Griffith's Valuation: Glenavy Parish, County Antrim

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Griffith's Valuation in Glenavy Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation that took place in Glenavy parish and every other parish in county Antrim and throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Antrim in 1861 and 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Glenavy Parish 1861 and 1862

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You should also check the records of Glenavy parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Adams, Benjamin L: Ballynacoy
Adams, Robert L: Ballynacoy
Addis, George L: Crew
Addison, Edward L: Aghadolgan
Addison, John L: Ballvanen
Aggie, Samuel L: Ballvanen
Allen, Daniel L: Ballymacricket
Allen, George L: Tullynewbank
Allen, John L: Crew
Andrew, Edward L: Tullynewbank
Armstrong, Andrew L: Tullynewbane
Armstrong, Arthur L: Glenavy
Armstrong, Arthur L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Armstrong, Bernard L: Feumore
Armstrong, John L: Glenavy
Atkinson, Moses L: Glenavy
Bailey, Sarah L: Ballypitmave
Baird, Samuel L: Ballynacoy
Ballance, James L: Ballymote
Ballance, James L: Ballypitmave
Ballance, Samuel L: Ballypitmave
Barnes, Margaret L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Bartley, Edward L: Deer Park
Beatty, William L: Deer Park
Bell, Alexander L: Ballyvorally
Bell, Andrew L: Ballyvorally
Bell, Brent L: Feumore
Bell, Evans L: Ballymacricket
Bell, George L: Aghadolgan
Bell, Jonathan, Jr. L: Tullynewbank
Bell, Jonathan, Sr. L: Tullynewbank
Bell, Mary Anne L: Edenturcher
Bell, Meredith L: Ballyvorally
Bell, Robert L: Aghadolgan
Bell, Thomas L: Ballymacricket
Bell, Thomas L: Ballyvorally
Bell, Thomas L: Deer Park
Bell, William L: Ballynacoy
Bell, William L: Ballyvorally
Bickerstaff, Ellen L: Edenturcher
Bickerstaff, Mary L: Ballyvorally
Bickerstaff, Nathaniel L: Ballyvorally
Bigest, Andrew L: Feumore
Birtill, Rev. John H. L: Ballvanen
Blizzard, David L: Ballymoneymore
Bolton, Jane L: Ballymote
Bradbury, James L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Brady, James L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Braithwaite, James L: Feumore
Branagh, William J. L: Ballynacoy
Brankan, Henry L: Ballvanen
Brankan, Patrick L: Ballvanen
Brankin, Edward L: Feumore
Brankin, Henry L: Feumore
Brankin, John L: Feumore
Brannock, Elizabeth L: Ballyvorally
Brien, John L: Ballvanen
Brownlee, Sarah L: Aghadolgan
Bryan, John L: Feumore
Bryans, Samuel L: Ballyminymore
Bryans, William L: Ballyminymore
Buckle, John B. L: Ballypitmave
Burns, James L: Edenturcher
Burrowes, Thomas L: Ballymote
Campbell, Catherine L: Deer Park
Cardwell, Allen L: Ballvanen
Cardwell, Edward L: Ballyvorally
Cardwell, Eliza L: Ballyvorally
Cardwell, Henry L: Feumore
Cardwell, Jane L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Cardwell, Thomas L: Ballymacricket
Cardwell, Thomas L: Ballymote
Cardwell, William L: Crew
Cardwell, William L: Feumore
Cardwell, William J. L: Ballymote
Christie, Alexander L: Carnkilly Lower
Christy, William L: Ballynacoy
Clarke, John L: Crew
Clendinning, Claudius L: Ballyminymore
Clendinning, David L: Ballyminymore
Clendinning, John L: Ballyminymore
Close, Catherine L: Aghadolgan
Close, Patrick L: Tullynewbank
Coburn, William J. L: Edenturcher
Coburne, Charles L: Ballymote
Colburn, John L: Ballynacoy
Colburn, Robert L: Ballyminymore
Collier, Michael L: Ballynacoy
Conly, Henry L: Feumore
Corbett, Samuel L: Ballymote
