Griffith's Valuation: Carnteel Parish, County Tyrone

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Griffith's Valuation in Carnteel Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Carnteel parish and every other parish in county Tyrone as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Tyrone in 1851.


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Griffiths Valuation: Carnteel Parish 1851

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You should also check the records of Carnteel parish from the Tithe Applotment books recorded during the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Abraham, Jane L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Abraham, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Abraham, John L: Tully
Abraham, Joseph L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Abraham, Joseph L: Tully
Adams, Andrew L: Drumaslaghy
Adams, Francis L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Adams, Henry L: Shantavny
Adams, James L: Tullywinny
Adams, John L: Lisbeg
Adams, Robert L: Tullywinny
Adams, Samuel L: Lisdoart
Adams, Thomas L: Legaroe
Adams, William L: Lisbeg
Adams, William L: Lisginny
Agnew, Francis L: Cranslough
Aiken, Eliza L: Tully
Aiken, Robert L: Dernabane
Aikin, Robert L: Derrycush
Aikin, Robert L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Alexander, Anne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Alexander, Henry L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: and Another
Alexander, Rev. Hugh L: Inishmagh
Alexander, Rev. Hugh L: Legaroe
Alexander, John L: Legaroe
Alexander, William L: Ballynapottoge
Anderson, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Anderson, John L: Tully
Anderson, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Anderson, Rosanna L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Anderson, William L: Tulnavern
Anguish, James L: Tullyvar
Anguish, James L: Tullywinny
Anketell, Eliza L: Plaister
Armstrong, James L: Cranslough
Armstrong, John L: Leany
Armstrong, John L: Mullaghbane
Armstrong, John L: Ravellea
Armstrong, William L: Leany
Askin, Anne L: Shanalurg
Askin, Patrick L: Lisconduff
Atwell, James L: Martray
Babington, Jane L: Shanalurg
Bailey, Robert L: Ravellea
Ballantine, James L: Drumaslaghy
Barclay, Robert L: Edentiloan
Barclay, William L: Dernaborey
Barclay, William L: Leany
Barrett, Robert L: Cavan Oneill
Bart, Sir Wm. Verner L: Inishmagh
Bart, Sir Wm. Verner L: Tulnavern
Bartley, John L: Dernaborey
Bartley, William L: Dernabane
Beams, John L: Lisconduff
Bearns, John L: Annagh Beg
Bearns, Jos. L: Derrycush N: Dernabane
Bearns, Joseph L: Dernabane
Bearns, Margaret L: Lisadavil
Bearns, Margaret L: Tully
Bearns, Samuel T: Aughnacloy - Moore Street
Beatty, Adam L: Tullyvar
Beatty, Adam L: Tullywinny
Beatty, Alexander L: Cravenny Scotch
Beatty, Anne L: Doolargy
Beatty, Anne L: Loughans
Beatty, James L: Cravenny Scotch
Beatty, James L: Doolargy
Beatty, James L: Ravellea
Beatty, James L: Skey
Beatty, Margaret L: Rousky
Beatty, Rowland L: Knockadreen
Beatty, Rowland L: Ravellea
Beatty, Thomas L: Armalughey
Beatty, Thomas L: Cravenny Scotch
Beatty, Thomas L: Reskatirriff
Beatty, W. M. L: Skey
Beatty, William L: Cavankilgreen
Beatty, William L: Skey
Beavers, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Beavers, James L: Golan
Beavers, James L: Loughans
Belcher, William L: Dernaborey
Bell, Alexander L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Bell, Alexander L: Ravellea
Bell, Eliza L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Bell, Eliza L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: Lodgers
Bell, John L: Castletown
Bell, John L: Cavankilgreen
Bell, John L: Corderry
Bell, John L: Derrycush
Bell, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Bell, John L: Drone
Bell, John L: Glenroe
Bell, John L: Legaroe
Bell, Robert L: Castletown
Bell, Thomas L: Legaroe
Bell, William L: Armalughey
Bell, William L: Cavankilgreen
Bell, William L: Martray
Best, Mrs. L: Mullaghbane
Best, Eliza L: Tully
Best, John L: Mullaghbane
Best, Lewis L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Best, Lewis L: Tully
Best, William L: Derrycush
Best, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Best, William L: Glack
Betty, Rowland L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Betty, Rowland L: Tully
Bingham, James L: Corderry
Birmingham, William L: Dernabane
Birmingham, William L: Ravellea
Blakely, Samuel L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Blevings, James L: Tirelugan
Bogan, Thomas L: Martray
Boothe, James L: Derrycreevy
Boyd, James L: Glack
Boyd, John L: Armalughey
Boyd, John L: Cravenny Scotch
Boyd, Lydia L: Armalughey
Boyd, Robert L: Drone
Boyd, Theophilus L: Mullaghnese
Boyd, William L: Cravenny Scotch
Boylan, Anne L: Armalughey
Boyle, James L: Cravenny Irish
Boyle, James L: Golan
Boyle, John L: Lisconduff
Brackenridge, Anne L: Killyneery
Brackenridge, Anne L: Loughans
Brackenridge, James L: Loughans
Bridge, William L: Ravellea
Browne, Anne L: Reskatirriff
Browne, James L: Derrycush
Browne, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Browne, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Browne, Robert L: Cranslough
Browne, Sarah L: Carnteel
Brownlee, Thomas L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Brush, John L: Drumaslaghy
Brush, John L: Shantavny
Brush, Joseph L: Derrycreevy
Brush, Samuel L: Cavan Oneill
Brush, Samuel L: Drumaslaghy
Brush, Samuel L: Shantavny
