Griffith's Valuation: Errigal Keerogue Parish, County Tyrone

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Griffith's Valuation in Errigal Keerogue Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Errigal Keerogue parish and every other parish in county Tyrone as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Tyrone in 1851.


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Griffiths Valuation: Errigal Keerogue Parish 1851

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You should also check the records of Errigal Keerogue parish from the Tithe Applotment books recorded during the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

IAdams, Andrew L: Tirnaskla
Agnew, William L: Foremass Lower
Alexander, Archibald L: Derrymeen
Alexander, William L: Millix
Alexander, Wm. L: Garvaghy N: and Son
Allen, Eliza L: Errigal
Allen, Isaac L: Errigal
Allen, Isaac, Jr. L: Errigal
Allen, Joseph L: Errigal
Allen, Samuel L: Garvaghy
Anderson, Catherine L: Culnaha
Anderson, Charles L: Garvaghy
Anderson, Charles L: Gort
Anderson, Eliza L: Richmond
Anderson, James T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Anderson, John L: Foremass Upper
Anderson, Samuel L: Richmond
Anderson, William L: Foremass Lower
Anderson, William L: Gort
Armstrong, Adam L: Fallaghearn
Armstrong, Margaret L: Ballygawley
Armstrong, Margaret L: Grange
Arthurs, Eliza L: Annaghilla
Ashfield, Adam L: Ballygawley
Ashfield, Adam T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Ashfield, Adam T: Ballygawley - Meeting House Street
Ashfield, Alexander L: Foremass Lower
Ashfield, Martha L: Foremass Lower
Askin, Matthew L: Gort
Bailey, Francis L: Lismore
Bailey, Matthew L: Garvaghy
Bailey, William L: Garvaghy
Baker, Rev. Hugh L. L: Crew
Bane, Patrick T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Barrett, James L: Cullenbrone
Barrett, James, Jr. L: Derrymeen
Barrett, James, Sr. L: Derrymeen
Barrett, Margaret L: Drumcorke
Barrett, Richard L: Lisnabunny
Barrett, Robert L: Cullenbrone
Barrett, Samuel L: Lismore
Barrett, Thomas L: Cullenbrone
Barrett, Whitney L: Lismore
Barrett, William L: Drumcullion
Bart, Sir Wm. Verner L: Millix
Baxter, Hannah L: Halftown
Beatty, John L: Ballygawley
Beatty, Moore L: Grange
Beatty, Moore L: Knockonny
Beatty, Robert L: Ballygawley
Beatty, Robert L: Grange
Beatty, William L: Grange
Bell, Alexander L: Garvaghy
Bell, Bridget L: Ballymackilroy
Bell, James L: Garvaghy
Bell, Margaret L: Lettery
Bell, Neal L: Cavey
Bell, Thomas L: Ballygawley
Bell, William L: Findrum
Bell, William L: Grange
Bingham, Thomas L: Carran
Bingham, Thomas L: Feddan
Bingham, William L: Annaghilla
Bloomer, John L: Grange
Bloomer, Laurence L: Glenchuil
Bloomer, Mary L: Sesskilgreen
Bogan, James L: Altnagore
Bogan, Thomas L: Coolageery
Bohan, Martin T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Boothe, Mary L: Cullenbrone
Boyle, Michael L: Cullenbrone
Brady, John L: Fallaghearn
Branigan, Bridget L: Shantavny Irish
Breakley, John L: Ballygawley
Brownlee, Edward T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Buchanan, James H. L: Annaghilla
Buchanan, Patrick L: Lismore
Buchanan, William L: Annaghilla
Burns, John L: Ballygawley
Burton, Margaret L: Culnaha
Busby, Samuel L: Lettery
Cairns, David L: Drumcullion
Cairns, David L: Lettery
Cairns, John L: Derrymeen
Cairns, John L: Lismore
Cairns, W. Guy T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Cairns, William L: Coolageery
Cairns, William L: Lismore
Cairns, William L: Tullylinton
Cammock, John L: Garvaghy
Cammock, William L: Garvaghy
Campbell, Colin L: Altcloghfin
Campbell, David L: Grange
Campbell, David L: Killymorgan
Campbell, David L: Richmond
Campbell, Fardy T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Campbell, Francis L: Lisnawery
Campbell, James L: Fallaghearn
Campbell, Jane L: Grange
Campbell, John L: Lisgonnell
Campbell, John T: Ballygawley - Meeting House Street
Campbell, Joseph L: Drumcullion
Campbell, Joseph L: Grange
Campbell, Margaret T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Campbell, Matthew L: Carran
Campbell, Michael L: Altcloghfin
Campbell, Michael L: Garvaghy N: and Son
Campbell, Patk. L: Garvaghy N: and Son
Campbell, Patrick L: Altcloghfin
Campbell, Peter L: Brackagh
Campbell, Peter L: Garvaghy
Campbell, Terence L: Brackagh
Campbell, Thomas L: Fallaghearn
Campbell, Thomas L: Garvaghy
Campbell, Thomas L: Grange
Campbell, William L: Lurganboy
Canny, Owen L: Foremass Upper
Carley, Bernard L: Garvaghy
Carr, Carleton L: Millix
Carr, Henry L: Millix
Carr, Thomas L: Millix
Carroll, John L: Cullenbrone
Casey, Daniel L: Tullylinton
Casey, Patrick L: Shantavny Irish
Casey, Peter L: Tullylinton
Cassidy, Anne L: Ballymackilroy
Cassidy, Bridget L: Ballymackilroy
Cassidy, Michael L: Lurganboy
Cassidy, Patrick L: Lurganboy
Cavanagh, Catherine L: Altcloghfin
Cavanagh, James L: Altcloghfin
Cavanagh, Martin L: Altcloghfin
Cavanagh, Patrick L: Altcloghfin
Cavanagh, Patrick L: Bloomhill
Cavanagh, Sarah L: Altcloghfin
Clarke, Charles L: Garvaghy
Clarke, James L: Grange
Clarke, John L: Garvaghy
Clarke, John L: Gort
Clarke, Matthew L: Garvaghy
Clarke, Robert L: Altamooskan
Clarke, Samuel L: Garvaghy
