Griffith's Valuation: Clones Parish, County Fermanagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Clones Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Clones parish and every other parish in county Fermanagh as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Fermanagh in 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Clones Parish 1862

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You should also check the records of Clones parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Abraham, Alexander L: Carneyhome
Alford, Margaret L: Derrymeen
Allan, Robert L: Annaghilly South
Allen, John L: Clontivrin
Andrew, David L: Cloghmore
Andrew, Elizabeth L: Drumgoast
Andrew, Elizabeth L: Milligans
Andrew, William L: Mullaghglass
Andrew, William L: Tattygormican
Annon, Elizabeth L: Carnmore
Armstrong, George L: Knocks
Armstrong, Henry L: Clonatty
Armstrong, Henry L: Drumrainy
Armstrong, Jane L: Shannock Green
Armstrong, John L: Clonmackan
Armstrong, John L: Tattynagolan
Armstrong, Maria L: Carneyhome
Armstrong, Maria L: Derrymeen
Armstrong, William L: Corlaghaloon
Armstrong, William L: Crocknaboghil
Avril, Thomas L: Clontivrin
Avril, Wesley L: Clontivrin
Bailey, Elizabeth L: Crockarevan
Bannin, Arthur L: Milligans
Bannin, George L: Carneyhome
Bannon, Arthur L: Crockada
Bannon, Rose L: Knockavea
Barnwell, James L: Cromaghy
Beattie, John L: Greaghacapple
Beatty, Francis L: Greaghacapple
Beatty, James L: Drumady
Beatty, John L: Follum Big
Beatty, Samuel L: Follum Little
Beavis, George L: Gortindarragh
Beggin, Bernard L: Ervey
Beggin, Bernard L: Knocknalear
Beggin, Catherine L: Eshnadarragh
Beggin, Ellen L: Lannaght
Beggin, Francis L: Derryvolan
Beggin, Francis L: Eshnadarragh
Beggin, Hugh L: Corraleek
Beggin, James L: Aghnashammer
Beggin, James L: Corragunt
Beggin, James L: Corraleek
Beggin, James L: Derryard
Beggin, James L: Drumshancorick
Beggin, James L: Drumyarkin
Beggin, Michael L: Corragunt
Beggin, Michael L: Eshnadarragh
Beggin, Michael L: Kilridd
Beggin, Michael L: Knocknalear
Beggin, Owen L: Corragunt
Beggin, Owen L: Corraleek
Beggin, Owen L: Eshnadarragh
Beggin, Patrick L: Corraleek
Beggin, Patrick L: Corraleek N: Hudy
Beggin, Patrick L: Eshnadarragh
Beggin, Thomas L: Corraghy
Beggin, Thomas L: Corraleek
Beggin, Thomas L: Derrygelly
Beggin, Thomas L: Greaghaverrin
Beggin, Thomas L: Greaghnagore
Beggin, Thomas L: Knocknalosset
Benson, James L: Lacky
Benson, William L: Rosslea N: and Another
Bevis, James T: Magheraveela
Blakely, Christopher L: Coolnalong
Blakely, Christopher L: Liskilly
Blakely, Christopher L: Tattinbarr
Blakely, George L: Derrynacloy
Blakely, Hugh L: Drumbrughas
Blakely, Hugh L: Killylifferbane Glebe
Blakely, James L: Tireevil
Blakely, Robert L: Aghadrumsee & Killygorman
Blakely, Robt. L: Aghadrumsee & Killygorman N: Lodgers
Bleakley, William L: Bosallagh
Bleakley, William L: Crocknaboghil
Bleakly, Johnston L: Derrynawilt West
Bleakly, Richard L: Gortindarragh
Bleakly, Richard L: Tattintonegan
Bowden, James T: Rosslea - Main Street
Bowes, Edward L: Lammy
Bowes, Robert L: Annaghlee
Boyle, Bernard L: Mullycavan
Boyle, Hugh L: Bunnablaneybane
Boyle, Hugh L: Follum Big
Boyle, Hugh L: Follum Little
Boyle, James L: Derryheanlish
Boyle, James L: Derryvolan
Boyle, John L: Bunnablaneybane
Boyle, John L: Cornaclare or Johnstown
Bradin, Thomas L: Strananerriagh
Brady, Bridget L: Bunnablaneybane
Brady, John L: Aghaboy
Brady, John L: Cloncorr
Brady, John L: Cornaclare or Johnstown
Brady, John L: Dernabacky
Brady, John L: Gortinure
Brady, John L: Tonitygorman
Brady, John L: Uttony
Branagan, William T: Rosslea - Main Street
Breadin, James L: Annaghilly North
Breadin, James L: Knockmacaroony Glebe
Breaky, Mrs. L: Rosslea
Bredin, Anne L: Liskilly
Bredin, John T: Rosslea - Main Street
Breen, Catherine L: Clonmackan
Breen, Margaret L: Clonmackan
Breslin, Bernard L: Eshywulligan
Breslin, James L: Mullanvaum
Breslin, John L: Eshywulligan
Breslin, Sarah L: Mullanvaum
Breslin, Thomas L: Eshywulligan
Brown, David L: Cloghmore
Brown, Robert L: Spring Grove
Browne, James L: Tattinbarr
Brownlow, John L: Mullans
Bryans, William L: Uttony
Buchanan, John L: Rathmoran
Butler, Pierce L: Drumharriff
Cadden, Anne L: Cornacreeve
Cadden, Bernard L: Eshekerin
Cadden, Elizabeth L: Carnmore
Cadden, Ellen L: Bunnablaneybane
Cadden, Rep. Felix L: Derryneese
Cadden, James L: Crockawaddy Glebe
Cadden, Mary L: Ervey
Cadden, Mary L: Eshekerin
Cadden, Owen L: Follum Big
Cadden, Patrick L: Bunnablaneybane
Cadden, Patrick L: Cornacreeve
Cadden, Patrick L: Eshekerin
Cadden, Philip L: Bunnablaneybane
Cadden, Redmond L: Follum Big
Cadden, Thomas L: Derryneese
Caddin, Thomas T: Rosslea - Main Street
Caldwell, Samuel L: Eshnadeelada
Caldwell, Thomas L: Tully
Callaghan, Anne L: Milligans
Callaghan, Charles L: Drumgoast
Callaghan, Denis L: Rosslea
Callaghan, Edward T: Rosslea - Main Street
Callaghan, James L: Corranny
Callaghan, John L: Annagolgan
Callaghan, Mary L: Corragunt
Callaghan, Mary L: Mullanahinch
Callaghan, Michael L: Milligans
Callaghan, Patrick L: Clahernagh
Callaghan, Terence L: Drumgoast
Campbell, Andrew L: Killylacky
Carey, Arthur L: Annaghkeel
Carey, Edward L: Annaghkeel
Carey, James L: Lisrace
Carey, John L: Annaghkeel
Carey, Thomas L: Corrardaghy
Carey, Thomas L: Kilridd
Carlan, Michael L: Corraghy
Carolan, John L: Corlaghaloon
Carolan, John L: Ervey
Carolan, Philip L: Derryheanlish
Carolan, Philip L: Tattymore
Carr, Margaret L: Tattygormican
Carren, John L: Annaghkeel
Carrol, Rose L: Kilroosky
Carroll, Catherine L: Drumguiff
Carroll, John L: Clonmackan
Carroll, Michael L: Greaghaverrin
Carroll, Patrick L: Drumshancorick
Carroll, Patrick L: Greaghaverrin
Carron, John L: Mullycavan
Casey, Michael L: Corragunt
Cassidy, Anne T: Rosslea - Main Street
Cassidy, Bernard L: Cornacreeve
Cassidy, Bernard L: Derryvolan
Cassidy, Bernard L: Ervey
Cassidy, Bridget L: Crockada
Cassidy, Edward L: Ervey
Cassidy, Elizabeth L: Carnmore
Cassidy, Elizabeth L: Errasallagh
Cassidy, James L: Derryvolan
Cassidy, James L: Greaghaverrin
Cassidy, John L: Mullans
Cassidy, John T: Rosslea - Main Street
Cassidy, Judith L: Errasallagh
Cassidy, Luke L: Crockada
Cassidy, Luke L: Drumguiff
Cassidy, Margaret L: Clonagun
Cassidy, Owen L: Cornacreeve
Cassidy, Patrick L: Dernabacky
Cassidy, Patrick L: Dernaglug & Drumaa
Cassidy, Patrick L: Derryard