Cormican, John L: Ballvanen
Cormican, Mary L: Feumore
Cormican, Thomas L: Feumore
Corry, Bernard L: Ballymacricket
Costello, James L: Deer Park
Courtney, Alexander L: Tullynewbane
Courtney, Allen L: Edenturcher
Courtney, Eliza L: Ballynacoy
Courtney, Jane L: Ballyvorally
Courtney, John L: Aghadolgan
Courtney, John L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Courtney, Lewis L: Aghadolgan
Courtney, Solomon L: Aghadolgan
Cranghill, Elizabeth L: Feumore
Crangle, Eliza L: Ballvanen
Cranny, Catherine L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Crawford, Archibald L: Ballynacoy
Crawford, William L: Ballynacoy
Creany, James L: Deer Park
Creany, Jane L: Deer Park
Creany, John L: Aghadolgan
Creany, John L: Ballvanen
Creany, William L: Ballvanen
Creany, William J. L: Deer Park
Crookes, James L: Ballypitmave
Crossan, Stafford L: Ballyvorally
Crossen, William J. L: Ballvanen
Crossey, Edward L: Ballvanen
Crossey, James L: Ballvanen
Crossey, James L: Edenturcher
Crossey, John L: Ballvanen
Crossey, John L: Edenturcher
Crossey, Michael L: Ballvanen
Crossey, Patrick L: Aghadolgan
Crossey, William L: Ballvanen
Crossey, William L: Edenturcher
Culbert, James L: Aghadolgan
Culbert, James L: Crew
Culbert, John L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Culbert, Philip L: Aghadolgan
Culbert, Thomas L: Ballvanen
Culbert, William L: Ballvanen
Cummins, John L: Carnkilly Lower
Cummins, Richard L: Aghadolgan
Curry, John L: Ballynacoy
Curry, John L: Tullynewbane
Deery, Thomas L: Ballyvorally
Denham, Israel L: Ballynacoy
Devlin, James L: Ballyvorally
Dickson, Abraham L: Tullynewbane
Dickson, George L: Tullynewbank
Dickson, Joseph L: Ballymote
Dickson, Joseph L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Doherty, Charlotte L: Ballymacricket
Doherty, Constantine L: Aghadolgan
Doherty, William J. L: Aghadolgan
Donnelly, John L: Ballvanen
Donnelly, Patrick L: Ballvanen
Dooras, Robert L: Edenturcher
Dornan, Edward L: Glenavy
Eakins, Eliza L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Eden, James R. L: Crew
Eden, Thomas F. L: Crew
Edgar, Hugh L: Tullynewbane
Elwood, James L: Ballynacoy
Elwood, Robert L: Ballynacoy
Emmerson, John L: Crew
Falloon, Henry L: Deer Park
Falloon, John L: Deer Park
Falloon, William L: Deer Park
Farr, Anne L: Ballyvorally
Farr, Henry L: Ballvanen
Farr, Henry L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Farr, James L: Ballvanen
Farr, John L: Ballvanen
Farr, John L: Ballyvorally
Farr, John L: Feumore
Farr, Richard L: Ballvanen
Farr, Richard L: Deer Park
Farr, William L: Ballvanen
Ferguson, William L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Ferris, Anne Jane L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Ferris, Charles L: Ballyvorally
Ferris, George L: Glenavy
Ferris, George L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Finn, Francis L: Edenturcher
Finn, John L: Feumore
Finn, Thomas L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Fisher, Martha L: Ballvanen
Fitzgerald, Clement L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Fitzgerald, Maurice L: Ballvanen
Fitzgerald, Valentine L: Ballvanen
Fitzgerald, Valentine L: Feumore
Fleeton, William L: Ballynacoy
Gaddis, Langford L: Ballypitmave
Garrett, Robert L: Tullynewbane
Gartland, John L: Ballynacoy
Gartland, John L: Tullynewbane
Gatenby, Anne L: Ballvanen
Gatenby, James L: Feumore
Geddis, Longford L: Ballymacricket
Gibson, Francis L: Ballymote
Gibson, Francis L: Carnkilly Lower
Gibson, Francis L: Carnkilly Upper
