Griffith's Valuation: Clogher Parish, County Tyrone

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Griffith's Valuation in Clogher Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Clogher parish and every other parish in county Tyrone as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Tyrone in 1851.


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Griffiths Valuation: Clogher Parish 1851

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You should also check the records of Clogher parish from the Tithe Applotment books recorded during the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Adams, John T: Augher - The Commons
Adams, William L: Corick
Aikens, James L: Aghnaglogh
Aikens, Michael L: Aghnaglogh
Alexander, James L: Ballymagowan
Alexander, James L: Syunshin
Alexander, James T: Clogher - Main Street
Alexander, Joseph L: Corcreevy
Alexander, Joseph L: Fivemiletown
Alexander, Joseph T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Alexander, Robert L: Corick
Alexander, Robert L: Cornamucklagh
Alexander, William T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Alexander, Wm, Jr. L: Fivemiletown
Alexander, Wm, Sr. L: Fivemiletown
Allen, James L: Beltany
Allen, James L: Tycanny
Allen, John L: Tullanafoile
Allen, Joseph L: Tycanny
Allen, William T: Augher - Main Street
Amos, William L: Eskermore
Anderson, David L: Beigh Glebe
Anderson, Mary L: Beigh Glebe
Anderson, Mary L: Lislane
Anderson, Matthew L: Fernaghandrum
Anderson, Thomas L: Aghindarragh West
Anderson, Thomas L: Aghingowly
Anderson, William L: Lislane
Anketell, James K. L: Aughnacarney
Anketell, James K. L: Cavan
Annen, Robert L: Glennnoo
Armstong, James L: Eskermore
Armstrong, Francis L: Rahoran
Armstrong, George L: Glennnoo
Armstrong, George L: Gortmore
Armstrong, George, Sr. L: Glennnoo
Armstrong, James L: Clogher Tenements
Armstrong, Jane T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Armstrong, John L: Carryclogher
Armstrong, John L: Corcreevy
Armstrong, John L: Tatnadaveny
Armstrong, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Armstrong, Lendrum L: Gortmore
Armstrong, Robert L: Glennageeragh
Armstrong, Robert F. L: Ballyvaddan
Armstrong, Robert J. T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Armstrong, Rep. Walter L: Ballyvaddan
Armstrong, William L: Beltany
Armstrong, William L: Glennageeragh
Arnott, Robert L: Tullybroom
Arthur, Jas L: Knockmany N: and Another
Arthur, Robert T: Augher - Clogher Road
Arthur, Robert T: Augher - The Commons
Arthurs, Joseph L: Tawnymore
Baily, James T: Augher - Main Street
Baily, Joseph L: Clogher Tenements
Baily, Thomas L: Shanco
Baily, William T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Baird, Andrew L: Mullaghtinny
Baird, Andrew T: Clogher - Main Street
Baird, George L: Mullaghmore
Baird, James L: Kilclay
Ballard, John T: Fivemiletown - Blacklands Road
Bally, John L: Shanco
Bannon, James L: Killygordon
Bannon, Michael L: Killygordon
Barnett, Charles L: Mullabeny
Barnett, James L: Fogart
Barnett, James L: Tullyvernan
Barnett, Jane L: Aghnaglogh
Barnett, Robert L: Killaney Upper
Barnett, William L: Annagh (Augher)
Barnett, William L: Ballagh
Barnett, William L: Nurchossy Scotch
Barr, George L: Corkhill
Barr, George L: Corkhill Demesne
Barr, George L: Eskragh
Barr, George L: Lurganaglare
Barr, Henry L: Prolusk
Barr, James L: Cavanacark
Barr, William L: Eskragh
Barr, William L: Prolusk
Barton, James L: Claremore
Batty, David, Jr. L: Clogher Tenements
Batty, David, Sr. L: Clogher Tenements
Baxter, James L: Screeby
Baxter, James T: Augher - Main Street
Baxter, John L: Ballyvaddan
Baxter, John L: Fivemiletown
Baxter, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Baxter, William L: Kilnahusogue
Baxter, William L: Tullybroom
Beatty, David L: Glennageeragh
Beatty, David L: Longridge
Beatty, George L: Corcreevy
Beatty, James L: Blacklands
Beatty, James L: Eskragh
Beatty, James L: Newry
Beatty, John L: Ballyvaddan
Beatty, John L: Fivemiletown
Beatty, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Beck, John L: Lisnabable
Bell, Alexander L: Beltany
Bell, Andrew L: Augher Tenements
Bell, Anne L: Corick
Bell, Anne L: Crossowen
Bell, James L: Kilnaheery
Bell, James T: Augher - Clogher Road
Bell, Thomas L: Sessia
Bell, Thomas T: Augher - Main Street
Bell, William L: Fernaghandrum
Best, William T: Augher - The Commons
Bingham, Joseph L: Cormore
Bingham, Thomas L: Eskernabrogue
Birney, Eliza T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Birney, George L: Gortmore
Birney, John L: Ballyvaddan
Birney, John L: Mullaghmore
Birney, Letita L: Rahoran
Blackburne, John L: Lisboy
Blackburne, John L: Mullans (Killyfaddy)
Blackburne, Robert L: Fogart
Blackburne, Thomas L: Fogart
Blackburne, Thomas L: Killaney Upper
Blair, John L: Rahoran
Blair, Oliver L: Rahoran
Blakely, Adam L: Tattanafinnell
Blakely, Adam, Jr. L: Edergole
Blakely, Adam, Sr. L: Edergole
Blakely, Charles L: Edergole
Blakely, James L: Prolusk
Blakely, James, Jr. L: Edergole
Blakely, James, Sr. L: Edergole
Blakely, John L: Beigh Glebe
Blakely, Matthew L: Edergole
Bloomer, James L: Kilnaheery
Bloomfield, David L: Slatmore
Bloomfield, George L: Slatmore
Bloomfield, Hamilton L: Slatmore
Blythe, Thomas L: Kilnaheery
Blythe, Thomas L: Tamlaght
Blythe, William L: Aghinlark
Blythe, William L: Tamlaght
Blythe, William, Jr. L: Tullanafoile
Blythe, William, Sr. L: Tullanafoile
Bogue, Bernard L: Sess
Bogue, Catherine T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
Bogue, Hugh L: Corcloghy
Bogue, James L: Ballymacan
Bogue, James L: Tullanavert
Bogue, Owen L: Ballymacan
Bogue, Susan T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Boothe, Thomas L: Carnagat
Boyd, John L: Glennageeragh
Boyd, Thomas L: Tullyquinglebe
Boylan, Anne L: Kilnahusogue
Boylan, Rebecca L: Kilnahusogue
Boyle, Bernard T: Augher - Main Street
Boyle, Charles L: Mountstewart
Boyle, John L: Aughnacarney
Boyle, John, Jr. L: Mullaghtinny
Boyle, John, Sr. L: Mullaghtinny
Boyle, Mary L: Sessia
Boyle, Michael L: Augher Tenements
Boyle, Michael L: Sessia
Boyle, Peter L: Mullaghmore
Boyle, Peter T: Augher - Main Street
Boyle, Peter T: Augher - The Commons
Boyle, Rose L: Dunbiggan
Boyle, Thomas L: Dunbiggan
Brackenridge, Geo C. L: Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar
Brackenridge, George C. L: Ashfield or Grange
Brackenridge, George C. L: Ballyscally
Brackenridge, George C. L: Corleaghan
Brackenridge, George C. L: Shanco
Brackenridge, George C. L: Terrew
Brackenridge, George C. T: Clogher - Main Street
Brattin, James L: Tycanny
Brattin, William L: Bank
Brattin, William L: Longridge
Breadin, Elizabeth T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
Bredin, William L: Latbeg
Bredin, William T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Breen, Andrew L: Tamlaght
Breen, Catherine L: Drumhirk
Breen, Elizabeth T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Breen, Ellen T: Augher - Main Street
Breen, Hugh L: Killygordon
Breen, James L: Annagh (Augher)
Breen, James L: Freughmore
Breen, James T: Clogher - Main Street
Breen, John T: Clogher - Main Street
Breen, John T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
Breen, Patrick T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Breen, William L: Springtown
Breen, William T: Clogher - Main Street
Brennan, Charles L: Augher Tenements
Bridewell, T: Clogher - Main Street N: Bridewell and Yard
Brien, John L: Lungs
Brien, Matthew T: Fivemiletown - Blacklands Road
Britton, Mathew L: Fivemiletown
Brown, Henderson L: Augher Tenements
Brown, Samuel L: Sessia
Browne, Andrew T: Fivemiletown - Main Street N: and Another
Browne, John T: Clogher - Main Street
Browne, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Browne, Margaret L: Slatmore
Browne, Samuel T: Augher - Main Street
Browne, Thomas R. L: Aghindarragh West
Browne, Thomas R. L: Aghingowly
Browne, Thomas R. L: Aghinlark
Browne, Thomas R. L: Ballyness
Browne, Thomas R. L: Beigh Glebe
Browne, Thomas R. L: Carnagat
Browne, Thomas R. L: Cole
Browne, Thomas R. L: Edergole
Browne, Thomas R. L: Garlaw
Browne, Thomas R. L: Killygordon
Browne, Thomas R. L: Losset
Browne, Thomas R. L: Prolusk
Browne, Thomas R. L: Screeby
Browne, Thomas R. L: Shantonagh
Browne, Thomas R. L: Tattanafinnell
Browne, William L: Fivemiletown
Browne, William T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Bryan, John L: Donaghmoyne
Buchanan, Andrew L: Glennnoo
Buchanan, David, Jr. L: Claremore
Buchanan, David, Jr. L: Tullyvernan
Buchanan, David, Sr. L: Claremore
Buchanan, David, Sr. L: Tullyvernan
Buchanan, George L: Mullaghtinny
Buchanan, George L: Tullybroom
Buchanan, John L: Corcreevy Demesne
Buchanan, Thomas L: Ardunshin
Buchanan, Thomas L: Corcreevy
Buchanan, Thomas T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Buchanan, William L: Corcreevy Demesne
Buchanan, William L: Glennnoo
Buchanan, William T: Augher - The Commons
Buckley, Mary L: Ratory
Burke, James L: Findermore
Burke, James L: Nurchossy Scotch
Burns, James L: Crossowen
Burnside, Rev. Wm S. L: Corcreevy
Burnside, Rev. Wm S. L: Corcreevy Demesne
Burson, John L: Carntall More
Busby, Anthony T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Button, Edward L: Annaloughan
Button, Thomas L: Glennageeragh
Caffrey, James L: Mullaghmore
Cahey, Mary L: Lislane
Caines, William L: Kilnahusogue N: and Others
Cairnes, George L: Carntall More
Cairnes, John L: Carntall More
Caldwell, Alexander L: Sess
Caldwell, Hamilton L: Rahoran
Caldwell, Thomas L: Annagarvey
Caldwell, William L: Augher Tenements
Caldwell, William L: Carr
Caldwell, William L: Clogher Tenements
Caldwell, William L: Crossowen
Caldwell, William L: Drumhirk
Caldwell, William L: Lisnamaghery
Caldwell, William L: Mullaghtinny
Caldwell, William T: Clogher - Main Street
Callaghan, Anthony T: Augher - The Commons
Campbell, Andrew L: Ballygreenan
