Griffith's Valuation: Inishmacsaint Parish, County Fermanagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Inishmacsaint Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Inishmacsaint parish and every other parish in county Fermanagh as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Fermanagh in 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Inishmacsaint Parish 1862

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You should also check the records of Inishmacsaint parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Abercrombie, William L: Aghameelan
Acheson, Alexander L: Dromore
Acheson, Alexander L: Sandhill
Acheson, Alice L: Conagher
Acheson, Robert L: Beagh Little
Acheson, Robert L: Loughachork
Acheson, Thomas L: Drumary
Acheson, William L: Muggalnagrow
Alexander, L: Rossdagamph- St. Catherines N: and Others
Allingham, John L: Sandhill
Anderson, John L: Sandhill
Archdall, Edward L: Glenwinny
Archdall, Edward T: Derrygonnelly
Armstorng, William T: Derrygonnelly
Armstrong, Edward T: Derrygonnelly N: and Others
Armstrong, James L: Drumbockany
Armstrong, James L: Tabagh
Armstrong, James L: Tullynagowan
Armstrong, John L: Drumbockany
Armstrong, Robert L: Cosbystown
Armstrong, Simon L: Bunnahone
Armstrong, Susan T: Derrygonnelly
Armstrong, William L: Blackslee
Armstrong, William L: Letter
Armstrong, William L: Sandhill
Ball, Alexander L: Cosbystown
Brady, John T: Derrygonnelly
Branley, William L: Moneendogue
Breen, John L: Leglehid
Brennan, David L: Drumataffan
Brennan, Edward L: Sandhill
Brennan, Mary L: Tonnagh
Brennan, Terence L: Muggalnagrow
Brennan, William L: Ardees Upper
Brewster, Thomas L: Corramore
Brewster, Thomas L: Muggalnagrow
Brock, Francis L: Leglehid
Brock, John L: Killy More
Brock, Thomas L: Muggalnagrow
Brock, William L: Glen West
Brock, William L: Killy More
Brogan, Bridget L: Sandhill
Bruce, Jane L: Cosbystown
Burnes, Charles L: Tully
Burns, David L: Blaney East
Burns, Ellen L: Corry
Bustard, John L: Carnirk
Byers, James L: Blaney West
Byers, James L: Inisway
Byers, William L: Blaney West
Byers, William L: Inisway
Caffery, Patrick L: Glen West
Caffery, Patrick, Jr. L: Glen West
Calvin, James L: Milltown Blaney
Campbell, Charles L: Carran More
Campbell, Daniel L: Carran More
Campbell, Daniel L: Meenacloyabane
Campbell, Ellen L: Caldrum Glebe
Campbell, Hugh L: Rosscor
Campbell, John L: Caldrum Glebe
Campbell, John L: Carran More
Campbell, John L: Corry
Campbell, John L: Derrynameeo
Campbell, John L: Drumbadreevagh
Campbell, John L: Glen East
Campbell, Michael L: Carran More
Campbell, Michael L: Corry
Campbell, Michael L: Drumataffan
Campbell, Michael L: Drumbadreevagh
Campbell, Michael L: Sruhanure
Campbell, Owen L: Drumataffan
Campbell, Patrick L: Killy More
Campbell, Patrick L: Muggalnagrow
Campbell, William L: Farrancassidy
Carbery, Owen L: Drumnasreane
Carson, John L: Gortnalee
Carson, William L: Manger
Carty, Andrew L: Knockarevan
Carty, Bryan L: Glen East
Carty, Bryan L: Leglehid
Carty, Patrick L: Leglehid
Cassidy, Felix L: Shean
Cassidy, James T: Derrygonnelly
Cassidy, Patrick L: Derrynacross
Cathcart, John L: Blaney East
Cathcart, Thomas L: Blaney East
Cathcart, Thomas L: Inisway
Clancy, Laurence L: Drumnasreane
Clarke, Edward L: Drumbadreevagh
Clarke, Myles L: Drumbadreevagh
Cleary, James L: Drumnasreane
Cochrane, Robert L: Sandhill
Cochrane, Robert T: Derrygonnelly
Collum, Patrick L: Corry
Connolly, Rody L: Carran Beg
Connolly, Roger L: Drumnasreane
Connolly, William T: Derrygonnelly
Connor, John L: Cornahaltie
Conway, Thade L: Tullynadall West
Corrigan, James L: Drummenagh Beg
Corrigan, James L: Letter
Corrigan, Michael L: Letter
Corrigan, Myles T: Churchhill
Cowan, James L: Ardees Upper
Cowan, Thomas L: Ardees Upper
Cox, Cornelius L: Killy More
Cox, Isabella L: Glennasheevar
Cox, John L: Glen West
Cox, Owen L: Tonnagh
Cox, Patrick L: Dromore
Cox, Patrick L: Glen West
Cox, Thomas L: Glen West
Cox, Thomas T: Derrygonnelly
Cox, William L: Derryvahon
Coyle, Michael L: Knockarevan
Coyle, Philip L: Knockarevan
Credan, James L: Corry
Creggan, Mary L: Drumbockany
Crooke, Adam L: Caldrum Glebe
Crooke, George L: Beagh Little
Crooke, George L: Cosbystown
Crooke, Thomas L: Cosbystown
Crooke, William L: Cosbystown
Crow, Denis L: Knockarevan
