Griffith's Valuation: Killeeshil Parish, County Tyrone

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Griffith's Valuation in Killeeshil Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Killeeshil parish and every other parish in county Tyrone as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Tyrone in 1851.


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Griffiths Valuation: Killeeshil Parish 1851

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You should also check the records of Killeeshil parish from the Tithe Applotment books recorded during the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Agnew, John L: Mullyroddan
Anderson, Robert L: Ballynahaye
Ardry, John L: Mulnahunch
Armstrong, John L: Ballynahaye
Arneil, Martha L: Drumfad
Arneil, Thomas L: Drumfad
Arthur, Alexander L: Fasglashagh
Barclay, James L: Aghnahoe
Barclay, James L: Cullentra
Barclay, Nathaniel L: Mulnahunch
Bart, Sir Wm. Verner L: Aghnahoe
Bart, Sir Wm. Verner L: Bockets
Bart, Sir Wm. Verner L: Dergenagh
Bart, Sir Wm. Verner L: Lurgacullion
Beadmead, John L: Mulnahunch
Beatty, David L: Mulnahunch
Beatty, James L: Cabragh
Beatty, James L: Cabragh N: Grocer
Beatty, John L: Coolhill
Beatty, John L: Mulnahunch
Beatty, Robert L: Eskragh
Bell, James L: Lisfearty
Bell, James, Jr. L: Lisfearty
Bell, Joseph L: Coolhill
Bell, Richard L: Coolhill
Best, Francis L: Ballynahaye
Best, Francis L: Tullyvannon
Best, William L: Glencull
Blumer, Hugh L: Eskragh
Blumer, James L: Farriter
Blumer, John L: Eskragh
Boyd, James L: Mulnahunch
Boyle, Alexander L: Aghaginduff
Boyle, Arthur L: Aghaginduff
Boyle, Bernard L: Aghaginduff
Boyle, John L: Aghaginduff
Boyle, John, Sr. L: Aghaginduff
Boyle, Lawrence L: Aghaginduff
Boyle, Michael L: Aghaginduff
Boyle, Toale L: Aghaginduff
Browne, Alexander L: Clontyfallow
Browne, Alexander L: Mullyroddan
Browne, Eliza L: Fasglashagh
Browne, James L: Clontyclevin
Browne, James L: Ennish
Browne, William L: Ennish
Brush, Samuel L: Cullentra
Burgess, John Y. L: Ennish
Caghey, James L: Fasglashagh
Caldwell, William L: Bockets
Campbell, James L: Farriter
Campbell, John L: Bockets
Campbell, John L: Lurgacullion
Campbell, William L: Tullyvannon
Carbery, James L: Mullyroddan
Carlin, Bernard L: Ennish
Carlton, John L: Ballynahaye
Carr, Hugh L: Cranlome
Carr, Mary L: Cranlome
Carr, Patrick L: Ballynahaye
Carr, Patrick, Sr. L: Cranlome
Carr, Peter L: Ballynahaye
Carr, Samuel L: Ballynahaye
Carr, Samuel, Jr. L: Ballynahaye
Carr, William L: Cranlome
Carson, James L: Lurgacullion
Carson, John L: Mulnahunch
Carson, Nathaniel L: Mulnahunch
Carson, Thomas L: Lisfearty
Carson, William L: Lurgacullion
Cash, Francis L: Cranlome
Cash, Owen L: Cranlome
Chapman, Robert L: Cullentra
Clarke, John L: Aghnahoe
Clarke, John L: Lurgacullion
Cochrane, John L: Lurgacullion