Campbell, Andrew L: Lisnamaghery
Campbell, Anne L: Kilnaheery
Campbell, Bridget L: Kilclay
Campbell, Catherine L: Tamlaght
Campbell, Colin T: Augher - Main Street
Campbell, Elizabeth L: Nurchossy Scotch
Campbell, Hugh L: Mullaghmore
Campbell, James L: Annaloughan
Campbell, James L: Cavan
Campbell, James L: Killygordon
Campbell, James L: Lurganaglare
Campbell, John L: Augher Tenements
Campbell, John L: Cavan
Campbell, John L: Gortmore
Campbell, Michael L: Eskermore
Campbell, Myles L: Lurganaglare
Campbell, Owen L: Kilnaheery
Campbell, Owen, Jr. L: Kilnaheery
Campbell, Patrick L: Altanaveragh
Campbell, Patrick L: Derries
Campbell, Patrick L: Tamlaght
Campbell, Patrick T: Augher - Main Street
Campbell, Patrick, Jr. L: Kilnaheery
Campbell, Patrick, Sr. L: Kilnaheery
Campbell, Robert L: Ballygreenan
Campbell, Terence, Jr. L: Tycanny
Campbell, Terence, Sr. L: Tycanny
Campbell, Thomas L: Tycanny
Campbell, William L: Freughmore
Campbell, William L: Kilnaheery
Campbell, William L: Springtown
Cannock, John L: Knockmany
Cannon, John L: Cornamucklagh
Carney, Patrick L: Mountstewart
Carr, Peter T: Augher - Main Street
Carr, William L: Clogher Tenements
Carroll, Francis L: Kilclay
Carroll, Michael T: Augher - Main Street
Carroll, Patrick, Sr. L: Eskragh
Carruthers, Charles L: Aghindarragh West
Carson, James L: Cormore
Carson, John L: Cormore
Carson, John L: Lislea
Carson, John L: Tatnadaveny
Carson, Law L: Cormore
Carson, Robert L: Lislea
Cassidy, Owen L: Sessia
Cassidy, Patrick L: Mullaghmore
Caulfield, George T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Christie, William L: Terrew
Clarke, James L: Aghindarragh West
Clarke, James L: Rahoran
Clarke, John L: Fogart
Clarke, Patrick L: Ballyvaddan
Clarke, Patrick L: Sess
Clarke, Robert L: Ballaghneed
Clarke, William L: Sess
Clements, Alexander L: Fernaghandrum
Clements, James L: Fernaghandrum
Clements, John L: Fernaghandrum
Clengan, James L: Fernaghandrum
Clengan, John L: Eskragh
Clengan, Joseph L: Cormore
Clifferty, Elizabeth T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Cole, George L: Cloneblaugh
Cole, Patrick L: Carntall More
Cole, Patrick L: Killyfaddy
Cole, Patrick L: Ratory
Colgan, Alexander T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Colgan, James L: Corcreevy
Colgan, James T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Colgan, Michael T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
Collins, George L: Tullanavert
Collins, Patrick L: Carryclogher
Collins, Peter L: Skelgagh
Commock, David L: Annagarvey
Conlan, Henry L: Lislane
Conlan, Patrick L: Tycanny
Conlon, Owen L: Tattanafinnell
Conly, James T: Clogher - Main Street
Connolly, Anne L: Aghindarragh East
Connolly, James L: Cloonycoppoge
Connolly, James T: Clogher - Main Street
Connolly, John L: Ballynagurragh
Connolly, John L: Cavan
Connolly, Michael L: Corboe
Connolly, Owen L: Aghindarragh East
Connolly, Owen L: Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar
Connolly, Owen L: Corleaghan
Connolly, Patrick L: Aghindarragh East
Connolly, Peter L: Glenhoy
Connolly, Thomas L: Cloonycoppoge
Connors, Francis L: Derrynascobe
Cooke, Andrew L: Annaloughan
Cooke, Andrew L: Ballaghneed
Cooke, Catherine T: Clogher - Main Street
Cooke, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Cooke, Samuel L: Annaloughan
Cooke, Wiliam L: Glennnoo
Cooke, William L: Glennnoo
Coote, Robert L: Mullans (Killyfaddy)
Corrigan, Bernard L: Lisboy
Corrigan, Connor L: Ballyscally
Corrigan, Hugh L: Glennnoo
Corrigan, James L: Carryclogher
Corrigan, James L: Lisboy
Corrigan, James T: Clogher - Main Street
Corrigan, Michael L: Fardross Mountain
Corrigan, Michael L: Glennnoo
Corrigan, Michael L: Mountstewart
Corrigan, Michael, Jr. L: Ballyscally
Corrigan, Owen T: Clogher - Omagh Road
Corrigan, Patrick L: Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar
Corrigan, Patrick L: Garlaw
Corrigan, Patrick L: Screeby
Corrigan, Patrick, Jr. L: Ballyscally
Corrigan, Patrick, Sr. L: Ballyscally
Corrigan, William L: Aghindarragh West
Cosgrave, Denis L: Lislane
Cosgrave, Thomas L: Tullanavert
Coulter, James L: Carnagat
Coulter, Sarah T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Cowan, Elizabeth L: Nurchoosy Irish
Cowan, James L: Kilclay
Cowan, Jane T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Cowen, Stuart L: Fernaghandrum
Coy, Bridget T: Augher - Main Street
Craig, William L: Fernaghandrum
Cramford, Margaret L: Ballaghneed
Crawford, James L: Tatnadaveny
Crawford, John L: Bolies
Crawford, Margaret L: Corkhill Demesne
Crawford, Margaret L: Fogart
Creighton, Andrew L: Augher Tenements
Creighton, Andrew L: Farrenetra
Crozier, Armstrong L: Ballyvaddan
Crozier, Armstrong T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Crozier, Margaret L: Sess
Crumley, Hugh L: Bolies
Crumley, Patrick L: Lislane
Crumley, Thomas L: Bolies
Crumly, William L: Tullanavert
Cullan, Bernard L: Tullycorker
Cullan, Catherine L: Tullycorker
Cullan, Henry L: Killycorran
Cullan, James L: Tullycorker
Cullan, Michael L: Tullycorker
Cullen, John L: Eskernabrogue
Cullenan, Arthur L: Altanaveragh
Cullenan, Manasses L: Tatnadaveny
Culligan, Peter L: Mountstewart
Cullinan, Arthur L: Kilnahusogue
Cullinan, Edward L: Tycanny
Cullinan, Henry L: Skelgagh
Cullinan, James L: Kilnahusogue
Cullinan, Patrick, Jr. L: Kilnahusogue
Cullinan, Patrick, Sr. L: Kilnahusogue
Cullinan, Stephen L: Kilnahusogue
Cullinan, Terence L: Kilnahusogue
Cumberland, Margaret L: Slatmore
Cunningham, James L: Fernaghandrum
Cunningham, Jas L: Fernaghandrum N: Davy
Cunningham, Jas L: Fernaghandrum N: Jno
Cunningham, Michael L: Ballyvaddan
Cunningham, Thos L: Fernaghandrum
Cunningham, Wm L: Fernaghandrum
Curran, John L: Altnaveagh
Curran, John L: Annagh (Blessingbourne)
Curran, John L: Fernaghandrum
Curran, John L: Tawnymore
Curran, Joseph L: Altnaveagh
Curran, Joseph L: Ranenly
Curran, Margaret L: Altnaveagh
Curry, Thomas L: Mullaghtinny
Cuthberton, John L: Carntall More
Dale, Alexander L: Altnaveagh
Dale, Ellen T: Augher - Main Street
Dale, Mary T: Augher - Main Street
Dale, Thomas L: Augher Tenements
Dales, Rev. James L: Eskermore
Daly, Bernard L: Ballygreenan
Daly, Owen L: Ballygreenan
Davidson, James L: Nurchossy Scotch
Davidson, John L: Kilnaheery
Davidson, Oliver L: Tullanafoile
Davidson, Robert L: Corcreevy
Davidson, William L: Glennageeragh
Davis, Elizabeth L: Corcreevy
Davis, Joseph L: Carnagat
Davison, Robert L: Cloneblaugh
Dawley, Bernard L: Tycanny
Dawley, James L: Tycanny
Dawley, Patrick T: Clogher - Main Street
Dawley, William T: Augher - Old Road To Aughnacloy
Dawley, William T: Augher - Pound Row
Dawly, Patrick L: Dunbiggan
Dawson, Alexander L: Slatbeg
Dawson, William L: Slatbeg
Deery, Bridget L: Lurganaglare
Deery, John L: Lurganaglare
Delap, John L: Fardross Mountain
Delap, Matthew L: Fardross Mountain
Dennis, Hugh L: Killygordon
Dennis, James L: Tattanafinnell
Dennis, Sarah L: Aghingowly
Dennis, William L: Rahoran
Denny, John T: Clogher - Omagh Road
Devin, Terence L: Corkhill Demesne
Devlin, John L: Tycanny
Devlin, Peter L: Mountstewart
Devlin, Terence L: Corkhill
Devlin, Terence L: Tycanny
Dickey, James L: Carryclogher
Dickey, James L: Terrew
Dickey, John L: Terrew
Dickey, Thomas L: Aghnaglogh
Dickey, Thomas L: Slatmore
Dickey, William L: Carryclogher
Dickey, William L: Terrew
Dickey, William L: Tullanavert
Dogherty, James T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
Dogherty, John T: Augher - Pound Row
Doherty, Edward L: Corcreevy
Doherty, Edward L: Cormore
Doherty, James L: Cormore
Doherty, James L: Fernaghandrum
Doherty, James L: Shanco
Doherty, Jane L: Tullycorker
Doherty, John L: Cormore
Doherty, John L: Cormore N: John
Doherty, John L: Sess
Doherty, John L: Shanco
Doherty, Michael L: Cormore
Doherty, Patrick T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Doherty, William L: Corcreevy
Domer, John L: Cole
Domer, Moses L: Cavanacark
Domer, Moses L: Tattanafinnell
Donaghy, Catherine L: Aghnaglogh
Donaghy, Hugh L: Aghnaglogh
Donaghy, John T: Augher - Old Road To Aughnacloy
Donaghy, Michael L: Tattanafinnell
Donaghy, Owen L: Mullaghmore
Donaldson, Christopher L: Dromore Middle
Donaldson, Christr L: Dromore Middle
Donaldson, George L: Tatnadaveny
Donaldson, John L: Dromore Middle
Donaldson, Matthew L: Ballaghneed
Donnelly, Arthur L: Aughnacarney
Donnelly, Arthur L: Ballynagurragh
Donnelly, Bernard L: Beltany
Donnelly, Bernard L: Dunbiggan
Donnelly, Bridget L: Altnaveagh
Donnelly, David L: Dunbiggan
Donnelly, David L: Lisnabable
Donnelly, Edward L: Kilnaheery
Donnelly, Edward L: Tawnymore
Donnelly, Ellen L: Fivemiletown
Donnelly, Francis L: Ballynagurragh
Donnelly, Hugh L: Tullyquinglebe
Donnelly, James L: Ballyvaddan
Donnelly, James L: Corboe
Donnelly, James L: Corick
Donnelly, James L: Derrynascobe
Donnelly, James L: Mullans
Donnelly, Jane L: Kilnaheery
Donnelly, John L: Corboe
Donnelly, John L: Kilnaheery
Donnelly, John L: Springtown
Donnelly, John L: Tawnymore
Donnelly, Joseph T: Augher - Main Street
Donnelly, Mary L: Ballaghneed
Donnelly, Mary L: Clogher Tenements
Donnelly, Mary L: Fogart
Donnelly, Mary L: Kilnahusogue
Donnelly, Michael L: Kilnahusogue
Donnelly, Owen L: Derrynascobe
Donnelly, Patrick L: Branter
Donnelly, Patrick L: Claremore
Donnelly, Patrick L: Cloneblaugh
Donnelly, Patrick L: Corboe
Donnelly, Patrick L: Mullans
Donnelly, Patrick L: Springtown
Donnelly, Peter L: Ballywholan
Donnelly, Peter L: Derrynascobe
Donnelly, Sarah T: Clogher - Main Street
Donnelly, Susan L: Kilnahusogue
Donnelly, Terence L: Claremore
Donnelly, Terence L: Cloneblaugh
Donoghue, Patrick L: Tamlaght
Donohoe, William L: Kilnahusogue
Doogan, Alice L: Tamlaght
Doogan, Bernard T: Augher - Main Street
Doogan, John L: Aghnaglogh
Doogan, John L: Belnaclogh
Doogan, John L: Glennageeragh
Doogan, Michael L: Aghnaglogh
Doogan, Thomas T: Clogher - Main Street
Dooris, Francis L: Ballyscally
Doorish, Edward L: Mullabeny