Crowel, Thomas L: Garvros
Crozier, John L: Beagh Little
Cullen, Bryan L: Muckenagh
Cullen, Owen L: Muckenagh
Cummins, Edward L: Glenlevan
Cunnion, Michael L: Rosscor
Cunnion, Owen L: Rosscor
Curran, Felix L: Bolusty Beg
Curran, Felix L: Drumcrow West
Curran, John L: Glen East
Curran, Mary L: Tullynadall West
Curran, Patrick L: Sruhanure
Daly, Denis L: Corry
Daly, James L: Brollagh
Daly, James L: Moneendogue
Deane, Chirstina L: Blaney West
Deane, John L: Cosbystown
Deane, Robert L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Deane, William L: Blaney West
Deane, William L: Cosbystown
Deane, William L: Inisway
Deering, Edmund L: Drumnasreane
Devlin, Patrick L: Derrynameeo
Dickson, William L: Beagh Big
Dolan, Bryan L: Corramore
Dolan, Daniel L: Cosbystown
Dolan, Felix L: Cornadarum
Dolan, Francis L: Rosspoint or Cosbystown E
Dolan, James L: Conagher
Dolan, James L: Corramore
Dolan, John L: Conagher
Dolan, Owen L: Dromore
Dolan, Owen L: Sandhill
Dolan, Patrick L: Farrancassidy
Dolan, Thomas L: Drummenagh Beg
Donaldson, David L: Drumcrow East
Donaldson, John L: Drumcrow East
Doogan, James L: Moneendogue
Doogan, Patrick L: Corry
Doogan, Patrick L: Meenacloyabane
Doogan, Philip L: Meenacloyabane
Doolan, Bryan L: Corgary
Doolan, Bryan L: Knockarevan
Doolan, Daniel L: Fassagh
Doolan, Denis L: Fassagh
Doolan, James L: Brollagh
Doolan, John L: Killybeg
Doolan, Michael L: Fassagh
Doolan, Michael, Jr. L: Killybeg
Doolan, Michael, Sr. L: Killybeg
Doolan, Patrick L: Killybeg
Doolan, Philip L: Fassagh
Doolan, Thomas L: Derrynacross
Doolan, Thomas L: Fassagh
Dooras, Patrick L: Tullynadall West
Duffy, Denis L: Callagheen
Duffy, Denis L: Drumataffan
Duffy, Francis L: Corrakeel
Duffy, Francis L: Drumbadreevagh
Duffy, James L: Conagher
Duffy, James L: Drumreask
Duffy, James L: Garvros
Duffy, James L: Glennasheevar
Duffy, James L: Killy More
Duffy, James L: Lergan
Duffy, James L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Duffy, John L: Derrynacross
Duffy, John L: Tully
Duffy, Patrick L: Derrynacross
Duffy, Peter L: Glennasheevar
Duffy, Philip L: Drumataffan
Duffy, Thomas L: Correl
Duffy, Thomas L: Lergan
Duncan, Robert L: Moneendogue
Duncan, William L: Corry
Dundas, Aaron L: Aghameelan
Dundas, Anne L: Carran More
Dundas, Cecilia L: Carran Beg
Dundas, Edward L: Bohevny
Dundas, Edward L: Conagher
Dundas, Francis L: Conagher
Dundas, Francis L: Tabagh
Dundas, Gustavus L: Barr of Bolusty More
Dundas, Gustavus L: Bolusty More
Dundas, Gustavus L: Drumcrow West
Dundas, Henry L: Rosscor
Dundas, Henry L: Rosscor Island
Dundas, James L: Drumbadmeen
Dundas, James L: Drumbockany
Dundas, James L: Killy More
Dundas, James L: Sruhanure
Dundas, John L: Derrynameeo
Dundas, John L: Knockarevan
Dundas, John L: Wheathill Glebe
Dundas, Maria L: Legg
Dundas, Moses L: Wheathill Glebe
Dundas, Noah L: Bolusty Beg
Dundas, Noah L: Bolusty More
Dundas, Noah L: Drumcrow West
Dundas, Noah, Jr. L: Bolusty Beg
Dundas, Patrick L: Callagheen
Dundas, Patrick L: Carran Beg
Dundas, Patrick L: Carran More
Dundas, Patrick L: Corrakeel
Dundas, Robert L: Gortnalee
Dundas, Robert L: Killy More
Dundas, William L: Bolusty More
Dundas, William L: Drumcrow West
Dundas, William L: Sandhill
Dundas, William, Jr. T: Derrygonnelly
Dundas, William, Sr. T: Derrygonnelly
Dunleavy, John L: Carran Beg
Earls, George L: Carrigolagh
Earls, James L: Ardgart
Earls, James L: Barr of Slawin
Earls, James L: Slawin
Earls, John L: Callagheen
Earls, John L: Carrigolagh
Elliott, David L: Aghameelan
Elliott, James L: Aghameelan
Elliott, James L: Carran Beg
Elliott, James L: Cashel
Elliott, James L: Drumcrow East
Elliott, James L: Manger
Elliott, John L: Manger
Elliott, Mary L: Meenacloyabane
Elliott, Patrick L: Meenacloyabane
Elliott, Robert L: Manger
Elliott, Thomas L: Glen East
Elliott, Thomas L: Meenacloyabane
Elliott, William L: Derryvahon
Elliott, William L: Drumcrow East
Ely, Marquis L: Carran Beg N: Marquis of Ely
Ely, Marquis L: Corrakeel N: Marquis of Ely
Ely, Marquis L: Corry N: Marquis of Ely
Ely, Marquis L: Drummenagh Beg N: Marquis of Ely
Ely, Marquis L: Farrancassidy N: Marquis of Ely
Ely, Marquis L: Fassagh N: Marquis of Ely
Ely, Marquis L: Glen West N: Marquis of Ely
Ely, Marquis L: Gorminish Island N: Marquis of Ely