Gibson, Francis L: Crew
Gibson, Thomas L: Carnkilly Lower
Gibson, Thomas L: Carnkilly Upper
Gill, Eliza L: Ballyminymore
Gillen, Ellen L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Gillen, Henry L: Ballymote
Gillen, Hugh L: Carnkilly Lower
Gillen, Hugh L: Crew
Gillen, Hugh L: Tullynewbank
Gillen, John L: Ballymote
Gillen, Rose L: Tullynewbank
Gordon, Thomas L: Feumore
Graham, Arthur L: Ballyvorally
Graham, James L: Ballymote
Graham, Jeremiah L: Ballypitmave
Grant, Henry L: Deer Park
Greene, Samuel L: Ballynacoy
Greene, Samuel L: Crew
Greene, Thomas L: Ballypitmave
Greene, William L: Ballynacoy
Greene, William L: Ballypitmave
Greer, Charles L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Gregg, William L: Deer Park
Gregory, Charlotte L: Feumore
Gregory, Thomas L: Feumore
Gregory, William J. L: Deer Park
Gregory, William J. L: Feumore
Grey, David L: Ballynacoy
Grey, Isaac L: Ballynacoy
Griffith, William L: Carnkilly Lower
Hall, John L: Deer Park
Hamill, Anthony L: Ballymote
Hamilton, Lewis L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Handran, James L: Deer Park
Hannan, Sarah L: Aghadolgan
Heany, Arthur L: Aghadolgan
Heany, Eliza L: Tullynewbank
Heany, Hugh L: Aghadolgan
Heany, James L: Aghadolgan
Heany, James L: Ballymacricket
Heany, James L: Ballymacricket N: Taylor
Heany, John L: Aghadolgan
Heany, Patrick L: Ballymacricket
Heany, William L: Ballymacricket N: Wm.
Heany, William J. L: Ballymacricket
Hendren, Sarah L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Hendron, George L: Ballymote
Herdman, Thomas L: Ballymacricket
Hertford, Marquis L: Ballvanen N: Marquis of Hertford
Hertford, Marquis L: Ballymacricket N: Marquis of Hertford
Hertford, Marquis L: Ballymote N: Marquis of Hertford
Hertford, Marquis L: Ballypitmave N: Marquis of Hertford
Hickland, John L: Aghadolgan
Hickland, Thomas L: Ballvanen
Hickland, Thomas L: Feumore
Hickland, William L: Deer Park
Higgenson, William L: Crew
Higgins, George L: Deer Park
Higginson, Margaret L: Ballymacricket
Higginson, William J. L: Crew
Hill, James L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Hill, Joseph L: Ballymote
Hill, Thomas L: Ballynacoy
Hilland, William L: Ballypitmave
Hillen, Robert L: Ballynacoy
Hoey, Eliza L: Feumore
Horner, Richard L: Tullynewbank
Hull, James L: Ballymacricket
Hull, John L: Ballymacricket
Hunter, James L: Ballyvorally
Hunter, Robert L: Ballymacricket
Hyland, Joshua L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Ingram, Oliver L: Ballyvorally
Irwin, Mary L: Ballymoneymore
Johnson, Thomas L: Ballyvorally
Johnston, Rep. George L: Ballypitmave
Johnston, George L: Tullynewbane
Johnston, James L: Ballymacricket
Johnston, James L: Deer Park
Johnston, James L: Glenavy
Johnston, James L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Johnston, Jane L: Glenavy
Johnston, Jane L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Johnston, John L: Ballyminymore
Johnston, John L: Deer Park
Johnston, Richard L: Tullynewbane
Johnston, Rose Anne L: Ballymote
Johnston, Samuel L: Ballyminymore
Johnston, Thomas L: Deer Park
Jordan, Jeremiah L: Deer Park
Just, Jane L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Kane, Denis L: Deer Park
Kane, William L: Deer Park
Kays, James L: Ballyvorally
Keane, Daniel L: Aghadolgan
Kearney, Anne L: Glenavy
Kearns, John L: Aghadolgan
Kearns, William L: Ballypitmave
Kennedy, James L: Ballymote
Kennedy, James L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Kennedy, James L: Tullynewbane