Colbert, John L: Ballynahaye
Colbert, John L: Coolhill
Colbert, William L: Ballynahaye
Collins, Edward L: Clontyclevin
Condy, Alexander L: Coolhill
Condy, Alexander L: Cullentra
Condy, George L: Dergenagh
Condy, James L: Drumfad
Condy, John L: Aghnahoe
Condy, John L: Drumfad
Condy, Robert L: Mulnahunch
Condy, Theophilus L: Cullentra
Condy, Thomas L: Cullentra
Condy, William L: Cullentra
Conigan, Charles L: Ballynahaye
Conigan, James L: Ballynahaye
Conigan, Keane L: Lurgacullion
Conigan, Patrick L: Killeeshil
Conlon, Hugh L: Ballynahaye
Conlon, John L: Ballynahaye
Conlon, John L: Ennish
Conlon, Michael L: Aghaginduff
Conlon, Patrick L: Aghaginduff
Conlon, Patrick L: Ballynahaye
Conn, Richard L: Bockets
Corbett, William L: Glencull
Corrigan, Patrick L: Fasglashagh
Cousins, John L: Mullyroddan
Cousins, Robert L: Mullyroddan
Cousins, William L: Mullyroddan
Cregan, Francis L: Cabragh
Crossle, James L: Aghnahoe
Crossle, James L: Lurgacullion
Crothers, John L: Dergenagh
Cullen, Michael L: Coolhill
Cumberland, Robert L: Aghnahoe
Cunningham, Felix L: Ballynahaye
Cunningham, James L: Ballynahaye
Cunningham, James L: Dergenagh
Curley, Hugh L: Eskragh
Daly, Bartholomew L: Killeeshil
Daly, Bridget L: Aghaginduff
Daly, Felix L: Killeeshil
Daly, Francis L: Aghaginduff
Daly, Henry L: Killeeshil
Daly, James L: Killeeshil
Daly, James, Jr. L: Killeeshil
Daly, John L: Aghaginduff
Daly, John L: Killeeshil
Daly, Michael L: Killeeshil
Daly, Patrick L: Aghaginduff
Daly, Patrick L: Killeeshil
Daly, Timothy L: Killeeshil
Davidson, John L: Mulnahunch
Dawley, John L: Cranlome
Dawley, John L: Killeeshil
Dawley, Philip L: Fasglashagh
Dawley, Thomas L: Farriter
Dawson, William L: Cabragh
Devine, Arthur L: Ballynahaye
Devine, Ellen L: Fasglashagh
Devine, John L: Ballynahaye
Devine, Patrick L: Cranlome
Devine, Robert L: Cabragh
Devine, William L: Fasglashagh
Devlin, Henry L: Aghaginduff
Devlin, John L: Glencull
Devlin, Mary L: Cullentra
Devlin, Patrick L: Aghaginduff
Dines, John L: Mullyroddan
Disney, Rev. Edwd. O. L: Killeeshil
Dixon, James L: Lisfearty
Donaghy, Bryan L: Dergenagh
Donaghy, Catherine L: Drumfad
Donaghy, Felix L: Coolhill
Donaghy, Hugh L: Cranlome
Donaghy, Hugh L: Drumfad
Donaghy, James L: Cranlome
Donaghy, John L: Cranlome
Donaghy, John L: Dergenagh
Donaghy, John L: Drumfad
Donaghy, John, Sr. L: Cranlome
Donaghy, Mary L: Drumfad
Donaghy, Michael L: Drumfad
Donaghy, Owen L: Cranlome
Donaghy, Owen L: Drumfad
Donaghy, Patrick L: Cranlome
Donaghy, Peter L: Drumfad
Donaghy, Rose L: Drumfad
Donnelly, Daniel L: Tullyvannon
Donnelly, Felix L: Ballynahaye
Donnelly, Francis L: Cranlome
Donnelly, James L: Cabragh
Donnelly, Jno. L: Cranlome N: Patrick
Donnelly, John L: Aghaginduff
Donnelly, John L: Cranlome
Donnelly, Murtagh L: Ballynahaye
Donnelly, Neal L: Cranlome