Ely, Marquis L: Knockarevan N: Marquis of Ely
Ely, Marquis L: Moneendogue N: Marquis of Ely
Ely, Marquis L: Rosscor N: Marquis of Ely
Ely, Marquis L: Rosskit Island N: Marquis of Ely
Enniskillen, T: Enniskillen/Henry St. N: Earl of Enniskillen
Eton, John T: Derrygonnelly
Fallis, Thomas L: Drumskimly
Farrell, John L: Beagh Big
Farry, Andrew L: Moneendogue
Farry, John L: Brollagh
Farry, Patrick L: Moneendogue
Farry, Thomas L: Moneendogue
Feely, Bryan L: Glen West
Feely, Catherine L: Glen West
Feely, Denis L: Tullymore
Feely, Francis L: Glen West
Feely, John L: Glen West
Feely, Michael L: Glen West
Feely, Patrick L: Muggalnagrow
Ferguson, Catherine L: Cornahaltie
Ferguson, Daniel L: Glen East
Ferguson, George L: Glen East
Ferguson, Jane L: Barr of Slawin
Ferguson, Jane L: Slawin
Ferguson, John L: Derrygonnelly
Ferguson, John L: Monawilkin
Ferguson, John L: Tiranagher Beg
Ferguson, Margaret L: Cornahaltie
Ferguson, Mary L: Sandhill
Ferguson, Michael L: Drumnasreane
Ferguson, Patrick L: Farrancassidy
Ferguson, Robert L: Dresternan
Ferguson, William L: Conagher
Ferguson, William L: Correl
Ferguson, William L: Largalinny
Ferris, Matthew L: Milltown Blaney
Ferris, William L: Blaney West
Ferris, William L: Inisway
Fitch, James L: Tully
Flaherty, William L: Cornadarum
Flanagan, Ambrose L: Glen East
Flanagan, Andrew L: Killybeg
Flanagan, Bernard L: Glen West
Flanagan, Bernard L: Muckenagh
Flanagan, Bernard L: Tullymore
Flanagan, Bernd., Jr. L: Muckenagh
Flanagan, Bernd., Jr. L: Tullymore
Flanagan, Charles T: Derrygonnelly
Flanagan, Denis L: Derrynameeo
Flanagan, Denis L: Muggalnagrow
Flanagan, Ellen L: Corramore
Flanagan, James L: Muckenagh
Flanagan, James L: Muggalnagrow
Flanagan, John L: Corramore
Flanagan, Mary L: Killybeg
Flanagan, Patrick L: Corramore
Flanagan, Patrick, Jr. T: Derrygonnelly
Flanagan, Patrick, Sr. T: Derrygonnelly
Flanagan, Terence L: Glen East
Flood, George T: Derrygonnelly
Flynn, James L: Drumnasreane
Foey, Bernard L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Foey, John L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Foey, Robert L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Foey, Susan L: Beagh Big
Foster, Christopher L: Tonnagh
Foster, James L: Blackslee
Fowler, David L: Drummenagh Beg
Fowler, David L: Drummenagh More
Fowler, David L: Tully
Fox, Neal L: Drumnasreane
Foy, James L: Tully
Foy, Patrick L: Tully
Foy, Susan L: Tully
Frith, Richard L: Drummenagh Beg
Galbraith, John L: Dromore
Gallagher, Anne L: Glenlevan
Gallagher, Bridget L: Lergan
Gallagher, Christopher L: Cosbystown
Gallagher, George L: Bolusty Beg
Gallagher, James L: Rabbit Island
Gallagher, John L: Bolusty Beg
Gallagher, John L: Drumbadreevagh
Gallagher, John L: Fassagh
Gallagher, John L: Sruhanure
Gallagher, Michael L: Bolusty Beg
Gallagher, Owen L: Fassagh
Gallagher, Patrick L: Corry
Gallagher, Patrick L: Cosbystown
Gallagher, Thomas L: Caldrum Glebe
Gallagher, William L: Beagh Big
Gallagher, William L: Tullymore
Gallinagh, Anne L: Brollagh
Gallinagh, Thomas L: Brollagh
Garvin, William L: Corry
Gilfeather, Daniel L: Manger
Gilfeather, Felix L: Laughill
Gilfeather, John L: Laughill
Gilfeather, John T: Derrygonnelly
Gilfeather, Michael L: Laughill
Gilfeather, Michael L: Manger
Gilfeather, Michael, Jr. L: Laughill
Gilfeather, Patrick L: Laughill
Gilfeather, Thady L: Moneendogue
Gilfeather, Thomas L: Laughill
Gilligan, Bryan L: Muggalnagrow
Gilligan, John L: Moneendogue
Gilroy, Francis L: Drumnasreane
Gilroy, Isabella L: Drumnasreane
Gilroy, John L: Brollagh
Gilroy, Patrick L: Muckenagh
Gilroy, Thomas L: Muckenagh
Glancy, Michael L: Knockarevan
Gordon, James L: Blackslee
Gordon, James L: Bohevny
Gordon, James L: Portnacloyaduff
Gordon, James L: Shean
Gordon, John L: Drummenagh Beg
Gordon, John L: Lenaghan
Gordon, Robert L: Magherahar
Gordon, Simon L: Portnacloyaduff
Gordon, Simon L: Shean
Gordon, William L: Shean
Gorley, James, Jr. L: Drumskimly
Gorley, James, Sr. L: Drumskimly
Gorman, Bridget L: Corry
Graham, Christopher L: Drumcrow West
Graham, Christopher L: Legg
Graham, David L: Leglehid
Graham, Francis L: Sandhill
Green, Henry L: Braade
Green, Honoria L: Braade
Green, Jeanette L: Braade
Green, Patrick L: Derryvahon
Greene, James L: Drumlisaleen
Grey, Patrick L: Glen West