Chambers, John L: Mullaghbrady
Chambers, John L: Rosslea
Chambers, John T: Rosslea - Main Street
Chambers, John L: Tattygormican
Chambers, Thomas L: Tattinbarr
Clarke, Alice L: Gortinure
Clarke, Christopher L: Cortrasna
Clarke, Christopher L: Drumbrughas
Clarke, David L: Cortrasna
Clarke, David L: Dresternan
Clarke, George L: Clonfad
Clarke, James L: Cortrasna
Clarke, James L: Kilridd
Clarke, John L: Killylifferdoo
Clarke, Samuel L: Cortrasna
Clarke, Samuel L: Tattintonegan
Clarke, Sarah T: Rosslea - Main Street
Clarken, Catherine L: Derryheanlish
Clarken, Michael L: Kilroosky
Clarkin, Judith L: Derryneese
Clendenning, John L: Mullycavan
Clendenning, William L: Mullycavan
Clerk, Christopher L: Killyvilly
Clerk, Christopher L: Lisnawesnagh
Clerkan, Arthur L: Cromaghy
Clerkan, Charles L: Cromaghy
Clerkan, James L: Shannock
Clerkan, Terence L: Shannock Green
Clerkan, Terence, Sr. L: Shannock
Clerkan, William L: Shannock
Clerkan, William L: Shannock Green
Clerkin, Rep. Patrick L: Derrygannon
Clifford, John L: Cornacreeve
Clifford, John L: Derrynawilt East
Clifford, Peter L: Derrynawilt East
Cochrane, James L: Mullycavan
Coffey, Thomas L: Clonmackan
Collins, Mary L: Mullycavan
Conlan, Connor T: Rosslea - Main Street
Conlan, James T: Rosslea - Main Street
Conlon, Henry L: Loughgare
Conlon, Partick L: Drumbealimy
Connolan, James L: Annaghmartin
Connolly, Anne L: Derrygelly
Connolly, Anne L: Lannaght
Connolly, Arthur L: Tattinbarr
Connolly, Edward L: Lacky
Connolly, Felix L: Tattinbarr
Connolly, Francis L: Lacky
Connolly, Hugh L: Derryard
Connolly, Hugh L: Tonnaghboy
Connolly, James L: Clonfad
Connolly, James L: Tonnaghboy
Connolly, John L: Killyvilly
Connolly, John L: Tattymore
Connolly, John L: Tonnaghboy
Connolly, Mary L: Lisnawesnagh
Connolly, Mary L: Pottiagh
Connolly, Mary L: Tonnaghboy
Connolly, Owen L: Greaghnamoyle
Connolly, Patrick L: Tattymore
Connolly, Peter L: Greaghnamoyle
Connolly, Thomas L: Greaghnamoyle
Connolly, Thomas L: Pottiagh
Connolly, William L: Tonnaghboy
Connor, James L: Mullaghconnelly
Corr, Bernard L: Crocknagross
Corr, Bridget L: Drumbrughas
Corr, Edward L: Bunlougher
Corr, Edward L: Feagh
Corr, John L: Bunlougher
Corr, John L: Deer Park
Corr, Mary L: Lismacsheela
Corr, Michael L: Bunlougher
Corr, Patrick T: Rosslea - Main Street
Corr, Thomas L: Bunlougher
Corrigan, James L: Clonfad
Cosgrave, Hugh L: Ervey
Cosgrave, Martha L: Tonnaghboy
Cosgrave, Sarah L: Ervey
Cosgrove, Anne L: Errasallagh
Cosgrove, Denis L: Corrinshigo
Cosgrove, Hugh L: Derryard
Cosgrove, James L: Drumerheeve
Cosgrove, James L: Errasallagh
Cosgrove, James L: Mullanahinch
Cosgrove, John L: Corrinshigo
Cosgrove, John L: Drumacrittin
Cosgrove, John L: Drumguiff
Cosgrove, John L: Mullanahinch
Cosgrove, Matthew L: Drumshancorick
Cosgrove, Patrick L: Corbane
Cosgrove, Patrick L: Corrinshigo
Cosgrove, Susan L: Corrinshigo
Cosgrove, Thomas L: Rosslea
Cox, John T: Rosslea - Main Street
Coyne, Francis L: Liskilly
Coyne, Francis L: Mullaghglass
Coyne, William L: Mullaghglass
Creighan, Patrick L: Crockada
Creighan, Terence L: Crockada
Creighton, James L: Strananerriagh
Creighton, James T: Rosslea - Main Street
Creighton, John L: Cordoolagh
Creighton, Michael L: Annaghlee
Creighton, Patrick L: Annaghlee
Croarkin, Bernard L: Derryard
Crorkan, John L: Greaghacholea
Crow, Andrew L: Drumbealimy
Crudden, James L: Killylifferbane Glebe
Crudden, James L: Lammy
Crudden, Margaret L: Loughgare
Crudden, Richard L: Loughgare
Crudden, Samuel L: Arnot's Grove
Cunningham, Edward L: Rellan
Cunningham, Hugh L: Scribby
Cunningham, Joseph L: Scribby
Cunningham, Michael L: Derrynawilt East
Cunningham, Robert L: Aghadrumsee & Killygorman
Cunningham, Thomas L: Aghadrumsee & Killygorman
Curran, Owen L: Derrynawilt West
Dalton, Luke L: Coolnalong
Dalton, Luke L: Mullanahinch
Darneen, Philip L: Bunnablaneybane
Dawson, Ellen L: Lisnamallard
Dawson, James L: Follum Little
Deering, John L: Derryard
Deering, John L: Derryheanlish
Deering, John L: Derrynawilt East
Deering, William L: Derryheanlish
Deering, William L: Derryvolan
Deery, Hugh L: Cloghmore
Devitt, James L: Greaghacholea
Devlin, James L: Drumshancorick
Devlin, Peter L: Drumshancorick
Dixon, Mrs. L: Dresternan N: and Others
Dixon, Mrs. L: Follum Big N: and Others
Dixon, Mrs. L: Greaghacholea N: and Others
Dixon, Mrs. L: Lisroon N: and Others
Doherty, Daniel L: Clonmackan
Doherty, Ellen L: Clonmackan
Doherty, Francis L: Corragunt
Doherty, Hugh L: Corragunt
Doherty, Margaret L: Clonmackan
Doherty, Owen L: Corragunt
Doherty, Patrick L: Annashanco
Doherty, Patrick, Jr. L: Corragunt
Doherty, Patrick, Sr. L: Corragunt
Doherty, Thomas L: Annachullion Glebe
Doherty, William L: Annachullion Glebe
Donagher, Bernard L: Crockarevan
Donegan, Edward L: Errasallagh
Donegan, James L: Kilridd
Donnellan, John L: Derryheanlish
Donnelly, Rev. James L: Scribby
Doonagan, James L: Corrardaghy
Doonan, Esther L: Drummams Glebe
Doonan, Foster L: Drummams Glebe
Doonan, John L: Drummams Glebe
Doonan, John L: Gortindarragh
Doonan, John L: Lisnawesnagh
Doonan, Nathaniel L: Annaghilly South
Doonan, Nathaniel L: Drummams Glebe
Doonan, Robert L: Crockarevan
Doonan, William L: Lisnamallard
Doonigan, John L: Dernabacky
Downey, John L: Lisnamallard
Downey, William L: Kimran
Duffy, Hugh L: Mullaghbrady
Duffy, Hugh L: Mullanahinch
Dunn, John L: Deer Park
Dunn, John L: Lisnawesnagh N: Lodgers
Dunne, John L: Liskilly
Dunne, John L: Rosslea
Edgerson, Jane L: Annaghilly South
Edgerton, John L: Aghnashammer
Edgerton, John L: Liskilly
Edgerton, Sarah L: Derrycree
Edgerton, William L: Clonfeile
Edgerton, William L: Derrycree
Egan, Catherine L: Errasallagh
Elliott, Anne L: Crocknagross
Elliott, George L: Annachullion Glebe
Elliott, George L: Clonfad
Elliott, George L: Killyvilly
Elliott, Henry L: Tattymorris
Elliott, James L: Aghadrumsee & Killygorman
Elliott, James L: Annahome
Elliott, James L: Derrynacloy
Elliott, James L: Drumbinnisk
Elliott, James L: Knocks
Elliott, James L: Rossbrick Glebe
Elliott, John L: Annachullion Glebe
Elliott, John L: Cloncorr
Elliott, John L: Drumswords
Elliott, John L: Kilridd
Elliott, John L: Knappagh
Elliott, John L: Loughgare
Elliott, John L: Tattynacunninan
Elliott, John L: Tattynageeragh
Elliott, John, Jr. L: Derrynawilt West
Elliott, Michael L: Agharoosky
Elliott, Michael L: Annaghilly North
