Griffith's Valuation: Donaghmore Parish, County Tyrone

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Griffith's Valuation in Donaghmore Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Donaghmore parish and every other parish in county Tyrone as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Tyrone in 1851.


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Griffiths Valuation: Donaghmore Parish 1851

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You should also check the records of Donaghmore parish from the Tithe Applotment books recorded during the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Acheson, Rev. Joseph L: Drumhirk
Acheson, Rev. Joseph L: Killyliss
Acheson, Samuel L: Kilnaslee
Agnew, Mary L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Agnew, Thomas L: Mullaghanagh
Alexander, Henry L: Mullycrunnet
Alexander, Henry L: Tullyaran
Alexander, James L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Alexander, John L: Killymaddy
Alexander, Robert L: Mullaghmore
Allen, John L: Derryhoar
Allen, John L: Drumreany
Anderson, John L: Drumnafern
Anderson, John L: Killyliss
Anderson, John L: Killymaddy
Anderson, Thomas L: Drumnafern
Anderson, Thomas L: Drumreany
Anderson, Thomas L: Lisnamonaghan
Anderson, Thomas L: Mullaghanagh
Anderson, Thomas L: Reaskcor
Anderson, William L: Derryveen
Armstrong, Thomas L: Gorey
Armstrong, Thomas L: Reclain
Armstrong, William L: Gorey
Armstrong, William L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Armstrong, William L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Arnold, Robert L: Mullaghadrolly
Arthur, William L: Dernaseer
Ashe, George L: Edenacrannon N: George Ashe and Ann Welton
Bailie, Rev. James K. L: Aghnagar
Barker, John L: Altaglushan
Barrs, Mary L: Kilnaslee
Bart, Sir Wm Verner L: Moghan
Barton, Edward L: Glenadush
Barton, John L: Glenadush
Barton, William L: Aghareany
Barton, William L: Mullaghanagh
Batty, Robert L: Mullygruen
Baxter, Philip L: Eskragh
Beatty, Frances L: Drumbearn
Beatty, Francis L: Drumbearn
Beatty, John L: Drumbearn
Beatty, John L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Beatty, John L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Beatty, John L: Terrenew
Begg, Jane L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Bell, John T: Donaghmore
Benison, Matthew L: Tullyaran
Bennett, Francis L: Tullydraw
Birney, Hugh L: Lisnahull
Black, Isabella L: Gorey
Black, Joseph L: Drumnafern
Black, Joseph L: Killyliss
Blemmins, George L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Blemmins, George L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Blemmins, Robert L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Bloomer, John L: Killylevin
Bloomer, Michael L: Derryveen
Bloomer, Michael L: Mullaghanagh
Bloomer, Michael L: Reclain
Bloomer, Robert L: Killylevin
Bond, James L: Derryveen
Borris, James L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Borris, James L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Borris, James, Jr. L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Borris, James, Sr. L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Borris, Robert L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Borris, William L: Derryalskea
Borris, William L: Kilnaslee
Bowen, Mark L: Killyliss
Bowen, Patrick L: Reaskcor
Bowen, Thomas L: Drumnafern
Bowen, Thomas L: Killyliss
Boylan, Arthur L: Cullenramer
Boylan, Arthur L: Killyliss
Boylan, Patrick L: Derryhoar
Boyle, Arthur L: Gorey
Boyle, Michael L: Lisgallon
Bradley, Ferdinand L: Reclain
Bradley, James L: Reclain
Bradley, Jane L: Lisnagowan
Bradley, Mary T: Donaghmore
Bradley, Robert L: Reclain
Branagan, Daniel L: Drumnafern
Branigan, Bernard L: Reclain
Branigan, Felix L: Dernaseer
Branigan, James L: Altaglushan
Branigan, John L: Reclain
Branigan, Owen L: Dernaseer
Branigan, Patrick L: Altaglushan
Branigan, Thomas L: Reclain
Breese, William L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Brennan, George L: Garvagh
Brennan, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Breslan, Martha L: Annaghbeg
Brown, Charles L: Stakernagh
Brown, Charles L: Terrenew
Brown, Henry L: Aghareany
Brown, Henry L: Tullynure
Brown, James L: Ballysaggart
Brown, John L: Terrenew
Brown, William L: Lisnamonaghan
Browne, Henry L: Aghareany
Browne, Henry L: Annaghbeg
Browne, Henry L: Donaghmore
Browne, Henry T: Donaghmore
Browne, James L: Annaghbeg
Browne, James L: Donaghmore
Browne, James T: Donaghmore
Browne, Jane T: Donaghmore
Browne, John L: Tullydraw
Browne, Margaret L: Ballysaggart
Browne, William L: Drumhirk
Browne, William L: Killymaddy
Browne, William L: Kilnaslee
Browne, William L: Tullyleek
Bryars, David L: Mullaghroddan
Bryars, Elizabeth L: Garvagh
Bryars, Martha L: Mullaghroddan
Bryars, William L: Mullaghroddan
Buchanan, John L: Drumreany
Burgess, John Y. L: Cullenfad
Burgess, John Y. L: Edenacrannon
Burgess, John Y. L: Mullaghbane
Burgess, John Y. L: Stakernagh
Burgess, John Y. L: Terrenew
Burgess, John Y. L: Tullyallen
Burrows, John L: Terrenew
Burrows, John, Jr. L: Terrenew
Burrows, Stephen L: Gorey
Burrows, William L: Terrenew
Butler, Rose L: Annaginny
Byrne, James L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Byrne, John L: Derryveen
Byrne, Samuel L: Derryveen
Cadda, James L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Cadoo, Aaron L: Glenadush
Cadoo, Alexander L: Lisnahull
Cairns, Elizabeth L: Altaglushan
Cairns, John L: Altaglushan
Cairns, Robert L: Altaglushan
Caldwell, James L: Tullynure
Caldwell, Robert L: Tullynure
Cammock, Patk., Jr. L: Terrenew
Cammock, Patk., Sr. L: Terrenew
Campbell, Anne L: Foygh
Campbell, Arthur T: Donaghmore
Campbell, Catherine L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Campbell, Henry L: Lisnahull
Campbell, James L: Killyliss
Campbell, Rev. Jas L: Tullyleek
Campbell, John L: Aghareany
Campbell, John L: Kilnaslee
Campbell, John L: Mullagacreevy
Campbell, Mary L: Mullaghmore
Campbell, Mary L: Tullyaran
Campbell, Maxwell L: Aghareany
Campbell, Maxwell L: Mullagacreevy
Campbell, Nathaniel L: Garvagh
Campbell, Patrick L: Aghareany
Campbell, Patrick L: Drumnafern
Campbell, Peter L: Kilnaslee
Campbell, Robert L: Glasmullagh
Campbell, Terence L: Aghareany
Cantlon, David L: Annaghbeg
Carbery, Catherine L: Eskragh
Carbery, Daniel L: Cullenramer
Carbery, John L: Glenadush
Carbery, Thomas L: Eskragh
Cardwell, William L: Mullaghmore
Carpendale, Rev. Thos L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Carpendale, William L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Carpmill, James L: Drumreany
Carr, Bartholomew L: Creevagh Lower.
Carr, Bernard L: Derryveen
Carr, Bridget L: Aghareany
Carr, Bridget L: Mullagacreevy
Carr, Francis L: Creevagh Lower.
Carr, James L: Agharan
Carr, James L: Eskragh
Carr, James L: Tullyaran N: John and James
Carr, John L: Agharan
Carr, John L: Aghintober
Carr, John L: Eskragh
Carr, John L: Tullyaran N: John and James
Carr, William L: Toomog
Carroll, Anne L: Ballybray
Carroll, William L: Drumreany
Carse, Rev. Stewart L: Ballybray
Carson, James L: Mullaghroddan
Casey, Bryan L: Ballybray
Casey, Jas L: Mullaghmore N: Jas and Thos
Casey, John L: Mullaghmore
Casey, Thos L: Mullaghmore N: Jas and Thos
Cass, Rev. S. L: Gortnaglush
Charlemont, L: Annaghmakeown N: Earl of Charlemont
Charlemont, L: Aughlish N: Earl of Charlemont
Charlemont, L: Cullenramer N: Earl of Charlemont
Charlemont, L: Derryalskea N: Earl of Charlemont
Charlemont, L: Glasmullagh N: Earl of Charlemont
Christie, George L: Cullenfad
Christie, James L: Drumhirk
Christie, James L: Drumnafern
Christie, John L: Terrenew
Clarke, Hugh L: Drumhirk
Clarke, Hugh L: Lisnamonaghan
Clarke, William L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Clegg, Jane T: Donaghmore
Cobin, Margaret L: Lisnamonaghan
Cohoon, Charles L: Foygh
Cohoon, James L: Derryveen
Cohoon, Martha L: Derryveen
Coleman, Abraham L: Garvagh
Coleran, Bernard L: Ballybray
Colgan, Neal L: Drumbearn
Colgan, William L: Lisnamonaghan
Conlan, Anne L: Finulagh
Conlan, Anne L: Foygh
Conlan, Arthur L: Annaghmakeown
Conlan, Edward L: Tullyleek
Conlan, Jeremiah L: Aghareany
Conlan, John L: Foygh N: Johnny
