Griffith's Valuation: Kinawley Parish, County Fermanagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Kinawley Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Kinawley parish and every other parish in county Fermanagh as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Fermanagh in 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Kinawley Parish 1862

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You should also check the records of Kinawley parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Abercromby, Margaret L: Kiltycrose
Acheson, Alexander L: Corry
Acheson, Charles L: Kinglass
Adams, Alexander L: Killygreagh
Adams, John L: Killygreagh
Adams, William L: Leginn
Alwell, James L: Kinoughtragh
Alwell, Patrick L: Kinoughtragh
Amo, Christopher L: Aghyoule
Anderson, Edward L: Drumlish
Apartments, L: Kinoughtragh N: Teachers
Armstorng, Robert L: Drumhervin
Armstrong, Andrew, Jr. L: Derrycanon
Armstrong, Andrew, Sr. L: Derrycanon
Armstrong, Anne L: Drumboory
Armstrong, Edward L: Cornakill
Armstrong, Edwd. L: Derrychree
Armstrong, Francis L: Glasmullagh
Armstrong, Geo. L: Derrychree
Armstrong, George L: Cornakill
Armstrong, James L: Derrycanon
Armstrong, James L: Kingarrow South
Armstrong, Jane Anne L: Derrycanon
Armstrong, John L: Cornakill
Armstrong, John L: Killymackan
Armstrong, Robert L: Cornakill
Armstrong, Robert L: Mullaghgarrow
Armstrong, Robert L: Tonyvarnog
Armstrong, Robert, Jr. L: Derrycanon
Armstrong, Robert, Sr. L: Derrycanon
Armstrong, Thomas L: Gortgorgan
Armstrong, Wainwright L: Killymackan
Armstrong, William L: Cornakill
Auchinleck, Alexander L: Faurkagh
Auchinleck, Anetel L: Faurkagh
Auchinleck, George L: Faurkagh
Bailey, James L: Derryvore
Bailey, William L: Derryvore
Balfour, Jane L: Derrylaney
Balfour, Jane L: Teemore
Balfour, John L: Drumderg
Balfour, John L: Teemore
Bannon, Patrick L: Teemore
Barton, Geoffrey L: Carn
Barton, Geoffrey L: Clonliff
Barton, Henry L: Killafinta
Barton, Thomas L: Ned
Beatty, Eliza L: Laragh
Beatty, James L: Derryhenny
Beatty, John L: Clondaval
Beatty, John L: Laragh
Beatty, Thomas L: Laragh
Beatty, William L: Laragh
Blackley, John L: Kingarrow South
Blair, Edward L: Corrameen
Blair, Edward L: Derryclegna
Blair, George L: Kinglass
Blair, Henry L: Dragh
Blair, John L: Aghakillymaud
Blair, John L: Drumany
Blair, John L: Sheehinny
Blair, Robert L: Sheehinny
Blake, Hugh L: Drumdoney
Blake, Peter L: Aghaderryloman
Blake, Thomas L: Doon
Blake, William L: Doon
Blake, William L: Drumdoney
Blake, William L: Leginn
Boardman, Anne L: Carn
Boylan, Luke L: Aghaweenagh
Boyle, Hugh L: Aghakillymaud
Boyle, James L: Toralt
Boyle, Patrick L: Aghakillymaud
Bracken, James L: Crummer
Brady, John L: Rossdanean
Brady, John L: Tonynelt
Brady, Rose L: Sheetrim
Brady, Thomas L: Sheetrim
Breen, Henry L: Carn
Breen, Henry L: Moher
Breen, Henry L: Stragowna
Breen, James L: Corrameen
Breen, James L: Moher
Breen, James, Sr. L: Corrameen
Breen, John L: Corrakelly
Breen, Peter L: Corrameen
Breen, Peter L: Moher
Breen, William L: Mullaghgarrow
Breene, Henry L: Caldragh
Breene, James L: Corragole
Breene, James L: Kingarrow North
Breene, John L: Aghnacloy
Breene, Wm. L: Aghnacloy
Breslin, James L: Corragole
Brien, Margaret L: Drumettagh
Brookes, John L: Springtown
Brookes, William L: Kinawley
Brooks, Johnston L: Tirmonen
Brooks, William L: Keenaghan
Browne, Adam L: Coragh Glebe
Browne, Edward L: Corracoash
Browne, Edward L: Crocknacreevy
Browne, James L: Crummer
Browne, John L: Drumboory
Browne, John L: Kinglass
Browne, William L: Crummer
Buchanan, James L: Derrybrick
Buchanan, James L: Drumany
Buchanan, John L: Killygreagh
Buchanan, John L: Kinmeen North
Buchanan, John L: Leginn
Bullock, Mary L: Kinoughtragh
Bullock, Mary Jane L: Teemore
Burke, John L: Cloghan
Burns, Edward L: Derrymacausey
Burns, Terence L: Derrymacausey
Burns, William L: Derrymacausey
Burns, Winifred L: Moher
Carn, John L: Aghaderryloman
Carn, Philip L: Aghaderryloman
Carren, Cormack L: Tiravally Glebe
Carren, Manus L: Crocknacreevy
Cassidy, Bernard L: Corracoash
Cassidy, Bernard L: Corranaheen
Cassidy, Bridget L: Cornahoule
Cassidy, Bridget L: Culleen
Cassidy, Bridget L: Drumlught
Cassidy, Catherine L: Glasdrumman
Cassidy, Edward L: Drumlught
Cassidy, Farris L: Corraclare Little
Cassidy, Forest L: Dresternan
Cassidy, Rev. Hugh L: Killycramph
Cassidy, James L: Corranaheen
Cassidy, James L: Drumshimuck
Cassidy, James L: Rossdanean
Cassidy, Jno. L: Drumlught N: Edward
Cassidy, John L: Derrylaney
Cassidy, John L: Drumlught
Cassidy, John, Sr. L: Drumlught
Cassidy, Mary L: Drumlught
Cassidy, Mary, Jr. L: Drumlught
Cassidy, Michael L: Kingarrow North
Cassidy, Patrick L: Barr or Ramoan
Cassidy, Patrick L: Cullatagh
Cassidy, Patrick L: Drumeeshil
Cassidy, Patrick L: Drumshimuck
Cassidy, Patrick L: Sheetrim
Cassidy, Peter L: Aghakillymaud
Cassidy, Peter L: Corracoash
Cassidy, Peter L: Corranaheen
Cassidy, Peter L: Cullatagh
Cassidy, Peter L: Rossdanean
Cassidy, Philip L: Corracoash
Cassidy, Philip L: Kingarrow North
Cassidy, Rose L: Corracoash
Cathcart, Charles L: Knockninny
Cauden, Bernard L: Corramonaghan
Cauden, John L: Corramonaghan
Cavendish Butler, Hon. Henry L: Inish Rath
Cawden, Edward L: Carrowcarlan
Chambers, James L: Cornacrea
Chambers, Mary L: Tiravally Glebe
Chambers, Rossanna L: Derryvrane
Chittick, Hugh L: Crummer
Chittick, Hugh L: Rossdanean
Clackin, Anne L: Keenaghan
Clarke, Bridget L: Aghaweenagh
Clarke, Bridget L: Derrylea
Clarke, Francis L: Dresternan
Clarke, James L: Aghyoule
Clarke, John L: Camletter
Clarke, John L: Geaglum
Clarke, John L: Gortgorgan
Clarke, John L: Mullaghinshogagh
Clarke, John L: Tully
Clarke, Mary L: Aghaweenagh
Clarke, Patrick L: Aghyoule
Clarke, Patrick L: Camletter
Clarke, Peter L: Greaghmore
Clarke, Philip L: Aghaweenagh
Clarke, Thomas L: Ned
Clarkin, Anne L: Keenaghan
Cleary, Anne L: Corrakelly
Cleary, Cornelius L: Clonfane
Cleary, Hugh L: Aghakillymaud
Cleary, Judith L: Clonfane
Cleary, Michael L: Moher
Cleary, Patrick L: Corravehy
Cleary, Patrick L: Moher
Cleary, Thomas L: Clonfane
Cleary, Thomas L: Corragole
Clerkin, Owen L: Greaghnafine
Cliffarty, Andrew L: Aghalane
Clifford, Anne L: Mullyneeny
Clifford, Denis L: Drumdoney
Clifford, James L: Drumdoney
Cluff, Robert L: Clontymore
Cockburn, Robert L: Callowhill
Cole, Hon. Henry Arthu L: Cornanoe
Cole, Hon. Henry Arthu L: Drumbrughas
Cole, Hon. Henry Arthu L: Tiraroe
Coleston, Robert L: Derryvore
Collins, James L: Clontelaghan
Collins, Margaret L: Clontymore
Collins, Owen L: Glasdrumman
Collins, Owens L: Clontelaghan
Collins, Patrick L: Corrardreen
Collins, Robert L: Aghyoule
Collum, John L: Mullyneeny
Collum, Robert L: Corragole
Coltson, John L: Corry
Connolly, Edward L: Kingarrow North
Connolly, James L: Coolkill
Connolly, Michael L: Knockninny
Connolly, Peter L: Kingarrow North
Connolly, Peter L: Tonnacroob
Corrigan, Catherine L: Portbeg
Corrigan, Francis L: Trasna Island
Corrigan, James L: Aghakillymaud
Corrigan, John L: Springtown
Corrigan, Mary L: Trasna Island
Corrigan, Owen L: Derrymacausey
Corrigan, Owen L: Trasna Island
Cosgrave, Edward L: Derrybrick
Costella, Michael L: Clondaval
Costello, James L: Aghyoule
Costello, William L: Aghyoule
Coulter, Jane L: Gortgorgan
Coulter, Robert L: Kinoughtragh
Coulter, Robert L: Mullan
Coulter, Thomas, Jr. L: Gortgorgan
Coulter, Thomas, Sr. L: Gortgorgan
Cox, James L: Cullatagh
Cox, James L: Derrylaney
Cox, John L: Derrylaney
Cox, Susan L: Cullatagh
Cox, Thomas L: Carrowcarlan
