Margaret T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Cleary, John L: Tullynagowan
Cleary, Patrick L: Cornamucklagh
Cleenan, Francis L: Eshacorran
Cleverty, James L: Gorteen
Clifford, James L: Cleffany
Clifford, John L: Tullynagowan
Cluff, James L: Rathkeelan
Colligan, John L: Trasna
Collins, Arthur L: Derryheely
Collins, Catherine L: Derryheely
Combs, Mary L: Lisboy
Connelly, James L: Lismalore
Connolly, James L: Lismalore
Connors, Francis L: Gorteen
Cooke, Edward L: Cavans
Cooke, John L: Creagh
Cooke, Richard L: Cavans
Cooke, Thomas L: Cavans
Copeland, William L: Aghnacloy South
Corrigan, William L: Tullynagowan
Cosgrove, Fraancis L: Drumlone
Cosgrove, James L: Lisnabane
Coulter, John L: Edenagilhorn
Coulter, Oliver L: Tattykeeran
Coulter, Samuel T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Coulter, William L: Cleffany
Coulter, William L: Edenagilhorn
Coulter, William L: Tattykeeran
Coultser, George L: Carrickyheenan
Coyle, James L: Aghnagrane
Coyle, William L: Aghalun
Crane, Michael L: Carntrone
Crawford, James L: Tullyreagh
Creighton, Bessie L: Carrickyheenan
Creighton, William L: Aghnacloy North
Creighton, William T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Criggen, Patrick L: Tattinbarr
Crudden, Anne L: Ardunshin
Crudden, James L: Knockmacmanus
Crudden, James L: Lisnabane
Crudden, Patrick L: Ardunshin
Cunningham, William L: Ardmoney
Curran, James L: Carntrone
Curran, James L: Knockmacmanus
Curran, John L: Knockmacmanus
Curran, John, Jr. L: Knockmacmanus
Daly, Mary L: Tattenamona
D'Arcy Irvine, Heny M. L: Currin
Darling, James L: Coolcoghill
Denis, Alice L: Littlemount
Dickson, John L: Aghnagrane
Dickson, Robert L: Tullyreagh
Dixon, John L: Skeoge
Doherty, John L: Lisboy
Donaghy, Rose L: Carrickyheenan
Donaldson, James L: Cornafannoge
Donnelly, Catherine T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Doonan, John L: Liscosker
Doonan, John L: Owenbreedin
Doonan, Robert L: Aghnacloy North
Doran, Anne L: Bunnisnagapple
Douglas, Thomas L: Edenagilhorn
Downey, Andrew L: Drumlone
Drogan, Luke L: Derryheely
Drogan, Matthew L: Drumoris
Droogan, John L: Mulnadoran
Droogan, Patrick L: Mulnadoran
Drum, Edward L: Drumlone
Dunlop, Edward L: Drumhoy
Dunlop, James L: Cavanagarvan
Dunlop, John L: Aghalun
Dunlop, John L: Cornafannoge
Dunlop, John L: Tullynagowan
Dunne, David L: Lismalore
Dunne, Hugh L: Lismalore
Durnan, Anne L: Lismalore
Elliott, L: Knockmacmanus N: Widow
Elliott, Charles L: Stranafeley
Elliott, Eleanor L: Drumgowna
Elliott, George L: Rathkeelan
Elliott, James L: Edenagilhorn
Elliott, William L: Ardunshin
Emerson, Edward L: Edenagilhorn
Emerson, William L: Bunlougher
Emerson, William L: Creagh
Emmerson, Edward L: Coolrakelly
Evitt, John L: Gorteen
Farrell, John L: Tullyreagh
Farrell, William L: Aghnacloy North
Farrell, William L: Largy
Farrell, William L: Lismalore
Farrell, William L: Lisolvan
Feals, Francis L: Cornamucklagh
Fee, James L: Tattykeeran
Fegan, John L: Drumgorran
Ferris, Elizabeth T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Fields, John L: Coolcoghill
Flanagan, Edward L: Drumlone
Fleming, James L: Aghnagrane
Fleming, James L: Tullyreagh
Fleming, Samuel L: Littlemount
Fleming, William L: Derryvree
Forster, Robert L: Bunlougher
Forsythe, James L: Rathkeelan
Foster, James L: Carntrone
Foster, John L: Foydragh
Foster, Robert L: Gorteen
Foster, Robert L: Tattinbarr
Foster, Robert L: Trasna