Donnelly, Patrick L: Ballynahaye
Donnelly, Patrick L: Cranlome
Donnelly, Patrick L: Farriter
Donnelly, Patrick L: Mullysilly
Donnelly, Peter L: Cranlome
Donnelly, Terence L: Ballynahaye
Donnelly, Terence L: Cranlome
Donnelly, Terence, Sr. L: Ballynahaye
Donnelson, John L: Cullentra
Doogan, Thomas L: Cranlome
Doran, John L: Ballynahaye
Doran, Peter L: Ballynahaye
Doyle, Henry L: Aghaginduff
Doyle, Henry L: Coolhill
Doyle, Henry L: Mulnahunch
Doyle, James L: Aghaginduff
Doyle, Michael L: Aghaginduff
Doyle, Peter L: Aghaginduff
Drummond, William L: Mulnahunch
Duff, Alexander L: Dergenagh
Duff, John L: Dergenagh
Duff, Nathaniel L: Dergenagh
Duff, Robert L: Dergenagh
Duff, Thomas L: Dergenagh
Duggan, Simon L: Cranlome
Dunbane, Ellen L: Lurgacullion
Dunbane, William L: Bockets
Dunbane, William L: Lurgacullion
Dunlop, Robert L: Dergenagh
Early, Michael L: Cabragh
Eccles, Thomas L: Farriter
Ellison, Henry L: Ballynahaye
Ellison, John L: Tullyvannon
Ellison, Joseph L: Ballynahaye
Ellison, Thomas L: Ballynahaye
Ellison, Thomas L: Cranlome
Fahan, Mary L: Aghaginduff
Farley, Daniel L: Bockets
Farley, Francis L: Killeeshil
Farley, James L: Killeeshil
Farley, Owen L: Killeeshil
Ferguson, Margaret L: Killeeshil
Finlay, David L: Dergenagh
Finlay, William L: Dergenagh
Flanagan, Patrick L: Aghaginduff
Fox, Anne L: Mullysilly
Fox, Bernard L: Lurgacullion
Fox, Ellen L: Mullysilly
Fox, Robert L: Drumfad
Gamble, John L: Ennish
Gault, Uriah L: Bockets
Gilkinson, James L: Ennish
Gillespie, Sampson L: Bockets
Gilmour, Robert L: Ballynahaye
Gilmour, Thomas L: Cabragh
Gilmour, William L: Ballynahaye
Givan, William L: Drumfad
Givans, Alexander L: Dergenagh
Givans, George L: Aghnahoe
Givans, George L: Dergenagh
Givans, Henry L: Aghnahoe
Givans, Henry L: Tullyvannon
Givans, Jeremiah L: Aghnahoe
Givans, John L: Aghnahoe
Givans, Joseph L: Dergenagh
Givans, William L: Drumfad
Goff, Joseph L: Aghaginduff
Goff, Joseph L: Clontyfallow
Goff, Joseph L: Coolhill
Goff, Joseph L: Eskragh
Goff, Joseph L: Lisfearty
Goodwin, Edward L: Coolhill
Gormly, Charles L: Cranlome
Gormly, Michael L: Cranlome
Griffin, David L: Lisfearty
Griffin, Elizabeth L: Lisfearty
Gromly, Hugh L: Lurgacullion
Hackett, Bernard L: Fasglashagh
Haddin, John L: Farriter
Haddock, Henry L: Cabragh
Haddock, Thomas L: Cabragh
Hagan, Charles L: Bockets
Hagan, Daniel L: Cranlome
Hagan, Rep. John L: Clontyclevin
Hagan, Mary L: Bockets
Hagan, Michael L: Bockets
Hall, Bridget L: Aghaginduff
Hamill, Charles L: Aghaginduff
Hamill, Francis L: Aghaginduff
Hamill, Henry L: Mullysilly
Hamill, James L: Aghaginduff
Hamill, John L: Aghaginduff
Hamill, John L: Mullysilly
Hamill, Mary L: Mullysilly
Hamill, Michael L: Ballynahaye
Hamill, Patrick L: Aghaginduff
Hamill, Patrick L: Tullyvannon
Hamill, Rose L: Mullysilly
Hamill, Thomas L: Mullysilly