Grey, Terence L: Glen West
Guthrie, James L: Glenwinny
Guthrie, John L: Glenwinny
Guthrie, Thomas L: Glenwinny
Hagan, John L: Glenlevan
Hall, Edward L: Portnacloyaduff
Hall, Edward L: Shean
Hall, Edward L: Slisgarrow
Hall, Edward L: Tullyloughdaugh
Hall, James L: Tonnagh
Hall, John L: Caldrum Glebe
Hall, John L: Dromore
Hall, John L: Tonnagh
Hall, John, Jr. L: Tonnagh
Hall, Robert L: Drumary
Hall, Robert L: Tonnagh
Hall, Thomas L: Drumary
Hall, Thomas L: Glen East
Hall, Thomas L: Meenacloyabane
Hall, Thomas L: Minran
Hamilton, Charles L: Tonnagh
Hamilton, Rev. Hugh L: Binmore Glebe
Hamilton, Rev. Hugh L: Wheathill Glebe
Hamilton, Jane L: Brollagh
Hamilton, Robert L: Leglehid
Hamilton, William L: Glen West
Hamilton, William L: Leglehid
Hamilton, William L: Sandhill
Hamilton, William T: Derrygonnelly
Harran, Hugh T: Derrygonnelly
Harte, Patrick L: Corry
Hassard, Edward L: Tully
Hassard, Francis L: Bohevny
Hassard, Francis L: Whiterocks
Hassard, John L: Carnirk
Hassard, John L: Tully
Hassard, Rebecca L: Bohevny
Hassard, Rebecca L: Whiterocks
Hassard, William L: Drumcrow West
Hassard, William L: Legg
Hazzard, Edward L: Manger
Henderson, Andrew L: Claragh
Henderson, James L: Tabagh
Henderson, Thomas L: Cashel
Henderson, Thomas L: Claragh
Henderson, Wm., Jr. L: Milltown Blaney
Henderson, Wm., Sr. L: Milltown Blaney
Hicks, Francis L: Magherahar
Higgins, Owen L: Derrynacross
Hoey, Anne L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Hoey, Thomas L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Howden, Jane L: Carnirk
Hudeigh, James L: Glen West
Hudeigh, John L: Glen West
Hudeigh, John L: Muggalnagrow
Hueston, James T: Derrygonnelly
Hunter, Samuel L: Caldrum Glebe
Irvine, Maria L: Drummenagh Beg
Irwin, George L: Beagh Big
Irwin, George L: Wheathill Glebe
Irwin, James L: Cosbystown
Irwin, Robert L: Cosbystown
Jennings, James L: Drumnasreane
Johnston, Andrew L: Bohevny
Johnston, Andrew L: Drumreask
Johnston, Anne L: Ardees Lower
Johnston, Anne L: Blackslee
Johnston, David L: Braade
Johnston, Edward L: Barr of Bolusty More
Johnston, Edward L: Bohevny
Johnston, Edward L: Bolusty More
Johnston, Edward L: Drumbadmeen
Johnston, Edward L: Drumcrow West
Johnston, Edward L: Tiranagher More
Johnston, Fanny L: Drummenagh Beg
Johnston, George L: Bohevny
Johnston, George L: Callagheen
Johnston, George L: Tully
Johnston, James L: Ardgart
Johnston, James L: Carrick
Johnston, James L: Derrynameeo
Johnston, James L: Fassagh
Johnston, James L: Glen West
Johnston, James L: Laughill
Johnston, James L: Tullynagowan
Johnston, Margaret L: Tonnagh
Johnston, Porteous L: Gortnalee
Johnston, Porteus L: Fassagh
Johnston, Porteus L: Laughill
Johnston, Robert L: Barr of Bolusty More
Johnston, Robert L: Beagh Big
Johnston, Robert L: Bohevny
Johnston, Robert L: Braade
Johnston, Robert L: Drumreask
Johnston, Robert L: Fassagh
Johnston, Robert L: Meenacloyabane
Johnston, Robert L: Muckinish or White Island
Johnston, Robert L: Tiranagher More
Johnston, Robert, Jr. L: Bohevny
Johnston, Sarah L: Tiranagher More
Johnston, Thomas L: Bohevny
Johnston, Thomas L: Drumreask
Johnston, Thomas L: Glen West
Johnston, Thomas L: Portnacloyaduff
Johnston, Thomas L: Tully
Johnston, William L: Bohevny
Jones, Owen L: Cosbystown
Kayes, James L: Wheathill Glebe
Keenan, Denis L: Killy More
Keenan, James L: Drumlisaleen
Keenan, James L: Farrancassidy
Keenan, James L: Moneendogue
Keenan, Mary L: Caldrum Glebe
Keenan, Michael L: Laughill
Kelly, Edmund L: Drumnasreane
Kelly, Edward L: Gortnalee
Kelly, John L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Kelly, Luke L: Carran Beg
Kelly, Michael L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Kelly, Sarah L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Kelly, Thady L: Carran Beg
Keoghan, Francis L: Drumbadmeen
Keon, Andrew L: Glen East
Keon, Arthur L: Tully
Keon, Bernard L: Farrancassidy
Keon, Bryan L: Glen East
Keon, Daniel L: Cornahaltie
Keon, Daniel L: Lergan
Keon, Daniel, Jr. L: Cornahaltie
Keon, Daniel, Sr. L: Cornahaltie
Keon, Elizabeth L: Lergan
Keon, Francis L: Corgary
Keon, Francis L: Cornahaltie
Keon, Frank L: Muggalnagrow
Keon, Hugh L: Cornahaltie
Keon, James L: Cornahaltie
Keon, James L: Farrancassidy
Keon, James L: Lergan
Keon, John L: Cornahaltie
Keon, John L: Dresternan