Crampton, Rev. Josiah L: Coolinfin Glebe
Crampton, Rev. Josiah L: Keelpark Glebe
Crampton, Rev. Josiah L: Tiravally Glebe
Cranston, Anne L: Crocknacreevy
Crawford, Ambrose L: Stumphy's Hill
Crawford, Andrew L: Clonturkle
Crawford, Andrew L: Derryvrane
Crawford, Andrew L: Drumroosk
Crawford, Andrew L: Mullaghgarrow
Crawford, Frederick L: Laragh
Crawford, Frederick L: Mullaghgarrow
Crawford, Jane L: Drumroosk
Crawford, John L: Laragh
Crawford, John L: Mullaghgarrow
Crawford, Quaker L: Kinawley
Crawford, Quaker L: Mullaghgarrow
Crawford, Quaker L: Stragowna
Crawford, Robert L: Kinglass
Crawford, Thomas L: Carn
Crawford, Thomas L: Drumhervin
Crawford, Thomas L: Laragh
Crawford, Thomas L: Shanraa
Crawford, Thomas L: Stumphy's Hill
Crawford, William L: Coragh Glebe
Crawford, William L: Drumhervin
Crawford, William L: Graffy
Crawford, William L: Keelpark Glebe
Crawford, William L: Lismonaghan
Crawford, William L: Moher
Crawford, William L: Tirmonen
Crawford, William, Sr. L: Lismonaghan
Creighton, David L: Derryvore
Creighton, Rep. David L: Kinoughtragh
Creighton, Henry L: Drumeeshil
Creighton, John L: Glasmullagh
Creighton, John L: Teemore
Creighton, William L: Derryvore
Creighton, William L: Drumeeshil
Crozier, Henry L: Aghakillymaud
Crozier, Henry L: Sheehinny
Crozier, Joseph L: Kinglass
Crozier, Robert L: Crocknacreevy
Crozier, Robert L: Kinglass
Crozier, Thomas L: Kinglass
Curry, Bernard L: Kinoughtragh
Curry, Bridget L: Sixsmallislands/Aghintra
Curry, Charles L: Kinoughtragh
Curry, Cormack L: Kinoughtragh
Curry, Edward L: Derryhooly
Curry, Felix L: Kilnabrack
Curry, Francis L: Drumderg
Curry, Francis L: Druminiskill
Curry, Francis L: Gortgorgan
Curry, Mary L: Kilnabrack
Curry, Michael L: Kinoughtragh
Curry, Michael L: Sixsmallislands/Aghintra
Curry, Patrick L: Corratrasna Glebe
Curry, Patrick L: Derryvore
Curry, Patrick L: Drumderg
Curry, Patrick L: Druminiskill
Curry, Patrick L: Kilnabrack
Curry, Peter L: Corratrasna Glebe
Curry, Peter L: Kinoughtragh
Curry, Peter L: Mullylun
Curry, Philip L: Cornahoule
Curry, Sabina L: Kilnabrack
Curry, Thomas L: Drumderg
Curry, Thomas L: Sixsmallislands/Aghintra
Darling, Robert L: Killymackan
Deery, Thomas L: Aghyoule
Dobbyn, John L: Stumphy's Hill
Dogherty, Anne L: Tiravally Glebe
Dogherty, Daniel L: Gorteen
Dogherty, Hugh L: Tiravally Glebe
Dogherty, John L: Drummannagapple
Dolan, James L: Aghakillymaud
Dolan, James L: Corragole
Dolan, Patrick L: Derryclegna
Dolan, Philip L: Crocknacreevy
Dolan, Thade L: Derrylea
Donaghy, Terence L: Drumettagh
Donegan, Catherine L: Killycloghan
Donegan, Farrell L: Aghalane
Donegan, Farrell L: Killynick
Donegan, James L: Killymackan
Donegan, James L: Kinrush
Donohoe, Edward L: Dernagore
Donohoe, Francis L: Dernagore
Donohoe, Hugh L: Dernagore
Donohoe, Hugh L: Derryhooly
Donohoe, John L: Derryhooly
Donohoe, Mary L: Dernagore
Donohoe, Mary L: Stramatt
Donohoe, Owen L: Dernagore
Donohoe, Patrick L: Dernagore
Doogan, Cornelius L: Molly
Doogan, Farrell L: Corraclare North
Doogan, John L: Molly
Doogan, John Denis L: Aghindaiagh
Doogan, Michael L: Mullyneeny
Doogan, Michael L: Stramatt
Doogan, Patrick L: Drumbinnis
Doogan, Patrick L: Keelpark Glebe
Doolin, James L: Mullyneeny
Doolin, Peter L: Mullyneeny
Doonan, Edward L: Milltown
Doonan, Francis L: Stramatt
Doonan, Robert L: Aghakillymaud
Doonan, Thomas L: Drumany More
Dornan, Bridget L: Crummer
Dornan, Patrick L: Crummer
Dornan, Thomas L: Tonagh Glebe
Dowd, John L: Derryclegna
Dowd, Michael L: Aghyoule
Droogan, Michael L: Crummer
Drugan, James L: Mullynaherb
Drugan, Owen L: Mullynaherb
Drugan, Patrick L: Mullynaherb
Drum, Bernard L: Drumettagh
Drum, Bridget L: Crummer
Drum, Catherine L: Keenaghan
Drum, Edward L: Cullatagh
Drum, Elizabeth L: Derrymacausey
Drum, Hugh L: Keenaghan
Drum, James L: Cullatagh
Drum, James L: Drumettagh
Drum, James L: Drumharriff
Drum, James L: Kinoughtragh
Drum, James L: Tully
Drum, Michael L: Drumderg
Drum, Owen L: Cornaskeoge
Drum, Owen L: Corrameen
Drum, Owen L: Mullan
Drum, Owen L: Stramatt
Drum, Owen L: Tonymore
Drum, Patrick L: Drumderg
Drum, Patrick L: Mullan
Drum, Peter L: Tonyvarnog
Drum, Peter L: Tonywall
Drum, Peter, Jr. L: Mullan
Drum, Peter, Sr. L: Mullan
Drum, Philip L: Rossdanean
Duffy, Terence L: Rooskagh North
Dundas, Anne L: Derrylin
Dunn, Patrick L: Dresternan
Dunne, Bernard L: Mullynaherb
Ebbett, James L: Killynick
Edgerton, Ellen L: Derryvore
Elliott, Richard L: Coragh Glebe
Elliott, Thomas L: Keenaghan
Elliott, William L: Tiravally Glebe
Ellis, Alexander L: Lea
Enniskilen, L: Corracoash N: Earl of Enniskilen
Enniskillen, L: Clondaval N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Clonliff N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Clontymore N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Coragh N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Crocknacreevy N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Derryhenny N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Killygreagh N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Kilnakelly N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Kinglass N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Laragh N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Mullaghgarrow N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Portreagh N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Stragowna N: Earl of Enniskillen
Erne, L: Aghakillymaud N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Callowhill N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Camletter N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Carrowcarlan N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Corlatt N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Cornakill N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Cornaleck N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Corraclare North N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Corraharra N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Corrakelly N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Corramonaghan N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Corravehy N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Derrycanon N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Derrychorran N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Derrychree N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Derryhooly N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Derrylaney N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Derrylin N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Derryvore N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Drumderg N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Drumettagh N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Drumhervin N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Druminiskill N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Faurkagh N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Geaglum N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Glasmullagh N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Gole N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Gortgorgan N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Inisherk N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Killymackan N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Killynick N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Kiltycrose N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Kingarrow South N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Kinoughtragh N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Knockarevan N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Milltown N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Mullylun N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Mullynacoagh N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Reilly N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Sheehinny N: Earl of Erne