Elliott, Michael L: Derrynacloy
Elliott, Michael L: Drumbealimy
Elliott, Michael L: Loughgare
Elliott, Michael L: Tattynagolan
Elliott, Michael L: Tibberedoge Glebe
Elliott, Patrick L: Crocknagross
Elliott, Robert L: Annaghard
Elliott, Robert L: Cloncorr
Elliott, Robert L: Tattymorris
Elliott, Simon L: Lisrace
Elliott, William L: Annachullion Glebe
Elliott, William L: Drumbinnisk
Ellis, Thomas L: Drumrainy
Emerson, William L: Lismacsheela
Emmerson, Anne L: Annachullion Glebe
Emmerson, John L: Annachullion Glebe
Emmerson, John L: Annaghard
Emmerson, John L: Annaghilly South
Farmer, Hannah L: Eshnadarragh
Fie, James L: Corragunt
Fie, Philip L: Corragunt
Finegan, Mary T: Rosslea - Main Street
Fitzpatrick, Bernard L: Clonagun
Fitzpatrick, Catherine L: Cloncorr
Fitzpatrick, John L: Clonagun
Fitzpatrick, Michael L: Clonagun
Flanagan, Anne L: Errasallagh
Flanagan, Anne L: Greaghacholea
Flanagan, Bryan L: Carnmore
Flanagan, Bryan L: Corrinshigo
Flanagan, Edward L: Derrynacloy
Flanagan, Francis L: Eshekerin
Flanagan, Isabella L: Errasallagh
Flanagan, Patrick L: Carnmore
Flanagan, Patrick L: Errasallagh
Flanagan, Peter L: Errasallagh
Flanagan, Thomas L: Greaghacholea
Flynn, Francis L: Corraleek
Flynn, James L: Corraleek
Flynn, Mary L: Crocknakelly Glebe
Flynn, Michael L: Corraleek
Flynn, Michael L: Derryvolan
Flynn, Owen L: Corraleek
Flynn, Patrick L: Corraleek
Flynn, Patrick L: Derrygelly
Flynn, Patrick L: Eshnadarragh
Flynn, Peter L: Knocknalear
Foster, Arthur L: Derrynawilt West
Foster, Bridget L: Lisnawesnagh
Foster, Charles L: Lisrace
Foster, Francis L: Drumady
Foster, Francis L: Lisrace
Foster, George L: Clonagun
Foster, James L: Carneyhome
Foster, John L: Cloncorr
Foster, John L: Derrycree
Foster, John L: Drumady
Foster, Margaret T: Magheraveela
Foster, Robert L: Tully
Foster, Thomas L: Tonydrummallard
Foster, Wm. L: Carneyhome
Fox, John L: Cloncorr
Fox, Margaret L: Mount Darby
Fox, Richard L: Liskilly
Franey, James L: Eshnadeelada
Fye, John L: Derryloo
Gallagher, Edward L: Cornamramurry
Gallagher, Edward L: Ervey
Gallagher, James L: Annaghilly North
Gallagher, James L: Cornamramurry
Gallagher, James L: Ervey
Gallagher, Peter L: Cornacreeve
Ganly, Margaret L: Annaghard
Ganly, Margaret L: Tattymorris
Ganly, Thomas L: Annaghard
Ganly, Thomas L: Tattymorris
Gavan, Mary L: Bunlougher
Gavan, Michael L: Tattygormican
Gaven, Catherine L: Clonagun
Gavin, Michael L: Greaghacholea
Gavin, Owen L: Dresternan
Gawley, Eccles L: Tonydrummallard
Gawley, Johnston L: Annynanum
Gawly, Eccles L: Greaghacapple
Gawly, James L: Derrynacloy
Gawly, James L: Drumbrughas
Gawly, Robert L: Drumbrughas
Gilleece, Susan L: Knockawaddy
Gillespie, James L: Drummams Glebe
Gillespie, Richard L: Aghnashammer
Gillespie, Samuel L: Aghadrumsee & Killygorman
Glass, John L: Crocknaboghil
Glass, John L: Derrynawilt West
Glenn, Simon L: Doon & Eshcleagh
Goan, James L: Strananerriagh
Gordon, James L: Drumgoast
Gordon, James L: Knockavea
Gordon, James L: Liskilly
Gordon, James T: Rosslea - Main Street
Gordon, John L: Drumyarkin
Gordon, John L: Mullaghglass
Gordon, John L: Mullaghglass N: Cottier
Gordon, John L: Tattygormican
Gordon, Mary L: Liskilly
Gordon, Mary L: Mullaghconnelly
Gordon, Robert L: Drumgoast
Gordon, Robert L: Mullaghconnelly
Gordon, Thomas L: Aghnashammer
Gordon, William L: Drumgoast
Gordon, William L: Drumyarkin
Gordon, William L: Knockavea
Gordon, William T: Rosslea - Main Street
Gorman, Thomas L: Shannock Green
Graham, Francis L: Lacky
Graham, Jane L: Liskilly
Graham, John L: Derryheanlish
Graham, John L: Mount Darby
Graham, John T: Rosslea - Main Street
Graham, John L: Tattinbarr
Graham, William L: Derryheanlish
Gray, Ellen L: Clonagun
Gray, John L: Clonagun
Gray, Robert L: Clonagun
Graydon, Alexander L: Annaghmartin
Graydon, Alexander L: Spring Grove
Graydon, Joseph L: Annaghkeel
Graydon, Joseph L: Mullaghbrady
Graydon, Joseph L: Pottiagh
Graydon, Joseph L: Rosslea
Graydon, Joseph T: Rosslea - Main Street
Graydon, Thomas L: Annahervy
Graydon, Thomas L: Annashanco
Graydon, Thomas L: Pottiagh
Graydon, Thomas T: Rosslea - Main Street
Graydon, William L: Scribby
Greenwood, Hugh L: Cordoolagh
Greenwood, James T: Rosslea - Main Street N: and Others
Gregg, James L: Clonagun
Gregg, James L: Clontivrin
Grew, John L: Greaghacholea
Grew, Patrick L: Carnmore
Grew, Terence, Jr. L: Greaghacholea
Grew, Terence, Sr. L: Greaghacholea
Gun, James L: Mullycavan
Gun, Patrick L: Drumerheeve
Gunn, Edward L: Pottiagh
Gunn, James L: Derrynawilt West
Gunn, James L: Greaghacholea
Gunn, James L: Killyfole
Gunn, John L: Strananerriagh
Gunn, Mary L: Follum Big
Gunn, Michael L: Arnot's Grove
Gunn, Owen L: Killyfole
Gunn, Patrick L: Eshnadarragh
Gunn, Peter L: Annashanco
Gunn, Philip T: Magheraveela
Gunn, Thomas L: Killyfole
Gunn, Thomas T: Rosslea - Main Street
Gunn, Thomas L: Tattynagolan
Haffy, Bernard L: Corrardaghy
Hagan, Henry L: Kilroosky
Hall, John L: Kimran
Hall, Samuel L: Doon & Eshcleagh
Hamilton, John L: Corlaghaloon
Hand, Catherine L: Derrygelly
Hand, Patrick L: Corragunt
Hand, Patrick L: Corraleek
Hand, Peter L: Derryloo N: Peter
Hand, Peter L: Derryloo N: Tom
Hand, Peter, Sr. L: Derryloo
Hand, Rev. Thomas L: Annachullion Glebe
Hand, Thomas L: Derryard
Hare, James L: Lammy
Hare, James L: Lisnamallard
Harn, James L: Kimran
Harn, James L: Mullanvaum
Harn, John L: Mullanvaum
Harn, Laurence L: Mullanvaum
Harn, Mary L: Lannaght
Harn, Patrick L: Doon & Eshcleagh
Harn, Patrick L: Mullanvaum
Harn, Peter L: Mullanvaum
Harn, Thomas L: Mullanvaum
Harper, James L: Annahome
Harrington, Johm L: Mullaghbrady
Harrington, John L: Rosslea
Harrington, John T: Rosslea - Main Street
Harrington, John L: Tattinbarr
Harte, Patrick L: Carnmore
Herbert, Maurice L: Clonfad
Herbert, Richard L: Clonmackan
Herbert, Richard, Jr. L: Clonfad
Herbert, Richard, Sr. L: Clonfad
Herbert, Thomas L: Clonfad
Hicks, John L: Dernabacky
Higgins, Rose L: Rossbrick Glebe
Higgins, William L: Rossbrick Glebe
Holden, William L: Annachullion Glebe
Howe, Jane L: Annaghkeel
Howe, Jane L: Drumharriff
Howe, Thomas L: Knocks
Howe, William L: Knocks
Howe, William L: Rossbrick Glebe
Hughes, Rose L: Clonagun
Hutchinson, William L: Drumbinnisk
Irvine, George L: Aghaboy
Irvine, John L: Aghaboy
Irvine, John L: Cloncorr
Irvine, John L: Gortinure
Irwin, Charles L: Eshnadeelada
Irwin, Isabella L: Annaghilly South