Douglas, Patrick L: Aghnaglogh
Douglas, Robert L: Fardross Mountain
Doyle, Daniel L: Kilnaheery
Doyle, Felix L: Fernaghandrum
Doyle, Mary Anne L: Fernaghandrum
Drogan, Catherine T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
Droogan, James T: Augher - Main Street
Drugan, James L: Sess
Drugan, Terence L: Ballyness
Dunbar, William L: Ballaghneed
Duncan, William L: Tullyvernan
Duris, John L: Derrynascobe
Duris, Patrick L: Derrynascobe
Durneen, Bridget L: Ballymagowan
Durneen, Catherine L: Ballymagowan
Durneen, Richard L: Ballymagowan
Durneen, William L: Ballymagowan
Duros, James L: Lislane
Duros, John L: Edergole
Duros, Michael L: Cole
Duros, Neal L: Cole
Duros, Patrick, Jr. L: Killygordon
Duros, Patrick, Sr. L: Killygordon
Dyne, Andrew L: Cormore
Eakin, John L: Corcreevy
Early, Michael L: Mullaghtinny
Early, Michael L: Tullyquinglebe
Edwards, Col. L: Tatnadaveny
Edwards, Hugh Gore L: Corkhill
Edwards, Hugh Gore L: Corkhill Demesne
Edwards, Hugh Gore L: Eskragh
Edwards, Hugh Gore L: Lurganaglare
Egan, Francis L: Eskragh
Egan, Thomas L: Mullans
Elliott, William L: Tatnadaveny
Elliott, William, Jr. L: Corboe
Elliott, William, Sr. L: Corboe
Ellison, David L: Shantonagh
Ellison, John W. L: Clogher Demesne
Evans, Thomas T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Ewing, James L: Tullanafoile
Ewing, John L: Dunbiggan
Farrell, Francis L: Altnaveagh
Farrell, John C. L: Carr
Farrell, John J. C. L: Augher Tenements
Farrell, John J. C. L: Castlehill Demesne
Farrell, John J. C. L: Farrenetra
Farrell, Mary L: Mullaghmore
Farrell, Patrick L: Caldrum
Farrell, Peter L: Altnaveagh
Faulkner, Andrew L: Ballyvaddan
Faulkner, James L: Gortmore
Feeny, Patrick L: Clogher Tenements
Ferris, John L: Sess
Fitzsimons, Henry L: Fardross Mountain
Flaherty, James L: Eskermore
Flanagan, John L: Ballymacan
Flanagan, Mary L: Eskermore
Flanagan, Peter L: Lisnabable
Flanagan, William L: Ballymacan
Fleming, Alexander L: Mullans (Killyfaddy)
Fleming, John L: Ballymacan
Fleming, Matthew L: Altnaveagh
Fleming, Robert L: Dromore Upper
Fleming, William L: Fogart
Fleming, William L: Mullans (Killyfaddy)
Foster, Andrew L: Aghingowly
Foster, Edward L: Aghingowly
Foster, Joseph L: Slatmore
Foster, Letitia L: Tullyquinglebe
Foster, Robert L: Aghingowly
Foster, Thomas L: Annagh (Augher)
Foster, Thomas L: Rosemeilan
Foster, Thomas L: Tattanafinnell
Foster, William L: Tattanafinnell
Fowler, George T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
Fox, Peter T: Augher - The Commons
Freeburn, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Fulton, Eliza L: Farrenetra
Galbrath, Catherine T: Augher - Main Street
Gallagher, James L: Screeby
Gallagher, James L: Slatmore
Gallagher, John L: Ballymacan
Galway, Jane L: Augher Tenements
Galway, Jane T: Augher - Main Street
Galway, Jane T: Augher - The Commons
Galway, John L: Annaloughan
Gamble, John L: Newry
Gamble, John L: Tullyquinglebe
Gamble, Joseph L: Lislane
Gardiner, William L: Carryclogher
Garlan, James L: Eskernabrogue
Garlan, James L: Latbeg
Garland, John L: Ballyvaddan
Garland, John L: Corcreevy
Garland, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Garry, Hugh L: Edergole
Garry, John L: Edergole
Garry, Patrick L: Cole
Gartland, Patk T: Augher - Main Street N: Lodgers
Gartland, Patrick L: Augher Tenements
Gartland, Patrick L: Derries
Gartland, Patrick L: Sessia
Gartland, Patrick T: Augher - Main Street
Gartland, Patrick, Jr. L: Kilclay
Gartland, Patrick, Sr. L: Kilclay
Gartland, Thomas L: Kilclay
Geraghty, George L: Longridge
Geraghty, Patrick L: Tatnadaveny
Geraghty, S. T: Augher - Main Street
Gervais, Francis J. L: Annagarvey
Gervais, Francis J. L: Ardunshin
Gervais, Francis J. L: Ardunshin N: Lodgers
Gervais, Francis J. L: Bank
Gervais, Francis J. L: Belnaclogh
Gervais, Francis J. L: Beltany
Gervais, Francis J. L: Carr
Gervais, Francis J. L: Claremore
Gervais, Francis J. L: Cloneblaugh
Gervais, Francis J. L: Cormore
Gervais, Francis J. L: Divinagh
Gervais, Francis J. L: Dunbiggan
Gervais, Francis J. L: Eskermore
Gervais, Francis J. L: Eskernabrogue
Gervais, Francis J. L: Fernaghandrum
Gervais, Francis J. L: Glenhoy
Gervais, Francis J. L: Glennageeragh
Gervais, Francis J. L: Kilnaheery
Gervais, Francis J. L: Knockmany
Gervais, Francis J. L: Latbeg
Gervais, Francis J. L: Lisnabable
Gervais, Francis J. L: Longridge
Gervais, Francis J. L: Roy
Gervais, Francis J. L: Tamlaght
Gervais, Francis J. L: Tullanafoile
Gervais, Francis J. L: Tullycorker
Gervais, Francis J. L: Tullyvernan
Gervais, Francis J. L: Tycanny
Gervais, Mary L: Skelgagh
Giles, James L: Carntall More
Gillespie, Anne T: Fivemiletown - Tanners Lane
Gillespie, James L: Aghingowly
Gillespie, James L: Bank
Gillespie, James L: Eskernabrogue
Gillespie, James L: Longridge
Gillespie, John L: Kilnaheery
Gillespie, Margaret L: Belnaclogh
Gillespie, Noble L: Screeby
Gillespie, Thomas L: Aghinlark
Gillespie, Thomas L: Screeby
Gillespie, William L: Divinagh
Gillespie, William L: Rosemeilan
Gilmore, Robert L: Fernaghandrum
Ginger, John L: Farrenetra
Girvin, William L: Corcreevy Demesne
Glass, Andrew L: Freughmore
Glass, George L: Killyfaddy
Glassy, Dorcas L: Tycanny
Glassy, Joseph L: Eskernabrogue
Glassy, Joseph L: Latbeg
Gledstanes, Ambrose U. L: Fardross Demesne
Gledstanes, Ambrose U. L: Fardross Mountain
Gledstanes, Ambrose U. L: Nurchossy Scotch
Gledstanes, Ambrose U. L: Tawnymore
Gleestanes, Ambrose U. L: Ballymacan
Glenn, Margaret L: Fivemiletown
Glenn, Margaret T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Good, James L: Tattanafinnell
Gordon, David L: Mullaghtinny
Gore, Robert T: Clogher - Main Street
Gorman, Hugh L: Ballymacan
Gorman, Hugh L: Fardross Mountain N: Of Ballymacan
Gorman, James T: Augher - Main Street
Gorman, Patrick L: Ballynagurragh
Gormley, James L: Cavanacark
Gormley, James L: Tullycorker
Gormley, John L: Tullycorker
Gormly, Bernard L: Aghindarragh East
Gormly, Daniel L: Aghindarragh East
Gormly, Elizabeth L: Lisbane
Gormly, Francis L: Lisnamaghery
Gormly, Henry L: Aghindarragh East
Gormly, James L: Aghamilkin
Gormly, Patrick L: Lisbane
Gormly, Peter L: Aghindarragh East
Gormly, Thomas L: Cloghlin
Gormly, William L: Kilnaheery
Gormon, Edward L: Tullycorker
Gott, James L: Clogher Tenements
Gott, Samuel L: Ballymagowan
Gourley, Charles L: Aghinlark
Gourley, James L: Aghinlark
Gourley, John L: Aghinlark
Gourley, Lucy L: Aghinlark
Graham, Andrew L: Augher Tenements
Graham, Archibald L: Ballyvaddan
Graham, Armor T: Augher - Main Street
Graham, David L: Fivemiletown
Graham, David L: Tawnymore
Graham, David T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Graham, Edward L: Aghindarragh West
Graham, James L: Fogart
Graham, James L: Tullanafoile
Graham, John L: Clogher Tenements
Graham, John L: Corcreevy
Graham, Thomas L: Gortmore
Graham, William L: Cormore
Graham, William L: Dunbiggan
Graham, William L: Tamlaght
Greene, Thomas L: Tatnadaveny
Gresson, Rev. Wm. R. L: Derries
Grimley, Bernard L: Kilnaheery
Grimley, Bernard L: Tycanny
Grimley, Francis L: Latbeg
Grumly, Patrick L: Kilclay
Hackett, Andrew L: Gortmore
Hackett, Arthur L: Cargagh
Hackett, Bernard L: Augher Tenements
Hackett, Bernard L: Ballynagurragh
Hackett, Bernard L: Cormore
Hackett, Bernard L: Fernaghandrum
Hackett, Bryan L: Aghamilkin
Hackett, Denis L: Beltany
Hackett, Denis L: Tamlaght
Hackett, Edmund T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Hackett, Edward L: Derrydrummond
Hackett, Edward L: Lisgorran
Hackett, Felix L: Fernaghandrum
Hackett, Felix L: Kilnaheery
Hackett, Francis L: Cormore
Hackett, Hugh L: Aghamilkin
Hackett, Hugh L: Lisgorran
Hackett, James L: Tullanavert
Hackett, John L: Aghamilkin
Hackett, John L: Lisgorran
Hackett, John L: Tycanny
Hackett, Joseph L: Cavanacark
Hackett, Mary L: Freughmore
Hackett, Owen L: Aghamilkin
Hackett, Owen L: Ballywholan
Hackett, Owen L: Lislane
Hackett, Owen L: Shantonagh
Hackett, Owen L: Springtown
Hackett, Patrick L: Ballynagurragh
Hackett, Patrick L: Cormore
Hackett, Patrick L: Derrydrummond
Hackett, Patrick L: Tycanny
Hackett, Peter L: Augher Tenements
Hackett, Peter L: Ballynagurragh
Hackett, Peter L: Cornamucklagh
Hackett, Robert L: Skelgagh
Hackett, Roger L: Lisnabable
Hackett, William L: Aghamilkin
Hackett, William L: Ballygreenan
Hackett, William L: Derrydrummond
Hackett, William L: Freughmore
Hackett, William L: Lisgorran
Hackett, William L: Mullaghmore
Hackett, William, Jr. L: Findermore
Hackett, William, Sr. L: Findermore
Hagan, Anne L: Corick
Hagan, Felix L: Cormore
Hagan, Henry L: Eskragh
Hagan, Henry L: Lurganaglare
Hagan, Henry, Jr. L: Corkhill
Hagan, Henry, Sr. L: Corkhill
Hagan, John L: Lisboy
Hagan, Owen L: Ballymacan
Hagan, Terence L: Cormore
Hahy, Terence L: Tatnadaveny
Hall, Charles L: Freughmore
Hall, James L: Slatmore
Hall, Joseph L: Ranenly
Hamill, Hugh L: Aghnaglogh
Hamill, Owen L: Aghnaglogh
Hamilton, Charles L: Killycorran
Hamilton, Charles L: Sess
Hamilton, Henry L: Tattanafinnell
Hamilton, John T: Augher - Main Street
Hance, James L: Tawnymore
Hance, Thomas L: Drumhirk Glebe
Hanna, Matilda L: Ballymagowan
Hanna, Thomas L: Glennnoo
Hanna, William L: Slatbeg
Hannah, Charles L: Aghingowly
Hannigan, Hugh L: Bolies
Hardy, Hugh L: Eskermore
Hardy, William L: Belnaclogh
Hargan, Denis L: Lurganaglare
Harisk, John L: Fernaghandrum
Hart, Anthony T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Hart, Francis L: Tullycorker
Hart, Owen L: Fernaghandrum
Harte, John L: Edergole
Harvey, Mary T: Augher - Main Street
Harvey, Thomas L: Kilnaheery
Haughy, Francis L: Lislane
Haughy, James L: Lislane
Hawkshaw, Alexander L: Aghnaglogh
Hawkshaw, Mary L: Carntall Beg
Hayes, Jane L: Ardunshin
Hayes, Jane L: Longridge
Hazleton, Robert L: Cloneblaugh
Heany, John L: Screeby
Henderson, Thomas L: Tullybroom
Henry, Jane T: Fivemiletown - Tanners Lane
Henry, Thomas L: Dromore Lower
Hertford, Wiliam L: Caldrum
Hetherington, George L: Cole