Kennedy, John L: Tullynewbank
Kennedy, William L: Ballypitmave
Kernahan, William L: Ballypitmave
Kernahan, William J. L: Carnkilly Upper
Keyland, Charles L: Ballymacricket
Keyland, Daniel L: Aghadolgan
Keyland, Daniel L: Ballyvorally
Keyland, Daniel L: Edenturcher
Keyland, James L: Aghadolgan
Keyland, Maria L: Aghadolgan
Keyland, Maria L: Ballymacricket
Keyland, William L: Aghadolgan
Keyland, William L: Ballyvorally
Kirkpatrick, William L: Tullynewbane
Knox, Thomas L: Deer Park
Laird, George L: Deer Park
Lappan, Bernard L: Ballvanen
Larmon, James L: Ballynacoy
Larmour, Andrew L: Edenturcher
Lavery, Charles L: Deer Park
Lavery, Edward L: Crew
Lavery, Henry L: Deer Park
Lavery, James L: Crew
Lavery, Murty L: Ballymacricket
Lavery, William J. L: Crew
Lawrey, Thomas L: Aghadolgan
Lennon, Ellen L: Ballvanen
Lennon, James L: Aghadolgan
Lennon, John L: Ballyvorally
Lennon, Patrick L: Aghadolgan
Lennon, Robert L: Ballyvorally
Leslie, Andrew L: Aghadolgan
Letson, Arthur L: Crew
Lewis, John L: Deer Park
Lewis, Robert L: Ballynacoy
Lewis, William L: Ballypitmave
Logan, Patrick L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Logan, Thomas L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Lorimer, John L: Ballyminymore
Lorimer, John L: Glenavy
Loughlin, Arthur L: Ballymote
Loughlin, Hugh L: Ballymote
Loughlin, John L: Ballymote
Lowe, Charles L: Ballyvorally
Lowe, Edward L: Ballyvorally
Lowe, Francis L: Ballvanen
Lowe, Francis L: Ballyvorally
Lowe, Henry L: Ballyvorally
Lowry, James L: Ballynacoy
Lowry, Samuel L: Ballynacoy
Lumsley, James L: Feumore
Lyons, George L: Ballymote
Lyons, George L: Glenavy
Lyons, George L: Tullynewbank
Magennis, Robert L: Aghadolgan
Magrath, John L: Ballypitmave
Magrath, Robert L: Edenturcher
Malcomson, Robert L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Mallon, John L: Carnkilly Lower
Marshall, Francis L: Ballvanen
Marshall, Henry L: Ballvanan
Marshall, Joseph L: Ballvanen
Marshall, Joseph L: Feumore
Martin, William L: Glenavy
Maxwell, William L: Deer Park
McAfee, Francis L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
McAffee, Francis L: Glenavy
McAravy, Patrick L: Ballvanen
McAuley, Henry L: Ballyvorally
McAuley, Henry L: Crew
McCaffrey, Michael L: Ballyminymore
McCann, John L: Ballypitmave
McCann, John L: Feumore
McCann, Mendica L: Tullynewbank
McCappan, Mary L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
McCartan, Bernard L: Deer Park
McCartan, James L: Deer Park
McCartan, Patrick L: Deer Park
McCauley, Archibald L: Glenavy
McCombes, Bernard L: Ballyvorally
McConkey, Arthur L: Ballyvorally
McConkey, Samuel L: Ballyvorally
McConkey, William L: Aghadolgan
McCormack, Felix L: Ballyvorally
McCormack, Samuel L: Ballyvorally
McCorry, Bernard L: Aghadolgan
McCorry, Catherine L: Aghadolgan
McCorry, Hugh, Jr. L: Aghadolgan
McCorry, Hugh, Sr. L: Aghadolgan
McCorry, John L: Aghadolgan
McCorry, Maria L: Aghadolgan
McCorry, Philip L: Aghadolgan
McCreanor, Charles L: Tullynewbank
McCreanor, John L: Tullynewbank
McCrossey, Michael L: Aghadolgan
McCullagh, Joseph L: Tullynewbane
McCurry, Alice L: Glenavy
McCurry, Carson L: Crew
McCurry, Catherine L: Crew
McCurry, Hugh L: Crew
McCurry, John L: Crew
McCurry, Sarah L: Crew
McCurry, William L: Crew
McDonald, James L: Ballynacoy
McEleavy, Thomas L: Ballymacricket
McElroy, John L: Ballynacoy
McElroy, John L: Ballypitmave
McGahey, John L: Ballymote
McGarrell, John L: Deer Park
McGarrell, Thomas L: Ballymote
McGarrell, Thomas L: Feumore