Foster, Rose L: Carntrone
Foster, William L: Cornafannoge
Fowler, George L: Aghalun
Fowler, George L: Coolcoghill
Fowler, George L: Lismalore
Fowler, George L: Littlemount
Fowler, George L: Rathkeelan
Fowler, George T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Fowler, Robert L: Cornafannoge
Fowler, Robert L: Tattinbarr
Funston, George L: Largy
Funston, George L: Lisolvan
Funston, George T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Gallagher, James L: Greagh
Gallen, Rose T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Gardiner, Hugh L: Giltagh
Gardiner, James L: Currin
Gardiner, John L: Killykeeran
Gardiner, Robert L: Giltagh
Gavan, Anne L: Edenagilhorn
Gavan, Bryan L: Edenagilhorn
Gavan, Terence L: Edenagilhorn
Gilles, Patrick L: Littlemount
Gillespie, James L: Aghalun
Gillespie, James L: Killartry
Gillespie, James L: Lisolvan
Gillespie, James T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Gilliland, John L: Creagh
Gilroy, James L: Lisnabane
Glass, Francis L: Rathkeelan
Glass, James L: Aghnacloy South
Gradden, Agnes L: Cleffany
Graham, David L: Tattenamona
Graham, Gerard L: Tonavally
Graham, Hugh L: Carntrone
Graham, James L: Coolrakelly
Graham, James L: Lisboy
Graham, John L: Coolrakelly
Graham, John L: Tattenamona
Graham, Robert L: Drumgowna
Graham, Robert L: Rathkeelan
Graham, William L: Aghnagrane
Graham, William L: Boyhill
Graydon, John L: Drumhoy
Graydon, John L: Tullynagowan
Graydon, Margaret L: Tattenamona
Gregsten, Jane L: Aghalun
Gregsten, Jane L: Lismalore
Gregsten, Jane L: Lurgan
Gregston, Jane T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Gunn, Patrick L: Derryvree
Gunnis, John L: Ardmoney
Gunnis, John L: Knockmacmanus
Hail, Joseph L: Littlemount
Hall, Charles, Jr. L: Stranafeley
Hall, Charles, Sr. L: Stranafeley
Hall, Henry L: Arlish
Hall, Henry L: Stranafeley
Hall, Isabella L: Stranafeley
Hall, John L: Drumarraght
Hall, Rep. Mark L: Boyhill
Hall, Robert L: Stranafeley
Hall, Robert L: Tattinbarr
Hall, Thomas L: Killycramph
Hall, Thomas L: Stranafeley
Hall, William L: Ballyreagh
Hall, William L: Boyhill
Hall, William L: Dressoge
Halpin, John L: Drumoris
Hanagan, Terence L: Lisnabane
Hanley, Redmond L: Eshacorran
Hanna, James T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Hare, Isaiah L: Lisnabane
Harpur, Francis L: Ardmore
Harpur, James L: Ardmore
Harpur, William L: Ardmore
Harvey, Anne L: Boyhill
Hastings, Robert T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Hastings, Robert L: Tattendillur
Heaney, Mary L: Trasna
Heany, John L: Tattykeeran
Henderson, Anne L: Rathkeelan
Henderson, John L: Rathkeelan
Henry, Francis L: Rathkeelan
Hergarton, William L: Lisboy
Heron, Robert L: Coolcoghill
Heron, Robert L: Cornamucklagh
Heron, Robert L: Largy
Heron, Robert L: Tattendillur
Hillard, William L: Ardmore
Hoey, John L: Derryvree
Hogan, John L: Ervey
Hoines, Mary L: Littlemount
Howe, James L: Creagh
Howe, James L: Tattenamona
Howe, John L: Tullynagowan
Hoynes, Patrick L: Tattenamona
Hughes, George L: Tullyreagh
Hughes, James L: Cleffany
Hughes, Margaret L: Littlemount
Hughes, Patrick L: Cleffany
Irvine, Andrew, Jr. L: Tattinfree
Irvine, Andrew, Sr. L: Tattinfree
Irvine, Rep. Arthur H. L: Greenhill
Irvine, Edward L: Drumadagarve
Irvine, Foster L: Lisnabane
Irvine, Gerald L: Tattykeeran
Irvine, John L: Edenagilhorn
Irvine, John T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Irvine, John L: Tattendillur