Hetherington, George L: Tattanafinnell
Hetherton, Francis L: Tycanny
Hicks, Andrew T: Fivemiletown - Blacklands Road
Hillock, Edward L: Ballyvaddan
Hinch, Patrick T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Holland, Charles L: Blacklands
Holland, Michael L: Eskragh
Holles, Edward L: Ranenly
Hooks, Margaret L: Tycanny
Hopper, Robert L: Clogher Tenements
Horis, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Hornidge, Robert L: Ballymacan
Hornidge, Robert L: Lismore
Hornidge, Robert L: Nurchossy Scotch
Hornidge, Robert L: Slatmore
Howe, Robert T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Hughes, James L: Beltany
Hughes, James L: Beltany N: Pat
Hughes, John L: Clogher Tenements
Hughes, Michael L: Beltany
Hughes, Patrick L: Fogart
Humphreys, Joseph L: Corcreevy
Humphries, Joseph T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Hunter, George L: Ballymacan
Hunter, James L: Ballymacan
Hunter, James L: Fivemiletown
Hunter, James L: Nurchoosy Irish
Hunter, James T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Hunter, John L: Mullans (Killyfaddy)
Hunter, Samuel L: Ballymacan
Hunter, William L: Eskernabrogue
Hunter, William T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Hurst, Mary L: Corick
Hurst, William L: Glennageeragh
Hyde, James T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Hynes, Terence L: Ballyscally
Irwin, Christopher L: Claremore
Irwin, Christopher L: Cloneblaugh
Irwin, Christopher L: Eskernabrogue
Irwin, Elizabeth L: Beigh Glebe
Irwin, George L: Edergole
Irwin, James L: Carnagat
Irwin, James L: Eskermore
Irwin, James L: Garlaw
Irwin, James L: Tycanny
Irwin, Jane L: Nurchoosy Irish
Irwin, John L: Claremore
Irwin, John L: Fardross Mountain
Irwin, Josepy L: Tullyquinglebe
Irwin, Robert L: Cloneblaugh
Irwin, Robert L: Mullabeny
Irwin, Samuel L: Claremore
Irwin, Samuel L: Edergole
Irwin, Samuel L: Garlaw
Irwin, Samuel L: Syunshin N: Archy
Irwin, Samuel L: Syunshin N: Saml
Irwin, Samuel L: Tattanafinnell
Irwin, Thomas L: Belnaclogh
Irwin, Thomas L: Claremore
Irwin, Thomas L: Eskernabrogue
Irwin, Thomas L: Slatmore
Irwin, William L: Beigh Glebe
Irwin, William L: Claremore
Irwin, William L: Cloneblaugh
Irwin, William L: Slatmore
Irwin, William L: Syunshin
Jackson, Henry L: Altnaveagh
Jackson, John L: Lislane
Jameson, John L: Aghinlark
Jameson, John L: Shantonagh
Johnston, Andrew L: Tully
Johnston, Archibald L: Dromore Upper
Johnston, Charles L: Aghindrumman
Johnston, Christopher T: Augher - Main Street
Johnston, David L: Carntall More
Johnston, Francis L: Ballywholan
Johnston, Henry L: Annagarvey
Johnston, Hyam L: Fernaghandrum
Johnston, James L: Altnaveagh
Johnston, James L: Ballaghneed
Johnston, James L: Corboe
Johnston, James L: Dromore Upper
Johnston, James L: Glennageeragh
Johnston, James L: Gortmore
Johnston, John L: Ballywholan
Johnston, John L: Corcreevy
Johnston, John L: Cornamucklagh
Johnston, John L: Fivemiletown
Johnston, John T: Augher - The Commons
Johnston, Joseph L: Carr
Johnston, Patrick L: Ballywholan
Johnston, Robert L: Mullabeny
Johnston, Robert L: Slatbeg
Johnston, Samuel L: Tully
Johnston, Thomas L: Ballywholan
Johnston, Wiliam L: Ballynagurragh
Johnston, William L: Ballyvaddan
Johnston, William L: Dromore Upper
Johnston, William L: Lisnamaghery
Johnston, William A. L: Aghindrumman
Jones, Hugh L: Corboe
Jones, Jane L: Corboe
Jordan, John L: Clogher Tenements
Kane, John T: Augher - The Commons
Kane, Thomas T: Augher - Clogher Road
Kearney, Edward L: Slatbeg
Kearns, Alexander L: Freughmore
Kearns, James L: Corick
Kearns, James L: Tullybroom
Kearns, John L: Eskermore
Kearns, Patrick L: Tattanafinnell
Kearns, Thomas L: Clogher Tenements
Keating, John T: Fivemiletown - Tanners Lane
Keely, Alexander L: Carntall More
Keenan, Bridget T: Fivemiletown - Tanners Lane
Keenan, James L: Lislane
Keenan, John L: Altnaveagh
Keenan, John L: Ballaghneed
Keenan, John L: Gortmore
Keenan, Owen L: Cargagh
Keenan, Owen L: Gortmore
Keenan, Patrick L: Augher Tenements
Keenan, Patrick L: Ballaghneed
Keenan, Patrick L: Sessia
Keenan, Patrick T: Augher - Main Street
Keenan, Peter L: Ballynagurragh
Keenan, Peter L: Caldrum
Keenan, Peter T: Augher - Main Street
Keenan, Terence L: Ballaghneed
Keenan, Thomas L: Fivemiletown
Keenan, Thomas L: Lislane
Keenan, Thomas T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Kelly, Anne L: Aghnaglogh
Kelly, Catherine L: Altanaveragh
Kelly, Cormack L: Mullabeny
Kelly, James L: Ballaghneed
Kelly, James L: Eskragh
Kelly, James L: Fogart
Kelly, James T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Kelly, John L: Gortmore
Kelly, John L: Kilclay
Kelly, John L: Mullaghmore
Kelly, John T: Augher - Main Street
Kelly, Matthew L: Annaloughan
Kelly, Michael L: Corleaghan
Kelly, Michael L: Cormore
Kelly, Michael L: Kilnahusogue
Kelly, Michael L: Lurganaglare
Kelly, Owen L: Claremore
Kelly, Owen L: Eskernabrogue
Kelly, Owen L: Lurganaglare
Kelly, Patrick L: Cormore
Kelly, Paul L: Shantonagh
Kelly, Peter L: Ballymacan
Kelly, Terence L: Ballaghneed
Kelly, Terence L: Fogart
Kelly, Thomas L: Altanaveragh
Kelly, Thomas L: Cavanacark
Kelly, Thomas L: Eskragh
Kelly, Thomas L: Lurganaglare
Kelly, Wiliam L: Ranenly
Kernahan, Thomas L: Annaloughan
Kerrigan, Bernard T: Augher - Main Street
Keys, Joseph L: Tatnadaveny
Keys, Margaret L: Tatnadaveny
Keys, Samuel L: Cavanacark
Keys, Thompson L: Bolies
Keys, Thompson L: Lungs
Keys, William L: Tatnadaveny
Killen, William L: Mullaghmore
Kilpatrick, James L: Glenhoy
Kilpatrick, Thomas L: Glenhoy
Kilpatrick, William L: Sessia
Kilpatrick, William T: Augher - Main Street
Kilpatrick, William L: Tully
Kyle, Andrew L: Dunbiggan
Law, Matthew L: Claremore
Law, Matthew L: Latbeg
Law, Matthew L: Lislane
Lee, Joseph L: Tamlaght
Lee, Joseph L: Tullanafoile
Legge, David L: Dunbiggan
Leggett, Andrew L: Corboe
Leggett, John L: Altanaveragh
Leggett, Robert L: Eskernabrogue
Lendrum, Alexander L: Rahoran
Lendrum, Andrew L: Gortmore
Lendrum, James L: Ballyvaddan
Lendrum, John L: Gortmore
Lendrum, Joseph L: Rahoran
Lendrum, Mary L: Ballyvaddan
Lendrum, Mary L: Fivemiletown
Lendrum, Robert T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Leonard, William L: Knockacarney
Leslie, Charles P. L: Annaloughan
Leslie, James T: Clogher - Main Street
Lindsay, James L: Slatmore
Lindsay, Joseph L: Slatmore
Lindsay, Robert L: Fardross Mountain
Little, Francis L: Augher Tenements
Little, Francis L: Sessia
Little, Francis T: Augher - Main Street
Little, Francis T: Augher - The Commons
Little, James L: Gortmore
Little, John L: Clogher Tenements
Little, John L: Divinagh
Little, Oliver L: Rosemeilan
Little, Oliver L: Sess
Little, Stewart L: Augher Tenements
Little, Stuart T: Augher - Main Street
Little, Thomas L: Rosemeilan
Little, Thomas L: Sess
Little, William L: Augher Tenements
Little, William L: Sess
Little, William L: Sessia
Little, William T: Augher - Old Road To Aughnacloy
Lockart, Matthew L: Mullaghtinny
Lone, Thomas L: Lisnamaghery
Long, James L: Lislea
Long, John T: Augher - Old Road To Aughnacloy
Long, John T: Augher - Pound Row
Loughran, Peter L: Killygordon
Love, Thomas L: Farrenetra
Lown, James L: Syunshin
Lowry, Robert L: Knockacarney
Lucy, Maria L: Tattanafinnell
Lundy, James L: Drumhirk Glebe
Lynch, Bernard L: Eskragh
Lynch, George L: Eskragh
Lynch, James L: Tullycorker
Lynch, Mark L: Aghnaglogh
Lynch, Mary L: Ardunshin
Lynch, Robert L: Eskragh
Lynch, Robert T: Augher - Main Street
Lynch, William L: Lurganaglare
Lynn, Hugh L: Glennnoo
Lynn, William L: Tycanny
Macatee, Owen L: Dunbiggan
Mackay, John T: Clogher - Main Street
Mackin, John T: Clogher - Main Street
Macnamee, James L: Fernaghandrum
Macrory, James L: Donaghmoyne
Macrory, John L: Cole
Magahy, John L: Cormore
Magee, John L: Aghindrumman
Maginly, James L: Beltany
Maginly, James L: Tamlaght
Maginly, John L: Beltany
Maginly, Michael L: Beltany
Maginly, Patk L: Beltany N: Michl
Maginly, Patrick L: Beltany
Maginly, Patrick L: Tamlaght
Maginn, Arthur L: Cormore
Maginn, Bernard L: Aghnaglogh
Maginn, Bridget L: Belnaclogh
Maginn, Bridget L: Eskermore
Maginn, Bryan L: Fernaghandrum
Maginn, David L: Lisboy
Maginn, Henry L: Tullycorker
Maginn, Hugh L: Lisboy
Maginn, Hughs L: Tamlaght
Maginn, James L: Carr
Maginn, James L: Eskermore
Maginn, James L: Lisnamaghery
Maginn, James T: Clogher - Main Street
Maginn, James, Jr. L: Tamlaght
Maginn, James, Sr. L: Tamlaght
Maginn, John L: Cornamucklagh
Maginn, John L: Killaney Upper
Maginn, Michael L: Altanaveragh
Maginn, Michael L: Ballyness
Maginn, Michael L: Killaney Upper
Maginn, Michael, Jr. L: Lisboy
Maginn, Michael, Sr. L: Lisboy
Maginn, Nargaret L: Dunbiggan
Maginn, Owen L: Killaney Upper
Maginn, Owen L: Tamlaght
Maginn, Patrick L: Dunbiggan
Maginn, Patrick L: Dunbiggan N: Jas
Maginn, Patrick L: Eskermore
Maginn, Patrick L: Glennnoo
Maginn, Patrick L: Killaney Upper
Maginn, Paul L: Dunbiggan
Maginn, Peter L: Cargagh
Maginn, Robert L: Mullabeny
Maginn, Rose L: Cargagh
Maginniss, Rev. Chas L: Dunbiggan
Magirr, Bernard T: Augher - Main Street
Maguinness, Thomas L: Tullanafoile
Maguire, Edward T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Maguire, Felix L: Latbeg
Maguire, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Maguire, P. T: Augher - Main Street
Maguire, Patrick L: Tycanny
Maguire, Robert T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Maguirke, Mary L: Beltany
Mahony, James L: Freughmore
Malcomson, Rev. James L: Tullanavert
Malighan, Patrick L: Carnagat
Mallen, Henry L: Blacklands
Mallon, Henry L: Altnaveagh
Mallon, Neal T: Augher - Main Street
Mann, William L: Annagh (Blessingbourne)
Mann, William L: Fivemiletown
Markey, Bryan L: Ratory
Marley, Arthur L: Tamlaght
Marley, James L: Tamlaght
Marley, Peter L: Tamlaght
Marshall, Lowe L: Glennageeragh
Marshall, Mary L: Kilnaheery
Marshall, Mary Anne L: Fernaghandrum
Marshall, Robert L: Kilnaheery
Martin, James L: Slatbeg