Clarke, Samuel L: Gort
Clements, Joseph L: Culnaha
Cobain, John L: Ballynany
Cochrane, George L: Ballynany
Cochrane, George L: Cullenbrone
Cochrane, William L: Altcloghfin
Cochrane, William L: Garvaghy
Colbert, John L: Lurganboy
Colgan, Patrick L: Altamooskan
Colligan, William L: Fallaghearn
Condy, Elizabeth L: Cavey
Conlan, Hugh L: Ballylagan
Conlan, John L: Altcloghfin
Conlan, Neal L: Ballylagan
Conn, Jervase L: Millix
Conner, James L: Ballygawley
Connolly, Francis L: Garvaghy
Connolly, John L: Annaghilla
Connolly, Rose L: Glenchuil
Connor, Michael L: Ballygawley
Conroy, Denis L: Foremass Lower
Conroy, John L: Altamooskan
Conroy, Laurence L: Foremass Lower
Conroy, Margaret L: Altamooskan
Conroy, Owen L: Altamooskan
Conroy, Patrick L: Foremass Lower
Cooke, James L: Sess
Cooper, Thomas L: Ballylagan
Corrigan, Rose L: Sesskilgreen
Cousins, James L: Brackagh
Cousins, John L: Brackagh
Cousins, William L: Foremass Lower
Cousins, William L: Garvaghy
Coyle, Anne T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Coyle, Anne L: Dunmoyle
Coyle, Bernard L: Dunmoyle
Coyle, Bernard, Jr. L: Dunmoyle
Coyle, Edward L: Lurganboy
Coyle, James L: Ballynasaggart
Coyle, Margaret T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Coyle, Philip L: Ballygawley
Coyle, Philip T: Ballygawley - Beragh-Road
Crawford, Samuel L: Foremass Upper
Croan, Mary L: Glenchuil
Crodden, Lowry T: Ballygawley - Meeting House Street
Crosslie, Rev. Charles L: Foremass Lower
Crudden, Owen T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Crudden, Patrick L: Ballygawley
Crumly, George L: Cullenbrone
Crumly, George L: Lisnawery
Cuddy, David L: Fallaghearn
Cuddy, William L: Fallaghearn
Cullen, Owen L: Grange
Cumberland, Thomas L: Keady
Cunningham, Jane T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Cunningham, Michael L: Cullenbrone
Curry, John L: Drumcorke
Curry, John L: Halftown
Curtis, George L: Ballygawley
Dale, Mary L: Tullylinton
Daly, Edward L: Knockbrack
Daly, Henry L: Roughan
Daly, James L: Keady
Daly, Michael L: Drumnamalta
Daly, Michael L: Knockbrack
Daly, Michael L: Shantavny Irish N: and Son
Daly, Owen L: Garvaghy
Daly, Rose L: Knockbrack
Davis, William T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Deery, Bernard L: Grange
Deery, James L: Richmond
Dempsey, Roger L: Glenchuil
Devin, Patrick L: Foremass Upper
Devine, Andrew L: Knockonny
Devine, Henry L: Altcloghfin
Devine, James L: Altcloghfin
Devine, John L: Altcloghfin
Devine, Patrick L: Altcloghfin
Devlin, Edward L: Ballymackilroy
Devlin, Edward L: Green Hill Demesne
Devlin, Edward L: Sesskilgreen
Devlin, John L: Lurganboy
Devlin, Michael L: Foremass Upper
Devlin, Owen L: Foremass Upper
Dixon, William L: Ballygawley
Dixon, William T: Ballygawley - Beragh-Road
Dobson, Andrew L: Millix
Doheny, John L: Ballygawley
Doherty, George L: Cullenbrone
Doherty, George L: Lisnawery
Donaghy, L: Garvaghy
Donaghy, Henry L: Cavey
Donaghy, Hugh L: Garvaghy
Donaghy, James L: Shantavny Irish
Donaghy, Michael L: Ballygawley
Donaghy, Michael L: Dunmoyle
Donaghy, Patrick L: Garvaghy
Donnell, John L: Altcloghfin
Donnellan, Edward L: Lurganboy
Donnelly, Alice L: Altnagore
Donnelly, Andrew L: Lurganboy
Donnelly, Anne L: Altcloghfin
Donnelly, Arthur L: Altcloghfin
Donnelly, Arthur L: Foremass Upper
Donnelly, Cath. L: Garvaghy
Donnelly, Edward L: Garvaghy
Donnelly, Francis L: Altcloghfin
Donnelly, Francis L: Bloomhill
Donnelly, Hugh L: Shantavny Scotch
Donnelly, Hugh L: Tirnaskla
Donnelly, James T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Donnelly, James L: Cleanally
Donnelly, James L: Garvaghy
Donnelly, James L: Lisgonnell
Donnelly, John L: Altamooskan
Donnelly, John L: Ballynasaggart
Donnelly, John L: Coolageery
Donnelly, John L: Garvaghy
Donnelly, John L: Glenchuil
Donnelly, Mary L: Garvaghy
Donnelly, Mary L: Glenchuil
Donnelly, Michael L: Altnagore
Donnelly, Michael L: Glenchuil
Donnelly, Michael L: Tullyglush
Donnelly, Neal L: Garvaghy
Donnelly, Owen L: Altcloghfin
Donnelly, Patrick L: Altcloghfin
Donnelly, Patrick L: Cleanally
Donnelly, Patrick L: Garvaghy
Donnelly, Thomas L: Cleanally
Donnelly, Thomas L: Garvaghy
Donnelly, William L: Grange
Doyle, Thomas T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Droogan, James L: Culnaha
Droogan, John L: Kilgreen Upper
Droogan, Patrick L: Kilgreen Lower
Droogan, Peter L: Knockonny
Droogan, Thomas L: Ballygawley
Droogan, Thomas T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Droogan, Thomas L: Grange
Drummond, Alexander L: Millix
Duff, Patrick L: Altamooskan
Dunlop, James L: Altamooskan
Dunn, Sarah L: Ballygawley
Dunne, William L: Green Hill Demesne
Eagleson, Thos. L: Rarogan N: and Son
Eagleson, William L: Rarogan
Early, Anne L: Gort
Early, Bernard L: Errigal
Early, Edward L: Culnaha
Early, Edward L: Errigal
Early, Francis L: Errigal
Early, Francis L: Fernamenagh
Early, James L: Errigal
Early, James L: Glenchuil
Early, James L: Gort
Early, Jno., Sr. L: Gort N: and Son
Early, John T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Early, John L: Errigal N: Alice and John Early
Early, John L: Shantavny Scotch
Early, John, Jr. L: Fernamenagh
Early, Margaret L: Errigal
Early, Michael L: Ballynasaggart