Brush, William L: Ravellea
Brush, William L: Shantavny
Brush, William L: Shantavny N: Hill
Brush, William L: Shantavny N: Water
Brush, William, Jr. L: Shantavny
Buchanan, Anne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Buchanan, John L: Ballynapottoge
Buchanan, John L: Cavan Oneill
Buchanan, John L: Drumaslaghy
Burnett, Francis L: Doolargy
Burnett, James L: Loughans
Burnett, John L: Doolargy
Burnett, Saml., Jr. L: Doolargy
Burnett, Saml., Sr. L: Doolargy
Burnett, Samuel L: Loughans
Burnett, Samuel, Jr. L: Doolargy
Burnett, Samuel, Sr. L: Doolargy
Burnett, William L: Doolargy
Burns, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Burns, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: Lodgers
Burns, Thomas L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Burrowes, Stephen L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Burrowes, Thomas L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Burton, Charles L: Tullyvar
Burton, Henry L: Cavankilgreen
Burton, Hugh L: Cavankilgreen
Burton, Jane L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Burton, John L: Cavankilgreen
Burton, Robert L: Cavankilgreen
Burton, Thomas L: Cavankilgreen
Busby, James L: Cravenny Scotch
Busby, John L: Tully
Busby, Robert L: Cravenny Scotch
Busby, Robert L: Tully
Button, James L: Knocknarney
Cadden, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Cafford, David L: Tullywinny
Cairnes, James L: Lisbeg
Cairnes, Thomas L: Lisbeg
Caldwell, James L: Cavankilgreen
Caldwell, James L: Knocknarney
Caldwell, James L: Tirelugan
Caldwell, James L: Tullyvar
Caldwell, Robert L: Leany
Caldwell, Thomas L: Derrycreevy
Callaghan, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Callaghan, Susan L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Calvin, James L: Cravenny Scotch
Campbell, Alexander L: Lisbeg
Campbell, Alexander L: Tullywinny
Campbell, David L: Derrycush
Campbell, David L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Campbell, David L: Lisbeg
Campbell, David L: Ravellea
Campbell, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Campbell, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Campbell, John L: Knockadreen
Campbell, John L: Lisadavil
Campbell, John L: Lisbeg
Campbell, John L: Ravellea
Campbell, John L: Tully
Campbell, Margaret L: Derrycreevy
Campbell, Michael L: Tully
Campbell, Thomas L: Knocknarney
Cargill, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Carr, James L: Glack
Carr, Peter L: Tulnavern
Carr, Thomas L: Golan
Carrion, James L: Tully
Carroll, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Carroll, John L: Ravellea
Carroll, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Carruthers, Eliza L: Derrycush
Carruthers, Eliza L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Carson, James L: Corderry
Cavanagh, John L: Leany
Cavins, William L: Martray
Chapman, Robert L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Cherry, Andrew L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Cherry, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Cherry, John L: Dernabane
Cherry, John L: Tirelugan
Cherry, Patrick L: Cavan Oneill
Cherry, Robert L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Cherry, Robert L: Tirelugan
Cherry, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Cherry, William L: Tulnavern
Clarke, George L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Clarke, John L: Tully
Clifford, Robert L: Ravellea
Clifford, Robt. L: Derrycush N: Ravella
Coats, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Cobain, Ellen L: Lisdoart
Cobain, Samuel L: Cavankilgreen
Cole, Anne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Collins, John L: Legaroe
Collins, John L: Tulnavern
Condy, John L: Leany
Connelly, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Connelly, Owen L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Connolly, James L: Belragh
Connolly, James L: Carnteel
Connolly, James L: Lisconduff
Connolly, John L: Lisconduff
Connolly, Owen L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Connolly, Patrick L: Derrycush
Connor, James L: Lisdoart
Connor, John L: Armalughey
Connor, Owen L: Cravenny Irish
Connors, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Conroy, Charles L: Edentiloan
Coote, Charles L: Dernabane
Coote, Charles L: Rousky
Coote, James L: Corderry
Coote, James L: Doolargy
Coote, James L: Ravellea
Coote, John L: Rousky
Coote, Johnston L: Rousky
Coote, Joseph L: Killyneery
Coote, Sarah L: Skey
Corbett, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Corr, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Coulter, James L: Ballynapottoge
Coulter, James L: Cavan Oneill
Coulter, William L: Ballynapottoge
Cousins, Robert L: Cranslough
Coyle, Bernard L: Annagh Beg
Coyle, Ellen L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Coyle, James L: Shanalurg
Coyle, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Coyle, Patrick L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Creighton, Andrew L: Shanalurg
Creighton, Jane L: Tullywinny
Creighton, John L: Lisbeg
Creighton, John L: Lisdoart
Creighton, William L: Shanalurg
Crossle, James L: Inishmagh
Crowthers, George L: Tulnavern
Cullen, Michael L: Knockadreen
Cunningham, Edward L: Golan
Curran, John L: Derrycush
Curran, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Curran, John L: Tully
Currens, John T: Aughnacloy - Moore Street
Daly, Acheson L: Rousky