Martin, James T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Martin, Joseph L: Slatbeg
Martin, Margery L: Beigh Glebe
Martin, Owen L: Bolies
Martin, Owen L: Dromore Middle
Martin, Susan T: Augher - Main Street
Maude, Robert W. H. L: Beigh Glebe N: Hon and Very, Rev. and Very
Maude, Robert W. H. L: Terrew N: Hon. and Very Rev.
Maxwell, Isabella L: Aghindrumman
Maxwell, Isabella L: Carntall More
Maxwell, Isabella L: Corboe
Maxwell, Isabella L: Dromore Middle
Maxwell, Isabella L: Fogart
Maxwell, Isabella L: Killaney Upper
Maxwell, Isabella L: Killyfaddy
Maxwell, Isabella L: Mullabeny
Maxwell, Isabella L: Tatnadaveny
Maxwell, James L: Tullanafoile
Maxwell, John L: Ballygreenan
Mayne, Andrew L: Aghingowly
Mayne, Elizabeth L: Kilnahusogue
Mayne, John L: Aghingowly
Mayne, Joseph L: Lungs
Mayne, William L: Kilnahusogue
McAleer, James L: Carryclogher
McAleer, James T: Clogher - Main Street
McAlpine, George L: Losset
McAnanly, James L: Ballyscally
McArnold, Robert L: Tycanny
McAuliffe, Andrew L: Clogher Tenements
McBrien, Peter L: Ratory
McCaffrey, Anne T: Clogher - Main Street
McCaffrey, Bernard T: Augher - Main Street
McCaffrey, Bryan L: Ballywholan
McCaffrey, Denis L: Claremore
McCaffrey, Felix L: Ballywholan
McCaffrey, Hugh L: Beltany
McCaffrey, Hugh L: Derries
McCaffrey, Hugh L: Fivemiletown
McCaffrey, Hugh L: Sessia
McCaffrey, Hugh T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McCaffrey, James L: Ballywholan
McCaffrey, James L: Screeby
McCaffrey, John L: Beltany
McCaffrey, John L: Tawnymore
McCaffrey, Owen L: Ballywholan
McCaffrey, Owen, Sr. L: Ballywholan
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Ballywholan
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Springtown
McCaffrey, Patrick T: Clogher - Main Street
McCaffrey, Peter L: Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar
McCaffrey, Peter L: Corcloghy
McCaffrey, Peter L: Corleaghan
McCaffrey, Thomas T: Augher - Main Street
McCahey, Edward L: Kilnahusogue
McCahey, Francis L: Kilnahusogue
McCahey, Francis L: Kilnahusogue N: Thos
McCahey, John L: Kilnahusogue
McCahey, Mary L: Lislane
McCahey, Owen L: Kilnahusogue
McCahey, Owen, Jr. L: Lislane
McCahey, Owen, Sr. L: Lislane
McCahey, Terence L: Lislane
McCahey, Thomas L: Kilnahusogue
McCahy, Edward, Jr. L: Cloghlin
McCahy, Edward, Sr. L: Cloghlin
McCahy, Henry L: Tullanavert
McCahy, James L: Ballywholan
McCahy, James L: Corcloghy
McCahy, James L: Corleaghan
McCahy, James L: Eskernabrogue
McCahy, John L: Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar
McCahy, John L: Ballyscally
McCahy, John L: Ballywholan
McCahy, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McCahy, Patrick L: Beltany
McCahy, Terence L: Lislane
McCallan, John L: Cole
McCallen, Francis L: Shantonagh
McCammon, John L: Glennageeragh
McCanew, John L: Aughnacarney
McCann, Andrew L: Ballyvaddan
McCann, Charles L: Altnaveagh
McCann, Ellen L: Cloonycoppoge
McCann, Francis L: Cloonycoppoge
McCann, Francis L: Prolusk
McCann, James T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McCann, John L: Altnaveagh
McCann, John L: Dunbiggan
McCann, John L: Mullaghmore
McCann, Mary L: Lislane
McCann, Mary L: Lislane N: Widow
McCann, Michael L: Eskragh
McCann, Myles L: Carnahinny
McCann, Owen L: Tycanny
McCann, Patrick L: Altnaveagh
McCann, Patrick L: Annaloughan
McCann, Patrick L: Corkhill
McCann, Patrick L: Corkhill Demesne
McCann, Thomas L: Dunbiggan
McCany, James L: Ratory
McCarney, Patrick L: Mountstewart
McCarroll, Bernard L: Corkhill
McCarroll, Edward L: Lurganaglare
McCarroll, Edward L: Mullans
McCarroll, Ellen L: Cargagh
McCarroll, Hugh L: Corkhill
McCarroll, Hugh L: Corkhill N: Myles
McCarroll, Hugh L: Eskragh
McCarroll, Hugh L: Lurganaglare
McCarroll, Hugh L: Mountstewart
McCarroll, Jas L: Lurganaglare N: Hora
McCarroll, Jas L: Lurganaglare N: Terence
McCarroll, John L: Augher Tenements
McCarroll, John L: Claremore
McCarroll, John L: Lurganaglare
McCarroll, John L: Sessia
McCarroll, John, Sr. L: Lurganaglare
McCarroll, Margaret L: Clogher Tenements
McCarroll, Margaret T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
McCarroll, Mary L: Lurganaglare
McCarroll, Michael L: Clogher Tenements
McCarroll, Owen L: Corkhill
McCarroll, Patrick L: Cargagh
McCarroll, Patrick L: Fernaghandrum
McCarroll, Patrick L: Lislane
McCarroll, Patrick L: Tullanafoile
McCarroll, Patrick, Jr. L: Eskragh
McCarroll, Peter L: Kilnaheery
McCarroll, Sarah L: Tullybroom
McCarroll, Terence L: Eskragh
McCarroll, Terence, Jr. L: Corkhill
McCarroll, Terence, Sr. L: Corkhill
McCarroll, Thomas L: Tullybroom
McCarron, Bernard L: Slatbeg
McCarron, Edward L: Nurchoosy Irish
McCarron, Myles L: Ashfield or Grange
McCarron, Myles L: Clogher Tenements
McCarron, Nicholas L: Slatmore
McCarron, Patrick L: Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar
McCarron, Patrick L: Ballymacan
McCarron, Patrick L: Nurchoosy Irish
McCartan, Margaret L: Lislane
McCartney, James L: Corcreevy
McCartney, James L: Corcreevy Demesne
McCartney, James L: Sess
McCartney, Thomas L: Beltany
McCaughey, Bernard L: Glennnoo
McCaughey, Francis L: Ballynagurragh
McCaughey, Hugh L: Ballymagowan
McCaughey, Hugh L: Carryclogher
McCaughey, James L: Carryclogher
McCaughey, James L: Findermore
McCaughey, James L: Lismore
McCaughey, James L: Mullaghtinny
McCaughey, John L: Findermore
McCaughey, John L: Lismore
McCaughey, Patrick L: Ballynagurragh
McCaughey, Patrick L: Freughmore
McCauley, James T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
McCaully, Alexander L: Tullycorker
McCawley, David L: Beigh Glebe
McCawley, Thomas L: Lislane
McClean, William L: Aghintain
McClean, William L: Knockacarney
McClelland, George T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McClennon, George L: Ballyvaddan
McClung, Law L: Mullabeny
McClung, Robert L: Ballaghneed
McCluskey, Arthur L: Rahoran
McCollum, James L: Bolies
McCollum, John L: Cloneblaugh
McCollum, John L: Lungs
McCollum, John L: Sess
McComb, Alexander L: Tullycorker
McComb, John L: Cormore
McConnell, Henry L: Sess
McConnell, Hugh L: Ballymacan
McConnell, Hugh L: Carntall More
McConnell, James L: Corleaghan
McConnell, Joseph L: Ballymacan
McConnell, Michael L: Cole
McConnell, Patrick L: Ballyscally
McConnell, Peter L: Corleaghan
McConnell, Terence L: Ballymacan
McConnell, Terence L: Corleaghan
McConnell, Terence L: Ratory
McCool, Catherine L: Cavanacark
McCoole, Michael L: Tullyquinglebe
McCormack, James L: Screeby
McCort, Hugh L: Gortmore
McCourt, Owen L: Ballymagowan
McCowman, Thomas L: Eskernabrogue
McCoy, Henry L: Corboe
McCoy, James L: Sess
McCoy, James T: Augher - The Commons
McCoy, John L: Aghinlark
McCoy, John L: Lislea
McCoy, Robert L: Corboe
McCoy, Thomas L: Altanaveragh
McCoy, Thomas L: Fogart
McCoy, Thomas L: Losset
McCoy, Thomas L: Mullans (Killyfaddy)
McCracken, Margaret L: Tatnadaveny
McCracken, Mary L: Tatnadaveny
McCrea, Alexander L: Lislane
McCrea, John L: Lislane
McCreanor, James T: Augher - Main Street
McCrorken, John L: Aghnaglogh
McCrory, Peter L: Mountstewart
McCullagh, James T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McCullagh, Patrick L: Altanaveragh
McCullan, Charles L: Lislane
McCullan, Francis L: Lislane
McCullan, Hugh L: Bolies
McCullan, James L: Lislane
McCullan, Terence L: Lislane
McCullian, Francis L: Glennnoo
McCullian, Mary L: Glennnoo
McCusker, Arthur L: Kilclay
McCusker, Bernard L: Dunbiggan
McCusker, Ellen T: Augher - Main Street
McCusker, Hugh L: Mountstewart
McCusker, John L: Carr
McCusker, Terence L: Altanaveragh
McCusker, Rep. Thos L: Carr
McCutcheon, Andrew L: Tullanafoile
McCutcheon, John L: Lisnabable
McDaid, Charles T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McDermott, Daniel L: Eskermore
McDermott, Edward L: Mountstewart
McDermott, Felix L: Lislane
McDermott, James L: Tatnadaveny
McDermott, James L: Tullanafoile
McDermott, Mary L: Caldrum
McDermott, Mary L: Eskermore
McDermott, Mary L: Knockmany
McDermott, Patrick L: Bolies
McDermott, Patrick L: Tamlaght
McDermott, Thomas L: Shantonagh
McDermott, Thomas L: Tullanafoile
McDonald, John L: Tatnadaveny
McDonald, Thomas L: Fivemiletown
McDonnell, James L: Fernaghandrum
McDonnell, Robert L: Kilnaheery
McDonnell, Thomas T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McDonnell, William L: Tamlaght
McDonnell, William L: Tullanafoile
McDowall, John L: Cole
McDowell, Thomas L: Kilruddan
McDowell, Thomas L: Springtown
McDowell, Thomas T: Fivemiletown - Main Street N: and Another
McEllenborough, James L: Drumhirk
McElmeel, Michael L: Ballymagowan
McElrath, William L: Clogher Tenements
McElroy, Arthur L: Ballyscally
McElroy, Arthur L: Corleaghan
McElroy, Arthur L: Shanco
McElroy, Bernard L: Caldrum
McElroy, Bernard L: Mullans
McElroy, Bernard T: Clogher - Main Street
McElroy, Charles L: Claremore
McElroy, Charles T: Augher - Main Street
McElroy, Daniel T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McElroy, Edward L: Corleaghan
McElroy, Edward T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McElroy, Hannah L: Corkhill Demesne
McElroy, Henry T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
McElroy, James L: Altnaveagh
McElroy, James L: Carnagat
McElroy, James L: Cornamucklagh
McElroy, James L: Glennnoo
McElroy, John L: Ashfield or Grange
McElroy, John L: Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar
Mcelroy, John L: Ballymacan
McElroy, John L: Corleaghan
McElroy, John L: Fardross Mountain
McElroy, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McElroy, Michael L: Carnagat
McElroy, Michael L: Sessia
McElroy, Michael L: Tawnymore
McElroy, Owen L: Ballyscally
McElroy, Owen L: Shanco
McElroy, Patrick L: Ballymacan
McElroy, Patrick L: Caldrum
McElroy, Patrick L: Carnagat
McElroy, Patrick L: Corcreevy
McElroy, Patrick L: Corleaghan
McElroy, Patrick L: Ratory
McElroy, Thomas L: Ballyscally
McElroy, Thomas L: Caldrum
McEntire, John T: Augher - Main Street