Irvine, John G. L: Skeagh
Irvine, Robert L: Tattinfree
Irvine, Robert L: Tattykeeran
Irwin, Andrew L: Drumarraght
Irwin, Andrew L: Nutfield
Irwin, George L: Littlemount
Irwin, Hamilton L: Foydragh
Irwin, Isabella L: Stranafeley
Irwin, James L: Cornafannoge
Irwin, Leslie L: Cornafannoge
Irwin, Mary L: Ardmoney
Irwin, Noble L: Cornafannoge
Irwin, Noble L: Drumbrughas
Irwin, Robert L: Skeagh
Irwin, William L: Cornafannoge
Irwin, William L: Drumlone
Irwin, William L: Giltagh
Jackson, Thomas L: Eshacorran
Jackson, William L: Lisdrum
Jackson, William L: Skeoge
Jeffers, Robert L: Drumbrughas
Johnston, Andrew T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Johnston, Catherine L: Aghalun
Johnston, Catherine L: Aghnacloy North
Johnston, Catherine T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Johnston, Francis L: Aghnacloy South
Johnston, Hugh L: Lisboy
Johnston, James L: Coolrakelly
Johnston, James L: Cornafannoge
Johnston, James L: Lisdrum
Johnston, Jane L: Littlemount
Johnston, John L: Drumlone
Johnston, John L: Eshacorran
Johnston, John L: Lisolvan
Johnston, John T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Johnston, Rev. Joseph T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Johnston, Joseph, Jr. L: Edenagilhorn
Johnston, Joseph, Sr. L: Edenagilhorn
Johnston, Josiah L: Aghnagrane
Johnston, Matthew L: Mulnadoran
Johnston, Michael L: Drumadagarve
Johnston, Thomas L: Lisboy
Johnston, Thomas L: Lisolvan
Johnston, Thomas T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Johnston, William T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Jones, Henry L: Knockmacmanus
Jones, Margaret L: Knockmacmanus
Jones, Margaret L: Lismalore
Jordan, Charles L: Dressoge
Jordan, James L: Bunlougher
Jordan, James L: Tattinbarr
Jordan, John L: Bunlougher
Jordan, John L: Stranafeley
Jordan, John, Jr. L: Eshacorran
Jordan, John, Jr. L: Tattinbarr
Jordan, John, Sr. L: Tattinbarr
Jordan, Robert L: Eshacorran
Jordan, Samuel L: Tattinbarr
Joyce, Mary T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Joyce, Mary Anne T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Joyce, William T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Kane, Alexander L: Bunlougher
Kane, Henry T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Kane, James L: Ardmoney
Kane, Mary L: Lismalore
Kane, Patrick L: Coolcoghill
Keenan, Ellen L: Cornamucklagh
Keenan, Hugh L: Gorteen
Keenan, Hugh T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Keenan, James T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Kenny, James L: Lisdrum
Kenny, Joseph L: Killykeeran
Kenny, Mary L: Tattinbarr
Kenny, William L: Cornafannoge
Kerr, Andrew L: Dungoghy
Kerr, William L: Carrickyheenan
Kettyle, Robert L: Skeagh
Kidd, Andrew L: Lismalore
Kidd, Andrew L: Lisolvan
Kidd, Andrew T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Kidd, Andrew T: Brookeborough - Main St. N: Lodgers
Kidney, James L: Tullyreagh
Kidney, Richard L: Lisnabane
Kilkenny, James L: Lisnabane
Kincart, John L: Creaghnarourk Island
Kincart, Thos. L: Creaghnarourk Island
Laird, George L: Giltagh
Latimer, John L: Coolrakelly
Latimer, Thomas L: Edenagilhorn
Law, Andrew L: Coolnagrane
Law, Andrew L: Cornafannoge
Lendrum, Thomas L: Largy
Lendrum, Thomas L: Stranafeley
Leslie, Blayney L: Derryheely
Leslie, Blayney L: Nutfield
Levingston, Alex. L: Drumlone
Levingston, Alexander L: Drumlone
Levingston, John L: Drumlone