Keon, John, Jr. L: Glen East
Keon, John, Jr. L: Lergan
Keon, John, Sr. L: Glen East
Keon, John, Sr. L: Lergan
Keon, Laurence L: Cornahaltie
Keon, Martin L: Carran Beg
Keon, Patk. L: Cornahaltie N: Laurence
Keon, Patrick L: Barr of Drumbadmeen
Keon, Patrick L: Callagheen
Keon, Patrick L: Carran Beg
Keon, Patrick L: Cornahaltie
Keon, Patrick L: Cornahaltie N: L'ence
Keon, Patrick L: Gortnalee
Keon, Patrick L: Lergan
Keon, Peter L: Glen East
Keon, Peter L: Rosscor
Keon, Philip L: Drumataffan
Keon, Philip L: Lergan
Keon, William L: Callagheen
Keown, Francis T: Derrygonnelly
Kerr, Edward L: Aghamore
Kerr, Edward L: Corry
Kerr, Edward L: Drumcrow West
Kerr, Edward L: Drumlisaleen
Kerr, Edward L: Largalinny
Kerr, Edward L: Legg
Kerr, George L: Conagher
Kerr, George L: Correl
Kerr, George L: Leglehid
Kerr, George L: Sandhill
Kerr, George T: Derrygonnelly
Kerr, John L: Carrick
Kerr, John L: Drummenagh Beg
Kerr, John L: Drummenagh More
Kerr, John L: Tully
Kerr, Richard L: Conagher
Kerr, Robert L: Carrick
Kerr, Thomas L: Carrick
Kerrigan, Charles L: Drumnasreane
Kerrigan, John L: Drumnasreane
Kerrigan, John L: Fassagh
Kerrigan, Mary L: Drumnasreane
Kerrigan, Mary L: Tiranagher More
Kerrigan, Michael L: Brollagh
Kerrigan, Neal L: Drumnasreane
Kerrigan, Neal, Jr. L: Drumnasreane
Kerrigan, William L: Lergan
Kilpatrick, Jane L: Drumcrow East
Kilpatrick, John L: Drumcrow East
Kilpatrick, John L: Gortnalee
Kilpatrick, Robert L: Corgary
Kilpatrick, Robert L: Gortnalee
Kilpatrick, Robert L: Killybeg
King, James L: Caldrum Glebe
Koen, Andrew L: Killybeg
Koen, Bernard L: Tullymore
Koen, Bryan L: Killybeg
Koen, Francis L: Killybeg
Koen, James L: Glen West
Koen, James, Jr. L: Killybeg
Koen, James, Sr. L: Killybeg
Koen, Miles L: Meenacloyabane
Koen, Patrick L: Killybeg
Laird, Robert L: Drumlisaleen
Lane, William L: Conagher
Lang, Patrick L: Caldrum Glebe
Leith, Charles L: Largalinny
Leith, Robert L: Largalinny
Leonard, Andrew T: Derrygonnelly
Leonard, Bridget L: Aghameelan
Leonard, Felix L: Corgary
Leonard, James L: Aghameelan
Leonard, Owen T: Churchhill
Leonard, Terence T: Derrygonnelly
Leonard, William L: Drumnasreane
Lipsie, Lewis L: Manger
Little, John L: Sandhill
Little, John T: Derrygonnelly
Lloyd, Thomas L: Caldrum Glebe
Lloyd, William T: Derrygonnelly
Lloyd, William L: Tonnagh
Logan, John L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Love, Francis L: Glennasheevar
Lyttle, John L: Glenlevan
Lyttle, William L: Blaney East
Macauley, Catherine L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Macauley, James L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Magee, Anne L: Knockarevan
Magee, Charles L: Muggalnagrow
Magee, James L: Drumlisaleen
Magee, James L: Glen West
Magee, John L: Corramore
Magee, John L: Knockarevan
Magee, John L: Knockarevan N: Jack
Magee, John L: Knockarevan N: James
Magee, Michael L: Glen West
Magee, Patrick L: Knockarevan
Magee, Terence L: Corramore
Magee, Terence L: Knockarevan
Magee, William L: Derrynameeo
Magee, William L: Muggalnagrow
Magrath, James L: Lergan
Maguinness, Hugh T: Derrygonnelly
Maguinness, Rose L: Drumreask
Maguinness, Rose L: Tully
Maguire, Anthony L: Knockarevan
Maguire, Anthony, Jr. L: Knockarevan
Maguire, Bernard L: Derrynacross
Maguire, Bryan L: Muckenagh
Maguire, Catherine L: Caldrum Glebe
Maguire, Daniel L: Glennasheevar
Maguire, Denis L: Fassagh
Maguire, Denis L: Glen East
Maguire, Hugh L: Drumnasreane
Maguire, James L: Blaney East
Maguire, James L: Drumnasreane
Maguire, James L: Meenacloyabane
Maguire, James L: Shean
Maguire, John L: Braade
Maguire, John L: Conagher
Maguire, John L: Cosbystown
Maguire, John L: Fassagh
Maguire, John L: Knockarevan
Maguire, John T: Derrygonnelly
Maguire, John, Jr. L: Fassagh
Maguire, John, Jr. L: Knockarevan
Maguire, John, Sr. L: Knockarevan
Maguire, Michael L: Corgary
Maguire, Michael L: Meenacloyabane
Maguire, Patrick L: Dresternan
Maguire, Patrick L: Glen East
Maguire, Patrick L: Knockarevan
Maguire, Patrick L: Muckenagh
Maguire, Peter L: Muggalnagrow
Maguire, Philip L: Fassagh
Maguire, Rose L: Drumnasreane
Maguire, Susan L: Corramore
Maguire, Terence L: Drumnasreane
Maguire, Thomas L: Corracloon
Maguire, Thomas L: Drumnasreane
Maguire, Thomas L: Urros
Marshall, James L: Drumbockany