Early, Michael L: Errigal
Early, Patrick T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Early, Peter L: Errigal
Early, Peter L: Shantavny Scotch
Early, Robert L: Annaghilla
Early, Thomas L: Gort
Early, William L: Errigal
Early, William L: Errigal N: and Son
Early, William L: Tirnaskla
Elliott, Noble L: Tirnaskla
Emans, John L: Grange
English, Andrew L: Ballynany
English, James L: Lismore
English, John L: Lismore
English, Rebecca L: Lismore
English, Thomas L: Lisnabunny
English, William L: Lisnabunny
Eritt, William L: Millix
Ewing, Robert L: Ballygawley
Ewing, Robert L: Ballymackilroy
Ewing, Robert L: Green Hill Demesne
Ewing, Samuel L: Ballygawley
Fagan, Joseph L: Glenchuil
Fagan, Patrick L: Glenchuil
Fairon, Rev. James L: Sesskilgreen
Falls, Robert L: Ballygawley
Falls, Robert T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Farrell, Bernard L: Shantavny Scotch
Farrell, Margaret L: Ballymackilroy
Farrell, Myles L: Cleanally
Farrell, Peter L: Ballynany
Farrell, Peter L: Shantavny Scotch
Farrell, William L: Glenchuil
Fee, Francis L: Altnagore
Fee, William L: Millix
Ferguson, Rev. William L: Ballygawley
Ferguson, Rev. Wm L: Glenchuil
Ferris, John T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Fitzpatrick, Hugh T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Fitzpatrick, John L: Fernamenagh
Fitzpatrick, Michael L: Shantavny Irish
Fitzpatrick, Patrick T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Flannagan, Eleanor L: Altamooskan
Frazer, Alexander L: Cullenbrone
Gartland, James L: Feddan
Gartland, John L: Feddan
Gartland, Richard L: Crew
Giles, George L: Keady
Giles, Margaret L: Keady
Giles, Robert L: Keady
Giles, William L: Culnaha
Giles, William L: Keady
Gilkison, Robert L: Sess
Gilkison, Robert L: Shantavny Irish
Gilkison, Thomas L: Richmond
Gillespie, Thomas L: Cavey
Gillespie, Thomas L: Millix
Gillespie, William L: Millix
Gilliland, John L: Lismore N: and Son
Girvan, Mary Anne L: Ballynasaggart
Givans, John L: Millix
Given, John L: Roughan
Glynn, William L: Drumcullion
Godfrey, Joseph L: Altnagore
Goodfellow, Catherine L: Shantavny Scotch
Goodfellow, George L: Altcloghfin
Goodfellow, Hugh L: Shantavny Scotch
Goodfellow, John L: Shantavny Scotch
Goodfellow, Peter L: Glenchuil
Goodfellow, William L: Shantavny Scotch
Gordon, William L: Ballynany
Gorman, Bryan L: Altcloghfin
Gorman, James L: Brackagh
Gorman, Patrick L: Brackagh
Gormley, Bernard L: Foremass Upper
Gormley, James L: Dunmoyle
Gormley, Owen L: Findrum
Gormly, Peter L: Foremass Upper
Graham, Alexander L: Ballymackilroy
Graham, Archibald L: Crossboy
Graham, Samuel L: Cullenbrone
Graydon, Mary L: Ballymackilroy
Greer, Edward L: Garvaghy
Gregory, James L: Killymorgan
Gregory, William L: Knockonny
Grumley, Edmund T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Grumley, James T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Grumley, John T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Hackett, James L: Keady
Hackett, Joseph L: Findrum
Hackett, Joseph L: Killymorgan
Hackett, Michael L: Glenchuil
Hackett, Owen L: Altcloghfin
Hackett, Patrick L: Grange
Hackett, Thomas L: Altnagore
Hackett, Thomas L: Halftown
Hackett, Thomas L: Keady
Hagan, Catherine L: Altamooskan
Hagan, Catherine L: Millix
Hagan, James L: Foremass Upper
Hagan, Mary L: Altamooskan
Hamill, Patrick L: Fallaghearn
Hamilton, David T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Hamilton, David L: Coolageery
Hamilton, Thomas L: Ballygawley
Hanna, James L: Grange
Hannan, James T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Hardy, Hugh L: Kilgreen Upper
Harpur, Joseph L: Feddan
Harvey, James L: Ballygawley
Harvey, James L: Findrum
Harvey, Robert J. T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Haughey, John L: Altcloghfin
Haughey, John L: Derrymeen
Heburne, James T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Heffernan, John L: Foremass Upper
Hegarty, Michael L: Green Hill Demesne
Henderson, Robert L: Millix
Hendry, Charles T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Henry, James T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Henry, James L: Glenchuil
Henry, John L: Grange
Henry, Owen L: Green Hill Demesne
Hetherington, James L: Garvaghy
Hetherington, John L: Cullenbrone
Hetherington, John L: Derrymeen
Hetherington, John L: Lisnabunny
Higgins, Bernard T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Higgins, William L: Ballymackilroy
Hodgins, Margaret L: Knockonny
Holtahan, Anne L: Garvaghy
Hopper, Andrew L: Cavey
Hopper, Duncan L: Grange N: Saml. and Duncan
Hopper, James L: Crew
Hopper, John L: Crew
Hopper, Margaret L: Grange
Hopper, Saml. L: Grange N: Saml. and Duncan
Hopper, Samuel L: Crew
Hopper, William L: Crew
Hourish, John L: Altcloghfin
Hourish, John L: Shantavny Scotch
Hourish, Patrick L: Fallaghearn
Hourish, Patrick L: Lurganboy N: and Son
Houston, Christopher L: Garvaghy
Hughes, Anne L: Fallaghearn
Hughes, Eliza L: Tullybryan
Hughes, Henry T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Hughes, John L: Ballygawley
Hughes, John L: Lisgonnell
Hughes, Mary L: Tullyglush
Hughes, Michael L: Glenchuil
Hughes, Owen L: Tullybryan
Hughes, Patrick L: Altamooskan