Levison, William L: Cornamucklagh
Lightbourn, Joseph L: Aghalun
Lightbur, Joseph L: Gola
Little, Archibald L: Drumbrughas
Little, Edward L: Skeagh
Little, Francis L: Tullynagowan
Little, George L: Skeagh
Little, George L: Stranafeley
Little, Jane L: Stranafeley
Little, John L: Lismalore
Little, Robert L: Lisolvan
Little, William L: Littlemount
Little, William L: Stranafeley
Lovett, William L: Tattykeeran
Macartney, James L: Lisdrum
Macartney, Mary T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Mackell, Rose L: Cavanagarvan
Mackell, William L: Cavanagarvan
Macken, James T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Macken, Thomas T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Macken, Thomas L: Tattendillur
Magarety, James L: Derryheely
Magee, Edward L: Gorteen
Magee, Murtagh L: Tullynagowan
Maghagbeg, Jane L: Cornafannoge
Maghan, Hugh L: Ardmoney
Maginn, James T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Maginn, James, Jr. L: Bunnisnagapple
Maginn, James, Sr. L: Bunnisnagapple
Maguire, Bernard L: Aghnacloy North
Maguire, Bernard L: Derryheely
Maguire, Bernard L: Tattenamona
Maguire, Bryan L: Creagh
Maguire, Charles L: Cornamucklagh
Maguire, Charles L: Lismalore
Maguire, Cornelius L: Cavans
Maguire, Cornelius L: Edenagilhorn
Maguire, Daniel L: Derryheely
Maguire, Daniel L: Drumgowna
Maguire, Denis L: Cavanagarvan
Maguire, Edward L: Bunnisnagapple
Maguire, Hugh L: Cornafannoge
Maguire, Hugh L: Derryheely
Maguire, James L: Bunnisnagapple
Maguire, James L: Cornamucklagh
Maguire, John L: Aghalun
Maguire, John L: Knockmacmanus
Maguire, John L: Trasna
Maguire, Patrick L: Knockmacmanus
Maguire, Patrick L: Tattykeeran
Maguire, Philip L: Broughderg
Maguire, Thomas L: Aghnacloy North
Maguire, Thomas L: Broughderg
Maguire, Thomas L: Cleffany
Malone, David L: Cavans
Marshall, William L: Carntrone
Martin, David L: Rathkeelan
Martin, Edward L: Rathkeelan
Martin, John L: Drumlone
Martin, Thomas L: Creaghananure Island
Martin, William L: Cavanagarvan
Matthews, George L: Hollymount
Maxwell, Thomas L: Drumlone
May, James L: Tattinbarr
Mayne, Samuel L: Aghnacloy North
Maze, James L: Drumoris
McAnally, John L: Carntrone
McAnulty, Patrick T: Brookeborough - Main St.
McAuley, William L: Ardmoney
McAveagh, Michael L: Drumlone
McAvey, Philip L: Skeagh
McAviney, Anne T: Brookeborough - Main St.
McBarron, Robin L: Tattykeeran
McBride, John T: Brookeborough - Main St.
McBrien, Charles L: Rathkeelan
McBrien, Patrick T: Brookeborough - Main St.
McBryan, John L: Drumadagarve
McCabe, Andrew L: Knockmacmanus
McCabe, Catherine L: Knockmacmanus
McCabe, Edward L: Edenagilhorn
McCabe, Francis L: Gola
McCabe, Hannah L: Aghnacloy North
McCabe, James L: Drumhoy
McCabe, Thomas L: Lisdrum
McCabe, Thomas L: Lisdrum N: Abbey Lodge
McCaffery, Edward L: Ervey
McCaffery, Ellen L: Broughderg
McCaffrey, James L: Tattykeeran
McCaffrey, Neal L: Tattykeeran
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Carrickyheenan
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Nutfield
McCaffrey, Philip L: Derryheely
McCaffrey, Philip L: Greagh
McCahery, Edward L: Ervey
McCahery, Edward L: Ervey N: Laborer
McCahery, James L: Ervey
McCahery, John L: Creagh
McCarey, Con L: Ardmoney
McCarn, Edward L: Derryheely
McCarney, Bernard L: Lismalore
McCarney, Catherine L: Creagh
McCarney, George L: Rathkeelan
McCarthy, Mrs. L: Tattendillur
McCartney, James L: Skeoge
McCauley, Robert L: Rathkeelan