Eustace, James L: Rossdanean
Eustace, Margaret L: Drumroosk
Eustace, Samuel L: Drumroosk
Farmer, Bernard L: Portreagh
Farmer, Eliza L: Portreagh
Farmer, James L: Crocknacreevy
Farmer, James L: Derryhenny
Farry, Arthur L: Kilnarainy
Fawcett, Mary Anne L: Derry
Fee, Andrew L: Legaduff
Fee, James L: Greaghavockan
Fee, James L: Knockbodarra
Fee, Margaret L: Legaduff
Fee, Mary L: Legaduff
Fee, Peter L: Knockbodarra
Feigh, Bernard L: Doon
Feigh, Peter L: Aghindaiagh
Feigh, Peter L: Doon
Finley, Thomas L: Greaghmore
Fitzgerald, Philip L: Glasmullagh
Fitzpatrick, James L: Tonymore
Fitzpatrick, John L: Cornaleck
Fitzpatrick, John L: Geaglum
Fitzpatrick, John L: Killynick
Fitzpatrick, John L: Kingarrow North
Fitzpatrick, Myles L: Reilly
Fitzpatrick, Patk., Jr. L: Kinoughtragh
Fitzpatrick, Patk., Sr. L: Kinoughtragh
Fitzpatrick, Patrick L: Cornaleck
Fitzpatrick, Patrick L: Derryhooly
Fitzpatrick, Philip L: Cackinish
Fitzpatrick, Philip L: Kinoughtragh
Fitzpatrick, Sarah L: Cornaleck
Fitzpatrick, Thomas L: Derrybrick
Fitzpatrick, Thomas L: Kinoughtragh
Flanagan, Adam L: Derrybrick
Flanagan, Thomas L: Gortgorgan
Flanagan, Thomas L: Mullylun
Fleming, Hugh L: Derrychree
Ford, James L: Moher
Foster, Edward L: Aghyoule
Foster, Edward L: Camletter
Foster, Robert L: Aghnacloy
Foster, Robert L: Tonyvarnog
Fox, John L: Corratistune
Fox, John L: Derrybrick
Fox, Rev. John J. L: Aghyoule
Fox, Rev. John J. L: Corratrasna Glebe
Fox, Rev. John J. L: Culleen
Fox, Rev. John J. L: Sixsmallislands/Aghintra
Fox, Laurence L: Corratistune
Fox, Luke L: Corratistune
Foy, Anthony L: Glasdrumman
Foy, John L: Aghyoule
Galeese, Edward L: Corrameen
Galeese, Francis L: Legaduff
Galeese, Henry L: Cullatagh
Galeese, James L: Cullatagh
Galeese, Jano. L: Mullan N: Jemmy
Galeese, John L: Teesnaghtan
Galeese, Judith L: Coragh
Galeese, Margaret L: Mullan
Galeese, Nathaniel L: Coragh
Galeese, Patrick L: Coragh
Galeese, Patrick L: Mullan
Galeese, Thomas L: Coragh
Galeese, Tierney L: Teenaghtan
Galeese, Tierney L: Teesnaghtan
Gallagher, James L: Cornaskeoge
Gallagher, James L: Drumharriff
Gallagher, James L: Keenaghan
Gallan, Andrew L: Cornanoe
Galloghy, Jno. L: Carn
Galloghy, Robert L: Carn
Galloghy, Robt. L: Carn
Gallon, Andrew L: Cornanoe
Gardiner, John L: Cornanoe
Gartside Tipping, Gartside L: Geaglum
Gibson, Christopher L: Derrylea
Gibson, Robert L: Derrylea
Gibson, Thomas L: Greenan N: Red
Gibson, Thos. L: Greenan N: Black
Gibson, William L: Stumphy's Hill
Giffin, Matthias L: Lismonaghan
Gilbride, Andrew L: Knockbodarra
Gilbride, Andrew L: Moheranea
Gilbride, Andrew L: Moneenbane
Gilbride, Andrew, Jr. L: Greaghavockan
Gilbride, Andrew, Sr. L: Greaghavockan
Gilbride, Bernard L: Greaghavockan
Gilbride, Francis L: Drumcullion
Gilbride, James L: Greaghavockan
Gilbride, James L: Knockbodarra
Gilbride, John L: Cullatagh
Gilbride, Michael L: Greenan
Gilbride, Michael L: Moheranea
Gilbride, Michael, Jr. L: Drumcullion
Gilbride, Michael, Sr. L: Drumcullion
Gilbride, Owen L: Greaghavockan
Gilbride, Owen L: Knockbodarra
Gilbride, Owen L: Legaduff
Gilbride, Patrick L: Drumcullion
Gilbridge, Andrew L: Drumcullion
Gileese, Owen L: Aghyoule
Gileese, Peter L: Aghyoule
Gileese, Thomas L: Aghyoule
Gillan, Patrick L: Stonepark
Gillan, Roger L: Stonepark
Gilleece, Peter L: Aghakillymaud
Gilleece, Philip L: Aghakillymaud
Gilleese, Charles L: Gorgesh
Gilleese, Edward L: Tully
Gilleese, John L: Gorgesh
Gilleese, Margaret L: Drumcullion
Gilleese, Michael L: Gortalughany
Gilleese, Peter L: Tully
Gillen, Bernard L: Drumroosk
Gilmore, James L: Corrakelly
Gilmore, James L: Mullynaherb
Gilroy, Andrew L: Drumroosk
Gilroy, Bernard L: Glasdrumman
Gilroy, Bernard L: Tonywall
Gilroy, Catherine L: Derryhevlin Glebe
Gilroy, James L: Drumroosk
Gilroy, James L: Tonynelt
Gilroy, John L: Drumhervin
Gilroy, John L: Drumroosk
Gilroy, Judith L: Corradovar
Gilroy, Matthew L: Derrylea
Gilroy, Matthew L: Glasdrumman
Gilroy, Owen L: Drumroosk
Gilroy, Patrick L: Clontelaghan
Gilroy, Patrick L: Drumroosk
Gilroy, Thomas L: Corragole
Glancey, Edward L: Crocknacreevy
Goodwin, Michael L: Mullylun
Goodwin, Peter L: Derryvore
Gott, John L: Teesnaghtan
Goulding, Charles L: Carn
Goulding, William L: Carn
Graham, David L: Derryhooly
Graham, Francis L: Derryvrane
Graham, Francis L: Springtown
Graham, George L: Corrardreen
Graham, James L: Derryhooly
Graham, James, Jr. L: Derryhooly
Graham, John L: Cackinish
Graham, John L: Derrybrick
Graham, John L: Drumany Beg
Graham, Marcus L: Derryhooly
Graham, Robert L: Aghyoule
Graham, Sarah L: Drumany Beg
Graham, William L: Aghyoule
Graham, William L: Barr or Ramoan
Graham, William L: Drumany Beg
Graham, William L: Mullynacoagh
Greece, Owen L: Cornanoe
Green, Loughlin L: Trasna Island
Greene, Anne L: Glasdrumman
Greene, Anne L: Springtown
Greene, Charles L: Corraclare Little
Greene, Patrick L: Mullylun
Greene, Thomas L: Derrymacausey
Greeves, James L: Derryvore
Greeves, William L: Ned
Gunn, Andrew L: Sixsmallislands/Aghintra
Gunn, Catherine L: Cloghan
Gunn, Catherine L: Cornahoule
Gunn, Edward L: Corraclare Little
Gunn, Edward L: Kinmeen North
Gunn, Felix L: Greaghnafine
Gunn, Felix L: Knockninny
Gunn, James L: Cloghan
Gunn, James L: Milltown
Gunn, James, Jr. L: Corratistune
Gunn, James, Sr. L: Corratistune
Gunn, John L: Derrygurdry
Gunn, John, Jr. L: Corratistune
Gunn, John, Sr. L: Corratistune
Gunn, Joseph L: Derrygurdry
Gunn, Joseph L: Derrylin
Gunn, Rep. Michael L: Corratistune
Gunn, Patk. L: Corratrasna Glebe N: Pensioner
Gunn, Patrick L: Cloghan
Gunn, Patrick L: Cornaleck
Gunn, Patrick L: Corratistune
Gunn, Patrick L: Corratrasna Glebe N: Black
Gunn, Patrick L: Corratrasna Glebe N: White
Gunn, Patrick L: Gortoral
Gunn, Patrick L: Mullyneeny
Gunn, Patrick L: Tonnacroob
Gunn, Peter L: Dresternan
Gunn, Philip L: Corratistune
Gunn, Thomas L: Camletter
Gunn, Thomas L: Cornaleck
Gunn, Thomas L: Drummully
Gunn, Thomas L: Tonnacroob
Gunn, Thomas, Jr. L: Corratistune
Gunn, Thomas, Sr. L: Corratistune
Hanlon, John L: Mullaghinshogagh
Hanna, George L: Aghnacloy
Hanna, George L: Cornanoe
Hanna, James L: Mullaghgarrow
Hanna, John L: Aghnacloy
Hanna, Pebby L: Drumhervin
Hanna, Thomas L: Cornanoe
Hanna, Thomas L: Inishcrevan
Haran, Laurence L: Cornaleck
Harte, Henry L: Tiravree Glebe
Harte, Martin L: Tiravree Glebe
Harte, Patrick L: Coragh Glebe
Hasard, Alexander L: Drummannagapple
Hasard, John L: Drummannagapple
Heavy, James L: Dresternan
Hevy, James L: Clontelaghan
Hewitt, James L: Glasmullagh
Hicks, Alexander L: Greenan
Hicks, Alexander L: Knockbodarra
Hicks, Alexander L: Moheranea
Hicks, James L: Greenan
Hicks, James L: Rooskagh South
Hicks, John L: Greenan
Hicks, Robert L: Greenan
Hicks, Robert L: Rooskagh South
Hicks, Thomas L: Greenan
Hicks, Thomas L: Moneenbane
Hicks, William L: Carracoash
Hicks, William L: Toralt
Hill, Gregg L: Gortoral
Hinds, Charles L: Doon
Hinds, James L: Cornanoe
Hinds, James L: Doon
Hinds, Richard L: Cackinish
Hulthahan, Catherine L: Keenaghan
Hulthahan, John L: Keenaghan
Humphreys, Francis L: Kinawley
Humphreys, John L: Kinawley