Marshall, William L: Aghameelan
Marshall, William L: Carnirk
Martin, Honor L: Derrynameeo
Maxwell, James L: Blaney West
McAdams, John L: Rahalton
McAnulty, James L: Callagheen
McAnulty, James, Jr. L: Callagheen
McAnulty, Michael L: Drumataffan
McArdle, Michael L: Tonnagh
McAteer, Patrick L: Moneendogue
McAuley, Patrick L: Moneendogue
McBrien, David L: Drumlisaleen
McBrien, Denis L: Callagheen
McBrien, Denis L: Drumataffan
McBrien, Edward L: Ardees Lower
McBrien, Edward L: Ardees Upper
McBrien, Edward L: Carran More
McBrien, Edward L: Gortnalee
McBrien, Ellen L: Slawin
McBrien, James L: Ardees Lower
McBrien, James L: Ardees Upper
McBrien, James, Jr. L: Ardees Upper
McBrien, James, Sr. L: Ardees Upper
McBrien, John L: Ardees Lower
McBrien, John L: Ardees Upper
McBrien, John L: Barr of Slawin
McBrien, John L: Callagheen
McBrien, John L: Carrigolagh
McBrien, John L: Rosscor
McBrien, John L: Slawin
McBrien, John T: Derrygonnelly
McBrien, John L: Tiranagher More
McBrien, John, Jr. L: Ardees Lower
McBrien, John, Jr. L: Ardees Upper
McBrien, Joseph L: Ardees Lower
McBrien, Joseph L: Ardees Upper
McBrien, Mary L: Tully
McBrien, Philip L: Corry
McBrien, Robert T: Churchhill
McBrien, Thomas L: Ardees Lower
McBrien, Thomas L: Ardees Upper
McBrien, Thomas L: Rosscor
McBrien, Thomas, Jr. L: Ardees Lower
McBrien, Thos., Jr. L: Ardees Upper
McBrien, William L: Carran Beg
McCabe, Bernard L: Drumnasreane
McCabe, Hugh L: Conagher
McCaffrey, Charles L: Correl
McCaffrey, James L: Dresternan
McCaffrey, John L: Dresternan
McCaffrey, Peter L: Dresternan
McCann, Bernard L: Fassagh
McCann, James L: Meenacloyabane
McCann, John L: Caldrum Glebe
McCann, John L: Meenacloyabane
McCauley, Terence L: Brollagh
McCawley, Elizabeth L: Knockarevan
McClelland, John L: Drumcrow East
McDermott, James L: Brollagh
McDermott, John L: Derrynameeo
McDermott, Patrick L: Brollagh
McDermott, Patrick L: Derrynameeo
McDermott, Patrick L: Drumnasreane
McDermott, Peter L: Sandhill
McGarrigle, Constantine L: Callagheen
McGarrigle, John L: Corry
McGarrigle, John L: Fassagh
McGarry, Michael L: Drumnasreane
McGaveran, Elizabeth L: Leglehid
McGaveran, Hugh L: Leglehid
McGee, Benjamin L: Drummenagh Beg
McGee, Catherine L: Drummenagh Beg
McGee, Patrick L: Brollagh
McGerr, Hugh T: Derrygonnelly
McGinley, John L: Ardgart
McGinney, Terence L: Moneendogue
McGirl, Luke L: Callagheen
McGirl, Thomas L: Corgary
McGirl, Thomas L: Gortnalee
McGloin, John L: Derrynacross
McGloin, William L: Drumnasreane
McGlone, James L: Gortnalee
McGlone, John L: Braade
McGolrick, James L: Derryrona Glebe
McGoulrick, Margaret L: Moneendogue
McGowan, Bernard L: Muggalnagrow
McGowan, Felix L: Drumnasreane
McGrath, Barthw. L: Carran Beg
McGrath, Bernard L: Farrancassidy
McGrath, John L: Brollagh
McGrath, Susan L: Carran More
McGrath, Thomas L: Carran More
McGrath, Thomas L: Farrancassidy
McGrath, Thomas L: Moneendogue
McGreskin, John L: Knockarevan
McGuiness, Denis L: Meenacloyabane
McGuiness, Luke L: Corramore
McGuiness, Owen L: Meenacloyabane
McGuinness, Denis L: Muggalnagrow
McGuinness, Patrick L: Muggalnagrow
McHugh, James L: Ardgart
McHugh, John L: Ardgart
McHugh, Michael L: Tully
McIlhoney, Mary L: Fassagh
McIntyre, Terence L: Fassagh
McIver, Michael L: Derrynacross
McIver, Patrick L: Brollagh
McKeague, Wm. John L: Drummenagh More
McKeague, Wm. John L: Tully
McKeansy, James L: Moneendogue
McKenny, Edward L: Glen West
McKenny, Patrick L: Glen West
McKinney, James L: Derryvahon
McLoughlin, James L: Tully
McLoughlin, John L: Drumnasreane
McLoughlin, Michael L: Corrakeel
McLoughlin, Owen L: Caldrum Glebe
McLoughlin, Patrick L: Corry
McManus, Anne L: Cosbystown
McManus, Bernard L: Braade
McManus, Bernard L: Lergan
McManus, Constantine L: Meenacloyabane
McManus, Cormack L: Glen West
McManus, Denis L: Drumataffan
McManus, Denis L: Gortnalee
McManus, Denis L: Laughill
McManus, Denis L: Lergan
McManus, James L: Callagheen
McManus, James L: Lergan
McManus, John L: Drummenagh Beg
McManus, Patrick L: Braade
McManus, Patrick L: Cornahaltie
McManus, Patrick L: Drumlisaleen
McManus, Patrick L: Farrancassidy
McManus, Patrick L: Moneendogue
McManus, Patrick T: Derrygonnelly
McManus, Philip L: Lergan
McManus, Philip L: Moneendogue
McManus, Thomas L: Carran Beg
McManus, Thomas L: Cornahaltie