Conlan, John L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Conlan, John T: Donaghmore
Conlan, John, Jr. L: Foygh
Conlan, John, Sr. L: Foygh
Conlan, Mary L: Aghareany
Conlan, Mary L: Mullagacreevy
Conlan, Patrick L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Conlan, Patrick L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Conlan, Peter L: Garvagh
Conlan, Peter T: Donaghmore
Connell, Andrew T: Donaghmore
Connell, Bernard L: Ballybray
Connolly, Thomas L: Killymoyle
Connolly, William L: Killymoyle
Connor, Michael L: Drumbearn
Connor, Owen T: Donaghmore
Conolly, Michael L: Mullaghroddan
Conroy, Mary L: Drumnafern
Conroy, Terence L: Aghnagar
Conry, Mary L: Derryveen
Conway, Hugh T: Donaghmore
Cooke, George L: Derryveen
Cooper, Edward L: Terrenew
Cooper, John L: Terrenew
Corr, Bartholomew L: Lisnagowan
Corr, Daniel L: Donaghmore
Corr, Daniel T: Donaghmore
Corr, Hugh L: Agharan
Corr, Hugh L: Feroy
Corr, Michael L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Corr, Peter L: Killygavanagh
Corrigan, Daniel L: Clonavaddy
Corrigan, Francis L: Clonavaddy
Corrigan, Hugh L: Clonavaddy
Corrigan, James, Jr. L: Clonavaddy
Corrigan, James, Sr. L: Clonavaddy
Corrigan, John, Jr. L: Clonavaddy
Corrigan, John, Sr. L: Clonavaddy
Corrigan, Michael L: Clonavaddy
Corrigan, Patrick L: Aghnagar
Corrigan, Thomas L: Clonavaddy
Cotten, John L: Killymaddy
Cotton, Robert L: Edenacrannon
Cotton, Robert L: Killymoyle
Coulson, John L: Terrenew
Courtney, John L: Aghareany
Courtney, John L: Drumbearn
Courtney, Joseph L: Aghareany
Courtney, Letitia L: Aghareany
Courtney, Mary L: Aghareany
Courtney, William L: Tullyleek
Cowden, Joseph L: Killyliss
Coyle, Lanty L: Killymoyle
Coyle, Thomas L: Toomog
Craig, Archibald L: Drumreany
Craig, Archibald L: Lisnamonaghan
Craigan, Neal L: Ballybray
Creighton, John L: Derryveen
Cross, William L: Tullydraw
Cuddihy, James L: Gorey
Cuddihy, John L: Gorey
Cuddy, John L: Moghan
Culbert, David L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Culbert, John L: Gorey
Culbert, William L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Cullen, Bridget L: Eskragh
Cullen, Christopher L: Drumnafern
Cullen, John L: Eskragh
Cullen, John L: Mullaghadrolly
Cullen, Joseph L: Eskragh
Cullen, Mary L: Ballysaggart
Cullen, Mortimer L: Eskragh
Cullen, Patrick L: Mullaghadrolly
Cullen, Sarah L: Glasmullagh
Cullen, Thomas L: Drumbearn
Cullen, William L: Garvagh
Cullen, William L: Reloagh
Cunningham, Bridget L: Eskragh
Cunningham, Hugh L: Killyliss
Cunningham, James L: Glasmullagh
Cunningham, Mary L: Aghnagar
Curran, Eleanor L: Finulagh
Curran, John L: Tullydraw
Curraran, Peter L: Mullaghmore
Curraran, Terence L: Mullaghmore
Cush, Daniel L: Aughlish
Cush, Edward L: Aughlish
Cush, Francis L: Finulagh
Cush, James L: Annaghmakeown
Cush, James L: Finulagh
Cush, Michael L: Gortnaglush
Cush, Owen L: Drumnafern
Cush, Patrick L: Annaghmakeown
Cush, Patrick L: Reaskmore
Cusk, Owen L: Killyliss
Daly, John L: Lisnagowan
Daly, Owen L: Tullyleek
Daly, Patrick L: Ballybray
Daly, William L: Ballybray
Daly, William L: Drumreany
Darby, Sarah T: Donaghmore
Darcy, Edward L: Glasmullagh
Davidson, Andrew L: Aughlish
Davidson, Andrew L: Ballysaggart
Davidson, Charles L: Aughlish
Davidson, George L: Ballybray
Davidson, James L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Davidson, John L: Lisgallon
Davidson, Robert L: Aghareany
Davidson, Robert L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Davidson, Samuel L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Davidson, Thomas L: Annaginny
Davidson, Thomas L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Davin, Peter L: Reaskmore
Davis, George L: Feroy
Davis, George L: Garvagh
Davis, Wm. Sinclair L: Garvagh
Dawley, John L: Annaginny
Dawson, James L: Aghareany
Dawson, Richard L: Derryveen
Deveral, Catherine L: Mullaghanagh
Devlin, Anne L: Tullyaran
Devlin, Arthur L: Killymoyle
Devlin, Bernard L: Killymoyle
Devlin, Bernard L: Mullycrunnet
Devlin, Felix L: Eskragh
Devlin, Francis L: Altaglushan
Devlin, Rev. Francis L: Annaghbeg
Devlin, Rev. Francis T: Donaghmore
Devlin, Henry L: Aghareany
Devlin, Hugh L: Killymoyle
Devlin, James L: Aghareany
Devlin, James L: Eskragh
Devlin, James L: Stakernagh
Devlin, James T: Donaghmore
Devlin, John L: Aghnagar
Devlin, John L: Altaglushan
Devlin, John L: Dernaseer
Devlin, John L: Mullaghbane
Devlin, John L: Reaskmore
Devlin, Patrick L: Altaglushan
Devlin, Patrick L: Mullaghbane
Devlin, Thomas L: Annaghbeg
Dixon, Col. L: Tullydraw
Dixon, Benjamin L: Derryhoar
Dixon, Benjamin L: Terrenew
Dixon, David L: Cullenfad
Dixon, Francis L: Derryhoar
Dixon, Henry L: Mullcrunnet
Dixon, Jane L: Ballyward
Dixon, John L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Dixon, Matthew L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Dixon, Sarah L: Ballysaggart
Dixon, Stewart L: Killylevin
Dixon, Thomas L: Lisnahull
Dixon, Thomas L: Mullaghanagh
Dixon, Wilson L: Cullenfad
Dogherty, James L: Tullyallen
Dogherty, John L: Tullyallen
Dogherty, Patrick L: Tullyallen
Doherty, James L: Killylevin
Donaghy, Bernard L: Reclain
Donaghy, Charles L: Reclain
Donaghy, James L: Mullaghmore
Donaghy, John L: Creevagh Lower.
Donaghy, John L: Drumreany
Donaghy, Laurence L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Donaghy, Matthew L: Mullaghmore
Donaghy, Michael L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Donaghy, Patrick L: Eskragh
Donaghy, Patrick L: Lisnagowan
Donaghy, Patrick L: Mullaghmore
Donaldson, Henry L: Drumreany
Donaldson, Mary Anne L: Tullyleek
Donaldson, Robert L: Drumreany
Donnelly, Arthur L: Altaglushan
Donnelly, Bernard L: Ballybray
Donnelly, Bernard L: Donaghmore
Donnelly, Bernard L: Garvagh
Donnelly, Bernard T: Donaghmore
Donnelly, Francis L: Garvagh
Donnelly, Francis L: Reaskmore
Donnelly, Hugh L: Killygavanagh
Donnelly, James L: Altaglushan
Donnelly, James L: Clonavaddy
Donnelly, James L: Creevagh Lower.
Donnelly, James L: Dernaseer
Donnelly, James L: Tullyleek
Donnelly, John L: Altaglushan
Donnelly, John L: Cullenramer
Donnelly, John L: Lisnagowan
Donnelly, John L: Tullyleek
Donnelly, Joseph L: Mullaghfurtherland
Donnelly, Murtagh L: Altaglushan
Donnelly, Neal L: Killyliss
Donnelly, Owen L: Altaglushan
Donnelly, Patk. L: Altaglushan N: Fardy
Donnelly, Patrick L: Altaglushan
Donnelly, Patrick T: Donaghmore
Donnelly, Patrick, Sr. L: Altaglushan
Donnelly, Peter L: Dernaseer
Donnelly, Peter L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Donnelly, Peter L: Mullaghanagh
Donnelly, Peter T: Donaghmore
Donnelly, Pk. L: Altaglushan N: Archin
Donnelly, Richard L: Drumbearn
Donnelly, Robert L: Tullyleek
Donnelly, Sarah L: Killymoyle
Donnelly, Simon L: Aghnagar
Donnelly, Terence L: Dernaseer
Donnelly, Thomas L: Mullaghfurtherland
Donnelly, William T: Donaghmore
Doogan, James L: Reaskcor
Doolan, John L: Killyliss
Doran, Isabella L: Gorey
Doran, John L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Doran, John L: Killylevin
Doran, Joseph L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Doran, William L: Cullenfad
Doran, William L: Reaskcor
Downey, Patrick L: Altaglushan
Doyle, Michael L: Reclain
Drew, Thomas L: Eskragh
Drew, Thomas L: Glasmullagh
Duff, Alexander L: Reaskmore
Duff, Bernard L: Creevagh Lower.
Duff, Catherine L: Aughlish
Duff, Eleanor L: Lisnamonaghan
Duff, James L: Lisboy
Duff, Margaret L: Lisboy
Duff, Neal L: Creevagh Lower.
Duff, Neal L: Lisboy
Duff, Neal L: Lisnagowan
Duffy, Francis L: Lisnamonaghan
Duffy, John L: Lisnamonaghan
Duffy, John T: Donaghmore
Duffy, William L: Edenacrannon
Dunn, Hugh L: Cullenramer
Dunn, Patrick L: Dernaseer
Dynes, Arthur L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Early, Peter L: Mullaghanagh
Early, Sarah L: Toomog
Eccles, Thomas L: Drumhirk
Eccles, William L: Creevagh Lower.
Eden, James L: Derryveen
Elliott, John L: Tullynure
Ennis, Thomas L: Garvagh
Evans, Robert L: Mullaghbane
Evitt, William L: Aughlish
Faris, John L: Killymoyle
Farr, George L: Mullaghroddan
Farr, Henry L: Tullyaran
Farr, Samuel L: Mullaghmore
Farrelly, Andrew L: Derryveen
Farrelly, Peter L: Garvagh
Fay, Edward L: Derryveen
Fee, Margaret L: Garvagh
Fee, Matthew L: Killygavanagh
Ferguson, Adam L: Mullaghanagh