McGahey, Rebecca T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McGarr, Ellen L: Aghnaglogh
McGarry, James L: Edergole
McGarry, Mary L: Ballyvaddan
McGarry, Patrick L: Gortmore
McGartland, Hugh L: Belnaclogh
McGeary, James T: Fivemiletown - Tanners Lane
McGee, Owen L: Lisnamaghery
McGeraghty, George L: Bank
McGeraghty, James L: Glennageeragh
McGinn, Patrick L: Glennnoo
McGinness, John L: Clogher Tenements
McGirr, Arthur L: Lislane
McGirr, Edward L: Mountstewart
McGirr, James L: Carryclogher
McGirr, James L: Edergole
McGirr, James L: Kilnahusogue
McGirr, James L: Syunshin
McGirr, John L: Augher Tenements
McGirr, John L: Cormore
McGirr, John L: Killygordon
McGirr, John, Jr. L: Dromore Lower
McGirr, John, Sr. L: Dromore Lower
McGirr, Joseph L: Altanaveragh
McGirr, Joseph L: Dromore Lower
McGirr, Mary L: Tycanny
McGirr, Michael L: Dromore Lower
McGirr, Owen L: Dromore Lower
McGirr, Patrick L: Lisboy
McGirr, Patrick L: Syunshin
McGirr, Patrick L: Tullanafoile
McGirr, Patrick L: Tullanafoile N: Bridget
McGirr, Rose L: Ballyvaddan
McGirr, Samuel L: Gortmore
McGirr, Terence L: Tullycorker
McGirr, Thomas L: Dromore Lower
McGlinchy, John L: Corboe
McGlone, Peter L: Kilnahusogue
McGovern, Catherine L: Tycanny
McGovern, James L: Clogher Tenements
McGovern, James L: Corleaghan
McGovern, James T: Clogher - Main Street
McGovern, Patrick L: Ballymagowan
McGovern, William L: Cloneblaugh
McGuiggan, James L: Cloneblaugh N: and Others
McGuiggan, Owen L: Tullanafoile
McGuinness, Felix L: Kilnaheery
McGuinness, John L: Ballyness
McGuinness, John T: Augher - Main Street
McGuire, Charles L: Glennnoo
McGuire, Daniel L: Ballywholan
McGuire, Edward L: Glennnoo
McGuire, Philip L: Glennnoo
McGuire, Philip L: Tattanafinnell
McGuire, Thomas L: Glennnoo
McGuirk, Eliza L: Slatbeg
McGunnell, William T: Augher - Clogher Road
McHolland, Cormick L: Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar
McIlmee, Hugh L: Tawnymore
McIlroy, Bartholomew L: Lisgorran
McIlroy, James L: Cloonycoppoge
McIlroy, John L: Lisgorran
McIlroy, Kate L: Cloonycoppoge
McIlroy, William L: Cloonycoppoge
McIninly, Felix L: Crossowen
McKearney, Bernard L: Tatnadaveny
McKearney, Henry L: Altanaveragh
McKearney, Henry L: Mullabeny
McKearney, John L: Lislane
McKearney, John L: Tamlaght
McKearney, Michael L: Lislane
McKearney, Owen L: Tamlaght
McKearney, Patrick L: Altanaveragh
McKearney, Patrick L: Lisnabable
McKearney, Thomas L: Tatnadaveny
McKeever, Owen, Sr. L: Eskragh
McKegney, Charles L: Knockacarney
McKegney, James L: Corkhill
McKegney, Michael L: Carnagat
McKegney, Michael L: Cole
McKegney, Patrick L: Tullyquinglebe
McKelvey, Rev. Wm L: Altnaveagh
McKenna, Bryan L: Tattanafinnell
McKenna, Charles L: Beltany
McKenna, Charles L: Tattanafinnell
McKenna, Edward L: Derries
McKenna, Edward L: Mullaghmore
McKenna, Edward L: Slatmore
McKenna, Francis L: Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar
McKenna, Francis L: Ballywholan
McKenna, Francis L: Ballywholan N: John
McKenna, Francis L: Ballywholan N: Toll
McKenna, Francis L: Cornamucklagh
McKenna, Hugh L: Lislane
McKenna, Hugh L: Tamlaght
McKenna, Hugh T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McKenna, Hugh L: Tullanafoile
McKenna, James L: Aghindarragh East
McKenna, James L: Altnaveagh
McKenna, James L: Corcloghy
McKenna, James L: Lisnamaghery
McKenna, James T: Augher - Main Street
McKenna, James L: Tullanafoile
McKenna, James, Jr. L: Ballywholan
McKenna, James, Sr. L: Ballywholan
McKenna, Jn L: Beltany N: Pensioner
McKenna, Jn L: Kilnaheery N: Bachelor
McKenna, John L: Aghnaglogh
McKenna, John L: Ballaghneed
McKenna, John L: Ballywholan
McKenna, John L: Beltany
McKenna, John L: Claremore
McKenna, John L: Cornamucklagh
McKenna, John L: Fivemiletown
McKenna, John L: Kilnaheery
McKenna, John L: Shanco
McKenna, John L: Springtown
McKenna, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McKenna, John T: Fivemiletown - Tanners Lane
McKenna, John L: Tullyvernan
McKenna, Mary L: Tamlaght
McKenna, Matthew L: Lismore
McKenna, Michael L: Altnaveagh
McKenna, Michael L: Beltany
McKenna, Michael L: Corcloghy
McKenna, Owen L: Ballywholan
McKenna, Owen L: Beltany
McKenna, Owen L: Corcloghy
McKenna, Owen L: Lisnamaghery
McKenna, Owen L: Tattanafinnell
McKenna, Owen L: Tawnymore
McKenna, Patk L: Ballywholan N: Ellis
McKenna, Patk L: Ballywholan N: Frank
McKenna, Patk L: Carr N: Hugh
McKenna, Patrick L: Aughnacarney
McKenna, Patrick L: Ballywholan
McKenna, Patrick L: Belnaclogh
McKenna, Patrick L: Branter
McKenna, Patrick L: Carr
McKenna, Patrick L: Cavan
McKenna, Patrick L: Corkhill
McKenna, Patrick L: Corleaghan
McKenna, Patrick L: Dromore Middle
McKenna, Patrick L: Kilnaheery
McKenna, Patrick L: Knockacarney
McKenna, Patrick L: Lisgorran
McKenna, Patrick L: Mountstewart
Mckenna, Patrick L: Tullyquinglebe
McKenna, Peter L: Ardunshin
McKenna, Rosanna T: Augher - Main Street
McKenna, Sarah T: Augher - Main Street
McKenna, Thomas L: Ballaghneed
McKenna, William L: Ranenly
McKenna, William L: Tullybroom
McKenny, Joseph L: Tully
McKeon, Elizabeth T: Augher - The Commons
McKeown, James L: Annagarvey
McKeown, James L: Roy
McKerr, Patrick L: Belnaclogh
McKimm, James L: Corboe
McKimm, James L: Lislea
McKimm, Robert L: Tullycorker
McKinly, Henry L: Aughnacarney
McKinly, Henry L: Ballynagurragh
McKnight, Robert L: Glenhoy
McLaren, John L: Tullanafoile
McLaren, Robert L: Tullanafoile
McLaren, William L: Terrew
McLaren, William L: Tullanafoile
McLoughlin, Cornelius L: Sess
McLoughlin, Mary L: Tycanny
McLoughlin, Michael L: Belnaclogh
McLoughlin, Michael L: Tycanny
McLoughlin, Patrick L: Belnaclogh
McMagh, John L: Tamlaght
McMagh, Patrick L: Tamlaght
McMahon, John L: Fardross Mountain
McMahon, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McMahon, John T: Fivemiletown - Tanners Lane
McManus, Edward L: Ardunshin
McManus, Hugh L: Ardunshin
McManus, James L: Tullanafoile
McMaster, James L: Ardunshin
McMaster, James L: Glennageeragh
McMaster, James L: Tycanny
McMaster, Joseph L: Glennageeragh
McMaster, Moore L: Tycanny
McMaster, William L: Drumhirk
McMullen, David L: Tamlaght
McMullen, Hugh L: Findermore
McMullen, James L: Tullanafoile
McMurrity, Peter L: Eskragh
McNally, James T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
McNally, Michael L: Prolusk
McNaul, George L: Tycanny
McNaul, Matthew L: Tycanny
McNeece, Wm J. L: Fivemiletown
McNeill, John L: Annagarvey
McNelis, Edward L: Glennageeragh
McNiece, William J. T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McNulty, Owen L: Ballyscally
McQuade, Thomas L: Cole
McShane, Hugh L: Eskermore
McSorley, Arthur L: Kilclay
McSorley, Patk L: Lisnabable N: Cooper
McSorley, Patrick L: Lisnabable
McSorley, Peter L: Lisnabable
McWilliams, Alexander L: Tullycorker
McWilliams, George L: Corick
McWilliams, George L: Drumhirk
McWilliams, Hugh L: Slatbeg
McWilliams, Jane L: Carntall Beg
McWilliams, John L: Branter
McWilliams, John L: Cavanacark
McWilliams, John L: Eskernabrogue
McWilliams, John L: Tatnadaveny
McWilliams, Moore L: Fivemiletown
McWilliams, Moore T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
McWilliams, Patrick L: Lurganaglare
Meally, Andrew L: Tullanafoile
Meally, Patrick L: Tullanafoile
Meegin, Arthur L: Mountstewart
Meegin, Artur L: Ballyness
Meegin, Bernard L: Ballyness
Meegin, Bernard L: Beigh Glebe
Meegin, Catherine L: Bolies
Meegin, Edward L: Mountstewart
Meegin, James L: Mountstewart
Meegin, John L: Mountstewart
Meegin, Owen L: Mountstewart
Meehan, Thomas T: Augher - Main Street
Meenan, Bernard L: Ballymacan
Meenan, Bernard L: Tullanafoile
Meenan, Catherine L: Tamlaght
Meenan, Daniel L: Kilnaheery
Meenan, Daniel L: Kilnaheery N: Jack
Meenan, Danl. L: Kilnaheery N: Danl
Meenan, Hugh L: Fardross Mountain
Meenan, John L: Fardross Mountain
Meenan, John L: Kilnaheery
Meenan, John, Jr. L: Kilnaheery
Meenan, Michael L: Kilnaheery
Meenan, Nogher L: Tullanafoile
Meenan, Owen L: Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar
Meenan, Thomas L: Augher Tenements
Meenan, Thomas L: Kilnaheery
Mellon, Henry L: Corboe
Mellon, Henry L: Kilnaheery
Mellon, Patrick L: Kilnaheery
Mellon, Toal L: Kilnaheery
Menall, John L: Kilnaheery
Menall, William L: Kilnaheery
Menaul, Edward F. L: Ballyvaddan
Menaul, Edward F. L: Fivemiletown
Miller, James L: Dunbiggan
Miller, Martha L: Lisboy
Miller, Samuel L: Fernaghandrum
Milligan, James, Jr. L: Nurchoosy Irish
Milligan, James, Sr. L: Nurchoosy Irish
Milligan, Jas L: Nurchoosy Irish N: Lodgers
Milligan, William L: Nurchoosy Irish
Mills, Edward L: Gortmore
Mills, George L: Dromore Middle
Mills, James L: Rosemeilan
Mills, James L: Sess
Mills, John L: Ballymagowan
Mills, John L: Clogher Tenements
Mills, Robert L: Garlaw
Mills, Robert L: Tatnadaveny
Mills, Samuel L: Ballyvaddan
Mills, Samuel T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Mills, Thomas L: Ballymagowan
Minall, Edward F. T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Mitchell, Charles L: Eskragh
Mitchell, Charles L: Eskragh N: Orr
Mitchell, Chas L: Eskragh N: Black
Mitchell, James L: Corkhill
Mitchell, James L: Eskragh
Mitchell, Robert L: Eskermore
Moane, James L: Clogher Tenements
Moffett, Alexander L: Slatbeg
Moffett, James L: Claremore
Moffett, Samuel L: Cormore
Moffett, Thomas L: Fardross Mountain
Moffett, Thomas L: Slatbeg
Molloy, Bernard L: Fivemiletown
Monaghan, Hugh L: Lurganaglare
Montgomery, Col. L: Annagh (Blessingbourne)
Montgomery, Col. L: Annagh Demesne
Montgomery, Col. L: Ballyvaddan
Montgomery, Col. L: Fivemiletown
Montgomery, Col. T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Montgomery, Andrew L: Ranenly
Montgomery, George L: Glennnoo
Montgomery, James L: Glennnoo
Montgomery, James L: Skelgagh
Montgomery, Thomas L: Cavanacark
Montgormery, Mary L: Slatbeg
Montgormey, John L: Slatbeg
Montray, Anktell L: Sess
Moore, Acheson L: Ballygreenan
Moore, Acheson L: Ballynagurragh