Irwin, James L: Shannock Green
Irwin, Jane L: Annynanum
Irwin, Robert L: Galbally
Jackson, Henry L: Clontivrin
Johnston, Alexander L: Mullaghconnelly
Johnston, Alexander L: Mullanahinch
Johnston, Andrew L: Knockavea
Johnston, Francis L: Coolnamarrow
Johnston, Francis L: Crocknaboghil
Johnston, Francis L: Liskilly
Johnston, Francis L: Mount Darby
Johnston, Isabella L: Annahome
Johnston, James L: Aghnachuill
Johnston, James L: Annagolgan
Johnston, James L: Corrardaghy
Johnston, James L: Drumady
Johnston, James L: Drumgoast
Johnston, James L: Knockavea
Johnston, James L: Lacky
Johnston, James L: Liskilly
Johnston, James L: Lisrace
Johnston, James L: Mullynalughoge
Johnston, James L: Rossbrick Glebe
Johnston, Jane L: Mullanahinch
Johnston, John L: Corraghy
Johnston, John L: Derrymeen
Johnston, John L: Tully
Johnston, Joseph L: Killyfole
Johnston, Joseph L: Killylacky
Johnston, Joseph L: Strananerriagh
Johnston, Joseph L: Tully
Johnston, Margaret L: Drumsoo
Johnston, Robert L: Lisrace
Johnston, Robert L: Lisroon
Johnston, Robert L: Mullaghglass
Johnston, Robert L: Mullycavan
Johnston, Robert L: Mullynalughoge
Johnston, Susan L: Strananerriagh
Johnston, Thomas L: Aghnachuill
Johnston, Thomas L: Killylacky
Johnston, Thomas, Jr. L: Drumsoo
Johnston, Thomas, Sr. L: Drumsoo
Johnston, William L: Cortrasna
Johnston, William L: Mullycavan
Johnston, William L: Tully
Johnston, William, Jr. L: Lisroon
Johnston, William, Sr. L: Lisroon
Jones, John L: Knocknalosset
Jones, John L: Tully
Kearns, Alexander L: Rossbrick Glebe
Kearns, Alice L: Dernaglug & Drumaa
Kearns, Anne L: Dernaglug & Drumaa
Kearns, Bernard L: Arnot's Grove
Kearns, Elizabeth L: Drummams Glebe
Kearns, James L: Dernaglug & Drumaa
Kearns, James L: Loughgare
Kearns, James T: Rosslea - Main Street
Kearns, Michael L: Knockmacaroony Glebe
Kearns, Owen L: Kilroosky
Kearns, Patrick L: Arnot's Grove
Kearns, Patrick L: Dernaglug & Drumaa
Kearns, Sarah L: Arnot's Grove
Kearns, Sarah L: Loughgare
Keelin, James L: Clonagun
Keenan, Bridget L: Drumsoo
Keenan, James L: Doon & Eshcleagh
Keenan, Luke L: Cordoolagh
Keenan, Luke L: Mullanahinch
Keenan, Luke T: Rosslea - Main Street
Keenan, Luke L: Tattinbarr
Keenan, Mary L: Mullanvaum
Keenan, Michael L: Annashanco
Keenan, Patk. L: Doon & Eshcleagh
Keenan, Sarah L: Rosslea
Keenan, Terence L: Tattygormican
Kellegher, John L: Killyfole
Kells, James L: Clonagun
Kells, John L: Clonagun
Kells, Thomas L: Strananerriagh
Kelly, Hugh L: Follum Little
Kelly, James L: Clonmackan
Kelly, James L: Derrynacloy
Kelly, James L: Follum Little
Kelly, John L: Drumrainy
Kelly, John, Jr. L: Kilroosky
Kelly, John, Sr. L: Kilroosky
Kelly, Patrick L: Derryard
Kelly, William L: Knockmacaroony Glebe
Kennedy, David T: Rosslea - Main Street
Kennedy, Henry L: Clonfeile
Kennedy, James L: Clontivrin
Kennedy, Ralph L: Clonfeile
Kennedy, Rose L: Liskilly
Keon, Edward L: Cloncorr
Keon, James L: Aghaboy
Keon, James L: Cloncorr
Keon, Thomas T: Rosslea - Main Street
Kerr, James L: Cromaghy
Kerr, Patrick L: Pottiagh
Kerr, Patrick T: Rosslea - Main Street
Kettle, Allan L: Cloghmore
Kettle, William L: Gortinure
Kilbra, Anne L: Derrynawilt West
Killeen, James L: Clonfeile
Killeen, James L: Gortinure
Killen, James L: Tully
Killen, John L: Killyfole
King, John L: Annaghkeel
King, John L: Scribby
Knight, James L: Killyvilly
Knight, James L: Lismacsheela
Larner, John T: Rosslea - Main Street
Lawlor, John L: Errasallagh
Lawlor, Mary Anne L: Errasallagh
Lawlor, Patrick L: Carnmore
Lawlor, Sarah L: Carnmore
Lemon, William L: Scribby
Lenahan, John T: Rosslea - Main Street
Lennon, William L: Cloghmore
Leonard, Arthur L: Drumacrittin
Leonard, Charles L: Drumacrittin
Leonard, Charles L: Pottiagh
Leonard, Edward L: Mullanahinch
Leonard, Hugh L: Crockada
Leonard, John L: Crockada
Leonard, John L: Drumacrittin
Leonard, Owen L: Crockada
Leonard, Patrick L: Pottiagh
Leslie, William L: Annachullion Glebe
Leslie, William L: Cromaghy
Leslie, William L: Inver
Leslie, William L: Tattygormican
Levingston, Robert L: Rossbrick Glebe
Little, Anne L: Dernabacky
Little, Edward L: Clonatty
Little, Fanny L: Dresternan
Little, Francis L: Aghadrumsee & Killygorman
Little, Henry L: Carneyhome
Little, James L: Derrynacloy
Little, James L: Drumbrughas
Little, James L: Follum Little
Little, Margaret L: Coolnalong
Little, Margaret L: Mullanahinch
Little, Robert L: Bosallagh
Little, Robert L: Errasallagh
Little, Robert L: Follum Little
Little, William L: Carneyhome
Little, William L: Clonagun
Little, William L: Clonfad
Little, William L: Mullanahinch
Lochead, Isabella L: Drumyarkin
Love, James L: Spring Grove
Lunny, Adam L: Dresternan
Lunny, James L: Clonfad
Lynch, Bernard L: Annagolgan
Lynch, Catherine L: Lisnawesnagh
Lynch, Francis L: Drumshancorick
Lynch, Francis L: Tibberedoge Glebe
Lynch, James L: Drumerwinter
Lynch, James L: Drumrainy
Lynch, John L: Ervey
Lynch, John L: Tibberedoge Glebe
Lynch, Luke L: Milligans
Lynch, Luke L: Tibberedoge Glebe
Lynch, Mary L: Tully
Lynch, Michael L: Drumerwinter
Lynch, Owen L: Knocks
Lynch, Patrick L: Crocknagross
Lynch, Patrick L: Drumshancorick
Lynch, Patrick, Jr. L: Tibberedoge Glebe
Lynch, Patrick, Sr. L: Tibberedoge Glebe
Lynch, Peter L: Mullans
Lynch, Peter L: Tattintonegan
Lynch, Peter L: Tully
Lyons, William L: Rellan
Lyster, George L: Mullaghglass
Madden, Edward L: Annaghmartin
Madden, Edward L: Annashanco
Madden, Edward L: Drumacrittin
Madden, Edward L: Spring Grove
Madden, John L: Annagolgan
Madden, John L: Annahervy
Madden, John L: Annahome
Madden, John L: Cloghmore
Madden, John L: Drumgoast
Madden, John L: Drumshancorick
Madden, John L: Mullanahinch
Madden, John L: Rathkeevan
Madden, John L: Spring Grove
Madden, John L: Tattinbarr
Madden, John L: Tattygormican
Madden, Patrick, Jr. L: Aghnashammer
Madden, Patrick, Sr. L: Aghnashammer
Magee, Charles L: Derryvolan
Magee, James L: Derrynawilt East
Maguire, Arthur L: Corranny
Maguire, Bernard L: Corranny
Maguire, Bernard L: Drumguiff
Maguire, Charles L: Derrygelly
Maguire, Constantine L: Clonmackan
Maguire, Cormack L: Gowny
Maguire, Edward L: Bunlougher
Maguire, Edward L: Carnmore
Maguire, Edward L: Corraghy
Maguire, Edward L: Dernaglug & Drumaa
Maguire, Edward L: Tully
Maguire, Elizabeth L: Corrardaghy
Maguire, Felix L: Clontivrin
Maguire, Francis L: Bunlougher
Maguire, Francis L: Gowny
Maguire, Francis L: Greaghaverrin