Finegan, John L: Garvagh
Fitzpatrick, Anne L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Fitzpatrick, Mary L: Glenadush
Fitzpatrick, Michl. Jn. L: Glenadush
Fitzpatrick, Ml., Jr. L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Fitzpatrick, Ml., Sr. L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Fitzsimmons, James T: Donaghmore
Fleming, James L: Cullenfad
Forbes, Alexander, Jr. L: Drumnafern
Forbes, Alexander, Jr. L: Stakernagh
Forbes, Alexander, Sr. L: Drumnafern
Forbes, Alexander, Sr. L: Stakernagh
Forbes, Mabel L: Drumreany
Forbes, Matthew L: Drumnafern
Ford, Eleanor L: Mullaghfurtherland
Forsyth, James L: Killyliss
Forsyth, John L: Killyliss
Forsyth, Oliver L: Reaskcor
Fox, John L: Reaskmore
Freeman, Mary L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Frizell, Isabella L: Drumnafern
Frizell, John L: Aughlish
Frizell, William L: Reaskcor
Frizelle, Rep. Alex. L: Ballysaggart
Frizelle, John L: Ballysaggart
Frizelle, Mary L: Ballysaggart
Fullen, Elizabeth L: Killygavanagh
Fullen, John L: Annaghbeg
Fullen, Peter L: Annaghbeg
Fullerton, Thomas T: Donaghmore
Futlen, Bernard L: Glenadush
Futleton, Thomas L: Tullydraw
Galbraith, Thomas L: Annaghbeg
Galbraith, William L: Annaghbeg
Galbraith, Wm., Jr. L: Annaghbeg
Gallan, John L: Annaghmakeown
Gallons, John L: Aughlish
Garr, Michael L: Derryalskea
Gartland, Patrick L: Foygh
Geatins, Patrick L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Geatins, William L: Lisnahull
Geatins, William L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Gilkinson, Archibald L: Annaghbeg
Gilkinson, James L: Clonavaddy
Gilkinson, James L: Creevagh Lower.
Gilkinson, John L: Mullaghfurtherland
Gilkinson, Mary L: Mullaghfurtherland
Gilkinson, Thomas L: Tullyaran
Gillen, Anne L: Cullenramer
Gillen, John T: Donaghmore
Gillen, Margaret L: Ballybray
Gillens, Bernard T: Donaghmore
Gillespie, Francis L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Gillespie, Henry L: Annaghmakeown
Gillespie, Henry L: Finulagh
Gillion, Bernard L: Tullydraw
Gilogly, John L: Eskragh
Glass, Henry L: Eskragh
Glass, John L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Glover, Thomas L: Ballysaggart
Goff, Joseph L: Kilnaslee
Goodfellow, Joseph L: Aghareany
Goodfellow, Michael L: Mullagacreevy
Goodfellow, Michael L: Tullynure
Goodfellow, Rose L: Aghareany
Goodfellow, Rose L: Mullagacreevy
Govern, Patrick L: Mullaghroddan
Graham, Charles L: Reaskcor
Graham, Oliver L: Glenadush
Grimes, James L: Aghareany
Grimes, James L: Lisnagowan
Grimes, James L: Mullagacreevy
Grimes, John L: Glasmullagh
Grimes, John L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Grimes, John, Jr. L: Glasmullagh
Grimes, John, Sr. L: Glasmullagh
Grimes, William L: Aghareany
Grimes, William L: Mullagacreevy
Grogan, John L: Altaglushan
Hackett, Anne L: Cullenfad
Hackett, James L: Drumhirk
Hackett, Mary L: Drumhirk
Hackett, Robert L: Derryveen
Haddock, Thomas L: Mullaghanagh
Hagan, Arthur L: Tullyallen
Hagan, Bernard L: Killylevin
Hagan, Henry L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Hagan, Henry L: Lisboy
Hagan, James L: Mullaghroddan
Hagan, John L: Glenadush
Hagan, John L: Mullaghroddan
Hagan, Michael L: Mullaghbane
Hagan, Owen L: Killymoyle
Hagan, Terence L: Tullyallen
Haledon, John L: Garvagh
Hall, Andrew L: Aghareany
Hall, Anne L: Glenadush
Hall, David L: Stakernagh
Hall, Edward L: Drumreany
Hall, Edward L: Reaskcor
Hall, Eliza L: Derryhoar
Hall, Elizabeth L: Aghareany
Hall, George L: Aghareany
Hall, Henry L: Foygh
Hall, Henry L: Stakernagh
Hall, John L: Foygh
Hall, John L: Lisgallon
Hall, John L: Lisnamonaghan
Hall, John L: Reaskcor
Hall, John L: Stakernagh
Hall, Richard L: Foygh
Hall, Robert L: Stakernagh
Hall, William L: Drumhirk
Hall, William L: Reaskcor
Hamil, Patrick L: Altaglushan
Hamill, Eleanor L: Reclain
Hamill, Michael L: Edenacrannon
Hamill, Michael L: Tullyleek
Hamill, Owen L: Clonavaddy
Hamill, Peter L: Stakernagh
Hamilton, Edward L: Annaghbeg
Hamilton, Irwin L: Drumreany
Hamilton, Irwin L: Lisnamonaghan
Hamilton, John L: Annaghbeg
Hamilton, Rev. Robert L: Drumreany
Hamilton, Robert L: Kilnaslee
Hamilton, Robert T: Donaghmore
Hamilton, Thomas L: Ballybray
Hanigan, John L: Killyliss
Hanlon, Robert T: Donaghmore
Hanna, Robert L: Drumnafern
Hanna, Thomas L: Lisnamonaghan
Hanson, James L: Lisnahull
Hanson, Rev. James T: Donaghmore
Harris, Thomas L: Tullyleek
Hart, Bernard L: Altaglushan
Hart, Bernard L: Gorey
Hart, Paul L: Eskragh
Hart, Paul L: Glenadush
Hart, Peter L: Annaghmakeown
Hart, Peter L: Aughlish
Harvey, Dr. L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Harvey, Daniel L: Edenacrannon
Harvey, Peter L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Harvey, Peter L: Killymoyle
Harvey, Samuel L: Mullaghbane
Hasty, William L: Toomog
Hayes, George L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Hayes, James L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Hayes, Mary L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Hayes, Robert L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Hayes, William L: Drumbearn
Hayes, Williamson L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Hazeldon, Ezekiel L: Derryalskea
Henderson, Isaac L: Drumbearn
Henderson, James L: Aghareany
Heron, Rev. Archibald L: Killymaddy
Hewston, George L: Drumhirk
Hewston, William L: Drumhirk
Hewston, William, Sr. L: Drumhirk
Higgins, Thomas L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Higgins, Thomas L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Higney, Patrick L: Glasmullagh
Hill, Alexander L: Tullyleek
Hinchey, James L: Drumhirk
Hinchey, James L: Glasmullagh
Hinchey, Thomas L: Glasmullagh
Hinchey, William L: Drumreany
Hinchy, John L: Edenacrannon
Hobbs, Jane L: Aghareany
Hobson, James L: Drumreany
Hoggett, Thomas T: Donaghmore
Holland, Henry L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Holland, Jane L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Holland, William L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Holland, William L: Tullydraw
Holmes, William L: Ballysaggart
Honiex, Mary L: Mullaghanagh
Hood, Robert L: Lisnahull
Hoohy, Eliza L: Ballysaggart
Houston, James L: Mullaghmore
Howard, James L: Tullyaran
Howard, Joseph L: Gortnaglush
Howard, Samuel L: Gortnaglush
Howard, William L: Tullyaran
Hoy, Mary T: Donaghmore
Hughes, Catherine L: Moghan
Hughes, Catherine L: Tullynure
Hughes, Daniel L: Terrenew
Hughes, Edward L: Annaghmakeown
Hughes, Edward L: Finulagh
Hughes, Francis L: Moghan
Hughes, Francis L: Toomog
Hughes, James, Jr. L: Annaghmakeown
Hughes, James, Sr. L: Annaghmakeown
Hughes, Jane L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Hughes, John L: Aughlish
Hughes, John L: Drumbearn
Hughes, John L: Drumreany
Hughes, John L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Hughes, John L: Reaskcor
Hughes, John L: Reaskmore
Hughes, John L: Tullyaran
Hughes, John, Jr. L: Finulagh
Hughes, John, Sr. L: Finulagh
Hughes, Michael L: Annaghmakeown
Hughes, Michael L: Clonavaddy
Hughes, Michael L: Stakernagh
Hughes, Michael L: Toomog
Hughes, Patk. L: Annaghmakeown N: Patk. and Terence
Hughes, Patrick L: Annaghmakeown
Hughes, Patrick L: Cullenfad
Hughes, Patrick L: Finulagh
Hughes, Rose L: Annaghmakeown
Hughes, Terence L: Annaghmakeown N: Patk. and Terence
Hughes, Terence L: Finulagh
Hughes Mccahy, Rep. David L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Hurchy, John L: Tullyallen
Hurson, Patrick L: Garvagh
Hurston, Mary T: Donaghmore
Huson, Edward L: Lisnahull
Hussey, Margaret L: Tullyleek
Hutcheson, Henry L: Altaglushan
Irvine, William T: Donaghmore
Irwin, Alexander L: Tullyallen
Irwin, Andrew L: Mullaghmore
Irwin, James L: Mullaghmore
Irwin, James, Jr. L: Mullaghmore
Irwin, Jeremiah L: Aghareany
Irwin, Jeremiah L: Tullynure
Irwin, John L: Aghareany
Irwin, John L: Mullaghadrolly
Irwin, Joseph L: Aghareany
Irwin, Joseph L: Edenacrannon
Irwin, Joseph L: Lisnahull
Irwin, Joseph L: Stakernagh
Irwin, William L: Agharan
Irwin, William L: Derryveen
Irwin, William L: Feroy
Irwin, William L: Mullaghmore
Irwin, William L: Mullaghroddan
Jackson, James L: Agharan
Jameson, James L: Cullenramer
Jameson, James L: Lisgallon