Moore, Acheson L: Caldrum
Moore, Acheson L: Kilclay
Moore, Andrew L: Ballymacan
Moore, Andrew L: Cormore
Moore, Andrew L: Eskernabrogue
Moore, Andrew L: Tullycorker
Moore, James L: Longridge
Moore, Jane T: Augher - The Commons
Moore, John L: Augher Tenements
Moore, John L: Drumhirk Glebe
Moore, John T: Augher - Main Street
Moore, Samuel L: Slatbeg
Morison, Erskine L: Annaloughan
Morissey, Susanna L: Longridge
Morrison, Andrew L: Annaloughan
Morrison, Erskine L: Ballygreenan
Morrison, Lendrum L: Annaloughan
Morrison, Mary L: Annaloughan
Morrisson, Mary L: Ballygreenan
Morrow, John L: Kilruddan
Morton, James L: Sessia
Morton, James T: Augher - Main Street
Mossey, James T: Augher - Main Street
Mossey, William T: Augher - Main Street
Moutray, Anketell L: Slatbeg
Moutray, Whitney L: Clogher Demesne
Moutray, Whitney L: Mullaghtinny
Moutray, Whitney L: Slatbeg
Moynagh, Arthur L: Mullabeny
Moynagh, Cornelius L: Tullanavert
Moynagh, James L: Bolies
Moynagh, John L: Bolies
Moynagh, John L: Mullabeny
Moynagh, Michael T: Augher - Clogher Road
Moynagh, Michael T: Augher - Main Street
Moynagh, Patrick L: Lislane
Moynagh, Patrick L: Mullans (Killyfaddy)
Moynagh, Samuel L: Bolies
Moynagh, Terence L: Mullans (Killyfaddy)
Muldoon, Charies L: Kilnahusogue
Muldoon, Charles L: Kilnahusogue
Muldoon, Daniel L: Kilnahusogue
Mullan, Peter L: Kilnaheery
Mullen, Arthur T: Fivemiletown - Blacklands Road
Mullen, Catherine L: Derries
Mullen, Catherine L: Gortmore
Mullen, Catherine L: Ranenly
Mullen, Denis L: Mullaghmore
Mullen, Henry L: Mullaghtinny
Mullen, John L: Gortmore
Mulligan, Edmond L: Eskermore
Mulligan, Edmond L: Glenhoy
Mulligan, Eliza L: Tullanafoile
Mulligan, James L: Belnaclogh
Mulligan, James, Jr. L: Glenhoy
Mulligan, James, Sr. L: Glenhoy
Mulligan, John L: Ballygreenan
Mulligan, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Mulligan, John L: Tullycorker
Mulligan, Joseph L: Beltany
Mulligan, Joseph L: Tamlaght
Mulligan, Samuel L: Glenhoy
Mulligan, William L: Belnaclogh
Mulligan, William L: Eskernabrogue
Mullin, Henry L: Clogher Tenements
Mullin, James L: Aghamilkin
Mullin, Patrick L: Aghamilkin
Mullins, Henry T: Clogher - Main Street
Mullins, Owen T: Augher - Main Street
Mullins, Thomas T: Augher - Pound Row
Mullins, Thomas T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
Mulrean, Michael L: Carr
Mulreen, William T: Augher - The Commons
Mulryan, Mary L: Altnaveagh
Murphy, Denis L: Ballynagurragh
Murphy, James L: Sessia
Murphy, John L: Ballynagurragh
Murphy, John L: Clogher Tenements
Murphy, John L: Mullaghtinny
Murphy, John T: Clogher - Main Street
Murphy, Patrick L: Ballyvaddan
Murphy, Patrick T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
Murphy, William L: Fardross Mountain
Mynagh, Michael L: Augher Tenements
Naughan, William L: Carr
Naun, Edward L: Corcreevy
Nawn, Thomas L: Gortmore
Neely, Alexander L: Ballymagowan
Neely, Benjamin L: Corboe
Neely, James L: Tullycorker
Neely, John L: Ballymagowan
Neely, William L: Tullyvernan
Neill, John L: Fernaghandrum
Neilly, Mary L: Ranenly
Nelson, James, Jr. L: Townagh
Nelson, James, Sr. L: Townagh
Nelson, John L: Fivemiletown
Nelson, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Nelson, Joseph L: Gortmore
Nelson, Joseph L: Townagh
Nelson, Thomas L: Townagh
Nelson, William L: Townagh
Nevins, Andrew L: Losset
Newton, Andrew L: Ballymagowan
Nicholl, Joseph L: Corcreevy
Nixon, George L: Kilnaheery
Nixon, William L: Lisnabable
Nugent, Andrew L: Ballymacan
Nugent, Bernard L: Cormore
Nugent, Francis L: Aghingowly
Nugent, Francis L: Bolies
Nugent, Jane L: Tamlaght
O'Neill, Anne L: Dromore Middle
O'Neill, John L: Ballyvaddan
O'Neill, Thomas L: Annagarvey
Orr, David L: Lungs
Orr, James L: Claremore
Orr, James L: Cloneblaugh
Orr, John L: Annagarvey
Orr, Robert L: Altanaveragh
Orr, Robert L: Drumhirk
Orr, Robert L: Tullybroom
Orr, Thomas L: Augher Tenements
Orr, Thomas L: Sessia
Orr, Thomas T: Augher - The Commons
Owen, Patrick T: Fivemiletown - Tanners Lane
Owens, Christopher L: Dromore Middle
Owens, Edward T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Owens, Edward, Jr. L: Cole
Owens, Edward, Sr. L: Cole
Owens, Francis L: Cole
Owens, Francis L: Mountstewart
Owens, Francis L: Rahoran
Owens, George L: Dromore Middle
Owens, James L: Knockacarney
Owens, James L: Mountstewart
Owens, Jane L: Dromore Middle
Owens, John L: Ballyvaddan
Owens, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Owens, Mary L: Cole
Owens, Michael, Jr. L: Cole
Owens, Michael, Sr. L: Cole
Parker, John L: Beltany
Parker, Rev. John G. L: Clogher Demesne
Patten, Eliza T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Patterson, Jane L: Ranenly
Patterson, John L: Cavanacark
Patterson, William L: Aghingowly
Patterson, William L: Ballyvaddan
Patterson, William L: Blacklands
Patterson, William L: Fivemiletown
Patterson, William L: Mullabeny
Patterson, William T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Pattison, Andrew L: Lisnabable
Pattison, John L: Fernaghandrum
Pauly, Samuel L: Eskermore
Pearson, John L: Beigh Glebe
Peebles, James L: Killycorran
Peebles, James L: Newry
Perceval, John M. L: Altanaveragh
Perceval, John M. L: Corboe
Perceval, John M. L: Tatnadaveny
Phayr, Andrew L: Slatbeg
Phayr, Susan L: Slatbeg
Phillips, Charles L: Claremore
Phillips, Owen L: Kilnahusogue
Phillips, Owen L: Tycanny
Phillips, William L: Ardunshin
Picken, Charles L: Carnagat
Pickin, Anne L: Gortmore
Pickin, John L: Aghinlark
Pillar, William L: Latbeg
Porter, James L: Tawnymore
Porter, John L: Mullabeny
Porter, Joseph L: Cavanacark
Porter, Thomas L: Annagh (Blessingbourne)
Preston, Ally L: Crossowen
Primrose, Joseph L: Annagh (Blessingbourne)
Quinn, Bridget L: Beltany
Quinn, Edward L: Clogher Tenements
Quinn, Francis L: Cormore
Quinn, Michael L: Cormore
Quinn, Patrick T: Augher - Main Street
Quinn, William L: Tullanavert
Rafferty, Catherine L: Altnaveagh
Rafferty, Cornelius L: Lisnabable
Rafferty, Patrick L: Blacklands
Rafferty, Patrick L: Kilnahusogue
Rafferty, Thomas L: Derrynascobe
Raffferty, Patrick T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
Ramsay, Andrew L: Ballynagurragh
Ramsay, James L: Annagh (Augher)
Ramsay, James L: Donaghmoyne
Ramsay, Saml L: Gunnell N: Lodgers
Ramsay, Samuel L: Gunnell
Ramsay, Samuel L: Killycorran
Ramsey, James L: Aghintain
Ramsey, James L: Knockacarney
Rath, Michael L: Beltany
Reid, Alexander L: Sess
Reid, Andrew L: Sess
Reid, James L: Ballyvaddan
Reid, John L: Cloneblaugh
Reid, John L: Corcreevy
Reid, John L: Glennageeragh
Reid, John L: Tycanny
Reid, Mary L: Glennageeragh
Reid, Matrtha L: Tycanny
Reid, Robert L: Carnagat
Reid, Robert L: Clogher Tenements
Reid, Samuel L: Belnaclogh
Reid, Samuel L: Glennageeragh
Reid, Samuel L: Tycanny
Reid, Thomas L: Tycanny
Reid, William L: Screeby
Reid, William T: Augher - Main Street
Reilly, Bridget L: Cole
Reilly, Edward L: Killygordon
Reilly, Francis L: Killygordon
Reilly, James L: Killygordon
Reilly, James L: Tattanafinnell
Rev, L: Carryclogher N: Hon. and Very, W. H. Maude
Rice, John L: Lungs
Rice, Michael T: Augher - The Commons
Richardson, Andrew L: Augher Tenements
Richardson, Andrew L: Carr
Richardson, Andrew L: Castlehill Demesne
Richardson, Andrew L: Corick
Richardson, Andrew L: Derries
Richardson, Andrew L: Farrenetra
Richardson, Andrew L: Kilclay
Richardson, John G. L: Cavan
Richardson, John G. L: Derrydrummond
Richey, Adam L: Freughmore
Richey, David L: Claremore
Richey, James L: Carnahinny
Richey, John L: Claremore
Richey, John L: Tullyvernan
Richey, Rebecca L: Carnahinny
Richey, Rebecca L: Carryclogher
Richey, Thomas L: Carnahinny
Richey, Thomas L: Claremore
Richey, Thomas L: Lismore
Richey, Thomas L: Tullyvernan
Robinson, Anthony L: Cole
Robinson, David L: Ballaghneed
Robinson, John L: Cavanacark
Robinson, John L: Lungs
Robinson, John L: Townagh
Robinson, Joseph L: Belnaclogh
Robinson, Joseph L: Crossowen
Robinson, Margaret L: Cavanacark
Robinson, Richard L: Mullabeny
Robinson, Samuel L: Glennageeragh
Robinson, William L: Ardunshin
Roche, James L: Ballyvaddan
Rogers, Joseph L: Newry
Rogers, Michael L: Ardunshin
Rogers, Thomas L: Killyfaddy
Rollerstone, John D. L: Clogher Tenements
Rollston, Mary L: Claremore
Rooney, William L: Eskernabrogue
Rooney, William L: Latbeg
Roony, Rev. John L: Carryclogher
Rusell, Edward L: Mullaghmore
Rush, Michael L: Beltany
Russell, Edward L: Mullaghmore
Rutherford, Robert L: Lislane
Sally, Arthur T: Augher - Pound Row
Sampson, Rebecca L: Aghinlark
Scallen, Anne L: Annagarvey
Schoales, William L: Fivemiletown
Schoals, William L: Ballyvaddan
Scholes, William T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Scollen, John L: Carntall More
Scott, James L: Carntall Beg
Scott, James L: Carntall More
Scott, James L: Kilnaheery
Scott, Samuel L: Mullabeny
Scott, Simpson L: Ballyvaddan
Scraggs, Matthew T: Clogher - Main Street
Scraggs, Robert L: Clogher Tenements
Scraggs, Robert L: Mullaghtinny
Scullion, Catherine T: Augher - Main Street
Shannon, Edward L: Lislane
Sharkey, Denis L: Mullabeny
Sharkey, James L: Mullabeny
Sharry, Patrick L: Altnaveagh
Sharry, Peter L: Kilclay
Sheill, Anne T: Clogher - Main Street
Sheils, Peter L: Eskermore
Shelvin, John L: Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar
Shephard, George L: Corick
Shepherd, Geo L: Clogher Tenements N: Lodgers
Shepherd, George L: Clogher Tenements
Shepherd, George L: Drumhirk
Shepherd, George L: Terrew
Shepherd, George T: Clogher - Main Street
Shepherd, George L: Tullybroom
Shepherd, John L: Beigh Glebe
Shepherd, Robert L: Clogher Tenements
Sheppard, George L: Lismore
Sheridan, Bernard L: Cormore
Sheridan, Mary T: Augher - Main Street
Sherry, Patrick L: Carrickavoy
Shevlin, Anne L: Gortmore
Shevlin, Henry L: Ballymacan
Shevlin, Terence L: Lisnamaghery
Shiels, Anne L: Kilnaheery
Shiels, Francis L: Aghnaglogh
Shiels, Thomas L: Mullaghtinny
Short, Charles T: Augher - Main Street