Daly, Bernard L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Daly, Charles L: Golan
Daly, John L: Golan
Daly, Patrick L: Belragh
Davison, Anne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Davison, Anne L: Ravellea
Davison, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Davison, Mary Jane L: Cavankilgreen
Davison, Samuel L: Cavan Oneill
Davison, William L: Cavan Oneill
Devine, Thomas L: Tully
Devine, William L: Glack
Devlin, Daniel L: Dernabane
Devlin, Daniel L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Devlin, Daniel L: Lisadavil
Dickson, James L: Inishmagh
Dixon, Catherine L: Leany
Dixon, Elizabeth L: Mullaghnese
Dixon, George L: Mullaghnese
Dixon, James L: Edentiloan
Dixon, John L: Edentiloan
Donaghy, Bryan L: Reskatirriff
Donaghy, Francis L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Donaghy, John L: Golan
Donaldson, Alex. L: Skey
Donaldson, Alex, Jr. L: Loughans
Donaldson, Alex, Sr. L: Loughans
Donaldson, Alexander L: Dernaborey
Donaldson, Alexander L: Killyneery
Donaldson, Hugh L: Knocknarney
Donaldson, James L: Golan
Donaldson, James L: Killyneery
Donaldson, John L: Loughans
Donaldson, William L: Doolargy
Donaldson, William L: Loughans
Donnelly, Hugh L: Lisbeg
Donnelly, James L: Mullaghbane
Donnelly, John L: Lisbeg
Donnelly, Margaret L: Leany
Donnelly, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Donnelly, Patrick L: Golan
Donnelly, Rose L: Golan
Donnelly, Thomas L: Golan
Doogan, James L: Reskatirriff
Doran, Anne L: Golan
Downes, Alexander L: Armalughey
Downes, John L: Cavankilgreen
Downes, John L: Skey
Downes, Robert L: Skey
Downes, William L: Skey
Drugan, Patrick L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Duff, Alexander L: Lisginny
Duff, James L: Dernaborey
Duff, James L: Lisginny
Duff, Sarah L: Dernaborey
Duff, Thomas L: Skey
Dunbane, William L: Legaroe
Duncan, James L: Reskatirriff
Dunlop, Mary L: Ravellea
Dunne, James L: Glack
Dunne, John L: Carnteel
Dunne, John L: Tirelugan
Easterbrooks, Samuel L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Elliott, Mary L: Tirelugan
Elliott, Thomas L: Mullaghnese
Ellison, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Ellison, William L: Lisadavil
English, James L: Lisdoart
English, James L: Tully
English, Samuel L: Tullywinny
Fair, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Falls, Henry L: Cavankilgreen
Falls, Henry L: Derrycush
Falls, Henry L: Drone
Falls, Henry L: Drumaslaghy
Falls, Henry L: Lisadavil
Falls, Henry L: Lisdoart
Falls, James, Jr. L: Cavankilgreen
Falls, James, Sr. L: Cavankilgreen
Falls, Margaret L: Cavankilgreen
Farrell, Henry L: Tully
Farrell, James L: Tullywinny
Farrell, John L: Dernabane
Farrell, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Farrell, John L: Glack
Farrell, John L: Ravellea
Farrell, Joseph L: Cavan Oneill N: Saml. and Joseph
Farrell, Joseph L: Shantavny
Farrell, Joseph L: Shantavny N: Saml. and Joseph
Farrell, Margaret L: Lisbeg
Farrell, Saml. L: Cavan Oneill N: Saml. and Joseph
Farrell, Saml. L: Shantavny N: Saml. and Joseph
Farrell, William L: Derrycreevy
Farrell, William L: Tully
Fennelly, Andrew L: Tirelugan
Ferguson, Alexander L: Belragh
Ferguson, James L: Derrycreevy
Ferguson, James L: Knocknarney
Fiddes, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Fiddes, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: and Co
Fiddes, James L: Knockadreen
Fiddes, James L: Ravellea
Fiddes, James L: Tully
Fitzgerald, Thomas L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Fitzsimons, Henry L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Fitzsimons, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Fitzsimons, John L: Tully
Fleming, Thomas L: Tully
Frail, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Fulton, Joseph L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Galbraith, Jackson L: Lisconduff
Galloway, Robert L: Tullyvar
Geoghegan, Thomas L: Belragh
Gibson, Edward L: Glenroe
Gibson, William L: Derrycush
Gibson, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Giles, Ellen L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Giles, Mary L: Legaroe
Gillespie, James L: Cranslough
Gillespie, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Gillespie, James L: Knockadreen
Gillespie, James L: Mullaghnese
Gillespie, Robert L: Derrycush
Gillespie, William L: Tulnavern
Gilmore, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Girvan, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Givin, Alexander L: Drone
Givin, Joseph L: Doolargy
Givin, Joseph L: Tirelugan
Goff, Joseph L: Cranslough
Goff, Joseph L: Dernaborey
Goff, Joseph L: Edentiloan
Goff, Joseph L: Leany
Goff, Joseph L: Reskatirriff
Golden, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Goodfellow, John L: Loughans
Gordan, James L: Skey
Gordon, James L: Skey
Gormley, Hugh L: Inishmagh
Gormley, Hugh L: Tulnavern
Goudy, John L: Tirelugan
Graham, George L: Annagh Beg
Graham, Hugh L: Castletown
Graham, John L: Lisconduff
Graham, John L: Mullaghnese
Graham, Lindsay L: Annagh Beg
Graham, Robert L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Graham, Samuel L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Graham, Samuel L: Tully
Greer, Edward L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Griffin, James L: Knocknarney
Guy, William L: Cranslough
Hackett, William L: Knockadreen
Hadden, Arch. L: Skey
Hadden, Archibald L: Doolargy
Hadden, Archibald L: Golan
Hadden, Archibald L: Skey
Hadden, Catherine L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Hadden, Jos. L: Skey