Jameson, John L: Ballyward
Jameson, John L: Gorey
Johnston, Alexander L: Aghintober
Johnston, Alexander L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Johnston, Andrew L: Ballyward
Johnston, Andrew L: Killyliss
Johnston, Archibald L: Aghintober
Johnston, Benjamin L: Drumhirk
Johnston, David T: Donaghmore
Johnston, Elizabeth L: Aghareany
Johnston, George L: Ballybray
Johnston, James L: Aghintober
Johnston, James L: Cullenfad
Johnston, James L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Johnston, Jane L: Garvagh
Johnston, John L: Aghintober
Johnston, John L: Cullenfad
Johnston, John L: Mullaghroddan
Johnston, John L: Mullygruen
Johnston, John L: Reaskcor
Johnston, Joseph L: Cullenfad
Johnston, Mary L: Lisnamonaghan
Johnston, Robert L: Killylevin
Johnston, Samuel L: Drumnafern
Johnston, William L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Jordan, James L: Drumnafern
Kane, Eleanor L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Kane, Hugh L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Kane, James L: Lisnagowan
Kavanagh, Bridget L: Derryveen
Kavanagh, Patrick T: Donaghmore
Kavanagh, Peter T: Donaghmore
Keenan, Eleanor L: Glenadush
Keenan, Peter L: Mullaghbane
Kelly, Anne L: Altaglushan
Kelly, Bernard L: Derryveen N: Thos and Bernard
Kelly, Charles L: Drumreany
Kelly, Daniel L: Foygh
Kelly, Eleanor L: Edenacrannon
Kelly, George L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Kelly, Hugh L: Derryveen
Kelly, James L: Creevagh Lower.
Kelly, James L: Edenacrannon
Kelly, John L: Annaghbeg
Kelly, John L: Derryveen
Kelly, John L: Drumhirk
Kelly, John L: Drumreany
Kelly, John L: Stakernagh
Kelly, Mary Anne L: Derryveen
Kelly, Michael L: Derryveen
Kelly, Patrick L: Aughlish
Kelly, Patrick L: Derryhoar
Kelly, Patrick L: Derryveen
Kelly, Patrick T: Donaghmore
Kelly, Peter L: Lisboy
Kelly, Philip L: Derryveen
Kelly, Robert L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Kelly, Samuel L: Creevagh Lower.
Kelly, Samuel L: Cullenramer
Kelly, Terence L: Derryveen
Kelly, Thomas L: Dernaseer
Kelly, Thomas L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Kelly, Thomas L: Moghan
Kelly, Thos L: Derryveen N: Thos and Bernard
Kelly, William L: Killymoyle
Kelly, William L: Kilnaslee
Kelly, William L: Moghan
Kelly, William L: Toomog
Kelly, William, Jr. L: Moghan
Kelly, William, Sr. L: Moghan
Kemmins, William L: Feroy
Kennan, Charles L: Tullyallen
Kennan, Isabella L: Killymoyle
Kennan, Sarah L: Tullyallen
Kennedy, Gilbert L: Mullaghmore
Kennedy, Rev. Robert L: Gortnaglush
Kenny, Bernard L: Foygh
Killen, Peter L: Mullaghroddan
Kilpatrick, Charles L: Tullyleek
Kinnan, Charles L: Tullyallen
Kinnan, Cornelius L: Tullyallen
Kinnan, Sarah L: Tullyallen
Kinnier, Rev. Francis L: Cullenramer
Knipe, William L: Killyliss
Knocker, John T: Donaghmore
Lappan, Thomas L: Clonavaddy
Latimer, John L: Toomog
Latimor, Jane L: Kilnaslee
Lattimer, Samuel L: Moghan
Lattimor, Samuel L: Tullyaran
Leck, Daniel L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Lee, John L: Finulagh
Leney, Arthur L: Drumreany
Leney, James L: Cullenfad
Lennon, John L: Tullyleek
Lilburne, John L: Eskragh
Lilburne, John L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Lilburne, Thomas L: Lisnahull
Lilburne, Thomas L: Mullaghanagh
Lindsay, James L: Feroy
Lindsay, John L: Feroy
Lindsay, William L: Creevagh Lower.
Linton, Edward T. L: Altaglushan
Little, Robert L: Killymoyle
Little, Thomas L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Litton, Edward T. L: Dernaseer
Loughran, Anne L: Drumreany
Loughran, Arthur L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Loughran, Bernard L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Loughran, Bernard L: Tullyleek
Loughran, Catherine L: Aughlish
Loughran, Christopher L: Moghan
Loughran, David L: Annaghmakeown
Loughran, David, Jr. L: Annaghmakeown
Loughran, David, Sr. L: Annaghmakeown
Loughran, Edward L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Loughran, Henry L: Glenadush
Loughran, James L: Aughlish
Loughran, James L: Ballybray
Loughran, James L: Drumreany
Loughran, James L: Reloagh
Loughran, John L: Annaghmakeown
Loughran, John L: Aughlish
Loughran, John L: Drumnafern
Loughran, John L: Drumreany
Loughran, John L: Finulagh
Loughran, John L: Lisnamonaghan
Loughran, John L: Reloagh
Loughran, John L: Stakernagh
Loughran, John T: Donaghmore
Loughran, Joseph L: Killygavanagh
Loughran, Judith L: Killygavanagh
Loughran, Laur L: Killyharry (Glebe) N: Laur and Pk
Loughran, Lawrence L: Killyharry (Glebe) N: Lawrence and Pat
Loughran, Mary L: Annaghmakeown
Loughran, Mary L: Aughlish
Loughran, Mary L: Tullynure
Loughran, Michael L: Annaghmakeown
Loughran, Michael L: Tullyleek
Loughran, Ml. L: Annaghmakeown
Loughran, Ml. L: Annaghmakeown N: David
Loughran, Neal L: Tullyleek
Loughran, Pat L: Killyharry (Glebe) N: Lawrence and Pat
Loughran, Patrick L: Ballybray
Loughran, Patrick L: Finulagh
Loughran, Pk L: Killyharry (Glebe) N: Laur and Pk
Loughran, Robert L: Mullycrunnet
Loughran, Rose L: Annaghmakeown
Loughran, Terence L: Lisnagowan
Loughran, Thomas L: Terrenew
Loughran, William L: Glasmullagh
Love, Elijah L: Toomog
Lowry, James C. L: Tullyaran
Loy, Bernard L: Garvagh
Lucas, Anne L: Lisgallon
Lucas, Charles L: Lisnamonaghan
Lucas, James L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Lucas, James L: Mullaghbane
Lucas, James L: Reaskmore
Lucas, Joseph L: Mullagacreevy
Lucas, Thomas L: Reaskmore
Lucas, William L: Killyliss
Lucy, Joseph L: Drumhirk
Lunny, James L: Foygh
Lunny, Mary L: Foygh
Lyle, Alexander M. L: Annaghbeg
Lyle, Alexander M. L: Ballysaggart
Lyle, Alexander M. L: Donaghmore
Lyle, Alexander M. L: Mullygruen
Lyle, Alexander M. T: Donaghmore
Lyle, Alexander M. L: Tullydraw
Lyle, Jane L: Tullyleek
Lynn, Patrick L: Aghnagar
Macken, John L: Killymoyle
Macneece, Samuel L: Mullaghroddan
Macneece, William L: Lisboy
Macrory, Arthur L: Dernaseer
Macrory, Arthur L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Macrory, Arthur L: Killylevin
Macrory, Arthur L: Mullycrunnet
Macrory, Bridget L: Dernaseer
Macrory, Cath. L: Feroy N: James
Macrory, Cath. L: Feroy N: Jas
Macrory, Catherine L: Agharan
Macrory, Catherine L: Feroy
Macrory, Catherine L: Feroy N: Arthur
Macrory, Denis L: Agharan
Macrory, Elizabeth L: Lisnagowan
Macrory, John L: Garvagh
Macrory, Margaret L: Lisnagowan
Macrory, Mary L: Dernaseer
Macrory, Michael L: Clonavaddy
Macrory, Michael L: Lisnagowan
Macrory, Michael, Jr. L: Lisnagowan
Macrory, Patrick L: Garvagh
Macrory, Peter L: Lisnagowan
Macrory, Philip L: Dernaseer
Macrory, Rose L: Garvagh
Macrory, Thomas L: Dernaseer
Macrory, Thomas L: Feroy
Macrory, Thos., Jr. L: Dernaseer
Macrory, Thos., Sr. L: Dernaseer
Madden, Charles T: Donaghmore
Madden, Henry L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Madden, John L: Tullyleek
Madden, Peter T: Donaghmore
Magee, Arthur L: Clonavaddy
Magee, Bernard L: Killylevin
Magee, Charles L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Magee, Charles L: Killylevin
Magee, Eleanor L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Magee, James L: Altaglushan
Magee, James L: Edenacrannon
Magee, John L: Ballyward
Magee, Laurence L: Drumnafern
Magee, Mary L: Killylevin
Magee, Mary Anne L: Derryveen
Magilly, Francis L: Killymoyle
Maginn, James L: Killymoyle
Maginn, Patrick L: Aughlish
Maginn, Peter L: Aughlish
Maginn, Peter L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Maginn, Sarah L: Killymoyle
Magrath, Henry L: Killyliss
Magrath, James L: Clonavaddy
Magrath, John L: Clonavaddy
Magrath, Patrick L: Cullenfad
Magrath, Patrick L: Killyliss
Magrath, Thomas L: Killyliss
Maguire, Bernard L: Reclain
Maguire, Bernard, Jr. L: Reclain
Maguire, Eleanor L: Reclain
Mahon, Martha L: Gortnaglush
Maley, Henry L: Tullyallen
Mallen, Mary L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Mallin, Edward L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Mallin, Henry L: Reaskmore
Mallin, James L: Reaskmore
Mallin, Owen L: Reaskmore
Mallin, Patrick L: Lisgallon
Mallin, Terence L: Lisgallon
Mallin, William L: Garvagh
Malone, Margaret L: Annaginny
Malone, Margaret L: Lisnagowan
Marlow, Henry L: Tullyallen
Martin, David L: Drumnafern