Humphreys, Robert L: Kinawley
Humphries, Hugh L: Drumany More
Humphries, John L: Drumany More
Hunt, John L: Kiltycrose
Hynes, Hugh L: Coragh (Crawford)
Hynes, Hugh L: Cornaskeoge
Hynes, Hugh L: Tiravally Glebe
Hynes, James L: Coragh (Crawford)
Hynes, James L: Cornaskeoge
Hynes, John L: Keelpark Glebe
Hynes, Patrick L: Coragh (Crawford)
Hynes, Thomas L: Tiravally Glebe
Jackson, George L: Ned
Jackson, Henry L: Killymackan
Jackson, James L: Derrylaney
Jackson, Patrick L: Derrylaney
Jackson, Thos. L: Killymackan
Jermyn, John L: Kinoughtragh N: and Others
Johnston, Andrew L: Drumshimuck
Johnston, Anne L: Gortgorgan
Johnston, Elizabeth L: Cackinish
Johnston, Francis L: Killycloghan
Johnston, Francis L: Killymackan
Johnston, Francis L: Killynick
Johnston, George L: Cackinish
Johnston, James L: Drumroosk
Johnston, Robert L: Toralt
Johnston, Samuel L: Killymackan
Johnston, William L: Mullan
Johnston, William L: Teemore
Johnstone, John L: Coragh
Johnstone, John L: Gortoral
Johnstone, John L: Stumphy's Hill
Johnstone, Thomas L: Larganacarran
Johnstone, Thomas L: Moneenbane
Johnstone, Thomas L: Rooskagh South
Jones, James L: Kilgarrow Glebe
Jones, Mary Anne L: Derryvore
Jones, Robert L: Mullynacoagh
Jones, Thomas L: Kilgarrow Glebe
Kearn, James L: Cornahoule
Kearn, Patrick L: Cornahoule
Kearns, Andrew L: Drumconor
Kearns, Andrew L: Kinoughtragh
Kearns, Andrew L: Mullaghinshogagh
Kearns, Bernard L: Derrylin
Kearns, Bernard L: Drumconor
Kearns, Bernard L: Kinoughtragh
Kearns, Bernard L: Mullaghinshogagh
Kearns, Bernard, Sr. L: Druminiskill
Kearns, James L: Druminiskill
Kearns, John L: Mullylun
Kearns, Michaael L: Druminiskill
Kearns, Patrick L: Derrylin
Kearns, Patrick L: Druminiskill
Kearns, Peter L: Gortgorgan
Kearns, Philip L: Druminiskill
Kearns, Philip L: Mullaghinshogagh
Keeffe, Andrew L: Druminiskill
Keeffe, John L: Druminiskill
Keeffe, Thomas L: Druminiskill
Keen, Susan L: Stonepark
Keenan, James L: Corracoash N: Of Crockacreevy
Keenan, James L: Crocknacreevy
Keenan, James L: Portbeg
Keenan, Patrick L: Portbeg
Keenan, Philip L: Killafinta
Kelaher, Michael L: Aghalane
Kellagher, James L: Tully
Kellegher, Patrick L: Doon
Kellegher, Thomas L: Doon
Kelliher, Bernard L: Derrylea
Kelliher, Terence L: Derrylea
Kells, William L: Dresternan
Kelly, Bernard L: Mullyneeny
Kelly, Catherine L: Derryvore
Kelly, Elizabeth L: Aghaweenagh
Kennedy, John L: Derryhenny
Kenny, Catherine L: Kinglass
Kenny, James L: Knockninny
Kenny, Jane L: Kinglass
Kenny, Patrick L: Kinglass
Kenny, Robert L: Kinglass
Kenny, Robert L: Tonyvarnog
Kenny, Robert L: Tonywall
Kenny, Thomas L: Derryhenny
Kern, Bernard L: Formil
Kerr, Thomas L: Tiraroe
Kieran, James L: Aghyoule
Kilbride, Philip L: Drumcullion
Kilroy, Edward L: Aghyoule
Kincart, Andrew L: Drumbrughas
Kincart, John L: Doocharn Island
Kincart, Thos. L: Doocharn Island
Kirk, Noble L: Killygreagh
Kirk, William L: Corratrasna
Kirk, William L: Kingarrow North
Lamb, John L: Drumshimuck
Lang, Alexander L: Gortgorgan
Lang, Alexander L: Tiraroe
Lang, John L: Cornaleck
Lang, John L: Kingarrow North
Lang, William L: Crocknacreevy
Latimer, Andrew L: Cornakill
Latimer, Andrew L: Knockninny
Latimer, Anne L: Sheehinny
Latimer, David L: Kinmeen South
Latimer, George L: Culleen
Latimer, Hugh N. L: Cloghan
Latimer, Hugh N. L: Cornahoule
Latimer, James L: Gole
Latimer, James L: Knockarevan
Latimer, John L: Culleen
Latimer, Laurence L: Culleen
Latimer, Robert L: Derryvore
Latimer, William L: Drumkillen
Latimer, William L: Kinmeen South
Latimer, William L: Knockarevan
Latimer, William L: Mullylun
Latimer, William L: Sheetrim
Lattimer, James L: Glasmullagh
Lauder, Rev. William L: Drumbominy
Lavelle, John L: Killycloghan
Lavelle, Patrick L: Killycloghan
Lee, Bernard L: Aghakillymaud
Lee, Laurence L: Aghyoule
Lenan, Thomas L: Cornahoule
Leonard, Arthur L: Corradovar
Leonard, Arthur L: Kilnarainy
Leonard, Francis L: Gortacarn
Leonard, Hugh L: Inishcrevan
Leonard, Owen L: Derryclegna
Leonard, Robert L: Cornanoe
Leonard, Robert L: Tiraroe
Leonard, Terence L: Coragh
Leonard, Terence L: Graffy
Leonard, Terence L: Springtown
Lindsay, James L: Stonepark
Lindsay, John L: Aghakillymaud
Little, George L: Drumbominy
Little, Glover L: Drummannagapple
Little, John L: Coragh Glebe
Little, John L: Tonagh Glebe
Little, John, Jr. L: Crummer
Little, John, Sr. L: Crummer
Little, Teresa L: Drummully
Lonnon, Richard L: Derryvore
Lord, John L: Drummannagapple
Loretto, John L: Derryvore
Lovett, George L: Knockarevan
Lunny, Felix L: Cornanoe
Lunny, James L: Cloghan
Lunny, James L: Clonturkle
Lunny, James L: Cornanoe
Lunny, James L: Corragole
Lunny, James L: Croostan
Lunny, James L: Drummully
Lunny, John L: Clonfane
Lunny, John L: Drummannagapple
Lunny, John, Jr. L: Cornaleck
Lunny, John, Sr. L: Cornaleck
Lunny, Michael L: Cornaleck
Lunny, Owen L: Molly
Lunny, Patrick L: Corrakelly
Lunny, Patrick L: Corratistune
Lunny, Patrick L: Derrybrick
Lunny, Patrick L: Keelpark Glebe
Lunny, Patrick L: Kilnakelly
Lunny, Patrick L: Mullynaherb
Lunny, Patrick L: Tiravally Glebe
Lunny, Patrick, Jr. L: Corrakelly
Lunny, Peter L: Aghakillymaud
Lunny, Terence L: Kinawley
Lunny, Thomas L: Corrakelly
Lunny, William L: Clonfane
Lynan, Anne L: Corramonaghan
Lynan, Patrick L: Corramonaghan
Lynan, Robert L: Coragh Glebe
Lynan, Thomas L: Corramonaghan
Lynan, Thomas L: Derryhevlin Glebe
Lynan, Thomas, Jr. L: Coragh Glebe
Lynan, Thomas, Sr. L: Coragh Glebe
Magauran, Edward L: Derrychree
Magauran, Elizabeth L: Derrychree
Magauran, John L: Derrychree
Magee, David L: Derrychorran
Magee, David L: Drumconor
Magee, David L: Mullaghinshogagh
Magee, David, Jr. L: Mullaghinshogagh
Magee, David, Sr. L: Mullaghinshogagh
Magee, John L: Mullaghinshogagh
Magee, Richard L: Druminiskill
Magee, Robert L: Derrychorran
Magee, Thomas L: Derrychorran
Magee, Thomas L: Druminiskill
Magee, Thomas L: Gortgorgan
Magee, Thomas L: Mullaghinshogagh
Magee, Thos. L: Mullaghinshogagh
Magee, William L: Derryvore
Magee, William L: Drumconor
Magee, William L: Knockarevan
Magee, Wm. L: Kinoughtragh N: Drumconor
Magee, Wm. L: Kinoughtragh N: Knockarevan
Magennis, Michael L: Mullyneeny
Magrath, Anne L: Cullatagh
Magrath, John L: Caldragh
Magrath, John L: Cornacrea
Magrath, Patrick L: Derryclegna
Magrath, Patrick L: Mullan
Magrath, Rebecca L: Drummully
Maguire, Andrew L: Rossdanean
Maguire, Anne L: Doon
Maguire, Anne L: Kilnabrack
Maguire, Anthony L: Cornaleck
Maguire, Anthony L: Dragh
Maguire, Anthony L: Mullies
Maguire, Bartholomew L: Aghyoule
Maguire, Bernard L: Coolkill
Maguire, Bernard L: Corragole
Maguire, Bernard L: Corravehy
Maguire, Bernard L: Doon
Maguire, Bernard L: Druminiskill
Maguire, Bernard L: Sheetrim
Maguire, Bryan L: Cornaleck
Maguire, Bryan L: Gortacarn
Maguire, Catherine L: Aghakillymaud
Maguire, Catherine L: Aghindaiagh
Maguire, Catherine L: Gortacarn
Maguire, Catherine L: Inishlirroo Island
Maguire, Catherine L: Mullylun
Maguire, Catherine L: Teesnaghtan
Maguire, Charles L: Gortoral
Maguire, Edward L: Caldragh
Maguire, Edward L: Camletter
Maguire, Edward L: Cornagun
Maguire, Edward L: Gortoral
Maguire, Edward L: Greaghnafine
Maguire, Ellen L: Kinoughtragh
Maguire, Felix L: Sixsmallislands/Aghintra
Maguire, Francis L: Aghindaiagh
Maguire, Francis L: Derryhevlin Glebe
Maguire, Francis L: Doon
Maguire, Francis L: Dresternan
Maguire, Francis L: Tiravally Glebe
Maguire, Francis L: Tully
Maguire, Hugh L: Aghindaiagh
Maguire, Hugh L: Aghyoule
Maguire, Hugh L: Coolkill
Maguire, Hugh L: Drumcullion
Maguire, Hugh L: Moheranea