Short, James L: Augher Tenements
Short, James L: Eskragh
Short, John L: Cormore
Simpson, John L: Annagh (Blessingbourne)
Simpson, John L: Findermore
Simpson, John L: Lisboy
Simpson, John E. H. T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Simpson, Joseph L: Fivemiletown
Simpson, Joseph L: Rosemeilan
Simpson, Joseph T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Simpson, Thomas L: Rosemeilan
Simpson, William L: Mullaghtinny
Simpson, William T: Clogher - Main Street
Skeffington, Hugh L: Fivemiletown
Skelton, Patrick L: Eskragh
Skiffington, Hugh T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Slavan, Patrick L: Lislane
Slaven, Daniel L: Carnagat
Slavin, Bernard L: Dromore Lower
Slavin, Daniel L: Syunshin
Slavin, John L: Shantonagh
Slavin, Michael L: Dromore Lower
Slavin, Patrick L: Lislane
Slevin, John L: Altnaveagh
Small, William L: Ballyvaddan
Smith, Francis L: Derrynascobe
Smith, John T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Smith, Matthew L: Clogher Tenements
Smith, Patrick L: Lisboy
Smith, Trus Erasmus L: Beltany
Smiton, Joseph L: Altnaveagh
Smyth, Francis L: Lislane
Smyth, George T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Smyth, Hugh L: Screeby
Smyth, James L: Ballyness
Smyth, James L: Carnagat
Smyth, John L: Aghintain
Smyth, John L: Cavanacark
Smyth, John L: Knockacarney
Smyth, Joseph L: Tullyvernan
Smyth, Patrick L: Carnagat
Sommerville, John L: Aghintain
Sommerville, John L: Bolies
Sommerville, John L: Knockacarney
Soyer, James L: Beltany
Sparrow, Charles T: Augher - Old Road To Aughnacloy
Sparrow, Patrick T: Augher - The Commons
Spence, George L: Fivemiletown
Spence, George T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Spratt, Jane L: Clogher Tenements
Spratt, Robert L: Ballyvaddan
Spratt, Robert L: Fivemiletown
Spratt, Robert T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Stars, Francis L: Kilnahusogue
Steele, Robert L: Divinagh
Steen, James L: Skelgagh
Steen, Joseph L: Carryclogher
Steen, Matthew L: Prolusk
Steen, Robert L: Caldrum
Steen, Robert L: Prolusk
Steen, Capt. Robert L: Prolusk
Steen, Robert L: Skelgagh
Steen, Robert L: Skelgagh N: Gray
Steen, Samuel L: Cornamucklagh
Steen, William L: Carryclogher
Steene, Alexander L: Clogher Tenements
Steene, Alexander T: Clogher - Main Street
Stenson, Andrew L: Dunbiggan
Stenson, James L: Altnaveagh
Stenson, John L: Augher Tenements
Stenson, John L: Sessia
Stenson, John T: Augher - Main Street
Stewart, Andrew L: Knockacarney
Stewart, Bernard L: Annaloughan
Stewart, Edward L: Aghnaglogh
Stewart, Edward L: Clogher Tenements
Stewart, Edward T: Clogher - Main Street
Stewart, James L: Aghnaglogh
Stewart, James L: Knockacarney
Stewart, James L: Shantonagh
Stewart, James L: Tullyquinglebe
Stewart, John L: Garlaw
Stewart, John T: Clogher - Main Street
Stewart, John L: Tullanavert
Stewart, John L: Tullyquinglebe
Stewart, Joseph L: Rosemeilan
Stewart, William L: Aghnaglogh
Stewart, William L: Cavanacark
Stewart, William L: Knockacarney
Stewart, William L: Lislane
Stewart, William L: Slatmore
Stewart, Wm L: Aghnaglogh N: Lodgers
Stinson, Joseph L: Findermore
Stinson, William L: Ballymagowan
Story, Rev. John L: Farrenetra
Story, Rev. John B. L: Corick
Story, Rev. John. B. L: Drumhirk
Story, Robert L: Aghnaglogh
Story, Rev. William L: Freughmore
Stuart, Charles T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Stuart, John L: Prolusk
Stuart, Thomas L: Skelgagh
Sweeny, Charles L: Divinagh
Sweeny, John T: Augher - Main Street
Swords, James L: Ranenly
Taggart, Alexander L: Mullaghtinny
Tallant, Mary L: Fernaghandrum
Taylor, Robert L: Tamlaght
Taylor, William L: Beltany
Taylor, William L: Dunbiggan
Teague, Bridget L: Mullans
Teague, Francis L: Lisnabable
Teague, James L: Mullans
Teague, John L: Mullaghmore
Teague, Mary L: Lisnamaghery
Teague, Peter L: Mullaghmore
Teague, Peter T: Augher - Main Street
Tener, John K. L: Augher Tenements
Tener, John K. L: Castlehill Demesne
Tener, John K. T: Augher - Main Street
Tener, John K. T: Augher - The Commons
Tener, John K. L: Tully
Thompson, David L: Gortmore
Thompson, James L: Corcreevy
Thompson, James L: Corcreevy Demesne
Thompson, Robert L: Clogher Tenements
Thompson, Rep. Saml L: Corcreevy
Thompson, William L: Annaloughan
Tierney, Bernard L: Lislane
Tierney, James L: Corleaghan
Tierney, Jane L: Cavanacark
Tierney, Michael L: Carr
Tierney, Michael L: Roy
Tierney, Michael T: Augher - Main Street
Tierney, William L: Lislane
Tighe, John L: Lurganaglare
Tighe, Owen L: Lurganaglare
Todd, Charles T: Augher - Main Street
Todd, Margaret L: Cornamucklagh
Toman, John L: Tycanny
Tornin, Margaret L: Claremore
Torrence, Hugh L: Aghindarragh West
Torrence, James L: Aghindarragh West
Tracy, Thomas L: Syunshin
Trainor, Bernard T: Clogher - Main Street
Trainor, James T: Clogher - Main Street
Traynor, Anne T: Augher - Main Street
Traynor, Bernard L: Mountstewart
Traynor, Bridgey L: Cloonycoppoge
Traynor, Neal L: Ratory
Traynor, Owen L: Beltany
Traynor, Owen L: Kilnahusogue
Traynor, Patrick L: Ballywholan
Traynor, Patrick L: Beltany
Traynor, Patrick L: Lurganaglare
Traynor, Terence L: Killaney Upper
Treacy, Mary L: Tullycorker
Treacy, Owen L: Ardunshin
Trimble, Andrew L: Clogher Tenements
Trimble, Andrew L: Findermore
Trimble, Andrew L: Mullaghtinny
Trimble, Andrew T: Clogher - Main Street
Trimble, George L: Ballymacan
Trimble, James L: Ballymacan
Trimble, James L: Ballymagowan
Trimble, James L: Carryclogher
Trimble, James L: Fardross Mountain
Trimble, James L: Gortmore
Trimble, James L: Ratory
Trimble, James T: Clogher - Main Street
Trimble, James, Jr. T: Clogher - Main Street
Trimble, John L: Annagh (Augher)
Trimble, John L: Ballagh
Trimble, Joseph L: Screeby
Trimble, Margaret L: Fardross Mountain
Trimble, Rebecca L: Ballagh
Trimble, Robert L: Ballagh
Trimble, Robert L: Screeby
Trimble, Robert L: Shanco
Trimble, Robert L: Slatbeg
Trimble, Thomas L: Ballagh
Trimble, Thomas L: Lismore
Trimble, William L: Gortmore
Trimble, William L: Tullybroom
Tully, John L: Corcreevy
Turbett, Edward L: Cormore
Turbett, James, Jr. L: Cormore
Turbett, James, Sr. L: Cormore
Turbett, John L: Cormore
Turbett, Peter L: Cloneblaugh
Turbett, Peter, Jr. L: Cormore
Turbett, Peter, Sr. L: Cormore
Twagg, Richard T: Clogher - Main Street
Twigg, Richard L: Clogher Tenements
Vaughan, George L: Ardunshin
Vaughan, George L: Drumhirk Glebe
Vaughan, George L: Killyfaddy
Vaughan, William L: Drumhirk Glebe
Vaughan, William L: Farrenetra
Venables, Joseph L: Cormore
Venables, Thomas L: Tullycorker
Walker, Alicia T: Clogher - Main Street
Walker, Andrew T: Augher - Main Street
Walker, James L: Slatbeg
Walker, Jane L: Slatbeg
Walker, Robert L: Ballygreenan
Walker, Robert L: Cavanacark
Walker, Robert L: Glenhoy
Walker, Thomas L: Ballygreenan
Wallace, Alexander L: Tullyvernan
Wallace, Elizabeth L: Cloneblaugh
Wallace, Hugh L: Cloneblaugh
Wallace, James L: Tullyvernan
Wallace, John L: Slatmore
Wallace, Joseph L: Ballaghneed
Wallace, Oliver L: Lisnabable
Wallace, Thomas L: Lisnabable
Wallace, William L: Latbeg
Wallace, William L: Tullyvernan
Walsh, Robert L: Annagarvey
Watson, Elizabeth L: Glennageeragh
Watson, James L: Glennageeragh
Watson, James L: Longridge
Watson, Samuel L: Glennageeragh
Watson, William L: Fardross Mountain
Weir, Robert L: Tullanavert
Weir, Thomas L: Tullanavert
Weldon, James L: Beltany
Weldon, John L: Eskernabrogue
Weldon, John L: Latbeg
West, James L: Lisnamaghery
West, James L: Mullaghtinny
West, James L: Terrew
West, James T: Clogher - Main Street
White, James T: Fivemiletown - Spout Lane
Whitley, Richard T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Wilis, James T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Williamson, Samuel L: Augher Tenements
Williamson, Samuel L: Farrenetra
Williamson, Samuel T: Augher - Main Street
Williamson, William L: Ballaghneed
Willis, Thomas L: Aghindarragh West
Wilson, Adam L: Tycanny
Wilson, David L: Rahoran
Wilson, David L: Skelgagh
Wilson, Guy L: Tullanavert
Wilson, James L: Kilnaheery
Wilson, James L: Lurganaglare
Wilson, James L: Tullanafoile
Wilson, John L: Tullyquinglebe
Wilson, Lucinda T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Wilson, Mary L: Gortmore
Wilson, Peter L: Carntall More
Wilson, Robert L: Newry
Wilson, Robert L: Terrew
Wilson, Samuel L: Cloneblaugh
Wilson, Samuel L: Knockmany
Wilson, Wallace L: Lurganaglare
Wilson, William L: Altanaveragh
Wilson, William L: Fogart
Wilson, William L: Tullanavert
Wilson, William L: Tullanavert N: Lodgers
Winslow, James L: Cornamucklagh
Winston, Robert L: Altnaveagh
Woods, Eleanor T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Woods, Francis L: Fivemiletown
Woods, Francis T: Fivemiletown - Main Street
Woods, John L: Carryclogher
Woods, John L: Donaghmoyne
Woods, Michael T: Augher - The Commons
Woods, Rose L: Ballyvaddan
Wright, Alexander L: Eskermore
Wright, Elizabeth L: Drumhirk Glebe
Wright, John L: Eskermore
Yard, T: Clogher - Main Street N: Bridewell and Yard
Young, Adam L: Glenhoy
Young, James L: Freughmore
Young, James L: Lisnabable
Young, John L: Fernaghandrum
Young, Margaret L: Altanaveragh

Map of Civil Parishes in county Tyrone

Civil Parish Records of County Tyrone

Other county Tyrone Parish Records

1 Aghaloo

2 Aghalurcher

3 Arboe

4 Ardstraw

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyclog

8 Bodoney Lower

9 Bodoney Upper

10 Camus

11 Cappagh

12 Carnteel

13 Clogher

14 Clogherny

15 Clonfeacle

16 Clonoe

17 Cumber Upper

18 Derryloran

19 Desertcreat

20 Donacavey

21 Donaghedy

22 Donaghenry

23 Donaghmore

24 Dromore

25 Drumglass

26 Drumragh

27 Errigal Keerogue

28 Errigal Trough

29 Kildress

30 Killeeshil

31 Killyman

32 Kilskeery

33 Leckpatrick

34 Lissan

35 Longfield East

36 Longfield West

37 Magheracross

38 Pomeroy

39 Tamlaght

40 Termonamongan

41 Termonmaguirk

42 Tullyniskan

43 Urney