Martin, Eleanor L: Drumhirk
Martin, Elizabeth L: Tullyallen
Martin, George L: Drumreany
Martin, James L: Reaskcor
Martin, Mary L: Tullyallen
Martin, Michael L: Tullyallen
Martin, Thomas L: Ballybray
Maunsell, David L: Tullydraw
Mawhanny, George L: Drumhirk
Mawhanny, Thomas L: Drumhirk
Mawhinny, John L: Gorey
Mawhinny, John L: Reloagh
Mawhinny, Thomas L: Drumreany
Mayne, George T: Donaghmore
Mcallister, James L: Garvagh
Mcateer, William T: Donaghmore
Mccabe, Henry L: Creevagh Lower.
Mccahy, Bernard L: Clonavaddy
Mccahy, Bernard L: Killymoyle
Mccahy, Hugh L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Mccahy, James L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Mccahy, James L: Killymoyle
Mccahy, Michael L: Clonavaddy
Mccahy, Owen L: Clonavaddy
Mccahy, Owen L: Clonavaddy N: A Minor
Mccahy, Owen L: Clonavaddy N: James
Mccahy, Owen L: Clonavaddy N: Jas
Mccahy, Owen, Sr. L: Clonavaddy
Mccahy, Peter L: Killyliss
Mccahy, Terence L: Aghnagar
Mccahy, Thomas, Jr. L: Clonavaddy
Mccahy, Thomas, Sr. L: Clonavaddy
Mccahy, Thos L: Clonavaddy N: Of the Long Farm
Mccahy, Thos, Jr. L: Clonavaddy
Mccahy, Thos, Sr. L: Clonavaddy
Mccairn, James L: Garvagh
Mccairn, William L: Ballybray
Mccallen, James L: Mullaghbane
Mccallen, Mark L: Killymoyle
Mccamley, Thomas L: Glasmullagh
Mccampbell, Cath L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Mccanley, Joseph L: Lisnamonaghan
Mccann, Alicia L: Derryhoar
Mccann, Anthony L: Agharan
Mccann, Arthur L: Mullaghbane
Mccann, Arthur T: Donaghmore
Mccann, Bartholomew L: Reaskmore
Mccann, Bernard L: Reaskmore
Mccann, Charles L: Mullaghbane
Mccann, George L: Glenadush
Mccann, Hugh L: Garvagh
Mccann, Hugh L: Glenadush
Mccann, Hugh L: Mullaghbane
Mccann, Isabella L: Glasmullagh
Mccann, John L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Mccann, Mary L: Lisnamonaghan
Mccann, Mary L: Reaskmore
Mccann, Michael L: Reaskmore
Mccann, Neal L: Reaskmore
Mccann, Owen L: Cullenramer
Mccann, Peter L: Reaskmore
Mccann, Rose T: Donaghmore
Mccann, Thomas L: Dernaseer
Mccarton, John L: Stakernagh
Mccaud, John L: Aghintober
Mccaul, Elizabeth L: Glasmullagh
Mccaul, Francis L: Annaghmakeown
Mccaul, Francis L: Killymoyle
Mccaul, Francis L: Tullyallen
Mccaul, James L: Lisnahull
Mccaul, John L: Derryveen
Mccaul, William L: Lisnamonaghan
Mccausland, James L: Annaghbeg
Mccausland, John L: Annaghbeg
Mccausland, John L: Donaghmore
Mccausland, John T: Donaghmore
Mccausland, Oliver L: Lisnamonaghan
Mcclean, Alexander L: Toomog
Mcclean, James L: Reloagh
Mcclean, James L: Toomog
Mcclean, John L: Garvagh
Mcclean, John L: Reloagh
Mcclean, John T: Donaghmore
Mcclean, Thomas L: Garvagh
Mcclean, Thomas L: Reloagh
Mccleland, John L: Mullaghanagh
Mccleland, Joseph L: Ballysaggart
Mccleland, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Mcclernan, Alex. L: Garvagh
Mcclernan, Alexander L: Garvagh
Mcclernan, Hugh L: Garvagh
Mcclernan, John L: Garvagh
Mcclernan, Patrick L: Garvagh
Mccluskey, Mary T: Donaghmore
Mccluskey, Patrick L: Annaghbeg
Mccoll, John L: Lisnamonaghan
Mccoll, William L: Lisnamonaghan
Mccollum, Adam L: Garvagh
Mccollum, John L: Stakernagh
Mccoohy, Patrick L: Ballysaggart
Mccoole, Anne L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Mccoole, Denis L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Mccormack, Luke L: Killyliss
Mccormack, Patrick L: Killyliss
Mccormack, Peter L: Drumhirk
Mccormack, Peter L: Killyliss
Mccoy, Esther L: Feroy
Mccrandle, Thomas L: Creevagh Lower.
Mccready, James L: Mullaghroddan
Mccreight, James L: Drumreany
Mccreight, James L: Lisnamonaghan
Mccrystal, Rev. Hugh L: Tullyallen
Mccue, Charles L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Mccullagh, Andrew L: Ballybray
Mccullagh, Patrick L: Lisnagowan
Mccullagh, Robert L: Lisnagowan
Mccusker, Michael L: Cullenramer
Mccutcheon, John L: Lisgallon
Mcdermott, Patrick L: Aghnagar
Mcdonnell, Bernard L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Mcdonnell, Bridget L: Drumnafern
Mcdonnell, Charles L: Drumnafern
Mcdonnell, Daniel L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Mcdonnell, Emily T: Donaghmore
Mcdonnell, Eneas L: Edenacrannon
Mcdonnell, James L: Killylevin
Mcdonnell, John L: Ballyward
Mcdonnell, John L: Clonavaddy
Mcdonnell, Roger L: Drumnafern
Mceldoon, Henry L: Mullaghbane
Mceldoon, John L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Mceldoon, Michael L: Mullaghbane
Mceldoon, Owen L: Ballyward
Mceldoon, Peter L: Mullaghbane
Mceldoon, Thomas L: Mullaghbane
Mcelhatton, Peter L: Altaglushan
Mcelhatton, Thomas L: Altaglushan
Mcelhone, Bernard L: Garvagh
Mcelhone, Denis L: Garvagh
Mcelhone, Felix L: Lisnahull
Mcelroy, James L: Mullaghmore
Mcelvoge, John L: Altaglushan
Mcgartland, Barthw L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Mcgartland, Hugh L: Edenacrannon
Mcgartland, James L: Drumnafern
Mcgartland, John L: Ballyward
Mcgartland, John L: Drumnafern
Mcgartland, John L: Edenacrannon
Mcgartland, John L: Finulagh
Mcgartland, John L: Killyliss
Mcgartland, John, Jr. L: Finulagh
Mcgartland, Laurence L: Drumnafern
Mcgartland, Peter L: Altaglushan
Mcgarvey, Michael L: Altaglushan
Mcgarvey, Patrick L: Eskragh
Mcgaugh, Terence L: Derryalskea
Mcgeary, Catherine L: Mullaghbane
Mcgeary, James L: Reloagh
Mcgeer, Michael L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Mcgeer, Sarah L: Aghareany
Mcgelshena, James L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Mcgeoghegan, Mary L: Tullyaran
Mcgeraghty, Mary L: Mullaghfurtherland
Mcgilligan, John L: Derryhoar
Mcgirr, Bernard L: Toomog
Mcgirr, Terence L: Toomog
Mcglade, Hugh L: Tullydraw
Mcgladrigan, Francis T: Donaghmore
Mcgladrigan, John L: Agharan
Mcgladrigan, John L: Mullaghfurtherland
Mcgladrigan, John T: Donaghmore
Mcgladrigan, Joseph L: Annaginny
Mcgladrigan, Joseph L: Creevagh Lower.
Mcgladrigan, Owen T: Donaghmore
Mcgladrigan, Sivey L: Lisnagowan
Mcglinchy, James L: Lisnamonaghan
Mcglinchy, John L: Aghareany
Mcglinchy, John L: Garvagh
Mcglinchy, John L: Lisnamonaghan
Mcglinchy, Patrick L: Ballysaggart
Mcglinchy, Patrick T: Donaghmore
Mcglone, Daniel L: Aghareany
Mcglone, Eleanor L: Aghareany
Mcglone, John L: Aghareany
Mcglone, Patrick L: Aghareany
Mcglone, Robert T: Donaghmore
Mcglone, Thomas T: Donaghmore
Mcgoen, Catherine L: Derryalskea
Mcgoggy, Francis L: Drumhirk
Mcgoggy, Francis L: Killyliss
Mcgoggy, James L: Killyliss
Mcgoggy, John L: Drumhirk
Mcgonnell, John L: Cullenramer
Mcgough, Felix L: Killygavanagh
Mcgoughy, Charles L: Cullenramer
Mcgoughy, Denis L: Cullenramer
Mcgoughy, James L: Cullenramer
Mcgoughy, Thomas L: Cullenramer
Mcgourk, Patrick L: Ballybray
Mcgowan, Matthew L: Kilnaslee
Mcgrey, James L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Mcgrey, Michael L: Tullyallen
Mcgronin, Thomas L: Altaglushan
Mcguiggan, Francis L: Cullenfad
Mcguiggan, Francis L: Tullyallen
Mcguiggan, Hannah L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Mcguiggan, James L: Ballybray
Mcguiggan, James L: Killylevin
Mcguiggan, Margaret L: Killylevin
Mcguiggan, Mary L: Tullyallen
Mcguiggan, Peter L: Stakernagh
Mcguiggan, Peter L: Tullyallen
Mcguiggan, Sarah L: Reaskmore
Mcguirk, James L: Garvagh
Mcguirk, Patrick L: Garvagh
Mcguirk, Patrick L: Mullaghroddan
Mcguirk, Peter L: Lisnagowan
Mchugh, Charles L: Altaglushan
Mchugh, Charles L: Clonavaddy
Mchugh, Francis L: Altaglushan
Mchugh, Hugh L: Clonavaddy
Mchugh, Hugh, Jr. L: Clonavaddy
Mchugh, James L: Edenacrannon
Mchugh, James L: Tullyallen
Mchugh, Jas L: Tullyallen N: John and Jas
Mchugh, John L: Clonavaddy
Mchugh, John L: Tullyallen N: John and Jas
Mchugh, Margaret L: Aghnagar
Mchugh, Michael L: Altaglushan
Mchugh, Patrick L: Edenacrannon
Mchugh, Peter L: Clonavaddy
Mchugh, Terence L: Aghnagar
Mchugh, Terence L: Altaglushan
Mcilhatten, Michael L: Aghnagar
Mcilhatton, John T: Donaghmore
Mcilhenny, Mary L: Cullenramer
Mcilkenny, John L: Lisnahull
Mcilkenny, Patrick L: Lisgallon
Mcilkenny, Peter L: Lisgallon
Mcilvany, Henry L: Annaginny
Mcintyre, Andrew L: Glenadush
Mcintyre, Edward L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Mcintyre, John L: Glenadush
Mcintyre, John L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Mcintyre, Terence T: Donaghmore