Maguire, Hugh L: Mullies
Maguire, James L: Aghindaiagh
Maguire, James L: Clonturkle
Maguire, James L: Cornahoule
Maguire, James L: Cornahoule N: Shoe
Maguire, James L: Crummer
Maguire, James L: Culleen
Maguire, James L: Doon
Maguire, James L: Drumbinnis
Maguire, James L: Gorgesh
Maguire, James L: Molly
Maguire, James L: Teesnaghtan
Maguire, James L: Tiravally Glebe
Maguire, James L: Trasna Island
Maguire, John L: Aghaweenagh
Maguire, John L: Aghindaiagh
Maguire, John L: Culleen
Maguire, John L: Culleen N: Terence
Maguire, John L: Derrygurdry
Maguire, John L: Dragh
Maguire, John L: Drumcullion
Maguire, John L: Drumroosk
Maguire, John L: Kilgarrow Glebe
Maguire, John L: Knockninny
Maguire, John L: Milltown
Maguire, John L: Moheranea
Maguire, John L: Rooskagh North
Maguire, John L: Sixsmallislands/Aghintra
Maguire, Loughlin L: Doon
Maguire, Magaret L: Greaghnafine
Maguire, Mary L: Coragh Glebe
Maguire, Mary L: Cornaskeoge
Maguire, Mary L: Greenan
Maguire, Mary L: Kilgarrow Glebe
Maguire, Mary L: Sheetrim
Maguire, Michael L: Aghindaiagh
Maguire, Michael L: Corratrasna
Maguire, Michael L: Doon
Maguire, Michael L: Dresternan
Maguire, Michael L: Kilnabrack
Maguire, Michael L: Molly
Maguire, Michael L: Sheetrim
Maguire, Michael L: Sixsmallislands/Aghintra
Maguire, Michael L: Tonagh Glebe
Maguire, Owen L: Aghindaiagh
Maguire, Owen L: Coragh (Crawford)
Maguire, Owen L: Cornaskeoge
Maguire, Owen L: Kilnakelly
Maguire, Owen L: Molly
Maguire, Partick, Jr. L: Aghindaiagh
Maguire, Patrick L: Aghaweenagh
Maguire, Patrick L: Coolkill
Maguire, Patrick L: Coragh
Maguire, Patrick L: Corratrasna
Maguire, Patrick L: Doon
Maguire, Patrick L: Drumbinnis
Maguire, Patrick L: Gorgesh
Maguire, Patrick L: Gortacarn
Maguire, Patrick L: Killymackan
Maguire, Patrick L: Moheranea
Maguire, Patrick L: Mullies
Maguire, Patrick L: Rooskagh North
Maguire, Patrick L: Teenaghtan
Maguire, Patrick L: Teesnaghtan
Maguire, Patrick, Sr. L: Aghindaiagh
Maguire, Peter L: Coragh
Maguire, Peter L: Cornahoule
Maguire, Peter L: Corragole
Maguire, Peter L: Corranaheen
Maguire, Peter L: Culleen
Maguire, Peter L: Derrylaney
Maguire, Peter L: Doon
Maguire, Peter L: Gortalughany
Maguire, Peter L: Mullylun
Maguire, Peter L: Teesnaghtan
Maguire, Philip L: Camletter
Maguire, Philip L: Cornagun
Maguire, Philip L: Gortacarn
Maguire, Roger, Jr. L: Caldragh
Maguire, Roger, Sr. L: Caldragh
Maguire, Rose L: Doon
Maguire, Terence L: Cornashesko
Maguire, Terence L: Corratrasna Glebe
Maguire, Terence L: Crummer
Maguire, Terence L: Drumbinnis
Maguire, Terence L: Kilgarrow Glebe
Maguire, Terence L: Shanvally
Maguire, Terence L: Tiravree Glebe
Maguire, Thomas L: Aghyoule
Maguire, Thomas L: Glasdrumman
Maguire, Thomas L: Gorgesh
Maguire, Thomas L: Gortacarn
Maguire, Thomas L: Rossdanean
Maguire, Thomas L: Teemore
Maguire, Thos. L: Derrylaney
Martin, Andrew L: Carn
Martin, Anne L: Kilnabrack
Martin, Bernard L: Clonliff
Martin, Bryan L: Derrymacausey
Martin, Daniel L: Dresternan
Martin, Edward L: Corradovar
Martin, Edward L: Kilnabrack
Martin, Geoffrey L: Mullylun
Martin, Hugh L: Corry
Martin, James L: Corradovar
Martin, James L: Dresternan
Martin, James L: Drumshimuck
Martin, James L: Moher
Martin, John L: Barr or Ramoan
Martin, John L: Cloghan
Martin, John L: Kinmeen North N: Wm.
Martin, John L: Sixsmallislands/Aghintra
Martin, John, Jr. L: Kinmeen North
Martin, John, Sr. L: Kinmeen North
Martin, Mary L: Carn
Martin, Michael L: Corradovar
Martin, Michael L: Corratistune
Martin, Michael L: Kinmeen North
Martin, Owen L: Corradovar
Martin, Owen L: Drumlish
Martin, Owen L: Mullynaherb
Martin, Patrick L: Crummer
Martin, Philip L: Derrylin
Martin, Philip L: Faurkagh
Martin, Richard L: Corratistune
Martin, Richard L: Derrybrick
Martin, Rose L: Derrymacausey
Martin, Terence L: Carn
Martin, Thomas L: Drummannagapple
Martin, Thomas L: Inishlught
Martin, William L: Kilnabrack
Martin, William L: Kinmeen North
Maxwell, James L: Carrowcarlan
Maxwell, Thomas L: Gortoral
McAdam, Edward L: Derryhooly
McAdam, Henry L: Corry
McAdam, Henry L: Killymackan
McAdam, John L: Derryhooly
McAloon, Bernard L: Kinoughtragh
McAloon, Bridget L: Cornaleck
McAloon, Bryan L: Corradovar
McAloon, Edward L: Kilnakelly
McAloon, Hugh L: Cornaleck
McAloon, Hugh L: Tonnacroob
McAloon, John L: Cornaleck
McAloon, John L: Tonnacroob
McAloon, Mary L: Drumany More
McAloon, Owen L: Coragh
McAloon, Patrick L: Corramonaghan
McAloon, Peter L: Corradovar
McAloone, Cornelius L: Cloghan
McAnenna, John L: Drumeeshil
McAnenna, Philip L: Drumshimuck
McAnully, John L: Sheetrim
McAtee, James L: Kinoughtragh
McAuley, Arthur L: Carn
McAuley, Bernard L: Mullyneeny
McAuley, John L: Corratrasna Glebe
McAuley, John L: Tonywall
McAuley, Nathaniel L: Aghaweenagh
McAvenna, Philip L: Drumany More
McBarron, Cornelius L: Gorgesh
McBarron, Francis L: Clonturkle
McBarron, Francis L: Molly
McBarron, James L: Clonturkle
McBarron, Margaret L: Glasdrumman
McBarron, Michael L: Clonturkle
McBarron, Michael L: Doon
McBarron, Owen L: Carn
McBarron, Owen L: Clonturkle
McBarron, Owen L: Molly
McBarron, Owen L: Tirmonen
McBarron, Owen L: Tully
McBarron, Patrick L: Tirmonen
McBreen, John L: Shanvally
McBreen, Patrick L: Shanvally
McBreen, William L: Shanvally
McBrien, Anne L: Kinoughtragh
McBrien, Bridget L: Drumlught
McBrien, Cormac L: Corraheen
McBrien, Edward, Jr. L: Coragh
McBrien, Edward, Sr. L: Coragh
McBrien, Farrell L: Cornanoe
McBrien, Francis L: Coragh
McBrien, Francis L: Cornaskeoge
McBrien, Hugh L: Corratistune
McBrien, James L: Coragh
McBrien, James L: Corramonaghan
McBrien, James L: Mullan
McBrien, John L: Coragh
McBrien, John L: Cornaskeoge
McBrien, John L: Tiroogan
McBrien, Margaret L: Drumlught
McBrien, Michael L: Coragh
McBrien, Michael L: Dragh
McBrien, Michael L: Kinmeen North
McBrien, Patk. L: Corraheen N: Michael
McBrien, Patrick L: Cornaskeoge
McBrien, Patrick L: Corraheen N: Cormac
McBrien, Patrick L: Corraheen N: Owen
McBrien, Peter L: Crummer
McBrien, Peter L: Drumlish
McBrien, Peter L: Kinoughtragh
McBrien, Philip L: Corraheen
McBrien, Philip L: Drummannagapple
McBrien, William L: Cornaskeoge
McBriens, James L: Doon
McBriens, John L: Doon
McCabe, Francis L: Sixsmallislands/Aghintra
McCaffrey, Bernard L: Cornashesko
McCaffrey, Charles L: Coragh Glebe
McCaffrey, James L: Derrylea
McCaffrey, James L: Tiraroe
McCaffrey, James L: Tiravally Glebe
McCaffrey, John L: Coragh Glebe
McCaffrey, John L: Dresternan
McCaffrey, John L: Rossdanean
McCaffrey, John L: Tiravally Glebe
McCaffrey, Mary L: Cornashesko
McCaffrey, Michael L: Coragh Glebe
McCaffrey, Michael L: Keelpark Glebe
McCaffrey, Michael L: Tiravally Glebe
McCaffrey, Nathaniel L: Cornaleck
McCaffrey, Nathaniel L: Keenaghan
McCaffrey, Owen L: Aghaweenagh
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Aghaweenagh
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Cornaleck
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Cornashesko
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Dresternan
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Druminiskill
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Tiravally Glebe
McCaffrey, Terence L: Tiravally Glebe
McCahy, Francis L: Clondaval
McCahy, Patrick L: Clondaval
McCahy, Patrick L: Derryclegna
McCann, James L: Drumettagh
McCann, John L: Tonymore
McCann, Philip L: Tonymore
McCann, Thomas L: Drumettagh
McCann, Thomas L: Tonymore
McCauley, Bridget L: Crocknacreevy
McCauley, Edward L: Derrylea
McCauley, Felix L: Cornagun