McCauley, Thomas L: Ervey
McClintock, William L: Cornafannoge
McClune, Richard L: Mulnadoran
McCollum, Anne L: Lisboy
McCollum, James L: Tullyreagh
McCormack, James L: Aghnagrane
McCormick, James L: Bunlougher
McCormick, John L: Skeagh
McCosker, Francis L: Rathkeelan
McCue, James L: Cornafannoge
McCue, John L: Cornafannoge
McCullian, Bernard L: Drumarraght
McDonaghy, Andw., Jr. L: Carrickyheenan
McDonaghy, Andw., Sr. L: Carrickyheenan
McDonaghy, James L: Bunnisnagapple
McDonaghy, Mary L: Carrickyheenan
McDonaghy, Patrick L: Carrickyheenan
McDonnell, Hugh L: Carrickyheenan
McDonnell, James L: Trasna
McDonnell, Peter L: Carrickyheenan
McDowell, Thomas T: Brookeborough - Main St.
McElroy, Bernard L: Drumlone
McElroy, Bridget L: Ardmoney
McElroy, Catherine L: Knockmacmanus
McElroy, Felix L: Gorteen
McElroy, Francis L: Knockmacmanus
McElroy, Francis L: Lismalore
McElroy, Francis T: Brookeborough - Main St.
McElroy, James, Jr. L: Knockmacmanus
McElroy, John L: Ardmoney
McElroy, Michael L: Knockmacmanus
McElroy, Patrick L: Lismalore
McElroy, Robert L: Knockmacmanus
McElroy, Thomas L: Ardmoney
McElroy, Thomas L: Knockmacmanus
McGirr, Owen L: Tullyreagh
McGrath, Anne L: Ardunshin
McGuire, John L: Carrickyheenan
McGuire, Philip L: Mulnadoran
McIlroy, Matthew L: Tattykeeran
McIlroy, Thomas L: Bunnisnagapple
McKeany, James L: Skeoge
McKeany, Patrick L: Ardmoney
McKegney, John L: Aghnagrane
McKelvin, John L: Ardmoney
McKelvin, John L: Knockmacmanus
McKelvin, Matthew L: Ardmoney
McKelvin, Matthew L: Knockmacmanus
McKelvin, Patrick L: Knockmacmanus
McKendley, James L: Trasna
McKenna, Edward L: Drumadagarve
McKenna, Mary L: Killykeeran
McKenny, John L: Trasna
McKernan, James L: Cavanagarvan
McKinlan, Andrew L: Lismalore
McKnight, George L: Lurgan
McKnight, William T: Brookeborough - Main St.
McLoughlin, James L: Gorteen
McLoughlin, Thomas L: Gorteen
McMahon, Patrick L: Carrickyheenan
McMahon, William L: Aghnagrane
McManus, Bridget L: Drumlone
McManus, Catherine L: Coolcoghill
McManus, Catherine L: Cornafannoge
McManus, Catherine L: Killykeeran
McManus, Daniel L: Tattinfree
McManus, Edward L: Drumgowna
McManus, James L: Killykeeran
McManus, John T: Brookeborough - Main St.
McManus, Michael L: Carntrone
McManus, Patrick L: Cleffany
McManus, Patrick L: Skeagh
McMillen, John L: Aghavea
McMullen, Owen L: Tattykeeran
McNiece, James T: Brookeborough - Main St.
McNulty, John L: Cornamucklagh
McSwiggan, Michael L: Edenagilhorn
McWilliams, William L: Ardmore
Meehan, James L: Trasna
Meehan, John L: Tattykeeran
Meehan, Patrick L: Cleffany
Meehan, William T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Miller, Thomas L: Drumarraght
Moan, Anne L: Bunnisnagapple
Moffitt, Mary L: Tullynagowan
Monaghan, Edward L: Creaghananure Island
Monaghan, Rev. James L: Cornamucklagh
Montgomery, Hugh L: Trasna
Moore, Alexander L: Curraghanall
Moore, John L: Gorteen
Moore, Paul L: Gorteen
Morrison, Alexander T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Morrison, Joseph L: Cornafannoge
Morrisson, Alexander L: Lismalore
Morrisson, Matthew T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Mosgrove, Johnston L: Edenagilhorn
Mountain, Thomas L: Lisnabane
Mullamphy, James L: Lismalore
Mulligan, John T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Mulligan, John L: Tattykeeran
Mullins, Margaret L: Carrickyheenan
Murphy, Andrew L: Edenagilhorn
Murphy, Anne L: Foydragh