Hughes, Patrick L: Dunmoyle
Hughes, Patrick L: Green Hill Demesne
Hughes, Patrick, Jr. L: Dunmoyle
Hughes, Peter L: Ballymackilroy
Hughes, Rose L: Foremass Lower
Hughes, Terence L: Dunmoyle
Hughes, Terence L: Tullyglush
Hughes, Thomas L: Foremass Lower
Hughes, Thomas L: Tullylinton
Hughes, William L: Grange
Hurst, James L: Foremass Upper
Irwin, Archibald L: Cavey
Irwin, James L: Cavey
Irwin, James L: Tullylinton
Irwin, Martha L: Cavey
Jackson, Alexander L: Ballygawley
Jervis, David L: Ballynany
Johnston, John L: Roughan
Johnston, Robert L: Altnagore
Jones, James L: Glenchuil
Jones, Robert L: Ballygawley
Kavanagh, James L: Lisgonnell
Kavanagh, John L: Altnagore
Kavanagh, John L: Glenchuil
Keenan, Catherine L: Tirnaskla
Keenan, Patrick L: Glenchuil
Keenan, Patrick L: Tirnaskla
Keenan, Sarah L: Tirnaskla
Kelly, Ellen L: Tirnaskla
Kelly, Francis L: Garvaghy
Kelly, Hugh L: Foremass Upper
Kelly, John L: Dunmoyle
Kelly, John L: Foremass Upper
Kelly, John L: Grange
Kelly, John L: Lurganboy
Kelly, Thomas L: Lurganboy
Kennedy, William L: Ballymackilroy
Kerr, Robert L: Ballygawley
Kilcolm, James L: Brackagh
Kilpatrick, George L: Tullybryan
Kilpatrick, John L: Roughan
Kirkpatrick, George L: Lettery
Kirkpatrick, George L: Lisnawery
Knowles, James L: Ballygawley
Kyle, William L: Lismore
Lagan, Anne L: Tullylinton
Lamb, James L: Foremass Lower
Lamb, John L: Grange
Lamb, Owen L: Foremass Lower
Leggett, Elizabeth L: Keady
Leggett, James L: Keady
Leslie, Charles P. L: Ballylagan
Little, George L: Cullenbrone
Little, James L: Tullylinton
Little, John L: Cullenbrone
Little, John L: Gort
Little, John L: Lettery
Little, John L: Rough Hill
Little, John L: Tullylinton
Little, John, Jr. L: Lismore
Little, John, Sr. L: Lismore
Little, Richard L: Richmond
Little, Stewart L: Lisgonnell
Little, Stewart L: Sesskilgreen
Little, Stewart L: Tullylinton
Little, Thomas L: Glenchuil
Little, Walter L: Cullenbrone
Little, William L: Cullenbrone
Little, William, Jr. L: Lismore
Little, William, Sr. L: Lismore
Lochart, Anne L: Knockonny
Lochart, Martha L: Knockonny
Lockhart, Andrew L: Knockonny
Lockhart, Francis L: Knockonny
Lockhart, James L: Millix
Lockhart, John L: Killymorgan
Lockhart, John L: Millix
Lockhart, John L: Tirnaskla
Loftus, George L: Millix
Loughran, John L: Tirnaskla
Loughran, Mary L: Ballygawley
Lynch, Felix L: Cleanally
Lynch, Patrick L: Glenchuil
Lynch, Thomas L: Ballygawley
Macrory, Alexander L: Garvaghy
Macrory, Anne L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, Bernard L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, Bernard L: Shantavny Scotch
Macrory, Catherine L: Shantavny Irish
Macrory, Dominick L: Shantavny Scotch
Macrory, Edward L: Altcloghfin
Macrory, Edward L: Fallaghearn
Macrory, Edward L: Garvaghy
Macrory, Edward L: Shantavny Irish
Macrory, Felix L: Foremass Upper
Macrory, Francis L: Errigal
Macrory, Francis L: Fallaghearn
Macrory, Francis L: Foremass Upper
Macrory, Francis L: Shantavny Irish
Macrory, Hugh L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, Hugh, Jr. L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, Hugh, Sr. L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, James L: Altnagore
Macrory, James L: Dunmoyle N: Peter and James
Macrory, James L: Foremass Upper
Macrory, James L: Shantavny Scotch
Macrory, John L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, John L: Fallaghearn
Macrory, John L: Feddan
Macrory, John L: Fernamenagh
Macrory, Laurence L: Altcloghfin
Macrory, Laurence L: Shantavny Irish
Macrory, Margaret L: Altnagore
Macrory, Margaret L: Tirnaskla
Macrory, Mary L: Altcloghfin
Macrory, Mary L: Cavey
Macrory, Mary L: Errigal
Macrory, Mary L: Fallaghearn
Macrory, Mich. L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, Michael L: Altcloghfin
Macrory, Michael L: Ballymackilroy
Macrory, Michael, Jr. L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, Michael, Sr. L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, Neal L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, Owen L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, Owen L: Garvaghy
Macrory, Patrick L: Altcloghfin
Macrory, Patrick L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, Patrick L: Knockonny
Macrory, Peter T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Macrory, Peter L: Dunmoyle
Macrory, Peter L: Dunmoyle N: Peter and James
Macrory, Peter L: Errigal
Macrory, Terence L: Altcloghfin
Macrory, Terence L: Garvaghy
Macrory, Terence L: Shantavny Irish
Macrory, Thomas L: Shantavny Scotch
Maginn, Margaret L: Keady
Maginn, Sarah L: Fernamenagh
Maguire, John L: Cullenbrone
Manery, Robert L: Killymorgan
Manery, William L: Altnagore
Mann, Deane L: Dunmoyle
Mann, Esther L: Grange
Mann, Thomas L: Bloomhill
Markey, Michael L: Ballygawley
Marley, John L: Garvaghy
Martin, James T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Martin, John T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Martin, John L: Brackagh
Martin, Patrick L: Cleanally
Martin, Patrick L: Errigal
Mayne, Adam L: Grange
Mcaleer, Patrick L: Altnagore
Mcaleer, Sarah L: Fallaghearn
Mcananley, John L: Fernamenagh
Mcananley, Michael L: Cleanally
Mcanaspie, William L: Richmond