McCauley, Francis L: Tiravally Glebe
McCauley, John L: Derrylea
McCauley, Peter L: Tiravree Glebe
McCauley, Philip L: Crocknacreevy
McCauly, Bridget L: Corrardreen
McCauly, John L: Corrardreen
McCauly, Patrick L: Corrardreen
McCauly, Patrick L: Teesnaghtan
McCauly, Peter L: Corrardreen
McConnell, Hugh L: Derryleague
McConnell, James L: Derryleague
McConnell, Matthew L: Derryleague
McConnell, Terence L: Coragh Glebe
McConnell, Terence L: Derryleague
McCormack, Cormack L: Crocknacreevy
McCormack, John L: Corraclare North
McCormack, Margaret L: Kinawley
McCormack, Owen L: Clonliff
McCormack, Patrick L: Derrybrick
McCormick, Terence L: Derrymacausey
McCorry, Bridget L: Corry
McCorry, Bridget L: Crocknacreevy
McCorry, Edward L: Drumettagh
McCorry, Hugh L: Drumettagh
McCorry, James L: Drumettagh
McCorry, James L: Tonynelt
McCorry, John L: Killafinta
McCorry, John L: Moher
McCorry, John L: Tonynelt
McCorry, Mary L: Doon
McCorry, Michael L: Killycramph
McCorry, Patrick L: Cloghan
McCorry, Patrick L: Killycramph
McCorry, Peter L: Killycramph
McCorry, Rose L: Drumettagh
McCosker, James L: Dragh
McCosker, John L: Derrymacausey
McCosker, Patrick L: Dragh
McCotty, John L: Drumshimuck
McCourt, Denis L: Clonfane
McCourt, Hugh L: Aghakillymaud
McCourt, Patrick L: Clonfane
McCourt, Thomas L: Clonfane
McCurry, Anne L: Corramonaghan
McCurry, James L: Corramonaghan
McCurry, Owen L: Inishlught
McCutcheon, Martha L: Derryhenny
McDermott, James L: Corry
McDermott, John L: Corry
McDermott, John L: Moneenbane
McDermott, Philip L: Moneenbane
McDonagh, Michael L: Crocknacreevy
McDonagh, Patrick L: Clondaval
McDonnell, John L: Cornahoule
McDonnell, Thomas L: Aghaderryloman
McElenan, Hugh L: Drumhervin
McEntaggert, Thomas L: Aghyoule
McEntegart, James L: Cornahoule
McGarvey, James L: Killymackan
McGeraty, Condy L: Killycramph
McGlinn, Catherine L: Tiravally Glebe
McGolrick, Francis L: Corrameen
McGolrick, Michael L: Drumcullion
McGoorty, Sarah L: Keenaghan
McGovern, Anne L: Mullyneeny
McGovern, Bridget L: Aghindaiagh
McGovern, James L: Derrylea
McGovern, James L: Gorteen
McGovern, John L: Derrylaney
McGovern, Mary L: Derrylea
McGovern, Owen L: Derrylaney
McGovern, Patrick L: Aghindaiagh
McGovern, Patrick L: Carrowcarlan
McGovern, Patrick L: Doon
McGovern, Patrick L: Kinoughtragh
McGovern, Peter L: Gorgesh
McGovern, Peter, Jr. L: Derrylea
McGovern, Peter, Sr. L: Derrylea
McGovern, Philip L: Derryclegna
McGovern, Rose L: Aghindaiagh
McGovern, Terence L: Aghaweenagh
McGovern, Thomas L: Glasdrumman
McGrath, James L: Moher
McGurin, Hugh L: Aghindaiagh
McGurin, Michael L: Gorteen
McGurn, Edward L: Drumany More
McGurn, Edward L: Kilnakelly
McGurn, John L: Kilnakelly
McGurn, Patrick L: Aghyoule
McGurn, Thomas L: Kilnakelly
McHugh, Bernard L: Aghyoule
McHugh, Bernard L: Greenan
McHugh, Connor L: Mullan
McHugh, Connor L: Shanvally
McHugh, Cornelius L: Corragole
McHugh, Edward L: Aghyoule
McHugh, Francis L: Cornaskeoge
McHugh, Hugh L: Aghyoule
McHugh, James L: Tonywall
McHugh, John L: Cornaleck
McHugh, Patrick L: Coragh Glebe
McHugh, Patrick L: Drumcullion
McHugh, Patrick L: Teenaghtan
McHugh, Patrick L: Tiravally Glebe
McHugh, Peter L: Corrameen
McHugh, Peter L: Teesnaghtan
McHugh, Philip L: Tiravally Glebe
McHugh, Thomas L: Aghyoule
McHugh, Thomas L: Coragh
McHugh, Thomas L: Derryvore
McKenna, Edward L: Aghyoule
McKenna, James L: Cornahoule
McKenna, Jn. L: Aghyoule N: Teacher
McKenna, John L: Aghyoule N: Red
McKenna, Michael L: Derrylea
McKenna, Patrick L: Aghyoule
McKenna, Peter L: Aghyoule
McKenna, Thomas L: Carrowcarlan
McLoughlin, John L: Gortoral
McManns, Patrick L: Tiravally Glebe
McManus, Abraham L: Corraclare North
McManus, Anne L: Tiravally Glebe
McManus, Bernard L: Aghakillymaud
McManus, Bernard L: Cornanoe
McManus, Bryan L: Gortacarn
McManus, Bryan L: Tiravree Glebe
McManus, Catherine L: Derrymacausey
McManus, Charles L: Corraclare North
McManus, Charles L: Derryhooly
McManus, Charles L: Gorgesh
McManus, Charles L: Lismonaghan
McManus, Christopher L: Aghakillymaud
McManus, Christphr. L: Aghakillymaud
McManus, Cornelius L: Aghakillymaud
McManus, Cornelius L: Coolkill
McManus, Denis L: Glasdrumman
McManus, Denis L: Greenan
McManus, Edward L: Derrybrick
McManus, Edward L: Derrymacausey
McManus, Edward L: Drumettagh
McManus, Edward L: Gortacarn
McManus, Edward L: Tiravree Glebe
McManus, Edward L: Tonywall N: Lough
McManus, Edwd. L: Tonyvarnog N: Lough
McManus, Edwd. L: Tonyvarnog N: Pat
McManus, Edwd. L: Tonywall N: Pat
McManus, Ellen L: Coolkill
McManus, Felix L: Corrameen
McManus, Felix L: Corrardreen
McManus, Felix L: Moher
McManus, Francis L: Aghyoule
McManus, Francis L: Coragh Glebe
McManus, Francis L: Derryhooly
McManus, Francis L: Mullan
McManus, Francis L: Rathfure
McManus, Francis L: Rooskagh North
McManus, Francis L: Tiravally Glebe
McManus, Henry L: Killymackan
McManus, Hugh L: Aghakillymaud
McManus, Hugh L: Aghakillymaud N: Pat
McManus, Hugh L: Aghindaiagh
McManus, Hugh L: Gortalughany
McManus, James L: Aghakillymaud
McManus, James L: Aghyoule
McManus, James L: Carn
McManus, James L: Cornanoe
McManus, James L: Corradovar
McManus, James L: Gorteen
McManus, James L: Kilnakelly
McManus, James L: Mullies
McManus, James L: Tiravree Glebe
McManus, James, Jr. L: Kilnakelly
McManus, Jas. L: Aghakillymaud N: Molly
McManus, John L: Aghakillymaud
McManus, John L: Aghindaiagh
McManus, John L: Clonliff
McManus, John L: Cornanoe
McManus, John L: Corragole
McManus, John L: Derrygurdry
McManus, John L: Drumderg
McManus, John L: Drumdoney
McManus, John L: Gortacarn
McManus, John L: Gortoral
McManus, John L: Greenan
McManus, John L: Killymackan
McManus, John L: Milltown
McManus, John L: Moheranea
McManus, John L: Springtown
McManus, John L: Tiravree Glebe
McManus, John L: Tirmonen
McManus, John L: Tonyvarnog
McManus, Margaret L: Coragh Glebe
McManus, Mary L: Cornanoe
McManus, Mary L: Corrardreen
McManus, Mary L: Drumdoney
McManus, Mary L: Tiravally Glebe
McManus, Michael L: Greaghnafine
McManus, Michael L: Greenan
McManus, Nathaniel L: Molly
McManus, Owen L: Mullies
McManus, Owen L: Tirmonen
McManus, Patk. L: Aghakillymaud N: Bryan
McManus, Patk. L: Aghakillymaud N: Molly
McManus, Patk. L: Small Island N: Molly
McManus, Patk., Sr. L: Crocknacreevy
McManus, Patrick L: Corraclare North
McManus, Patrick L: Corragole
McManus, Patrick L: Corrardreen
McManus, Patrick L: Crocknacreevy
McManus, Patrick L: Derryhevlin Glebe
McManus, Patrick L: Derrymacausey
McManus, Patrick L: Drumbinnis
McManus, Patrick L: Drumettagh
McManus, Patrick L: Greenan
McManus, Patrick L: Killymackan
McManus, Patrick L: Kilnakelly
McManus, Patrick L: Rooskagh North
McManus, Patrick L: Tiravally Glebe
McManus, Patrick, Sr. L: Crocknacreevy
McManus, Peter L: Mullan
McManus, Philip L: Cloghan
McManus, Philip L: Derryhevlin Glebe
McManus, Philip L: Gortoral
McManus, Roger L: Corraclare North
McManus, Rose L: Corraclare North
McManus, Ter. L: Aghakillymaud N: Tailor
McManus, Terence L: Aghakillymaud
McManus, Terence L: Clonliff
McManus, Terence L: Gortoral
McManus, Terence L: Knockninny
McManus, Terence L: Rooskagh North
McManus, Thomas L: Corragole
McManus, Thomas L: Derryclegna
McManus, Thomas L: Gorteen
McManus, Thomas L: Killymackan
McManus, Thomas L: Knockbodarra
McManus, Thomas L: Stonepark
McManus, Thomas L: Teemore
McManus, William L: Aghakillymaud
McOwen, B. L: Killymackan
McQuaid, Jane L: Drumroosk
McQuaid, Owen L: Derrymacausey
McQuaid, Owen L: Dresternan
McRory, Hugh L: Springtown
McRory, James L: Coragh