Mcintyre, Thomas L: Lisnahull
Mckane, Alex L: Clonavaddy N: Alex and Patk
Mckane, Alexander L: Aghnagar
Mckane, Bridget L: Clonavaddy
Mckane, Francis L: Clonavaddy
Mckane, James L: Clonavaddy
Mckane, Mary L: Clonavaddy
Mckane, Neal L: Aghnagar
Mckane, Neal L: Clonavaddy
Mckane, Neal, Sr. L: Clonavaddy
Mckane, Patk L: Clonavaddy N: Alex and Patk
Mckeever, Hugh T: Donaghmore
Mckeever, John T: Donaghmore
Mckeever, Robert L: Derryalskea
Mckeever, William L: Tullyaran
Mckelvey, James L: Foygh
Mckelvey, James L: Tullynure
Mckelvy, Patrick L: Tullyallen
Mckenna, Charles L: Derryveen
Mckenna, Charles L: Tullynure
Mckenna, Francis L: Killylevin
Mckenna, Francis, Jr. L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Mckenna, Francis, Sr. L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Mckenna, James L: Clonavaddy
Mckenna, James L: Tullyaran
Mckenna, John L: Edenacrannon
Mckenna, John L: Tullydraw
Mckenna, Mary L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Mckenna, Michael L: Agharan
Mckenna, Owen L: Drumreany
Mckenna, Patk, Jr. L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Mckenna, Patrick L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Mckenna, Patrick L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Mckenna, Patrick L: Killymoyle
Mckenna, Peter L: Agharan
Mckenna, Peter L: Gorey
Mckenna, William T: Donaghmore
Mckenna, William L: Tullyallen
Mckeon, Alexander L: Annaginny
Mckeon, Anthony L: Annaginny
Mckeon, Archibald L: Lisnagowan
Mckernan, Arthur L: Moghan
Mckernan, John L: Derryveen
Mckernan, John L: Moghan
Mckernan, Neal L: Altaglushan
Mckernan, Philip L: Aghareany
Mckernan, Rose L: Moghan
Mckinley, Anne L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Mckinsey, Anne L: Foygh
Mckinsey, Anne L: Tullynure
Mckittrick, James L: Eskragh
Mcknight, Joseph L: Mullygruen
Mclard, John L: Ballybray
Mclogue, Bernard L: Foygh
Mclogue, Edward L: Foygh
Mcloughlin, Andrew L: Dernaseer
Mcloughlin, John L: Clonavaddy
Mcloughlin, John L: Tullyallen
Mcloughlin, William L: Clonavaddy
Mcloughlin, William L: Dernaseer
Mcloughlin, William L: Tullydraw
Mcmahon, Edward L: Annaghbeg
Mcmanus, Patrick L: Reaskmore
Mcmenamin, James L: Glenadush
Mcmenamin, William L: Drumreany
Mcminn, Archibald L: Killylevin
Mcminn, Brown L: Toomog
Mcminn, James L: Kilnaslee
Mcminn, John L: Foygh
Mcminn, John L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Mcminn, John L: Kilnaslee
Mcminn, John, Sr. L: Kilnaslee
Mcminn, Robert L: Kilnaslee
Mcminn, Samuel L: Kilnaslee
Mcminn, Samuel, Sr. L: Kilnaslee
Mcmullen, Archibald L: Annaghbeg
Mcmullen, James L: Ballysaggart
Mcmullen, James L: Derryhoar
Mcmullen, John L: Ballysaggart
Mcmullen, John L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Mcnaghten, James L: Mullycrunnet
Mcnally, Hugh L: Glenadush
Mcnamee, Hugh L: Aughlish
Mcnamee, Isabella L: Annaghmakeown
Mcnamee, Isabella L: Aughlish
Mcnamee, John L: Drumreany
Mcnamee, Judith L: Mullaghmore
Mcnamee, Patrick L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Mcnaney, John L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Mcnaney, Mary L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Mcpeak, John L: Tullynure
Mcquaid, Denis L: Reaskmore
Mcquaid, Michael L: Killyliss
Mcquaid, Patrick L: Reaskmore
Mcquaid, Terence L: Agharan
Mcshane, Charles L: Ballysaggart
Mcshane, Charles L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Mcshane, Edward L: Glenadush
Mcshane, Elizabeth L: Glenadush
Mcshane, Peter L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Mcsorley, Michael L: Mullaghmore
Mcstrammon, Henry L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Mctamney, Bernard L: Killyliss
Mctamney, Michael L: Glasmullagh
Mctasney, James L: Annaghbeg
Mcveagh, Edward L: Cullenfad
Mcveagh, Michael L: Tullyallen
Mcveagh, Samuel L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Mcvey, Francis L: Aghintober
Mcvey, John L: Dernaseer
Mcvey, John L: Reclain
Mcvey, Michael L: Lisgallon
Mcvey, Patrick L: Reclain
Mcwhaney, James L: Annaghbeg
Miller, David L: Ballybray
Miller, George L: Ballybray
Miller, Joseph L: Killygavanagh
Miller, Richard L: Annaghmakeown
Miller, Robert L: Lisnahull
Miller, Wright L: Glenadush
Milligan, Robert T: Donaghmore
Milligan, Thomas T: Donaghmore
Mills, Hugh L: Mullaghmore
Mills, James T: Donaghmore
Minigan, John L: Annaginny
Molyneux, Charles L: Mullaghanagh
Monaghan, John L: Reaskmore
Monsell, David T: Donaghmore
Montgomery, Robert L: Garvagh
Moon, George L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Mooney, Michael L: Reclain
Mooney, Terence L: Reclain
Moore, James L: Drumreany
Moore, James L: Mullaghfurtherland
Moore, James L: Tullyallen
Moore, James, Jr. L: Mullaghfurtherland
Moore, James, Sr. L: Mullaghfurtherland
Moore, Sarah L: Derryveen
Moore, Stewart L: Mullaghfurtherland
Moore, William L: Derryalskea
Moore, William L: Mullaghfurtherland
Morgan, Archibald L: Altaglushan
Morgan, Eleanor L: Reclain
Morgan, James L: Altaglushan
Morgan, James L: Reclain
Morgan, John L: Altaglushan
Morgan, John L: Dernaseer
Morgan, John L: Reclain
Morough, Margaret L: Mullaghmore
Morris, John L: Altaglushan
Morris, Michael L: Altaglushan
Morris, Patrick L: Altaglushan
Morris, William L: Altaglushan
Morrison, Charles L: Derryveen
Morrison, Patrick L: Lisnahull
Morrough, John L: Creevagh Lower.
Morrough, John L: Feroy
Morrough, John L: Lisnagowan
Morrough, Robert L: Mullaghmore
Morrough, Samuel L: Lisnagowan
Moutray, Alexander L: Edenacrannon
Moutray, Alexander L: Killymoyle
Moutray, Alexander L: Terrenew
Muldoon, Francis L: Reaskmore
Muldoon, Hugh L: Glenadush
Muldoon, James L: Ballysaggart
Muldoon, James L: Mullaghadrolly
Muldoon, John L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Muldoon, John L: Mullaghadrolly
Muldoon, Patrick L: Mullaghadrolly
Muldoon, Peter L: Glenadush
Mulgrew, Bernard L: Tullyleek
Mulgrew, James L: Killylevin
Mulgrew, James L: Tullyleek
Mulgrew, John L: Tullyleek
Mulgrew, John, Jr. L: Tullyleek
Mulgrew, Michael L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Mulgrew, Michael L: Tullyleek
Mulgrew, Terence L: Killylevin
Mulholland, Hugh L: Creevagh Lower.
Mulholland, John L: Annaghbeg
Mulholland, Mary L: Aghareany
Mullan, Alexander L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Mullen, Anne L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Mullen, Anne L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Mullen, Edward L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Mullen, Edward L: Mullaghbane
Mullen, James L: Aghareany
Mullen, James L: Mullagacreevy
Mullen, Judith L: Annaghbeg
Mullen, Patrick T: Donaghmore
Mullen, Robert L: Lisnahull
Mullen, Robert T: Donaghmore
Mullen, Terence L: Derryveen
Mullen, William L: Annaghbeg
Mullen, William L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Mulligan, George L: Garvagh
Mulligan, Thomas L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Mullin, Owen L: Drumnafern
Murphy, Arthur L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Murphy, Bernard L: Dernaseer
Murphy, Bernard L: Finulagh
Murphy, Bernard L: Killymaddy
Murphy, Charles L: Killymoyle
Murphy, Charles L: Stakernagh
Murphy, Denis L: Annaghmakeown
Murphy, James L: Edenacrannon
Murphy, James L: Killylevin
Murphy, James L: Terrenew
Murphy, John L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Murphy, John L: Drumreany
Murphy, John L: Killymoyle
Murphy, Peter L: Finulagh
Murphy, Thomas L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Murphy, Thomas L: Killymaddy
Murphy, Thomas L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Murray, John L: Reaskmore
Murray, Robert L: Cullenfad
Murray, William L: Ballyward
Murray, William L: Derryhoar
Murray, William L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Murray, William L: Lisgallon
Murray, William L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Naughter, Hugh L: Reaskmore
Navins, John L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Neal, Fras. L: Lisnagowan N: Cookstown
Neal, James T: Donaghmore
Neal, Rose L: Lisnagowan
Neill, Bernard L: Altaglushan
Neill, Francis L: Ballybray
Neill, Hugh L: Altaglushan
Neill, Hugh L: Donaghmore
Neill, Hugh L: Garvagh