Hardy, Thomas L: Eskragh
Harvey, Peter L: Ennish
Hayes, John L: Coolhill
Henderson, Jane L: Ennish
Henderson, Robert L: Eskragh
Hill, Rep. William L: Bockets
Hodge, John L: Cabragh
Holmes, James L: Dergenagh
Hughes, Edward L: Ballynahaye
Hughes, Edward L: Lurgacullion
Hughes, Henry L: Lurgacullion
Hughes, James L: Killeeshil
Hughes, Michael L: Aghaginduff
Hughes, Peter L: Killeeshil
Hullin, Barnaby L: Aghaginduff
Hullin, Edward L: Aghaginduff
Hurst, Catherine L: Glencull
Hurst, James L: Dergenagh
Hurst, Robert L: Dergenagh
Irwin, George L: Aghnahoe
Irwin, James L: Fasglashagh
Irwin, William L: Lisfearty
Irwin, William L: Tullyvannon
Jameson, John L: Mullyroddan
Johnston, Andrew L: Coolhill
Johnston, Andrew L: Killeeshil
Johnston, James L: Aghnahoe
Johnston, John L: Aghnahoe
Johnston, Robert L: Aghnahoe
Johnston, Robert L: Lurgacullion
Judge, Catherine L: Lisfearty
Kearns, Thomas L: Bockets
Keenan, Patrick L: Drumfad
Kelly, Anne L: Aghaginduff
Kelly, Arthur L: Ballynahaye
Kelly, Arthur L: Killeeshil
Kelly, Bernard L: Killeeshil
Kelly, Catherine L: Killeeshil
Kelly, Francis L: Farriter
Kelly, Francis L: Killeeshil
Kelly, Hugh L: Aghaginduff
Kelly, Hugh L: Killeeshil
Kelly, James L: Cullentra
Kelly, James L: Farriter
Kelly, James L: Tullyvannon
Kelly, John L: Bockets
Kelly, John L: Fasglashagh
Kelly, John L: Killeeshil
Kelly, Michael L: Bockets
Kelly, Michael L: Eskragh
Kelly, Owen L: Killeeshil
Kelly, Patrick L: Bockets
Kelly, Patrick L: Cranlome
Kelly, Patrick L: Killeeshil
Kelly, Patrick L: Killeeshil N: Tailor
Kelly, Peter L: Ballynahaye
Kelly, Peter L: Killeeshil
Kelly, William L: Aghaginduff
Kelly, William L: Fasglashagh
King, Hugh L: Fasglashagh
Kirk, William L: Mullyroddan
Knox, James L: Cullentra
Kyle, Jane L: Mulnahunch
Kyle, John L: Cabragh
Lafferty, Bernard L: Fasglashagh
Lafferty, Charles L: Fasglashagh
Lafferty, Edward L: Fasglashagh
Lafferty, Michael L: Cabragh
Lafferty, Michael L: Fasglashagh
Lafferty, Owen L: Cabragh
Lafferty, Owen L: Fasglashagh
Lafferty, Patrick L: Fasglashagh
Lammy, James L: Ballynahaye
Lammy, Robert L: Ballynahaye
Lammy, William L: Ballynahaye
Lappin, Henry L: Killeeshil
Lappin, John L: Killeeshil
Lappin, Patrick L: Killeeshil
Leggett, Robert L: Mullyroddan
Leister, Hugh L: Ballynahaye
Lemont, Daniel L: Killeeshil
Lewis, John L: Mulnahunch
Lewis, William L: Cranlome
Linn, Peter L: Cranlome
Little, Archibald L: Mulnahunch
Lockhart, Andrew L: Aghnahoe
Lockhart, Robert L: Bockets
Lockhart, William L: Ballynahaye
Lockhart, Wm., Sr. L: Ballynahaye
Loon, Michael L: Aghnahoe
Loughnan, Michael L: Fasglashagh
Loughnan, Owen L: Fasglashagh
Loughnan, Owen, Sr. L: Fasglashagh
Loughran, Alexander L: Fasglashagh
Loughran, Alice L: Fasglashagh
Loughran, Anne L: Fasglashagh
Loughran, Francis L: Aghaginduff