Hadden, Joseph L: Golan
Hadden, Joseph L: Skey
Hadden, William L: Loughans
Hafferty, Patrick L: Castletown
Hagan, Catherine L: Legaroe
Hagan, John L: Annagh Beg
Hagan, John L: Cranslough
Hagan, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Hagan, John L: Legaroe
Hagan, Michael L: Legaroe
Hagan, Patrick L: Legaroe
Hagan, Peter L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Hall, David L: Plaister
Hall, Joseph L: Loughans
Hamill, Ellen L: Golan
Hamill, Henry L: Golan
Hamill, Henry L: Mullaghbane
Hamill, James L: Cavankilgreen
Hamill, James L: Tullyvar
Hamill, Mary L: Ballynapottoge
Hamill, Patrick L: Doolargy
Hamilton, Andrew L: Glack
Hamilton, James L: Glack
Hamilton, John L: Glack
Hanaran, James L: Castletown
Hanna, Thomas L: Tulnavern
Hardy, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Hartness, William L: Knockadreen
Hazelton, William L: Reskatirriff
Healy, Patrick L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Henderson, Alexander L: Plaister
Henderson, James L: Cranslough
Henderson, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Henderson, James L: Inishmagh
Henderson, Maryanne L: Glack
Henderson, Thomas L: Glack
Henderson, William L: Cavankilgreen
Henderson, William L: Dernabane
Hendry, Henry L: Annagh Beg
Henry, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Henry, William L: Tullywinny
Hill, Margaret L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Hill, William L: Lisconduff
Hill, William L: Shanalurg
Hillan, Sarah L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Hodge, Joseph L: Legaroe
Hodgins, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Hogg, James L: Edentiloan
Holland, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Hopper, James L: Armalughey
Hopper, Margaret L: Armalughey
Hopper, Saml. L: Branny N: Wm. and Saml.
Hopper, Thomas L: Armalughey
Hopper, Thomas L: Doolargy
Hopper, Thomas L: Killyneery
Hopper, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Hopper, Wm. L: Branny N: Wm. and Saml.
Horner, Diana L: Lisadavil
Horner, Eliza L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Hughes, James L: Cravenny Irish
Hurst, John L: Dernabane
Hurst, John L: Derrycush
Hurst, William L: Lisconduff
Hurst, William L: Shanalurg
Huston, Thomas L: Tulnavern
Huston, William L: Tulnavern
Hutton, Thomas L: Castletown
Irwin, David L: Tirelugan
Irwin, Eliza L: Edentiloan
Irwin, Ellen L: Edentiloan
Irwin, James L: Leany
Irwin, James L: Mullaghnese
Irwin, John L: Edentiloan
Irwin, John L: Tirelugan
Irwin, Margaret L: Edentiloan
Irwin, Maryanne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Irwin, Patrick T: Aughnacloy - Moore Street
Irwin, Robert L: Cranslough
Irwin, Samuel L: Tirelugan
Irwin, Thomas L: Edentiloan
Irwin, William L: Edentiloan
Irwin, William L: Reskatirriff
Jackson, Alexander L: Dernabane
Jackson, James L: Cavankilgreen
Jackson, Robert L: Dernabane
Jameson, George L: Leany
Jameson, Isaac L: Dernaborey
Jameson, John L: Edentiloan
Jameson, Robert L: Dernaborey
Jeffers, Alexander L: Tirelugan
Jeffers, Samuel L: Tirelugan
Jervis, David L: Lisdoart
Johnson, James L: Lisginny
Johnston, Archibald L: Edentiloan
Johnston, Christopher L: Mullaghbane
Johnston, Rev. Edward L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Johnston, Henry L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Johnston, Isaac L: Cranslough
Johnston, Isaac L: Reskatirriff
Johnston, Isabella L: Cranslough
Johnston, James L: Cavan Oneill
Johnston, James L: Cavankilgreen
Johnston, James L: Cranslough
Johnston, James L: Lisdoart
Johnston, John L: Doolargy
Johnston, John L: Killyneery
Johnston, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Jones, Eliza L: Derrycush
Jones, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Jones, James L: Tirelugan
Judge, Neal L: Tully
Keane, John L: Lisdoart
Keavan, Catherine L: Reskatirriff
Keenan, James L: Tully
Keenan, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Keenan, Mary C. L: Ravellea
Keenan, Patrick L: Golan
Kellett, Ellen L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Kelly, Francis L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Kelly, James L: Edentiloan
Kelly, James L: Mullaghbane
Kelly, James L: Tulnavern
Kelly, John L: Tulnavern
Kelly, Patrick L: Belragh
Kelly, Peter L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Kelly, Peter L: Tulnavern
Kelly, William L: Cavankilgreen
Kenny, Edward L: Lisbeg
Kernihan, William L: Reskatirriff
Kerr, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Kerr, John L: Tully
Kingsbury, Thomas L: Branny
Kingston, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Kink, Thomas L: Cranslough
Kirke, Thomas L: Cranslough
Knox, Irwin L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Knox, John L: Dernaborey
Knox, Robert L: Dernaborey
Knox, William L: Dernaborey
Kyle, David L: Lisginny
Kyle, James L: Knocknarney
Kyle, John L: Legaroe
Kyle, John L: Tulnavern
Laird, William L: Inishmagh
Lamb, Eliza L: Ravellea
Lamb, Francis L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Leany, John L: Reskatirriff
Leekey, George L: Tully
Leggett, Dixon L: Shanalurg
Leggett, Eliza L: Knocknarney
Leggett, James L: Derrycreevy
Leggett, Thomas L: Knocknarney
Levins, James L: Carnteel
Linny, Michael L: Golan
Linny, Peter L: Golan
Linny, Peter L: Rousky
Little, Francis L: Dernabane
Little, Francis L: Derrycush
Little, Francis L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Little, Francis L: Ravellea