Neill, John L: Annaghmakeown
Neill, John L: Garvagh
Neill, John L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Neill, Peter L: Annaghmakeown
Neill, Rose L: Annaghmakeown
Neill, Sarah L: Ballybray
Nelis, Joseph L: Altaglushan
Niell, Patrick L: Drumreany
Nimmins, James L: Killymoyle
Nugent, Hugh L: Altaglushan
Nugent, James L: Altaglushan
Nugent, James, Jr. L: Altaglushan
Nugent, Margaret L: Altaglushan
Nugent, Mary L: Altaglushan
Nugent, Michael L: Altaglushan
Nugent, Michael L: Tullyleek
Nugent, Owen L: Altaglushan
Nugent, Owen, Jr. L: Altaglushan
Nugent, Owen, Sr. L: Altaglushan
Nugent, Patrick L: Aghnagar
Nugent, Patrick L: Altaglushan
Nugent, Patrick L: Annaghmakeown
Nugent, Patrick L: Reclain
Nugent, Peter L: Drumreany
Nugent, Sarah L: Tullyleek
Obrien, Arthur L: Aghnagar
Obrien, James L: Aghnagar
Obrien, John L: Aghnagar
Obrien, Morgan L: Aghnagar
Obrien, Patrick L: Aghnagar
O'Brien, Patrick L: Altaglushan
Obrien, William L: Aghnagar
Oconnor, Patrick T: Donaghmore
Odonnell, Edward L: Lisnagowan
Odonnell, Michael L: Creevagh Lower.
Ogle, William L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Ohara, Saml. L: Annaginny
Oneill, Arthur L: Glasmullagh
Oneill, Bernard L: Clonavaddy
Oneill, Cornelius L: Clonavaddy
Oneill, Cornelius L: Lisnahull
Oneill, Edwd L: Killyharry (Glebe) N: Peter and Edwd
Oneill, Fardy L: Mullaghmore
Oneill, Henry L: Mullaghbane
Oneill, James L: Altaglushan
Oneill, John L: Drumbearn
Oneill, John L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Oneill, John T: Donaghmore
Oneill, Joseph L: Aghareany
Oneill, Michael L: Mullaghbane
Oneill, Neal, Jr. L: Clonavaddy
Oneill, Neal, Sr. L: Clonavaddy
Oneill, Peter L: Dernaseer
Oneill, Peter L: Killyharry (Glebe) N: Peter and Edwd
Oneill, Peter T: Donaghmore
Oneill, Terence L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Oneill, Thomas L: Mullaghbane
Orr, Alexander L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Orr, James L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Orr, James L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Orr, Joseph L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Orr, Robert L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Parke, John L: Garvagh
Parson, James L: Creevagh Lower.
Pasley, John L: Toomog
Pasley, Samuel L: Foygh
Pasley, Samuel L: Kilnaslee
Patterson, James L: Lisnamonaghan
Patterson, Samuel L: Derryalskea
Patterson, Samuel L: Toomog
Perse, John L: Mullaghmore
Powell, Felix L: Cullenramer
Powell, Felix L: Lisgallon
Powell, Patrick L: Lisgallon
Pritchard, David L: Glenadush
Prunty, John L: Mullaghroddan
Quinn, Andrew L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Quinn, Anne L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Quinn, Arthur L: Annaghmakeown
Quinn, Arthur L: Killygavanagh
Quinn, Arthur L: Reloagh
Quinn, Bartholomew L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Quinn, Bridget L: Edenacrannon
Quinn, Edward L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Quinn, Felix L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Quinn, Francis L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Quinn, Francis L: Moghan
Quinn, Hugh L: Drumbearn
Quinn, James L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Quinn, James L: Tullyaran
Quinn, John L: Aghareany
Quinn, John L: Altaglushan
Quinn, John L: Derryveen
Quinn, John L: Edenacrannon
Quinn, John L: Killymoyle
Quinn, John L: Lisnahull
Quinn, John L: Lisnamonaghan
Quinn, John L: Mullagacreevy
Quinn, John L: Mullaghmore
Quinn, John, Sr. L: Edenacrannon
Quinn, Mary L: Stakernagh
Quinn, Michael L: Donaghmore
Quinn, Michael L: Edenacrannon
Quinn, Michael L: Stakernagh
Quinn, Patrick L: Altaglushan
Quinn, Patrick L: Annaghmakeown
Quinn, Patrick L: Ballybray
Quinn, Patrick L: Edenacrannon
Quinn, Patrick L: Lisgallon
Quinn, Patrick L: Stakernagh
Quinn, Patrick L: Terrenew
Quinn, Patrick T: Donaghmore
Quinn, Sarah L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Quinn, Terence L: Altaglushan
Quinn, Thomas L: Tullyaran
Rafferty, Francis L: Derryalskea
Rafferty, Francis L: Toomog
Rafferty, Hugh L: Toomog
Rafferty, John L: Aghnagar
Rafferty, John L: Foygh
Rafferty, John L: Toomog
Rafferty, Mary L: Glenadush
Rafferty, Michael L: Altaglushan
Rafferty, Michael L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Rafferty, Owen L: Altaglushan
Rafferty, Owen L: Mullaghadrolly
Rafferty, Patrick L: Glenadush
Rafferty, Patrick L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Rafferty, Thomas L: Glenadush
Ramsay, John L: Gorey
Ranfurly, L: Ballysaggart N: Earl of Ranfurly
Ranfurly, L: Cottagequinn N: Earl of Ranfurly
Ranfurly, L: Derryveen N: Earl of Ranfurly
Ranfurly, L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel N: Earl of Ranfurly
Ranfurly, L: Killymaddy (Knox) N: Earl of Ranfurly
Ranfurly, L: Killyquinn N: Earl of Ranfurly
Ranfurly, L: Mullaghadrolly N: Earl of Ranfurly
Ranfurly, L: Mullaghanagh N: Earl of Ranfurly
Raunchey, Mary L: Drumreany
Read, Alexander L: Annaginny
Read, Benjamin L: Feroy
Read, Benjamin L: Lisnagowan
Read, David L: Killyliss
Read, Dixon L: Mullaghbane
Read, Hamilton L: Derryhoar
Read, John L: Derryhoar
Read, Robert L: Feroy
Read, Robert L: Lisnagowan
Read, William L: Derryhoar
Reany, Samuel L: Mullagacreevy
Reany, Savil L: Aghareany
Regan, Peter L: Lisgallon
Reilly, Charles L: Mullaghanagh
Richardson, Hill L: Aghareany
Richardson, John L: Eskragh
Richardson, John L: Killymaddy
Richardson, Mary L: Aghareany
Richie, Thomas L: Creevagh Lower.
Robinson, Adam L: Garvagh
Robinson, Bartholomew L: Derryveen
Robinson, David L: Drumreany
Robinson, James L: Eskragh
Robinson, James L: Garvagh
Robinson, James L: Reaskcor
Robinson, John L: Killylevin
Robinson, Robert L: Garvagh
Robinson, Robert L: Mullygruen
Robinson, Robert L: Reloagh
Robinson, Thomas L: Eskragh
Robinson, William L: Kilnaslee
Rock, John L: Cullenramer
Rogers, Mary L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Rogers, Michael L: Mullaghbane
Rogers, Thomas L: Annaghmakeown
Rogers, Thomas L: Lisnahull
Rooney, Thomas L: Drumreany
Rooney, Thomas L: Mullagacreevy
Ross, Robert L: Creevagh Lower.
Rudd, Rev. Thomas L: Tullydraw
Rush, Daniel L: Agharan
Rush, James L: Agharan
Rush, Peter L: Agharan
Ryan, Thomas L: Glasmullagh
Sally, Edward L: Mullaghroddan
Sally, James L: Glenadush
Salmon, Joseph L: Mullaghbane
Salmon, William L: Lisnagowan
Salmon, William L: Mullaghbane
Sandford, Thomas L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Sands, Arthur L: Feroy
Sands, Mary L: Kilnaslee
Sands, Patrick L: Feroy
Scanlan, Margaret L: Mullagacreevy
Scott, James L: Glenadush
Scott, Robert L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Scroggie, John T: Donaghmore
Scroggy, John L: Tullydraw
Searight, John L: Gortnaglush
Shanaghan, Bernard L: Lisnagowan
Sharkey, Felix L: Clonavaddy
Sharkey, Hugh L: Clonavaddy
Sharkey, James L: Aghnagar
Sharkey, John, Jr. L: Clonavaddy
Sharkey, John, Sr. L: Clonavaddy
Sharkey, Patrick L: Clonavaddy
Sharkey, William L: Lisnahull
Shaw, Jane L: Mullaghfurtherland
Sheerin, William L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Sheerin, William L: Mullaghadrolly
Sheilds, Patrick L: Altaglushan
Shelerton, Henry L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Shelington, Eliza L: Eskragh
Shelington, Frances L: Glasmullagh
Shelington, Henry L: Glasmullagh
Shelington, James L: Drumhirk
Shelington, James L: Glasmullagh
Shelington, James, Jr. L: Glasmullagh
Shelington, James, Sr. L: Glasmullagh
Shelington, Jas., Jr. L: Glasmullagh
Shelington, Thomas L: Glasmullagh
Shelington, William L: Eskragh
Sherin, William L: Drumreany
Sherry, Patrick L: Drumnafern
Shiel, Alexander L: Annaghbeg
Simmons, Richard L: Ballysaggart
Simmons, Richard L: Donaghmore
Simmons, Richard L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Simmons, Richard T: Donaghmore
Simonton, Henry L: Ballysaggart
Simonton, Thomas L: Derryveen
Simonton, Thomas L: Eskragh
Simonton, William L: Eskragh
Simonton, William L: Mullaghmore
Simpson, John L: Mullaghbane
Skeffington, Charles T: Donaghmore
Skeffington, Francis L: Ballyward
Skeffington, Francis L: Mullaghbane
Skeffington, George L: Eskragh
Skeffington, Hugh L: Tullyallen