McManus, William L: Drumataffan
McMulken, James T: Derrygonnelly
McMurray, Michael L: Garvros
McMurray, Michael L: Muckenagh
McNulty, Robert T: Derrygonnelly
McPhelim, Owen L: Moneendogue
McRarey, James T: Derrygonnelly
McSharry, Denis L: Drumnasreane
McSharry, Terence L: Drumnasreane
McSharry, Thomas L: Caldrum Glebe
McSherry, Thomas L: Tonnagh
Meehan, John L: Rosspoint or Cosbystown E
Meehan, Patrick L: Moneendogue
Meehan, Susan T: Churchhill
Melley, Thomas L: Glennasheevar
Melly, Patrick L: Laughill
Mills, Alexander L: Ardees Upper
Moffatt, John L: Drummenagh Beg
Mohan, John L: Laughill
Mohan, Michael L: Laughill
Montgomery, Rep. H. R. S. L: Drumcrow East
Moohan, John L: Corramore
Moohan, Margaret L: Muggalnagrow
Moohan, Michael L: Muckenagh
Moohan, Patrick L: Drumnasreane
Moore, James L: Glenlevan
Moore, James L: Minran
Moore, Sarah L: Drumcrow East
Moore, William L: Minran
Morrison, Margaret L: Corracloon
Morrissey, George L: Killybeg
Morrow, Robert L: Portnacloyaduff
Mulhearn, James L: Laughill
Mulhearn, William L: Ardgart
Mulherin, Michael L: Minran
Mulhern, Michael L: Meenacloyabane
Mullalla, Anne T: Derrygonnelly N: and Another
Mulligan, James L: Caldrum Glebe
Mulligan, John T: Churchhill
Mulligan, Thomas L: Caldrum Glebe
Murphy, Mary L: Glenlevan
Murphy, William L: Corramore
Murphy, William L: Glen West
Nelan, Daniel L: Muggalnagrow
Nelan, Miles L: Derrynacross
Nixon, Hugh L: Cosbystown
Nixon, James L: Tullynadall East
Nixon, James L: Urros
Nixon, John T: Derrygonnelly
Nixon, John, Jr. T: Derrygonnelly
Nixon, Nathaniel L: Tullynadall East
Nixon, Nathaniel L: Tullynadall West
Noble, James L: Magherahar
O'Brien, Patrick L: Muckenagh
O'Brien, Patrick T: Derrygonnelly
O'Dair, Bernard L: Carnick
O'Dair, Bernard L: Carnirk
O'Dair, James L: Carnirk
O'Dair, John L: Braade
O'Dare, John L: Conagher
O'Donnell, James L: Drumbadreevagh
O'Donnell, James L: Drumlisaleen
Office, L: Derrygonnelly
O'Neill, Patrick L: Claragh
Ovens, L: Rossdagamph- St. Catherines N: and Others
Ovens, Alexander L: Beagh Big
Ovens, Alexander L: Drumbockany
Ovens, Alexander L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherinesne
Ovens, Arthur L: Corracloon
Ovens, Arthur L: Corry
Ovens, Edward L: Glenlevan
Ovens, Rev. James L: Slisgarrow
Ovens, John L: Gortnalee
Ovens, Robert L: Drumcrow East
Owens, James L: Moneendogue
Parke, Duke L: Glenlevan
Parke, Duke L: Roosky
Parke, Duke T: Derrygonnelly
Parker, John L: Gortnalee
Porteous, Patrick T: Derrygonnelly
Purdy, Margaret L: Muggalnagrow
Quinn, Bridget L: Moneendogue
Quinn, James L: Farrancassidy
Rankin, John L: Dromore
Reilly, Bartholomew L: Carran More
Reilly, Edward L: Corrakeel
Reilly, Hugh L: Brollagh
Reilly, James L: Carran Beg
Reilly, James L: Corrakeel
Reilly, James L: Fassagh
Reilly, James L: Manger
Reilly, John L: Moneendogue
Reilly, John L: Tullymore
Reilly, Michael L: Drumbadreevagh
Reilly, William L: Corrakeel
Rinnick, William L: Sruhanure
Roan, Owen L: Largalinny
Roan, Patrick L: Largalinny
Roan, Thomas L: Glen West
Robinson, Alexander L: Drumbadmeen
Robinson, Ebby L: Drumbadmeen
Robinson, Edward T: Derrygonnelly
Robinson, James L: Glennasheevar
Robinson, James L: Tully
Robinson, Jane L: Muggalnagrow
Robinson, John L: Cosbystown
Robinson, John L: Glenlevan
Robinson, John T: Derrygonnelly
Robinson, Robert L: Ardgart
Robinson, Robert L: Drumbadmeen
Robinson, Robert L: Killy More
Robinson, Robert L: Slawin
Robinson, Robert L: Tiranagher Beg
Robinson, Robert L: Tiranagher More
Rogan, James L: Moneendogue
Rogers, Rep. Edward L: Caldrum Glebe
Rogers, Rep. Edward L: Tullynagowan
Rogers, Rep. Edward L: Wheathill Glebe
Rogers, Eliza L: Drummenagh Beg
Rogers, Eliza L: Drummenagh More
Rogers, James L: Blackslee
Rogers, Jane L: Drumskimly
Rogers, John L: Rosscor
Rogers, Robert L: Callow
Rogers, Robert L: Legg
Rogers, Robert L: Lenaghan
Rogers, Robert L: Magho
Rogers, Robert L: Portnacloyaduff
Rogers, Sarah L: Beagh Big
Rogers, William L: Manger
Rogers, William L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherinesne
Roohan, Francis L: Gortnalee
Rooney, Michael T: Derrygonnelly N: and Others
Roughan, Andrew L: Brollagh
Roughan, Andrew L: Derrynameeo
Roughan, John L: Cornadarum
Roughan, Michael L: Derrynameeo
Rutherford, Gabriel L: Drumskimly