Maguire, Francis L: Killyfole
Maguire, Hannah L: Drumguiff
Maguire, Hugh L: Aghadrumsee & Killygorman
Maguire, Hugh L: Annynanum
Maguire, Hugh L: Corlaghaloon
Maguire, James L: Annaghmartin
Maguire, James L: Corranny
Maguire, James L: Derrynacloy
Maguire, James L: Errasallagh
Maguire, James L: Gortinure
Maguire, James L: Greaghnagore
Maguire, James L: Kilroosky
Maguire, James L: Mullaghconnelly
Maguire, James L: Strananerriagh
Maguire, John L: Corlaghaloon
Maguire, John L: Derrynacloy
Maguire, John L: Mullaghconnelly
Maguire, John L: Tonitygorman
Maguire, Mary L: Derrynacloy
Maguire, Mary L: Drumbrughas
Maguire, Mary L: Drumguiff
Maguire, Mary L: Greaghaverrin
Maguire, Mary L: Shannock
Maguire, Michael L: Cordoolagh
Maguire, Michael L: Crocknagross
Maguire, Michael L: Doon & Eshcleagh
Maguire, Patrick L: Coolnamarrow
Maguire, Patrick L: Strananerriagh
Maguire, Patrick T: Rosslea - Main Street
Maguire, Patrick, Jr. L: Derryvolan
Maguire, Patrick, Sr. L: Derryvolan
Maguire, Peter L: Derrygelly
Maguire, Peter L: Follum Big
Maguire, Redmond L: Corragunt
Maguire, Rose L: Corraghy
Maguire, Terence L: Dernabacky
Maguire, Thomas L: Cromaghy
Maguire, Thomas L: Doon & Eshcleagh
Maguire, Wiliam L: Kilridd
Magwood, James L: Mullaghconnelly
Magwood, John L: Annaghilly South
Magwood, John T: Rosslea - Main Street
Magwood, John L: Tonity Bog
Magwood, Maryanne L: Annagolgan
Magwood, Samuel L: Cordoolagh
Magwood, Samuel L: Drumyarkin
Magwood, Samuel L: Mullaghconnelly
Magwood, William L: Tattinbarr
Maines, Catherine L: Clonatty
Maines, Thomas L: Lisrace
Malcolm, William L: Cloghmore
Maneely, James L: Cloncorr
Manly, Catherine L: Crockawaddy Glebe
Manly, Michael L: Crockawaddy Glebe
Manly, Owen L: Crockawaddy Glebe
Marrin, Henry T: Magheraveela
Martin, Connor L: Knockawaddy
Martin, Ellen L: Derryneese
Martin, Hugh L: Derryneese
Martin, James L: Rossbrick Glebe
Martin, John L: Carneyhome
Martin, John L: Derryneese
Martin, John L: Pottiagh
Martin, John L: Rossbrick Glebe
Martin, John L: Rosslea
Martin, Michael L: Derryneese
Martin, Owen L: Derryneese
Martin, Owen L: Lannaght
Martin, Philip L: Derryneese
Martin, Robert L: Knockavea
Martin, Robert L: Mullaghconnelly
Martin, Robert T: Rosslea - Main Street
Martin, Thomas L: Derryneese
Martin, Thomas L: Mullaghconnelly
Masterson, James L: Clonfad
Maxwell, Alexander L: Tattinbarr
Mayne, John L: Crockarevan
Mayne, Samuel L: Rateen
Mayne, Thomas L: Derrynawilt West
Mayne, William L: Golan
McAdam, Edward L: Shannock
McAleer, Henry L: Derryheanlish
McAloon, Patrick L: Clontivrin
McAloone, Arthur L: Drumguiff
McAloone, Arthur L: Drumshancorick
McAloone, Edward L: Eshywulligan
McAloone, Felix L: Bunlougher
McAloone, Felix L: Eshywulligan
McAloone, Hugh L: Eshywulligan
McAloone, James L: Drumguiff
McAloone, Mary L: Corragunt
McAloone, Mary L: Eshnadarragh
McAloone, Owen L: Drumerheeve
McAloone, Patrick L: Drumshancorick
McAloone, Patrick L: Eshywulligan
McAloone, Patrick L: Gowny
McAloone, Patrick L: Kimran
McAloone, Peter L: Eshnadarragh
McAloone, Peter L: Eshywulligan
McAloone, Roger L: Mullanvaum
McAloone, Rose L: Eshnadarragh
McAloone, Thomas L: Mullanvaum
McAnally, James L: Rellan
McAneeny, Michael L: Scribby
McAneny, Thomas L: Mullycavan
McArdle, John L: Aghnashammer
McArdle, John L: Follum Big
McAree, Hugh T: Rosslea - Main Street
McAree, John T: Rosslea - Main Street
McAtee, Mary L: Eshywulligan
McAveeny, Patrick L: Clonfeile
McAvinie, Catherine L: Corrardaghy
McAvinie, Mary L: Dernaglug & Drumaa
McBride, Patrick L: Clonatty
McBrien, Rose L: Annagolgan
McCabe, Edward L: Drummams Glebe
McCabe, Francis L: Clahernagh
McCabe, Henry L: Cortaher
McCabe, Hugh L: Bunnablaneybane
McCabe, Hugh L: Follum Big
McCabe, James L: Bunnablaneybane
McCabe, James L: Clahernagh
McCabe, James L: Follum Little
McCabe, James L: Tonitygorman
McCabe, John L: Cortaher
McCabe, John L: Knockmacaroony Glebe
McCabe, Mary T: Rosslea - Main Street
McCabe, Patrick L: Clonagun
McCabe, Patrick L: Lisroon
McCabe, Peter L: Mullaghbrady
McCabe, Terence L: Clonagun
McCabe, William L: Knockmacaroony Glebe
McCaffrey, Bridget L: Derrygelly
McCaffrey, Connor L: Drumharriff
McCaffrey, Hugh L: Corrardaghy
McCaffrey, Hugh L: Ervey
McCaffrey, Hugh L: Kilridd
McCaffrey, Hugh, Jr. L: Cornamramurry
McCaffrey, Hugh, Sr. L: Cornamramurry
McCaffrey, James L: Annagolgan
McCaffrey, James L: Arnot's Grove
McCaffrey, James L: Clonmackan
McCaffrey, James L: Cromaghy
McCaffrey, James L: Dernaglug & Drumaa
McCaffrey, James L: Kilridd
McCaffrey, James L: Knockavea
McCaffrey, James L: Rathmoran
McCaffrey, John L: Cornamramurry
McCaffrey, John L: Corrardaghy
McCaffrey, John L: Crockada
McCaffrey, John L: Greaghawarren
McCaffrey, John L: Rosslea
McCaffrey, John L: Strananerriagh
McCaffrey, Owen L: Errasallagh
McCaffrey, Owen T: Rosslea - Main Street
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Dernaglug & Drumaa
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Derrygelly
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Knockavea
McCaffrey, Sarah L: Tattinbarr
McCaffrey, Terence L: Knocks
McCaffrey, Thomas L: Corraghy
McCaffrey, Thomas L: Killyfole
McCaffrey, Thomas L: Rossbrick Glebe
McCaffrey, Thomas T: Rosslea - Main Street
McCaffrey, William L: Drumharriff
McCarney, Francis L: Knockavea
McCarney, James L: Drumcru
McCarney, James L: Killyvilly
McCarney, James L: Rateen
McCarran, Stephen L: Clontivrin
McCart, John L: Drumerheeve
McCart, John L: Drumshancorick
McCart, John, Sr. L: Drumerheeve
McCauley, James L: Errasallagh
McCauley, Thomas L: Eshnadeelada
McClintock, John L: Clonagun
McClure, Richard L: Doon & Eshcleagh
McCluskey, Ellen L: Corragunt
McCluskey, Hugh L: Corragunt
McCluskey, Mary L: Corragunt
McCluskey, Peter L: Corragunt
McCluskey, Thomas L: Corragunt
McCollin, Patrick L: Drumswords
McCollum, Charles L: Dernabacky
McCollum, James L: Clonagun
McCormack, Patrick L: Scribby
McCourt, Peter L: Annachullion Glebe
McCromb, James L: Annaghmartin
McCudden, John L: Mullanahinch
McCudden, Michael L: Mullaghbrady
McCullagh, James L: Corrardaghy
McCullen, Charles L: Tully
McCusker, John L: Derryard
McCusker, Michael L: Derryard
McCutcheon, John T: Magheraveela
McDermott, Bernard L: Mullanvaum
McDermott, Bernard L: Mullanvaun
McDermott, James L: Strananerriagh
McDermott, James T: Magheraveela
McDermott, John L: Mullanvaum