Little, James L: Dernaborey
Little, Thomas L: Tullywinny
Longhead, Timothy L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Longhead, Timothy L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: Lodgers
Longhead, Timothy L: Tully
Looney, William L: Cavankilgreen
Loughran, Anne L: Cravenny Irish
Loughran, Hugh L: Cravenny Irish
Loughran, Michael L: Cravenny Irish
Loughran, Thomas L: Golan
Lundy, Mary L: Lisbeg
Macken, John L: Ravellea
Macrory, Michael L: Cravenny Irish
Magee, Andrew L: Derrycush
Magee, Andrew L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Magee, John L: Derrycreevy
Magee, John L: Golan
Magee, Peter L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Magee, Susan L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Maginn, James L: Shantavny
Maginn, Neal L: Golan
Maguire, Thomas L: Cavan Oneill
Maguire, Thomas L: Derrycreevy
Mann, Esther L: Martray
Marley, Michael L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Marley, Owen L: Dernabane
Marley, Patrick L: Shanalurg
Marlow, John L: Loughans
Marshall, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Marshall, Samuel L: Carnteel
Marshall, Samuel L: Tirelugan
Martin, Richard L: Cavankilgreen
Mathews, Elizabeth L: Leany
Mathews, Henry L: Tirelugan
Mayne, Nathaniel L: Tirelugan
Mayne, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Maziere, Madam L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcafee, William L: Cavan Oneill
Mcaleer, Owen L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcaleer, Owen L: Tully
Mcallister, Jane L: Annagh Beg
Mcalpine', James L: Killyneery
Mcalpine, Jane L: Cavankilgreen
Mc Alpine, John L: Corderry
Mcalpine, William L: Corderry
Mcalpine, William L: Rousky
Mcbride, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccaffery, Samuel L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccaffery, Samuel L: Tully
Mccaffrey, Bernard L: Legaroe
Mccahy, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccahy, John L: Shantavny
Mccallion, Patrick L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccallion, Rose L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccamey, Robert L: Killyneery
Mccamley, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccamley, Margaret L: Tully
Mccann, Charles L: Tulnavern
Mccann, James L: Cavankilgreen
Mccann, Owen L: Tulnavern
Mccarrion, Anne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccarrion, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccarrion, James L: Tully
Mccarroll, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccarron, James L: Dernabane
Mccartney, John L: Lisbeg
Mc Cartney, John L: Lisdoart
Mccausland, James L: Inishmagh
Mccausland, James L: Killyneery
Mccausland, John L: Tullyvar
Mcclean, Alexander L: Drumaslaghy
Mcclean, David L: Tulnavern
Mccleary, Mary L: Rousky
Mcclure, James L: Tully
Mcclure, Richard L: Corderry
Mcconnell, Charles L: Ravellea
Mcconnell, Ellen L: Carnteel
Mcconnell, William L: Shanalurg
Mccourt, Anne L: Tully
Mccourt, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccoy, Ellen L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccraig, Hugh L: Edentiloan
Mccreedy, David L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccreedy, Denis L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mc Creery, John L: Lisdoart
Mccreery, John L: Tullywinny
Mccullagh, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mc Cusker, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccusker, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mccusker, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcdermott, Edward L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcdermott, Rebecca L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcdermott, Thomas L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcdonnell, Claude L: Castletown
Mcdonnell, Denis L: Golan
Mcdonnell, Denis L: Loughans
Mcdonnell, Francis L: Golan
Mcdonnell, John L: Loughans
Mcdonnell, Thomas L: Loughans
Mcdowell, Alexander L: Mullaghbane
Mcdowell, Hugh L: Ravellea
Mcdowell, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcdowell, John L: Dernabane
Mcdowell, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcdowell, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: and Lodger
Mcdowell, John L: Ravellea
Mcdowell, Mary L: Legaroe
Mcelmeel, Anne L: Derrycush
Mcelmeel, Anne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcelmeel, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcelmeel, Owen L: Dernabane
Mcelmeel, Owen L: Derrycreevy
Mcelroy, Francis L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcfarland, Henry Jas. L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: Lodgers
Mcfarland, James L: Belragh
Mcfarland, John L: Tulnavern
Mcfarland, Robert L: Leany
Mcfarland, Robert L: Tulnavern
Mcfarland, William L: Ravellea
Mcfarlane, Andrew L: Armalughey
Mcfarlane, Robert L: Mullaghbane
Mcgartland, Peter L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcgarvy, Bryan L: Cravenny Irish
Mcgarvy, James L: Cravenny Irish
Mcgee, James L: Annagh Beg
Mcginly, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcgonnell, James L: Derrycreevy
Mcgonnell, John L: Derrycreevy
Mcgonnell, Patrick L: Tully
Mcgough, Patrick L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcgowan, William L: Glack
Mcguinness, James L: Tully
Mcguinness, Patrick L: Carnteel
Mcguinness, Patrick L: Castletown
Mcguire, Michael L: Mullaghbane
Mcilwaine, Rev. Wm. L: Tully