Rutherford, James L: Caldrum Glebe
Rutherford, James L: Drumskimly
Rutherford, Thomas L: Drumskimly
Rutherford, William L: Tullynadall East
Rutherford, Wm., Jr. L: Drumskimly
Rutherford, Wm., Sr. L: Drumskimly
Sanderson, James L: Shean
Sanderson, John L: Shean
Saunderson, John L: Muggalnagrow
Saunderson, John L: Rahalton
Scott, James L: Drumcrow West
Scott, John, Jr. L: Glenwinny
Scott, John, Sr. L: Glenwinny
Scott, Thomas L: Lenaghan
Shaw, Robert T: Derrygonnelly
Shenan, Patrick L: Glen West
Sherin, Michael L: Manger
Shute, John L: Milltown Blaney
Simpson, Robert L: Milltown Blaney
Slevin, Bernard L: Corry
Slevin, Patrick L: Drumbadreevagh
Smith, Rev. John L: Sandhill
Smyth, Rev. John T: Derrygonnelly
Snow, James L: Beagh Little
Snow, James L: Tully
Snow, Matthew L: Beagh Big
Snow, Sarah L: Tully
Somerville, Alexander L: Fassagh
Somerville, Catherine L: Fassagh
Somerville, Thomas T: Churchhill
Somerville, William L: Fassagh
Sommerville, Lowry L: Gortnalee
Spence, John L: Blaney East
Spence, John L: Pushen Island
Stars, Catherine T: Derrygonnelly
Steele, James L: Tonnagh
Steenson, Margaret L: Carrigolagh
Stenson, Alexander T: Derrygonnelly
Stephens, Felix L: Corry
Stephens, John L: Corry
Stewart, Catherine T: Churchhill
Stewart, James L: Beagh Big
Summerville, Andrew L: Drumbadmeen
Summerville, Earls L: Ardees Lower
Summerville, Earls L: Ardees Upper
Summerville, Lowry L: Carran Beg
Summerville, Lowry L: Carran More
Sweeney, Denis L: Glen West
Sweeney, Miles L: Glen East
Taylor, Robert T: Churchhill
Teevan, Andrew L: Corgary
Teevan, Andrew L: Gortnalee
Teevan, Elizabeth L: Farrancassidy
Teevan, Hugh, Jr. L: Killy More
Teevan, Hugh, Sr. L: Killy More
Teevan, James L: Farrancassidy
Teevan, John L: Barr of Slawin
Teevan, John L: Slawin
Teevan, Michael L: Killy More
Teevan, Thomas L: Barr of Slawin
Teevan, Thomas L: Moneendogue
Thompson, Eliza L: Glenlevan
Thompson, Eliza T: Derrygonnelly
Thompson, James L: Cosbystown
Thompson, James L: Glenwinny
Thompson, William L: Blaney East
Tiernan, Robert L: Goat Island
Tiernan, Robert L: Owl Island
Timoney, Denis L: Knockarevan
Timoney, Luke T: Derrygonnelly
Timoney, Patrick L: Glenlevan
Timoney, Patrick L: Glennasheevar
Timoney, Patrick L: Knockarevan
Timoney, Patrick L: Sandhill
Timoney, Patrick T: Derrygonnelly
Timony, John L: Tiranagher Beg
Timony, Margaret L: Glennasheevar
Timony, Margeret L: Glennasheevar
Timony, Patrick L: Brollagh
Toole, John L: Drumbockany
Toutchbourne, Jane L: Brollagh
Tracey, Anne L: Rossdagamph - St. Catherines
Tracey, Bridget L: Ardgart
Tracey, Catherine L: Dresternan
Tracey, James L: Dresternan
Tracey, James L: Tully
Tracey, Mary L: Tonnagh
Tracey, Michael T: Derrygonnelly
Tracey, Thomas L: Ardgart
Tracey, William L: Rosscor
Tracy, Edward L: Glen West
Tracy, Francis L: Glen West
Tracy, Francis L: Lergan
Tracy, John L: Muckenagh
Tracy, Patrick L: Derryvahon
Tracy, Patrick L: Glen West
Tracy, Patrick L: Muggalnagrow
Tracy, Patrick L: Tullymore
Tracy, Patrick, Jr. L: Fassagh
Tracy, Patrick, Jr. L: Tullymore
Tracy, Patrick, Sr. L: Fassagh
Tracy, Thomas L: Glennasheevar
Trotter, David L: Milltown Blaney
Turnith, George L: Tully
Veitch, William L: Glenwinny
Wamsley, Thomas L: Drumcrow West
Ward, Anne L: Corrakeel
Ward, Hugh L: Dromore
Ward, Hugh L: Sandhill
Ward, James L: Blaney East
Ward, John L: Corrakeel
Weir, Launcelot L: Inishmacsaint
Wilkin, James L: Blaney West
Wilkin, James L: Claragh
Wilkin, James L: Milltown Blaney
Wilkin, James L: Milltown/Blaney
Wilkin, John L: Magherahar
Willis, George P. L: Rosspoint or Cosbystown E
Wilson, James L: Bunnahone
Wilson, John L: Blackslee
Wilson, William L: Blackslee
Wilson, William L: Bunnahone
Wilson, William L: Letter
Wolsey, Alexander L: Beagh Big
Wood, Archibald L: Bohevny
Wood, Archibald L: Drummenagh Beg
Wood, Archibald L: Drummenagh More

Map of Civil Parishes in county Fermanagh

Civil Parish Records of County Fermanagh

Other Fermanagh Parish Records

1 Aghalurcher

2 Aghavea

3 Belleek

4 Boho

5 Cleenish

6 Clones

7 Currin

8 Derrybrusk

9 Derryvullan

10 Devenish

11 Drumkeeran

12 Drummully

13 Enniskillen

14 Galloon

15 Inishmacsaint

16 Killesher

17 Kinawley

18 Magheracross

19 Magheraculmoney

20 Rossorry

21 Templecarn

22 Tomregan

23 Trory