McDermott, Michael L: Gorteen
McDermott, Murphy L: Annynanum
McDonald, Rose T: Rosslea - Main Street
McDonnell, Dominick L: Gowny
McDonnell, Dominick L: Lammy
McDonnell, Dominick L: Lisnamallard
McDonnell, Edward L: Clonfad
McDonnell, Edward L: Kilroosky
McDonnell, Felix L: Gowny
McDonnell, Felix L: Kilroosky
McDonnell, Francis L: Clonfad
McDonnell, James L: Clontivrin
McDonnell, James L: Lammy
McDonnell, James L: Lisnamallard
McDonnell, Jane L: Tully
McDonnell, John L: Clonatty
McDonnell, Rose L: Rosslea
McDonnell, Stephen L: Corraghy
McDougal, Margaret L: Tully
McDowell, Elizabeth L: Lacky
McElarky, Patrick L: Bunnablaneybane
McElmurry, John L: Annaghmartin
McElnurry, William L: Gortinure
McElroy, Ellen L: Stralustrin
McElroy, Patrick L: Lacky
McElveel, Hugh L: Rellan
McEntee, Arthur L: Pottiagh
McGane, John L: Drumbrughas
McGarl, Thomas L: Derrynacloy
McGarl, Thomas L: Drumbrughas
McGinty, Owen L: Derryvolan
McGirvey, Mary L: Lammy
McGonnell, John L: Coolnalong
McGovern, Francis L: Drumshancorick
McGrath, Mary L: Mullans
McGuigan, John L: Derryard
McGuinness, Bernard L: Crockarevan
McGuinness, William L: Tattinbarr
McHugh, Hugh L: Clonfeile
McIlroy, Francis L: Corrardaghy
McIlroy, James L: Annaghilly South
McIlroy, James L: Bunlougher
McIlroy, James L: Crockawaddy Glebe
McIlroy, James L: Eshekerin
McIlroy, James L: Tattymorris
McIlroy, Patrick L: Corraleek
McIlroy, Patrick L: Tattymorris
McIlroy, Philip L: Corrardaghy
McIlroy, Sarah L: Corraleek
McKeeve, Charles L: Doon & Eshcleagh
McKeever, Jane L: Strananerriagh
McKenna, Anne L: Bunmichael
McKenna, Anne T: Rosslea - Main Street
McKenna, Catherine L: Bunmichael
McKenna, Catherine L: Eshekerin
McKenna, Catherine L: Kilridd
McKenna, Hugh L: Bunmichael
McKenna, James L: Bunnablaneybane
McKenna, James L: Corrinshigo
McKenna, James L: Rellan
McKenna, John L: Derryard
McKenna, John L: Derrynawilt East
McKenna, John L: Tattynacunninan
McKenna, John L: Tully
McKenna, Michael L: Derryard
McKenna, Michael L: Mullans
McKenna, Patrick L: Bunnablaneybane
McKenna, Patrick L: Derrygannon
McKenna, Patrick L: Doon & Eshcleagh
McKenna, Peter L: Carnmore
McKenna, Peter L: Eshnadarragh
McKenna, Philip L: Lammy
McKeon, Rose L: Pottiagh
McKiernan, Joseph L: Corrardaghy
McLean, Patrick L: Follum Little
McMahon, Anne T: Rosslea - Main Street
McMahon, Arthur L: Derrynawilt West
McMahon, Arthur L: Errasallagh
McMahon, Bernard L: Crocknagross
McMahon, Bridget L: Derrynacloy
McMahon, Bridget L: Gorteen
McMahon, David L: Gorteen
McMahon, Edward L: Annynanum
McMahon, Edward L: Eshnadarragh
McMahon, Edward L: Mullycavan
McMahon, Francis L: Corbane
McMahon, Francis L: Drumshancorick
McMahon, Francis L: Legacurry
McMahon, Hugh L: Mullanahinch
McMahon, James L: Bunlougher
McMahon, James L: Corbane
McMahon, James L: Corragunt
McMahon, James L: Corraleek
McMahon, James L: Crocknagross
McMahon, James L: Derryheanlish
McMahon, James L: Drumerheeve
McMahon, James L: Drumshancorick
McMahon, James L: Errasallagh
McMahon, James L: Follum Big
McMahon, James L: Galbally
McMahon, James L: Legacurry
McMahon, James L: Milligans
McMahon, John L: Annynanum
McMahon, John L: Bruscarnagh
McMahon, John L: Corraghy
McMahon, John L: Cromaghy
McMahon, John L: Derryneese
McMahon, John L: Knockmacaroony Glebe
McMahon, John L: Tonity Bog
McMahon, John, Jr. L: Gorteen
McMahon, John, Sr. L: Gorteen
McMahon, Laur., Sr. L: Crocknagross
McMahon, Laurence L: Crocknagross
McMahon, Mary L: Crocknagross
McMahon, Mary L: Errasallagh
McMahon, Mary L: Milligans
McMahon, Michael L: Cornacreeve
McMahon, Michael L: Eshnadarragh
McMahon, Michael L: Gorteen
McMahon, Michael L: Kimran
McMahon, Neill L: Corranny
McMahon, Owen L: Clonfad
McMahon, Owen L: Drumerheeve
McMahon, Owen L: Lannaght
McMahon, Owen L: Lisnamallard
McMahon, Patk., Sr. L: Gorteen
McMahon, Patrick L: Cornacreeve
McMahon, Patrick L: Corraghy
McMahon, Patrick L: Crocknagross
McMahon, Patrick L: Errasallagh
McMahon, Patrick L: Gorteen
McMahon, Patrick L: Greaghawarren
McMahon, Patrick L: Knocknalosset
McMahon, Patrick, Jr. L: Gorteen
McMahon, Peter L: Clonagun
McMahon, Peter L: Derryard
McMahon, Peter L: Greaghawarren
McMahon, Peter T: Rosslea - Main Street
McMahon, Philip L: Bunlougher
McMahon, Philip L: Corraghy
McMahon, Philip L: Crocknagross
McMahon, Philip L: Drumshancorick
McMahon, Philip L: Legacurry
McMahon, Philip L: Milligans
McMahon, Philip, Jr. L: Corbane
McMahon, Philip, Sr. L: Corbane
McMahon, Redmond L: Cornacreeve
McMahon, Sarah L: Bruscarnagh
McMahon, Sarah L: Greaghnagore
McMahon, Susan L: Killyfole
McMahon, Thomas L: Eshnadeelada
McMahon, Thomas L: Milligans
McManus, Constantine L: Bunmichael
McManus, Hugh L: Bunmichael
McManus, James L: Ervey
McManus, James L: Eshekerin
McManus, Jane L: Clonmackan
McManus, John L: Bunmichael
McManus, John L: Clonagun
McManus, John L: Drumswords
McManus, Mary L: Kilridd
McManus, Patrick L: Drumharriff
McManus, Sarah T: Rosslea - Main Street
McManus, Thomas L: Bunmichael
McManus, Thomas L: Corragunt
McMaster, Wm. Steam Packet Co L: Clonfad N: Sec.
McMullan, John L: Cromaghy
McMullen, Elizabeth L: Lisroon
McMurray, Samuel L: Mullanahinch
McMurray, Samuel, Jr. L: Annahome
McMurray, Samuel, Sr. L: Annahome
McMurray, Wm., Jr. L: Annahome
McMurray, Wm., Sr. L: Annahome
McOlgun, Thomas L: Cloncorr
McPhillip, Hugh L: Pottiagh
McPhillips, Peter L: Shanaghy
McQuaid, James L: Cromaghy
McQuaid, Patrick L: Annynanum
McQuillan, Bernard L: Derrymeen
McQuillan, John L: Kilridd
McQuillan, Mary L: Derrynawilt West
McQuillan, Philip L: Kilridd
McSolan, Patrick L: Knocknalosset
McSolan, Thomas L: Knocknalosset
McVeity, Thomas L: Killylifferdoo
McVety, James L: Aghnachuill
McWade, Patrick L: Rellan
Mitchell, Rep. Ebenezer L: Gortindarragh
Mitchell, Rep. Ebenezer L: Mullans
Moan, Anne L: Kilridd
Moan, Bernard L: Shannock
Moan, Patrick L: Mullycavan
Moarnan, John L: Clonatty
Moffitt, James L: Knocks
Moffitt, Mary L: Uttony
Molloy, Bernard L: Lannaght
Molloy, Charles L: Dresternan
Molloy, Charles L: Feagh
Molloy, John L: Dresternan
Molloy, John L: Mullans
Molloy, Michael L: Drumerheeve
Molloy, Patrick L: Lannaght
Molloy, Thomas L: Feagh
Monaghan, Hannah L: Arnot's Grove
Moore, Charles L: Cromaghy
Moore, Charles L: Tonity Bog
Moore, Hugh L: Annachullion Glebe
Moore, James L: Drumbealimy
Moore, James L: Tonity Bog