Mckay, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckeane, Andrew L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckee, James L: Cranslough
Mckenna, Abigail L: Annagh Beg
Mckenna, Bernard L: Tully
Mckenna, Catherine L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckenna, Edward L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckenna, Francis L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckenna, Hugh L: Dernabane
Mckenna, Hugh L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckenna, Hugh L: Ravellea
Mckenna, James L: Belragh
Mckenna, James L: Derrycreevy
Mckenna, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckenna, James L: Ravellea
Mckenna, James L: Shantavny
Mckenna, John L: Derrycush
Mckenna, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckenna, John L: Golan
Mckenna, John L: Plaister
Mckenna, John, Jr. L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckenna, John, Sr. L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckenna, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckenna, Michael L: Golan
Mckenna, Owen L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckenna, Owen L: Ravellea
Mckenna, Owen L: Tully
Mckenna, Patrick L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckenna, Patrick L: Ravellea
Mckenna, Peter L: Cavan Oneill
Mckenna, Peter L: Ravellea
Mckenna, Terence L: Tully
Mckenna, William L: Dernabane
Mckenna, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckenna, William L: Golan
Mckeogh, James L: Belragh
Mckeon, George L: Castletown
Mckerr, Thomas L: Carnteel
Mckew, John L: Armalughey
Mckigney, Alexander L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mckinley, Henry L: Inishmagh
Mckinley, Henry L: Mullaghbane
Mckinley, James L: Dernaborey
Mckinley, Mary L: Tullyvar
Mcknight, James L: Reskatirriff
Mcloughlin, Mark L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcmahon, Anne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcmahon, Anne L: Tully
Mcmahon, Arthur L: Dernabane
Mcmahon, Francis L: Annagh Beg
Mcmahon, John L: Lisconduff
Mcmahon, Margaret L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcmahon, Nicholas L: Ravellea
Mcmahon, Nicholas L: Shantavny
Mcmahon, Owen L: Lisadavil
Mcmahon, Richard L: Dernabane
Mcmahon, Robert L: Knockadreen
Mcmahon, Robert L: Lisconduff
Mcmahon, William L: Lisconduff
Mcmickle, James L: Inishmagh
Mcminn, Eliza L: Tully
Mcmullen, Peter L: Skey
Mc Namee, Mary T: Aughnacloy - Moore Street
Mcneece, John L: Lisconduff
Mcneece, John L: Shanalurg
Mcneece, Thomas L: Drumaslaghy
Mcneece, William L: Annagh Beg
Mcneece, William L: Carnteel
Mcpike, William L: Leany
Mcquade, Edward L: Plaister
Mcquade, John L: Lisconduff
Mcquaid, Terence L: Annagh Beg
Mcveagh, Hugh L: Cravenny Irish
Mcveagh, John L: Golan
Mcveigh, Peter L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mcwilliams, Charles L: Annagh Beg
Mcwilliams, Charles L: Carnteel
Mcwilliams, Charles L: Knocknarney
Mcwilliams, Esther L: Plaister
Mcwilliams, George L: Annagh Beg
Mcwilliams, John L: Martray
Mcwilliams, Oliver L: Annagh Beg
Mcwilliams, Thomas L: Knocknarney
Mcwilliams, Thomas L: Lisconduff
Mcwilliams, Thomas L: Tully
Mellon, Henry L: Tulnavern
Miller, Anne L: Cavankilgreen
Miller, James L: Knocknarney
Miller, John L: Cavankilgreen
Miller, John L: Derrycreevy
Miller, John L: Lisginny
Miller, Matthew L: Tullywinny
Miller, Rice L: Cavankilgreen
Moffett, Robert L: Belragh
Moffett, William L: Lisconduff
Monaghan, Cormack L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Monaghan, Cormack L: Tully
Monaghan, Margaret L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Monaghan, Peter L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Montgomery, Robert L: Cavan Oneill
Montgomery, Robert L: Garvey
Montgomery, Thomas L: Corderry
Montgomery, Thomas L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Montgomery, Thomas L: Lisadavil
Montgomery, Thomas L: Ravellea
Montgomery, Thomas T: Aughnacloy - Caledon Street
Montgomery, Thomas L: Tully
Montromery, Wm. L: Derrycush
Moone, Hugh L: Mullaghnese
Moone, Michael L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Moore, Alex G. M. L: Loughans
Moore, Archibald L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Moore, Arthur L: Derrycush
Moore, Arthur L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Moore, Edward L: Plaister
Moore, George L: Derrycush
Moore, George L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Moore, George L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: Lodgers
Moore, George L: Tully
Moore, Hugh L: Mullaghnese
Moore, James L: Garvey
Moore, James L: Tullyvar
Moore, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Moore, John L: Tully
Moore, John L: Tullyvar
Moore, Mary L: Leany
Moore, Mary Anne L: Derrycush
Moore, Maryanne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Moore, Maryanne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: Lodgers
Moore, Robert L: Cavankilgreen
Moore, Robert L: Tullyvar
Moore, Robert M. L: Commons
Moore, Robert M. L: Dernabane
Moore, Robert M. L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Moore, Thomas L: Lisbeg
Moore, Thomas L: Tullyvar
Moore, William L: Castletown
Moore, William L: Golan
Moore, William L: Plaister
Morris, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Morrison, Bridge L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: and Co
Morrow, James L: Dernaborey
Morrow, Margaret L: Derrycush
Morrow, Robert L: Drone
Muguire, Hugh L: Shantavny