McGarrell, William L: Feumore
McGarrold, James L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
McGarrold, Thomas L: Crew
McGarry, William L: Deer Park
McGhee, Bernard L: Ballypitmave
McGrady, Patrick L: Ballynacoy
McGrea, John L: Feumore
McK McNeice, Isaac L: Crew
McKavanagh, John L: Crew
McKaveny, Daniel L: Aghadolgan
McKaveny, Daniel L: Ballvanen
McKaveny, Henry L: Aghadolgan
McKaveny, John L: Ballvanen
McKee, James L: Aghadolgan
McKee, John L: Aghadolgan
McKee, William L: Ballymacricket
McKeever, Margaret L: Ballvanen
McKeever, Patrick L: Ballyvorally
McKendry, Denis L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
McKenstry, Isaac L: Carnkilly Upper
McKernan, John L: Ballynacoy
McKernan, William L: Ballyvorally
McKettrick, John L: Ballyvorally
McKevney, Henry L: Deer Park
McKevney, William L: Deer Park
McKnight, George L: Ballynacoy
McKnight, George L: Ballypitmave
McLoughlin, John L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
McMahon, John L: Ballymacricket
McManus, Jane L: Deer Park
McManus, John L: Deer Park
McMullen, James L: Ballymote
McMullen, James L: Carnkilly Upper
McMullen, James L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
McMullen, John L: Ballymote
McMullen, Mary L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
McNeice, Isaac L: Ballymote
McNeice, Isaac L: Carnkilly Upper
McNeice, Isaac L: Crew
McNeice, John L: Crew
McPharson, Alexander L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
McQuillan, John L: Deer Park
McQuillan, Margaret L: Edenturcher
McVeigh, Henry L: Deer Park
McVeigh, James L: Ballymacricket
McVeigh, James L: Deer Park
McVeigh, John L: Deer Park
McVeigh, John L: Glenavy
McVeigh, Margaret L: Ballyminymore
McVeigh, Mary L: Deer Park
McVeigh, William L: Deer Park
McWilliam, James L: Crew
McWilliams, Hugh L: Crew
Menice, David L: Tullynewbane
Millar, Alexander L: Ballyvorally
Montgomery, George L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Moore, Michael L: Carnkilly Lower
Moore, Peter L: Deer Park
Moore, Richard L: Carnkilly Lower
Moore, William L: Ballypitmave
Moore, William L: Crew
Moore, William L: Deer Park
Morgan, Catherine L: Aghadolgan
Morgan, Henry L: Ballymacricket
Morgan, James L: Tullynewbank
Morgan, John L: Aghadolgan
Morgan, John L: Ballymacricket N: Henry
Morgan, John, Jr. L: Ballymacricket
Morgan, John, Sr. L: Ballymacricket
Morgan, William L: Aghadolgan
Morgan, William L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Morgan, William J. L: Tullynewbank
Morrison, Joseph L: Ballymote
Morrison, Maria L: Aghadolgan
Morrison, Patrick L: Crew
Morrow, Adam L: Tullynewbank
Mulholland, John L: Deer Park
Mulholland, John L: Tullynewbank
Murray, John L: Ballvanen
Murray, John G. L: Ballynacoy
Murray, William L: Deer Park
Murrigan, Henry L: Ballyvorally
Neeson, Robert L: Glenavy
Neill, Edward L: Ballvanen
Neill, John L: Ballvanen
Neill, John, Jr. L: Ballvanen
Neill, John, Sr. L: Ballvanen
Neill, Joseph L: Crew
Neill, Maurice L: Ballvanen
Neill, Thomas L: Ballvanen
Neill, Thomas L: Ballynacoy
Nelson, George L: Feumore
Nelson, James L: Ballyvorally
Nelson, James L: Edenturcher
Nugent, Anne L: Tullynewbank
Nugent, Rose L: Aghadolgan
Oakman, Nicholas L: Ballyminymore
Officer, John L: Ballypitmave
O'Hara, Peter L: Deer Park
O'Neill, Bernard L: Tullynewbank
O'Neill, James L: Tullynewbank
Organ, William L: Glenavy
O'Toole, Francis L: Ballyvorally
Pakenham, Rev. Arth. H. L: Ram's Island
Patterson, George L: Ballvanen
Patterson, Hungerford L: Ballvanen