Mcanenly, Matthew L: Glenchuil
Mcanespie, Henry L: Glenchuil
Mcanespie, James L: Cavey
Mcanulty, James L: Garvaghy
Mcbride, Arthur L: Tirnaskla
Mcbride, Bernard L: Knockonny
Mcbride, Daniel T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mcbride, James L: Millix
Mcbride, James L: Tirnaskla
Mcbride, James L: Tullyglush
Mcbride, John L: Tullyglush
Mcbride, Mary L: Killymorgan
Mcbride, Mary L: Tirnaskla
Mcbride, Michael L: Altnagore
Mcbride, Michael L: Knockonny
Mcbride, Owen L: Tirnaskla
Mcbride, Peter L: Ballygawley
Mcbride, Peter L: Tirnaskla
Mccaffery, William L: Tirnaskla
Mccaffrey, Catherine L: Ballymackilroy
Mccaffrey, Hugh T: Ballygawley - Beragh-Road
Mccaffrey, Hugh L: Knockonny
Mccaffrey, Hugh L: Sesskilgreen
Mccaffrey, Hugh L: Tirnaskla
Mccaghy, Patrick L: Drumnamalta
Mccallion, James T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mccallion, John T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mccammon, Hugh L: Keady
Mccann, Francis L: Glenchuil
Mccann, George L: Fallaghearn
Mccann, Hugh T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mccann, James T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mccann, James L: Glenchuil
Mccann, John L: Fallaghearn
Mccann, Myles L: Fallaghearn
Mccann, Neal L: Glenchuil
Mccann, Patrick L: Dunmoyle
Mccann, Patrick L: Fallaghearn
Mccann, Peter L: Fallaghearn
Mccann, Rose L: Ballymackilroy
Mccann, Stephen L: Altnagore
Mccann, Terence L: Altamooskan
Mccann, William L: Fallaghearn
Mccarran, Edward L: Keady
Mccarroll, Margaret L: Errigal
Mccarron, Charles L: Garvaghy
Mccarron, James L: Fernamenagh
Mccartney, David L: Knockonny
Mccartney, John L: Grange
Mccarton, James L: Annaghilla
Mccarton, John L: Cleanally
Mccaughy, Charles L: Garvaghy
Mccausland, Thomas L: Foremass Upper
Mccausland, William L: Foremass Upper
Mcclean, Alexander L: Lisgonnell
Mcclean, Arthur L: Altamooskan
Mcclean, Lewis L: Altamooskan
Mcclean, Stewart L: Rough Hill
Mccluskey, Edward L: Millix
Mccluskey, Francis L: Ballygawley
Mccluskey, John L: Millix
Mccluskey, Mhl. L: Millix N: Mhl. and Owen
Mccluskey, Neal L: Killymorgan
Mccluskey, Owen L: Millix N: Mhl. and Owen
Mccoil, Thomas L: Feddan
Mccollum, James L: Coolageery
Mccollum, John L: Findrum
Mccollum, John, Sr. L: Findrum
Mccollum, Robert L: Findrum
Mccollum, Thomas L: Ballygawley
Mcconnell, Jn. L: Grange N: Jn. and Robt
Mcconnell, John L: Ballygawley
Mcconnell, Robert L: Ballygawley
Mcconnell, Robt L: Grange N: Jn. and Robt
Mccreery, Hugh L: Ballynany
Mccreery, Hugh L: Feddan
Mccreery, John L: Crossboy
Mccrory, Hugh L: Brackagh
Mccrystal, James L: Glenchuil
Mccrystal, Michael L: Altcloghfin
Mccrystal, Owen L: Altcloghfin
Mccrystal, Thomas L: Altcloghfin
Mccullagh, Patrick L: Garvaghy
Mccullagh, Thomas L: Findrum
Mccullagh, Thomas L: Knockonny
Mccullen, John L: Knockonny
Mccusker, Daniel L: Garvaghy
Mccusker, Dominick L: Lisnawery
Mccusker, Edward L: Garvaghy
Mccusker, Francis L: Garvaghy
Mccusker, James L: Garvaghy
Mccusker, Jas. L: Garvaghy
Mccusker, Michael L: Garvaghy
Mccusker, Patrick L: Garvaghy
Mccusker, Sophia L: Tirnaskla
Mccusker, Terence L: Garvaghy
Mccusker, Thomas L: Garvaghy
Mcdermott, Ellen L: Tirnaskla
Mcdermott, Francis L: Dunmoyle
Mcdermott, James L: Foremass Upper
Mcdermott, John L: Foremass Upper
Mcdermott, Michael L: Brackagh
Mcdermott, Michael L: Foremass Upper
Mcdermott, Peter L: Rough Hill
Mcdermott, Susan L: Dunmoyle
Mcdermott, Thomas L: Ballylagan
Mcdonnell, William L: Carran
McDonnell, William L: Feddan
Mcdowell, Charles L: Millix
Mcdowell, James T: Ballygawley - Beragh-Road
Mcdowell, Robert L: Ballygawley
Mcdowell, William T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mcduff, James L: Foremass Upper
Mcelhenny, Charles T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mcelroy, Hugh L: Cleanally
McElroy, James T: Ballygawley - Meeting House Street
Mcelroy, John L: Shantavny Scotch
Mcelroy, Owen L: Cleanally
Mcelroy, Patrick L: Altcloghfin
Mcfarland, David L: Millix
Mcfarland, Henry J. L: Fallaghearn
Mcfarland, James L: Millix
Mcfarland, Mary Jane L: Altamooskan
Mcgahy, James L: Knockonny
Mcgartland, Edward L: Knockonny
Mcgartland, John L: Glenchuil
Mcgartland, John L: Kilgreen Upper
Mcgarvey, Anne L: Lurganboy
Mcgarvey, Charles L: Lurganboy
Mcgarvey, Fardy L: Lurganboy
Mcgarvey, Henry L: Fernamenagh
Mcgarvey, John L: Lurganboy N: and Son
Mcgarvey, Margaret L: Glenchuil
Mcgarvey, Patrick L: Lurganboy
Mcgarvey, Terence L: Lurganboy
Mcgeary, James L: Lurganboy
Mcgeary, Owen L: Lurganboy
Mcgeary, Patrick L: Lurganboy
Mcgeraghty, Edward L: Shantavny Irish
Mcgeraghty, James L: Shantavny Irish
Mcgeraghty, John L: Ballymackilroy
Mcgeraghty, Peter L: Shantavny Irish
Mcgeraghty, Rose L: Dunmoyle
Mcgilly, James L: Dunmoyle
Mcgilly, Owen L: Dunmoyle
Mcgirr, Anne L: Rarogan
Mcgirr, Charles L: Kilgreen Lower
Mcgirr, Cornelius L: Culnaha N: and Son
Mcgirr, Daniel L: Foremass Upper
Mcgirr, Edward L: Kilgreen Upper
Mcgirr, Felix L: Foremass Upper
Mcgirr, George L: Shantavny Irish
Mcgirr, James L: Glenchuil
Mcgirr, John L: Drumcorke
Mcgirr, John L: Drumnamalta
Mcgirr, John L: Errigal
Mcgirr, John L: Kilgreen Lower
McGirr, John L: Tullybryan
Mcgirr, Mary L: Foremass Upper