Loughran, Hugh L: Fasglashagh
Loughran, James L: Fasglashagh
Loughran, John L: Fasglashagh
Loughran, Mary L: Aghaginduff
Loughran, Michael L: Aghaginduff
Loughran, Michael L: Fasglashagh
Loughran, Michael L: Killeeshil
Loughran, Owen L: Fasglashagh
Loughran, Patrick L: Aghaginduff
Loughran, Peter L: Fasglashagh
Loughran, Thomas L: Cabragh
Loughran, William L: Fasglashagh
Loughrane, James L: Cranlome
Lucas, Beatty L: Ennish
Lynch, Andrew L: Ennish
Macken, Bernard L: Fasglashagh
Macken, Daniel L: Fasglashagh
Mackin, Ellen L: Farriter
Mackin, Ellen L: Killeeshil
Mackin, John L: Cranlome
Macrory, Henry L: Bockets
Macrory, Terence L: Bockets
Mailey, James L: Tullyvannon
Martin, George L: Dergenagh
Martin, William L: Dergenagh
Mason, James L: Mulnahunch
Mason, Thomas L: Tullyvannon
Mathews, Joseph L: Clontyfallow
May, John L: Lisfearty
Mcaleer, Francis L: Killeeshil
Mcaleer, Henry L: Farriter
Mcaleer, James L: Killeeshil
Mcaleer, Owen L: Farriter
Mcataggart, Charles L: Aghaginduff
Mcateer, William L: Mulnahunch
Mcbride, John L: Aghaginduff
Mcbride, Patrick L: Aghaginduff
Mccammon, David L: Tullyvannon
Mccann, Mary L: Cranlome
Mccanna, Edward L: Mulnahunch
Mccaul, Alice L: Farriter
Mccaul, Ellen L: Farriter
Mccaul, Francis L: Cabragh
Mccaul, James L: Cabragh
Mccaul, John L: Cabragh
Mccaul, John L: Farriter
Mccaul, John L: Fasglashagh
Mccaul, John, Sr. L: Fasglashagh
Mccaul, Patrick L: Killeeshil
Mccaul, Peter L: Killeeshil
Mcclean, James L: Drumfad
Mcclean, William L: Bockets
Mcclusky, John L: Aghaginduff
Mccollum, Robert L: Drumfad
Mccollum, Robert L: Tullyvannon
Mcconnell, George L: Dergenagh
Mccool, Bernard L: Fasglashagh
Mccool, Charles L: Coolhill
Mccool, Francis L: Fasglashagh
Mccourt, James L: Farriter
Mccoy, William L: Mulnahunch
Mccusker, Bernard L: Ballynahaye
Mccusker, Henry L: Ballynahaye
Mccusker, Hugh L: Ballynahaye
Mccusker, Michael L: Ballynahaye
Mcdonnell, James L: Tullyvannon
Mcdonnell, John L: Fasglashagh
Mcelhinney, Arthur L: Fasglashagh
Mcfarland, Bernard L: Ballynahaye
Mcfarland, William L: Cullentra
Mcfarley, John L: Cranlome
Mcgee, Francis L: Mullyroddan
Mcgee, Patrick L: Killeeshil
Mcgeoghegan, John L: Ballynahaye
Mcgeough, Patrick L: Fasglashagh
Mcgilby, James L: Aghaginduff
Mcgilly, James L: Aghaginduff
Mcgilly, James L: Farriter
Mcgilly, John L: Killeeshil N: Cox
Mcgilly, Michael L: Farriter
Mcgirr, John L: Cranlome
Mcguiggan, Edward L: Aghaginduff
Mcguiggan, Mary L: Aghaginduff
Mcguinness, James L: Ballynahaye
Mckenna, Catherine L: Glencull
Mckenna, James L: Farriter
Mckenna, John L: Ennish
Mckenna, John L: Killeeshil
Mckenna, Patrick L: Farriter
Mckenna, Patrick L: Killeeshil
Mckeon, Edward L: Farriter
Mckinley, James L: Bockets
Mckinley, William L: Dergenagh
Mclean, William L: Bockets
Mcmahon, Robert L: Glencull
Mcmullen, Elizabeth L: Bockets