Patterson, John L: Ballymacricket
Patterson, Mary L: Ballvanen
Patterson, Richard L: Ballvanen
Patterson, Thomas L: Ballvanen
Peel, Anne L: Ballynacoy
Peel, John L: Carnkilly Lower
Peel, Robert L: Ballymacricket
Peel, William L: Ballypitmave
Phillips, James L: Tullynewbane
Phillips, Robert L: Tullynewbane
Pollock, Henry A. L: Ballymacricket
Pollock, Henry A. L: Glenavy
Pye, Rev. George L: Ballymacricket
Quigley, George L: Glenavy
Quinn, Rose L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Quinn, Thomas L: Ballyvorally
Ray, James L: Deer Park
Regan, Edward L: Glenavy
Reid, Edward L: Crew
Reid, Nelson L: Crew
Reid, William L: Edenturcher
Reid, William F. L: Crew
Rogers, Hugh L: Carnkilly Lower
Savage, Robert L: Ballymote
Savage, Thomas L: Ballymote
Scott, Edward L: Ballypitmave
Scott, Francis L: Ballymacricket
Scott, John L: Tullynewbane
Scott, Thomas L: Ballypitmave
Sefton, John L: Glenavy
Sefton, John L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Shakey, Catherine L: Aghadolgan
Shane, George L: Ballymote
Shane, Langford L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Sheils, Christopher L: Carnkilly Lower
Sloane, David L: Crew
Sloane, Jane L: Ballymacricket
Sloane, John L: Crew
Sloane, Robert L: Ballymote
Smyth, Rev. Edward J. L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Smyth, Rev. Edwd. J. L: Glenavy
Smyth, James L: Ballypitmave
Smyth, James L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Smyth, John L: Ballynacoy
Smyth, Mary L: Ballypitmave
Smyth, Mary L: Crew
Smyth, Richard L: Ballynacoy
Smyth, William L: Ballynacoy
Smyth, William J. L: Ballypitmave
Sorley, John L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Stannus, Walter L: Crew
Steed, James L: Ballynacoy
Steele, Eliza L: Ballymoneymore
Steele, John L: Ballymote
Steele, Joseph H. L: Ballynacoy
Steele, Thomas L: Carnkilly Upper
Stevenson, Joseph L: Crew
Stevenson, William J. L: Ballypitmave
Stewart, Anne L: Ballyminymore
Stewart, James L: Tullynewbane
Tallon, Patrick L: Deer Park
Taylor, Matthew L: Carnkilly Lower
Thompson, Bunton L: Deer Park
Thompson, Edward L: Ballynacoy
Thompson, Eliza L: Ballymacricket
Thompson, Ellen L: Glenavy V: Glenavy
Thompson, George L: Ballynacoy
Thompson, George L: Ballypitmave
Thompson, George L: Crew
Thompson, Jacob L: Aghadolgan
Thompson, Jacob L: Ballymacricket
Thompson, Jn. L: Ballynacoy N: English
Thompson, John L: Aghadolgan
Thompson, John L: Ballynacoy N: Irish
Thompson, John L: Ballypitmave
Thompson, Samuel L: Ballvanen
Thompson, Samuel L: Feumore
Thompson, Thomas L: Ballynacoy N: Abraham
Thompson, Thomas L: Ballynacoy N: Arthur
Thompson, William L: Ballypitmave
Totter, James L: Ballvanen
Totton, John L: Deer Park
Totton, Philip L: Deer Park
Trowland, Daniel L: Tullynewbane
Turner, John L: Ballymacricket
Turtle, John L: Deer Park
Turtle, William J. L: Deer Park
Turtle, William J. L: Feumore
Usher, Robert L: Aghadolgan
Waddle, John L: Glenavy
Walker, Thomas L: Edenturcher
Wallace, Esther L: Glenavy
Walsh, Thomas L: Feumore
White, Elizabeth L: Carnkilly Lower
White, John L: Ballvanen
Wickliffe, James L: Tullynewbane
Wickliffe, John L: Tullynewbane
Wilkinson, Samuel L: Ballyvorally
Wilkinson, William L: Ballvanen
Wilson, James L: Ballynacoy
Wilson, James L: Ballypitmave
Witherupp, Alexander L: Ballymote
Witherupp, James L: Ballynacoy
Witherupp, James L: Ballypitmave
Wright, Jane L: Ballyvorally
Yarr, Patrick L: Deer Park
Yarr, William L: Deer Park
Young, Alexander L: Ballyminymore