Mcgirr, Mary L: Rarogan
Mcgirr, Michael L: Foremass Upper
Mcgirr, Patrick L: Cleanally
Mcgirr, Patrick L: Kilgreen Lower
Mcgirr, Patrick L: Rarogan
Mcgirr, Peter L: Altnagore
Mcgirr, Peter L: Foremass Upper
Mcgirr, Peter L: Rarogan
Mcgirr, Terence L: Kilgreen Lower
Mcgirr, Terence L: Rarogan
Mcgiven, James L: Drumnamalta
Mcglone, James L: Lisnabunny
Mcgoff, Thomas L: Sesskilgreen
Mcgonnell, James L: Cullenbrone
Mcgonnell, John L: Ballygawley
Mcgonnell, John T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mcgrath, Condy L: Garvaghy
Mcguinness, Patrick L: Drumcullion
Mcguirk, Bernard T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mchenry, John L: Ballygawley
Mckeever, Mary Anne L: Foremass Upper
Mckenna, Alice L: Ballymackilroy
Mckenna, Edward L: Altcloghfin
Mckenna, Edward L: Shantavny Scotch
Mckenna, Ellen L: Fallaghearn
Mckenna, Francis L: Ballynasaggart
Mckenna, Francis L: Glenchuil
Mckenna, Hugh L: Fallaghearn
Mckenna, Hugh L: Glenchuil
Mckenna, James L: Altnagore
Mckenna, James L: Ballygawley
Mckenna, James L: Ballymackilroy
Mckenna, James L: Ballynasaggart
Mckenna, James L: Tirnaskla
McKenna, James L: Tullybryan
Mckenna, James L: Tullyglush
Mckenna, John L: Ballymackilroy
Mckenna, John L: Findrum
Mckenna, John L: Garvaghy
Mckenna, John L: Glenchuil
Mckenna, John L: Sesskilgreen
Mckenna, John L: Shantavny Scotch
Mckenna, John L: Tirnaskla
Mckenna, Michael L: Gort
McKenna, Michael L: Tullybryan
Mckenna, Neal L: Fallaghearn
Mckenna, Owen L: Ballymackilroy
Mckenna, Patrick L: Cullenbrone
Mckenna, Peter L: Ballygawley
Mckenna, Rose L: Fallaghearn
Mckenna, Thomas L: Ballygawley
Mckenna, William L: Lismore
Mckey, Anne L: Feddan
Mckey, John L: Ballymackilroy
Mcknight, William L: Glenchuil
Mclaren, James L: Foremass Lower
Mclaren, James L: Foremass Upper
Mcloughlin, Bernard L: Ballygawley
Mcmahon, Hugh L: Altcloghfin
Mcmahon, John L: Annaghilla
Mcmahon, John L: Lurganboy
Mcmahon, Michael L: Altcloghfin
McMahon, Michael L: Annaghilla
Mcmahon, Owen L: Lurganboy
Mcmahon, Patrick L: Lurganboy
Mcmaster, Henry L: Ballynany
Mcmaster, James L: Ballynany
Mcmaster, James L: Garvaghy
Mcmayne, Alexander L: Altamooskan
Mcmayne, John L: Altamooskan
Mcmenamy, Anne L: Shantavny Scotch
Mcmenamy, Denis L: Glenchuil
Mcmullen, John L: Shantavny Irish
Mcmullin, Patrick T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mcnamee, Bernard T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
McNave, James L: Shantavny Scotch
Mcneece, James L: Fallaghearn
Mcneill, James L: Ballylagan
Mcnelis, Elllen L: Sesskilgreen
McNelis, Francis L: Feddan
Mcnelis, Francis L: Grange
Mcnelis, James L: Ballynany
Mcnelis, James L: Lisgonnell
Mcnelis, Patrick L: Glenchuil
Mcnelis, Patrick L: Grange
Mcnelis, Patrick L: Shantavny Irish
Mcnelis, Thomas L: Glenchuil
Mcnulty, Michael L: Altcloghfin
Mcowen, Francis L: Fallaghearn
Mcowen, Thomas L: Shantavny Irish
Mcpeake, Patrick L: Dunmoyle
Mcquaid, Terence L: Glenchuil
Mcreery, Hugh L: Crossboy
Mcreery, John L: Drumcorke
Mcveagh, Neal L: Ballymackilroy
Mcveigh, Patrick T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Meenan, Ellen L: Shantavny Scotch
Miller, James L: Lismore
Miller, John L: Fallaghearn
Mills, Charles L: Ballygawley
Mitchel, Joseph L: Annaghilla
Mitchell, Edward L: Carran
Mitchell, Edward L: Crossboy
Mitchell, James L: Ballygawley
Mitchell, James L: Ballynasaggart
Mitchell, James L: Carran
Mitchell, James L: Crew
Mitchell, James L: Grange
Mitchell, James L: Richmond
Mitchell, James L: Tullybryan
Mitchell, Joseph L: Crew
Mitchell, Mary L: Ballynasaggart
Mitchell, Mary L: Carran
Moan, James L: Garvaghy
Moffitt, John T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Montague, Bernard L: Altcloghfin
Montague, Francis L: Altcloghfin
Montague, James L: Altcloghfin
Montague, Mary L: Ballygawley
Montague, Mary L: Lisgonnell
Montague, Mary L: Lisgonnell N: Post Mistress
Montague, Thomas L: Altcloghfin
Montaque, Anne L: Altcloghfin
Montaque, Bernard L: Altamooskan
Montaque, Bridget L: Altamooskan
Montaque, Edward L: Altcloghfin
Montaque, Henry L: Brackagh
Montaque, Hugh L: Altcloghfin
Montaque, James L: Brackagh N: and Son
Montaque, James, Jr. L: Shantavny Scotch
Montaque, James, Sr. L: Shantavny Scotch
Montaque, John L: Altamooskan
Montaque, Mary L: Ballygawley
Montaque, Mary T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Montaque, Michael L: Shantavny Scotch
Montaque, Patrick L: Altamooskan
Montaque, Paul L: Altamooskan
Montaque, Terence L: Altamooskan
Montgomery, Anne L: Drumcorke
Montgomery, Francis L: Feddan
Montgomery, Henry L: Feddan
Montgomery, James L: Feddan
Montgomery, Thomas L: Roughan
Montgomery, William L: Roughan
Mooney, James L: Coolageery
Moore, Eliza T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Moore, Francis L: Richmond
Moore, Hugh L: Ballynany
Moore, Hugh L: Carran
Moore, Hugh L: Crossboy
Moore, Hugh L: Cullenbrone
Moore, Hugh L: Drumcorke
Moore, James L: Cavey
Moore, William L: Drumcullion
Moore, William L: Halftown
Moore, William L: Killymorgan
Morrin, Bridget L: Ballygawley
Morrison, Hans L: Roughan
Moses, Sarah L: Knockonny
Moutray, Alexander L: Ballynasaggart
Moutray, Anketell L: Ballynany