McRory, John L: Corrameen
McRory, Patk. L: Derryclegna N: Hugh
McRory, Patrick L: Derryclegna N: Hugh
McRory, Patrick L: Derryclegna N: Terry
McShane, Michael L: Formil
Meares, Thomas L: Derryvore
Mears, Joseph L: Aghnacloy
Mears, Joseph L: Corragole
Mears, Richard L: Cackinish
Mears, Samuel L: Glasmullagh
Mears, Thomas L: Cackinish
Mears, Thomas L: Killymackan
Mears, Thomas L: Knockninny
Mears, William L: Corratrasna
Mitten, John L: Gorteen
M'Manus, Patrick L: Tiravally Glebe
Moffatt, William L: Springtown
Moffitt, Alexander L: Clonturkle
Moffitt, John L: Clonturkle
Moffitt, John L: Glasdrumman
Moffitt, John L: Molly
Moffitt, Robert L: Clonturkle
Moffitt, Thomas L: Clonturkle
Moffitt, Thomas L: Killygreagh
Moffitt, Thomas L: Kilnakelly
Moffitt, Thomas L: Tonyvarnog
Moffitt, Thomas, Jr. L: Carn
Moffitt, Thomas, Jr. L: Tonywall
Moffitt, Thomas, Sr. L: Carn
Moffitt, Thomas, Sr. L: Tonywall
Moffitt, William L: Molly
Molloy, Bridget L: Aghakillymaud
Monaghan, Edward L: Inishlught
Monaghan, Jno. L: Tiravally Glebe N: Bailliff
Monaghan, John L: Tiravally Glebe
Monaghan, Martha L: Keelpark Glebe
Monaghan, Mary L: Tonnacroob
Monaghan, Robert L: Corranaheen
Monaghan, Thomas L: Cornaleck
Monaghan, William L: Keelpark Glebe
Monaghan, William L: Tiravally Glebe
Montgomery, Mary L: Mt. Prospect or Tullyoran
Moore, Catherine L: Tiravally Glebe
Moore, George L: Aghyoule
Moore, James L: Derryhenny
Moore, James L: Tiravally Glebe
Morris, Bryan L: Kingarrow North
Mortimer, Francis L: Cornahoule
Mortimer, James L: Camletter
Mortimer, Thomas L: Camletter
Mortimer, Thomas L: Greaghmore
Morton, Alexander L: Cornakill
Morton, Anne L: Kinmeen South
Morton, Dorothy L: Kiltycrose
Morton, Edward L: Derryvore
Morton, Edward L: Kilnakelly
Morton, Edward L: Kiltycrose
Morton, Isaac L: Derrygurdry
Morton, John L: Kiltycrose
Morton, John L: Kiltycrose N: Lodgers
Morton, Joseph L: Culleen
Morton, Joseph L: Drumany More
Morton, Mark L: Gortgorgan
Morton, Mark L: Mullaghinshogagh
Morton, Rebecca L: Kiltycrose
Morton, Richard L: Kingarrow South
Morton, Richard L: Kinmeen South
Morton, Thomas L: Glasmullagh
Morton, William L: Tonagh Glebe
Mullamphy, Francis L: Tiravree Glebe
Mullanphy, Anne L: Coragh
Mullanphy, Michael L: Coragh
Mullanphy, Patrick L: Coragh
Mullany, Philip L: Aghaweenagh
Mulligan, George L: Callowhill
Mulligan, George L: Drumdoney
Mulligan, Stewart L: Callowhill
Mulligan, Stewart L: Drumdoney
Mulligan, William L: Derrygurdry
Mulligan, William L: Mullynaherb
Mulligan, William L: Mullyneeny
Mulligan, William L: Tonywall
Mulvanny, Wm. Thomas L: Cornahoule
Mulvany, Wm. Thomas L: Cornahoule
Murphy, Andrew L: Corravehy
Murphy, Andrew L: Crocknacreevy
Murphy, Andrew, Jr. L: Crocknacreevy
Murphy, Anthony L: Aghakillymaud
Murphy, Arthur L: Clonliff
Murphy, Bernard L: Ned
Murphy, Catherine L: Tonywall
Murphy, Edward L: Derrylea
Murphy, Edward L: Greenan
Murphy, Ellen L: Aghakillymaud
Murphy, Hugh L: Aghaweenagh
Murphy, Hugh L: Clonliff
Murphy, James L: Aghakillymaud
Murphy, James L: Crocknacreevy
Murphy, James L: Derryhenny
Murphy, James L: Faurkagh
Murphy, James L: Mullynaherb
Murphy, Jane L: Clonliff
Murphy, John L: Aghinish
Murphy, John L: Clonliff
Murphy, John L: Corraclare North
Murphy, John L: Corravehy
Murphy, John L: Crocknacreevy
Murphy, John L: Derrychree
Murphy, John L: Druminiskill
Murphy, John L: Mullynaherb
Murphy, John L: Mullyneeny
Murphy, Margaret L: Derrylaney
Murphy, Mary L: Clonliff
Murphy, Mary L: Cornaleck
Murphy, Mary L: Corragole
Murphy, Nabby L: Crummer
Murphy, Patrick L: Aghyoule
Murphy, Patrick L: Corrameen
Murphy, Patrick L: Corravehy
Murphy, Patrick L: Crocknacreevy
Murphy, Patrick L: Derryhenny
Murphy, Patrick L: Derryhooly
Murphy, Patrick L: Tiroogan
Murphy, Patrick, Sr. L: Derryhenny
Murphy, Philip L: Aghyoule
Murphy, Philip L: Crummer
Murphy, Roger L: Ned
Murphy, Terence L: Mullyneeny
Murphy, Thomas L: Aghakillymaud
Murphy, William L: Aghakillymaud
Murray, Bridget L: Aghyoule
Murray, Edward L: Aghyoule
Murray, James L: Derryhooly
Murray, James L: Drumettagh
Murray, John L: Glasdrumman
Murray, Mary L: Aghyoule
Murray, Michael L: Corry
Murray, Patrick L: Aghyoule
Murray, Patrick L: Tiroogan
Murray, Patrick L: Trasna Island
Murray, Peter L: Aghyoule
Neals, Richard L: Camletter
Neill, Henry L: Derryvore
Neill, Henry L: Gortgorgan
Neill, Hugh L: Derryvore
Neill, James L: Gortgorgan
Nolan, John L: Crummer
O'Brien, Rose L: Formil
O'Donnell, Ellen L: Derrymacausey
Office, L: Derrylin
O'Reilly, Rev. Thomas L: Lismonaghan
Owens, Hugh L: Aghaderryloman
Owens, John L: Aghyoule
Owens, John L: Doon
Owens, Joseph L: Aghaderryloman
Owens, Margaret L: Aghyoule
Owens, Michael L: Mullynaherb
Owens, Myles L: Gorteen
Owens, Myles, Jr. L: Doon
Owens, Myles, Sr. L: Doon
Owens, Patrick L: Doon
Owens, Patrick L: Mullynaherb
Owens, Philip L: Aghaderryloman
Owens, Thomas L: Aghyoule
Owens, William L: Doon
Parker, Hugh L: Corrardreen
Parker, Hugh L: Glasdrumman
Parker, James L: Corravehy
Parker, John L: Corravehy
Parker, Richard L: Drumroosk
Parker, Thomas L: Tully
Patten, David L: Mullyneeny
Patten, Thomas L: Mullynaherb
Patten, Thomas L: Mullynaherb N: Lodgers
Patten, Thomas L: Tonywall
Patterson, Alexander L: Corraclare Little
Patterson, Edward L: Derryhooly
Patterson, Francis L: Corraclare Big
Patterson, George L: Croostan
Patterson, George L: Tiraroe
Patterson, John L: Killygreagh
Patterson, John L: Leginn
Patterson, Wm., Jr. L: Corraclare Big
Patterson, Wm., Sr. L: Corraclare Big
Pennell, John L: Drumroosk
Pennell, Thomas L: Tirmonen
Pennell, William L: Drumroosk
Phair, James L: Clontymore
Phair, John L: Tiraroe
Phillips, James L: Drumbominy
Phillips, James L: Gortgorgan
Phillips, Jas. L: Gortgorgan
Phillips, Richard L: Derryvore
Phillips, Richard L: Gortgorgan
Plunkett, James L: Portreagh
Quinn, Andrew L: Sixsmallislands/Aghintra
Ray, Anne L: Kinmeen South
Rehill, Francis L: Derryvore
Rehill, Francis L: Knockarevan
Rehill, James L: Derrygurdry
Rehill, John L: Gortgorgan
Rehill, Patrick L: Dresternan
Reid, Edward L: Milltown
Reilly, Andrew L: Coragh (Crawford)
Reilly, Andrew L: Cornaskeoge
Reilly, Andrew L: Cullatagh
Reilly, Bernard L: Aghyoule
Reilly, Bernard L: Killafinta
Reilly, Catherine L: Aghyoule
Reilly, Catherine L: Carracoash
Reilly, Catherine L: Killafinta
Reilly, Charles L: Aghyoule
Reilly, Charles L: Drumlish
Reilly, Edward L: Doon
Reilly, Edward L: Drumlish
Reilly, Farrell L: Aghyoule N: Bryan
Reilly, Farrell, Jr. L: Aghyoule
Reilly, Farrell, Sr. L: Aghyoule
Reilly, Frances L: Carracoash
Reilly, Hugh L: Carracoash
Reilly, Hugh L: Gortalughany
Reilly, James L: Aghyoule N: Edward
Reilly, James L: Aghyoule N: Hugh
Reilly, James L: Aghyoule N: John
Reilly, James L: Drumany More
Reilly, James L: Gortalughany
Reilly, James L: Gorteen
Reilly, James L: Larganacarran
Reilly, James L: Rooskagh North
Reilly, John L: Aghyoule N: Bryan
Reilly, John L: Aghyoule N: Edward
Reilly, John L: Carracoash N: Hugh
Reilly, John L: Carracoash N: John
Reilly, John L: Derrylaney
Reilly, John L: Derrymacausey
Reilly, John L: Gorteen
Reilly, John L: Mt. Prospect or Tullyoran
Reilly, John L: Rooskagh North
Reilly, John L: Rossdanean
Reilly, John L: Tonyvarnog
Reilly, John L: Tonywall
Reilly, Luke L: Aghyoule
Reilly, Margaret L: Aghyoule
Reilly, Mary L: Aghyoule N: Charles
Reilly, Mary L: Aghyoule N: Dan
Reilly, Mary L: Aghyoule N: Edward
Reilly, Mary L: Culleen
Reilly, Mary L: Derrylaney
Reilly, Mary L: Drumany More
Reilly, Michael L: Aghyoule
Reilly, Michael L: Derryhooly