Mcmullen, Mary L: Bockets
Mcmullen, William L: Cabragh
Mcneill, Anne L: Mullyroddan
Mcneill, Archibald L: Clontyfallow
Mcneill, Hugh L: Eskragh
Mcquaid, Lawrence L: Cranlome
Mcquaid, Owen L: Aghaginduff
Mcquaid, Patrick L: Cranlome
Mcquaid, Peter L: Cranlome
Mcquaid, Terence L: Cranlome
Mcteague, Jane L: Fasglashagh
Mcteague, Patrick L: Cabragh
Mcveagh, Michael L: Fasglashagh
Mcveagh, Michael L: Fasglashagh N: Roe
Mcveigh, James L: Fasglashagh
Mcwilliams, Eliza L: Glencull
Mcwilliams, James L: Lisfearty
Melvin, Christian L: Mullyroddan
Melvin, John L: Mullyroddan
Miller, James L: Glencull
Mines, Henry L: Coolhill
Mines, John L: Coolhill
Moffett, James L: Lurgacullion
Montague, Jane L: Fasglashagh
Montgomery, Archibald L: Cranlome
Montgomery, John L: Cranlome
Montgomery, Robert L: Cranlome
Montgomery, William L: Cranlome
Moone, Alexander L: Ballynahaye
Moone, George L: Ballynahaye
Moone, George L: Bockets
Moone, George, Sr. L: Bockets
Moone, John L: Cranlome
Moone, Samuel L: Bockets
Mooney, John L: Farriter
Moore, Samuel L: Cranlome
Moraghan, Timothy L: Drumfad
Morris, Launcelot L: Bockets
Morris, William L: Bockets
Mulgrew, Bernard L: Bockets
Mulgrew, Catherine L: Mullysilly
Mulgrew, Ellen L: Aghaginduff
Mulgrew, Francis L: Bockets
Mulgrew, James L: Ballynahaye
Mulgrew, James L: Bockets
Mulgrew, John L: Ballynahaye
Mulgrew, John L: Cranlome
Mulgrew, John L: Mullysilly
Mulgrew, Patrick L: Aghaginduff
Mulgrew, Peter L: Cranlome
Mulgrew, Peter L: Mullysilly
Mullen, John L: Cranlome
Mullen, John L: Fasglashagh
Murphy, Alice L: Clontyclevin
Murphy, Hugh L: Clontyclevin
Murphy, Hugh, Sr. L: Clontyclevin
Murphy, James L: Clontyclevin
Murphy, James L: Cranlome
Murphy, James L: Cranlome N: Owen
Murphy, James, Jr. L: Clontyclevin
Murphy, John L: Clontyclevin
Murphy, Mark L: Ennish
Murphy, Owen L: Cranlome
Murphy, Peter L: Cranlome
Ncminn, William L: Killeeshil
Nealis, Mary L: Aghaginduff
Neill, Charles L: Farriter
Newton, Courtney L: Cabragh
Newton, John L: Tullyvannon
Noblow, Thomas L: Lurgacullion
Oak, Joseph L: Clontyfallow
Oak, Joseph L: Eskragh
O'Brien, Arthur L: Glencull
Oneill, Anne L: Ballynahaye
Oneill, Bridget L: Ballynahaye
Oneill, Charles L: Ballynahaye
O'Neill, Charles L: Glencull
Oneill, Edward L: Fasglashagh
Oneill, John L: Aghaginduff
Orr, John L: Fasglashagh
Orr, John L: Tullyvannon
Paisley, Samuel L: Ballynahaye
Patterson, John L: Tullyvannon
Paul, William L: Clontyfallow
Potter, Henry L: Glencull
Quinn, Charles L: Drumfad
Quinn, Edward L: Aghnahoe
Quinn, Edward L: Drumfad
Quinn, Hugh L: Mullysilly
Quinn, Jane L: Ennish
Quinn, John L: Aghnahoe
Quinn, John L: Glencull
Quinn, Margaret L: Cranlome
Quinn, Patrick L: Drumfad
Quinn, Peter L: Cranlome
Quinn, Peter L: Ennish
Rafferty, Michael L: Cranlome
Rafferty, Peter L: Cranlome