Murphy, Bridget L: Ardmoney
Murphy, Charles L: Edenagilhorn
Murphy, Edward L: Currin
Murphy, Ellen L: Carntrone
Murphy, Ellen L: Foydragh
Murphy, Francis L: Trasna
Murphy, George L: Currin
Murphy, Henry L: Drumlone
Murphy, Henry L: Lisnabane
Murphy, James L: Tattenamona
Murphy, John L: Mulnadoran
Murphy, John L: Stranafeley
Murphy, John L: Tullynagowan
Murphy, Mary L: Ardmoney
Murphy, Mary L: Tullyreagh
Murphy, Michael L: Gorteen
Murphy, Patrick L: Tullynagowan
Murphy, Philip L: Aghnagrane
Murphy, Rose L: Foydragh
Murphy, Thade L: Aghnagrane
Murphy, Thade L: Gorteen
Murphy, William L: Currin
Naan, Edward L: Littlemount
Naan, Patrick L: Greagh
Naan, Philip L: Cavanagarvan
Naan, Susan L: Cavanagarvan
Neely, Irwin L: Dressoge
Neeson, James L: Aghnacloy North
Neeson, James L: Lismalore
Neill, Margaret T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Neill, Thomas L: Aghalun
Neill, Thomas L: Aghnacloy North
Neill, Thomas T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Nixon, William L: Lismalore
Noble, Alexander L: Foydragh
Noble, Alexander L: Killycramph
Noble, Alexander L: Trasna
Noble, Edward L: Aghnacloy South
Noble, James L: Greenhill
Noble, John L: Coolrakelly
Noble, Robert L: Dressoge
Noble, Thomas L: Cornafannoge
Noble, William L: Derryvree
Noble, William L: Drumbrughas
Nolan, John L: Derryvree
Nolan, Michael L: Greagh
Norris, William L: Aghnagrane
O'Donnell, Robert L: Lisboy
Orr, Henry L: Ervey
Ovenden, Charles L: Ardunshin
Ovendon, Charles L: Tullynagowan
Owens, Francis L: Lisnabane
Owens, James L: Tullyreagh
Owens, Patrick T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Owens, William L: Cornafannoge
Patterson, Ellen L: Rathkeelan
Patterson, William L: Aghnagrane
Pierce, John L: Mulnadoran
Piper, Joseph L: Breandrum
Porter, Charles L: Aghnagrane
Potts, William L: Ballyreagh
Potts, William L: Rathkeelan
Prentice, Jane L: Cornafannoge
Primrose, James L: Ardmore
Rafferty, Francis L: Tullynagowan
Rafferty, John L: Gorteen
Rainbird, Moble L: Drumarraght
Rainbird, Samuel L: Drumarraght
Rea, John L: Cavanagarvan
Rehill, Mary T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Reid, Andrew L: Littlemount
Reilly, John L: Lismalore
Riddell, Fleming L: Ardmoney
Riddell, Hugh L: Ardmoney
Riddell, Margaret T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Robinson, Hugh L: Cleffany
Robinson, John L: Edenagilhorn
Robinson, Thomas L: Killybreagy
Robinson, Thomas L: Mulnadoran
Robinson, Thomas L: Stranafeley
Robinson, William L: Breandrum
Robinson, William L: Edenagilhorn
Roe, Elizabeth T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Rolleston, James T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Rollestone, William T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Rollston, James L: Gola
Rooney, Hugh L: Knockmacmanus
Rooney, Thomas L: Ardmoney
Rooney, Thomas L: Ervey
Rowe, Emily L: Lisolvan
Rowe, John L: Tattenamona
Rusk, John L: Aghalun
Rusk, John L: Aghavea
Rusk, John L: Aghnacloy North
Rusk, John L: Arlish
Rusk, John L: Drumoris
Rusk, John L: Largy
Rusk, John, Jr. L: Stranafeley
Rusks, William L: Eshacorran
Rutherford, Bernard L: Trasna
Rutherford, James L: Lisdrum
Rutherford, James L: Rathkeelan
Rutledge, Edward L: Currin
Rutledge, Edward L: Drumadagarve
Sankey, Matthew H. L: Breandrum
Sankey, Matthew H. L: Lurgan
Savage, Richard L: Lisboy
Scarlett, David L: Gorteen
Scholes, William L: Aghnacloy South
Scholes, William L: Carntrone