Moutray, Anketell L: Ballynasaggart
Moutray, Anketell L: Crew
Moutray, Anketell L: Cullenbrone
Moutray, Anketell L: Derrymeen
Moutray, Anketell L: Drumcullion
Moutray, Anketell L: Lismore
Moutray, Anketell L: Rough Hill
Moutray, Henry L: Ballynany
Moutray, Henry L: Drumcorke
Moutray, Hugh T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Moutray, Rev. John J. L: Gort
Moutray, Rev. John J. L: Richmond
Moutray, Rickard L: Tullylinton
Muldoon, James T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mulgrew, Ber. L: Shantavny Irish
Mulgrew, Bernard L: Shantavny Irish
Mulgrew, Edward L: Ballymackilroy
Mulgrew, Francis L: Knockonny
Mulgrew, James L: Shantavny Irish
Mulgrew, John T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mulgrew, John L: Glenchuil
Mulgrew, John L: Lisgonnell
Mulgrew, John L: Richmond
Mulgrew, Mary L: Ballygawley
Mulgrew, Michael L: Ballymackilroy
Mulgrew, Patrick L: Ballymackilroy
Mulgrew, Patrick L: Shantavny Irish
Mulgrew, Terence L: Richmond
Mullen, Alexander L: Ballygawley
Mullen, Alexander L: Grange
Mullen, Arthur L: Coolageery
Mullen, Daniel L: Ballynasaggart
Mullen, Hannah L: Sess
Mullen, Henry L: Foremass Upper
Mullen, James L: Foremass Upper
Mullen, James L: Garvaghy
Mullen, Jane L: Carran
Mullen, John L: Ballygawley
Mullen, John L: Foremass Upper
Mullen, Mary L: Keady
Mullen, Mary L: Tirnaskla
Mullen, Mathew L: Foremass Upper
Mullen, Michael L: Foremass Upper
Mullen, Michael L: Garvaghy
Mullen, Neal T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mullen, Patrick L: Foremass Upper
Mullen, Terence L: Foremass Upper
Mullen, Thomas L: Richmond
Mulligan, James L: Culnaha
Mulligan, Robert L: Culnaha
Mullin, Alexander T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Mullin, Alice L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, Anne L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, Arthur L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, Bernard L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, Bridget L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, Bryan L: Altamooskan
Mullin, Francis L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, James L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, John L: Fallaghearn
Mullin, John L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, John L: Lurganboy
Mullin, John, Jr. L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, Mary L: Foremass Upper
Mullin, Michael L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, Michael L: Foremass Upper
Mullin, Patrick L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, Patrick L: Foremass Upper
Mullin, Peter L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, Terence L: Foremass Lower
Mullin, Thomas T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Murphy, Arthur L: Coolageery
Murphy, Ellen L: Findrum
Murphy, Ellen L: Knockonny
Murphy, James L: Knockonny
Murphy, John T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Murphy, John L: Dunmoyle
Murphy, Michael L: Fallaghearn
Murphy, Patrick L: Lurganboy
Myles, James L: Fallaghearn
Neely, Catherine L: Ballygawley
Neely, Francis L: Drumcullion
Neely, Francis L: Halftown
Neely, James L: Drumcullion
Neely, James L: Glenchuil
Neely, John L: Glenchuil
Neely, Mary L: Glenchuil
Neely, Mary L: Knockbrack
Neely, Mary L: Shantavny Irish
Neely, Mary L: Shantavny Scotch
Neely, Robert, Sr. L: Glenchuil
Neely, Thomas L: Glenchuil
Neely, William L: Glenchuil
Neill, John L: Ballylagan
Neill, Mary L: Fernamenagh
Newell, Robert T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Niblock, Richard L: Lettery
Nogher, Henry L: Knockonny
Nogher, Patrick L: Tirnaskla
Odonnell, Daniel L: Altamooskan
Odonnell, Daniel L: Fallaghearn
Oneil, John L: Glenchuil
Oneill, Anne L: Glenchuil
Oneill, Anne L: Sesskilgreen
Oneill, Bernard L: Shantavny Scotch
Oneill, Chas. L: Cleanally N: and Son
Oneill, Elizabeth L: Findrum
Oneill, Hugh L: Errigal
Oneill, James L: Cleanally
Oneill, John L: Ballygawley
Oneill, John L: Errigal
Oneill, John L: Lisgonnell
Oneill, John L: Shantavny Scotch
Orr, William L: Altamooskan
Paley, Andrew L: Knockonny
Palmer, Jane L: Shantavny Scotch
Parker, Edward L: Cleanally
Parr, William L: Lettery
Patterson, Catherine L: Green Hill Demesne
Patterson, George L: Tirnaskla
Patterson, John L: Ballygawley
Patterson, John L: Ballymackilroy
Patterson, John L: Killymorgan
Patterson, John L: Tirnaskla
Patterson, Mark L: Findrum
Patterson, Mark L: Killymorgan
Patterson, Mark, Jr. L: Knockonny
Patterson, Mark, Sr. L: Knockonny
Patterson, Mary L: Killymorgan
Patterson, Robert L: Foremass Lower
Phillips, James L: Kilgreen Lower
Phillips, Patrick L: Fallaghearn
Phillips, Samuel L: Ballygawley
Phillips, Samuel L: Richmond
Plunkett, Abigail L: Gort
Quinn, Daniel L: Glenchuil
Quinn, Henry L. L: Ballygawley
Quinn, James L: Glenchuil
Quinn, John L: Glenchuil
Quinn, Michael L: Grange
Quinn, Patrick L: Glenchuil
Rafferty, Mary L: Foremass Upper
Rafferty, Terence L: Ballymackilroy
Ray, Matthew L: Brackagh
Rea, John L: Cullenbrone
Reade, Joseph L: Errigal
Reany, James L: Brackagh
Reany, James L: Garvaghy
Reany, John L: Garvaghy
Reany, Samuel L: Garvaghy
Rice, Hugh L: Garvaghy
Rice, James L: Garvaghy