Mulgrew, Patrick L: Corderry
Mulhearn, John L: Lisdoart
Mullen, Catherine L: Legaroe
Mullin, Fardy L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Mullin, Sarah L: Tully
Mulryan, Patrick L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Murdock, Joseph L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Murphy, Bernard L: Ravellea
Murphy, George L: Doolargy
Murphy, Hugh L: Lisbeg
Murphy, Moore L: Loughans
Murphy, William L: Golan
Murray, Eliza L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Murray, James L: Dernabane
Murray, James L: Lisdoart
Murray, Patrick L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Murray, William L: Reskatirriff
Myles, James L: Doolargy
Myles, John L: Loughans
Nccamey, Robert L: Rousky
Neely, John L: Cavankilgreen
Neill, Hugh L: Tulnavern
Nelson, William L: Lisginny
Obrien, Patrick L: Cranslough
Oliver, Thomas L: Tullyvar
Oliver, William L: Cavankilgreen
Oneill, Bryan L: Cravenny Irish
O'Neill, Charles L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Oneill, Henry L: Mullaghbane
Oneill, Hugh L: Cravenny Irish
Oneill, James L: Knockadreen
Oneill, John L: Knockadreen
Oneill, Thomas L: Cavankilgreen
Oneill, William L: Cranslough
O'Reilly, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Orr, Lydia L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Paisley, Robert L: Edentiloan
Palmer, Rowland L: Shantavny
Palmer, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Patterson, Robert L: Carnteel
Payton, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Phayre, George L: Edentiloan
Phayre, Patrick L: Reskatirriff
Potter, Adam L: Dernaborey
Potter, George L: Dernabane
Potter, Joseph L: Derrycush
Quinn, Bernard L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Quinn, Bernard L: Tully
Quinn, Henry L: Legaroe
Quinn, John L: Tulnavern
Quinn, John, Jr. L: Tirelugan
Quinn, John, Sr. L: Tirelugan
Quinn, Mary L: Tulnavern
Quinn, Michael L: Golan
Quinn, Patrick L: Derrycreevy
Quinn, Patrick L: Legaroe
Quinn, Patrick L: Mullaghbane
Quinn, Patrick L: Tulnavern
Quinn, Peter L: Cravenny Irish
Quinn, Sarah L: Legaroe
Quinn, Susan L: Golan
Quinn, Thomas L: Loughans
Rafferty, Bernard L: Reskatirriff
Rafferty, Ellen L: Tullyvar
Rafferty, Felix L: Derrycush
Rafferty, James L: Cranslough
Rafferty, Owen L: Mullaghbane
Rafferty, William L: Cranslough
Rafferty, William L: Reskatirriff
Rea, Jane L: Drumaslaghy
Rea, Stewart L: Ballynapottoge
Rea, Stewart L: Cavan Oneill
Rea, Stewart L: Lisdoart
Rea, Stewart L: Shantavny
Rea, Thomas L: Lisdoart
Rea, William L: Lisdoart
Reade, Robert L: Belragh
Reade, Robert L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Reade, William L: Derrycreevy
Reade, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Reade, William L: Glenroe
Reade, William L: Tirelugan
Ready, Bernard L: Knocknarney
Reany, George L: Mullaghnese
Reany, James L: Mullaghnese
Reany, John L: Cranslough
Reany, Robert L: Castletown
Reany, Robert L: Mullaghnese
Reany, Samuel L: Edentiloan
Reid, Anne L: Reskatirriff
Reid, Graham L: Knocknarney
Reid, Henry L: Castletown
Reid, James L: Cravenny Scotch
Reid, James L: Edentiloan
Reid, John L: Reskatirriff
Reid, Maria L: Reskatirriff
Reid, Mary L: Reskatirriff
Reid, Robert L: Carnteel
Reid, Robert L: Knocknarney
Reid, William L: Dernaborey
Reynolds, Eliza L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Riddall, George L: Legaroe
Riddall, Thomas L: Legaroe
Roberts, Nason L: Ballynapottoge
Roberts, William L: Drumaslaghy
Robertson, John L: Lisbeg
Robinson, Alice L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Robinson, Andrew L: Dernabane
Robinson, Charles L: Glack
Robinson, John L: Tirelugan
Robinson, Luke L: Carnteel
Robinson, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Robinson, William L: Dernaborey
Robinson, William L: Lisadavil
Rock, Henry L: Leany
Rogers, Patrick L: Armalughey
Rooney, John L: Inishmagh
Rowland, Owen L: Corderry
Rowland, Owen L: Rousky
Russell, Alexander L: Carnteel
Russell, Alexander L: Tirelugan
Russell, James L: Golan
Russell, Mary L: Mullaghbane
Russell, Patrick L: Golan
Rutherford, James L: Martray
Sadleir, John L: Inishmagh
Saunders, Michael L: Tully
Saunderson, George L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Saunderson, Jane L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Saunderson, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Scanlan, Patrick L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Scarlett, Richard L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Scott, William L: Castletown
Scott, William, M.D. L: Derrycush
Scott, William, M.D. L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Scott, Wm. L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: Lodgers
Sharkey, William L: Reskatirriff
Shaw, Eliza L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Sheils, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Sheridan, Charles L: Golan
Sherry, Peter L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Shiel, Terence L: Doolargy
Shields, Thomas L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Shiels, James L: Tirelugan
Shiels, Susan L: Tirelugan
Shiels, Thomas L: Tully
Simonton, Anne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Simpson, Eliza L: Tully
Simpson, Fiddes L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: and Co
Simpson, Hugh L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Simpson, Hugh L: Lisadavil
Simpson, James L: Derrycreevy
Simpson, James L: Glenroe