Ramsay, John L: Cabragh
Ramsay, William L: Cabragh
Regan, John L: Ennish
Reid, Adam L: Coolhill
Reid, James L: Ennish
Reid, John L: Mullyroddan
Reid, Mary L: Mullyroddan
Reid, Robert L: Lisfearty
Reid, William L: Ennish
Robinson, James L: Drumfad
Ryan, James L: Mulnahunch
Sadlier, John L: Aghnahoe
Scott, Robert L: Coolhill
Sealey, Samuel L: Ballynahaye
Shannon, James L: Coolhill
Sharkey, William L: Lisfearty
Shiells, Thomas L: Glencull
Simpson, John L: Dergenagh
Simpson, John L: Eskragh
Simpson, John L: Glencull
Simpson, Robert L: Cullentra
Skiffington, John L: Lurgacullion
Sloan, Mary L: Drumfad
Sloane, Joseph L: Dergenagh
Sloane, Richard L: Coolhill
Sloane, Stewart L: Coolhill
Somerville, Anne L: Cabragh
Stenson, Anne L: Lisfearty
Stenson, James L: Lisfearty
Stenson, Robert L: Clontyfallow
Stenson, Robert L: Mullyroddan
Stenson, Robt. L: Mullyroddan N: Of Clontyfallow
Stenson, William L: Clontyfallow
Stenson, William L: Lisfearty
Talbot, Henry L: Eskragh
Talbot, Waller L: Eskragh
Tannistan, Patrick L: Ballynahaye
Teague, James L: Ballynahaye
Teague, James L: Cranlome
Teague, John L: Cranlome
Thompson, Richard L: Bockets
Tierney, Bernard L: Bockets
Tierney, Hugh L: Bockets
Tierney, Patrick L: Bockets
Todd, William L: Cullentra
Traynor, James L: Drumfad
Trousel, James L: Coolhill
Truman, Edward L: Cabragh
Truman, William L: Ballynahaye
Trusle, William L: Mulnahunch
Turner, Robert L: Dergenagh
Venables, Rev. Edward B. W. L: Farriter
Verner, Baronet William L: Mullysilly
Verner, Baronet William L: Tullyvannon
Walker, John L: Clontyfallow
Walker, Robert L: Coolhill
Waters, John L: Eskragh
Watson, Archibald L: Aghnahoe
Watt, Hugh L: Bockets
Wetherington, John L: Coolhill
Whittington, William L: Dergenagh
Whittington, Wm. L: Aghnahoe
Williams, John L: Coolhill
Williamson, Joseph L: Eskragh
Wilson, David L: Bockets
Wilson, John L: Cabragh
Wilson, William L: Bockets
Wilson, William L: Cabragh
Woods, Francis L: Farriter
Woods, Patrick L: Coolhill
Woods, Patrick L: Fasglashagh
Young, Elizabeth L: Coolhill
Young, Robert L: Bockets

Map of Civil Parishes in county Tyrone

Civil Parish Records of County Tyrone

Other county Tyrone Parish Records

1 Aghaloo

2 Aghalurcher

3 Arboe

4 Ardstraw

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyclog

8 Bodoney Lower

9 Bodoney Upper

10 Camus

11 Cappagh

12 Carnteel

13 Clogher

14 Clogherny

15 Clonfeacle

16 Clonoe

17 Cumber Upper

18 Derryloran

19 Desertcreat

20 Donacavey

21 Donaghedy

22 Donaghenry

23 Donaghmore

24 Dromore

25 Drumglass

26 Drumragh

27 Errigal Keerogue

28 Errigal Trough

29 Kildress

30 Killeeshil

31 Killyman

32 Kilskeery

33 Leckpatrick

34 Lissan

35 Longfield East

36 Longfield West

37 Magheracross

38 Pomeroy

39 Tamlaght

40 Termonamongan

41 Termonmaguirk

42 Tullyniskan

43 Urney