Riddall, John L: Ballygawley
Riddall, John L: Grange
Riddall, John L: Lisgonnell
Riddall, Thomas L: Millix
Robinson, James L: Lettery
Robinson, James L: Richmond
Robinson, Jane T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Robinson, John L: Tirnaskla
Robinson, Rebbeca L: Shantavny Scotch
Robinson, Richard L: Crew
Rogers, Felix T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Rogers, Francis L: Ballygawley
Rogers, Francis L: Lisgonnell
Rogers, Francis L: Shantavny Scotch
Rogers, Hugh L: Findrum
Rogers, Hugh L: Killymorgan
Rogers, Hugh L: Knockonny
Rogers, John L: Grange
Rooney, John L: Millix
Rooney, William L: Killymorgan
Roony, Thomas L: Halftown
Roony, Thomas L: Rough Hill
Rush, Peter L: Altamooskan
Ryan, Jane L: Ballygawley
Ryan, Patrick T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Sally, Patrick L: Ballygawley
Scott, Margaret L: Lisnawery
Sheridan, John L: Lismore
Shiel, John L: Foremass Upper
Shiel, Rose L: Foremass Upper
Simpson, Henry L: Ballygawley
Simpson, Henry L: Sess
Simpson, Jane L: Ballynasaggart
Simpson, Jane L: Sess
Simpson, John L: Cullenbrone
Simpson, Mary L: Ballynasaggart
Simpson, Mary L: Sess
Simpson, Maryanne L: Ballygawley
Simpson, Maryanne L: Lisgonnell
Simpson, Robert T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Simpson, Stewart L: Ballygawley
Simpson, Thomas L: Cullenbrone
Skeffington, John L: Ballygawley
Skiffington, Mary L: Foremass Lower
Slavin, Gilbert L: Bloomhill
Slevin, Charles L: Shantavny Scotch
Sloane, Mary L: Altnagore
Smith, Alexander L: Foremass Upper
Smith, Anne L: Roughan
Smith, Hamilton L: Millix
Smith, James L: Ballylagan
Smith, James L: Roughan
Smith, William L: Derrymeen
Smiton, Currens L: Rough Hill
Smiton, Patrick L: Knockonny
Snipe, John L: Grange
Snipe, Robert L: Grange
Souter, L: Derrymeen
Souter, David L: Derrymeen
Souter, Wiliam L: Derrymeen
Spear, Edward L: Tullybryan
Spear, James L: Tullybryan
Spear, John L: Feddan
Spear, John L. L: Cleanally
Starr, John L: Dunmoyle
Starr, Peter L: Foremass Upper N: and Son
Stein, Catherine L: Ballylagan
Stenson, William L: Drumcorke
Stewart, George V. T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Stewart, Baronet Jno. M. L: Ballymackilroy
Stewart, Baronet Jno. M. L: Green Hill Demesne
Stewart, Baronet Jno. M. L: Tullylinton
Stewart, John L: Grange
Stewart, Baronet John M. L: Ballygawley
Stewart, Baronet John M. L: Sesskilgreen
Stewart, Baronet John M. L: Tirnaskla
Stewart, Maryanne L: Ballygawley
Stewart, Mervyn L: Coolageery
Stewart, William L: Killymorgan
Stringer, Oliver L: Richmond
Sullivan, John L: Ballygawley
Surgeon, John L: Drumcullion
Tallon, Edward L: Glenchuil
Tedford, Joseph L: Foremass Lower
Thompson, Eliza L: Culnaha
Thompson, Mary Anne L: Shantavny Scotch
Tierney, Bernard L: Findrum
Tierney, Daniel L: Findrum
Tierney, Hugh L: Foremass Upper
Tierney, James L: Lisnawery
Tierney, John, Sr. L: Foremass Upper
Tierney, Owen L: Findrum
Tierney, Patrick L: Findrum
Tierney, Patrick L: Foremass Upper
Tierneyjun, John L: Foremass Upper
Toner, Roger L: Ballygawley
Trainor, Bernard L: Ballygawley
Traynor, James L: Shantavny Scotch
Traynor, Thomas L: Glenchuil
Traynor, William L: Culnaha
Turbitt, Henry L: Ballymackilroy
Turbitt, Hugh L: Ballymackilroy
Turbitt, Thomas L: Ballygawley
Turbot, Thomas T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Turner, Archibald L: Ballygawley
Turner, Archibald L: Findrum
Turner, Archibald L: Knockonny
Turner, Archibald L: Lisgonnell
Turner, Archibald L: Richmond
Turner, James L: Findrum
Turner, James L: Knockonny
Turner, James L: Richmond
Verner, Baronet William L: Shantavny Irish
Walker, Andrew T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Walker, Edward L: Findrum
Walker, Eliza L: Findrum
Walker, Lydia L: Findrum
Walker, Martin L: Findrum
Walker, William L: Findrum
White, David L: Fallaghearn
White, Hugh L: Shantavny Irish
White, Terence L: Altamooskan
Wigam, Andrew L: Grange
Williamson, Jane T: Ballygawley - Meeting House St.
Wilson, John L: Derrymeen
Wilson, Mary L: Ballynany
Wilson, Thomas L: Lismore
Wilson, William L: Altamooskan
Wilson, William L: Ballymackilroy
Wilson, William L: Millix
Winter, William L: Ballygawley
Wisehart, Joseph L: Cullenbrone
Wisehart, Joseph L: Drumcullion
Woods, Matthew L: Millix
Woods, Patrick L: Glenchuil
Wright, James L: Roughan
Wright, William L: Feddan
Young, Brown L: Ballygawley
Young, James L: Millix
Young, Samuel L: Cavey

Map of Civil Parishes in county Tyrone

Civil Parish Records of County Tyrone

Other county Tyrone Parish Records

1 Aghaloo

2 Aghalurcher

3 Arboe

4 Ardstraw

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyclog

8 Bodoney Lower

9 Bodoney Upper

10 Camus

11 Cappagh

12 Carnteel

13 Clogher

14 Clogherny

15 Clonfeacle

16 Clonoe

17 Cumber Upper

18 Derryloran

19 Desertcreat

20 Donacavey

21 Donaghedy

22 Donaghenry

23 Donaghmore

24 Dromore

25 Drumglass

26 Drumragh

27 Errigal Keerogue

28 Errigal Trough

29 Kildress

30 Killeeshil

31 Killyman

32 Kilskeery

33 Leckpatrick

34 Lissan

35 Longfield East

36 Longfield West

37 Magheracross

38 Pomeroy

39 Tamlaght

40 Termonamongan

41 Termonmaguirk

42 Tullyniskan

43 Urney