Simpson, Joseph L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Singleton, Arthur L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Skiffington, Francis L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Sleith, James L: Tirelugan
Sleith, Thomas L: Tirelugan
Slevin, Bernard L: Ravellea
Slevin, George L: Annagh Beg
Sloane, Anthony L: Mullaghbane
Sloane, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Sloane, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Sloane, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy N: Lodgers
Sloane, Mary L: Golan
Sloane, William L: Doolargy
Sloane, William L: Martray
Sloane, William L: Mullaghbane
Smart, Thomas L: Edentiloan
Smith, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Smith, James L: Tirelugan
Smith, Robert L: Glack
Smyth, Alexander L: Tullyvar
Somerville, Thomas L: Tulnavern
Soraghan, Peter L: Derrycush
Soraghan, Peter L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Soraghan, Peter L: Ravellea
Spear, Letitia L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Spear, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Speir, John L: Tully
Speir, William L: Tully
Steen, Alexander L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Steen, James T: Aughnacloy - Mill Street
Steen, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Steen, John L: Tully
Stenson, David L: Dernabane
Stenson, James L: Knocknarney
Stenson, James L: Mullaghnese
Stenson, Thomas L: Knocknarney
Stenson, William L: Knocknarney
Stenson, Wm. L: Knocknarney N: Samuel
Stephenson, James L: Loughans
Stewart, George V. L: Lisbeg
Stewart, George V. L: Lisdoart
Stewart, George V. L: Lisginny
Stewart, George V. L: Tullywinny
Stewart, Gorge V. L: Skey
Stewart, Hugh L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Stewart, Hugh L: Knockadreen
Stewart, Mervyn L: Martray
Stokes, Jno. W. L: Glack N: Ven Archdeacon
Story, Anne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Strechan, Alexander L: Tullyvar
Taggart, George L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Taggart, John L: Dernabane
Taggart, John L: Tully
Taggart, Robert L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Talbot, John L: Leany
Tallon, Jane L: Tully
Taylor, John L: Cavankilgreen
Thompson, Alexander L: Derrycreevy
Thompson, Hugh L: Derrycreevy
Thompson, James L: Derrycreevy
Thompson, James L: Martray
Thompson, John L: Annagh Beg
Thompson, John L: Knocknarney
Thompson, Thomas L: Martray
Thompson, William L: Carnteel
Tierney, James L: Loughans
Todd, James L: Ballynapottoge
Todd, Mary L: Annagh Beg
Todd, Wilson L: Ballynapottoge
Trainor, Edward L: Tully
Trainor, Hugh L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Trainor, James L: Tully
Trainor, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Traynor, John L: Tullyvar
Traynor, Laurence L: Derrycreevy
Traynor, Patrick L: Derrycreevy
Treanor, Anne L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Turner, James L: Leany
Turner, Rebecca L: Dernaborey
Verner, John L: Carnteel
Vernet, Robert L: Drone
Walker, Jane L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Walker, Samuel L: Glack
Waller, Edward L: Drone
Ward, John L: Legaroe
Ward, John, Jr. L: Legaroe
Waters, Joseph L: Corderry
Watson, Anne L: Tullyvar
Watson, Joseph L: Tullyvar
Watson, Mary L: Glenroe
Watson, William L: Cavankilgreen
Watson, William L: Glenroe
Watters, Robert L: Doolargy
White, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
White, Robert L: Edentiloan
White, William L: Edentiloan
White, William L: Reskatirriff
Wigam, Andrew L: Armalughey
Wigam, John L: Armalughey
Wigam, Samuel L: Armalughey
Wiggins, Eliza L: Skey
Wigham, Samuel L: Skey
Wildridge, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Williamson, Isabella L: Reskatirriff
Williamson, James L: Leany
Williamson, Thomas L: Shanalurg
Wilson, Anne L: Liddoart
Wilson, James L: Ravellea
Wilson, James L: Tully
Wilson, John L: Martray
Wilson, Mary L: Derrycush
Wilson, Rebecca L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Wilson, Sarah L: Rousky
Wilson, William L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Wilton, Mary L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Woods, John L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Woods, John L: Ravellea
Woods, Robert L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Woods, Samuel L: Tully
Worthington, Martin L: Dernabane
Worthington, Martin L: Glack
Worthington, Martin L: Ravellea
Wray, Alexander L: Carnteel
Wray, Fisher L: Mullaghnese
Wray, John L: Annagh Beg
Wright, Henry L: Doolargy
Wright, James L: Derrycush - Aughnacloy
Wright, James L: Glack
Wright, James L: Skey
Wright, Thomas L: Lisdoart
Young, Lewis L: Legaroe
Young, William L: Legaroe

Map of Civil Parishes in county Tyrone

Civil Parish Records of County Tyrone

Other county Tyrone Parish Records

1 Aghaloo

2 Aghalurcher

3 Arboe

4 Ardstraw

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyclog

8 Bodoney Lower

9 Bodoney Upper

10 Camus

11 Cappagh

12 Carnteel

13 Clogher

14 Clogherny

15 Clonfeacle

16 Clonoe

17 Cumber Upper

18 Derryloran

19 Desertcreat

20 Donacavey

21 Donaghedy

22 Donaghenry

23 Donaghmore

24 Dromore

25 Drumglass

26 Drumragh

27 Errigal Keerogue

28 Errigal Trough

29 Kildress

30 Killeeshil

31 Killyman

32 Kilskeery

33 Leckpatrick

34 Lissan

35 Longfield East

36 Longfield West

37 Magheracross

38 Pomeroy

39 Tamlaght

40 Termonamongan

41 Termonmaguirk

42 Tullyniskan

43 Urney