Moore, Jas. L: Cromaghy
Moore, John L: Annachullion Glebe
Moore, Sarah L: Shanaghy
Moore, William L: Derrymeen
Moore, William L: Lisroon
Moore, Wm. L: Cromaghy
Moore, Wm. L: Tonity Bog
Moorhead, Andrew L: Annaghard
Moorhead, Andrew L: Annaghilly South
Moorhead, Andrew L: Tattymorris
Moorhead, James L: Shanaghy
Moorhead, John M. L: Kilroosky
Morris, Michael L: Dresternan
Morrison, Ellen L: Errasallagh
Morrisson, Jane T: Magheraveela
Morrisson, Launcelot T: Magheraveela
Morrisson, Letitia L: Drumharriff
Morrisson, Margaret L: Drumharriff
Mullarky, Edward L: Greaghnagore
Mullarky, James L: Bunlougher
Mullarky, Michael L: Greaghnagore
Mullarky, Patrick L: Bunlougher
Mullarky, Patrick L: Corbane
Mullarky, Patrick L: Greaghnagore
Mullarky, Peter L: Cloncorr
Mullavy, John L: Kilroosky
Mulligan, Andrew L: Corraghy
Mulligan, Andrew L: Kilroosky
Mulligan, Andrew L: Knockmacaroony Glebe
Mulligan, Anne L: Corflugh
Mulligan, Francis L: Corraghy
Mulligan, Francis L: Tattygormican
Mulligan, Hannah L: Corflugh
Mulligan, Hugh L: Corlaghaloon
Mulligan, Hugh L: Corranny
Mulligan, Hugh L: Tattygormican
Mulligan, James L: Corraghy
Mulligan, James L: Corranny
Mulligan, James L: Cromaghy
Mulligan, James L: Dresternan
Mulligan, James L: Tattygormican
Mulligan, John L: Carneyhome
Mulligan, John L: Corflugh
Mulligan, Margaret L: Tully
Mulligan, Owen L: Corraleek
Mulligan, Patrick L: Corflugh
Mulligan, Patrick L: Corragunt
Mulligan, Patrick L: Corraleek
Mulligan, Patrick L: Eshekerin
Mulligan, Patrick L: Eshnadarragh
Mulligan, Patrick, Sr. L: Milligans
Mulligan, Philip L: Carneyhome
Mulligan, Thomas L: Corraghy
Mulligan, Thomas L: Derrymeen
Mulligan, Thomas L: Greaghacholea
Mulligan, Thomas L: Greaghawarren
Mulligan, Thomas L: Tully
Murphy, Bernard L: Cornamramurry
Murphy, Bernard L: Ervey
Murphy, Catherine L: Cordoolagh
Murphy, James L: Corragunt
Murphy, Philip T: Rosslea - Main Street
Murphy, Thomas T: Rosslea - Main Street
Murray, Arthur L: Tattymore
Murray, Bernard L: Tonnaghboy
Murray, Cecilia L: Tattymore
Murray, Francis L: Tonnaghboy
Murray, Hugh L: Derryard
Murray, Hugh L: Drumguiff
Murray, Hugh L: Greaghaverrin
Murray, Hugh L: Greaghnamoyle
Murray, Hugh L: Lannaght
Murray, James L: Tattymore
Murray, James L: Tonnaghboy
Murray, James, Sr. L: Tattymore
Murray, John L: Cloghmore
Murray, John L: Mullavea Glebe
Murray, John L: Tattymore
Murray, Judith L: Derrygelly
Murray, Mary L: Tattymore
Murray, Michael L: Annahervy
Murray, Michael L: Bruscarnagh
Murray, Michael L: Corbane
Murray, Michael L: Derryard
Murray, Michael L: Derrynawilt East
Murray, Michael L: Drumshancorick
Murray, Michael L: Killyvilly
Murray, Michael T: Rosslea - Main Street
Murray, Owen L: Corragunt
Murray, Owen L: Derryard
Murray, Patrick L: Derryvolan
Murray, Patrick L: Greaghaverrin
Murray, Patrick T: Rosslea - Main Street
Murray, Philip L: Derryard
Murray, Philip L: Derrygelly
Murray, Rose L: Derryard
Murray, Rose L: Tonnaghboy
Murray, Terence L: Derrygelly
Murray, Terence L: Derryvolan
Murray, Thomas L: Aghadrumsee & Killygorman
Murray, Thomas L: Greaghaverrin
Nann, Patrick L: Mullanvaum
Neeson, Hugh L: Gortinure
Neill, Arthur L: Killylifferbane Glebe
Neill, Henry L: Annagolgan
Neill, Mary T: Rosslea - Main Street
Neill, Patrick L: Killylifferbane Glebe
Neille, Felix L: Clonagun
Nicholl, James L: Annachullion Glebe
Nicholl, James L: Mullycavan
Nicholl, John L: Annachullion Glebe
Nicholl, Robert L: Mullans
Nicholl, Simon L: Mullans
Nicholl, William L: Annachullion Glebe
Nicholl, William L: Kilridd
Nicholl, William L: Knappagh
Nieson, Hugh T: Magheraveela
Nixon, Rev. Alex. B. L: Drumrainy
Nixon, Francis L: Tattymore
Nixon, George L: Clonatty
Nixon, Robert L: Knockawaddy
Nixon, William L: Aghadrumsee & Killygorman
Nixon, William L: Derrymeen
Nixon, William L: Mullynalughoge
Noble, Alexander L: Mullaghconnelly
Nolan, Isabella L: Aghnashammer
Nolan, James L: Mullanvaum
Nolan, Patrick L: Lannaght
O'Donnell, James T: Magheraveela
Offices, L: T/Roslea/Main Street
Parks, John L: Annachullion Glebe
Perry, Elizabeth L: Knappagh
Pilow, Anthony L: Deer Park
Porter, James L: Errasallagh
Pritchard, Joseph L: Annaghlee
Pritchett, Thomas L: Annaghmartin
Prunty, Charles L: Legacurry
Prunty, Hugh L: Derryvolan
Prunty, Mary L: Legacurry
Prunty, Patrick L: Dernabacky
Quigley, Arthur L: Bunmichael
Quigley, Arthur L: Ervey
Quigley, Daniel L: Derryloo
Quigley, Hugh L: Bunlougher
Quigley, Hugh L: Derryheanlish
Quigley, Hugh L: Tattymore
Quigley, Jane L: Annashanco
Quigley, Jane L: Drumacrittin
Quigley, John L: Bruscarnagh
Quigley, John L: Corrinshigo
Quigley, John L: Greaghnamoyle
Quigley, John L: Mullaghbrady
Quigley, Margaret L: Bruscarnagh
Quigley, Mary L: Cornamramurry
Quigley, Michael L: Cornamramurry
Quigley, Michael L: Ervey
Quigley, Owen L: Derrynawilt East
Quigley, Patrick L: Eshekerin
Quigley, Patrick, Jr. L: Ervey
Quigley, Patrick, Sr. L: Ervey
Quigley, Thomas L: Greaghaverrin
Quigley, Thomas L: Greaghnagore
Quigley, William L: Bunnablaneybane
Quinn, Hugh L: Mullanahinch
Rafferty, Anne L: Eshnadarragh
Reilly, Edward L: Greaghawarren
Reilly, Francis L: Eshnadarragh
Reilly, Francis L: Greaghawarren
Reilly, James L: Lisroon
Reilly, Jas. L: Killyvilly
Reilly, John L: Cornacreeve
Reilly, John L: Killyvilly
Reilly, John T: Rosslea - Main Street
Reilly, Michael T: Rosslea - Main Street
Reilly, Michael, Jr. L: Corlaghaloon
Reilly, Michael, Sr. L: Corlaghaloon
Renwick, William L: Follum Little
Richardson, James L: Drumcru
Richardson, James L: Drumrainy
Richardson, Rev. John L: Derrynawilt West
Richardson, Rev. John L: Drumrainy
Richardson, Rev. John L: Lacky
Richardson, Rev. John L: Summerhill
Robinson, John L: Doon & Eshcleagh
Robinson, Samuel L: Carnmore
Robinson, Thomas L: Strananerriagh
Rooney, Alice L: Killylifferbane Glebe
Rooney, Charles L: Drumerheeve
Rooney, Denis L: Eshnadarragh
Rooney, Denis L: Follum Big
Rooney, Francis L: Derrygannon
Rooney, Henry L: Pottiagh
Rooney, Hugh L: Crockada
Rooney, Hugh L: Derrygannon
Rooney, James L: Derrygannon
Rooney, James L: Eshnadarragh
Rooney, John L: Crocknagross
Rooney, John L: Derrygannon
Rooney, John L: Derrynawilt East
Rooney, Michael L: Corraleek
Rooney, Michael L: Eshnadarragh
Rooney, Owen L: Knocknalear
Rooney, Patk. L: Derrygannon N: Nancy
Rooney, Patrick L: Corraleek
Rooney, Patrick L: Derryheanlish
Rooney, Patrick L: Derryvolan