Scholes, William L: Derryheely
Scholes, William L: Drumarraght
Scollan, Mary T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Seery, William L: Drumlone
Shaels, Michael L: Killykeeran
Shannon, Edward L: Aghnagrane
Sharkey, Bridget L: Bunnisnagapple
Sharkey, John L: Bunnisnagapple
Sharkey, Patrick L: Carrickyheenan
Sharpe, Mary L: Coolrakelly
Shavan, Mary L: Creagh
Sheals, Patrick L: Gola
Sheals, William L: Killartry
Sheeran, James L: Bunnisnagapple
Sheils, Patrick T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Sherry, James L: Aghnacloy North
Sherry, William L: Aghnacloy North
Shields, Patrick T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Simonton, James L: Cleffany
Simonton, Thomas L: Trasna
Simonton, William L: Lisnabane
Slatter, Richard L: Foydragh
Smith, Rev. G. S. L: Ardunshin
Smith, Rev. G. S., D.D. L: Rathkeelan
Smith, John L: Eshnadarragh
Smith, John L: Eshnanumera
Smith, Matthew L: Tattinfree
Somers, William L: Ardmore
Somerville, Alexander L: Currin
Sproule, James L: Monmurry
Sproule, James L: Skeoge
Steele, James L: Aghnagrane
Sterne, Maj. William L: Lisolvan
Stewart, David L: Trasna
Stewart, Fanny L: Trasna
Stewart, James L: Cleffany
Swindle, Charles L: Cornafannoge
Swindle, Irwin L: Cornafannoge
Swindle, Matthew L: Drumlone
Thompson, Anne L: Skeoge
Thompson, Francis L: Lisboy
Thompson, Hugh L: Tattenamona
Thompson, John L: Cleffany
Thompson, John L: Largy
Thompson, John L: Owenbreedin
Thompson, John L: Tattykeeran
Thompson, Mark L: Drumlone
Thompson, Rebecca L: Tullyreagh
Thompson, Richard L: Aghalun
Thompson, Robert L: Cavans
Thompson, Sarah L: Tattinbarr
Thompson, Thomas L: Tattinfree
Thompson, William L: Cleffany
Thompson, William L: Greenhill
Thompson, William L: Lisnabane
Thompson, William L: Stranafeley
Thompson, William L: Tattinbarr N: Schoolmaster
Tierney, James L: Bunnisnagapple
Tierney, James L: Derryheely
Trimble, George L: Edenagilhorn
Trotter, William L: Lisdrum
Tummins, James L: Aghnacloy North
Varner, Christopher L: Tattinbarr
Vernut, Christopher L: Derryheely
Walker, William L: Skeoge
Wallace, John L: Drumbrughas
Ward, Rev. Hugh L: Aghalun
Ward, Rachel L: Rathkeelan
Watkins, Joseph L: Eshacorran
Weir, James L: Edenagilhorn
Weir, Jane L: Tattinbarr
Weir, Sarah L: Derryheely
West, Francis L: Rathkeelan
West, Lendrum T: Brookeborough - Main St.
West, Lendrum L: Tattendillur
Wethers, James L: Monmurry
Wherry, Archibald L: Gorteen
Wiley, William L: Bunlougher
Wilson, Catherine T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Wilson, Cyrus L: Cavans
Wilson, Francis L: Cleffany
Wilson, Francis L: Lisboy
Wilson, Robert L: Carrickyheenan
Wilson, William T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Wood, Francis T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Woods, Henry T: Brookeborough - Main St.
Woods, James L: Tullynagowan
Worrell, James L: Eshacorran
Worrell, Thomas L: Stranafeley
Young, George L: Lismalore
Young, John L: Derryvree
Young, Robert L: Aghnacloy North

Map of Civil Parishes in county Fermanagh

Civil Parish Records of County Fermanagh

Other Fermanagh Parish Records

1 Aghalurcher

2 Aghavea

3 Belleek

4 Boho

5 Cleenish

6 Clones

7 Currin

8 Derrybrusk

9 Derryvullan

10 Devenish

11 Drumkeeran

12 Drummully

13 Enniskillen

14 Galloon

15 Inishmacsaint

16 Killesher

17 Kinawley

18 Magheracross

19 Magheraculmoney

20 Rossorry

21 Templecarn

22 Tomregan

23 Trory