Skeffington, John L: Foygh
Skeffington, Michael L: Lisgallon
Skeffington, Patrick L: Lisgallon
Skeffington, Thomas L: Mullaghbane
Skeffington, William L: Ballybray
Skeffington, William L: Cullenramer
Skeffinton, Patrick L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Skeffinton, Peter L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Slevin, George L: Ballysaggart
Slevin, George L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Slevin, George L: Mullaghanagh
Sloane, Andrew L: Tullynure
Sloane, George L: Glasmullagh
Sloane, James L: Tullynure
Sloane, Robert L: Glasmullagh
Sloane, Samuel L: Derryveen
Small, Bernard L: Reaskmore
Small, Francis L: Reaskmore
Small, Hugh L: Reaskmore
Small, John L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Small, John L: Reaskmore
Small, William L: Reaskmore
Smart, John L: Lisnagowan
Smith, Anne L: Cottagequinn
Smith, Samuel L: Cullenramer
Smith, William L: Mullaghmore
Smyth, Anne L: Mullaghadrolly
Smyth, John L: Ballysaggart
Smyth, John L: Cottagequinn
Smyth, John L: Mullaghadrolly
Smyth, Robert L: Mullaghmore
Smyth, William L: Lisnahull
Soley, Margaret L: Moghan
Somerville, Joseph L: Aghareany
Somerville, Rebecca L: Kilnaslee
Somerville, Samuel L: Gorey
Somerville, Samuel L: Kilnaslee
Somerville, Samuel T: Donaghmore
Spence, William T: Donaghmore
Stafford, Patrick L: Annaghmakeown
Stafford, William T: Donaghmore
Stein, Henry L: Tullyaran
Stein, Margaret L: Tullyaran
Stenson, Archibald L: Derryalskea
Stenson, James L: Derryveen
Stenson, John L: Killyliss
Stenson, Mary Anne L: Derryalskea
Stenson, Robert L: Kilnaslee
Stenson, Samuel L: Aghareany
Stenson, Samuel L: Derryalskea
Stenson, Samuel L: Kilnaslee
Stenson, Thomas L: Foygh
Stenson, Thomas L: Kilnaslee
Stenson, William L: Kilnaslee
Stenson, William L: Mullaghmore
Stenton, Mary L: Dernaseer
Stephenson, Alexander T: Donaghmore
Stevenson, William T: Donaghmore
Stewart, L: Annaghbeg N: Minors
Stewart, Alexander L: Creevagh Lower.
Stewart, Alexander L: Gortnaglush
Stewart, Andrew L: Mullaghfurtherland
Stewart, Bridget L: Gortnaglush
Stewart, Esther L: Creevagh Lower.
Stewart, George L: Mullaghbane
Stewart, George L: Tullyaran
Stewart, James L: Terrenew
Stewart, James L: Tullyleek
Stewart, John L: Drumreany
Stewart, John L: Mullaghfurtherland
Stewart, John L: Terrenew
Stewart, John L: Tullyleek
Stewart, Mary Anne L: Garvagh
Stewart, Robert L: Tullyleek
Stewart, Thomas L: Gortnaglush
Stewart, William L: Tullyaran
Stewart, William L: Tullyleek
Stuart, John L: Stakernagh
Studdert, Matthew L: Glasmullagh
Taggart, Owen L: Killymoyle
Tanner, James L: Reaskcor
Tanner, Richard L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Tanner, William L: Drumreany
Tanny, Andrew L: Annaghbeg
Tanny, William L: Annaghbeg
Tarry, William L: Killyliss
Taylor, Hugh L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Taylor, James L: Feroy
Taylor, James L: Lisgallon
Taylor, John L: Feroy
Tedford, Jane L: Derryveen
Tener, James L: Drumreany
Tener, James L: Reloagh
Tenner, James L: Drumreany
Thomas, Thomas L: Derryveen
Thompson, Catherine L: Lisgallon
Thompson, John L: Derryveen
Thompson, Levingston L: Clonavaddy
Thornberry, Alexander L: Killyliss
Thornberry, Henry L: Annaghbeg
Thornberry, James L: Aghareany
Thornberry, Jane L: Donaghmore
Thornberry, Jane L: Garvagh
Thornberry, Jane T: Donaghmore
Thornberry, John T: Donaghmore
Thornberry, Matthew L: Garvagh
Thornberry, Richard L: Lisnamonaghan
Thornberry, Robert L: Drumreany
Tiernan, John L: Lisgallon
Tierney, Hugh L: Altaglushan
Tierney, James T: Donaghmore
Tierney, John L: Creevagh Lower.
Tierney, John L: Killylevin
Tierney, John L: Lisgallon
Tierney, Mary L: Killylevin
Tierney, Peter L: Ballysaggart
Tierney, Thomas L: Ballysaggart
Tifney, Henry L: Aghareany
Tifney, Mary L: Aghareany
Timmony, Patrick T: Donaghmore
Tole, Thomas L: Altaglushan
Toner, James L: Aughlish
Toner, James L: Killyliss
Toner, James L: Toomog
Toner, Owen L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Toole, Anne L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Toole, Charles L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Toole, Charles L: Reaskmore
Totton, Thomas L: Drumbearn
Traynor, Anne L: Reclain
Traynor, Charles L: Dernaseer
Traynor, Charles L: Reclain
Traynor, John L: Reclain
Traynor, John, Jr. L: Reclain
Traynor, Patrick L: Reclain
Trowlan, William L: Killyliss
Trueman, Edward L: Gorey
Truman, Catherine L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Truman, Isaac L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Tynn, John L: Tullyleek
Usher, John L: Clananeese (Glebe)
Valelly, Hannah L: Moghan
Valelly, James L: Moghan
Valelly, Patrick L: Moghan
Vance, Jane L: Mullaghmore
Venables, Joseph L: Glasmullagh
Verner, Henry L: Tullydraw
Verner, Baronet William L: Garvagh
Verner, Baronet William L: Reloagh
Wails, William T: Donaghmore
Wallace, Francis L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Wallace, Mary L: Cullenramer
Wallace, William L: Mullaghconor Glebe
Ward, Catherine L: Agharan
Ward, Catherine L: Aghareany
Ward, Eleanor L: Agharan
Ward, Eleanor L: Feroy
Waters, Eleanor L: Gortnaglush
Waters, James L: Creevagh Lower.
Waters, John L: Gortnaglush
Watson, Mary L: Mullaghmore
Watt, James L: Mullycrunnet
Watt, James L: Tullyaran
Watt, Jane L: Tullyaran
Watt, Mary L: Tullyaran
Watt, William L: Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Weir, James L: Drumreanygeorge
Weir, Robert L: Derryhoar
Weir, Sarah Anne L: Derryhoar
Weir, Thomas L: Derryhoar
Weir, Thomas L: Lisgallon
Weir, William L: Derryhoar
Welton, Ann L: Edenacrannon N: George Ashe and Ann Welton
Welton, Elizabeth L: Stakernagh
Welton, John L: Drumhirk
Welton, Robert L: Terrenew
Welton, William L: Kilnaslee
White, Robert L: Aghareany
White, Robert L: Mullagacreevy
White, Thomas L: Drumhirk
White, Thomas L: Lisnamonaghan
White, William L: Killymoyle
Wilcox, Rebecca L: Ballysaggart
Wiley, Isaac L: Annaginny
Wiley, William L: Ballysaggart
Williamson, Arthur L: Lisboy
Williamson, David L: Reaskcor
Williamson, Humphrey L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Williamson, James L: Drumreany
Williamson, James L: Reaskcor
Williamson, Jervis L: Eskragh
Williamson, John L: Aghintober
Wilson, Agnes L: Derryveen
Wilson, Francis L: Aghintober
Wilson, Hugh L: Dristernan and Dredolt
Wilson, James L: Cullenfad
Wilson, John L: Aghintober
Wilson, John L: Drumreany
Wilson, John L: Killyquinn
Wilson, John L: Mullaghanagh
Wilson, Robert L: Ballyward
Wilson, Sarah L: Cullenfad
Wilson, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Wilson, William L: Cullenfad
Wilson, William L: Killylevin
Wilton, Mary L: Reaskcor
Wisehart, James L: Killyharry (Glebe)
Wisehart, James L: Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Wood, Thomas T: Donaghmore
Woods, Anne L: Drumbearn
Woods, Bridget T: Donaghmore
Woods, Edward L: Aghareany
Woods, Edward L: Lisnamonaghan
Woods, Esther L: Altaglushan
Woods, Francis L: Annaghmakeown
Woods, Patrick L: Derryhoar
Woods, Sarah Anne L: Tullyleek
Woods, William L: Glasmullagh
Woods, William L: Lisnamonaghan
Wright, James T: Donaghmore
Wright, John L: Killymaddy (Knox)
Wright, Samuel L: Drumreany
Wright, Samuel L: Reaskcor
Wright, Stewart L: Toomog
Wright, Thomas L: Clonavaddy
Wright, Thomas L: Drumreany
Young, Andrew L: Tullyaran
Young, James L: Annaginny
Young, James L: Creevagh Lower.
Young, John L: Derryveen
Young, William L: Tullyaran

Map of Civil Parishes in county Tyrone

Civil Parish Records of County Tyrone

Other county Tyrone Parish Records

1 Aghaloo

2 Aghalurcher

3 Arboe

4 Ardstraw

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyclog

8 Bodoney Lower

9 Bodoney Upper

10 Camus

11 Cappagh

12 Carnteel

13 Clogher

14 Clogherny

15 Clonfeacle

16 Clonoe

17 Cumber Upper

18 Derryloran

19 Desertcreat

20 Donacavey

21 Donaghedy

22 Donaghenry

23 Donaghmore

24 Dromore

25 Drumglass

26 Drumragh

27 Errigal Keerogue

28 Errigal Trough

29 Kildress

30 Killeeshil

31 Killyman

32 Kilskeery

33 Leckpatrick

34 Lissan

35 Longfield East

36 Longfield West

37 Magheracross

38 Pomeroy

39 Tamlaght

40 Termonamongan

41 Termonmaguirk

42 Tullyniskan

43 Urney