Rooney, Patrick L: Killylifferbane Glebe
Rooney, Patrick, Jr. L: Derrygannon
Rooney, Patrick, Sr. L: Derrygannon
Rooney, Patrick Sem. L: Derrygannon
Rooney, Philip L: Crocknagross
Rooney, Philip L: Eshnadarragh
Rooney, Thomas L: Corragunt
Rooney, Thomas L: Derrygannon
Rooney, Thomas L: Knocknalear
Rooney, Thos. L: Derrygannon N: Cooper
Rosborough, Barton L: Clontivrin
Ross, Francis L: Inver
Ross, Hugh L: Inver
Ross, John L: Cromaghy
Ross, John L: Inver
Ross, Thomas L: Annagolgan
Ross, Thomas L: Drumshancorick
Ross, Thomas L: Milligans
Ross, William L: Cloghmore
Ross, William L: Eshnadarragh
Ross, William T: Rosslea - Main Street
Rourke, John L: Derryard
Rourke, Owen L: Aghnashammer
Rourke, Owen L: Crockada
Rourke, Owen L: Mullanahinch
Rourke, Owen T: Rosslea - Main Street
Rourke, Patrick, Jr. L: Drumerheeve
Rourke, Patrick, Sr. L: Drumerheeve
Rusk, Richard L: Kilridd
Rusk, Richard L: Stralustrin
Scallan, Thomas L: Corrardaghy
Scallan, Thos. L: Corrardaghy N: Lodgers
Scholes, Anne Jane T: Rosslea - Main Street
Scholes, Francis T: Rosslea - Main Street
Scollan, Patrick L: Arnot's Grove
Scott, Francis L: Tonydrummallard
Scott, James L: Carneyhome
Scott, James L: Gowny
Scott, James L: Tonydrummallard
Scott, Patrick L: Tonydrummallard
Scott, Ralph L: Drumcru
Scott, Richard L: Drumharriff
Scott, Richard L: Tireevil
Scott, Richard L: Uttony
Scott, Robert L: Inver
Scott, Robert L: Lisnavoe
Scott, Robert L: Tattygormican
Sharry, James L: Crockawaddy Glebe
Sharry, Michael L: Tattygormican
Sharry, Thomas L: Rellan
Sheenan, John L: Clonagun
Sheil, John L: Bunnablaneybane
Sheil, Michael L: Follum Big
Sheils, John L: Cornacreeve
Sheridan, Edward L: Annaghkeel
Sheridan, John L: Cloncorr
Sheridan, John L: Kilridd
Sheridan, John L: Rellan
Sloey, Maryanne L: Annagolgan
Slowey, Francis T: Rosslea - Main Street
Smith, Anne L: Derrynawilt West
Smith, Bernard L: Milligans
Smith, Bernard L: Tully
Smith, Bridget L: Derryvolan
Smith, Catherine L: Annagolgan
Smith, Edward L: Corraghy
Smith, Edward L: Deer Park
Smith, Ellen L: Mullaghbrady
Smith, Hugh L: Dernabacky
Smith, James L: Cordoolagh
Smith, James L: Dernabacky
Smith, James L: Derryheanlish
Smith, James L: Knockmacaroony Glebe
Smith, James T: Rosslea - Main Street
Smith, James L: Tattymore
Smith, James, Jr. L: Derrynawilt East
Smith, James, Sr. L: Derrynawilt East
Smith, Jeremiah L: Clonagun
Smith, John L: Annashanco
Smith, John L: Bunlougher
Smith, John L: Drumerwinter
Smith, John L: Follum Big
Smith, John L: Knockmacaroony Glebe
Smith, Martha L: Drumacrittin
Smith, Mary L: Drumerwinter
Smith, Matthew L: Deer Park
Smith, Michael L: Corraleek
Smith, Michael T: Rosslea - Main Street
Smith, Owen L: Mullaghbrady
Smith, Owen T: Rosslea - Main Street
Smith, Patrick L: Derryard
Smith, Patrick L: Feagh
Smith, Patrick L: Mount Darby
Smith, Patrick, Jr. L: Derrynawilt East
Smith, Patrick, Sr. L: Derrynawilt East
Smith, Peter L: Clonagun
Smith, Rose L: Dernabacky
Smith, Thomas L: Milligans
Stenson, James L: Clonfad
Story, John L: Clontivrin
Story, John L: Knappagh
Story, William L: Kilroosky
Sullivan, Bernard L: Derrymeen
Sweeny, Barthw. L: Strananerriagh
Sweeny, Francis L: Killylifferbane Glebe
Sweeny, James L: Annahome
Sweeny, James L: Corraghy
Sweeny, John L: Dernabacky
Sweeny, John L: Killyfole
Sweeny, Philip L: Dernaglug & Drumaa
Sweeny, Philip L: Loughgare
Sweeny, Roger L: Tully
Swift, James L: Annagolgan
Swift, Mary T: Rosslea - Main Street
Swift, Philip L: Annaghmartin
Taaffe, Wiliam L: Scribby
Tague, John L: Rateen
Thompson, Mrs. L: Clonmackan
Thompson, John L: Mullycavan
Thompson, Joseph L: Derryvolan
Tierney, John L: Annaghilly North
Tierney, Patrick L: Drumerheeve
Tierney, Patrick L: Knockawaddy
Tierney, Patrick L: Rathmoran
Tierney, Thomas L: Rathmoran
Tracy, Henry L: Gortindarragh
Tracy, Patrick, Jr. L: Gortindarragh
Tracy, Patrick, Sr. L: Gortindarragh
Tummin, James L: Clontivrin
Venson, John L: Mount Darby
Wadsworth, Alexander L: Gortindarragh
Wadsworth, George L: Drumacrittin
Wadsworth, George L: Killylifferdoo
Wadsworth, George L: Tattintonegan
Wadsworth, John L: Rathkeevan
Wadsworth, Sarah L: Killylifferdoo
Walker, William L: Annaghlee
Wallace, James L: Derrynacloy
Wallace, James L: Drummams Glebe
Wallace, James L: Mullavea Glebe
Wallace, John L: Killylifferbane Glebe
Wallace, John L: Tattynacunninan
Wallace, Margaret L: Clonfeile
Wallace, Phoebe L: Killylifferbane Glebe
Walsh, Elizabeth L: Liskilly
Walsh, Hugh L: Drumsoo
Walsh, James L: Cromaghy
Walsh, Robert L: Cloncorr
Warner, James L: Clonfad
Warner, James L: Clonmackan
Warrell, William L: Doon & Eshcleagh
Warrington, William L: Mullanvaum
Weightman, William L: Cloghmore
Whiteside, Henry L: Knocknalosset
Whitsitt, Benjamin L: Corraleek
Whitsitt, Benjamin L: Mullaghbrady
Whitsitt, Benjamin L: Mullaghconnelly
Whitsitt, Benjamin L: Rosslea
Whitsitt, Benjamin T: Rosslea - Main Street
Whitsitt, Benjamin L: Tattinbarr
Wiggans, John L: Clonagun
Wiggins, Anne L: Dresternan
Wiggins, Edward L: Carneyhome
Wiggins, George L: Knocks
Wiggins, George L: Mount Darby
Wiggins, Gerard T: Magheraveela
Wiggins, Henry L: Dresternan
Wiggins, Henry L: Knocks
Wiggins, James L: Annagolgan
Wiggins, James L: Carneyhome
Wiggins, James L: Milligans
Wiggins, James L: Tonitygorman
Wiggins, John L: Clonagun
Wiggins, Thomas L: Annagolgan
Wiggins, Thomas L: Dresternan
Wiggins, Thomas L: Gortinure
Wiggins, Thomas, Jr. T: Magheraveela
Wiggins, Thomas, Sr. T: Magheraveela
Wiggins, William L: Carneyhome
Wiley, John L: Drumgoast
Wilson, James L: Clonatty
Wilson, James L: Clonfeile
Wilson, Mary L: Clontivrin
Wilson, Thomas L: Clonfeile
Wilson, Thomas L: Lisrace
Wilson, Thomas T: Magheraveela
Wilson, William L: Kilridd
Wilson, William L: Stralustrin
WmMcMaster, Steam Packet Co L: Clonagun N: Sec.
Woods, Henry L: Strananerriagh
Wright, David L: Corragunt
Wright, James L: Killyvilly
Wright, Thomas L: Lismacsheela
Yaw, James L: Annaghmartin

Map of Civil Parishes in county Fermanagh

Civil Parish Records of County Fermanagh

Other Fermanagh Parish Records

1 Aghalurcher

2 Aghavea

3 Belleek

4 Boho

5 Cleenish

6 Clones

7 Currin

8 Derrybrusk

9 Derryvullan

10 Devenish

11 Drumkeeran

12 Drummully

13 Enniskillen

14 Galloon

15 Inishmacsaint

16 Killesher

17 Kinawley

18 Magheracross

19 Magheraculmoney

20 Rossorry

21 Templecarn

22 Tomregan

23 Trory