Reilly, Michael L: Derrylaney
Reilly, Michael L: Derryvore
Reilly, Michael L: Mullan
Reilly, Owen L: Aghyoule
Reilly, Owen L: Glasmullagh
Reilly, Patrick L: Carracoash
Reilly, Patrick L: Clonliff
Reilly, Patrick L: Coragh (Crawford)
Reilly, Patrick L: Cornaskeoge
Reilly, Patrick L: Derrylea
Reilly, Patrick L: Doon
Reilly, Patrick L: Drumany More
Reilly, Patrick L: Gortalughany
Reilly, Patrick L: Larganacarran
Reilly, Patrick L: Mullyneeny
Reilly, Patrick, Sr. L: Aghyoule
Reilly, Peter L: Drumany More
Reilly, Peter L: Larganacarran
Reilly, Peter L: Rooskagh North
Reilly, Peter L: Rossdanean
Reilly, Terence L: Aghyoule
Reilly, Terence L: Drumlish
Reilly, Thomas L: Drumlish
Reilly, William L: Mullynaherb
Reynolds, Edward L: Derryvore
Reynolds, Francis L: Kiltycrose
Reynolds, George L: Cornaleck
Reynolds, George L: Croostan
Reynolds, George L: Drummully
Reynolds, George L: Kingarrow North
Reynolds, John L: Cackinish
Reynolds, John L: Drummully
Reynolds, John L: Mullynacoagh
Reynolds, Robert L: Croostan
Reynolds, Robert L: Drummully
Reynolds, Thomas L: Mullynacoagh
Reynolds, William L: Croostan
Reynolds, William L: Drummully
Rice, Thomas L: Ned
Rice, William L: Ned
Ringwood, Rev. John T. L: Mullynacoagh
Robinson, Alice L: Cloghan
Robinson, Alice L: Cornahoule
Robinson, Alice L: Derrylin
Robinson, Alice L: Derrylin N: Lodgers
Robinson, Alice L: Mullylun
Rogers, Felix L: Kinawley
Rogers, Felix L: Moher
Rogers, James L: Moher
Rogers, John L: Formil
Rooney, Catherine L: Springtown
Rooney, Hugh L: Drumbinnis
Rooney, Jane L: Kinglass
Rooney, Redmond L: Greaghnafine
Rooney, Thomas L: Springtown
Rooney, Thomas, Jr. L: Kinglass
Rooney, Thomas, Sr. L: Kinglass
Rorke, John L: Milltown
Rorke, Mary, Sr. L: Tonyvarnog
Ross, David L: Mullaghinshogagh
Ross, James L: Corragole
Ross, James L: Corry
Ross, John L: Corragole
Ross, Robert L: Derrycanon
Ross, Thomas L: Kingarrow South
Ross, William L: Corry
Ross, William L: Derrycanon
Rourke, Hugh L: Camletter
Rourke, John L: Derrylea
Rourke, Laurence L: Teemore
Rourke, Loughlin L: Aghakillymaud
Rourke, Michael L: Corry
Rowe, Jason L: Tiroogan
Rutledge, Alexander L: Aghnacloy
Rutledge, Edward L: Sheetrim
Rutledge, Edward L: Tonnacroob
Rutledge, Hugh L: Sheetrim
Rutledge, John L: Killygreagh
Rutledge, John L: Kilnakelly
Rutledge, John L: Knockninny
Rutledge, John L: Sheetrim
Rutledge, William L: Corratrasna
Sanderson, James L: Derrychree
Saunderson, James L: Geaglum
Scales, John L: Gortoral
Scales, Robert L: Molly
Scollin, Honoria L: Stramatt
Scollin, Patrick L: Aghaweenagh
Seery, Hugh L: Aghyoule
Seery, James L: Formil
Seery, James L: Teemore
Seery, Matthew L: Corry
Seery, Patrick L: Corry
Seery, Patrick L: Killynick
Seery, Thomas L: Kinoughtragh
Sheenan, Charles L: Glasdrumman
Sheenan, Patrick L: Aghyoule
Shenan, Patrick L: Mullynaherb
Sheran, Patrick L: Mullynaherb
Sheridan, Patrick L: Killymackan
Singleton, Thomas L: Drumbinnis
Singleton, Thomas C. L: Clontelaghan
Singleton, Thomas C. L: Corrameen
Singleton, Thomas C. L: Corrardreen
Singleton, Thomas C. L: Drumlish
Singleton, Thomas C. L: Kinawley
Singleton, Thomas C. L: Moher
Singleton, Thomas C. L: Rooskagh North
Singleton, Thomas C. L: Shanvally
Skelton, Anthony L: Drumany
Smiley, William L: Drumbominy
Smith, Catherine L: Corraclare North
Smith, Judith L: Derryvore
Smith, Margaret L: Clonfane
Smith, William L: Clontelaghan
South, W. L: Dresternan
Storey, Francis L: Derrygurdry
Storey, Francis L: Kilnakelly
Storey, Francis L: Mullyneeny
Storey, Matthew L: Cornagun
Storey, Matthew L: Cornaskeoge
Storey, Matthew L: Drumharriff
Storey, Robert L: Drumbinnis
Storey, Robert L: Drumharriff
Storey, Robert L: Graffy
Storey, Robert L: Mullyneeny N: Fairfield
Storey, Robert L: Shanraa
Storey, Thomas L: Cornagun
Storey, William L: Cornaskeoge
Story, Robert L: Kinawley
Surphlis, Richard L: Greaghmore
Surphlis, Richard L: Milltown
Surphlis, William L: Carrowcarlan
Surplice, James L: Tiroogan
Sweeney, John L: Tonyvarnog
Sweeny, James L: Derrybrick
Taggart, Isabella L: Glasdrumman
Taylor, Alexander L: Drumkillen
Taylor, Guy L: Kilnakelly
Taylor, Guy, Jr. L: Drummully
Taylor, Guy, Sr. L: Drummully
Taylor, James L: Kinawley
Taylor, Jane L: Sheehinny
Taylor, John L: Drumkillen
Taylor, John L: Killygreagh
Taylor, John L: Kilnakelly
Taylor, John L: Sheehinny
Taylor, John L: Stragowna
Taylor, Thomas L: Drummully
Taylor, Thomas L: Gorteen
Taylor, Thomas L: Kilnakelly
Taylor, Thomas L: Kinoughtragh
Taylor, Thomas L: Teemore
Taylor, Thomas, Jr. L: Drummully
Taylor, William L: Bockan Island
Taylor, William L: Drummully
Thompson, Andrew L: Carn
Thompson, Andrew L: Corradovar
Thompson, Andrew L: Derryvrane
Thompson, Arthur L: Mullynaherb
Thompson, Arthur L: Mullyneeny
Thompson, George L: Derryvrane
Thompson, James L: Carn
Thompson, John L: Corradovar
Thompson, John L: Mullaghgarrow
Thompson, Joseph L: Derrylin
Thompson, Peter L: Derryvrane
Thompson, William L: Derryvrane
Trotter, James L: Corry
Trotter, Margaret L: Derrycanon
Tubman, Alexander L: Corracoash
Tubman, Alexander L: Portreagh
Tubman, Francis L: Drumhervin
Tubman, James L: Tonywall
Tubman, John L: Drumhervin
Tubman, John L: Kinglass
Tubman, John L: Mullaghgarrow
Tubman, Richard L: Stragowna
Tubman, Thomas L: Tonywall
Tubman, William L: Clonturkle
Tubman, William L: Clontymore
Tubman, William L: Derryvrane
Vaughan, Bridget L: Cornahoule
Vaughan, David L: Cornahoule
Veitch, Alexander L: Derryvrane
Veitch, Alexander L: Glasdrumman
Veitch, Alexander L: Mullaghgarrow
Veitch, Andrew L: Barr or Ramoan
Veitch, Andrew L: Knockninny
Veitch, Andrew L: Springtown
Veitch, John L: Barr or Ramoan
Veitch, John L: Derryvrane
Veitch, Joseph L: Cornacrea
Veitch, Joseph L: Knockninny
Veitch, William L: Kinglass
Wallace, Henry L: Carn
Wallace, Henry L: Moher
Wallace, Henry, Sr. L: Moher
Wallace, John L: Moher
Walmsley, James L: Corratrasna
Walmsley, James L: Kingarrow North
Walmsley, Thomas L: Corratrasna
Walmsley, Thomas L: Sheehinny
Walshe, James A. L: Kinawley
Waterson, James L: Cloghan
Waterson, James L: Coragh
Waterson, James L: Derrygurdry
Waterson, James L: Drumany More
Waterson, John L: Drumany More
Waterson, Patrick L: Coragh
White, Ellen L: Crummer
White, Thomas L: Crummer
Whittindale, John L: Knockarevan
Willis, Robert L: Drumbrughas
Wilson, Edward L: Aghyoule
Wilson, Thomas, Jr. L: Aghyoule
Wilson, Thomas, Sr. L: Aghyoule
Wilson, William L: Aghyoule
Winslow, Blayney L: Mt. Prospect or Tullyoran
Winslow, Ellen L: Corraclare Little
Winslow, George L: Cloghan
Winslow, George L: Cornahoule
Winslow, George L: Rathfure
Winslow, Henry L: Dresternan
Winslow, Henry L: Grattan
Winslow, Henry L: Rathfure
Winterson, Laur., Jr. L: Derrycanon
Winterson, Laur., Sr. L: Derrycanon
Winterson, Owen L: Doon
Winterson, Owen, Jr. L: Doon
Winterson, Owen, Sr. L: Doon
Winterson, Thomas L: Derrycanon
Wynne, John L: Knockbodarra
Wynne, Michael L: Larganacarran
Wynne, Owen L: Moneenbane
Wynne, Patrick L: Knockbodarra
Wynne, Thomas L: Cullatagh
Wynne, Thomas L: Knockbodarra
Wynne, Thomas L: Larganacarran
Young, Stewart L: Killymackan

Map of Civil Parishes in county Fermanagh

Civil Parish Records of County Fermanagh

Other Fermanagh Parish Records

1 Aghalurcher

2 Aghavea

3 Belleek

4 Boho

5 Cleenish

6 Clones

7 Currin

8 Derrybrusk

9 Derryvullan

10 Devenish

11 Drumkeeran

12 Drummully

13 Enniskillen

14 Galloon

15 Inishmacsaint

16 Killesher

17 Kinawley

18 Magheracross

19 Magheraculmoney

20 Rossorry

21 Templecarn

22 Tomregan

23 Trory