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Civil Parishes of County Antrim

Griffiths Valuation Records county Antrim

1 Aghagallon

2 Aghalee

3 Ahoghill

4 Antrim

5 Ardclinis

6 Armoy

7 Ballinderry

8 Ballintoy

9 Ballyclug

10 Ballycor

11 Ballylinny

12 Ballymartin

13 Ballymoney

14 Ballynure

15 Ballyrashane

16 Ballyscullion

17 Ballyscullion Grange

18 Ballywillin

19 Billy

20 Blaris

21 Camlin

22 Carncastle

23 Carnmoney

24 Carrickfergus

25 Connor

26 Cranfield

27 Culfeightrin

28 Derryaghy

29 Derrykeighan

30 Doagh Grange

31 Donegore

32 Drumbeg

33 Drummaul

34 Drumtullagh Grange

35 Dunaghy

36 Dundermot Grange

37 Duneane

38 Dunluce

39 Finvoy

40 Glenavy

41 Glenwhirry

42 Glynn

43 Inver

44 Island Magee

45 Kilbride

46 Kildollagh

47 Killagan

48 Killead

49 Killyglen Grange

50 Kilraghts

51 Kilroot

52 Kilwaughter

53 Kirkinriola

54 Lambeg

55 Larne

56 Layd

57 Inispollan Grange

58 Layd Grange

59 Loughguile

60 Magheragall

61 Magheramesk

62 Muckamore Grange

63 Newton Crommelin

64 Nilteen Grange

65 Racavan

66 Raloo

67 Ramoan

68 Rasharkin

69 Rashee

70 Rathlin

71 Shilvodan Grange

72 Skerry

73 Templecorran

74 Templepatrick

75 Tickmacrevan

76 Tullaghgore

77 Tullyrusk